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paolob-parroquiaHi guys!01:54
paolob-parroquiaIs there a way in edgy to modify globally the gnome menu? I mean, in a way that affects all users. With smeg it was "sudo smeg --root"01:55
LaserJockwell, what kind of thing do you want to do?01:57
paolob-parroquiaLaserJock, I want to modify in a snapshot all the students menus02:06
LaserJockso absolutely everybody on the computer02:07
paolob-parroquiaLaserJock, basically I want to remove from all my students' menus (I have about 600 students-users) some item which I don't want they can access it02:08
paolob-parroquiaLaserJock, with "sudo smeg --root" it was possible02:09
paolob-parroquiabut unfortunatly smeg doesn't exist any more...02:09
LaserJockyeah, smeg was turned into alacarte02:09
LaserJockbut unfortunately it can't edit the root menus02:09
LaserJockwell, I can see 3 ways of dealing with this02:10
LaserJock1) use sabayon to give your students a profile that has that menu item removed02:11
LaserJock2) manually edit the root menu02:11
LaserJock3) use edubuntu-menus and modify say edubuntu-basic02:11
LaserJockI'm honestly not sure which would be best02:12
paolob-parroquiaLaserJock, would you say that if I edit the menu of the root user all the users' menu are changed?02:14
LaserJockwell, it's not the root user02:14
LaserJockthere is a place /etc/xdg/ wher all the users get their menus02:14
paolob-parroquiaLaserJock, and how do I use edubuntu-menus?02:15
LaserJockwell, you install the edubuntu-menus package02:15
paolob-parroquiaand then?02:15
LaserJockand then add users to one of the groups (like say edubuntu-basic)02:15
LaserJockthen the users get their menus from /usr/share/edubuntu-menus/02:16
LaserJockif you wanted some to have the item and some not I'd go with that approach (or sabayon perhaps)02:17
paolob-parroquiaLaserJock, ok, thank you!02:17
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AmaranthXDG_CONFIG_HOME=/etc/xdg XDG_DATA_HOME=/usr/share sudo alacarte02:58
AmaranthLaserJock: root menu editing02:58
LaserJockalthough I'd sure wan to have backups ;-)02:59
Amaranthi would for sudo smeg --root too02:59
Amaranththey work the same way :P02:59
LaserJockyeah, I should have thought of that03:01
LaserJockbut the person left so fast03:01
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joejaxxhey everyone03:46
joejaxxLaserJock: trying out edubuntu server ins few moment04:08
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joejaxxLaserJock: ?06:01
joejaxxor anyone else awake?06:01
joejaxxi just setup a edubuntu server but it is giving me some problem06:02
joejaxxi have on interface setup to receive internet06:02
joejaxxanother one static06:02
joejaxxi tried restarting dhcpd but it is not working06:02
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joejaxxnevermind i think i got it06:04
LaserJockjoejaxx: I'm probably the last person you want to ask06:05
LaserJockI've never set up an LTSP server06:05
joejaxxoh ok06:05
joejaxxedubuntu server thinkclient environment in vmware06:06
joejaxxit works06:06
=== joejaxx dances
joejaxxthis is great06:07
joejaxxthis is great06:08
joejaxxi have the server in one window06:09
joejaxxand the thinclient in another06:09
=== joejaxx wonders how the actual environment is going to be
LaserJocknow throw another computer on the network06:10
joejaxxoh uh06:10
joejaxxit stops06:11
joejaxxthe progress bar is in the middle of the second to last section on the progress bar06:11
=== joejaxx boots up another thinclient
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kihaiHi! Don't know if my question is in the right place here. I'm using LTSP 5.0 (Edubuntu Edgy) and having troubles when users log off from their ltsp session. Sometimes gdm crashes and the client has to be rebooted. Is there a solution to this?12:34
ogragdm ? did you tweak the setup ? usually there runs ldm on the clients ...12:35
kihaiAhem, I meant ldm....12:35
ograah, k12:35
ograi havent seen that problem yet (and neither heard about)12:36
ogracould you file a bug against the ltsp package12:36
ogragetting ldm.log from the client would be helpful ...12:39
kihaiOK, I'll try12:39
kihai...can't find ldm.log in /op/ltsp/i386/var/log/ 12:40
Kamping_Kaiserit will be on the client itself i suspect12:41
Kamping_Kaiserogra, would it be posible to backport edgy LTSP (local devices specifically) to dapper? i asked before edgy, but you were kinda busy to answer :)12:41
kihaiI chrooted to /op/ltsp/i386 and looked in the /etc folder of the client, but there's no ldm.log12:43
ograKamping_Kaiser, it will be complicated, still looking into it, ltspfs is in universe in dapper and in main in edgy until i find sa proper solution thats the showstopper ...12:47
ograkihai, sudo /opt/ltsp/i386 passwd <- set a root pw on the client ....12:47
Kamping_Kaiserogra, thanks for the info.12:47
ograkihai, on the client ctrl-alt-f1 and log in as root12:47
ograthen scp /var/log/ldm.log user@server /tmp/12:48
ogranote that the ldm.log only helps from a crshed session ...12:51
kihaiI can't log in directly from a crashed client, because when it's crashed, it's crashed --- only Alt+Print+S/U/B works. Not even Ctrl+Alt+Backspace works...12:55
ograand it crashes even the user logged out properly ? 12:56
kihaiThe crash either shows a white screen or the empty desktop background. You cannot move the mouse or do anything else except Alt+Print+S/U/B12:56
kihaiYes, sometimes logging out works without probs and sometimes ldm crashes. Approximately every third logout fails. It's not sooo big a problem, because I then just reboot the client, but it's definately not nice...12:57
ograno it isnt and needs to be fixed ... but i need more data about it unless i can reproduce it myself ...12:58
kihaiI'll try to get on a client after it has crashed. brb01:06
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kihaiI found some errors in /var/log/X11.6.log on the client. ldm.log was empty. Just a second, I'll paste it in pastebin...01:21
ograbetter attach it to  bug01:22
ogra*to a01:22
kihaiHmm, here is the output of Xorg.6.log from one crashed client: http://pastebin.com/82878001:23
ogralooks fine01:25
ograldm.log was empty even someone logged in successfully ? that cant be....01:26
kihaiI'm not sure if so logged in successfully before. This was the only client that let me use Ctrl+Alt+F101:32
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ograwell, i need the ldm.log after a crash ... which indicates that you once logged in successfully since you say it happens after a number of logouts ...01:35
ograldm does only write errors or the login procedure to ldm.log .... 01:35
ograif you never logged in and there are no errors the files is indeed empty01:36
kihaiOK, I see. I'll keep an eye open and will try to find a client which let's me copy the ldm.log. So long....01:36
ograyou could install sshd in the client environment, so you can log in remotely to it and pull the log this way01:39
kihaihmm, will give it a try - after lunch ! :)01:41
kihaiAhem, you meant to install openssh-server, didn't you?01:42
ogra(it brings the binary sshd, sorry for the confusion)01:43
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kihaiHm, I get a file not found error when trying to install from the client: Err file: edgy/main openssh-server 1:4.3p2-5ubuntu101:51
kihai  File not found01:51
ograapt-get update first ?01:51
kihaiNope. Did Update first, but the same error ocurs...01:52
ograbut your server is online and you can ping the world if you are not in the chroot ?01:52
ograand from the chroot ? can you ping there ?01:54
jsgmobileogra: hey how are you doing? Man i miss being online with a working PC01:56
kihaiOK, my sources.list on the clients only contains the cdrom entry. Can I just add the official ubuntu entries?01:56
ograjsgmobile, trying to stay awake (1pm here) and fighting my jetlag ... i returned yesterday afternoon ...01:56
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ograkihai, just cp the sources.list fro the server into the chroot01:57
jsgmobileHaha good to know ogra02:00
kihaiInstallation of openssh-server didn't work. It gave me some errors: A package failed to install..02:00
ograon edgy ? hmm, that should work right away 02:01
kihaiIt works on the server. openssh-server is installed there.02:02
ograindeed, else ltsp wouldnt work :)02:05
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sbalneavMorning all04:19
highvoltagemorning scott04:32
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sbalneavHey highvoltage04:32
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blueonyx hi04:32
highvoltagehi blueonyx 04:33
blueonyxis there any tools like rc.d-update on edubuntu?04:33
sbalneavUmm, update-rc.d?04:34
edubuntugirlsbalneav: by the way, mario_ told me to tell you 'I'm very sad that we didn't got the ltsp burning bits session, but oh well, stuff happens. On the other note, -multi now works under -tao in libburn.' 8 days, 16 hours, 37 minutes and 8 seconds ago (on Sun Nov 12 00:56:54 2006)04:34
blueonyxah thx ;D04:34
sbalneavIt's the same as in debian.04:34
blueonyxlocate pxe04:35
blueonyxsbalneav: mistake in my mind ;)04:35
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blueonyxis there any way to see whats behind the boot splash (of a client)05:34
stgraberDid you try pressing ESC or F2 ?05:35
blueonyxalready fixed ;)05:41
blueonyxthere was a kernel panic, thats why it did not respond05:41
stgraberok :)05:42
blueonyxhow does the thin client gets its kernel modules?05:42
stgraberthey are in the initrd I think05:43
blueonyxit loads the kernel, but then halts because there is no net device05:43
blueonyxits a very old card isa i think05:44
blueonyxcan it load this?05:44
blueonyxand of course detect it right before ;)05:44
ograremove the word splash from /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default05:44
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blueonyxthx ogra i found it already05:46
stgrabercan you get the ID of your network card, to check that the required module is included ?05:46
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stgraberogra: Do you know if the Ubuntu kernel still detects ISA cards ?05:47
blueonyxi dont know what you mean, but the kernel panic is because init exits, then it cannot find a file called /tmp/net-eth0.conf : /05:47
ograi think so, yes, but it cant configure them if they are not PNP ones ...05:47
ograblueonyx, sounds like stgraber is right, thats either a missing network card module or a bug in udev 05:48
blueonyxhow do proof that the module is missing?05:49
blueonyx*how to05:49
blueonyxdoes it load the required modules from the server,too?05:49
ograit loads whats in the initramfs ... 05:50
stgraberAs soon as the Linux boots, both kernel and initrd should have been downloaded from the server05:50
blueonyxthe tftp client only loads the vmlinuz and an pxelinux config file i think05:50
ograwhich should be all possible network modules an ubuntu kernel has05:51
ograthe client recieves the PXE info first through the PXE protocol ... then the vmlinuz (kernel) and the initrd.gz (initramfs) files via tftp ...05:52
sbalneavogra! Back in .de?05:57
ograwith a fresh cold and heavy jetlag05:58
sbalneavUgh.  Bummer.  When do you head out for Poland?05:58
sbalneavAh, so a bit of time to recover then.05:59
sbalneavWhere do we want to start development wise?  I'll set up a feisty box at home, what would you like me to start in on?06:00
ogranot really ... i have to care for my lost wallet ... apparently the train i was booked for from berlin to lodz was cancelled 06:01
blueonyxseems the network card cannot be loaded correctly06:01
ogratook me the whole morning to rebook me to a flight ...06:01
blueonyxohhh pnp was disabled06:10
blueonyxnow isapnp detects the card but the same kernel panic  : /06:10
blueonyxipconfig says no device found06:12
blueonyxwhat is ipconfig? is there a difference to ifconfig?06:12
sbalneavSorry, I'm coming in late.  What card are you trying to detect?06:13
blueonyxogra, bddebian, sbalneav any thoughts? please : ((06:13
sbalneavThat's the only card you've got?06:14
blueonyxnearly ; )06:14
sbalneavMan, it's been so long since I've dealt with an ISA card.  So, the kernel's not detecting it?06:14
blueonyxisapnp detects it but the needed module seems not to be loaded06:15
sbalneavDoes it use jumpers, or the software setup06:15
blueonyxi enabled pnp via software06:15
sbalneavWhat happens if you try a sudo modprobe 3c50906:16
blueonyxugh i have no terminal06:17
blueonyxbecause of the missing module, there is no netmount06:17
sbalneavWhat do you mean you have no terminal?06:17
blueonyxi am on the thinclient06:17
sbalneavOh, this is on a thin client.06:18
blueonyxthe tip with another ethernet card do not work on all of these machines here06:18
blueonyxmost of them have no pci slots ;)06:18
sbalneavI'd use the dos software to set the card manually.  If I remember correctly, the linux kernel will autodetect it if it sits at io address 0x320, and IRQ 506:19
blueonyx am  here in goog old germany with a little zoo, amazed that these machines even work with electronc power ; )06:19
sbalneavDo these machines have an isa video card?06:20
sbalneavWhat kind of processor?06:20
blueonyxmy test machine has pci06:20
blueonyxpentium mmx06:20
blueonyxand a s3 pci card06:20
sbalneavI thought you said they don't have pci?06:21
blueonyxnot on all machines06:21
blueonyxthis is an exception06:22
sbalneavI'll ask again: are some of the machines you want to get working have an ISA video card?06:22
blueonyxcould be06:22
blueonyxis this that important?06:22
sbalneavI would suggest that anything that doesn't have PCI bus won't make a good terminal.06:23
sbalneavIn #ltsp, we tell people that ISA video cards don't have enough bus bandwidth to make reasonable terminals.06:23
sbalneavAt any rate, use the DOS disk that comes with the card, and try setting the card to 0x320, and IRWQ 506:24
blueonyxit worked with an simple xserver06:24
sbalneavRight, but you probably weren't using the net at the same time, were you?06:24
blueonyxi will try this06:24
sbalneavRemember: as a terminal, you're going to be CONSTANTLY using the network AND the video card.06:25
blueonyxthe xserver ran on another machine06:25
sbalneavThe ISA bus simply doesn't have sufficient bandwidth to do this well.06:25
blueonyxas xserver for all machines of this zoo06:25
sbalneavWhat app are you planning on running? An text terminal, or a browser?06:26
blueonyxi have a closer look at the mchines06:27
blueonyxi am sorry there are pci cards and pci video cards but thats not my problem : (06:28
blueonyx< sbalneav> I'd use the dos software to set the card manually.  If I remember correctly, the linux kernel will autodetect it if it sits at io address 0x320, and IRQ 506:29
blueonyxwhat do you mean by "the kernel"?06:29
sbalneavThe kernel06:29
sbalneavThe Linux kernel06:29
blueonyxthere is a message from isapnp which says that the card is found06:29
blueonyxwhile booting06:29
sbalneav"Found" and "Working" are two different things :)06:30
blueonyxthank you for your time i got to go home : (06:31
blueonyxsee you tomorrow?06:31
sbalneavHow many machines are you talking about here, that you want to set up?  For the amount of time you're going to spend on this, why not jus buy....06:31
sbalneavsome pci network cards.06:31
blueonyxatm there are 8 machines06:31
sbalneavThey're cheap, you can get Ether express pro 100's for like 30 bucks, why not save yourself hours of aggro.06:31
sbalneavso, 30x8 = 240bucks.  that's cheap.06:32
blueonyxbut as i told you i am from germany and here is no money, even not for some pci network cards ; )06:32
sbalneavNo money in germany?06:32
sbalneavIt's a G8 industrialized nation.06:32
blueonyxno money for education06:32
blueonyxsee you tomorrow bye06:33
sbalneavSo, at a zoo, you can't scrape up $240 bucks?06:33
sbalneavI wonder if they feed the animals. :)06:33
stgraberimo, buying 8 network cards isn't a problem if we consider the time you will need to make it work otherwise06:33
sbalneavWell, that's my point.06:34
sbalneavI mean, if it's some homeless shelter in venezuela, I could see the problem.06:34
sbalneavThis is a ZOO in GERMANY06:34
stgraberhere, network cards (rtl8139) are at around : 6euro if we order more than 1006:35
stgraberso, that's not really a problem I think :)06:35
sbalneavDo those come with pxe?06:35
stgraberno, but we had some useless harddisk06:35
stgraberand just put etherboot on them06:35
sbalneavYeah, or a boot floppy.06:35
stgraberboot floppy isn't a good idea in school :)06:35
sbalneavSure, just unbolt the floppy from the front of the machine, and mount it internally in the hard drive bay :)06:36
stgraberand I really doubt that this 3com card do something more than 10Mb/s which can be a little be short sometime06:36
stgraberyes, great idea :)06:37
sbalneavYeah, the 509's only 10 megs06:37
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squid0can someone please tell me about edubuntu's internet filter? is there such a thing?07:06
stgraberVmWare rocks, I made a virtual server+3client network, with the server connected to the internet and everything07:06
stgraberand it's really fast !!! (compared with qemu+kqemu)07:07
sbalneavsquid0: What is it you'd like to know?07:07
sbalneavI think you can use Synaptic to add the package dansguardian07:08
sbalneavFrom the package:07:09
sbalneavDansGuardian is designed to be completely flexible and allows you to tailor the07:09
sbalneav filtering to your exact needs. It can be as draconian or as unobstructive as07:09
sbalneav you want. The default settings are geared towards what a primay school might07:09
sbalneav want but DansGuardian puts you in control of what you want to block. 07:09
squid0sbalneav: i've tried to use dansguardian before, but it's a bit complicated; i think you have to set up a proxy server as well, etc. etc. i just thought if there was a specific one in edubuntu, i'd like to use it... I use kubuntu, but i'd like to see what edubuntu has to offer in this area07:09
sbalneavDan's Guardian is what the standard one is, yes.  And you're right, you need to set up a proxy.07:10
squid0ok then07:10
squid0i'll google it... not up to a night of tinkering... i;d like something easy :)07:11
sbalneavContent filtering's a complex topic.  No easy answers there.07:12
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cbx33evenin all07:23
=== willvdl_ [n=Will@vc-196-207-41-254.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hi willvdl 07:23
Burgworkcbx33: you did the scp stuff last round, no?07:24
cbx33yes i ded07:24
Burgworkmind if we totally redesign the UI this time?07:24
cbx33it was ogra's UI07:26
cbx33as long as he's ok with it07:26
cbx33I am07:26
cbx33I only added a few thing07:26
Burgworkit is ok, just needs some tweaking07:26
cbx33but it needs to change anyway if we're going to have the VNC thumbnails07:26
=== willvdl_ [n=Will@vc-196-207-41-254.3g.vodacom.co.za] has left #edubuntu ["No]
BurgworkI think the adding of vnc thumbnails requires some thinking07:26
cbx33I agree07:27
cbx33but then again I don;t know who is working on it this time round?07:27
Burgworkno idea07:27
=== whiprush is now known as wiirush
cbx33ogra didn't have time last release so I stepped in to do it all07:27
Burgworkwiirush: you @#$@#@$07:27
=== wiirush is now known as wiiprush
Burgworkwiiprush: no, it is that you have a wii and I don't07:28
stgraberThe other question is do we really use VNC for the thumbnails, that means having a VNC connection to all the clients, that also means a lot of bandwidth07:28
cbx33Burgwork, I presume we'll have a developers meeting sometime soon at least, if I'm working on it, I'll call for one07:28
cbx33stgraber, well, not really07:28
cbx33seeing as all the clients are on that server anyway07:29
Burgworkwe also need to make the backend deal with fat clients, thin clients and multiseat07:29
cbx33Burgwork, that will require a lot more work07:29
cbx33and I don;t know if it's in the spec07:29
Burgworkno, but it needs to be a long term goal07:29
Burgworkmaybe require telepathy?07:29
cbx33not sure07:30
Burgworkjust an interesting idea07:30
stgraberJust a stupid question, how can I force a LTSP client to run using 800x600 instead of 1024x768 ? I tried with X_MODE_0 in lts.conf and by changing in xorg.conf, but I still have this too big 1024x768 resolution ...07:34
sbalneavstgraber: You'll have to set the X_HORZSYNC and X_VERTREFRESH low enough08:01
sbalneavUnfortunately, X currently doesn't allow for preseeding the X_MODE lines, we'll get that fixed for next version.08:01
stgraberok, thanks08:02
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LukefHi all08:07
Lukefanyone available to help a teacher run through an Edubuntu install??08:07
stgraberI can help08:08
Lukefhanks stgraber08:08
LukefI pop the live install CD in (which works on other machines) on an random IMB thinkpad08:09
LukefI can get to the inital install screen, but then get two errors 08:09
Lukefim rebooting now so I can type in the errors I get :P08:09
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #edubuntu
Lukefshould i start normal.. or in safe graphics mode?08:10
stgraberwhen did you get those errors ?08:10
stgraberduring the boot of the livecd or in the installer itself ?08:11
LukefI'm at the main install screen now.. where it gives me options to install08:11
Lukefduring the Boot of the Livecd08:11
stgraberyou can try the safe graphics mode, but I doubt it's a graphic problem08:12
Lukefim booting into safe graphics mode now08:12
Lukefthe kernel runs.. and i get the initial "loading" screen for edubuntu08:12
Lukefit is off of the "loading" screen and is black now08:14
Lukefbut i hear the CD working08:14
stgraberok, so it's probably trying to launch the X server08:14
Lukefits checking file systems now08:15
Lukefand activating swap08:15
=== Lukeff [i=keefejoh@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/session] has joined #edubuntu
Lukeffsorry Stgraber.. i got booted08:16
Lukeffthe first error just popped up .. GDM Could not write a new authorization entry to disk. Possibly out of diskspace. Error: No space left on Device.08:16
Lukeffshould i hit OK to get past this error?08:17
stgraberusually the "disk" with a livecd is the ram, how much ram do you have ?08:18
Lukeffits an older laptop.. but still fairly decent08:19
stgraber256 should be enough08:19
stgraberI only had some problem with 128MB08:19
Lukeffhrmm.. weird08:19
stgraberok, and what's the next error ?08:21
LukeffNext error is "Could not start the X server due to some internal error. Please contact your sys admin or check your syslog to diagnose. In the meantime this display will be disabled. Please restart GDM when the problem is corrected.08:22
stgraberok, so both seems to be related08:22
stgraberdo you have a login prompt ?08:22
=== LukeF [i=keefejoh@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-449506cf2f7ea2a3] has joined #edubuntu
LukeFugh.. keep getting booted 08:22
LukeFshould I ALT CRTL F1?08:23
stgraberyes please08:23
LukeFim in cmd line08:23
stgraberok, so do :08:24
stgraberdf -h08:24
stgraberfirst is the info about your current ram usage08:24
stgrabersecond is about the harddisk (and ramdisk as well)08:24
LukeFoh wait.. I only have 128 megs :P 08:24
stgraberand how much free memory ?08:25
stgraberthe free column and -/+ row08:26
LukeFI have a measly 2412 free08:26
LukeF123052 used08:26
stgraberhmm, really not enough for a X server I guess :)08:26
LukeFugh :P 08:26
LukeFis there still a way to install ?08:26
stgraberyes, but not with the livecd08:26
LukeFi really want kids to get their hands on a new machine08:26
stgraberyou have to download the install cd08:26
LukeFcan i run the install from the live CD?08:27
stgraberthat's a different cd08:27
LukeFso download the install CD08:27
LukeFand try it from there?08:27
stgraberyes, just take care to choose the Workstation install08:28
stgrabernot the "Install to disk" one08:28
stgraberInstall to disk is to install a server08:28
LukeFwhy the workstation install?08:28
LukeFahh.. 08:28
LukeFthank you 08:28
stgraberWorkstation is to have the same install as the live-cd08:28
stgraberno problem08:28
LukeFthanks so much!!08:28
stgraberfor the Edgy x86 install cd08:29
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #edubuntu
LukeFthanks much stgraber.. ill try it again tomorrow08:30
=== littlepaul [n=littlepa@ip185.45.1411B-CUD12K-02.ish.de] has joined #edubuntu
littlepaulhi, where can I read some (advanced) technical documentation about the LTSP-5 infrastructure?; I didn't found something on wiki.ltsp.org08:37
sbalneavheh, don't think we have much doco yet, other than the source :)08:38
=== blue-frog [n=bluefrog@] has joined #edubuntu
Burgworksbalneav: ^08:54
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=== jamey [n=jamey@82-37-130-185.cable.ubr01.telf.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
jameyHi I'm interested to know how suited Edubuntu would be in a UK college environment, the students are aged between 16 and 20. A few major components look like they wouldn't be necessary, is there anything that would make it ideal for such a situation?09:29
LaserJockwell, having an out of the box LTSP solution is nice09:30
jameyoh, yes good point... there aren't many other distros that do this then I gather?09:30
cbx33jamey, oooh where abouts in the UK are you?09:30
jameycbx33, shropshire09:31
=== cbx33 is in hampshire.
stelisjamey: Which College?09:31
LaserJockyou Brits and your shires :p09:31
stelis(I'm in Mid-Wales)09:31
jameyits new college, in telford09:32
LaserJockjamey: the default educational apps aren't really suited to college, but that'll mostly be the case anywhere09:32
LaserJockLTSP would be the reason to use Edubuntu in a college, IMO09:32
jameyLaserJock, I thought so... but there are a few apps I've noticed that would be of use09:32
jameyLaserJock, yeah I thought so, plus just the name and its overall slickness09:33
LaserJockI'm trying to get my Department to switch to an Edubuntu LTSP lab09:33
LaserJockyes, it's still got all the Ubuntu features09:33
jameyLaserJock, I'm trying to convince mine that it's worthwhile not to spend thousands on licenses and instead spend it on the hardware (or just stop spending altogether!)09:33
LaserJockall the same repositories09:33
jameythought so09:33
jameyeven the fact that the mathematics department use Autograph, which is quite expensive I gather, and there is a KDE-type app included in Edubuntu09:34
cbx33jamey, it's very difficult in the UK to convince people to use open source09:34
cbx33grr....I wish we had been able to go to BETT09:34
jameycbx33, grrr i've felt that for a long time!09:35
jameydoes it do a lot of open source stuff at its show?09:35
LaserJockjamey: the next release of Edubuntu in April should have better college age support out of the box09:35
steliscbx33: I'd say that OSS on the desktop is hard to sell09:35
jameyLaserJock, brilliant... what version and can I see development docs or something?09:35
cbx33stelis, it's not just that09:35
stelisMoodle etc. on the server is all over09:35
cbx33jamey, that will be feisty09:35
jameycbx33, wow so soon!09:36
jameyI saw this company and thought they had the right ideas: http://www.siriusit.co.uk/09:36
cbx33ah yes09:36
cbx33I've sopken to them 09:36
jameycbx33, cool did they have anything to say about it?09:36
cbx33well.....not really ;)09:36
cbx33I phoned them to ask if I could interview them for YouthLUG radio09:37
cbx33got any young linux users at the college?09:37
LaserJockjamey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuOnTwoCDs will be a part of it09:38
jameycbx33, not really, I'm in the second year computing class (it's barely a dozen people) and just about every person has submitted to the MS plague09:38
jameyLaserJock, cool thanks... I noticed there is quite a bit of out-of-date stuff on the wiki :S09:38
jameycbx33, sorry I forgot... unless you count me!09:39
LaserJockjamey: can be, we use it for a variety of things, sometimes archival ;-)09:39
jameyLaserJock, ah right it's just the release notes referred to 5.10!09:39
LaserJockah, yes, I believe that might have been fixed09:40
LaserJockjust a minor typo ;-)09:40
=== RichEd [n=richard@] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockhi RichEd 09:41
LaserJockjamey: we're also trying to work to make sure the "theming" is suitable for college age too09:41
RichEdhi there ...09:41
LaserJockjamey: it's hard to produce one distro that suits preschool up to university09:42
RichEdjust connecting to get email ... will disappear in a sec09:42
jameyLaserJock, yes it definitely is09:42
jameyperhaps there could be a feature similar to the dynamic-menus suggestion where you can select the 'age range'?09:42
LaserJockjamey: yes, yes. I'm pretty eager to do that09:43
LaserJockjamey: I'm the person that did the dynamic menus09:43
LaserJockI'm also a uni student09:43
jameyLaserJock, cool :) where at?09:43
LaserJockUniversity of Nevada, Reno USA09:43
LaserJockPhD student in Physical Chemisty09:44
jameywoah fun :D09:44
jameyI want to help with the project somehow, not sure what to do really09:44
LaserJockjamey: well, if you hang out some09:44
LaserJockwe can certainly find things for you to do :-)09:44
jameyokay great :)09:45
jameystelis, where to start though?09:45
LaserJockI know I'll need testers for the dynamic menus stuff I'm working on09:45
jameyLaserJock, can I test it using the workstation install mode or does it have to be the standard server install?09:45
stelisThere's a Handbook under development, which needs a few sections completing09:45
LaserJockjamey: workstation is fine. in fact you could test it from regular Ubuntu09:46
LaserJockI've actually never done an LTSP server install yet09:46
jameyLaserJock, would I need to change sources.list at all09:46
LaserJockit's on my todo list09:46
jameywow lol09:46
LaserJockjamey: nope09:46
jameystelis, url?09:46
LaserJockI've always had stupid DHCP conflicts09:46
jameyLaserJock, I was afraid of that since even if I did a test I'm sure it would conflict with the router et al09:47
LaserJockI think for simply testing an LTSP server you can directly hook the client and server together09:48
LaserJockwe did that at the Paris dev summit09:48
jameygood point09:48
=== cbx33 just modofies the windows DHCP server to serve some ubuntu addresses and ltps paths
stelisjamey: It's available from Subversion - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Repository09:48
jameywow must've been quite a trip09:48
LaserJockjamey: yes it was, but well worth it :-)09:49
jameyLaserJock, I bet :) do you know whether the centralised network auth server will be in edubuntu fesity fawn?09:49
jameystelis, thanks I'll have to explore this09:49
LaserJockjamey: I believe that is the plan :-)09:50
cbx33that's will be good09:50
cbx33esp if we can get home mounting working09:50
stelisThe handbook is under edubuntu/handbook/C09:50
cbx33that is a must as far as I'm concerned09:50
jameystelis, thanks09:50
jameythen it will work just like 99% of UK schools09:50
jameyor colleges... the authentication and copying of home dir on Windows is so slow09:51
jamey(thank goodness for LTSP)09:51
cbx33I had it working almost with the home mounting09:51
cbx33it just wouldn't log in because it couldn't create a file in the home dir I think was the issue09:51
jameywhy would that be do you think?09:51
cbx33not sure.....I did investigate it all back then09:52
cbx33but tbh I have forgotten a lot now09:52
cbx33it may work?09:52
jameywell that's good then, who else is working on it?09:53
cbx33well I',m not !!09:53
LaserJockwell, Ubuntu has a new directory services team09:54
jameywhy else do you reckon FOSS is so hard to convince people in the UK to use?09:54
jameywhat's that then09:54
LaserJock"People interested in making network directory and authentication services (LDAP, DNS, Kerberos) play nicely with Ubuntu."09:54
=== paolob-parroquia [n=paolob-p@pri-214-b7.codetel.net.do] has joined #edubuntu
paolob-parroquiaHi guys!09:55
LaserJockjamey: we also have spec for Edubuntu network authentication client and server for Feisty09:55
jameyLaserJock, ah right yes.09:55
jameyLaserJock, I saw - that's why I asked whether ti would be in fesity09:56
LaserJockyep, that's the plan09:56
paolob-parroquiaI have a problem with the upgrade to edgy. apparently all was ok, but now all the user see an english keyboard, while before it was spanish. What can I do?09:56
juliuxpaolob-parroquia, you can set the keyboard option in the lts.conf09:56
paolob-parroquiajuliux, let me see09:57
juliuxXKBLAYOUT = 09:57
juliuxand then your keycode for spain09:58
jameycbx33, i've checked out the docs, i'm in /edubuntu now... what's to do? sorry, i'm a bit of a newbie at this.09:59
stelis"make hb"10:00
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
stelisEmpty sections are marked "for adoption"10:01
stelisI've just finished a draft for the look and feel section10:02
paolob-parroquiajuliux, after changing it should I restart dhcp or something else?10:02
stelisAbout thirty seconds ago10:02
jameystelis, you've lost me... how can I check what's marked for adoption and so on?10:02
stelisEither generate the HTML version with the "make hb", or just "grep -i adoption *.xml"10:03
jameylooks like I'll have to install build-tools then?10:05
stelisYes, you need "make" plus the DocBook packages.10:05
juliuxpaolob-parroquia, only reboot the clients10:06
stelisIf you are new then you could write up the text and somebody else might add the DocBook markup for you.10:06
littlepauljamey, #10:06
littlepauldocbook-defguide 10:06
jameylittlepaul, thanks!10:07
jameystelis, "make hb" does nothing?10:09
=== `4aFkA` [n=teo@] has joined #edubuntu
jameystelis, sorry :$ wrong dir10:09
jameystelis, is it wise for me to start with something blank like the "About the Edubuntu Handbook" section?10:10
stelisSure, you might find it easier.10:11
jameystelis, I'm out on a limb here though... what shall I put :D10:12
littlepaulLaserJock, where is the thing with the dynamic profiles documented? I would like to read more about this10:13
jameylittlepaul, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuDynamicMenus?highlight=%28CategorySpec%2910:13
jameysorry, dirty URL10:13
LaserJockyeah, I don't have really any good docs yet10:13
LaserJockthat'll be one thing I'll be working on10:13
littlepaulok, thx10:14
LaserJockI managed an initial implementation in Edgy10:14
LaserJockthat's in the Universe repo10:14
stelisjamey: That's probably the least specific section :)10:14
jameystelis, good point :) i'll give it a go though, I'm a bit nervous about getting things "right"10:15
stelisjamey: Do you have a working copy of Edubuntu?10:15
jameystelis, no but I did have on another HDD last week. I might install it again10:16
stelisI've just had a look at the remaining sections, and "installtypes" is probably fairly easy to do as you install Edubuntu10:17
jameystelis, ok thanks I'll see what I can come up with10:19
stelisjamey: I'm just a random contributor. If you ask on this channel or #ubuntu-doc there are usually helpful people around.10:20
jameystelis, okay sure. thanks for your help, it's appreciated10:22
=== stewski [n=stewart@223.220.adsl.brightview.com] has joined #edubuntu
stewskihi richEd mc44 suggested this may be of use to you.11:46
LaserJockstewski: RichEd isn't around unfortunately11:47
stewskiits a detailed account of an attempted roll out of linux in Birmingham city council - uk11:47
stewskinot directly Ubuntu related as they went with Suse but there maybe some useful lessons?11:48
stewskiNo problem laserjock perhaps he'll catch it on scroll back?11:48
LaserJockperhaps, I  can send it to the edubuntu-devel ML too11:49
stewskiexcellent - its being unfairly reported as a flop but there are some big positives and a lot of useful feedback11:50
Burgworkuse edubuntugirl11:51
Burgworkedubuntugirl: tell riched http://opensourceacademy.gov.uk/solutions/casestudies/birminham-city-council/file11:51
edubuntugirlRighto, Burgwork!11:51
LaserJockBurgwork: doh, good idea11:51
LaserJock edubuntugirl: tell RichEd http://opensourceacademy.gov.uk/solutions/casestudies/birminham-city-council/file11:51
edubuntugirlRighto, LaserJock!11:51
LaserJockI'm guessing it might matter which nick you tell her11:52
stewskidoes anyone know much about edubuntu/ubuntu in an application served environment like NX or citrix?11:52
stelisstewski: That's a bit specialized.11:59
stewskijust a long shot11:59
stelisIf you ask on a mailing list there are more potentially respondents11:59
stelisubuntu-education or edubuntu-users, maybe12:00
LaserJockstewski: how do you mean?12:00
LaserJockI use citrix clients on Ubuntu quite a bit12:00
stewskiexcellent, well I'm looking at server based computing for my 3rd year project12:01
stewskiI want to account for its impact in network design12:01
LaserJockmy uni has a few citrix servers set up12:02
LaserJockwe mostly use them for specific math/science programs12:02
LaserJockexpensive stuff where licensing cost become an issue12:02
stewskibut I also wanted to do a run down of 2X/NX/Citrix and TS/RDP12:02
=== Ubug2 [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #edubuntu
stewskiso I understand12:03
=== bimberi [n=dave@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.bimberi] has joined #edubuntu
stewskihttp://www.2x.com/applicationserver/ is supposed to be cheaper12:03
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #edubuntu
stewskiand sun's offering has got TS support these days12:03
stewskihow well does citrix work in your environment?12:04
LaserJockpretty good as long as the licenses work :-)12:04
=== Ubug2 is now known as Ubugtu
LaserJockI don't use it for a full on desktop12:05
stewskiare you switched 100mb lan?12:05
LaserJockI think so12:05
LaserJockit's a university in the US12:05
LaserJockwe have pretty decent connections12:05
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=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #edubuntu
=== joejaxx [i=jadaz87@ubuntu/member/joejaxx] has joined #edubuntu
stewskijust application serving?12:05
LaserJockstewski: I believe so12:06
LaserJockat least the servers I use12:06
stewskido you just have a MS application icon on a gnome desktop that launches a remote app seamlessly no problem?12:06
LaserJockI have an .ica file12:08
=== rodarvus_ [n=rodarvus@] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockthat launches the citrix client12:09
LaserJockthen I authenticate and it pops up12:09
LaserJockso it's pretty seamless, just have to login first12:09
stewskicheers laser helpful to know what people are using12:13

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