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LaserJockRichEd: ping12:51
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cbx33hey Las01:36
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@c-71-224-172-103.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdpong las02:17
RichEdcbx33: hey there02:17
cbx33hey RichEd 02:19
cbx33howz ti going02:19
RichEdwell ... we should have 8-10 new features for fiesty :)02:19
cbx33everyone tired?02:20
RichEdquite knackered now ... about to wind down into the last dinner02:20
RichEdcbx33: just read the blog ... it's not clear as to what happened to wet the keyboard ?02:24
cbx33it went in the dishwasher ;)02:24
cbx33yeh I'll add a little something02:24
RichEdoh .... and what is the standard recommended drying time for a dishwashed keyboard ?02:25
crimsuna day02:25
crimsunprobably shorter if you leave it in a warm (not hot), sunny area02:25
crimsunor you can use the hairdryer method for an hour02:26
cbx33it was in the airing cupboard.....but that obviously wan't enough ;)02:26
RichEdoh ... and i hope it was a coffee spil and not some sort of web surfing nocturnal emission that fouled it up in the first place ;)02:26
cbx33no...just got mucky apparently02:26
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juantaoHello, do you know of any application that would help a Spanish speaker learn English? ESL for Linux?06:11
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pygimorning all09:00
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pygihighvoltage: poke?11:23
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highvoltagepygi: pongk11:34
pygihighvoltage: wanna burn multi-session cd? :)11:34
=== kgoetz is now known as Kamping_Kaiser
highvoltagenot really.11:34
highvoltageI want to burn DVD's!@!11:34
pygiuh, well, we didn't implement dvd yet ^_^11:35
pygiwell, ofcourse :P Everything will be here one day, especially if I can get some books (which I doubt, but oh well)11:35
highvoltageI can't remember when last I needed to burn a multi-session disc. why do people still do it?11:35
highvoltagelike yellow books and orange books? ;)11:35
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pygihighvoltage: indeed :P11:36
pygihighvoltage: get me one :P11:36
pygihighvoltage: actually, entire set of rainbow books is even better =)11:38
pygihighvoltage: for example, sivang wanna use multi-session for backup storing in HUB11:38
=== pygi pings to see if he's online ?!
pygieverything is so quiet11:43
=== Kamping_Kaiser waves to pygi
pygioh, nice, thanks :P11:44
highvoltagepygi: sorry, busy with other work atm, not meaning to ignore you!11:54
pygihighvoltage: don't worry ^_^11:54
highvoltagepygi: isn't the rainbow books publicly available?11:54
highvoltageor can't you buy them somewhere?11:54
pygihighvoltage: well, I can probably buy them, but 5000$ is a lot for just red book for example ^_^11:54
highvoltageperhaps you should get all the pricing and have a fundraiser for all the books.11:55
pygiheh, I doubt anybody would donate anything :P11:55
highvoltagea lot of people are interested in libburn, I'm sure many would sponsor11:56
highvoltageperhaps you could even ask FSF to help out. you might have to call it gnu libburn :)11:56
pygilol 11:56
pygiit's interesting actually, altought many people seem to be interested in libburn, none wants to get involved with anything11:56
highvoltageI think it might be because the type of people who would be interested in it, are already hectically busy in so many other projects11:57
pygidunno really, but it's already going very nice11:58
pygibut I'm constantly rushing into points where I really need those books11:58
pygicurrently I'm reading MMC specs drafts, and such things which at some points aren't even correct11:58
highvoltagepygi: if I install a new usplas theme, do you know what I need to do to get it in my initrd too? i installed a new usplash theme but the old one still shows when I boot up.12:00
highvoltageand somehow i forgot how to use mkinitrd :/12:00
pygiyou can use that tool that Seveas wrote for changing usplash themes12:01
pygihighvoltage: http://www.kaarsemaker.net/files/Software/usplash-switcher.c12:02
highvoltageAt the time of writing, the cost as per the relevant Philips order form (document no. 28/10/04-3122 783 0027 2) is US$5000.12:02
pygiupdate-alternatives and update-initramfs otherwise, I think12:02
pygihighvoltage: and that is only one book :-/12:03
highvoltagepygi: aaah, update-initramfs is what I'm looking for, I was still looking for the old fasioned tools12:03
highvoltageperhaps you should write to philips and explain them what you are working on, and that sending the books to you would be seen as a sponsorship of the project?12:03
highvoltagewhile you're at it, ask them to send you a bunch of drives too ;)12:04
pygiI can try, that's true, but I'm not Joerg or anyone else so I could do that12:04
pygiAndy and Joerg have access to pre-pre-pre prototype drives, all the specs, etc., etc.12:04
pygithat's how andy implemented blu ray support :P12:04
highvoltagegeez, that's quite cutting edge.12:04
highvoltageI think you should perhaps still draw up a budget of the materials you would need.12:05
pygiI can try yes, but the amount will be rather big12:06
highvoltageI think you should write philips and if they can't sponsor a copy, then ask if they could at least provide some kind of discount (that would also be seen as sponsorship) and then you could get the remainder somewhere else.12:07
highvoltageI know these companies are heavy on keeping their specs close to them, but sometimes you're just lucky.12:07
highvoltageif you have a bunch of philips drives you could also assure them that any philips drive will work well becuase it's been tested.12:08
pygiindeed, and phillips is especially hard on their lightscribe spec12:08
pygiwe'll see how it goes, but I really hope libburn will mature into something really usable in next couple of years12:10
highvoltagewell, it seems that it might be used to burn cd's over ltsp in the next year or so, that's already a nice application for it, even though a niche application.12:11
pygiI'm neither as good developer as Andy or Joerg, and I don't have the books, but I'm willing and things are looking nice so far ...12:11
highvoltageif it could burn dvd's I'd be very happy :)12:11
pygiright, well same here, but I don't even know which book defines dvd standard :)12:11
pygibut I hope you'll see it in a year or so 12:12
highvoltagefor sure.12:20
pygihighvoltage: I'll stop bothering you now, sorry :)12:23
highvoltageno, no problem. I talk to you while I wait for things to build :)12:24
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pygihighvoltage: oh, oki then ^_^12:25
pygiI can't build things because my system refuses to sign the packages :-/12:25
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highvoltagehey mr debian05:18
bddebianHeh, hi highvoltage05:19
jsgotangcohey whats up05:21
highvoltagebusy hacking ubiquity... not sure if it's more bravery or stupidity that led me to it :05:23
bddebianHi jsgotangco05:25
jsgotangcohey bddebian05:26
jsgotangcoso what's happening at UDS now05:26
highvoltageUDS still going?05:28
jsgotangcooh yeah, its saturday already05:29
jsgotangcoi forgot05:29
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=== stgraber is happy :)
stgraberMy pastebin client script can now handle a lot of different pastebin07:13
stgraber(and is shorter) :)07:14
stgraberI will just have to update the "usages" part because now you can put as second argument the URL of the pastebin07:16
stgraberMy first python script/software, but it's a really easy to use/learn language07:18
highvoltagenice. how does it work? you pipe something to the script and it pastes it for you?07:19
stgrabertwo way07:19
stgraber1) a command | ./pastebinit -07:19
stgraber2) ./pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:19
stgraberand it simply returns the URL07:20
stgraberyou can also add as a second argument the URL of a pastebin (the default one is http://ubuntu.pastebin.com)07:20
highvoltagethat looks quite useful.07:21
highvoltage*especially* when working on thin clients07:21
highvoltageit's always a hassle redirecting the output to a file first, then scp'ing it to my real machine, and then finally pasting it.07:22
highvoltageif my thin client is natted, and I have this installed in my chroot, it could be useful.07:22
stgraberThe .deb version07:28
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willvdlhey all07:46
highvoltagehey willvdl 07:48
willvdldood. sitting at airport. already bored and haven't even boarded yet07:48
highvoltagefrom where to where?07:49
=== highvoltage has no idea where willvdl is at the moment
willvdlgoing to San Fran for Allhands07:50
highvoltageah, of course.07:50
willvdlreally looking forward to putting faces to names07:50
highvoltagethe real life meetings are quite useful for that :)07:51
highvoltageand launchpad doesn't do most people justice...07:51
willvdltrue. hackergotchis are also not quite the representative 07:51
willvdlhighvoltage, is there a spot on the edubuntu web where I can get decent sized screenshots?07:52
willvdlhttp://www.edubuntu.org/images/tour/*.png ?07:53
highvoltagei must admit the screenshots are slightly outdated07:54
highvoltageI took a bunch of screenshots yesterday, some of it would be the same in edubuntu07:54
highvoltagejust a sec...07:54
willvdlwell, not really that outdated. they're dapper screenshots...07:55
highvoltagewillvdl: http://www.tuxlab-os.co.za/screenshots07:55
highvoltagethat site isn't really launched yet, so it's a bit uncomplete, but the screenshots are from edgy07:55
willvdlnice, like the rounded edges and drop shadows (a favourate of mine)07:56
willvdlis that a drupal site?07:58
willvdlnice theme07:58
highvoltageyes, drupal site07:59
willvdlurk. need to find a power point.08:00
highvoltagewhat is that?08:02
willvdlmore hamsters more hamster08:05
willvdlokie outa here.08:06
willvdlciao bene08:06
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hal9k2010hello all 08:13
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highvoltagehello hal9k2010 08:13
highvoltageedubuntugirl: be hal08:14
edubuntugirlI can feel my mind going...08:14
=== hal9k2010 [n=hal9k201@196-202.187-72.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #edubuntu
hal9k2010need some help with unbuntu in a mac 08:15
hal9k2010anyone with exp. in instaling enbuntu in a mac ?08:16
stgraberI have done that several time on a G3 mac08:18
stgrabermaybe I can help08:18
hal9k2010i have a powerbook wallstreet and i was thinking in trying linux in that mac need info how to do it 08:19
hal9k2010i will apreciate the help 08:19
hal9k2010powerbook wallstreet running mac os 8.6 and 64 mgs of ram 08:20
stgraberok, what did you try until now ?08:20
hal9k2010i download from the website the cd data but never mounted in the mac... i transfer the image to this mac i am using now, is a b/w power mac  i dont know what i need for the powerbook to mount the data 08:22
hal9k2010sorry i am totally ignorant about linux and how to install in the mac 08:24
stgraberfirst, do you have a cdrom reader on the mac ?08:26
hal9k2010if you mean that if i have a cd rom in the powerbook .. yes08:27
hal9k2010yes i do  have a cd rom 08:28
stgraberok, so once you have burned your ubuntu install cdrom (simply burn the image, not extract it on the CD)08:30
stgraberyou should be able to boot it by :08:31
stgraberPutting the CD in the cdrom reader08:31
stgraberShutdown the Mac08:31
stgraberPower on the mac while pressing the "c" key until the CD-Rom boot08:31
hal9k2010ok so i need a cd burner...  i guess i have 2 look 4 one now and try that way 08:34
hal9k2010thanks stgraber... hope works this time 08:35
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sbalneavAfternoon all10:57
pygihey sbalneav 10:57
pygiI saw we didn't get a session for ltsp burning10:58
pygitoo bad10:58
pygisbalneav: wanted to tell you we implemented multi session support in libburn10:58
pygiand it freakin' rocks :)10:58
pygi(dunno if you read planet ubuntu)10:58
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pygisbalneav, you alive? :P11:50
=== mario_ [n=mario@83-131-22-134.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
mario_edubuntugirl, tell sbalneav I'm very sad that we didn't got the ltsp burning bits session, but oh well, stuff happens. On the other note, -multi now works under -tao in libburn.11:57
edubuntugirlRighto, mario_!11:57

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