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rudalhi hi... is it ok to shoot a question in here?02:53
_ionYou already did. :-)02:55
rudal:) hmm actually if that's ok with you guys,,,hmm i tried upgrading sysvinit to upstart02:56
rudalusing edgy ..so right now..apparnetly the machine does not come back up02:57
rudali looked around..they said that you need to use 'reboot -f' ?02:57
_ionYou might have packages missing.02:57
_ionsudo apt-get install ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard02:57
rudaleven though I already did apt-get install upstart ?02:58
_ionUpstart just starts stuff, the other upstart-related packages contain the information about stuff that should be started. Every Ubuntu system should have ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard installed. For some reason for other, your system might be missing them/02:59
_ionAre you able to login to the system?03:00
Seveasit probably doesn't even boot03:00
Seveasinstall the ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-base packages03:00
rudalyeah it doesnt boot :P03:00
_ionDo you get a root prompt?03:00
SeveasI hade the same during an interrupted upgrade03:00
rudalnot at all03:00
rudaljust a hang03:00
Seveas_ion, without upstart-sysv-compat you get basically nothing03:01
Seveasboot from a livecd, mount the harddisk, chroot into it and install the packages I mentioned03:01
_ionOk, in grub, add init=/bin/bash to the kernel parameters.03:01
_ionThen, when you get a prompt, run: /etc/init.d/rcS; /etc/init.d/rc 203:01
Seveas_ion, heh, going the hard way ;)03:01
_ionseveas: You mean the easy way?03:02
Seveasisn't /etc/init.d/rc in the sysv-compat package?03:02
_ionThen install ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard03:02
_ionIt's in sysv-rc03:02
rudalohhh .. yeah currently doing an install on ubuntu-standard now03:02
rudali just used the livecd03:03
_ionI'm quite sure he has sysv-rc installed.03:03
Seveasyeah, that should still be there03:03
rudalyeah i think so03:04
rudalkk now i am installing the upstart03:04
rudalk i am going to paste what i get03:05
rudalThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: sysvinit03:05
_ionWhen you make sure you have ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard installed, you should get upstart and all the other necessary packages installed as dependencies.03:05
rudalUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.03:05
rudalThe following extra packages will be installed: startup-tasks system-services upstart upstart-compat-sysv upstart-logd03:05
rudalThe following packages will be REMOVED: sysvinit03:05
rudalThe following NEW packages will be installed: startup-tasks system-services upstart upstart-compat-sysv upstart-logd03:05
rudalThe following packages will be upgraded: ubuntu-minimal03:05
rudal1 upgraded, 5 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:05
rudalNeed to get 171kB of archives.03:05
rudalAfter unpacking 397kB of additional disk space will be used.03:05
_ionYes, that's looks all right.03:05
rudalDo you want to continue [Y/n] ? y03:05
rudaland i installed the standard alos03:05
_ion(Please use pastebin the next time)03:06
rudaleh? sorry what is pastebin .. sorry if I pasted too many lines03:06
_ionGoogle for pastebin, there are many of them. Just a website where you can paste stuff to, and you get an URL for what you pasted.03:07
rudalohh ok thank you03:07
rudalahh k that works03:09
rudaldo you know openvz right?03:09
_ionI know what it is, but haven't ever used it.03:12
rudalahh ok ok .. yeah i am trying to get upstart installed inside the edgy virtual environment03:12
rudalthat's why i am trying this and that..but still doesnt work on openvz .. hehe03:14
rudalthank you for your help ion..i think i will trynagain sometimes tomorrow ... gonna grab some beers tonight :P03:14
rudalhave a great weekend !03:14
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theCoreI think I finally found a use for upstart on my system04:50
theCoreI'm trying to make start a cron task only when the network is up. This task would sync my website to my hosting server.04:52
theCoredoes upstart can replace cron, yet?04:53
_ionNot yet.04:53
_ionAnother thing proposed for a future upstart feature is watching a directory, and running the job when its contents have changed.04:53
_ionThat would fit very well for mirroring scripts.04:54
theCorewould it possible to launch a separate cron daemon?04:54
theCorebut would it interfere with the main instance of cron/anacron?04:55
_ionUh, do you mean running two cron daemons concurrently?04:55
theCoreyeah, one for the system, and one for my personal network tasks04:56
_ionWhy not use the current crond normally, and add a network test to the beginning of the script?04:57
_ionThat is, test whether the network is up04:57
theCoreright, that should works04:58
theCoreI just wanted to use upstart, but it seems I will go for the old fashioned way04:58
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!christel:*! Hi all. For those of you interested in following the progress of PDPC a small news item has been added to the freenode website with information about the new PDPC board: http://freenode.net/news.shtml Have a good day.09:27
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!alindeman:*! Hi all. We're working on getting services back up now!03:44
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AquaFoxDo you want apple pie with thaat?06:50
AquaFoxDo you want apple pie with thaat?06:50
AquaFoxDING fries are done06:50
AquaFoxDING fries are done06:50
AquaFoxDING fries are done06:50
AquaFoxDING fries are done06:50
AquaFoxI gotta run06:50
AquaFoxI gotta run06:50
AquaFoxI gotta run06:50
AquaFoxI gotta run06:50
AquaFoxI work at Burger King I broil whoppers I wear paper hats06:50
yankees26sorry about him (i kicked him on the other channel, where i can do that :P)06:52
yankees26do you guys think upstart would be a good choice for an LFS?06:52
AlexExtremeyankees26: yeah, could be06:52
yankees26based on what i've read on the getting-started page, it doesnt seem like it would an extreme nuisance to setup06:53
yankees26(i've never actually used upstart, 'cause i dont use ubuntu)06:53
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_ionyankees: After the proposed changes have been implemented to upstart (during the 0.3 branch), definitely yes. Currently, perhaps.06:58
yankees26why's that?06:58
_ionIt depends on whether you need the upcoming new features or not. :-)06:59
_ionSee the design changes page (topic)06:59
AlexExtreme_ion: do you know if it will ever be possible to have more than one event in a job file?07:00
yankees26well, i just got thoroughly confused (don't fully understand the 'on' stuff yet, etc.)07:01
AlexExtremei mean, it would be good to have all udev events in one job file, as an example07:01
_ionalexextreme: With the proposed design, something like this would be possible:07:03
_ionon event007:03
_ionon event107:03
_ionpre-start script07:03
_ion    case "$UPSTART_EVENT" in07:03
_ion    event0)07:03
_ion        ...07:03
AlexExtremeno, i mean, to define different things to do on different events, like "on event-foo, do this; on event-bar, do that"07:05
_ionThat's exactly what i mean.07:05
AlexExtremeAquaFox: you seem bored07:05
=== AlexExtreme should read
AquaFoxAlexExtreme, I like your analyst ways.07:06
_ionaquafox: Please behave.07:06
AquaFoxI havn't been badly behaving.07:06
AquaFoxI didn't insult somebody.07:06
AlexExtremeyou're spamming07:07
AlexExtremegotta go, bbl07:14
wasabi_so me and scott figured out the last pieces of the new design07:14
wasabi_it's pretty swank07:17
_ionwasabi: Were you at udsmtv?07:18
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AlexExtremewasabi_: which last peices? anything interesting? :)07:38
wasabi_yeah. i was there.07:44
wasabi_we figured out how "levels" or whatver you want to call them will work.07:44
AlexExtremerunlevels? nice07:53
wasabi_no, not run levels.08:32
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yankees26AlexExtreme: do you happen to be same Alex Extreme writing FWinit (just curious)?10:23
AlexExtremeFWinit was a crazy project of mine that i stopped after discovering that there were already init replacements doing what I wanted to do ;)10:24
yankees26ah :P10:24
yankees26wish my C skills were good enough to make some sort of work on an init system (sadly Im better at C++ and still wouldnt be as good :P)10:24
AlexExtremegotta go, night10:31

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