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snook353is there such thing as a linux lobby in D.C.?  i'm worried about "Trusted Computing" :(06:07
BHSPitLappystart one06:08
snook353i hate conspiracy stuff.  i'm hoping this is a conspiracy theory, rather than reality - a conspiracy reality06:08
=== snook353 looks for a linux politics channel
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poningruuh... its a reality06:16
poningrusnook353: if you have a new computer... open it up06:16
poningruor not06:16
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BHSPitLappyopen it up?06:24
BHSPitLappyfor what?06:25
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jendanixternal, poningru, have a look at the pending email in the ubuntu-marketing queue, and help me decide if it's spam or legitimate spam (from a certain Mark Allen)05:26
poningrujenda: you know I still dont know how to mark stuff spam/legitimate05:28
jendaponingru: you can get into the mod menu?05:29
jendaonce in, there are options, Accept, Defer, Delete, Reject.05:29
jendaand that's how you mark them...05:29
poningruI dont know the password though05:30
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lophytenixternal: ping08:02
nixternalyo yo08:04
lophytehey, its been a while08:04
lophytehows it going?08:04
nixternalcircles? is that a good answer maybe ;)08:05
nixternali feel like i am chasing my tail08:05
jendaMenZa has a lappy!08:05
nixternaldon't know, just doesn't seem like i have accomplished much recently08:05
lophytehow's things going with ubuntu chicago?08:06
nixternalwe are going to be meeting this week to discuss the future of Ubuntu Chicago08:07
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lophyteis that a good thing or a bad thing?08:07
nixternalwe might keep Ubuntu Chicago, and start Ubuntu Illinois to get an entire state together..it seems we have a lot of southern Illinois people interested08:07
nixternalit should be a good thing08:08
jendaneat :)08:08
nixternalthis week at UDS it seems that they want team leaders for the locos and I don't like that08:08
jendaI don't really like that either.08:08
jendaBecause the Czech LoCo is about to lose the leader.08:08
nixternali asked the guys in ubuntu chicago if any of them wanted to be leaders, and the same thing was said by everyone, which we started from day one "we are all leaders, none of us are followers"08:09
jendaAnd we'll have to decide who it will be.08:09
lophyteI consider myself a co-ordinator, not a leader08:10
nixternali consider myself the team contact and thats it08:10
jendai consider... umm...08:10
nixternalthat is the only title in ubuntu chicago...leaderless teams are the norm in the community08:10
=== jenda quietly leaves the room.
lophytewell tbh if I wasn't scheduling meetings and pushing for having an agenda and goals I don't think anything would get done08:10
nixternalonce you get a leader, the inferiority complexes start kicking in08:10
jendawe didn't have that under our old leader.08:11
nixternalthat is the same for ubuntu chicago as well, and i don't like that a majority of the team thinks that i am the team leader..i start something, and then i will ask for someone to take it over08:11
nixternali ahve done a lot of work on my own, but i give credit to ubuntu chicago, and soem of the guys do the same as well08:11
jendathat's the way it's supposed to work :)08:12
lophyteif you don't have someone to keep things organizing and moving.. things don't happen in my experience08:12
lophytethat's not a leader per se... which is why I say co-ordinator08:13
nixternalwell, ubuntu chicago is finally getting to the point where people, other than me are calling meetings now, and coordinating stuff, which is very nice for a change08:13
nixternalour problem is we need more people...right now there are maybe 40 of us pushing ubuntu to more than 9 million people..that isn't going to work08:14
lophytehah.. we've got about 5 regulars ;)08:15
jendawe're worse off, by far, nix.08:15
lophyteus too08:15
lophytebut we're just starting out.. so08:15
jendaand we're established :/08:15
jendathe team's been here for ovah a year.08:15
nixternalchicago has only been around since june08:16
jendait's not more than 10 people who actually do nything, and it's mainly translations.08:16
nixternalit is hard keeping people though08:16
jenda4 dedicated folks.08:16
nixternalwe get the excited first time linux users that last for all but a week, thats what i hate08:16
jendaYou get an amazing quality of coordination in Chicago, from what I see here. There's no way we could usher 40 people into doing something here.08:17
lophyteoi, I want more open source hot chocolate.. but I'm all out of milk08:18
nixternalthe nice thing is our 40 people all are active within the local lugs as well, so that helps out big time08:18
jendaopen a new source, then, lophyte08:19
BHSPitLappyhey, I was a first time excited linux user08:19
BHSPitLappybut that's lasted for what, 7 years so far08:19
BHSPitLappyhardly a week08:19
nixternali was too back in like 94 i believe08:19
nixternalwhen did amd start pushing the k6's?08:19
jendaWe're getting involved with CZLUG now. I'm looking forward to what that brings.08:19
=== BHSPitLappy started Linux at about age 11
=== BHSPitLappy thinks
jendaThey used to pay us a shipit-like service before.08:19
nixternali know the first time i compiled a linux kernel it was on a p7508:21
jendaI'm a youngling then.08:21
nixternalloaded with 64mb of ram, maxed out, and had 2 3gb hard drives i think08:21
jendaI first started a Mandrake 9.2 two and a half years ago.08:22
jendaThen i spent a year in Canada... on XP :(08:22
jendaand since then, it's Ubuntu only.08:22
jendaOnly some 15 months!08:23
BHSPitLappyI started with Suse 9, I believe? or does that not sound right08:23
nixternali have been using slackware again, more and more at that08:23
BHSPitLappy6 or 7 years ago08:23
nixternal6 or 7 years ago would have been suse 6 i believe08:23
BHSPitLappymaybe it was 7, then08:24
nixternal1999, was about the v6 era i believe..i was using suse big time then..that is about the time that yast2 came about08:24
BHSPitLappybecause I remember an odd number08:24
jendaooh... posters rolling out bigtime now. Only 260 left. ubuntuforums.org will have me all out by next week :-D08:24
BHSPitLappyjenda, the OBEY posters?08:24
BHSPitLappyenlighten me08:24
jendahave a look: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/08:25
jendaDon't regard the price, though.08:26
jendaThat's special forums-price :)08:26
jendanormally, it's $1 apiece.08:26
BHSPitLappyyowsa! 25!08:26
jendaI donate the extra $1 per poster to the forums for putting that ad up for me. They didn't ask for it, but neither did I :-D08:26
jendaBHSPitLappy: for 10 posters.08:27
BHSPitLappystill, that's expensive beer ^^08:27
jenda$10 - posters; $10 - to the forums; $5 shipping08:27
BHSPitLappyalso, you should make the source available on that page! ;)08:27
jendawell, read above. Normally, it's half that.08:27
jendaoh, the source is available... I'll link it in the thread that Ryan promised to link from that page08:28
jendaThis thread:http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29675808:28
BHSPitLappyI wonder if the clever [at]  and [dot]  conventions are even effective anymore08:28
jendaBHSPitLappy: it also contains info on what's done with the money.08:28
BHSPitLappyI would think that those spam spiders would have adapted to read them by now08:29
BHSPitLappyhmm, you're czech?08:30
jendaI would think so too, BTW08:30
jendaI don't mind the spam.08:30
jendaIt doesn't get through.08:30
jendaI'm Czech, and that's why I can make these things so cheaply :)08:31
jenda(and the shipping is the cheapest here, too)08:31
BHSPitLappywell, jak se mas! ^^08:31
jendaMam se fajn. Co ty?08:32
BHSPitLappylike I understand that...08:32
jendaI'm ok, and you?08:32
jendaWhere did you learn that?08:32
BHSPitLappydoing well myself.08:32
jenda(err, when/why)08:32
jendaWTF, in other words :)08:32
BHSPitLappyI go to Westfest every year, it's a big Czech cultural festival in Texas08:32
jendaooh :)08:33
BHSPitLappymy uncle's lineage is czech, and he and my cousin are in one of the favorite bands that play there08:33
jendawoot :)08:33
BHSPitLappyso I'm familiar with polkas and kolaches08:33
jendaSo, which is your favourite beer? :)08:33
BHSPitLappyI never drink08:33
BHSPitLappywhich makes me a definite oddball at Westfest08:33
jendaindeed :)08:34
jendaI don't drink much either... although some of my friends keep convincing me of the opposite... wonder why.08:34
BHSPitLappyheh, someone in -offtopic just brought up another culture's food08:34
BHSPitLappyhe seems screwed, though08:34
jenda(most notably those that don't drink at all, btw)08:34
jendaI don't know any Dutch food.08:35
BHSPitLappydefinitely an odd situation he's in08:36
BHSPitLappybut yeah08:36
BHSPitLappymy uncle/cousin I mentioned before went to the czech republic a couple years ago08:36
BHSPitLappyhad a nice time08:36
jendanixternal: I don't see a request for team leaders in the Loco team draft...08:37
jendacool :)08:38
nixternalit was talked about during UDS this week, there is thing in it about Chicago not having a team leader08:38
jendaif you evah plan a trip, be sure to drop by :)08:38
=== jenda lives in Prague
BHSPitLappywhat's prague famous for? I've heard it a few times.08:38
BHSPitLappymentioned on family guy once, too o.o08:39
jendaIt has the biggest castle in the world...08:41
jendait drinks a huge amount of beer...08:41
BHSPitLappyI'm still considering trying to start that Youth LUG I was talking about before08:49
jendaI'm waiting for an unsuspecting animal to go by.08:50
=== jenda is practicing his hunting skills.
jenda<ten minutes pass>08:51
BHSPitLappyare you, by chance, hunting wabbits/08:51
jendaNo, I'll have to find a different way of getting food...08:51
jendawell, anything, really.08:51
jendaI'd not mind a wabbit ;)08:51
=== BHSPitLappy 's shot 4 bucks
jendaI guess I'll have to resort to going to the kitchen.08:53
=== jenda walks off...
MenZaLapNever heard of pizza?08:57
BHSPitLappyIn Soviet Prague, pizza orders you!08:58
jendahaha :)09:07
jendaI've never actually ordered pizza09:08
MenZaLapshame on you09:08
jendaanyone speak italian?09:15
jendaGreat hacker puzzle: http://geraldine.fjfi.cvut.cz/~strachota/Hackers_puzzle/1.htm09:15
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KenSentMejenda: ping09:48
KenSentMeDid you ship the posters yet?09:50
jendaKenSentMe: yes10:00
jendaI have yours in my bag right now :)10:00
jendathey'll be out on monday.10:00
KenSentMejenda: a cool10:00
KenSentMejust wondering10:00
jendaAnd the stickers are in a seperate envelope.10:00
nixternalhaha jenda, i have a dancing old lady on my screen with the hahcker puzzle10:38
jendahehe :)10:38
jendanixternal: congrats :)10:38
nixternali did that way back in the 90's10:38
nixternalpretty much the same still10:39
jendadoes anyone know regexp here?10:42
Flannelwhat's up?10:43
jendahow would I make 3 capital letters, a lowercase and three more caps?10:43
jenda[A-Z] ..[a-z] [A-Z] .. was my first attempt... didn't really work :/10:43
Flannel[A-Z] {3}[a-z] [A-Z] {3} would do it10:44
Flannelthe {3} is just a shortcut, could also go [A-Z] [A-Z] [A-Z] 10:45
Flannelbut, the former is how I would do it10:45
jendaok, thx...10:47
jendaand how do I make grep use it?10:47
jendaI tried grep "[A-Z] [A-Z] [A-Z] [a-z] [A-Z] [A-Z] [A-Z] "10:47
jendabut it didn't work.10:48
Flannelno quotes10:48
jendathis time, it didn't find anything...10:48
Flannelif you want to explicitly state it's the pattern, -e [pattern]  or -pattern=[pattern] 10:48
Flanneler, -regexp=10:48
jendahave a look : pythonchallenge.com10:49
jendayou'll get there in a few secs, it's no. 310:49
Flanneleh, what's the rot2 output of number2? heh.10:51
jendajust rot-2 the url :)10:52
FlannelI did... ocs.html doesnt exist10:52
Flanneldid I do it wrong?10:52
Flannelocr, nevermind10:52
FlannelI can count, honest10:52
jendahaha :)10:53
jendaFlannel: I did the _exact_ same mistake :)10:53
Flannelso... hmm.  oh, hexeditor to the rescue!10:53
jendaEven before I rotted the text, I tried the url, and it didn't work because of that... so I rotted the text...10:54
jendaonly to find out that i made a typo :)10:54
Flanneleh, I wouldve just threw together a char++; char++ thing ;)10:54
jendaI would've done that too...10:55
jenda...if I had an effin' clue how :)10:55
Flannelso... aeilqtuy are the rare characters10:56
Flannelalthough, I imagine the order is the answer10:57
Flannelmhmm. ok, so, level four ;)10:59
Flanneler, level three?  I could... oh, it started at level 0, didnt it11:00
jendai think so11:01
jendai did'nt count right, maybe :)11:01
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jendahello mgalvin :)11:01
mgalvinhi jenda :)11:02
jendaFlannel: the puzzle has it's own freenode IRC channel :)11:02
jendaanyway... if I understand correctly, we're looking for three capital letters, one lowercase and three capitals. grepping didn't work for me for some reason...11:03
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Flanneljenda: must be because of linebreaks, or something11:14
jendathat's what I'm thinking...11:15
jendabut removing linebreaks kills grep altogether, no?11:16
Flanneljenda: well, it'll return the line that it occurs in ;)11:17
jendayep :)11:17
jendavewy, vewy useful...11:17
jendaI tried egrep too, but it returns way too much.11:18
jendaaha :)11:18
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FlannelAh.  Right, they do.  It's because it's three only, as in, not four11:18
jendayep :)11:18
jendamind reading :)11:18
jendastill getting 10 lines11:19
jendaLooks like more than one in there... maybe one will be obviously special.11:20
Flannelthere's nine11:22
jendathey're only looking for the little letters11:24
jendaall nine :)11:24
jendacan you link me, I closed the window.11:24
Flannelexcept... linkedlst.html doesn't work11:25
jendainkedlist, no?11:25
Flannelno, there's an l first11:25
jendayou're right, my bad11:27
jendaFlannel: http://pythonchallenge.com/pc/def/linkedlist.html11:28
jendaduh :)11:28
jendaI missed the first, you missed the i :)11:29
Flanneljenda: except, I couldve swore I tried that first11:31
jendaANd the next one will probably take a long time to do by hand :)11:35
Flannelheh.  I'm probably going to hell by doing all this in perl ;)11:35
jendahehe :)11:36
jendaAm I going to hell by attempting it manually?11:39
jenda100000 combinations, it can't be that bad ;)11:39
Flannelpsh, by the time you do that, it'll be easier to learn to code11:42
jendahehe :)11:43
Flannelmy perl script is only 20 lines, and that's with brackets on their own lines11:43
jendaIwas joking.11:43
jendaThis is the time where I leave off :)11:43
Flannelthe... only problem is I don't see an end11:47
jendait just keeps going?11:49
Flannelyeah, like it says, but also, it deosn't change11:49
Flannelthere's no extra line in the output or anything11:49
Flannel1383 is 292, if you want to try it11:51
jendawell, it can really go for thousands and still kinda make sense. dunno.11:52
Flannelthe html says to only try ~30011:53
jendait's beyond me, really :)11:54

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