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shwagwhat does it take to make changes to  /etc/login.defs  take effect ?12:18
shwagI guess i found an instance where linux is required to be rebooted.12:33
shwag~/.bash_profile says "the default umask is set in /etc/login.defs" , but I changed the the UMASK setting in login.defs, and  $ umask , still says 02212:39
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Rieshey gius, where can I find information how to use libapache2-mod-fcgid together with php5?03:47
RiesI have followed a couple of modfgi manuals but thet don't seems to do teh job with libapache2-mod-fcgid03:47
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mustafai dont want apache to start automatically08:23
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Kim^JHi all. How much MB does the server 6.06 install take?10:07
Kim^Jzenrox: Come come here and answer my question.10:08
zenroxmb of what10:10
zenrox2 gig10:10
zenrox4 gigs once you install all the differnt servers you want10:10
Kim^JWhat in the name of the devil does it install that takes 2gig ???10:10
zenroxi have a remote gui10:11
zenroxso i have to have xserver installed10:11
Kim^JOh... Well I just want LAMP, SSH, FTP, Samba, MPD, Shoutcast and some more little things... That CAN NOT take 2 gig. Can it?10:11
durause X11 over ssh 10:19
durano need for a GUI on the server10:19
Kim^Jdura: Does the standard install of 6.06 server really take 2gig?10:20
durahmm no I don't think so.10:20
duralet me check one...10:20
Kim^JI thinking of have a 1 gig / partion...10:21
duraI have one setup with LAMP and postfix and it's around 1.3gb10:21
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Kim^Jhmm... strange... my debian with lamp, ssh, samba is about 300 MB.10:21
Kim^Jabout 500 MB is minimum10:25
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shawarmaI know this is not a support channel, but could anyone with experience with having / on LVM on top of software raid please take a look a this: http://warma.dk/blog/index.php?/archives/61-Remote-Ubuntu-installation.html ? Just /msg me if you want to keep it out of this channel.11:23
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