imbrandonmoins whiprush12:24
imbrandonback in a a bit /me is afk12:24
Burgworkwhiprush: ping12:24
=== BHSPitLappy [n=steve-o@adsl-65-67-112-77.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
elkbuntuwhiprush, can you remember... was that a thai restaurant we ate at on the monday night?12:26
Burgworkwhiprush: urgent ping01:10
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Burgworkwhiprush: unping02:37
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lotusleafubuntu logo wreaths for the holidays04:18
lotusleafI'm gearing up to hand out ubuntu cds outside fry's the day of the vista launch05:33
BHSPitLappyoh, run livecd's on the display computers!05:39
BHSPitLappyand remaster them to include beryl05:39
lotusleafBHSPitLappy: nope, those went like hotcakes, I made/stamped my own with links to the forums, info about DRM and more05:39
lotusleafBHSPitLappy: also printed out the kubuntu flyer to include inside05:40
lotusleafis there an ubuntu flyer still somewhere, I read that it was discontinued, but the kubuntu flyer still exists05:40
BHSPitLappythere's a few...05:41
lotusleafthere was one in the dapper Examples subdirectory on the disc I think05:42
lotusleafI'll have to check it05:42
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: that's a good idea05:59
Admiral_Chicagoprint out the EULA05:59
Admiral_Chicagolike "do you really want to use this"05:59
tonyyarussolotusleaf: The stuff that exists if accessible via the MarketingTeam page on the wiki06:03
BHSPitLappythat's not a bad idea06:03
BHSPitLappyand accentuate ridiculous sounding parts06:03
lotusleaftonyyarusso: thx =)06:26
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: FSF Defective By Design has some good ready-to-print designs06:26
Admiral_Chicagoreally? i haven't seen them06:27
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: check out their site06:27
Admiral_Chicagoi'm on the way06:27
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: i can't find it06:31
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: one sec06:31
Admiral_Chicagoi'm on fsf.org and defectivebydesign.org06:31
lotusleafok one sec06:31
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: found it06:31
lotusleafjenda: now anyone can make their own ubuntu shirt cheaply! http://community.livejournal.com/craftgrrl/3674467.html06:44
lotusleafjust think Gimp or something free instead of the MS Paint used in that example =)06:44
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: i've seen that before06:48
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: yeah? I'll have to try it06:48
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: have you ever tried it?06:49
Admiral_Chicagono my ex did, it came out good after a few attempts06:49
Admiral_Chicagoshe was going to make me a tux one, but we broke up :|06:49
lotusleafdo they last well through washings vs. ironed on prints?06:50
Admiral_Chicagoi have no idea, i'd find out but i don't talk to her anymore06:51
=== lotusleaf nods
Admiral_Chicagoi think she mentioned non water soluable glue / paint06:53
Admiral_Chicago"Mod Podge is a non-water-soluble glue. It cannot be washed out once it has dried" so i'm assuming the paint is the same06:53
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: that rocks, now to do some cost comparisons06:54
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: it's acrylic paint, so that shouldn't wash out06:54
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: I'd like to find some glow in the dark paint (I've seen black light reactive paint for sale) and make some ubuntu rough shirts06:55
Admiral_Chicagoi'd like to get some Ubuntu Chicago LoCo ones06:55
lotusleafno doubt06:55
Admiral_Chicagoarg, i'm doing a presentaion on RSS software and my "Thanks To" slide is a really long time07:00
Admiral_Chicagohow am I supposed to describe Quinn Storm07:10
=== Red_Herring [n=rj@c-67-162-70-40.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Admiral_Chicagoit's just QuinnStorm.07:12
=== Red_Herring is now known as ReD_herring|ZzzZ
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jendahaving fun?08:14
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
BurgundaviaI have received my usual thanks for JaiBin08:30
Burgundaviahowever, I have uncovered a small problem during last weeks UWN08:56
Burgundaviait was that there is nobody covering locoteams properly08:57
Burgundaviaso I figured I would solve that. elkbuntu, you are now covering changes to locoteams for the UWN08:57
elkbuntuoh yay08:57
=== klepas [n=klepas@203-213-31-142.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
elkbuntuwe discussed this a bit at UDS in the country teams bofs. we're going to work closer with them anyway to get more material for the uwn :)08:58
elkbuntuafk, dinner08:59
BurgundaviaI need a "UWN news email"08:59
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dotwaffleBurgundavia: Give me a shout if I can help out with anything. I've got nothing on all day, might as well do something useful with it ;)09:19
Burgundaviadotwaffle: cool. where here are a few things:09:19
Burgundavia-find stories about Ubuntu and link them in the "in the press" section09:19
Burgundavia-pick an interesting spec or two and write about it, for a "spec of the week"09:20
Burgundaviathat spec should be one already approved for Feisty, not somethign random09:20
dotwaffleBurgundavia: Is Fridge a wiki then? I'm not an Editor - never needed to be ;)09:20
Burgundaviano, fridge is not09:21
dotwaffleCould pick up on the spec idea...09:21
Burgundaviaand the UWN != the Fridge09:21
dotwaffleAh, fair enough - I assumed UWN wasw part of the Fridge, obviously it just gets posted there ;)09:21
Burgundaviait does, when I poke the editors hard enough09:22
dotwaffleNetwork Roaming sounds interesting, just looking down the speclist on launchpad09:24
Burgundaviawhy not cover that and the default-network stuff?09:24
Burgundaviathey are quite related09:24
dotwaffleok, will do. what length are you looking for?09:24
Burgundaviatwo paragraphs or so09:25
Burgundaviasee where the wind takes you09:25
dotwaffleok - will get on it now. You going to be around, or want me to email you?09:25
Burgundaviaadd it to teh UWN wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue2209:26
Burgundaviadeadline is Tuesday09:27
dotwaffleShould have it done in an hour or so - 1100UTC at the latest ;)09:28
Burgundaviaeven better09:28
Burgundaviaafter that, there is a bunch of small things for teh UWN: security, etc.09:29
Burgundaviafilling those in is a great time saver09:29
dotwaffleNo problem - swing anything by my way you want.09:29
BurgundaviaI usually cover Feisty Changes09:30
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dotwaffleEditing the wiki or can I add in what I've got?10:03
Burgundaviago ahead10:05
Burgundaviathe wiki will warn you10:05
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@S0106000fb085cc63.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
dotwaffleBurgundavia: Ooops...10:07
dotwaffleStatus of sending notification mails:10:07
dotwaffle[en]  DanielHolbach2, JonathanRiddell, LaunchpadSpecificationNotifier, nixternal, Maicon5, AndrewMitchell, Madpilot: Mail sent OK10:07
dotwaffleYay, spam ;)10:07
Burgundaviadotwaffle: add yourself to the contributors10:25
dotwaffleDone ;)10:26
dotwaffleWell, Credits, anyway.10:26
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MenZajenda: could you just hand me your address in a query again?05:56
MenZaI'll ship the stickers tomorrow05:57
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tsmithejenda, yo, you around?09:12
tsmithei hate it when people aren't around :D09:17
nixternali know what you mean..im trying to get some packages merged and all of the motus are sleeping i think09:18
tsmitheyeah... i was playing in a concert yesterday and all my mates were in the first item and i wasn't, which was a bit sad :(09:18
tsmithedamn, two of the last three things i posted contained "i hate"09:19
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tsmitheping jenda10:46
tsmithenot again!10:47
=== MenZa pokes jenda continuosly
tsmitheim on feisty atm and fonts are buggered, so i had to learn irssi...10:48
nixternalhe is probably close to sleep if he is even at home10:48
MenZalol tsmithe10:48
MenZaFeisty already?10:48
nixternalfonts work great for kubuntu feisty for me10:48
=== MenZa is waiting til at least January
tsmithefeisty of course10:49
MenZaWhen's it due out?10:49
tsmitheah... april10:49
nixternaltsmithe: you aren't using a binary video driver are you?10:49
tsmithei have i91510:49
nixternalthat is usually the culprit10:49
tsmithei also have just thought it may be to do with me using the patched edgy packages :)10:49
tsmitheand it only happens with apps affected by that10:49
tsmithe... but its not the rendering... just the "unknown character" rectangle is everywhere10:50
tsmitheit's not cos of that10:51
tsmithethat repo is disabled10:51
tsmithethought i wouldnt be that stupid...10:51
nixternali need to do some work10:52
nixternali keep getting side tracked..i think i have IDD10:53
nixternalIADD that is10:53
nixternalInternet Attention Deficit Disorder10:53
tsmithei have that10:53
tsmitheask PriceChild or jenda about my English coursework10:53
tsmithewhere is jenda?10:53
tsmitheit's only 11 o'clock (ish) in prague...10:53
nixternalwhere is waldo?  that is the real question10:53
tsmithewho's waldo?10:54
nixternali don't know, but i know there are a ton of people wondering where he is10:54
ReD_HeRrInGI am waldo10:54
=== tsmithe is now known as waldo
waldonot really10:54
=== waldo is now known as tsmithe
ReD_HeRrInG /whois waldo10:54
tsmithei is walda10:55
nixternaloh lord, quit following me ReD_HeRrInG!10:55
ReD_HeRrInGnixternal: i came here once admiral_chicago mentioned it10:55
tsmitheyou what?10:55
ReD_HeRrInGbesides, you followed ME into #imagi10:55
nixternalno i didn't, imbradon invited me10:55
nixternalas you can see, im not there anymore10:55
ReD_HeRrInGWell i see im not welcome!10:55
tsmithehi ReD_HeRrInG10:56
ReD_HeRrInGonly thing is how didnt you notice me?10:56
ReD_HeRrInGive been here for 2 days10:56
nixternali have been idling in here?10:56
=== ReD_HeRrInG waves to tsmithe
tsmithehey nixternal,10:56
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
tsmitheit's not waldo, IT'S WALLY!!!10:56
nixternali don't have any more OT channels, they are bad when you are trying to get work done10:56
tsmithei remember that from when i was small10:56
tsmithei thought that's what you meant10:56
ReD_HeRrInGnixternal: BUT THEY'RE SO FUN!10:56
nixternalnah, i had a fatal attraction in one and she wouldn't leave me alone10:57
ReD_HeRrInG /wc /wc!!10:57
tsmithei want my fonts back :(10:57
nixternalnot on irssi10:57
tsmithemy lovely characters10:57
tsmitheif you wanna look at what i am...10:58
tsmitheits bug 72244 if anyone cares10:58
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=freddy@email.monm.edu] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: oh quit complaining10:59
ReD_HeRrInGyou dont need CHARACTERS10:59
tsmithei need characters11:00
tsmitheseriously, my lovely gui!11:00
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: what did you do last?11:00
ReD_HeRrInGdid the update error?11:00
tsmitheonly in gnome-games11:00
tsmithebut that's broken11:00
ReD_HeRrInGsudo dpkg --configure -a11:00
nixternaltsmithe: you are using binary stuff11:00
tsmithenixternal: no11:00
ReD_HeRrInGit *might* have not configured everything properly11:00
nixternalis that not beryl or compiz?11:01
tsmithei've done that11:01
tsmithenixternal: i'll turn it off and see...11:01
tsmithebut it happens at gdm anyway11:01
tsmitheso... i don't think that's the problem11:01
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: reinstall fonts?11:01
nixternalmaybe that is a gnome issue, but it is the first i have seen of it11:01
nixternalnothing has been done to the fonts just yet anyways11:01
tsmithemetacity doesn't help11:01
nixternalall the fonts and what not have just been synched11:02
tsmitheReD_HeRrInG: i don't know which packages; otherwise i'd've assigned the bug to one11:02
tsmithei can't open liferea to check :(11:02
ReD_HeRrInGapt-cache search gnome-font?11:02
tsmitheno such thing11:03
tsmithei would've done!11:03
ReD_HeRrInGok lets start from the basics11:04
ReD_HeRrInGis it plugged in?11:04
=== MenZaLap [n=menza@last.fm/subscriber/MenZa] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== ReD_HeRrInG [n=rj@c-67-162-70-40.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
tsmithe~/.xsession-errors doesn't help :(11:05
ReD_HeRrInGwell it sounds like its a problem before logging in11:05
tsmitheand my keyboard settings have changed so it doesn't accept a held key as repeated11:05
tsmitheReD_HeRrInG: yeah11:05
ReD_HeRrInGcat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE ?11:05
tsmitheit's not an X problem, though as X runs fine11:06
nixternalwhy not just11:06
nixternalgrep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:07
nixternala heck of a lot less typing11:07
tsmithethe beryl benchmark renders alright11:07
ReD_HeRrInGnixternal: cuz i dont know any better?11:07
tsmithenixternal: i agree ;)11:07
tsmithealthough i used to do that11:07
nixternali see a lot of people doing 'cat blah.blah | grep blah11:07
nixternaltsmithe: me too ;p11:07
ReD_HeRrInGim not THAT good at linux11:07
nixternalReD_HeRrInG: liar11:07
tsmitheyou will be11:07
=== ReD_HeRrInG needs to learn regex too
tsmitheexplain [0-4] , then! you'll see it's straight-forward11:08
=== ReD_HeRrInG 's brains explode
=== tsmithe 's cat eats..
tsmithestupid cat11:09
tsmitheeats anything11:09
=== ReD_HeRrInG goes off on a tangent
=== tsmithe goes off on a normal to that tangent
tsmithemmm -1/(dy/dx)11:10
ReD_HeRrInGyes... who knew 2D euclidian geomentry could taste SO GOOD11:11
ReD_HeRrInGwell its euclidian11:11
ReD_HeRrInGas long as we adhere to the principal11:11
ReD_HeRrInGtaht for every line11:11
ReD_HeRrInGand a point11:11
ReD_HeRrInGthere is exactly 1 line through that point htat is parallel to the other point11:11
tsmithenewton and leibniz thought it tasted good though11:12
tsmithehence calculus11:12
ReD_HeRrInGthough leibniz got screwed over by history and a popular dude11:12
tsmithei know!11:12
tsmithepoor guy!11:12
tsmithei just wanna thank him :)11:13
tsmithemeh... if i can't do it in virtual person, i'll send him a virtual letter11:14
tsmithei mean e-mail11:14
ReD_HeRrInGyou and your fancy virtual letters11:14
tsmithedear sir/madam, i am writing to enquire about the ...11:14
tsmitheyo, jenda, thanks for the posters. fantastic!11:15
ReD_HeRrInGdude those virutal mail is bad11:15
ReD_HeRrInGcuz those tubes keep clogging11:15
tsmithenot here11:15
tsmithealways super fast for me11:15
tsmithethey pop out all the time, especially when im not watching11:16
ReD_HeRrInGah well thats cuz you've got lots of horses and lottery balls to clean it out11:16
ReD_HeRrInGhere theres lots of poker chips and cards11:16
ReD_HeRrInGand pictures of women in no clothing11:16
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: it was from teh daily show one day11:17
tsmithedaily show?11:17
ReD_HeRrInGexplaining why horse betting and lottery is legal online11:17
ReD_HeRrInGbut poker isnt11:17
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: uhh... Jon Stewart?11:17
tsmitheJon Stewart?11:17
tsmithedaily show?11:17
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: where are you from?11:17
tsmithelook it up ignoramus11:18
=== ReD_HeRrInG goes and finds the clip
tsmithei want you to know where kent is first11:18
MenZaKent, UK.11:18
tsmitheyou weren't supposed to help him11:18
ReD_HeRrInGits in teh UK11:18
tsmithewhere abouts?11:18
ReD_HeRrInGat first i was like Kent state?11:19
MenZatsmithe: northern UK iirc.11:19
tsmithekent COUNTY is the garden of England11:19
tsmithein the south!!!11:19
tsmithewarm, wine growing country!11:19
=== Admiral_Chicago [n=freddy@email.monm.edu] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
tsmithenow can somebody please explain what the daily show is!11:22
tsmitheyou mean i actually might have to read something!11:23
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: digg search is down... cant show you teh clip11:24
tsmitheand it seems it comes from Comedy Central, a channel which Sky doesn't provide11:24
tsmitheso, where are you all?11:25
ReD_HeRrInGhence my presence in #ubuntu-chicago11:25
MenZa(Denmark, Europe, not Denmark, AL)11:25
tsmithewell, i know nothing about american nor demarkian (?) geography11:25
tsmitheand i would assume europe11:26
tsmithehang on11:26
tsmitheits danish!11:26
MenZaYou suck.11:26
tsmitheim tired11:26
tsmithei do suck11:26
tsmithewell, i know nothing about american nor danish geography11:26
tsmitheand i would assume europe, as i don't even know what "AL" stands for11:27
ReD_HeRrInGAL is alabama if i remember correctly11:27
ReD_HeRrInGterrible terrible place11:27
tsmithewhat state is chicago in?11:28
ReD_HeRrInGproblem with alabama is its still racist11:29
tsmithewhere are they in relation to each other?11:29
ReD_HeRrInGsame with most of the south11:29
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: im... umm... right next to lake michigan11:29
ReD_HeRrInGso... bout 300 miles from canada11:29
tsmitheok... i'm about 100 miles from france11:30
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: you honestly dont know where chicago is?11:30
tsmithewhy should I?11:30
ReD_HeRrInG... i could tlel you where London is11:30
tsmitheyou didn't know where kent was!11:30
ReD_HeRrInGwell kent is... small...11:30
ReD_HeRrInGchicago is like the 7th or 8th largest city in the world11:30
tsmithei bet you couldn't tell me where brighton was! or rochester, or maidstone, or tunbridge wells!11:31
ReD_HeRrInGdo Any of those have > 4million people?11:31
tsmitheall little towns in comparison, but i live in a hamlet, so quite large to me11:31
ReD_HeRrInGtsmithe: how bout new york?11:31
tsmithebut, in england everything is relatively near everything else, so i can get a train or bus quickly to anywhere11:31
ReD_HeRrInGLos angelas? Los Vegas?11:31
MenZaI can tell you where Brighton is :P11:32
tsmitheeast or west or hastings, menza?11:32
MenZaIt's down south.11:32
tsmitheits west11:33
tsmithepretty much 50 miles due south of london11:34
tsmitheis the speed limit in the usa really only 55?11:34
Burgworkno, far from it11:34
Burgworkthe highways are usually 75 or 8511:34
tsmithei believed it was 55 everywhere, and i thought, hell that's slow!11:35
tsmitheare american miles different to british miles?11:36
ReD_HeRrInGare your miles 5280 ft?11:37
tsmitheand 1 inch = 2.54 cm right11:38
tsmitheit's really stupid. at british schools, they teach you metric units.11:39
tsmitheit's always pissed me of11:39
tsmitheno-one uses them!11:39
ReD_HeRrInGhehe you guys and your left side of the car11:39
tsmithei know how far a mile is, but i have no idea how far a km is!11:39
tsmithedriving on the left is better11:39
tsmitheand so are manual cars11:40
Burgworkright, this is wildly offtopic now, so we might want to move to -offtopic11:41
tsmitheno-one else is talking here... but if you want to , i'm ok with that11:41
tsmithe(just means i'll have to learn another irssi feature11:42
=== tsmithe_ [n=_t_@82-70-109-22.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== tsmithe_ is now known as tsmithe
tsmitheyo jenda you here yet?12:01
Burgworktsmithe: jenda is UTC+1 or 212:02
tsmithei know12:03
tsmitheprague is +!12:03
tsmithe+1 even12:03
tsmithebut he's usually around till at least midnight UTC12:03

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