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ddaaBjornT: pong12:19
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BjornTddaa: i'm reviewing svn-peg-revision now. could you explained briefly what peg_revision does?12:26
ddaaI'm writing test cases for this just now.12:27
ddaabriefly, it works around brain-damaged defaults in pysvn12:27
ddaaso the code actually does what it was intended to do all along12:27
ddaathe test cases are quite massively larger that the code, though12:28
ddaaIOW, please don't review this right now :)12:29
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BjornTddaa: ok, cool, i'll wait for the tests then :)12:30
ddaaIt so happens that I need test cases anyway to make sure that the pyrex work will no regress this. This bug has a pretty nasty silent failure mode :(12:41
lifelessddaa: can you shepard https://launchpad.net/products/libsyncml/trunk ?12:50
ddaalifeless: I'm not going to have the time tonight12:51
ddaaoh well, nevermind12:51
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ddaalifeless: I'll finish it tomorrow12:53
lifelessddaa: thanks12:53
ddaaspiv: oh, btw, you've got twisted12:53
lifelesstest failed ?12:53
ddaaweird one12:54
ddaalifeless: looks like you've got the url a bit wrong12:55
ddaayou're sure it's not http://svn.opensync.org/trunk/libsyncml instead?12:55
ddaaalso, it smells of svn:externals all over the place12:55
lifelessddaa: http://libsyncml.opensync.org/wiki/download12:56
lifelesssvn co http://svn.opensync.org/libsyncml/trunk libsyncml12:56
ddaaif it works, then I bet it's full of svn:externals12:57
lifelessit checks out ok12:57
ddaain this case, then you're toast, at least in the short term12:57
lifelesssvn.opensync.org/libsyncml is the root of a repository12:58
ddaathe import spews lots of warnings like12:59
ddaaWARNING:root:ignored change outside branch: action=M path=u'/trunk/configure.ac' copyfrom_revision=None copyfrom_path=None12:59
ddaaWARNING:root:ignored change outside branch: action=M path=u'/trunk/libsyncml/parser/sml_xml_parse.c' copyfrom_revision=None copyfrom_path=None12:59
lifelessyes, I see01:00
ddaaI do not have to diagnose this tonight anyway.01:01
ddaaMight be a simple fix.01:01
ddaaCan this wait until Monday?01:01
lifelessok, no problem.01:03
lifelessI think I know01:03
lifelessthe root detection logic is probably finding http://svn.opensync.org/ as the root of the repository, which is wrong :(01:03
ddaamight be01:03
lifelesssvn seems able to tell us.01:03
lifelessso we should start doing that.01:03
ddaathere's a fixed root detection logic in the pyrex branch01:03
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ddaajust need somebody to just fucking review it :)01:04
ddaabefore I've finished porting the whole code to pyrex, preferrably...01:04
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lifelesswell four reviewers are at sprint, its a little hard :)01:05
ddaawell, the assigned reviewer for this is SteveA...01:05
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ddaathis is scary01:33
ddaaI spent four hours writing tests that somehow manage _not_ to exercice the bug I wanted to test...01:34
kiko-fudman it is FREEZING here today01:34
kiko-fudmy hands are toast01:34
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ddaathe scary thing is that I know that the code fixed the bug, because it made actual failing imports pass01:35
ddaabut I must just not be bending svn in quite the right way01:35
=== ddaa calls it a day
salgadokiko-fud, it's freezing here too. must be around 15C outside01:36
salgadokiko-fud, btw, do you have any other concerns with my mirror-reassignment branch or can I merge it?01:36
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carloskiko-fud: did you see danilo's comment on using google to index Rosetta??01:51
carloskiko-fud: nevermind01:59
UbugtuNew bug: #71303 in launchpad "https://launchpad.net/people/<team>/+branches could do with status filtering" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7130302:05
kiko-fudcarlos, hmmm, not yet02:07
kiko-fudsalgado, it is -5C here02:07
kiko-fudI just came back from a 2h bike ride02:07
kiko-fudmy fingers HURT02:07
kikocarlos, I don't really care much about timeouts myself.. if rosetta isn't fast enough to render the suggestions, it's a bug anyway02:10
carloskiko: well, if google gets most of the pages as timeouts02:10
carloskiko: then it's useless ;-)02:10
kikocarlos, but it won't, surely. we don't really time out that much02:10
carlosand yes, it's a bug, but it's still useless :-P02:11
carloskiko: well, google will have a bunch of pages to index and our timeout reports will go out of scale02:11
kikocarlos, I somehow doubt it...02:11
carlosit's also a good way to catch the timeouts ;-)02:11
carloskiko: if we don't merge a fix for the suggestions problem, I think so02:12
carlosbtw, how's that going?02:12
kikodepends on how we want to fix suggestions02:12
kikoit's not going at all right now02:12
kikocarlos, how hard is it to do the DB refactoring you guys are planning on doing?02:13
carloskiko: I don't think it should be too complex02:13
carlosbut the rollout will take a while....02:13
kikocarlos, a lot of database code will need to change right?02:13
carlossure, but most of the time will be change the table name02:14
carlosor removal unneeded queries02:14
kikommm 02:14
carlosto use a class property02:14
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kikoI'm outta here for a bit02:15
stubCan we please finish the spec before changing the rosetta database schema?02:16
kiko-zzzwhat are you talking about?02:16
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stubThe rosetta db performance spec so sort suggestions.02:20
stubAnd other things02:20
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kiko-zzzstub, you're funny02:23
=== kiko-zzz waves
carloskiko-zzz: night02:26
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=== Mez anyone want to play some UT2004? ping me
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BHSPitMonkeymdke, thanks04:02
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UbugtuNew bug: #71382 in launchpad-bazaar "Add the ability to push branches in SVN trunk" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7138206:01
kiko-zzzwow, people will file bugs on anything06:10
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