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joejaxxajmitch: the reason i am asking is about my aforementioned statements about cell processing01:31
joejaxxi do not know if that is any area that ubuntu wants to go in01:32
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gnomefreaknot sure if this is known or not but lvm is having major issues on the 2.6.19 series kernels it seems12:34
fabbionegnomefreak: what kind of issues?12:36
fabbioneclearly being a bit more specific is totally optional...12:36
gnomefreakfabbione: from my understanding its not booting due to initramfs12:36
fabbionegnomefreak: it's not a kernel problem. I just uploaded a fix for lvm-common12:37
gnomefreakfabbione: ah ok12:37
fabbione lvm-common (1.5.20ubuntu8) feisty; urgency=low12:37
fabbione .12:37
fabbione   * Change local-top and hook prereq on mdadm and not md.12:37
fabbione   (Closes Ubuntu: #72387)12:37
fabbione .12:37
fabbione   * Bump Depends on mdadm to make sure mdadm is available.12:37
gnomefreakthat would be it ty12:37
fabbioneif you can't boot in the system, just add "break" without "" to the boot options12:39
fabbionethat will bring you to initramfs shell12:39
fabbioneread manually /init12:39
fabbioneand once you get to execute local-top stuff12:39
fabbionemake sure to run udev before mdadm12:40
fabbioneand then lvm12:40
fabbioneonce that's done12:40
gnomefreakthats before the update?12:40
fabbioneif you cannot boot into the system, you will need to recover somehow12:42
fabbioneand that's a way to do it12:42
gnomefreakok ill let them know ty12:43
fabbioneif they can't recover well.. they shouldn't be running feisty..12:45
gnomefreakthey shouldnt be running it anyway IMO12:45
siretartfabbione: how about a tag in malone for bugs which potentially break booting the system?12:46
fabbionesiretart: and what would that solve?12:49
fabbionepeople don't look at malone anyway before upgrading12:49
fabbionethey only cry afterwards12:50
siretartwell, I've been looking through a whole bunch of package bug pages for trying to find out what problem ajmitch is talking about12:50
siretarthe told something about his system wouldn't boot anymore because of some lvm+mdadm fuckage12:51
fabbionesiretart: and i told him that i was going to work on it as soon as i was back home with test equipment12:51
siretartin the end, I didn't find any bug report about his problem, so I refrained from upgrading my system to feisty12:51
fabbionesiretart: well it was non obvious breakage. there were more than one bug12:52
siretartthe problems I want to solve: reduction of duplicate bugs filed, better overview if it was 'currently' a good idea to wait with upgrading12:52
fabbioneand one is still to be sorted12:52
fabbionesiretart: the bug was filed in lvm-common where it did belong12:53
siretartwell, somehow I managed to overlook it12:53
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fabbionethere is also a bug in initramfs-tools prereq handling12:55
fabbionemdadm was still pointing to udev12:56
fabbionebut udev was not being executed at all before mdadm12:56
fabbioneand that was because of lvm prereq on md instead of mdadm12:56
fabbionethat was defenitily not obvious12:56
siretartdo you have bugnumbers where I can subscribe to?12:59
fabbionealready fixed12:59
siretart(you see why I think tags are a good idea?)12:59
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BenCkylem: ping02:15
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=== BenC wonders where his lacky is
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zulhey BenC 03:14
zulhow was the flight back?03:14
kylemBenC, morning.03:17
kylemBenC, (showering, to answer your question...)03:17
BenCzul: yo03:17
BenCkylem: you shower before work? :)03:18
BenCkylem: Feel like taking on the backlog of dapper/edgy update patches I have?03:19
BenCI'll mbox them and send them over...they should all apply to the {edgy,dapper}-updates.git tree's without problems03:20
kylemokie doke.03:20
BenCdo you know if your gpg key is ready for uploads?03:20
mjg59Kyle's certainly not in core-dev yet03:21
kylemBenC, i don't think i can upload, need to go through technical board or something first.03:21
mjg59kylem: I get to hold your career in my hands. Mwahahahahahahaha.03:21
kylemmjg59, cute. :P03:22
mjg59Now I have to go and move fruitflies between bottles.03:22
=== mjg59 departs
thompretty similar really03:22
BenCkylem: sent03:27
kylemBenC, k.03:27
Keybukthis reminds me03:45
Keybukwe still don't have a technical board03:45
mjg59Oh, yeah03:49
mjg59Wasn't that meant to be sorted by tomorrow?03:49
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gnomefreakno techboard?04:05
gnomefreakno CC either04:05
kylemBenC, have you reviewed all these as well, or should i take a look for inanity.04:36
BenCkylem: I haven't reviewed them at all, they've just been filling up my u-k mbox04:37
kylemi'll try to give them a once-over too.04:37
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zulheh users are already complaining about 2.6.1905:34
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fabbionezul: if they complain about mdadm and lvm point them to userland05:51
fabbionezul: i am working on fixing mdadm05:51
siretartfabbione++! :)05:55
fabbionesiretart: i won't fix it today tho. i need some time to understand why edgy -> feisty upgrade fails and it happens only at the first time. otherwise a retry will work05:57
=== fabbione needs a better test environment than my own ws for that
siretartfabbione: I won't upgrade my edgy system to feisty today anyway. I doubt I will find enough time for debugging this week06:00
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gnomefreaknice warning apt gives when you try to remove mdadm :)06:34
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zuli dislike doing sql09:49
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siouxi have a bad problem with usbdisk on my dell c600. the usbdisk is mouted ok but after a some the system freeze and the mouse too freeze the only thing that i can do is force a restart manually :-( who can help me?10:05
siouxI also have some errors in dkesg like cpufreq: change failed with new_state 0 and result 010:06
siouxmy distro is edgy but dapper was the same10:07
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BenCsioux: File a bug and attach dmesg output (file it against linux-source-2.6.17)10:11
siouxbenc how can i attach a dmesg10:13
BenCsioux: dmesg > dmesg.txt10:13
BenCThe bug tracker has an option to attach files10:13
siouxand how can i run the bug traker 10:14
sioux[17180475.240000]  cpufreq: change failed with new_state 0 and result 010:16
sioux[17180478.188000]  hdc: request sense failure: status=0x59 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest Error }10:16
sioux[17180478.188000]  hdc: request sense failure: error=0xb0 { LastFailedSense=0x0b }10:16
sioux[17180478.188000]  cpufreq: change failed with new_state 1 and result 010:16
sioux[17180489.108000]  uhci_hcd 0000:00:07.2: host system error, PCI problems?10:16
sioux[17180489.108000]  uhci_hcd 0000:00:07.2: host controller halted, very bad!10:16
sioux[17180489.108000]  uhci_hcd 0000:00:07.2: HC died; cleaning up10:16
sioux[17180489.108000]  cpufreq: change failed with new_state 0 and result 010:16
sioux[17180489.108000]  usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 310:16
siouxthese errors freeze the system if i plug a usbdisk on dell c60010:17
siouxben collins! did you see the dmesg errors?10:22
kylemUnpacking 326 objects10:38
kylemTotal 326, written 326 (delta 265), reused 0 (delta 0)10:38
kylemfatal: unresolved deltas left after unpacking10:38
kylemunpack unpacker exited with error code10:38
kylemng refs/heads/master n/a (unpacker error)10:38
=== kylem breaks git.
tormodsioux: I gave you the link to the bug tracker.10:40
siouxtormod where is the link10:41
tormodsioux: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+filebug10:41
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