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theCoreLaserJock, have committed any of my patches yet? 02:42
theCorehave you*02:42
LaserJocklet me go have a look02:42
LaserJockjust the one for the appendix?02:44
LaserJockor also the basic.xml one02:44
LaserJockoh my, I'm really behind02:45
theCoregot them?02:47
theCoreare they okay?03:11
LaserJockwell, I'm sick, tired, and overworked :-)03:12
theCoreno patches :p03:12
theCoreoh, well I sympathize with you03:13
theCoreI am buried by homework03:14
theCoreScience is easy 03:14
theCoreLaserJock, by the way, do you program able to find derivative of experimental data03:17
LaserJockdo I know of a program that will calculate the derivative of experimental data?03:18
LaserJockwell, you could use python03:19
LaserJockdo you need it analytically or numerically?03:19
theCoreI need to find the equivalence point of a acid-base titration03:20
theCoreI did it in Gnumeric, but it isn't super03:21
=== xopher [n=xopher@unaffiliated/xopher] has joined #ubuntu-doc
theCoreand then exporting everything to LaTeX after, won't be a lot of fun03:22
LaserJockhi xopher :-)03:22
xopherHi! I got this wiki-guide ready (how to build an up to date nvidia-glx for ubuntu) - now, how do I get it into the wiki? 03:23
LaserJockBurgundavia: you around?03:23
xopherAh, it was too easy. 03:28
theCorexopher, copy-and-paste? :)03:29
xopherheh, yeah ;)03:30
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xopherCould someone check if it looks even half-decent? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildYourOwnNvidiaGlx03:31
xopherIm open to suggestions, this is the first time Ive edited a wiki so ;)03:32
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xopherum, well you all seem to be asleep, as should I. Its almost 5am here. Good night all!03:42
BurgundaviaLaserJock: am now03:46
LaserJockBurgundavia: I wondered if you would know about xopher's question03:52
xopher..Which I eventually figured out, wasn't that hard, heh. I was looking for a 'send this out to the wiki'-button, obviously the answer was much simpler.03:54
LaserJockxopher: where did you put it?03:55
LaserJockhmm, I was thinking it might go on help.ubuntu.com/community/03:58
LaserJockbut I'm not sure03:58
theCorexopher, oh, you already correct my mistake ;)04:05
theCore*sigh* I'm too tired04:05
xopherAs am I. Now Ill hit the sack for real. Good night!04:06
theCoreLaserJock, so, how Python (or something else) to calculate the derivative of experimental data?04:13
theCorehow could I use*04:13
theCoreany ideas?04:13
LaserJocktheCore: well, I'm pretty sure you could use scipy04:13
theCoreyeah, I saw scipy, but I ain't sure if it would be better than Gnumeric  04:14
theCoreanyway, thanks again04:14
LaserJockwell, they are totally different04:16
theCoreLaserJock, by the way, does the patches were okay?04:16
LaserJockyeah, I'm committing them as we speak04:16
=== theCore svn up
theCoreokay, not yet04:17
=== theCore watch -n 10 svn up
LaserJockit's there04:18
theCoregot it04:18
theCorenow, I should do more04:19
Burgundaviaanybody got a dapper system up?04:22
LaserJockmine's not on04:26
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Server04:27
Burgundaviadoesn't help04:27
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Burgundavianeither of you04:27
LaserJockCorey hates us :/04:27
Burgundaviano, I love you all04:28
Burgundaviayou're just useless :)04:28
theCoreBurgundavia, I could bring one alive04:29
Burgundaviagot it04:29
theCorewhy you need a Dapper system?04:29
LaserJocktheCore: see #ubuntu-motu04:30
Burgundaviafor da book04:33
LaserJockworking on updates?04:33
Burgundaviapainful character counting04:34
theCoreBurgundavia, character counting?04:40
tonyyarussoI don't think I want to know04:41
Burgundaviabecause the book is not going back through the editing process, any changes need to remain within the existing formatting04:41
Burgundaviaso I have to count characters04:41
theCorewhat about wc?04:41
Burgundaviait is more a matter of thinking around the problem04:42
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Sounds like when I try to edit my "What is Ubuntu" handout04:42
Burgundavianah, this is worse04:42
theCoreis in DocBook or .doc?04:43
BurgundaviaI have no idea what it is actually laid out in04:44
BurgundaviaI am working of a printed copy04:44
Burgundaviaxopher: your howto is on the wrong wiki04:45
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nixternalhiya doc people05:24
LaserJockhiya nixternal 05:37
LaserJockI don't think he's in here :-)05:38
theCore<-- off for tonight05:41
LaserJockcya, thanks for the patches05:41
nixternalya, i seen the patches get applied...looked pretty signifigant...probably need to repring out my guide ;)05:42
LaserJockBurgundavia: so is this Linux Mint thing going anywhere?06:14
BurgundaviaLaserJock: no idea. I would expect it to die out06:14
LaserJockkinda interesting to see the spectrum from Linux Mint to gNewSense06:15
=== lloydinho [n=andreas@rosinante.egmont-kol.dk] has joined #ubuntu-doc
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: How is Linux Mint possible?06:20
Burgundaviaeither they are breaking the law or irish law is different06:20
BurgundaviaI suspec that former06:20
tonyyarussoThat was my thought too, but I wasn't sure if I was missing something06:21
Burgundaviasome of it depends on what they ship06:33
Burgundaviaif they are shipping w32codecs, that is an issue06:33
tonyyarussoWhat about if they were based in Sweden?  I think they have very few restrictions.06:38
Burgundaviaw32codecs is illegal is any country that has signed Berne06:44
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Burgundaviamdke_: you around yet?08:24
BurgundaviaMadpilot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomatixInstallationScript?highlight=%285.04%29 <-- thoughts?08:27
Madpilotthere's a EasyUbuntu page somewhere too08:27
Madpilotkill them both, redirect to WhyInstallScriptsSuck ;)08:28
Burgundaviacheck out automatix now08:34
Madpilotheh. you should redirect the old AutomatixInstallationScript page there, too08:35
LaserJockohhh, you're gonna make some people mad :-)08:40
BurgundaviaI wonder if I should ACL those pages08:40
LaserJockwell, it would be nice to have a point by point, this is what Automatix is trying to do, this is how to do it the right way08:41
BurgundaviaI added two, but I am not certain what else it does08:42
Madpilotbreak things?08:42
LaserJockwell, it used to install Opera and Realplayer08:42
Madpilotcause flamewars and sulking?08:43
Burgundaviaare we nuking catdoc from docs?08:43
LaserJockoh man, it installs beagle!08:44
LaserJockI gotta get it!08:44
Burgundaviait duplicates so much from add/remove it isn't funny08:44
LaserJockthat's what I want to get to people08:44
LaserJocknot only does it break things08:45
LaserJockit's obsolete08:45
crimsunit may be nice to put a link near the top of the page to instructions for creating and submitting Ubuntu specs08:47
Burgundaviawow, I love how much easier each version of Ubuntu becomes08:47
BurgundaviaI am nuking huges amounts of hoary only docs08:47
MadpilotBurgundavia, CatDoc stuff should be moved - or nuked, if it's obselete08:49
Burgundaviathere is lots on teh wiki that has not been touched for a good long time08:50
Burgundaviahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization/ <-- nuke and move  /6.06 into its place?08:53
mdkeBurgundavia: I am now around08:57
MadpilotBurgundavia, Gmail ad creepiness: when I just got an email from the wiki about your RestrictedFormats edit, the text ad at the top was for Userful...08:58
Burgundaviaforward it to me?08:58
Burgundaviamdke: I had something to ask you08:58
Burgundaviabut right now I am cleaning up the help wiki, via the sword08:58
mdkethat automatix stuff is just going to increase tensions between who is seen to be on the side of the "official" wiki community and the forum, elsewhere. I think you should clearly set out what automatix is, the problems behind it, and link to it for users that want to use it anyway, without using words like "highly dangerous"08:59
mdkeBurgundavia: what do you want to ask? I won't be around for long09:01
Burgundaviamdke: I have forgotten09:01
MadpilotBurgundavia, gmail just had "Turn 1 PC into 10 - www.Userful.com - Multiple users share a single computer simultaneously." as the ad09:01
BurgundaviaI will just delete teh automatix page then09:01
Burgundaviadon't have time or the inclintation to do it justice09:02
mdkethen revert it and ask someone else to09:03
mdkeyou can't just delete pages others have written, it's nasty09:03
mdkeinsert a warning at the top asking someone to document its issues09:04
mdkewho is good at that stuff? Seveas maybe09:04
Burgundaviahe would be good09:04
BurgundaviaSeveas: ping (ignore the one in -locoteams)09:05
Burgundaviawell, I have run riot this evening09:05
mdkeyou mentioned yesterday you saw some problems with the wiki09:07
mdkewhat were they?09:07
BurgundaviaI hate how mailman/firefox treat all the admindb logins as one page09:07
Burgundaviamostly neglect09:07
=== mdke nods
mdke(at both)09:08
Burgundaviagiven I admin 5 mailing lists, it gets annoying09:08
mdkeme too.09:08
mdkeif you have any ideas to help us get the wiki more self-maintaining, post to -doc and we'll see what we can do09:08
Burgundaviamostly it is more eyeballs09:08
Burgundaviawe need to draw the contributors in09:09
Burgundaviawhat is really annoying is that the -devel moderator password is autogenned crap09:10
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UbugtuNew bug: #72526 in ubuntu-docs "One letter is missing in a sentence" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7252610:51
tonyyserverLooks like some documentation is not right.10:53
tonyyserverNow to pull of the address10:53
tonyyserverThat doc seems to be in error - I see no such option in the installer.10:56
tonyyserverAnybody know anything about that?10:57
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Madpilottonyyserver, that might be in the text-only installer on the alternative CD?11:07
tonyyserverMadpilot: That's what I'm using.11:07
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tonyyserverThe option in the "use as" menu simply doesn't exist.11:10
Madpilotstrange. 11:11
tonyyserverThat would have been really cool too.11:12
tonyyserverWhat do we do from here?  File a bug in the installer?  Edit the documentation?  Stand around scratching our heads honking like the lost penguin in Santa Claus is Coming to Town?11:13
Madpilotstart by asking on the docteam ML, I guess, or on -devel. Odd that we've got a nice chunk of docs for something that doesn't seem to exist...11:14
tonyyserverSend to doc, CC devel perhaps?11:15
Madpilotcan't hurt11:16
tonyyserverWill do.  Not tonight though, since I have no e-mail client up and running now ;)11:17
xopherBurgundavia, is this correct: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BuildYourOwnNvidiaGlx01:36
xopherCould you quickly explain to me what the differences are between help.ubuntu.com and wiki.ubuntu.org ?01:39
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SeveasBurgundavia, pong06:16
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xopherBurgwork, are you here? if so could you answer my question please.07:36
Burgworkxopher: yep, but busy07:36
Burgworkjust a sec07:36
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Burgworkxopher: wiki is for teh community and developers07:42
Burgworkinternal Ubuntu communication07:42
Burgworkhelp is strictly for help07:42
Burgworkxopher: ^07:46
xopherRight, so it shouldnt be in help.ubuntu.com either then?07:50
xopher04:55 xopher https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildYourOwnNvidiaGlx | 05:45 Burgundavia xopher: your howto is on the wrong wiki07:51
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Burgworkxopher: yep07:53
xopherSo where should I put it?07:56
xopherIm a bit lost with all the wikis still ;)07:56
Burgworkit is a help document07:57
xopher14:36 xopher Burgundavia, is this correct: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BuildYourOwnNvidiaGlx <- so this is right now?07:58
xopherSorry for being such an idiot :D07:58
xopherAllright, I deleted it from wiki.ubuntu.com07:59
mdkexopher: yeah, that's right. thanks for the contribution. btw, did you check whether there is already some material on that subject on the help wiki?08:06
xopherI made a search and didnt find anything like it yeah08:06
mdkeI think there is probably already one or more page with similar material, you should incorporate your material into that, rather than adding a new one08:06
mdkeah, maybe there isn't then. You could make a link on the other nvidia related pages then08:07
mdkealso, can you include in the introduction some examples of when someone might want to use that procedure?08:08
xopherWell I made a search on nvidia and the closest match is BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia - which walks you through the installing process if the binary file.08:08
xopherIll do that yeah08:08
xophermdke, how do I link it to other nvidia related pages? Or do I just add links at the bottom of the page? 08:09
mdkesure, in the introduction or the bottom, whichever is appropriate08:12
xopherright, thanks for the input, and heh, support ;)08:14
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mdkeBurgwork: we could do a basic template to include in pages like that automatix one saying something like "Unsupported - this page may contain information which is not supported by the Ubuntu developers and may damage your system."08:43
Burgworkan idea, but I think we need to discourage it a bit more strongly than that08:43
mdkethat is pretty strong, tbh08:44
mdkeit would be sort of making a start on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpWikiQualityAssurance?action=show08:44
LaserJockyeah, this whole "how official is official?" kind of thing is tough08:47
mdkebbl again08:47
BurgworkLaserJock: the more people we bring into helping us, the better we are off08:48
LaserJockalso depends on the quality of the work the "more people" bring :-)08:49
Burgworkit boils down to this: canonical needs to hire a documentation maintainer08:51
Burgworksoembody who doesn't write a lot, mostly works with teh community08:52
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LaserJockBurgwork: sure, I'm just not sure if that's gonna happen08:57
Burgworkwe also need somebody willing and able to do it08:58
LaserJockI'm a little wary of "things aren't going so well, the solution is for Canonical to hire somebody"08:58
Burgworkit is the one area they currently have nobody08:58
LaserJockmaybe it's true, I just don't know08:58
LaserJockhmm, you would think documentation would be a good area too08:59
LaserJockas that is a first line of defense in support I suppose08:59
Burgworkthe person would need to work with support quite a lot09:01
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dsasI thought I read somewhere the Canonical support people were starting to write documentation "papers"09:19
LaserJockI would imagine they would09:20
dsasI can't remember where I read that mind.09:20
Burgworkjeff bailey was talking about a kb09:22
mdkeyeah, that's right09:41
mdkemaybe some non free material too09:41
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