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sbalneavEvening all03:40
bddebianHeya sbalneav03:41
LaserJockhi bddebian and sbalneav 03:42
bddebianHeya LaserJock03:42
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nathansnook7how can I kill zombie processes08:44
Burgundavianathansnook7: tried kill -9 it08:50
nathansnook7I will thankz08:50
nathansnook7for some reason I have python and netstat in zombie state08:51
Burgundaviaright, on a server or a desktop08:52
nathansnook7Just installed08:52
nathansnook7did some update and now I have two zombies08:52
nathansnook7and top is saying load average 1.87 1.84 1.7508:53
nathansnook7I have been using linux for a few years never got real deep into any os,08:54
nathansnook7In other linux oses I have an average system load of about .50 - .8608:54
Burgundaviawhat else is your system doing?08:55
nathansnook7I have firefox open, xchat and 1 cli08:55
Burgundaviawhat else does top say?08:55
nathansnook7should be idle for the most part08:55
nathansnook7I'll paste bin08:55
nathansnook7ok strange question how can I copy my top section08:57
Burgundaviano idea08:58
nathansnook7that is a copy of my top08:58
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stgrabergood morning11:20
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jelknerIs there anyone here who can point me to documentation on-line that tells one how to change the network address of the local segment of an edubuntu server with two nics?12:57
jelknerI just did a new install on the server.12:58
jelknerIt has one nic (the external one) using dhcp12:58
jelknerthe internal one was automatically setup with
jelknerI need to change that, since the site I am moving the server too will have 192.168.0.x as the external address12:59
jelknerIs there a nice, step-by-step available to make sure I get this right?12:59
Kamping_Kaiserprobably not per se.12:59
jelknerIf not, I'll write it up if someone will tell me what to do.01:00
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lebarjackis there anyone familiar with the student-control-panel?02:34
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scytheis there a way to limit actions for pupils, like changing the panel, background, ... with a tool easier than sabayon? gconf seems to have not enough detailed options for that.03:39
Kamping_Kaisersabayon is about it afaik03:40
Kamping_Kaiserooh. try lockdown editor03:40
Kamping_Kaiserit might do what you need03:40
scythethx, i03:40
scythei'' try it03:40
scythegrr ;)03:40
lebarjackYou mean pessulus?03:41
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Kamping_Kaiserdunno. theres a tool that called itself 'lockdown editor' - not sure what the package name is.03:41
Kamping_Kaiserhey bddebian 03:42
bddebianHeya folks03:42
bddebianHi Kamping_Kaiser03:42
lebarjackpessulus - lockdown editor for GNOME said my apt cache :)03:42
scytheapt-cache search lockdown editor03:42
scythepessulus - lockdown editor for GNOME03:42
scythelebarjack: you're right03:42
scythehmm, in pessulus I can't see how to disable changing the background03:50
Kamping_Kaiserit might nto. its quite simple03:51
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sbalneavMorning all!03:55
Kamping_Kaiserhey :)03:56
bddebianHeya sbalneav03:57
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kdittywhere can i find test for keduca, or servers?04:24
kdittyi would also like to install edubuntu apps into dapper drake so that my 3 year old can play around and get used to a computer, is that possible?04:26
lebarjackI think installing edubuntu-desktop metapackage does this, kditty 04:28
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nathansnook7Is there an issue with python at this point in time?04:37
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azenuxhi all05:07
azenuxhi me05:08
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sbalneavwhiprush: ping06:06
sbalneavWhat was the name of that background switcher?06:06
whiprushsbalneav: desktop drapes, it's on launchpad.06:07
sbalneavI was searching for curtains06:08
sbalneavWrong window treatment06:08
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azea question06:42
azewith a edubuntu server, a network at 100Mb can i have 10 or 15 ltsp clients ?06:43
azeanother question, an ipcop between the web and the local network is a good idea ?06:44
juliuxaze, you can have 10 oder 15 clients on a 100Mm network but it is better if the connection between server and switch is 1000Mb06:45
azewill i have timeout while connecting to the server at the boot06:52
azesorry for my poor english06:53
azei'm french edubuntu user06:53
azeit was a question for the timeout06:55
azebecause i've tried with vmware06:56
azeand there's timeout sometime06:57
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stgraberaze: Quel genre de timeout ?07:06
stgraberaze: avant d'avoir une IP (via le dhcp), avant de tlcharger l'image de boot (via tftp) ou au dbut du boot (donc aprs le chargement du noyau) ?07:07
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cbx33hi all08:18
cbx33ping ogra08:18
cbx33ping RichEd 08:19
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RichEdhi cbx3308:25
RichEdabout to start a meting08:25
RichEdhow are you08:25
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cbx33yeh I'm good08:32
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nixternalahh, i see action starting to happen again after the UDS event ;)08:34
stgraberok, fixing some network and ipv6 stuff, have to reconnect08:34
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sbalneavWhere's the meeting? Ubuntu-meeting?08:38
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nixternalsbalneav: i was wondering why people were talking about a meeting, and it wasn't/isn't scheduled that i could see09:09
sbalneavI'm thinking it was an allhands meeting.09:10
nixternali haven't heard anything about one, plus #*-meeting wasn't scheduled for anyone09:10
RichEdyep correct guess : all hands ... we're on the last day and wrapping up the last loose ends for the next 1 months ahead and Feisty and Feisty+109:11
RichEdhi sbalneav , nixternal 09:11
RichEdand stgraber :)09:11
nixternalhowdy RichEd!09:11
sbalneavThat meeting you were talking about RichEd, was that an allhands meeting?09:12
nixternalsbalneav: i think they are still in SF09:12
RichEdsbalneav ^^09:12
nixternalfor the Canonical meeting09:12
nixternalyup ;p09:12
nixternaltell everyone nixternal said hi, and let jono know i have video of the bottle dance09:12
RichEdit's been really good because we have had 2 x presentations each morning by each manager ....09:12
sbalneavI showed up in #ubuntu-meeting and started trashing the place.09:12
RichEdand then cross pollination meetings in the rest of the day09:12
sbalneavCross pollination?09:13
RichEdeducation has had some good meetings with: (1) marketing (2) training (3) OEM09:13
RichEdsbalneav: across the border of usuaul working teams09:13
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stgraberhi RichEd 09:13
RichEdsome of the stats we heard during the Infrastructure presentation were mind blowing09:14
sbalneavGood, just so long as we don't try to cross ogra with a kumquat, I'll be happy.09:14
RichEdwe've served > .5 Pb of data in 4 months09:14
RichEd5 Gb/s during the peak ... that is a CD per second for 24 hours flat out09:15
RichEd2 million unique IP's coming in for security updates09:15
sbalneavWhoa.  Big bandwidth bill :)09:15
RichEdsbalneav: they managed to negotiate a contract that was not linked to traffic09:16
nixternallucky them09:16
nixternaltime for canonical to get their own hosting09:16
RichEdto give you an idea of scale, the ISP has 10 Gb/s available09:16
stgraberthat means, my quota would be over in around 3 hours :)09:16
nixternalthey can pump a 192 line into my house and i will host all the equip ;p09:16
sbalneavBusiness side's looking good?  I saw sabdfl say he figgured it would take 5-7 years for Ubuntu certification to come up to redhat levels, and he was happy to stick it out that long.  Whuch was good to hear. :)09:16
stgraberthat's really a lot :)09:16
RichEdand the entire UK has 20 Gb/s available09:16
RichEdso on release day, we account for 1/4 of the UK internet traffic09:17
nixternalthats awesome09:17
RichEd70 hits / sec and BBC world news during the olympics peaked at 16009:17
bronzeRichEd: where UK-20GB number come from?09:17
stgraberonly 20Gb/s for the whole UK ? that's really short imo09:17
RichEda presentation ... me is just quoting09:18
stgraberor they don't have a lot of datacenter09:18
RichEdanywayz it has given me an idea of the scale of ubuntu ... it is experiencing viral levels of growth09:19
RichEdquite exciting to hear the bigger picture09:20
sbalneavDon't say that within Microsoft's earshot :)09:20
RichEdsbalneav: the people shall champion ... forget about the US KGB !09:20
sbalneavI forgot about them back in '98 :)09:21
RichEdwell that's the news in brief ... need to get off to the next meeting ... and yes, it's here in SF not #edubuntu09:21
sbalneavI'm coming up on being a full decade M$ free.09:21
RichEdso later ... and thanks to all of the people here for their contributions and spirit and hard work09:22
sbalneavI've used Linux since '93, but I gave up using MS personally in 98.  Every time I hear a "not ready for the desktop" article, I laugh.  it's been my ONLY desktop for 8 years :)09:23
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ograRichEd, level3 has ~20G 09:24
ogra(not the whole uk ;) )09:24
LaserJockah, that makes more sense09:25
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JackHannahey guys09:43
JackHannaI'm the IT guy at a local LIbrary, I'm interested in setting up an Edubuntu LTSP install. I have some exp with linux and am an ok "user" but no admin. I was wondering how do I manage,restrict and setup the users environment? What I mean is there will be one auto loggin in user. I want to set up how there desktop will look and what apps they have access too and not allow them to change it. 09:45
JackHannaI've got all this under wraps with windows using group policy and stuff..09:46
Burgworksabayon can control how your desktop looks09:47
Burgworkfor the session cleanup, that is a bit more complicated09:48
JackHannahmm.. so how is edubuntu normally used. say in a classroom where the teacher would create accounts for all students and they would log in with there user/pass?09:48
JackHannawhat would the teacher used to create and delete user accounts, I mean an normal teacher not a linux admin09:50
Burgworkthere is a plan to create such a guest login09:50
stgraberan other problem that could happen is as the home directory is mapped to the server, all your computers will share the same /home directory and then some software accessing the same config file and editing it, could bug09:50
JackHannaie.. is there a gui,easy to use program09:50
stgraberthere is the user/group management gui, but for massive user creation a script is always the best option (from my PoV)09:50
RichEdJackHanna: we are wrapping up a conference now, so lot of people are not available. This follows our developer conference of last week, where we have planned the new features for the next release. If you would like to send an email to edubuntu-devel mailing list, you would be able to get some advice on what is possible now, and what is possible for APril 2007.09:51
RichEdDo you know where the list is ? Or should I give you the sign-up url ?09:51
JackHannahmm.. maybe I should send an email suggesting people look into a "computer lab" mode for the LTSP deployment. Where all the terminals would auto log in, and not allow/save changes. Could be super usefull in a School computer lab too where there's no one to manage users and is an open computer lab09:52
BurgworkJackHanna: there is a guest login spec, but I don't know the status of it09:52
Burgworkhere is what I would do:09:52
Burgworkuse sabayon to create a locked down profile09:52
JackHannayour message came up as I was typeing mine09:52
Burgworkmodify your pam to use pam_mkdhomdir09:52
JackHannaI'll email the list09:53
Burgworkupon logout, have gdm wipe out the homedir and kill any processes left09:53
Burgworkviola: a public computer09:53
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RichEdJackHanna: F.Y.I. a lot of what you ask for is possible now, but manually ... and most of this will move into GUI by the next release.09:53
RichEdWe have some great features specced out for the next level of "large scal management or deployment"09:54
JackHannaI don't know how to do that but one major problem is NO public computer lab users will ever log out when done.. they would change the background, default home page and anything else to a huge porn image and leave it there09:54
BurgworkRichEd: yep, but nothing for a public computer like he is what asking09:54
BurgworkJackHanna: if you wipe out the home dir, it will get rid of that09:54
JackHannaI just keep focusing on public computer lab because that's what we have09:54
JackHannaand I have it all under my thumb nicely using active directory in windows.. but would really like to sneek some linux in to the public09:55
RichEdBurgwork: the next Student Control Panel will provide an in screen view of every desktop as a live icon .... an admin can kill any session & rest the box individually or as a group. That sort of thing would be useful in this context.09:55
JackHannaI'm still working on deploying firefox to my labs but need to be able to lock it down, no changing home page, no changing proxy09:55
JackHannaRichEd: wow that sounds great!09:56
JackHannaI've had my eye on edubuntu for some time. from the first time I heard about it I figured development would come along and it would be a STELLAR project!09:56
RichEdJackHanna: what you *want* but can't do with our next planned release can be motivated into the spec planning for the next UDS. We rely on people like you to shape our product.09:56
RichEdSo ask away ... and we will explain ... or add to the list.09:57
BurgworkRichEd: yep, but it needs to happen automatically09:57
BurgworkJackHanna: look into Epiphanys lockdown settings09:57
JackHannageat, I've been really wanting to get involved in the linux community and this could just be my ticket. I can't program but am an OK admin and I work at a library who loves to stay on the cutting edge. 09:57
RichEdBurgwork: so that can be added as a feature request ...09:58
Burgworkyes, it can be09:58
Burgworkhowever, I know the Novell guys are working on this09:58
ograJackHanna,  https://wiki.edubuntu.org/LTSPFatClients see the example at the bottom ... you could configure gdm for autologin and also define a logout time ... (and make /home readonly)09:58
ogralunch ? ...09:59
=== ogra goes for it ...
RichEdthanks ogra09:59
BurgworkJackHanna: http://www.gnome.org/learn/admin-guide/latest/09:59
Burgworkand specifically http://www.gnome.org/learn/admin-guide/latest/lockdown-0.html10:00
JackHannaOH MAN sys admin guide. Just what I was looking for!10:00
=== JackHanna makes a new bookmark folder for new info
Burgworkthat is the GNOME desktop, rather than Edubuntu specifically, but since we use GNOME..10:00
Burgworkogra: there are issues with making /home readonly, like lack of access to things like usb keys, etc.10:01
JackHannaeek.. your helping me to fast! (never though I'd say that in an irc room!) :)10:01
JackHannayep.. I like Gnome better now, used to be into KDE. I think KDE is easier for a noobie to use because it looks a bit more like home (windows). But after I got used to linux I liked Gnome better for being clean and neat 10:03
Burgworkogra: we (at userful), have found it is better to wipe out the home dir and recreate it10:03
JackHannayou work for userful?10:03
BurgworkI do10:03
JackHannacool. I was in contact with you guys about getting a station. I still love the idea and want one but the way things ended up after the construction there just wasn't any room for one..10:04
Burgworkwhom did you talk to?10:04
JackHannaI still think you guys make a great turnkey product for schools and libraries at a great price that requires very little admin skill 10:05
JackHannaahh.. one sec10:05
BurgworkI just wish we were a bit more FLOSS friendly10:05
JackHannadaniel I think.. or maybe he's just the one I keep getting mailers from. I don't have the origional email's10:07
Burgworkdaniel is my boss, the lead salesman10:07
JackHannaI think being 100% FLOSS is not really practical for every day use. No user would want to use a total OSS system, there would be no flash, no good video drivers bla.. bla.. though the fight should be kept up to kill the blob drivers video companies give out.. but you have to use what you have10:09
Burgworkwe have a bit more than flash that is closed source10:09
JackHannawell.. your a company too.. I love my linux and OSS!!! but I know it's not realistic to expect every company to be fanatical supporters 10:10
BurgworkI try, everyday10:10
BurgworkWesterville Public Library <-- this is who you work for?10:11
JackHannaand honistly try is what should be aimed for10:11
JackHannayes WPL10:11
Burgworkyour construction finished?10:11
JackHannaI'm still pulling for some space to toss a userful box into.. it may happen.. if anything I've told many library people about it and suggest it at library events10:13
Burgworkanyway, you can do a public computer fairly easily, just need a few scripts to do some cleanup and sabayon to create your profile10:18
JackHannathanks guys. I"ll look into this stuff soon.. who knows maybe I'll have something to offer the edubuntu team.10:46
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