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klepasmoinmoin kwwii08:29
kwwiihowdy klepas08:30
elkbuntuhello kwwii :)08:35
kwwiihi elkbuntu :-)08:36
kwwiielkbuntu: make it home ok?08:36
elkbuntukwwii, yeah, i arrived home at the start of a cold snap... it was actually colder here than in SF, so my body promptly caught a cold :(08:36
kwwiiyeah, about the same thing happened to me...in addition to taking a few days till I could sleep at night08:38
kwwiiit's finally getting better now :-)08:38
elkbuntuhehe.. i had no problem with that. flus/colds are great for forced sleep08:38
elkbuntualthough, my bodyclock is now stuck in 'normal people' time, rather than geek time08:39
elkbuntuhow was allhands?08:42
kwwiiI am actually getting up early in the morning! it might last like a week or so08:42
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fschoepjust checking, I'll be back in a jiffy05:32
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troy_sPingunZ wb06:04
PingunZtroy_s, ty :)06:04
PingunZhow are you troy_s ?06:04
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troy_stheres frank too06:04
fschoepHi there PingunZ06:04
fschoeptroy_s: I hope I'm on time06:04
PingunZI'm back on ubuntu :)06:05
troy_syeah i just woke up06:05
fschoepPingunZ: nice, back for good ;) ?06:05
PingunZHope so06:05
PingunZI err .. used vista for a month ( the shaame )06:05
troy_svista is drm hell06:05
fschoepI see, did you like / dislike Vista?06:05
troy_sas osx is heading that way too.06:06
fschoepDoes anybody have even the foggiest idea of what is happening for Feisty?06:07
PingunZI liked vista, but then I started hating it, every day a little bit more06:07
PingunZfschoep, You still r the AiC ? :)06:08
troy_sit isn't important.06:08
fschoepPingunZ: I'm not06:08
troy_spretty funny thread on the sounds06:08
fschoepPingunZ: I was AiC for Edgy and that's it ;)06:08
troy_s"lets revert"06:08
troy_sit really is sad that all of the buntu's design has no plan06:08
fschoeptroy_s: indeed, couldn't be bothered by it06:09
troy_s(aside from perhaps edubuntu that has an implied 'education' motif)06:09
fschoepkwwii: you there?06:09
fschoepSince kwwii was at UDS MTV maybe he can enlighten us?06:09
troy_snot a chance06:11
troy_si have spoken to mark06:11
troy_sand know the larger picture.06:11
fschoepYou did? Elaborate06:11
troy_sthere isn't much06:11
troy_scliff will build the 'anchors' -- the elements targetted for edgy06:12
troy_sand the community will be welcome to attempt and duplicate the 'style' for other bits.06:12
fschoepAnd community will fill in the blanks06:12
troy_swhich is pretty funny, considering that dapper was all over the board.06:12
fschoepDo you know if there is going to be an AiC like person for Feisty eventually?06:12
troy_smy guess is ... i doubt it.06:13
troy_soh my god06:13
troy_sis that cliff in that stupid picture06:13
fschoepI don't think so06:13
troy_sit sure looks like him06:13
troy_sand it would explain where the rather banal photos come from06:14
fschoepWell, those Asian people tend to look the same more often than not (nofi) :)06:14
PingunZnice one fschoep :)06:15
fschoepPutting them side by side I can see similarities but I think they're different persons.06:15
troy_si don't have the spacejunkdesigns site handy06:15
troy_si just remember the hair.06:16
troy_si managed to get e17 to build06:17
troy_shave you seen it?06:17
fschoepYes, but a year ago06:17
troy_sthe default theme is rather overdone, but06:17
PingunZI like xfce and gnome that's it :)06:17
troy_sthe foundation that is there is way ahead of the times.06:17
troy_slittle details.06:18
fschoepIt's pretty amazing what rasterman (that's him, right) has done06:18
troy_swell the fact that none of it relies on gl is pretty important06:18
troy_suntil the cards pull their heads out of their collective asses and06:18
troy_sopen the docs up (possibly happening with the AMD aquisition)06:18
fschoepIndeed, and even without GL it works smooth06:18
troy_svery nice tweaks that would be very nice if undertoned06:19
PingunZHmm troy_s is there a way to get beryl + e17 ?06:19
troy_sanimated window borders, animated backgrounds (had that for quite a while of course), animated panels.06:19
troy_si suspect so06:19
troy_sbut the problem is that it is _two_ projects06:20
troy_sso don't expect anything more than a 'bad suit'06:20
troy_sa good jacket plus a good pants from two different wardrobes does not make for a good suit. ;)06:20
troy_sthat's assuming they are good too...06:20
troy_swhich we throw the benefit of a doubt to.06:20
fschoepAnd he's off06:21
fschoepWhich brings me to the point of meeting up - are there specific things you want to talk about?06:21
troy_snot exactly06:22
kwwiioops, missed frank07:43
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andreasnhi there troy_s10:22
troy_sare you working on the icon for seahorse?10:22
andreasnnot for the moment, gave it a try a couple of weeks back but got stuck :/10:23
troy_sis there an easy way to find out10:23
troy_swho is working on what?10:23
troy_sor what icons need addressing and what work has been contributed up to that point?10:23
andreasnto seahorse?10:23
troy_sno for tango10:24
andreasnwe have  a little list with applications that needs icons here http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Fridays10:24
troy_syes i saw that10:25
andreasnand if you see a application having a fuzzy icon or one that don't apply to the guidelines you can just fix it10:25
andreasnI'll upload my work on the seahorse icon in a moment10:26
troy_sthat would be nice10:27
=== andreasn adds the regular note to not view the buggers in ff, but in inkscape ;)
troy_show does the newer icon naming utility work?10:28
andreasnI'm not sure actually, I haven't used it in a while10:31
andreasncurrently using gnome-icon-te10:31
andreasntheme that came with edgy stable10:31
andreasnbetter try compiling it though, to spot missing stuff easier :)10:31
troy_sbasically it takes the standard naming scheme and maps the icons to it for viewing?10:32
troy_sam i correct in that?10:32
andreasnit creates links for old weird names to the new names10:33
troy_sso if i ran it, and had say, the tango cvs in a dir, i would be able to point it to that dir and it would map them accordingly?10:33
andreasnhm, I'm not sure, I haven't tried that10:33
andreasnany luck?10:47
troy_swhat is the name of the script10:51
troy_si can't seem to find it10:51
troy_si used the ubuntu repos10:51
andreasnicon-naming-utils I think10:52
troy_syes that's the repo name10:52
troy_sbut the script itself?10:52
andreasnhm, I always used to compile it10:52
andreasnfrom svn10:52
andreasnthat usually did the tricl10:52
troy_sicon-name-mapping ;)10:53
troy_snew svn of inkscape doesn't want to build10:55
andreasnmine neither10:55
andreasntrying to solve it in #inkscape10:56
troy_swhere is yours bombing out.10:56
andreasnwhat did you run into?10:56
troy_swaiting for pastebin.com10:57
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