mneptonoy jdub12:11
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shwag~/.bash_profile says "the default umask is set in /etc/login.defs" , but I changed the the UMASK setting in login.defs, and  $ umask , still says 02212:43
Mithrandiryou logged in using gdm?12:44
shwagerr...i mean, no.12:45
Mithrandirhave you decided?12:45
shwagno gdm12:45
shwagthis is just CLI12:45
MithrandirI generally recommend just using libpam-umask12:45
Mithrandirbut I'm the author, so I might be biased.12:45
shwagWhat is libpam-umask?  I mostly just thought I would bring this up because Im following the erroneous instructions in  .bash_profile.12:46
shwagbecause I can just set umask in /etc/profile12:47
cjwatson/etc/profile won't work properly if you're logging in using gdm ...12:47
infinityYou did, like, log out... Right?12:47
cjwatsondoing it in PAM means it gets set right at the top of every session you create (console, gdm, ssh, whatever) if you configure it in /etc/pam.d/common-session12:48
Mithrandircjwatson: except for the fact that gdm resets the umask and doesn't restore it.12:48
MithrandirI need to poke upstream about it, I just haven't had the time yet.12:49
shwaginfinity: I rebooted even.12:50
shwagcjwatson: no gdm. no x11.12:50
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shwagman login.defs  says a few things, but I still dont know why it doesnt have any effect.12:53
realistwhat about /etc/profile or ~/.profile ?12:55
shwagwhat calls login ?12:55
shwagrealist: I can put a umask in there, but .bash_profile says that /etc/login.defs is the proper place.12:55
=== nixternal_ [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-devel
realistshwag: was referring to the fact that either of those could be setting the umask back to 02212:58
realistI was also under the impression login no longer used /etc/login.defs12:58
shwagrealist: You are right. Someone put a umask setting in the default /etc/profile.01:01
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=== jdong just discovered ffmpeg doesn't do mp3 or aac
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shwagrealist: commenting out the umask setting in /etc/profile didnt have an effect, so you must be right about login.defs no longer working.01:11
realistshwag: then you'll need to decide between using profile, or pam01:12
shwagnot sure what the using pam solution would look like.01:13
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cjwatsonshwag: libpam-umask would be the place to start, as we said earlier; it has a README explaining how to use it01:55
shwagcjwatson: more interested in getting things "proper" and submitting the bug. already filed for  bash and login  packages.01:56
shwagcjwatson: it works if I set it in /etc/profile01:56
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cjwatsonKeybuk: please blacklist ghc-cvs (see my earlier entry in removals.txt)02:06
cjwatsonKeybuk: I'll remove it again now02:06
cjwatsonKeybuk: if you close the file between edits, then I can edit it myself without having to bug you :)02:07
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cjwatson  125028 | -B | gecode (i386)        | 1.3.1-1              | a minute02:15
cjwatson         | * libgecode-doc/1.3.1-1/i386 Component: universe Section: doc Priority: OPTIONAL02:15
cjwatson         | N libgecode7-dev/1.3.1-1/i386 Component: main Section: libdevel Priority: OPTIONAL02:15
cjwatson         | N libgecode8/1.3.1-1/i386 Component: main Section: libs Priority: OPTIONAL02:15
cjwatsonwhat the ... huh?02:15
cjwatsonKeybuk: ^-- please don't NEW that one without careful thought :-)02:15
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=== Mez anyone want to play some UT2004? ping me
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Keybukcjwatson: I saw that (gecode)03:17
_ioncge: That trevio guy visited the channel, but you (or i) weren't online. He said he sent you an email.03:18
_ioncge: Btw, there have been 114 installs so far for the wallpaper package. :-)03:19
cge_ion: Yes03:22
=== stu1 [i=stub@conference/ubuntuconf/x-ce475408df25f413] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cge_ion: He was just asking if I wanted to talk to him here sometime. I replied pointing him to your email address, and trying to summarise the reasons why he shouldn't distribute that list.03:24
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Fujitsu_ion: Nice! Is that the one that is red on black?03:26
_ionfujitsu: Yep.03:32
_ionfujitsu: The rate was about 10 installations per hour, but it slowed down now that it's nighttime in Europe.03:33
=== bronson [n=bronson@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cge_ion: Amazing.03:38
cge_ion: I suppose that's what happens when more people start using Ubuntu.03:38
cge_ion: But it's going to really hurt when someone decides to put a deb up that does real damage.03:39
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sladenjdub: oooh, head of Marketing today!05:34
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jdubwoo, edgy livecd cylon09:49
Burgundaviajdub: livecd cylon?09:50
jdubthe indeterminite splash progress bar09:51
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TheMusoI was pleasantly surprised to see that when I used a live CD recently.09:52
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pygisiretart: poke again, sorry for bothering ^_^10:18
siretartpygi: hey there10:24
pygisiretart: multi-session is working, yay ^_^10:24
siretartpygi: w00t!10:24
pyginot completely yet, but it working ^_^10:24
pygiI really can't believe we are moving that fast...10:25
siretartpygi: out of interest, does libburn support dvd drives as well?10:25
pygisiretart: you mean dvd burning? not yet, but with this speed it'll get that support soon :P10:25
siretartcurrently I'm using 2 different tools for my burning depending on the media. would be great if there was one common tool10:26
pygiwell, libburn is a library ^_^10:26
pygiBut you can use cdrskin which is command-line compatiblity wrapper for cdrecord10:26
pygiI could really use some help with getting the books I need for example: orange book, etc, etc10:27
siretartin fact, I'm using nautilus-cd-burner most often10:27
pygithat will be ported to libbunr ^_^10:27
pygiwill upload libburn-enabled Brasero as soon as I can get my edgy to behave a bit better and sign the packages :P10:28
pygisiretart: will stop bothering now ^_^10:30
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ajmitchhey siretart, pygi 10:34
pygihey ajmitch 10:34
Burgundaviahey ajmitch10:35
ajmitchhello Burgundavia, how's it going?10:36
Burgundavianot bad10:37
Burgundaviaabvout to crash10:37
ajmitchyeah, I should as well10:37
ajmitchjust checking things before I turn in for the night10:37
ajmitch(like my flights tomorrow)10:37
siretartheyho ajmitch 10:50
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jdubhow's apt-proxy in edgy?11:17
=== tcr [n=tcr@host25.natpool.mwn.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Fujitsujdub: Stuffed, as usual.11:18
jdubseriously so?11:19
FujitsuThe Debian-recommended solution seems to be `use apt-cacher'11:19
FujitsuI can't remember how it's stuffed, but I remember it is...11:19
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jdubwhiprush: it may not be nice, but the last two weeks have been an education in community self-control and self-education. they're extremely important issues.01:47
bhalegood morning jdub lovers01:48
jdubmorning bhale 01:48
Hobbseehey bhale 01:48
Hobbseehi jdub 01:48
jdubyo Hobbsee 01:49
jdubHobbsee: registered for linux.conf.au yet?01:49
Hobbseejdub: nope01:49
jdubyeah, i know, i just figured i'd bug you about it ;-)01:50
=== Hobbsee is lazy
jdubi was surprised no one suggested an ubuntu miniconf this year01:50
=== engla [n=ulrik@wikipedia/Sverdrup] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pygi wanted to come to .conf.au :-/
englahow can ubuntu developers be so short-sighted that they include binary drivers by default? This is so utterly nonsensical for ubuntu, the great, upcoming, innovating and ground-breaking linux distro. We can do so much better for the world01:52
pygiengla: nothing is done yet.01:53
Hobbseeengla: your ranting here at this time of day is useless.  most of them are out at the pub, or sleeping01:53
englawell I sure hope they meet resistance in the community01:53
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Hobbseeengla: i'm sure they're meeting the resistance of other devs.  it's not like they dont know about it01:55
englaI know, that's good. I hope they realize how short-sighted it is. Ubuntu is not made for xgl or for gamers or anyone who has a blog anyway; it's mostly made for everyone01:56
Hobbseejdub: so what will you do if i dont come to LCA?01:57
sladenengla: I think the idea goes something like this  (a) people /will/ install binary drivers anyway;  so lets make it ultra easy for those people  (b) lets nag them to death with a popup box/dialogue pointing out the evilness and that they should buy Intel cards instead   (c) you only have to pursuade one of either ATI or Nvidia to 'open up' and the other will be forced to follow suit01:58
=== Hobbsee cheers over having an intel card
englawe can do (c) anyway01:59
mjg59(d) shame suspend has just broken for all of them01:59
englawell i'm on the most prop hardware of any -- apple's; but on linux I have to use oss drivers for everything, so I do01:59
sladenengla: there will (and is already) a CD image that will /not/ install either bianry drivers or wifi card firmware;  hopefully the prominance of that will be increased01:59
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jdubHobbsee: i suppose i ponder for a short moment about opportunities wasted. then i'll get back into the action. :-)02:01
Hobbseejdub: hehe, right02:01
fdovingwill the livecd session find and use existing swap partitions? 02:09
sladenfdoving: yes, if they have been mkswaped02:10
fdovingsladen: ok, thanks :)02:10
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fdovingwill feisty apt (and the archives) support DiffIndexes like debian etch+ ? 02:51
=== pradeep__ [n=pradeep@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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siretartfdoving: I haven't seen any spec for that, so I wouldn't count on it03:48
jdubT42, usplash doesn't come up, and whenever 'splash' is in the grub command line, the machine takes aeons to boot03:48
jdubtake splash out and it's everyday speedy03:49
siretartlook in malone, there was a bug about it03:49
gnomefreakwere the ttf-arphic-uming font issues and dbus issues fixed yet?(feisty)03:49
=== jdub just rebuilt the initramfs
jdubsiretart: oh yeah? ta03:49
siretartI've had this as well on my amd64, but it was fixed before release03:49
siretartI don't remember the details03:49
siretartbug #6171103:50
UbugtuMalone bug 61711 in usplash "no boot splash and very slow booting" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6171103:50
siretarthm. looks like its still open. 03:52
jdubwow, i had 1920x1200 in my usplash.conf03:53
=== fabbione [n=fabbione@vpn-nat.fabbione.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
siretartwe have such displays for the staff personal at our uni :)03:53
jdubi'm going to reboot with that, see how it goes, then go to sleep and comment on the bug in the morning03:53
siretartjdub: gn803:54
jdubsiretart: i think this must've happened when pia had her lappy plugged into my 24" monitor ;-)03:54
siretartjdub: I don't think that changing the display hardware should be able to break usplash03:54
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sladenjdub: the usplash resolution is taken from what X autodetected04:16
siretartsladen: so it should perhaps be updated regularily like say, every boot, no?04:18
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Simirasladen: not in the US yet?04:19
fabbioneSimira: uds is finished04:20
sladenSimira: no, no, I'm currently trying to work out the most interesting way to get to Germany/NL04:21
sladenfabbione: now you have to do some real work for the next week :)04:21
Simirafabbione: I know. And you're still early out of bed?04:22
Simirasladen: you missed a conference? What's more interesting in Germany?04:22
fabbionesladen: if i can't ge some real sleep i won't survive the weekend04:22
fabbioneSimira: i need to pack and leave earlier than the others04:22
fabbioneSimira: i am going out with a friend of mine for a city tour, and of course it's raining04:23
Simirafabbione: well, I guess it's warmer than here... have a nice day anyway04:23
fabbioneSimira: yeah thanks.04:24
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elias_At which time do I reach the most people here in this channel?05:14
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cjwatsonsiretart: every boot> I tried to persuade mjg59 of that during the edgy cycle; I remember that he persuaded me to leave it the way it was, but I don't remember how ...05:49
elias_How do I add a specification page to ubuntu wiki? Is the only way to create a wiki link somewhere? If so, where would I add the link for a new specification?05:57
apokryphoselias_: #ubuntu for support06:00
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cjwatsonelias_: visit the URL you want to create, select "SpecTemplate"06:08
elias_cjwatson: txn06:09
Simiracjwatson: is Tollef still nearby?06:13
siretartcjwatson: interesting. seems worthwile to me to file a bug about this. hm. I'll ask him when he's around06:14
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highvoltageI love Ubuntu. I love Ubiquity, I love Casper, I love d-i, I love debian packages, and most of all, I love how easy all of this makes my life.07:06
elias_ I love the concept of network-manager! A daemon in the background which different GUIs in different desktop environments talk to! I believe this approache should be choosen more frequently. Next best example which come into my mind is power management. I created a specification to this strategy and want to invite everybody to add cases where this strategy would also make sense. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EfficientCodingStrategySpec07:07
pygielias_: you are right, just the concept :P07:08
_ionWell, separating the view from the controller is always a good thing. :-)07:09
_ion(Unless you're a PHP programmer, in which case you *know* it's better to put the controller and the model all around the view.)07:11
elias_As I describe in my spec this prevents the community from wasting valuable coding time. It happens just to often that the same thing probably even in the same quality is done twice.07:12
elias_dbus and dcop is such an example07:12
elias_both fulfilling the same need. but the one was open and accessible for everybody while the other one was hiding in it's KDElibs fortress.07:13
elias_To be never installed without KDElibs and QT.07:13
cgeelias_: If I recall, those use different principles which not everyone agrees on. DCOP wasn't "hidden" - everyone knew about it, and others chose not to use it.07:13
elias_What a waste, now as they replace it with dbus in KDE4.07:13
elias_cge: But the barrier to use it was bigger.07:14
cgeelias_: You might want to add various bonobo-related things to that list too.07:14
elias_Since you would have to either install all KDElibs or start your own tree to maintain it as a seperate package.07:15
elias_cge: Would you do me the honour of adding them? I just don't know enough about bonobo.07:15
cgeelias_: It was a bit of a mess. I don't quite know what would fit either.07:16
cgeBut the thing is, sometimes you have to come up with multiple solutions to a problem in order to figure out what works best in practice.07:16
elias_Power management is going a weird path as well these days.07:16
cgeBonobo was a great idea, but in practice it was complicated and clunky.07:17
cgeelias_: But the biggest problem I see with the spec is that we aren't writing that much code, and when we do, we aren't the ones causing divisions like that.07:18
elias_divisions like what?07:19
cgeelias_: Like dcop and dbus07:19
cgeelias_: I don't think we are in the position to prevent duplication like that.07:19
elias_the duplication as such is not so much the problem07:19
elias_the problem is, if it is either not accessible or to monolithic07:20
elias_like in powermanagement07:20
elias_where everybody tries to solve this in one monolithic gui app (applet)07:20
cgeelias_: THAT is a very good point.07:20
elias_instead of splitting it into a daemon available for all desktops and a gui07:21
elias_and the important thing is, that this daemon exists as an independent package07:21
elias_available for installation without kde or gnome07:22
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elias_so the other can use it without having to install all the dependent libs07:22
cgeelias_: You should change the spec to emphasise that more. From reading it, I got the impression that your biggest point was about accessibility.07:22
peciskanyone - how to access Ubuntu gstreamer headers from simple C app? #include <gst/gst.h> gives me error07:22
peciskthough libgstreamer0.10-dev is installed07:23
elias_cge: suggestions?07:23
cgeelias_: Err, I mean duplication for the last word there.07:24
cgeelias_: Design backends to be independent of desktop environments?07:25
elias_so I should more emphasise on accessability and the splitting into backends and frontends.07:25
cgeelias_: Yes.07:25
cgeBecause that seems like the most important point that you are trying to make.07:26
_ionpecisk: 0) That is offtopic for this channel, 1) see if the -dev package contains something/pkg-config/something.pc (in that case see pkg-config(1)) or /usr/bin/gstsomething-config07:26
cgepecisk: Yes, I was meaning to tell you that you would probably get an answer faster if you asked in #ubuntu07:27
peciskok, thanks for answers anyway :)07:27
elias_cge: what could I change the title to?07:29
cgeelias_: separate-backends maybe?07:30
elias_cge: shared-backends-between-desktops? 07:31
cgeelias_: That would be good, yes.07:31
elias_cge: Thanks, for your valuable contribution! I will do that. Had the feeling my whole presentation is a bit confusing anyway.07:32
elias_I tend to tell too much.07:32
cgeelias_: Well, it just seemed like you were placing emphasis on the wrong things.07:33
elias_Ok, thanks. Was good to get some feedback on that. Have to go to the movies now.07:37
elias_Is a specification actually the right place to publish such a strategy as it does not concern one specific application?07:39
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Adri2000how often is updated app-install-data? and if a .desktop is modified in a package, it will be updated in the next version of app-install-data?08:50
MithrandirAdri2000: generally around releases and yes.08:52
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fdovingcjwatson: can you take a look at https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/kopete/+bug/69583 - kopete SRU, mdz approved it for proposed, upstream changed the fix, need approval of the new fix, the new fix is in comment 13.10:10
UbugtuMalone bug 69583 in kopete "SRU: kopete can't connect to ICQ. " [Low,Fix committed]  10:10
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Kim^JHi there. Does the 6.06 Server really take 500MB ?10:26
Kim^JClean install.10:26
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kentKim^J: this is not the channel for support,10:40
Kim^Jkent: I know. But maybe I could get a good answer here.10:40
Kim^JI have googled on it and now know that it is 500MB. But why 500MB???10:40
Kim^JDebian server install takes about 200MB and with all my programs it takes 442MB...10:41
Kim^JKinda strange.10:41
jdongKim^J: 500MB for what?10:42
kentKim^J: you knew this is not for support, yet you still ask for support.   dont do it. as for the size, it depends on the programs installed..  then ubuntu has more programs installed by default. not so strange, just look at compare the list of programs with debian and ubuuntu10:42
Kim^Jjdong: HDD space.10:42
Kim^Jkent: Is there some page that tells me what is preinstalled then?10:43
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jdongKim^J: packages.ubuntu.com10:43
jdongKim^J: search up the metapackages10:43
Kim^JA hint on the name of the meta package for the server install?10:45
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bhaleKim^J: the "server install" is ubuntu-standard10:51
bhalewith a -server linux-image instead of the standard one10:51
bhaleand the CDs have apache, php isntead of gnome10:51
bhalebut it doesnt install them right off10:51
Kim^JThat I know.10:51
=== jdong [n=jdong@ubuntu/member/jdong] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bhaleso there isnt really a meta package10:52
Kim^JLooks like I have to use Debian then.10:52
Kim^JAnd backport some things.10:52
=== bhale looks confused
Kim^JI don'10:52
Kim^JI don't want all the crap that'10:52
bhaleyou cant use ubuntu because you misunderstood the server install cd?10:53
Kim^Jthat's installed by Ubuntu.10:53
Kim^JIf the server install is just standard Ubuntu with a different kernel it's not really for my server.10:53
Kim^JI just want the needed packages. Nothing more.10:53
Kim^JI'm gonna reinstall the server and I thought why not Ubuntu 6.06 on the server to.10:54
jdongdo a freakin minimal install10:55
jdongand install the server packages you want10:55
pygijdong: :P10:56
Kim^Jjdong: Don't have any cds to burn anymore! :D10:56
jdongKim^J: then install your server, and start stripping packages off :D10:57
jdongKim^J: and how does installing debian help with your no-CD problem? :D10:57
Kim^Jjdong: Cause Debian is minimal and I have the cd already,10:57
Kim^JBut it's sarge and that's a bit old...10:57
=== jdong thinks about suggesting a wget | dd of a netinst image, then resists
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Kim^JMeehh... What the fuck... I'll just make a bigger partion for the OS then...10:59
jdongKim^J: you mean you could've done that and saved a page of complaining?11:00
bhalealright jdong 11:00
Kim^Jjdong: Something like that yes...11:01
bhaleif i can try to be nice, you can too :)11:01
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=== jdong bakes virtual cookies
Kim^JI have some tea for your cookies.11:02
=== jdong goes back and tries to find something useful to do
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