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Keybukit's a replacement, not a clone ;)06:17
Keybukthere wouldn't be much point cloning it, no?06:17
AlexExtremebut i think he's got the wrong idea because the rc*.d folders and symlinks in there still exist in edgy06:19
AlexExtremei've explained to him that there isn't a replacement set of jobs yet :)06:19
Keybukright, we just replaced the stuff that was in inittab directly06:21
Keybukit doesn't make sense to *not* be backwards compatible with /etc/rc*.d06:21
Keybukwe need to support that for most software to work without modification06:21
Keybukotherwise on day #1, we need to write upstart jobs for everything06:21
Keybukby supporting it, we can write upstart jobs one at a time (until they are all done)06:22
AlexExtremeof course, because there are programs such as vmware which provide init scripts and stick 'em in rc*.d06:22
AlexExtremethere will always be a need to support rc*.d, until upstart because a "standard"06:22
_ionWell, unless they're packaged for the distribution.06:22
_ionWhich they should be, instead of allowing stuff just to throw stuff all around the filesystem.06:23
AlexExtremefrugalware has a program called repoman, which allows there to be build scripts in the source repo, but the packages aren't in the package repository. the user can build these packages with repoman. that gets around license issues and such, yet making sure that it doesn't break stuff06:24
AlexExtremebbl, food07:05
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AlexExtremehi rgl09:30
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