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mhoothi everyone01:13
Burgundaviahey mhoot01:15
mhoothey Burgundavia - how are ya? :)01:15
Burgundavianot bad01:15
mhootglad to hear it!01:16
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tonyyarusso That was ominousish05:37
nixternali was messing with a scrip tand it did /quote chanserv op all05:41
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lotusleafMadpilot: boing07:01
BurgundaviaMadpilot: evening07:02
Madpilothi all07:02
lotusleafany musicians?07:02
lotusleafwe should get someone to put music to Madpilot's pending posse poster07:03
lotusleafget something fresh and youtube it07:03
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lotusleafI rolled the current posters into .zips, after discovering a lot of people direct linking to load the large .png on their site around the world. :P Added links to inkscape so the windows retar^H^h^h^h^h users know how to print them07:06
lotusleafsomeone said they shot out e-mails to some boingboing peeps, hoping it will make boingboing's frontpage, too, eventually.07:11
poningrulotusleaf: supposedly it will make it monday... but no guarentees07:11
lotusleafponingru: awesome, thx =)07:12
lotusleafponingru: hey, at least it made digg :)07:12
lotusleafbut boingboing has some slammin traffic07:12
poningruI think digg has more traffic than boingboing07:13
lotusleafponingru: really? a varied audience between them though I'd imagine07:13
lotusleafdoes digg have public traffic stats?07:14
poningruboingboing is more normal/artsy audience than digg07:14
poningruwhich is more techy imho07:14
lotusleafboingboing does via awstats link on their front page07:14
poningrunothing to back all of that up though07:14
lotusleafponingru: right, which is the definite audience to appeal to! :)07:14
poningrutoo true07:14
lotusleafthe mole people already know what's going on in tech07:14
poningruhehe yeah07:15
poningruis there is an ubuntu embedded irc channel?07:15
lotusleafgood question, dunno07:15
tonyyarussoI'm not aware of one - yet07:18
tonyyarussolotusleaf: I would be offended that you called us "mole people"...if I had left the house all weekend.07:19
poningruot: I was thinking lets startup a ubuntu for ps3 thing just like fc507:21
lotusleafponingru: cool, no one's jumped on that yet?07:22
poningrudont think so07:23
poningrunot sure...07:23
Madpilotlotusleaf, can you handle ~150Kb of attachements to your email address? Got the 'SABDFL has a posse' done.07:24
Madpilotshould I do 'Mark has a posse' too, given that 'SABDFL' is a bit of an in-joke for Ubuntu?07:24
lotusleafMadpilot: yeah!07:27
poningruuh... no07:27
poningrusabdfl only...07:27
poningrucause then people will try to figure out what that is07:28
poningruviral marketing and all that07:28
lotusleafponingru: good idea07:28
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MadpilotOK, in-joke only. ;) SVG & PNG inbound, lotusleaf07:29
lotusleafMadpilot: roger that07:29
lotusleafMadpilot: are these works in progress or material for posting? If the latter, I'll have it up in a few shakes of a lizard's drip07:30
Madpilotthese are postable07:30
Madpilot...a lizard's what???07:30
lotusleafcool, I'm on it..07:31
Madpilotsent to your tuxfamily email, lotusleaf07:35
lotusleafMadpilot: thx07:35
MadpilotI just learned that 'wirelizard.ca' is available, as a URL. Too bad Canadian domains are so flippin' expensive to register...07:35
lotusleafMadpilot: got it, gonna slap it together in a .zip w/ thumbnail preview and up it to the site, will be a few =)07:35
lotusleafis there a readme included?07:36
lotusleafcool, thx07:36
Madpilotthree files, SVG, PNG, updated readme.07:36
BurgundaviaMadpilot: your machine edgy or dapper?07:36
MadpilotBurgundavia, Dapper07:36
Burgundaviacan you do open add/remove and search for "nvidia" for me?07:37
MadpilotSysinfo & Trigger - a racing game - are the only two results07:38
elkbuntuno idea why i havent shown you guys this before, and dont go publishing this as an 'ooh look here' link but stats for the ubuntucounter are at http://ubuntucounter.org/awstats/awstats.pl07:38
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: wow, 63% still on windows eh?07:39
elkbuntuBurgundavia, yeah, those are the ones inadvertantly seeing the buttons, mainly07:39
elkbuntuthe browser figures compared to the OS figures is cool though07:40
BurgundaviaI want official download numbers07:41
BurgundaviaI pinged Jane awhile back but have not heard anything recently07:41
elkbuntuallegedly, kubuntu is on-par or higher than ubuntu :|07:41
elkbuntufrom what i've been told07:42
elkbuntuthe counter results show a different story07:42
Burgundaviaso does distrowatch07:42
Burgundaviabut then again, online polls usually show 60/40 KDE/GNOME07:42
Madpilotthat's because KDE users are noisier ;)07:43
elkbuntuMadpilot, if that were the case, i'd have lots more kubuntu users registered07:44
Madpilotheh. what is the rough Gnome/KDE/XFCE/other breakdown on the counter, elkbuntu?07:44
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Wait, are your results published now?07:47
elkbuntutonyyarusso, no.07:48
nixternalbusy tonight ey07:48
elkbuntucounter != surveys07:48
tonyyarussoDoh.  I knew that07:48
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: you should email all those hoary and warty users and warn them that they are running unsupported versions of Ubuntu07:49
elkbuntuhehe. tempting, but i'd rather not07:49
Burgundaviawhy not? I would consider it is a public service07:49
elkbuntuthat'd be like.. effort07:50
Burgundaviathen give me access to the db07:50
elkbuntucan i trust you with 10k email addresses?07:52
Burgundaviathe only thing I would do to them would be autosign them up to ubuntu-news :007:53
Burgundaviaand then maybe feed thme into Userful's spaminator07:54
poningruelkbuntu: do you have a privacy policy on your website?07:54
poningruelkbuntu: did I thank you properly for that post the other day?07:54
elkbuntuponingru, yes, and i dont remember07:55
elkbuntu<jono> oh and, you bastard! <-- but jono did07:55
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Say, what's your stickers status?07:55
Burgundaviaah, crappers07:55
BurgundaviaI keep meanign to write that letter07:56
Burgundavialet me delete some more wiki pages and then I will get to it07:56
tonyyarussoSure - whatcha deleting?07:56
=== poningru writes note to self reminding him to get involved in marketing and doc this time around
Burgundaviaclearing out crurft from the help wiki07:57
Burgundaviamostly via deletion07:59
Burgundaviaman, this is fun08:01
Madpilotexercising your destructive urges?08:03
lotusleafMadpilot: I'd like to place external links on the page wherever it says Madpilot, where would you like them to go?08:04
Madpilotlotusleaf, for now, send them to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Madpilot08:04
lotusleafMadpilot: done, thanks08:04
BurgundaviaMadpilot: pretty much08:04
lotusleaffinishing this up, few more mins08:04
lotusleafMadpilot: any way to make a png with transparent background look good reduced ? I tried as png but it degrades in quality, as jpg it just turns a solid black color08:07
Madpilotlotusleaf, sorry, I forgot to add a white background to the 'posse' image. Give me 5, I'll redo & resend them08:08
lotusleafMadpilot: thx :)08:08
=== tonyyarusso is in a deleting mood too
tonyyarussoI'm purging hundreds of FF bookmarks08:08
lotusleafMadpilot: which are you resending, just the png?08:08
Madpilotlotusleaf, both08:08
lotusleafMadpilot: k08:08
lotusleaf"<elkbuntu> no idea why i havent shown you guys this before, and dont go publishing this as an 'ooh look here' link but stats for the ubuntucounter are" now available when google indexes the logs directory =) woo! thx08:10
lotusleafpeople are still using warty?08:11
lotusleafMadpilot: ding dong, a special delivery has arrived, thx08:12
elkbuntulotusleaf, yes, but it's not 'ooh look'08:12
lotusleafelkbuntu: :)08:13
lotusleafMadpilot: looks very nice!08:13
elkbuntuits not like it is being brought to everyone's attention only to lure morons trying to sway the stats08:13
lotusleafelkbuntu: exactly08:14
lotusleaflike a certain other distro did with firefox and distrowatch, anyway that's ot. ;)08:14
lotusleafMadpilot: posted, plz check links & md5sums for indy verification thx08:41
poningruwho did what now?08:41
lotusleafponingru: new poster by Madpilot is up @ http://lotusleafslinks.tuxfamily.org/obeyubuntu/08:41
lotusleafponingru: sabdfl has a posse ;)08:42
Madpilotlotusleaf, all seems to work, cool08:42
lotusleafMadpilot: md5's too? great, thanks, and nice work :)08:42
Madpilotdidn't bother checking the md5s, just the rest08:42
poningruwoah awesome08:42
=== poningru thinks about printing up stickers for those
lotusleafponingru: ;)08:43
lotusleafan excellent idea08:43
poningruyeah and plaster campus with it08:43
lotusleafwould look nice on my boxes08:43
poningruI really think that should replace the ubuntu buttons08:44
Madpilotlotusleaf, this is the font used on the roughcut posters: http://www.dafont.com/dirty-headline.font08:44
elkbuntuthe posse one would do good as a 10x10 sticker methinks08:45
lotusleafMadpilot: cool thx08:45
Madpilotthe font I used on the SABDFL one is called "Another", which is freakin' impossible to google for...08:45
elkbuntuMadpilot, are these non-copyrighted fonts?08:45
poningruMadpilot: uh... that site says free for personal usage08:46
lotusleafnow I can cover up the word microsoft when I see it with these stickers08:46
Madpilotactually, it's on dafont too - http://www.dafont.com/another.font08:46
Admiral_Chicagowhat is the font one that everyone lies fol LCD screens08:46
poningruMadpilot: thats not exactly free use08:46
poningruerr personal08:46
Admiral_Chicagoerr that everyone likes for LCD screens08:46
Madpilotponingru, hmm, the original homepage for Dirty Headline doesn't specify the 'personal use only' part - http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/fonts.htm08:47
Madpilothttp://www222.pair.com/sjohn/fonts2.htm actually08:48
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lotusleafMadpilot: thread updated: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29674208:58
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: that's hilarious08:59
Admiral_Chicagoi like the sabdfl one, i'd seen the other ubuntu ones09:00
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: indeed, I love it =)09:02
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: i gave a presentation on Ubuntu and everyone loled when i told them what Sabdfl meant09:03
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: =)09:03
lotusleafI bet09:04
Admiral_Chicagothey also onjoyed Baby Jesus09:04
lotusleafnow all I need is a death star printer09:04
Admiral_Chicagoprinter mod?09:04
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: a massive room with printers churning out posters/stickers nonstop09:04
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: had a few of those down here for various rallies in the 90'ies09:05
Admiral_Chicagoah i thought you meant a printer that could destroy a whole planet09:05
Admiral_Chicagolotusleaf: here?09:05
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: well, not in this channel =)09:05
jendalotusleaf: http://lotusleafslinks.tuxfamily.org/obeyubuntu/ << Copyright infringement! :)09:08
lotusleafjenda: na, it's not OBEYubuntu/09:09
=== lotusleaf throws popcorn at jenda
jendaI meant the website.09:09
elkbuntuit's going to be interesting to see what challenge posse posters turn up...09:09
lotusleafjenda: nah, it links back in the header09:09
lotusleafjenda: you mean to DIY? yeah, read the tags09:09
lotusleafjenda: I'll have to add that as a CLICKable link though, thanks =) I rushed it09:10
=== jenda sees nothing...
lotusleafjenda: line 14 of the html09:11
lotusleafjenda: alt="09:11
MenZajenda: Krk..* 2?09:11
MenZa(your address)09:11
jendalotusleaf: found :)09:12
lotusleafjenda: let me re-up it with a clickable link, thx =)09:12
jendaMenZa: yep...09:12
MenZagood good09:12
jendalotusleaf: you might want to add that the website is MenZa's work - that's what I meant, not teh DIY site.09:12
MenZajenda: now I know your address off heart :p09:12
MenZaoh that was nothing09:12
lotusleafjenda: oh? MenZa made that template?09:13
MenZaI did.09:13
MenZaFigured I could repay jenda that way ;)09:13
jendalotusleaf: Although I plan to steal your page and use it on diy.(dev)ubuntu.com09:13
jendahehe :)09:13
lotusleafMenZa: hello! May I ask where you'd like me to link to aside from DIY with the name MenZa mentioned? :)09:13
lotusleafjenda: :(09:13
jendait's helped a lot - and now Daniel Buch is finishing it.09:13
MenZaNo need lotusleaf09:13
MenZaJust looks neat in my portfolio, 'sall ;)09:13
lotusleafMenZa: but I wanna09:13
jendalotusleaf: just kidding - I'll ask you first, and then steal it...09:14
MenZalotusleaf: http://menza.org then ;)09:14
MenZaLasse Havelund09:14
MenZaI don't need it though :p09:14
lotusleafMenZa: k thx09:14
lotusleafMenZa: too bad :)09:14
Admiral_Chicagospeaknig of marketing. am i the only one that find the whole Killroy thing annoying?09:14
=== jenda knows no killroy.
Madpilotkillroy wasn't here?09:15
Admiral_Chicagojenda: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilroy_Was_Here09:15
=== jenda heard of that, but forgot again.
jendalotusleaf: I intend to make a similar page for all Ubuntu diy material on diy.(dev)ubuntu.com, so Brian's posters have a spot reserved as well.09:16
lotusleafjenda: good, the more the merrier ;)09:17
Madpilotjenda, could you grab all the posters & readme from lotusleaf's page and stick them in our BZR repo, please?09:17
=== klepas [n=klepas@202-161-31-121.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaI was just going to :)09:17
jendaMadpilot: now that you're here...09:18
Admiral_ChicagoBZR == bazaar?09:18
jendaThe posters i printed are nearly gone - only have some 185 left, so I'm thinking what's next...09:18
jendaAdmiral_Chicago: yep09:19
Admiral_Chicagojenda: i know it's an "arch revision program09:19
Admiral_Chicagobut what does that mean?09:19
jendaMadpilot: so, I've had two suggestions - Obey posters, and obey t-shirts... sounds good to you?09:19
Madpilotphone, bbiab09:20
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Admiral_Chicagoi think ubuntu should have an official site, instead of cafe freeprees or whatever is printing stuff09:23
Madpilotjenda, go for it. poningru did point out that there might be some licensing issue w/ the font I used on the roughcut posters, though. Give me a few days to check w/ the creator of that, or to redraw the posters09:23
jendaok, cool09:23
jendaBut do you think I could ask you to polish them a little bit? (I have a few suggestions)09:24
jenda(BTW - authors always get a few free prints)09:24
lotusleafjenda: amended, & thank you :)09:24
Madpilotjenda, suggest away!09:25
lotusleafMenZa: your're linked and credited on that page now :)09:25
jenda1) the little smudge you have in the logo...09:25
lotusleafMenZa: a beautiful design, btw09:25
Madpilotdamn... my landlord's crappy router seems to have tanked again - no DNS resolution...09:25
MenZathanks lotusleaf09:26
lotusleafMenZa: yw09:26
Madpilotjenda, the one that's identical all over?09:26
jendaThe font is really rugged etc., but the logo is white, and the only 'flaw' is 8 smudges - all exactly the same.09:26
Admiral_Chicagoit's really hard to switch from Paradise Lost to Ubunutu09:27
jendaMadpilot: So if you could achieve the same look the font has on the logo, it would look a _lot_ better, IMO :)09:27
jenda(logo & the thick white lines)09:27
Madpilotjenda, actually, I was thinking of going the opposite way - redrawing the text to be cleaner09:28
Admiral_Chicagono i think the lines should look more..worn09:28
Admiral_Chicagoi was jut about to do an edit to see how it would look09:28
jendabut - don't keep all the smudges the same :)09:28
=== jenda still thinks the font looks great.
lotusleafwhat about a tiny jendafish logo in the corner09:29
Madpilotlotusleaf, no, the tiny wirelizard doesn't need company ;)09:29
lotusleafMadpilot: :P09:29
Admiral_ChicagoMadpilot: do you think you can recreate the zip with the files in a folder?09:30
Madpilothaving all the smudges the same was a bit of a private joke; it amuses me to be going to so much effort to reproduce errors that printers try hard to get rid of09:30
MadpilotAdmiral_Chicago, I didn't actually build the zip, lotusleaf did09:30
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: paradise lost?09:30
Admiral_Chicagothe story by John Milton about the fall of the devil and Original Sin09:31
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: yeah, but Goetia is different =) you mean people read zip comments today? :P09:31
jendaMadpilot: ok - cool... and do you still want them to be that way? :)09:31
lotusleafAdmiral_Chicago: #goetia09:32
Madpilotjenda, I'll keep fiddling with the images, might do more variation in the smudges09:32
jendaok, that would be cool :)09:32
jendaMadpilot: Next thing... what aboutthe thin white outline around the logo? What's it for? IMO, you sohuld either remove it, or add it to the text too.09:33
Madpilotif I end up re-drawing the text, I might09:34
jendaand on the left dot in the logo, teh line goes uninterupted around the entire dot - and doesn't look good. I'd make it more imperfect :)09:34
lotusleafjenda: you will, of course, be making black t-shirts as some have almost begged for in the forums, with this/these logo/s, right? :)09:42
jendayes :)09:42
jendaDo you think $10 is good price for a t-shirt?09:42
lotusleafjenda: /o/ hooray!09:42
lotusleafjenda: that's a delicious price09:43
jendaleally? cool :)09:43
lotusleafjenda: have you seen cafepress?09:43
lotusleafjenda: lots of sites charge at least $14 - 20 bux09:43
lotusleafjenda: if you can get a black t-shirt with the ubuntu roughcut logo on the back (and/or one including a tiny ubuntu logo on the front left breast) that would rock09:44
Admiral_Chicagojenda: perfectly reasonable09:45
lotusleafjenda: guess you could also run a poll on the forums with design ideas09:45
jendacool :)09:45
jendaI like the roughcut design so much I don't think I'll be doing a poll ;)09:46
lotusleafjenda: which is what I was thinking in the first place ;)09:46
jendaMadpilot: one more thing...09:47
jendaMadpilot: teh trademark notice should be complete, I can't print otherwise : Ubuntu, Canonical and the Ubuntu Logo are trademarks of Canonical Ltd.09:47
Madpilotgood point.09:48
lotusleafhttp://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/DIY%20Material/Ubuntu_Posters_Roughcut/  <-- still missing kubuntu poster, needs the new poster too09:51
jendalotusleaf: alright, alright...09:52
=== jenda adds
lotusleafjenda: thx! :)09:52
=== jenda commits
Madpilotjenda, thanks. I should have another go at figuring out bzr; svn wasn't that hard to learn...09:52
=== jenda pushes
lotusleafjenda: ++ the latest readme he included should overwrite the old09:53
lotusleafjenda: thx09:53
jendaI did.09:53
=== jenda ssh's
=== jenda ./cronjobs
lotusleafprops to the first person who gets a roughcut tattoo09:59
MadpilotI've been waiting for an Ubuntu logo tattoo to appear...10:00
MenZalotusleaf: I'd do it, if I was of age to get one ;)10:00
elkbuntui've been considering it10:00
lotusleafelkbuntu: which one, the logo or the sabdfl? :)10:01
jendagreat iea.10:01
elkbuntuum.. logo10:01
jendaI think my friend would never talk to me again.10:01
Madpilotelkbuntu, in full colour, or all in black?10:01
elkbuntuMadpilot, probably color10:01
lotusleafjenda: over a tattoo?10:01
jendaelkbuntu: on the forehead, or on your shoulder10:02
Madpilotgah... tattoos involve needles; I've never been good with needles... :P10:02
elkbuntujenda, undecided10:02
jendalotusleaf: over being so deep in Ubuntu that I even get a tattoo :)10:02
tonyyarussoMadpilot: Same here10:02
lotusleafjenda: aahhh ;)10:02
jendalol... somebody is trying to send me a file called secrets.exe10:04
MenZajenda: yeah, they kept doing that on another server for me :p10:05
MenZaI'd just have them g-lined10:05
MenZa#*-social, jenda10:05
lotusleafjenda: you don't block dcc * ?10:06
MenZalotusleaf: why would you?10:06
jendaMenZa: I told christel.10:06
MenZa/whowas <nick>10:07
jendanow, I have to install wine to get me those secrets!10:07
MenZatell me what it is when you've got it10:07
jendait won't transfer :/10:07
MenZayou know10:07
MenZaI thought about running it in wine10:07
MenZajust.. cbf anyway10:07
lotusleafMenZa: because I don't want messages like that? :)10:08
jendadamn, he's dead.10:08
MenZathey disconnect the moment they've tried sending lol10:08
jendaNext time I need to _get_ the virus first, then get the user killed.10:08
MenZajust a minor nuisance10:08
=== klepas [n=klepas@203-213-31-142.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lotusleafjenda: never know, with wine it may work even better than in windows ;P10:12
jendalotusleaf: indeed :)10:13
jendaBut I lost it. I'll get myself some other virus...10:13
jendaNah, screw it. Should lose time with that :)10:13
Madpilotthere was a great article somewhere on trying to run Win viruses on Wine10:13
jendaMadpilot: I read it :)10:13
Madpilota nice take on the usual "Linux isn't ready for the desktop" whinge ;)10:14
=== MenZa cracks his head open at #freenode-social
lotusleafwow, nice spam comment near the bottom ;P10:16
MenZathat's hilarious jenda10:17
Madpilotmy DNS is still fubar'd... stoopid cheap router... cheap landlord...10:17
jendalotusleaf: which one?10:20
lotusleafjenda: nm nothing special, someone link spammed on the article you mentioned10:20
lotusleafjenda: kinda fitting though, considering the topic ;)10:20
jendaok 10:20
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-219-183.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lotusleafcmon boingboing, post it, post it, post it, post it!10:27
poningruMadpilot: nm re: licensing10:32
poningruwe're good10:32
Madpilotponingru, did you email Cumberland?10:32
poningruno its legal to use even commercial fonts10:32
poningrufor that kinda purpose10:32
Madpilotya, thought it would be, but font licensing is f'ing strange territory10:33
lotusleafI wanna see someone make an evil patent pusher poster against patents10:34
Madpilotlotusleaf, huh?10:34
MenZalotusleaf: I'll consider it.10:35
lotusleafMenZa: awesome, thx10:35
=== jenda goes package some more posters...
lotusleafMadpilot: against the whole software patent industry10:35
Madpilotjenda, what're you selling your posters for again?10:35
MenZajenda: :D10:35
jendaMadpilot: a buck a piece10:35
jendaMenZa: did you get the stickers yet?10:36
Madpilotjenda, shipping included, to Canada?10:36
jendaMadpilot: nope, shipping is an extra $5, flat fee for up to 25 posters.10:36
MenZajenda: stickers yeah10:36
MenZajenda: told you about that too ;910:36
jendaMenZa: really? damn.10:37
Madpilotjenda, USD, right?10:37
jendabut if that meant currency conversions to you, you might as well convert to CZK ;)10:37
Madpilotjenda, cool, reserve 5 for me, I'll get money to you via Paypal tomorrow when I have functional DNS10:37
jendaMadpilot: I'll send them today, then.10:38
jendaLucky bastard ;)10:38
jendasend me your addy by email.10:38
Madpilotjenda, will do, tomorrow10:38
jendaheh - I'm sending shipments on mondays... so if I get your address now, you'll get them a week earlier ;)10:39
MadpilotI'll have to wait, I just remembered I need to update my Paypal account first anyway10:40
jendaBrian, you can pay whenever - in a month, if you want, but I need your shipping address _now_ :)10:40
Madpilotjenda, PM then?10:41
jendaMenZa: can you believe it... I need your address... again :)10:45
jendaIt seems I copied it directly on teh envelope last time... and you have teh envelope :)10:46
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lotusleafa poster of this too http://www.mneptok.com/pony-cd-cover.jpg10:57
poningrudear god no10:58
poningrumy lug will laugh my ass off10:58
lotusleafdo a /whois mnepton10:58
poningruthe fc and sled guys will never let me live this down10:58
lotusleafhe posted the url in #ubuntu-offtopic10:59
lotusleaf#ubuntu-devel: <mnepton> dear God. please send me a pony. and deliver me from half-baked compositing. love, mnep.10:59
=== poningru shakes head
jendaMadpilot: what SW do you use? I'll be needing a printer-friendly format in the end, probably pdf. (other than that, I think they take eps.11:03
Madpilotjenda, Inkscape; the version in Edgy apparently does PDF export nicely. guess I need to upgrade...11:04
jendaI guess I can export from inkscape myself.11:05
MadpilotInkscape does EPS export too; I know zip about EPS, though.11:06
jendaI know that Inkscape doesn't export it too well, though.11:07
jendaI can get the printer to check it first, though.11:07
lotusleafjenda: 404 now for around an hour or so @ http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/DIY%20Material/Ubuntu_Posters_Roughcut/11:54
jendayeah yeah yeah, I'm working on it :)11:55
lotusleafjenda: oh, sorry ;)11:55
jendanah, really, I just found out seconds ago, the cronjob failed :)11:55
=== jenda can't pack the posters, cuz he's outta tape...
lotusleafjenda: do you do all the packing/shipping yourself?11:56
jendaand I'm expecting someone in a few minutes.11:56
jendayes, of course. Minimising costs :)11:56
=== klepas [n=klepas@203-213-31-142.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lotusleafah =)11:56
jendadamn, I should take a cut, too :/11:56
lotusleafjenda: karma ;)11:56
jendahehe :)11:56
jendaI think I will be taking a cut if it becomes routine. I was originally hoping I'd do one or two batches, and that would inspire others to do one or two batches... but here I am working on a fourth and fifth :)11:57
lotusleafjenda: no argument there12:02
jendaoh well, we'll see - there are folks who have hinted that they might try and make some themselves.12:06
lotusleafjenda: I'd like to find some glow in the dark like material to make some ubuntu stickers with, using the roughcut design12:11
jendaI've got this annoying blue LED on my subwoofer12:11
jendaI stuck one of MenZa's black-n-white Ubuntu stickers over it... and now it's a blue Ubuntu logo at night :)12:12
jendano cam :(12:12
MenZaRight, you mentioned12:12
=== jenda really needs to get his ma to visit sometime :)
jendaI could show her Beryl while at it.12:12
Madpilotneed sleep. g'night all.12:24
lotusleafMadpilot: nn12:24
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jendaMenZa: you will notice the technological advancement I'm doing... the next package will have the address printed on ;)12:39
jendaprinted on a piece of paper and glued on.12:40
jendaright... and I need to install this troublesome HP printer first ;)12:42
MenZaMine never was :)12:42
jendatroublesome, or installed?12:42
MenZaIt was never troublesome.12:43
MenZaJust installed12:43
jendahehe :)12:44
jendawhich model is it?12:44
MenZaTwo secs12:45
MenZaPSC 121512:45
=== meatballhat9000 [n=emelia@70-39-156-18.clvdoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendanever heard of...12:47
jendamine's HPLJ102012:47
MenZaCUPS did it for me12:47
jendathere, installed...12:48
jendayay, prints...12:50
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=== jenda just got himself enough tape to pack a gazillion posters, and some self-adhesive address tags.
lotusleafjenda: ubuntu wrapping paper01:11
jendaAin't got.01:14
jendaBut I is got some of MenZa's black stickers, and I put one on each package ;)01:14
lotusleafAin't got yet. <-- fixed that for you ;)01:14
lotusleafstickers, eh?01:14
jendahehe... no fix the state, not the sentence ;)01:14
lotusleafso true01:14
meatballhat9000hallo all01:18
meatballhat9000I've been working with jenda on the diy site01:19
meatballhat9000I'd like to put the rough cuts posters on there, too01:21
lotusleafmeatballhat9000: the posters are PD, what's stopping you01:36
lotusleafmeatballhat9000: spread them far, spread them wide, and spread them some more =)01:36
jendaeveryone, meet Dan Buch, Dan Buch, meet marketing team :)01:43
meatballhat9000hallo :-D01:44
meatballhat9000lotusleaf: that's the plan ...  at the moment, going to work this morning is stopping me :-)01:45
lotusleafmeatballhat9000: ah ;)01:45
meatballhat9000...and I'll be changing my nick for the sake of ease (sorry...  new to __many__ things including IRC)01:47
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lotusleafdanbuch929: sorry, I closed the window, what was your last PM?01:54
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lotusleafoh well.. ;/01:55
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jenda*phew* Finally packed.02:27
lotusleafjenda: dedicated02:28
lotusleafjenda: there should be a jenda poster shack on the isle of man02:29
lotusleafstaffed with workers day and night02:29
lotusleafdelivering goodness to all ubuntuers02:29
jenda10 packages of posters, 3 of stickers, 2 of CDs today.02:29
lotusleaflike santa, but with a better flag02:29
jendahehe :-D02:29
lotusleafjenda: do you toss the posters in tubes or ship em flat02:30
lotusleafflat as in framed02:30
jendaI roll them up, and roll up two sheets of paper over that02:30
lotusleafah cool02:30
lotusleafI wish there were frames that rolled up02:30
jendaaltogether some 10 layers of paper protecting them - works well enough and costs about $0.10 ;)02:30
jendahehe :)02:30
jendaframing is up to the recipient. I think I'll frame one for myself.02:31
lotusleafI'm going to have to try some roughcut blacklight posters02:32
jendaI don't think I can help with blacklights... but the roughcuts, I'll be doing. I think they'll be cheap to print, too :)02:32
lotusleafwill have to see how costly that will be to produce02:32
lotusleafawesome :)02:33
lotusleafya that's the thing, added cost in specialty goods02:34
lotusleafone could go ghetto with a template and color in the white with blacklight reactive paint I suppose for posters02:35
jendabut i still have to get rid of 199 of HanZos posters first :)02:35
lotusleafoh, nevermind me, I'm just talking out loud about it02:36
lotusleafreally ghetto is using yellow markers, which will show up under blacklight, but that's tacky02:37
jendawell, won't paper show under blacklight? :-D02:37
lotusleaflol, yeah02:38
lotusleafbut I mean, having a cool glowing effect02:38
MenZajenda: the form on the diy site is horrible02:38
MenZaPosters, that is02:38
MenZaYou have a LIST of TLDs >.>02:38
jendaoh, I saw that.02:38
jendaI forgot to tell him.02:39
lotusleafjenda: you've seen blacklight posters made for blacklights and under blacklights right?02:39
jendait doesn't even have .cz in the list :)02:39
jendalotusleaf: nope...02:39
lotusleafreally? wow02:39
MenZaor .dk, or .de, or .se, or .no, or .root, or .ws, or .po, or .es02:39
lotusleafthey're even making blacklight reactive tattoos now02:39
jendabut I think I've seen blacklight reactive stuff under blacklights in a laser game somewhere.02:39
=== poningru [n=poningru@ip72-209-68-178.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendawow :)02:39
MenZaand around 200 others02:40
MenZaOr more :p02:40
lotusleafBlacklight Tattoos02:40
lotusleaf^ Let's Rock blacklight tattoo02:41
MenZahttp://wiredblogs.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/xmlatomlifeblog29830jpeg_236.jpg<- I like this02:42
jendaOK that's it.02:42
jendaI want a blackligth Ubuntu Tatoo.02:42
lotusleafMenZa: that's wild02:42
lotusleafjenda: I'd get one between my eyes02:44
lotusleafjenda: with the url ;)02:44
lotusleafsee the difference: http://wiredblogs.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/xmlatomlifeblog29830jpeg_230.jpg02:49
lotusleafyou can google for other blacklight examples02:49
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jendaand now I gotta run, in order to be able to ship some of what I packed.03:10
jendanah... too late.03:11
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jendaMitchM: ping06:40
MitchMjenda, pong06:43
MitchMjenda, How are you? =)06:43
jendacomplaint :)06:44
=== Burgwork [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaI'm fine thanks, you?06:44
MitchMdoing wonderful; thanks :)06:44
jendacomplaint: /var/www/diy/images , owned by root.06:44
jendaCan't delete it :)06:44
MitchMhar de har har!06:44
jendaSo, once you get to it, please do delete it.06:44
MitchMdelete what?06:45
=== MitchM looks around
jendathe entire dir06:45
jendaimages_aux is used instead06:46
MitchMhaha. what I meant was; I already deleted it.06:46
MitchMall is well =)06:46
jendaoh :)06:46
MitchMdont know how that would have snuck in there....06:46
jendayou murderer! It's dead!06:46
MitchM*screams* !06:46
MitchMyup =)06:46
jendaoi, I got a quote for t-shirts from the printing company... yummy.06:47
jendablank t-shirts go for $3-$406:47
jendaDo you think I should go for cheaper, or better? :)06:47
MitchMbetter =)06:48
MitchMbut I'm a quality control buff.06:48
MitchMso cheap would probably be acceptable06:48
jendaoooh, they have one for $8 blank...06:49
jendaI might be able to get an assortment, even.06:49
jendawow... looks... cheap...06:50
jenda100 shirts... $3.40 even if I get the second best shirts...06:51
jenda100 back-prints ... $7206:52
jenda100 chest prints ... $4606:52
jendaflat fee for processing... $4606:53
jenda$6 per t-shirt including tax.06:54
Admiral_Chicagojenda: screen printing06:56
Admiral_Chicagoas a general rule, the more shirts you get, the more the cost of the screen is offset06:58
Admiral_Chicagoi handle printing for my karate school, i think it came out to about 7.50 a shirt06:59
jendayes, the cost of the screen / image manipulation and other processes independent on t-shirt number, is $4607:03
jendafor 50 shirts, it would be double per shirt, for 100 it's just 4607:04
Admiral_Chicagojenda: where are you doing this out of? like what's your country of origion07:05
jendaCzech Republic.07:05
Admiral_Chicagohave you considered how shipping may fit in this?07:06
jendaand the printing itself gets cheaper when printing over 100 (about half, so I chose 100, will ask if that's enough for the discount)07:06
jendaassuming the t-shirt weighs less than 250 grams (half a pound) it will be $3.50 shipping globally07:06
jendaif it's over that, it'll be $5.5007:07
jendaWhich means, if I charge $15 including shipping, I'm very OK :)07:07
Admiral_Chicagoyou got it all figured out07:07
jendaI'd have the expenses covered at shirt #5307:07
Admiral_Chicagosounds like a good plan07:09
jendaplan D :)07:16
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jendatadaa: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=178405908:12
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