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sadlederhi all, maybe not especially related to upstart, but does anyone know a preferred way to temporarily disable shutdown of a system11:04
sadlederi mean a scenario in which a system is administered remotely, but has local users11:05
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root____Hello all, I searched all over and im probably just plain stupid. I dont have an implentetion in fron of me but trying to figure out how upstart gets the default run level.. should i still use inittab?01:32
root____nm i figured it out ithink.. just have to get used to events.. if i still want runleves ill do a event on startup and define runlevels in that and other events based on that.. take care and an ty01:37
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cryptomhi all, is there an "automated way" to improve startup time with upstart? I've upgraded from dapper to edgy and seem to have much longer boot times.03:00
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Seveascryptom, improving startup time isn't a goal of upstart05:12
psiboxdo you know how i can find out the order in which the startups have been called ?05:13
psiboxi have a problem that an nfs-mounted fs does not appear in /etc/mtab05:13
psiboxthen updatedb does not detect that it's NFS and indexes 2TB. from all clients.05:14
cryptomSeveas, oh, really, then I must have misunderstood something I read on the net (or mixed it up with something else). I just thought that a new startup system could only be faster (starting services in parallel, not serial)05:51
cryptomthan the old-fashioned sysvinit05:52
Seveascryptom, a side effect of a fully upstart-ized init system willprobably a significant improvement in startup time05:52
Seveashowever, it is not a goal05:52
Seveasand in ubuntu edgy, upstart is not used to its full potential, the only startup time improvements come from the dash-as-/bin/sh change05:53
cryptomSeveas, I understand that, I think the goal is to still have control once the services are started05:53
cryptomand not just "fire and forget"05:53
cryptomSeveas, dash-as-/bin/sh ?05:54
marocryptom: /bin/sh -> /bin/dash05:54
Seveascryptom, the primary goal was to get rid of all horrible race conditions in init05:54
maro(instead of bash)05:54
Seveasthe goal now seems to be "to take over the world"05:54
maroSeveas: no scm action in the past 2 weeks though, seems to have stalled :)05:55
Seveasmaro, LOL05:55
Seveasthey've been very busy designing th beast05:55
Seveaslots of goodness is coming up05:55
cryptomSeveas, ok, thanks for the clarification05:59
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psiboxhow can i turn on some kind of debug info for upstart ?06:21
psiboxis there anything in place ?06:21
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Keybukpsibox: boot with --debug as a kernel option06:36
psiboxthanks, will try that.06:37
psiboxafter boot i'm missing NFS filesystems in /etc/mtab. /proc/mounts is ok, fs is mounted, but /etc/mtab ist wrong.06:38
Keybukoh, that's just a usual ubuntu bug07:23
psiboxwell, that's pretty bad.07:27
psiboxis there a fix ?07:27
psiboxwhat's causing this ?07:27
maroKeybuk: busybox claims /etc/mtab is obsolete and should be a symlink to /proc/mounts on "modern distros" - do you know why that isn't the case on ubuntu?07:47
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psiboxmaro: interesting. i read somewhere (can't find it right now) that linking /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts was a bad idea. unfortunately the poster didn't explain why07:54
Seveasthat would make /etc/mtab unusable before /proc is mounted. Not sure if that matters though08:05
Keybukthere are mount options in /etc/mtab that do not appear in /proc/mounts08:06
psiboxlike 'noquota'. this breaks (kind of) quota.08:30
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obenbohnehi Seveas!08:39
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obenbohnehi Seveas10:41
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Keybukwasabi: around?12:14
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