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ScarFreewillmy eclipse doen't run :0 so i formated (eclipse was not the only reson why formated) and resinstalled kubuntu-6.10-i386-desktop and it still doesn't run so i downloaded the eclipse-SDK-3.2.1-linux-gtk.tar.gz and now it runs03:03
vyomani was thinking of helping with packaging java stuff for ubuntu (deb), any ideas where the package guys hang out?03:03
ScarFreewillnope :P03:04
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vilvyoman: this is a good place03:17
vilhowever the people tend to be here in the evenings03:18
vilScarFreewill: what was the problem?03:18
ScarFreewillvil, let me just reinstall the eclipse pkg..03:20
ScarFreewillshould i use paste bin its about 10 lines03:22
vilright this is a known issue (although I don't  know if there is a bug report). installing either java-gcj-compat or sun-java5-jre helps03:25
ScarFreewilli have tried installing gcj sun-jre and some other pkg but never got it to work03:26
vilthere's plenty of java packages. maybe the problem was that the installed package did not provide a complete jre.03:28
ScarFreewillbut sun-java-bin does doesn't it?03:29
vilfor example problem with eclipse here is that gij (installed per default in edgy) provides java-runtime2, but is not complete jre and cannot be used to run eclipse03:29
villet me check03:29
vilcannot see the problem with sun-java5-bin, but you could try install sun-java5-jre also. this one should provide complete jre03:34
ScarFreewillsun-java-jre is a dep for the sun-java-bin pkg03:34
vilright, did not spot that03:35
vilwell to be honest, I have this setup and have no problems. does the error look the same when all these pacakages are installed?03:36
ScarFreewilli think there was a warning from the eclipse pkg but it installed so fast ... how do i see that do i need to install it via the console or something?03:38
vilyou can see it by running apt-get install whatever in the console03:40
ScarFreewilljust one prob...03:41
ScarFreewilli installed sun-java-jre via adept and now its asking to accept the licence but i can't click ok :P03:42
ScarFreewilli guess thats not goning to be a prob for long http://www.sun.com/2006-1113/feature/story.jsp03:43
vilactually, I have to leave now. we can discus tha later today03:44
ScarFreewillok np03:44
vilapt-get should ask you in the console03:44
vilsee you03:44
vilScarFreewill: ping04:49
vilwhere did we ended?04:50
vilany success with eclipse?04:51
ScarFreewill@ me installing sun-java-jre04:51
ScarFreewillthis is what i get now..04:51
viltesting /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun...found04:52
vilthis is good04:52
vildoesn't it strat up?04:52
ScarFreewillno :(04:53
ScarFreewilli reintalled it via the console but its only the eclipse pkg and not its deps04:55
vilany output apart from what you already pasted?04:55
ScarFreewilli don't know maybe its just that one of my pkgs are corupted?04:56
vilcan you also run 04:56
vilsh -x `which eclipse`04:56
vilthis should produce more verbose output04:57
ScarFreewillallot ;)04:57
ScarFreewillshould i use pastebin now?04:58
vilcan you paste it again? I guess you can selected it all at once with mouse04:58
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ScarFreewilllol [error]  Closing Link: (Excess Flood)04:59
ScarFreewillvil, ping05:00
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ScarFreewillvil ping05:04
vilback again05:05
vilI am making my dinner05:05
villet me check the output05:06
vildo you have firefox or mozilla-browser package installed?05:10
ScarFreewillthat would be funny if that is all that i needed to install05:13
viland yes, that's why the script starting eclipse stops05:16
vilyou can see the script by running05:16
vilgedit `which eclipse`05:16
vilit does not find proper browser lib and gives up05:16
vilany success?05:24
ScarFreewillsorry afk05:24
ScarFreewilli use kde..05:24
ScarFreewillno gedit05:25
vilso if you want to see it use your prefered editor05:25
vilhowever, try05:25
vilapt-get install firefox and you should be able to finally use eclipse (from Ubuntu)05:26
ScarFreewillbtw i just went to yog (run) and i told firefox to download when i went and i just came back now and it 38% crappy 64k/s05:27
ScarFreewillso what must i do when i typed kate `which eclipse`05:28
vilI only wanted to show you the problem05:29
villines 128-14505:29
vildoes not find firefox libs and gives up05:30
ScarFreewillyeah its funny why they don't make firefox/mozilla a dependantcy or just say in the howtos that you need firefox/mozilla, btw when i ran dapper mozilla was a dep for eclipse and now in edgy its not05:32
ScarFreewillbut why does my eclipse-SDK-3.2.1-linux-gtk.tar.gz work does it have the libs build in?05:35
vilI will try to ask someone more involved, however there were some problems with this and it seems that this dependency is missing.05:39
vilThanks for helping us finding an annoying bug05:39
ScarFreewillnp thx for helping me05:43
ScarFreewillcool its working now :)05:44
vilyes, that's funny05:49
ScarFreewillanyway I have to go eat and then study for sience :{05:50
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obenbohnehi Seveas!08:39
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obenbohnehi Seveas10:41

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