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fumbalahEvening :)02:02
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nixternalhiya jjesse!02:21
fumbalahnixternal: No hi for me? :-p02:23
jjessehello fumbalah02:23
fumbalahhi jjesse,, how are you this evening?02:24
jjesseextremely busy02:24
nixternalhiya fumbalah ;p02:28
nixternali gotta do the kubuntu licensing stuff tonight02:30
nixternaloh man02:31
nixternali just now realised mdke already did it02:32
jjessei'm soooooooooo far behind on everything02:32
fumbalahnixternal: so doesnt that get you out of doing it?02:32
nixternaldon't know just yet02:34
nixternaljjesse: i just replied to your kde-doc email :)02:47
nixternalalso, we chill out and collaborate at times in #kde-doc as well02:47
jjesseyet another channel to join :)02:48
nixternal#kde-docs   sorry about that02:48
nixternalPhilRod is the head doc person, so when he is around you can chat with him about other stuff as well02:48
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fumbalahnixternal: Alrighty03:00
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pygihey mdke_ 09:20
Burgundaviamdke_: morning. Would you be able to get a fridge story of UWN 21 or should I just bug you to get my login sorted?09:22
mdke_Burgundavia: I think the latter will take me less time. Did you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/EditorGuidelines ?09:24
Burgundaviaam now09:24
mdke_ah, you have an account09:25
mdke_you need a new password?09:25
mdke_there is a request password dialogue on http://fridge.ubuntu.com/user09:26
mdke_your username is corey.burger09:26
=== mdke_ wonders if anyone has opened a bug about the unpleasantness of the startup sounds in Edgy
pygimdke_: :P09:42
=== mdke_ goes to look, and if not, to open one
pygimdke_: you should talk to pete, he made them09:43
mdke_the old ones should never have been changed, they were fantastic09:43
Burgundaviathe new "more African" ones in Edgy?09:45
Burgundaviapretty much the entire artwork for edgy was a downgrade, except for the usplash09:45
=== mdke_ files bug 72143
UbugtuMalone bug 72143 in ubuntu-artwork "please revert startup sounds" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7214309:49
bhuvanmdke_/Burgundavia: did you attend the summit?10:00
Burgundaviabhuvan: sadly, no10:01
bhuvanoh ok!10:01
bhuvanlooks like it was productive?10:01
Burgundaviaindeed it was, despite a few controversial specs10:01
bhuvanoh ok;10:01
mdke_bhuvan: no, not me either10:02
mdke_i've never been to a summit :(10:02
bhuvaninfact i was there in google office during late oct for subversion summit, but i couldnt make it for ubuntu summit sadly!10:02
mdke_oh nice10:02
bhuvanso, who are all from doc team attend the summit, any idea?10:03
mdke_mpt, Andreas10:03
mdke_I was quite tempted to apply for a job with google yesterday, they were advertising for a london lawyer10:03
bhuvanoh ok!10:03
bhuvani think you may love it!10:04
mdke_Yeah I would. but I've only just started at my current job so I can't. 10:04
mdke_maybe in a few years10:04
bhuvanwas there any presentation/session on behalf of docteam in summit?10:04
mdke_the TopicBasedHelp spec you've seen on the mailing list10:05
mdke_bhuvan: btw we've had a couple of people expressing interest in server docs recently. one was working on the Servers wiki page10:07
mdke_I told him to mail the list10:07
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bhuvani'm thinking what kind of changes we might have to do in server guide for topic based help10:08
bhuvani'm clueless right now, but it my ripe i guess10:08
mdke_it will be great for the server stuff.10:09
mdke_there is loads of wiki stuff we can probably add too10:09
=== mdke_ -> work
crimsunBurgundavia: http://searchopensource.techtarget.com/tip/0,289483,sid39_gci1229404,00.html is interesting, too11:47
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