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chantraLaserJock: maybe an entry like "modifying and rebuilding a package"12:15
chantracd packages/12:15
chantrado modifications12:15
chantradebuild -sa -S12:15
chantracd ..12:15
chantrasudo pbuild....12:16
pygichantra: that's source packages ^_^12:16
chantrajust under rebuilding a package12:16
LaserJockchantra: yeah, the approach so far in the packaging guide has been for indepth packaging12:16
chantrapygi: oright, sorry for using the wrong terms :)12:16
LaserJockit would be good to add an little section for people who just want/need to tweak an existing source package12:17
LaserJockI believe I have that on my todo list12:17
chantraLaserJock: :)12:17
pygiLaserJock: that shouldn't be too hard to do12:17
pygi(to write)12:17
chantratodo list tends to get longer and longer :)12:17
chantrapygi: hard nope, long yeah :p12:18
chantraokie, gtg, girlfriend coming back :D12:18
LaserJockyeah, check out the braindump section of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPackagingGuide12:18
=== chantra believe it is hard to combine both relationship and geekish activity :)
chantraLaserJock: :)))12:19
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=== minghua [n=minghua@ubuntu/member/minghua] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== chantra is now known as chantrAw
LaserJockhi minghua12:23
minghuahello LaserJock, fixing universe? :-)12:24
secretlondonlets hope so!12:24
pygihey minghua ^_^12:24
LaserJocksadly no12:24
gnomefreakwhos in charge of packages.ubuntu.com?12:24
LaserJockI can't make much of a dent12:24
gnomefreakits down12:24
secretlondongnomefreak: has been for a few hours now12:24
pygiminghua: we should have seen that before we uploaded yesterday :P12:25
LaserJocksomebody, can't remember the name12:25
gnomefreaksecretlondon: im just finding out about it :(12:25
=== ctd [i=ctd@incubus.progsoc.uts.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== LaserJock doesn't use packages.ubuntu.com
minghuapygi: see what?  the mistake in brasero?12:25
pygiminghua: indeed :)12:25
minghuayes we should12:26
pyginext time, more extra care =)12:27
pygitho package is otherwise very good now12:27
minghuawhat are you guys using packages.u.c for?  looking for particular files?  LP seems good enough for finding package versions to me12:27
secretlondonI use it to find changelogs12:27
secretlondonas it splits them out12:27
minghuapygi: regarding the brasero and beagle issue, is it possible to separate the search function out as a plug-in type of thing?12:28
gnomefreakminghua: not for someone thats really new to ubuntu its not and thats how i found out it was down. i dont use p.u.c often12:29
pygiminghua: right now, not really, and I'll probably keep beagle disabled this version of brasero.12:29
pygiminghua: for next release, we'lll be able to do it probably12:29
minghuapygi: I see12:30
pygiminghua: but that will be provisional solution, we plan to do some abstraction layer for both burning and search facilities12:30
LaserJocksecretlondon: changelogs.ubuntu.com12:30
minghuagnomefreak: you mean LP is not good enough for people new to ubuntu?12:30
pygithat will take some time tho12:30
minghuaLaserJock: yeah, I was thinking that changelogs are kept somewhere12:31
gnomefreakminghua: i dont think its easy enough to navigate for new users12:31
minghuagnomefreak: agreed12:31
secretlondonLaserJock: i had no idea that existed12:31
secretlondonlp is really badly designed12:31
minghuapygi: abstraction layer would be nicest, of course12:31
=== secretlondon reckons lp shows what's wrong with closed-source software
pygiminghua: right, but requires some work you know ^_^12:31
=== predius [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pygisecretlondon: agreed=)12:32
gnomefreakLaserJock: the layout mainly IMHO its not really easy to find what your looking for right away12:32
secretlondonmost of the awful bugs would be fixed by now if we had the source..12:32
LaserJocksecretlondon: I'm not convinced, but perhaps12:32
LaserJockgnomefreak: it can be at times, in other ways it's really easy12:32
=== minghua is not convinced either
secretlondonit takes multiple page loads to do anything, things don't behave the way you'd expect12:33
minghuayou may fix the bugs you know, but you may introduce others in the mean time12:33
secretlondoni mainly use malone, it may depend on which bits oyu use12:33
gnomefreakLaserJock: agreed most of time i cna find what im looking for without issues but for me to tell someone that is new to linux or ubuntu look azt launchpad.com under packages for ubuntu its right there.12:33
gnomefreakbut its never right there12:33
LaserJockyeah, it's much better as a resource to be linked to12:34
LaserJockthe URL navigation is quite cool12:35
LaserJockI hardly ever have to click on anything12:36
LaserJockI just "build" the URL I want to go to12:36
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=== mr_pouit [n=silk@LAubervilliers-151-12-125-187.w193-252.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockminghua: woot, I got the lists (mdt and bugs) as a cron job on tiber12:42
minghuaLaserJock: very nice.  thanks!12:43
LaserJockminghua: I also updated MOTU/Teams/Science with the list urls and some other things12:44
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip68-10-83-27.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
minghuagood, good.  we need more people working on bugs though12:45
=== secretlondon nods at minghua
minghuaunfortunately most bugs in science packages are not easy to fix12:45
secretlondonwe have quite a few universe packaging, sync things to do12:46
LaserJockyes, well most people want to do feature requests and complain about the lack of stability12:46
secretlondonLaserJock: thats always the way, the want new shiny12:47
LaserJockand bug free :-)12:48
secretlondonof course :)12:48
secretlondon#72437 is a dependency bug for a bored motu12:49
minghuabug 7243712:49
UbugtuMalone bug 72437 in dak "Dak build-depends on python2.3-dev, superseded by python2.4-dev" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7243712:50
minghuawhy does any ubuntu user want to install dak?12:50
=== secretlondon shrugs.
=== dwatson [n=david@81-178-25-182.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockminghua: they do darn it, don't question the users! ;-)12:50
secretlondonbecause it's there, because they don't read instructions..12:51
=== minghua goes back to his corner
LaserJockhmm, freeflying filed that12:51
LaserJockI wonder if he was *gasp* going to use it12:51
secretlondonwell it's broken regadless..12:52
minghuaask yourself when he is online?12:52
kkubasikhey, any MOTU here have a sec to look over a package?12:52
LaserJockkkubasik: heh, do you really one 1 second of review?12:53
=== minghua prefers a dependency broken package than a package with correct dependency but doesn't work (because nobody tested it)
kkubasikif someone has maybe more than a second or 2 ;)12:53
kkubasikis anotherone for anyone who wants to be that cool12:53
secretlondonkkubasik: oh no-ones cool ;)12:54
kkubasikhehe, well in that case, I guess im just that cool12:54
minghuakkubasik: why does the binary package depend on python-gtk2 (>= 2.8) but the build dependency of python-gtk2-dev is not versioned?12:56
kkubasikhmm, I guess I only noticed it for the runtime12:56
minghuakkubasik: also your package description has whitespace wrong12:57
minghuayou want one space at the beginning of the line, not two spaces12:57
=== ajmitch returns to the realm of motu
minghuahello ajmitch12:58
=== zOrK [n=eclipse@c-66-176-68-228.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchso that I can sit at the feet of many & learn12:59
ajmitchhi minghua12:59
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kkubasikminghua: pbuilding the test now :)01:00
metreshow do i kill a program that didnt response ?01:01
metresa game name stax ...01:01
minghuakkubasik: I doubt those two changes would affect the buildability in anyway.  But of course it never hurts to test01:01
LaserJockkkubasik: also I think you need to add a binary-arch: rule back in01:02
minghuametres: please go to #ubuntu for support, thanks01:02
kkubasikLaserJock: alright, will do01:03
LaserJockkkubasik: also, debhelper should be in Build-Depends:01:03
metresok thanks01:05
minghuaInteresting.  After I renamed my home directory, firefox gets unhappy and doesn't want to load extensions01:05
kkubasikdo I really do binary-arch for python?01:05
kkubasikI though deb policy was exclusivly python packages do everything in binary-indep01:06
kkubasikim not complaining, im just trying to figure it all out01:06
LaserJockit will be empty01:06
LaserJockbut Debian Policy requires it to be there01:06
=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kkubasikLaserJock: alright, sounds cool01:08
kkubasikadded it back, checking the build again01:08
=== pygi [n=mario@83-131-71-3.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockminghua: you gonna upload that xdrawchem fix?01:09
minghuaLaserJock: I can't reproduce it, I won't upload it unless upstream acknowledge the patch01:10
LaserJockminghua: makes sense, kinda stinks that the 2 MOTUs that looked at it weren't able to reproduce01:10
minghuaLaserJock: (or I read the code and confirm the patch is good, which I probably won't do)01:10
kkubasikany chance I can get anyone to take a peek at this upload as well01:11
kkubasikits newer, and significantly cleaner01:11
=== FliesLikeABrick_ [n=Ryan@cpe-72-224-116-131.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxwho packages the kernels for ubuntu?01:13
zulBenC or the kernel team01:13
joejaxxoh ok thanks :)01:13
minghuathere is a #ubuntu-kernel channel01:13
joejaxxthis conversation should be quite interesting01:14
zulof course they are probably mostly recovering from SF/UDS01:14
LaserJockkkubasik: doh, I totally missed with both packages, your versioning is wrong01:14
LaserJockkkubasik: they should be <upstreamversion>-0ubuntu1 if they aren't in debian01:14
kkubasikhow exactly do I fix that, without messing a lot of stuff up?01:15
minghuaLaserJock: nice catch01:15
LaserJockjoejaxx: interesting? you aren't going to go heckle the kernel guys are you?01:15
LaserJockkkubasik: change it in the changelog and control file01:16
joejaxxLaserJock: not heckle just ask legitimate questions :)01:16
LaserJockor wait, not the control file01:16
LaserJockjust the changelog01:16
LaserJockjoejaxx: suuure ;-)01:17
=== ajmitch wonders what 'legitimate questions' joejaxx has
zulLaserJock: we would just back door his kenerl anyways01:17
joejaxxback door? lol01:17
ajmitchhello zul01:17
zulhey ajmitch how is it going?01:17
LaserJockzul: just make sure it's joejaxx specific please :-)01:18
minghuaUrgh.  It seems hopeless to fix this firefox extension thing01:18
ajmitchgood, how are you?01:18
zulgood a lot better01:18
joejaxxwell it is not actually about anything going into ubuntu01:18
ajmitchI'm glad01:18
ajmitchnow you can get back to fixing xen :)01:18
zulLaserJock: if(joejaxx == annoying) kill()01:18
joejaxxunless ubuntu wants it but i doubt it01:18
zulajmitch: yeah yeah :)01:18
zulalready updating 2.6.17 :P01:19
zulif only copy and pasted worked01:19
joejaxxzul: is packaging a kernel a difficult task?01:19
=== ajmitch can test another amd64 kernel tonight if needed
zulnot really i did it for edgy01:20
zulajmitch: just kind of started but ill let you know01:20
joejaxxzul: oh01:20
joejaxxoh ok01:20
=== LaserJock runs off to package the -LJ sources
=== ajmitch is wanting to keep vmware around for now anyway, windows is too useful for some things
LaserJockmy kernel just boots to a prompt and says "Gets some sharks... with frikin' laser beams on their heads"01:21
joejaxxLaserJock: LOL that is funny01:21
joejaxxzul: have you all started packing 19 yet?01:21
ajmitchjoejaxx: it's been in feisty for weeks01:22
zulLaserJock: the netwinder had a .wav file going "Welcome to Netwinder" do the same01:22
kkubasikalright, updated packages are in revu now01:22
joejaxxajmitch: really?01:22
=== joejaxx sources
ajmitchjoejaxx: sure, i was running it at UDS01:22
joejaxxajmitch: nice thanks :)01:22
ajmitch2.6.19 doesn't yet work with xen, but that's only a matter of time & nagging01:23
=== joejaxx plots >:)
zulajmitch: uh....yeah...01:23
ajmitchnot that I ever would01:23
zul /ignore ajmitch ALL01:23
zuldamn space ;)01:24
LaserJocknaughty zul01:24
joejaxxajmitch: does ubuntu only support kernel upstream and thatis it?01:24
ajmitchjoejaxx: explain01:24
joejaxxajmitch: like only the things supported in the original source of kernel releases ie no patching01:25
ajmitchsee the kernel info on the wiki01:25
=== geser [n=michael@leary.ping.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bhalewe patch things to fix bugs or add drivers01:26
joejaxxah ok01:26
bhalenot Con Kolivias' weekend hackfest01:26
bhaleor whatever else the kids are into these days01:26
kkubasikLaserJock: both are in revu if you wanna check my changes01:27
LaserJockkkubasik: working on it01:27
joejaxxajmitch: am i allowed to talk in #u-k?01:27
kkubasikbhale: hey, I've been meaning to ask you, what's the approx time table for getting the latests beagle packaged in feisty?01:28
bhalekkubasik: whenever I do it01:28
bhalethere is no schedule01:28
bhalefeisty is barely getting started01:29
ajmitchjoejaxx: why are you asking me if you're allowed to talk?01:29
joejaxxjust wondering01:29
joejaxxmaybe it is like #u-d01:29
kkubasikbhale: I know, no super pressure or anything01:30
kkubasikI was just gonna look into backporting it01:30
zuljoejaxx: you are allowed to talk only if we like you01:30
kkubasikmore for learing sakes, but yeah01:30
bhalekkubasik: new evo-sharp isnt packaged on debian yet, i heard it doesnt even build01:30
joejaxxzul: ok01:30
zuljoejaxx: i was kidding01:31
joejaxxoh ok01:31
bhalekkubasik: it is about time for evo 2.9 to break the API anyway01:32
bhalekkubasik: i dont know why i bother, evo-sharp is always 6 months behind01:32
kkubasikbhale: agreed01:33
kkubasikits always a halting effort at best01:33
LaserJockbhale: do you do tomboy as well?01:34
bhaleLaserJock: I guess01:34
bhaleI used to do everything01:34
bhalenow slomo does just about everything01:34
bhalehe rules.01:34
LaserJockyes, yes he does01:35
=== predius [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchnow the rest of us just sit back01:35
bhaleLaserJock: tomboy was the first debian package i did from scratch01:36
bhaleLaserJock: REVU'd by jdub and seb12801:36
LaserJockoh cool01:37
ajmitchsince then it was hijacked01:37
LaserJockdid you really use REVU?01:37
bhaleno :)01:37
LaserJockthat's what I thought01:37
=== twanj [n=chatzill@c-66-176-118-121.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxhaha lol01:38
LaserJockkkubasik: your debian/rules files seem overly complicated to me01:40
kkubasikI mean, I basically just trimmed out whatever I could from the default dh-make01:41
kkubasikthat still built01:41
LaserJockwell, like there is stuff for figuring out the build arch01:42
LaserJockbut this is arch independent01:42
=== abelcheung_ [n=abelcheu@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockyou really don't need  install-indep: and binary-common: rules01:44
freeflyingLaserJock: hi01:44
LaserJockhi freeflying, we were talking about the bug you filed on dak01:45
LaserJockkkubasik: you don't need dh_strip if there are no binaries to strip01:45
freeflyingLaserJock: I see01:46
LaserJockkkubasik: also check to see if you really need usr/sbin in debian/dirs01:46
LaserJockkkubasik: just nitpicky stuff01:46
=== predius [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockkkubasik: good looking packages though01:47
minghuaLaserJock: your packaging guide doesn't recommend using dh_make anymore, does it?01:47
LaserJockdebian/copright actually has information01:47
LaserJockminghua: hmm, not sure01:47
LaserJockI personally think dh_make is fine01:47
kkubasikminghua: yeah, they still say use dh_make01:47
minghuaif it's up to me, I'll write "dh_make is unsuitable for real packaging" or something like that01:48
LaserJockunsuitable? I would hardly say that01:48
minghuaLaserJock: we have different opinions, of course01:49
minghuaand I know my opinion is not popular01:49
minghuabut still01:49
LaserJockyour opinions are certainly appreciated01:50
kkubasikI agree that dh_make seems a little outdats01:50
kkubasikdated* and whatnot01:50
kkubasikespecially since it has no way to account for any sort of managed code01:51
LaserJockbut I'm just not sure where the balance is01:51
kkubasikyeah, it's a fine line01:51
LaserJockon one had it gives outdated and sometimes not quite right info01:52
LaserJockon the other hand, it does provide good examples for formatting and pretty much everything but debian/rules01:52
=== predius_ [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_LaserJock: Did I already ask you when the Feisty dailys start to be built?01:53
minghuayes, for a new packager, I would say "run dh_make and see what it gives you, read them and understand what they mean, then start from scratch again"01:53
kkubasikok, those fixes are in REVU01:53
LaserJockthat's kinda what I do01:54
LaserJockI use the files from the actual packages in the end01:55
LaserJockin the packaging guide01:55
kkubasikI think was really needs to happen is a consolidation of the MOTU wiki pages01:56
kkubasikthere are lots that are half done/old01:56
kkubasikthat either need love or the aze01:56
=== fernando [n=fernando@201-24-145-217.bsace705.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockkkubasik: that is very much a known issue :-)01:56
=== minghua wonders if we should put "we are stretched thin" on topic channel and wiki main page :-P
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip68-10-83-27.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_LaserJock: Did you see my question?01:58
LaserJock_MMA_: oh yeah, sorry. I'm not sure. I'm guessing pretty soon as the Canonical conf is over01:58
=== predius [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJock_MMA_: the first Herd cd is due out pretty soon01:59
_MMA_Ok. BTW, How are you feeling?01:59
LaserJockstill crappy01:59
LaserJockgetting better01:59
zulah so i have spread my germs internationally01:59
LaserJockbut then I have to go in to the dentist tomorrow01:59
ajmitchwell done zul01:59
LaserJockzul: my whole lab got sick01:59
LaserJockminghua: how about a "MOTUs on the edge, might have a mental breakdown at any second, poke at your own risk"02:00
joejaxxhmm why is 2.6.19 not accessible in feisty02:01
=== rmjb [n=richard@cuscon10999.tstt.net.tt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchLaserJock: sounds accurate02:01
ajmitchjoejaxx: it is02:01
joejaxxhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty main02:02
joejaxxuname -r returns02:02
ajmitchthat's because you haven't installed 2.6.1902:02
minghuaLaserJock: sounds better than mine :-)02:02
crimsunlinux-meta doesn't point to .1902:02
joejaxxso it is manual02:02
LaserJockuh oh, crimsun has come out of lurking02:03
joejaxxhas the powerpc compiled deb been uploaded?02:03
=== ajmitch shrugs
ajmitchyou can check on launchpad02:03
LaserJockjoejaxx: that's what LP is for02:03
crimsun feisty powerpc   Failed to build02:03
joejaxxi actually do not know how to check that02:03
joejaxxcrimsun: ah ok02:03
minghuathere is always 2.6.19-{1,2,3,4,5} to choose from :-)02:04
=== predius_ [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxis there a special way you all compile the kernels?02:04
zulusually kernel-package02:05
crimsunwe do a special kernel compile dance.02:05
ajmitch& a sprinkling of pixie dust02:05
joejaxxi have compiled a kernel before but i am wondering if you all do something special02:05
=== joejaxx does the special kernel compile dance
ajmitchcrimsun also tends to sacrifice a pony while doing so02:05
joejaxxhmm that did not help02:05
=== kkubasik [n=kjk38@kjk38-laptop.student.cwru.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxbut i should be able to download the ubuntu kernel source and compile it right?02:06
minghuaoh.  so that's where all those ponies went02:06
=== joejaxx just wants to make sure
zulyeah we went to ponyville and killed them (http://www.hasbro.com/mylittlepony/)02:07
ajmitchthe streets ran red..02:07
=== LaserJock cries
LaserJocknot the ponies02:08
=== mr_pouit [n=silk@LAubervilliers-151-12-125-187.w193-252.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kkubasikLaserJock: with the fixes I committed for labyrinth, is it good to go in?02:11
LaserJockworking on it02:12
LaserJockbuilding the .deb02:12
fernandohi all02:12
kkubasikLaserJock: sounds cool02:13
Burgundaviarmjb: oh joy. Because vanilla is so much better02:14
rmjboh... shoot, I didn't actually read the article, just saw it on digg a while back02:17
LaserJockI much prefer chocolate ice cream to vanilla02:18
metresI have a problem with debuild, my secret key doesnt available and I dont know why because I have one...02:18
rmjbmetres: there's a bug in debuild, if you have the "use agent" option in your gpg.conf file it fails02:19
rmjbcomment out or remove that option from .gnupg/gpg.conf and try the command again02:19
LaserJockkkubasik: labyrinth isn't using the new python policy02:21
LaserJockcorrectly at least02:21
=== fernando [n=fernando@unaffiliated/musb] has joined #ubuntu-motu
metresthe only line which is uncomment in my gnu.gpg  is the one for the keyserver...02:21
rmjbcomment or remove the "use-agent" line02:22
=== freeflying [i=flyingfr@gobstopper.dreamhost.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rmjboh wait, I just understood what you said02:22
rmjbwhat's the error message you get?02:23
kkubasikLaserJock: alright, let me dig up some literature02:23
metresNow signing changes and any dsc files...02:23
metres signfile epdfview_0.1.5-1.dsc Daniel Sauv <metres@sympatico.ca>02:23
metresgpg:  Daniel Sauv <metres@sympatico.ca>  a t ignor: la cl secrte n'est pas disponible02:23
metresgpg: [stdin] : clearsign failed: la cl secrte n'est pas disponible02:23
metresdebsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....02:23
rmjbmetres: you don't get a prompt for your key at any time?02:24
=== mr_pouit [n=silk@LAubervilliers-151-12-125-187.w193-252.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
metresno I add export GPGKEY=EF2FC4CC to my .bashrc02:25
LaserJockkkubasik: have you seen http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy ?02:25
=== Adri2000 [n=Adri2000@unaffiliated/adri2000] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kkubasikno, but that looks like what im looking for02:26
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
metresI use this key to sign the code of conduct so it should be a good key !?02:27
LaserJockmetres: try adding -kEF2FC4CC to the end of your debuild line02:28
Hobbseehey ajmitch, secretlondon!02:28
fernandometres: debuild -S -sa -kEF2FC4CC02:28
fernandohi Hobbsee02:29
Hobbseehey fernando02:29
metresIt worked :) thanks02:29
fernandometres: you're welcome02:29
=== predius [n=predius@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@unix0.york.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
theCoreoh, another Qubecois :)02:38
metressalut thecore02:38
theCoremetres, bonjour02:39
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-219-183.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
theCoredoes debsign can use a gnupg agent?02:40
theCoreor it still need to have the key explicitly specified?02:40
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Toadstoolhey everybody02:42
fernandohi Toadstool02:43
metreshey Toadstool02:43
secretlondonhi toadstool02:43
Toadstoolhey fernando metres & secretlondon02:44
everybodyhey Toadstool02:45
metresgood one rmjb02:46
=== mwolson [i=mwolson@jpi-wlafyte-212-116.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseehey Toadstool metres02:49
Hobbsee* Mez02:49
HobbseetheCore: still needs a key specified, i think02:50
Mezhey hobsee, watching anime02:50
=== lastnode [n=lastnode@unaffiliated/mahangu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
theCoreHobbsee, is it assigned to a bug?02:55
HobbseetheCore: no idea.  not sure if it is a bug, actually.  iirc, it will default to the key of whoever signed the debian/changelog.02:57
theCoreoh ok02:57
theCorethanks for the info Hobbsee02:57
Hobbseeit may need to be specified in ~/.bashrc too.  i dont remember02:57
metresI think I am ready trying my first real package... anyone got something to be tested ?02:58
LaserJockQuestion: is Java arch dependent or arch independent?03:00
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=== _MMA_ [n=mma@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu-motu []
rmjbmetres: there's a whole page of user submitted candidates here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/Candidates03:02
minghuaLaserJock: in Debian they are definitely arch-dependent03:08
minghuagcj compiles to machine code03:08
rmjbminghua: if using javac instead of gcj?03:09
minghuajavac is an alternative link in Debian, IIRC03:09
=== _MMA_ [n=mma@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rmjbis it mandatory to have a javac version and a gcj version of each java package then?03:10
LaserJockrmjb: you said rhino and azureus are Architecture:all right?03:12
rmjbazureus has an azureus-gcj package though03:12
rmjbthat is in addition to it's azureus package03:13
minghuaazureus can't be built by gcj last time I heard about it03:14
xopherAllright , I think my wiki-how to is done. How do I publish it ?03:14
LaserJockxopher: your what?03:15
rmjbactually, a dependency of the azureus-gcj package is the azureus package, so I'm not sure what the relationship is there03:15
xopherI made a how to, which Id like to get included to the ubuntu wiki03:16
LaserJockxopher: what is the how to about?03:19
=== slomo_ [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-motu
xopherbuilding an up to date nvidia-glx, in this case which includes 97.4203:21
LaserJockhmm, you might want to ask -doc03:22
xopherok, thanks03:22
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip68-10-83-27.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
minghuaLaserJock: do you thing we should have a separate ubuntu-science-bugs list?03:26
minghuaLaserJock: I have procmail to put them in different mboxes, but I suppose not everyone do03:27
minghuaLaserJock: and if I am just a curious user, I'd hate to see those bugmails on ubuntu-science list03:27
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-219-183.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== _MMA_ [n=mma@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockminghua: I agree03:53
LaserJockwe could ask for an official ubuntu-science ML on lists.ubuntu.com03:53
minghuathat would be wonderful, too03:55
LaserJockwe could use the current one for bugs03:56
LaserJockbeing the bug contact on 450+ packages produces more email then seems reasonable to try to also conduct a discussion03:57
=== cypher1 [n=cypher1@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonmoins all04:02
secretlondonhi brandon04:02
imbrandonheya secretlondon04:02
=== aBiNg [n=helo_aBi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockhi imbrandon04:03
imbrandonheya LaserJock04:04
imbrandonhrm jono's new php book is almost out04:04
=== mwolson [i=mwolson@jpi-wlafyte-212-116.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockimbrandon: yeah, he's a writing machine04:05
secretlondonimbrandon: i may be evil and look to see how many times he mentions it on his blog04:05
imbrandonheh , he was telling me it was almost done at UDS04:05
imbrandonkinda funny how it came up too , lol04:05
imbrandonwe were on our way to dinner , elkbuntu , whiprush , me and jono and Seveas  and a few others, then got lost walking, , as we're walking he ask how i make a living , and i told him, then he's like WOW i just wrote a book about that !! LOL04:06
imbrandonheh , so i've been kinda waiting to see what it says :)04:07
LaserJockimbrandon: you make a living?!? amazing ;-)04:08
elkbuntuimbrandon, i dont know about the book, but he did release jokosher 0.2 about half an hour ago before he went to bed04:08
lastnodeimbrandon, Fujtsu said the source packages were in the parent directory of where the .debs were, btw. sorry i didn't see that before.04:08
imbrandonelkbuntu: ahh rock on, i'll have to grab it04:08
imbrandonlastnode: yea i seen, i just havent got to them yet, i will here in a bit04:08
=== imbrandon is just waking up catching up on email and blogs
lastnodeimbrandon, cool, Fujtsu said that if you're busy, he'll do the upload himself, and not to worry (or something along those lines :-)04:09
imbrandonLaserJock: hahahah barely04:09
elkbuntuimbrandon, actually, his blog does say something04:10
imbrandonwho's ,about what?04:10
LaserJockimbrandon: just waking up? dude you don't even deserve to live in your time zone ;-)04:10
elkbuntuimbrandon, jono's about php04:10
imbrandonhahaha yea i woke up at 8pm local time ( although i was up earlier today to give my daughter a b-day party )04:11
imbrandonelkbuntu: i know, thats why i mentioned it :)04:11
imbrandonshe turned 10 today ( man i feel old )04:12
LaserJockgeeze, you are old04:13
imbrandonLaserJock: lol thanks04:14
ajmitchhey imbrandon04:16
imbrandonheya ajmitch04:16
ajmitchgood to see you awake ;)04:16
imbrandonbout time i'd say04:16
TheMusoHey all.04:17
imbrandonheya TheMuso04:17
ajmitchhi TheMuso04:17
TheMusoHow are we all going on merges?04:17
ajmitchgive me some caffeine & I'll do some tonight04:18
nixternalimbrandon: whats the k status homey..anything open and needing work?04:18
imbrandonnixternal: ummm no idea honsetly, i havent fully awoke, but i'm sure there are tons of merges to be done04:20
=== ajmitch has a nice pile of merges to get through this week
=== nixternal don't have nothing right now
=== nixternal rephrases that, i don't have "anything" right now
=== Hobbsee has a few more.
=== Hobbsee has done most of them
imbrandonhrm , jono bacon , jo no bacon , jo nobacon , jo kosher , jokosher , heheheheh /me JUST caught that04:21
nixternalya, but can't bacon be kosher, as long as it isnt' processed by human04:22
Burgundaviaanybody got a dapper machine up and running?04:23
elkbuntunixternal, he's a twisted fellow, twisted humor is highly possible :04:23
imbrandonBurgundavia: i have a dapper file server running , no gui04:23
Burgundaviathat doesn't help me04:23
BurgundaviaI need to know what the language selector is called04:23
minghuaBurgundavia: I have a dapper partition here, I think I can chroot in it and see04:24
minghuaBurgundavia: what do you need exactly?04:24
Burgundaviathe name on the menu04:24
minghuawhich menu?04:25
=== fowlduck [n=nate@68-190-90-101.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundaviaon the admin one04:25
Burgundaviain the desktop file04:26
minghua# grep "^Name=" language-selector.desktop04:27
minghuaName=Language Support04:27
minghuaBurgundavia: is that what you need?04:27
Burgundaviathat is exactly what I need04:28
LaserJockkkubasik: you aren't meant to advocate your own packages :-)04:29
imbrandonLaserJock: i dident think you could04:30
LaserJockimbrandon: yes, you can on you're own packages04:31
LaserJockREVU bug :-)04:31
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@d235-240-148.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchLaserJock: we can de-advocate those packages of course :)04:32
imbrandonajmitch: is the revu code on LP upto date ?04:32
imbrandonor is that revu2 only04:32
ajmitchthere're both revu & revu2 branches there04:32
ajmitchI don't know if the latest has been pushed there or not04:33
imbrandonarg no jokosher debs, only a shoddy script that compiles gstreamer cvs etc /me kicks jono04:33
LaserJockheah, he's a community guy, not a MOTU ;-)04:33
imbrandonhehe yea04:33
Burgundaviaimbrandon: they need gstreamer cvs04:33
ajmitchimbrandon: there are no debs for a reason - it requires gstream from cvs04:34
ajmitchLaserJock: stripped advocacy from moodbar, what's the other one?04:34
Burgundaviathis would be the "so bleeding edge it hurts" app04:34
ajmitchah, labyrinth04:34
=== Kyral [n=kyral@ubuntu/member/kyral] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== TheMuso is glad serpento is being synced. The version numbering for the last Ubuntu upload was... Um... Shall we say... A little screwy.
Hobbseeugh, yes04:34
imbrandonahh hehe04:34
HobbseeTheMuso: ditto for a few other ones of them.  magic-haskell, among others04:34
TheMusoHobbsee: heh04:35
imbrandonwell i gues i can compile gst cvs as i dont use it for anything else04:35
imbrandonso no biggie if it dies04:35
ajmitchimbrandon: and the world burns...04:35
LaserJockyeah, I'm interested in how software development works like that04:35
=== fernando [n=fernando@unaffiliated/musb] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonall the rest of the apps i use are xine so no loss if i screw it up04:35
LaserJockdo jokosher guys run around with cvs gstreamer?04:36
imbrandonLaserJock: yes04:36
LaserJockI wonder how that works04:36
imbrandonLaserJock: thats why they had to use jono's laptop for the demo at UDS even though they had to X forward it etc04:36
imbrandonwhen it wouldent hook to the projector04:37
tonyyarussoBackporting question: I had requested a backport of sobby, and it got a reply that I didn't really understand.  Could someone confirm that the comment on https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/sobby/+bug/71875 translates as "Sorry, this isn't possible" in English?04:37
UbugtuMalone bug 71875 in sobby "sobby is unusable on Dapper - fixed in 0.4" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 04:37
ajmitchtonyyarusso: it means "it will not happen"04:37
imbrandontonyyarusso: it means it does not compile without source changes in dapper, thus cannot be backported04:38
tonyyarussoajmitch, imbrandon: Ah, thanks.  Can it be done just for my personal system?04:38
imbrandontonyyarusso: if you get it to compile for you personaly sure, just be aware of breakage you may cause later on and prepare to deal with it04:38
tonyyarussoimbrandon: Hmm...icky.  Oh well.04:39
=== Kyral [n=kyral@ubuntu/member/kyral] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchkkubasik: I've archived your banshee upload on revu as well, it is being handled already04:40
=== jaldhar [n=jaldhar@c-68-38-202-139.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockyeah, we need a REVU cleanup day just to get out the obsoleted uploads04:41
ajmitchthe upload of banshee to debian was done because of a broken ubuntu upload, too04:42
imbrandongah xterm messages in kde, /me kicks jono AGAIN, and he said he was a kde hacker before04:43
imbrandoni might be easier to do this by hand then fix the script to work on kde04:43
ajmitchTheMuso: are you sure that serpento is syncable?04:45
TheMusoajmitch: Hang on... I'll have another look.04:45
ajmitch0.4.1-0.2 looks to be less than 0.4.1ubuntu204:46
LaserJockwhat? is it really 0.4.1ubuntu2?04:47
TheMusoWhat command do you use to figure that?04:47
ajmitchLaserJock: take a look with apt-cache madison04:47
ajmitchdpkg --compare-versions 0.4.1-0.2 gt 0.4.1ubuntu2 && echo 'yes'04:47
imbrandondpkg --compare-versions04:48
TheMusoI knew it was something to do with dpkg.04:48
imbrandonsee thats why i hate native versioning04:50
imbrandon( because a NMU can screw it up )04:50
TheMusoSo in this case, it has to be merged just because of the screwy version numbers?04:51
StevenKajmitch: So, can I bug you hard enough to upload something for me?04:51
imbrandonyea untill 0.4.2 comes out04:52
TheMusoOk. Will reject the bug.04:52
ajmitchStevenK: what now?04:52
=== imbrandon hides
=== ajmitch is not here
StevenKDear me.04:53
StevenKI didn't think I asked that much.04:53
=== ajmitch points at imbrandon
Hobbseeajmitch: you are so here.  now do some work04:53
Hobbseeajmitch: it's main, after all :P04:53
imbrandonhahaha /me hides better04:53
=== lotusleaf [n=lotuslea@kernel-panic/member/carne.asada.burrito] has joined #ubuntu-motu
TheMusoThanks ajmitch. I wasn't aware that version numbers could play a problem with syncing.04:58
=== twanj [n=chatzill@c-66-176-118-121.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@d235-240-148.home1.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu-motu []
LaserJockman I don't like reviewing packages05:17
LaserJockit takes me forever05:18
ajmitchreviewing is easy05:19
ajmitchjust pick 5 things that are wrong with the package :)05:19
ajmitchthat gives them enough to work on05:19
LaserJockyeah, but when they actually have a decent package05:19
ajmitchthen it takes a bit longer to find 5 things05:21
Burgundaviathere is always something05:22
Burgundaviathe trick is to make them work hard enough that you don;t actually have to upload it05:22
Burgundaviawhile not chasing them away05:22
imbrandonajmitch: what do you really think about putting a cvs gst in , it wont effect kubuntu at all but i'm not sure how much of an impact on ubuntu it will have05:22
TheMusoI'll bet you will find something to do with the copyright file.05:22
Burgundaviaimbrandon: the kde developers need to get ont eh same page and start using gstreamer05:23
StevenKThe wonderful thing about complaining about the copyright file is you can make them chase their tails for weeks.05:23
imbrandonBurgundavia: feisty+1 e.g. kde4 will use gst05:23
TheMusoStevenK: hehe05:23
=== cypher1 [n=cypher1@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchimbrandon: it could break a lot05:23
Burgundaviaimbrandon: via that wacked phonon layer05:23
imbrandonBurgundavia: yes05:24
Burgundaviaimbrandon: or lets talk about "solid"05:24
Burgundaviakde abstracted my abstraction layer indeed05:24
imbrandonheh well imho it needs to be done as there are many abstration layers but none for the application level, but thats a whole nother story05:25
imbrandonajmitch: so , no-go , or ummm /me wondera how long it will be for a gst release proper05:25
ajmitchask them05:27
imbrandonare they on freenode ? if not i'll just pop an email out05:27
ajmitchof course05:27
=== imbrandon has never delt with gst people cept at UDS
Burgundaviaimbrandon: yes, there is a place for a "place this sound api". That place is in a cross DE thingy05:29
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [+o nixternal] by ChanServ
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [-o nixternal] by ChanServ
nixternalthat was a stupid script05:36
=== mwolson [i=mwolson@jpi-wlafyte-212-116.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== mwolson [i=mwolson@jpi-wlafyte-212-116.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== LaserJock wonders how much time could be saved on REVU if lintian -i on source package and .deb were required before uploading
LaserJockI think i should really hit that harder in the packaging guide and MOTU School05:53
=== nixternal always does lintian
LaserJocklintian -i is awesome05:53
nixternalmy lintian outputs have has been good, with the typical warnings05:53
nixternalit is my builds that suck05:54
LaserJockit tells people like the chapter/section of the Debian Policy were they screwed up05:54
nixternalpeople don't like me..i put stuff on revu and they walk past it05:55
LaserJockrunning lintian -i on the .deb is often interesting05:55
nixternalthey see my name, and they are like "ahh this idiot is at it again"05:55
LaserJocknixternal: it's not personal05:55
LaserJockjust business ;-)05:55
imbrandonthat happens to all uploads on revu lol05:55
nixternaloh, its personal05:55
nixternalnot all, because i watch people comment on them all day long...i think there is a secret army05:56
imbrandonactualy its kinda sad, i'm more likely to revu something from someone i have talked to before05:56
nixternalexcept me imbrandon05:56
nixternalyou see my name on revu and walk past05:56
imbrandonnixternal: i said _WHEN_ i revu , hehe05:56
nixternalyou might even flick a cig butt at me05:56
LaserJockimbrandon: you know what mood files are with Amarok?05:57
nixternalim like the little homeless guy that just wants some love..some spare change, a bite of your sammich05:57
imbrandonman i need a brain implant , so i dont have to type, just think it05:57
imbrandonLaserJock: yes05:57
imbrandonsammich, lol , classic05:57
imbrandonLaserJock: yes, but they need amarok gst to work and amaork upstream has droped gst support , thus so did we05:58
LaserJockimbrandon: I'm kinda opposite I think, I'll revu for people who aren't around often because I don't want them scared away05:58
imbrandonit might change with the 2.0 release though and gst 0.10+05:58
nixternalya, i used the mood thing one time, and was like ahhh this is nuts, and next you thing you know i update from imbrandon's repos and it was gone05:59
=== No1Viking [n=micke@h-83-140-104-74.ip.rixbredband.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
elkbuntuimbrandon, the results of having your thoughts piped to a computer could be .. interesting05:59
imbrandonelkbuntu: to say the leaste05:59
LaserJockhmm, cause I'm reviewing this moodbar package and it's got a dep on fftw305:59
LaserJockimbrandon: I'd have to do an ignore05:59
LaserJockfast fourier transform05:59
LaserJockit's a math/science thing06:00
LaserJockusually used for  frequency space- time space conversion06:00
imbrandonahh sounds right, the moodbar for amarok is kinda, umm screwy to so the leaste, i dident even thing there was a official release of it yet, as even the dev says its not really ready06:00
imbrandonbut its "useable" just not umm stable / good06:01
LaserJockis there a reason why we would not advocate a package simply because we don't want it in?06:01
LaserJocklike not a packaging problem, but like it's just crappy software?06:01
imbrandonyea it does some strange number stuff with the bpm etc and stuff on the music06:01
BurgundaviaLaserJock: which package?06:01
Burgundaviahttp://distrowatch.com/index.php?dataspan=1 <-- look at the mint numbers06:02
imbrandonLaserJock: well i dont see a problem with letting it in, i doubt many will use it though ( if its packaged good and he agrees to maintain it )06:02
LaserJockBurgundavia: I don't have a specific example in mind06:02
LaserJockbut I wonder about our general attitude towards letting packages in06:03
LaserJockI think in Debian they often ask questions like "Why do we need this package and what does it do that XYZ doesn't?"06:03
nixternalLaserJock: anyone ever call you a nerd? fast fourier transform...i thought you messed up the name of the fast and the furious at first06:03
LaserJocknixternal: what? dude, I had to do those by hand06:04
LaserJockdoing spead of sound labs06:04
secretlondonnixternal: some of us had to do that at college06:04
nixternalya, speed there tugboat06:04
nixternali drank in college and learned cisco06:04
imbrandonLaserJock: well if thats the case, i say let it in as nothing out there does what it does, i just personaly dont find it usefull, but that dosent mean someone wont06:05
imbrandonit is in gentoo if that matters to ya :)06:05
nixternalnow im learning that stuff and business06:05
secretlondonnixternal: I fiddled with computers which as a linguistics student meant sound processing06:05
nixternali know what you are talking about now06:05
LaserJockimbrandon: well, I wasn't thinking so much about this case06:06
nixternalalthough, i can't remember none of the math i learned in college06:06
LaserJockalthough what about packages that don't have great security history or something06:06
imbrandonfrom my experince, debian says if someone takes the time to properly package it , then someone cares enough for it to be in the archive06:06
nixternali never used it again afterwards...i wish i would have stuck more with programming that i did with networking/hardware and electronics06:06
secretlondonnixternal: I've got a b.a. - that excludes me from nerd-dom afaik06:06
nixternali gotta b.s. definitely excluding me from nerd-dom, but it is bs afterall ;)06:07
LaserJocksecretlondon: I've got a B.A. and I'm definitely a nerd06:07
imbrandonnothing can exclude you from nerd-dom06:07
imbrandonor geek-dom06:07
LaserJockat my school they had some weird thing where only the Education majors got B.S.s06:07
ajmitchI wish I was as geeky as LaserJock :)06:08
LaserJockyeah, so I have a B.A. in Environmental Science with majors in Chemisty and Applied Mathematical Science06:08
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
nixternalim 23 credits shy of my MBA, and that is the furthest thing from nerd-dom or geek-dom06:09
ajmitchBA in environmental science sounds too much like save the trees, hug a whale06:09
LaserJockyeah, well it was the only science related degree at my school06:09
LaserJockand it *was* in Montana06:10
nixternal10 of those credits are 2 independents where you do nothing but create a business plan that must get approved06:10
imbrandoncrack dealer count?06:10
nixternalgonna find out06:10
=== PuMpErNiCkLe [n=pumperni@about/essy/bacon/PuMpErNiCkLe] has joined #ubuntu-motu
nixternali have been working my pimp hand as well, just incase everything falls through06:11
=== imbrandon wants to work for google after the visit to the campus and talking to some of the employees
ajmitchimbrandon: applied yet?06:11
nixternali never realised how wonderful perl was until i went through and made some old irssi scripts useful these past 2 days06:11
imbrandonajmitch: no, but i have been SEROUISLY thinking about it06:12
nixternalbah, google asked a few of us from the LUG if we were interested in Linux admin positions in chicago06:12
ajmitchI wouldn't mind some job offers some days06:12
LaserJockjoejaxx: I see Fluxbuntu is #100 on distrowatch ;-)06:12
nixternali think everbody but 1 turned it down06:12
nixternalworking out of the RR Donnelly building downtown for peanuts06:12
nixternalyou want to work for money, you work for red hat in downtown chicago06:13
nixternaltheir admins start at 8006:13
joejaxxLaserJock: you are kidding me06:14
=== _jaldhar [n=jaldhar@c-68-38-202-139.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockjoejaxx: no, just 2 places behind Edubuntu06:14
ajmitchdistrowatch isn't the most accurate indicator06:14
LaserJockpoor Edubuntu06:14
=== joejaxx fires up links2
nixternalya, distrowatch is far from accurate..they have Ubuntu as #1 when we all know better06:15
nixternalKubuntu is #106:15
secretlondondoes ubuntuguide run unofficial repos?06:15
LaserJockwell, they do lots of crack06:15
ajmitchnixternal: #1 of what? :)06:15
nixternalsecretlondon: everything they do is unofficial06:15
imbrandonsecretlondon: i wouldent doubt it , seems every boob with a website runs a repo now a dats06:15
elkbuntui dont! :D06:15
nixternali think they link to other people's repos though06:15
ajmitch99.9% of them are broken06:15
secretlondonnixternal: I've someone on Live journal recommending their repos06:16
ajmitchelkbuntu: I do!06:16
imbrandonelkbuntu: I DO!06:16
secretlondonI DON'T!06:16
nixternali use the repos in my default /etc/apt/sources.list and thats it06:16
LaserJockjoejaxx: oh, that was for the 7day average06:16
ajmitchthe only use of my repository is that it's created by pbuilder, and used for compiling subsequent packages06:16
LaserJockwhere Mint is #106:16
nixternalwell, i have imbrandon's and kubuntu.org as well for testing06:16
elkbuntuok, so far the actual people with boobs dont.. the people with moob do :06:16
=== elkbuntu starts running
=== lloydinho [n=andreas@rosinante.egmont-kol.dk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
secretlondonajmitch: but I presume you are competent and therefore I don't mind06:16
ajmitchsecretlondon: don't make rash presumptions06:17
nixternalelkbuntu: you just threw me in a spin..i had to double check where that comment came from06:17
elkbuntusecretlondon, man boobs06:17
nixternali have a pair of those06:17
nixternalif only they had man bras06:17
imbrandonoh jez06:17
secretlondonreal boobs are better06:17
nixternalshe started it06:17
joejaxxLaserJock: yeah it is not on there now lol06:17
ajmitchelkbuntu: see what you started?06:18
secretlondonyou are just aspirant06:18
elkbuntuajmitch, :D06:18
elkbuntuajmitch, cant think of a proper response, laughing too hard06:18
Hobbseeoh dear.  all this talk of boobs.06:18
secretlondonI know..06:18
ajmitchthere are ladies present, you know :)06:18
secretlondonwe are very familar with them06:18
Hobbseeunless you're working on liboobs, this is not development!  :P06:18
Hobbseesecretlondon: indeed06:18
ajmitchLaserJock: soon the guys will be outnumbered here06:19
elkbuntuowww. jaw hurting from laughing now06:19
LaserJockajmitch: what are we going to do? :(06:19
=== secretlondon cheers
=== highvoltage [n=jonathan@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonoh man06:19
joejaxxFluxbuntu is a light-weight, standards-compliant, Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring the Fluxbox window manager. The project's primary goal is to develop an operating system that would run on a wide range of mobile devices and computers, both low-end and high-end.06:19
crimsunI'll slink away with my mere mortalness.06:20
joejaxxthey got it right06:20
HobbseeLaserJock: curl up in small balls, and shudder06:20
=== jaldhar_ [n=jaldhar@c-68-38-202-139.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxsomeone actually got the real goal of the project right06:20
imbrandonheya crimsun06:20
ajmitchcrimsun: if only I could06:20
LaserJockI mean, I'm a raging Ubuntu-holic MOTU, but there's no way I'm doing a sex change just to stay here06:20
imbrandonLaserJock: hahaha06:20
HobbseeLaserJock: i think we can all say "we're very glad for that"06:21
nixternalwatch out, soon LaserJock will be hacking from the Bunny Runch06:21
imbrandoni just think its funny since i was describing a person and someone else took it as a body part , hehe the engrish barier06:21
LaserJockheh, my wife is finding this conversation interesting ;-)06:21
imbrandonLaserJock: ahahah i bet06:22
ajmitchLaserJock: I wonder why06:22
nixternalengrish, that is so racist06:22
secretlondonLaserJock: is she into boobs too?06:22
nixternalwth has happened here06:22
=== Hobbsee continues to giggle
elkbuntuimbrandon, no dude, nothing lost in translation...06:22
LaserJocksecretlondon: not even going to go there06:22
ajmitchnixternal: elkbuntu06:22
nixternalno doubt06:22
nixternalmotu == Master of T$#$) Universe or what now06:22
imbrandonsooo , anyone tried the new gnash synced from debian ?06:23
=== nixternal hurries up and runs to church yelling "my eyes are burning, my eyes are burning!"
nixternalimbrandon: i have tried the latest gnash from svn or cvs06:23
nixternalthey have come a long way, and still have a long way to go06:23
ajmitchimbrandon: I'm not brave enough06:24
secretlondonwe've had a few gnash bugs today - not looked at and may not be our package as automatix installs06:24
Hobbseenixternal: i can make your eyes burn, dont fear06:24
nixternalim willing to bet it works find with <flash706:24
Hobbseesecretlondon: assign them to imbrandon06:24
Hobbseesecretlondon: imbrandon would like that06:24
imbrandonummm automatix ? please tell me you have nothing to do with that project secretlondon06:24
secretlondonof course i have nothing to do with it06:24
nixternaluh oh, i just heard carlos mencia06:24
imbrandonHobbsee: i wouldnet mind if its gnash bugs, automatix bugs and i will goto the DC with their server with a shotgun06:25
=== mnepton [n=mneptok@montreal.canonical.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
secretlondoni'm just a triager and shit sweeper and when I kept getting gnash bugs I asked them where they got it..06:25
Hobbseeimbrandon: your new job is to make a package that detects if the user has automatix installed, and if it does, give them a 404 in all browsers when they try to visi tlaunchpad06:25
imbrandonthat would soooo rock06:25
Hobbsee403 might be better06:25
secretlondonluser error06:25
imbrandonbig fskin wallpaper would be better06:25
Hobbseewith the skull06:26
LaserJockimbrandon: well, we were so close06:26
nixternalhttps://launchpad.net/bugs == 404 Automatix don't belong!06:26
=== slomo_ [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonLaserJock: i know06:26
mneptonhey, step back. my smile might just crack. can't stop grins from growing wide today. i'm like a rocket from a bottle shot free!06:26
LaserJockion so rocked for that stunt06:26
=== mnepton pogos into a wall
HobbseeLaserJock: yep06:26
imbrandonmnepton: umm are you ok ?06:27
=== Hobbsee duct tapes mnepton up, and locks him into the close
nixternalno doubt06:27
nixternalmessin' with ice?06:27
mneptoni've been up with the larks! i've been shooting off sparks! and i'm feelin' in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!06:27
nixternalsee, you guys turned this channel into a booby show and people have gone nuts06:28
imbrandonkurt , you should blog about some of the calls you get, heheh ( assuming the nda says you can by changing the customers names )06:28
ajmitchmnepton just loves us all so much in universe land, that he had to join us06:28
elkbuntuguys, new plan. automatix users get all the multimedia they can handle in form of mnepton singing06:28
VoXsomeone say boobies?06:28
ajmitchelkbuntu: entertaining06:28
LaserJockVoX: no, go back to bed06:29
=== mnepton looks left
imbrandon /kick VoX goto sleep06:29
crimsunman, punishment is harsh these days06:29
=== mnepton looks right
Hobbseeelkbuntu: hahahahahha06:29
mneptonok, this ticket i got on *my very first day*06:29
nixternalhiya crimsun!06:29
mnepton"Listen how many god damb fucki8ng times I have to fucking E-mail you asholes before I fucking get one that god damb compatent enough to answer my mother fucking questions because this is the fourth fucking fime I have fucking e-mailed some one and still the only thing I ever get is sorry this is not the right sight go to -------------."06:29
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.06:29
mnepton"ever since I have put ubuntu on my god damb computer the only thing is has been good for is a fucking papper wieght I can't even get on the damb enternet with it . So in less you want me to copy 500,000 flyers off of how much your operateing system sucks ass and put them on every fucking sign in Hollywood then get the right fuck nut to fucking e-mail me and tell me how to fix my fucking computer"06:29
mneptonthis is my world. i now drop the curtain, never to horrify you again.06:30
nixternali wonder if they got the point in that email06:30
nixternalmnepton: so how do you really feel?06:30
LaserJockmnepton: oh man, I feel so bad for you :(06:30
lifelessnixternal: you dont want to know06:30
crimsunmnepton: yep, been there. Welcome to I'm-not-going-back-to-IT-helpdesk-after-seven-years.06:30
LaserJockI thought the forums were bad enough06:30
ajmitchafternoon lifeless06:30
imbrandonheya lifeless06:30
secretlondonmnepton: official support?06:30
nixternalholy jesus06:31
imbrandonsecretlondon: yes06:31
mneptoni've been up in the clouds! i've been shrugging off shrouds! and i'm feelin' in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!06:31
nixternali would print and fram that email06:31
elkbuntunixternal, well, if his musical choice at UDS was any indication...06:31
secretlondonwow - those people PAY for support? *shocked*06:31
nixternalthank god i got to stand next to the GNUFather then06:31
crimsunhis musical choice is well justified, whatever his musical choice may be.06:31
nixternalwho hadn't showered in years06:31
imbrandon" .... enternet .... " , thats my fav part06:31
mneptonimbrandon: damb you to hell, sir. ;)06:32
nixternalthats classic right there06:32
nixternali have a bunch of people i switched over to ubuntu..either they love it and have no problems with it, or they just gave up on computing..because my cell phone has been quiet for a few weeks now06:33
imbrandoni'm thinking it has to be a trip working with kurt and jeff in CA, might suck at that moment but the aftertouhghts and stories rockl06:33
elkbuntucrimsun, iirc along the lines of 'i dream of jeanie'06:33
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-motu
secretlondonnixternal: they were using the forums for support and now it won't boot..06:33
StevenKelkbuntu: Say it ain't so!06:33
=== mnepton shimmies
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=david@c-67-175-74-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
elkbuntuStevenK, ask the man for his reasoning06:34
imbrandonheheh , one , one support call, ha ha ha06:34
ajmitchimbrandon: it'd be scary alright06:34
crimsunelkbuntu: something has to give, either the person paying for support or the IT dude's sanity. I'd say that choice is innocuous. ;)06:34
StevenKelkbuntu: *twitch*06:34
mnepton*lightning flash*06:34
imbrandoncrimsun: hahahaa how true06:34
=== StevenK is so glad he is out of support.
StevenKNow I get to write the bugs and not fix them,06:35
imbrandonyou know this is the first time i think i've seen you in here mnepton06:35
=== Hobbsee just wishes people would know that WE'RE A SUPERMARKET, NOT A PIZZA SHOP!
nixternalwell, after reading that email, i don't feel so bad about what i put the guy through at the states office when filing LLC Bylaws and the antribution garbage06:35
StevenKHobbsee: Hi, I'd like a large pizza...06:35
LaserJockmnepton: now you've ruined all motive I've ever had in working in Montreal ;-)06:35
nixternalattribution as well06:35
imbrandonHobbsee: with fishies06:36
HobbseeStevenK: GO TO A PIZZA SHOP, kthnksbye!06:36
ajmitchLaserJock: how could you not want to be near such creative genius?06:36
=== PuMpErNiCkLe [n=pumperni@about/essy/bacon/PuMpErNiCkLe] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockajmitch: well ...06:36
=== secretlondon [n=secretlo@wikipedia/secretlondon] has joined #ubuntu-motu
StevenKimbrandon: kthxbye, even?06:37
mneptonimbrandon: my irssi session is frightnening. i have to keep some channels on a desktop client just to keep things sane.06:37
imbrandon+1 StevenK06:37
Lathiatits kthxbai!!!!!111one1111eleventy-one11106:37
Lathiatsheesh, get it right.06:37
ajmitchmnepton: you need a widescreen monitor & small terminal fonts?06:37
mneptonfoad kthxbye 1054|2!!1!1!11!!!!!!06:37
imbrandoni have about 65 irssi windows going atm , i hate it up over a hundred a few times06:38
secretlondonalways eleventyone06:38
Lathiatyoru worse than me06:38
LaserJocksweet 2 reviews down, 1 to go06:38
Lathiati set between 20 and 45 most times06:38
=== _MMA_ [n=mma@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu-motu []
ajmitchI'm sure someone saw my irssi client at UDS06:38
ajmitchwith > 100 open06:38
imbrandonajmitch: i did06:38
ajmitchit's back below 90 now06:38
nixternali have a whopping 5706:38
elkbuntui believe i may well have ruined all chance of productivity in this channel for today...06:38
StevenKHeh, I have nine...06:38
nixternalgoing to drop back down into the 20s06:38
LaserJockajmitch: that's just gross :-)06:38
ajmitchelkbuntu: correct06:39
nixternalas most of them, the people annoy me06:39
=== nixternal parts
imbrandonits the weekend , shhhhh06:39
ajmitchLaserJock: no, it's called broadening my horizons ;)06:39
nixternalweekend is over in 2006:39
StevenKNot here it ain't.06:39
imbrandonwell for another 20 minutes here06:39
secretlondon6am in 20 mins here06:39
nixternalmidnight in 20 in chitown06:39
LaserJockajmitch: heh, by staying in irssi? oh sure, mhm, I believe you ;-)06:39
imbrandonlet me guess, london ?06:40
ajmitchsecretlondon: and you're still up for some reason?06:40
secretlondonimbrandom: yeah..06:40
secretlondonajmitch: because I'm nocturnal etc06:40
=== imbrandon dident wake up till 8pm localtime
nixternalajmitch: you need to use the chanact.pl script and have it size 15 and display chan names..i bet you wouldn't even have a chat window..it would be all statusbar06:40
StevenKBecause her Internet works better when everyone else is sleeping!06:40
nixternalk, down to 33 windows, and 33 is my hilight box06:41
=== StevenK high fives secretlondon
imbrandonnixternal: email it to me, i wouldent mind that script06:41
ajmitchnixternal: no thanks06:41
imbrandonif it works06:41
LaserJockI'm more of a 9 to 5 guy06:41
=== Hobbsee is nocturnal
ajmitchLaserJock: 9pm-5am?06:41
Burgundaviacrimsun: that is why I now do sales06:41
secretlondoni'm more of a 9pm to 5am girl..06:41
LaserJockajmitch: no06:41
Burgundaviacrimsun: no more support for me06:41
nixternalimbrandon: my script is funkdafied..you might want the default one from the irssi website, or f0rked06:42
ajmitchBurgundavia: it sucked out your sanity?06:42
imbrandonnixternal: i tried that one, dosent work06:42
nixternalit works great imbrandon06:42
LaserJockBurgundavia: is sales that much better?06:42
Burgundaviaajmitch: yes, and destroyed my relationship with my then-gf and prevented me from working on Ubuntu, becuase I didn't want to see another computer when I got home06:42
BurgundaviaLaserJock: not much, but a litt06:43
ajmitchBurgundavia: ouch06:43
ajmitchI'm glad I have nothing to do with support06:43
Burgundaviaajmitch: she said "I was the most depressing and boring person she had ever seen"  after I got home06:43
StevenKBurgundavia: That's nice of her.06:44
nixternalforgot to shift+insert, not ctrl+v06:44
=== secretlondon suspects that if she gets a job it'll be in support
BurgundaviaStevenK: she and I get along very well, now, although she is my ex06:44
Burgundaviasecretlondon: where do you live?06:44
mneptonDo you know what noise awakes you every morning from your bed?  A-coming from the farthest hillside, a-coming from inside your head. You have heard the loudest sound. In this and every world you can think of06:44
secretlondonBurgundavia: lOndon, UK06:44
nixternalarg, i screenshotted the whole desktop, not just the window06:44
Burgundaviasecretlondon: for some reason I thought you were in Vancouver, but that wouldn't make much sense06:45
mneptonLouder than tanks on the highway. Louder than bombers in flight. Louder than noises of hatred. Dancing us from darkest night is the rhythm of love. Powered on the the beating of hearts!06:45
secretlondonBurgundavia: you've told me this before. I can confirm I'm not Canadian, although I bet it's nicer than here06:45
Burgundaviasecretlondon: yep06:45
Burgundaviamnepton: you are drunk06:46
mneptonBurgundavia: only on love for my fellow man. and fermented horse urine.06:46
crimsungotta drown one's support^Wsorrows06:46
=== StevenK tries to actually disentangle himself from work.
mneptonBurgundavia: high on life. and Afghani red.06:47
ajmitchBurgundavia: wouldn't you be after 2 weeks with canonical people?06:47
imbrandonhrm i wonder if irssi would run on my ipod ......06:47
Burgundaviaajmitch: I don't know, I didn't f**king go06:47
=== Burgundavia bitches about work
StevenKDear. Bitter much?06:47
elkbuntuajmitch, dont get him started please06:47
LaserJockhmm, well we know where he works and who his boss is ;-)06:47
nixternalelkbuntu: lol06:47
ajmitchelkbuntu: he has to let go of his hate sometime06:48
=== secretlondon points at automatix
Burgundaviaajmitch: I work for a company that should be in the dailywtf06:48
secretlondonfire you hate that way06:48
elkbuntuBurgundavia, logged channel06:48
LaserJocksecretlondon: he does, that an Launchpad06:48
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: I am welll aware of that, thank you :)06:48
elkbuntuBurgundavia, :06:49
BurgundaviaI have done nearly everythign I can and they still won't fire me06:49
StevenKWhy not resign?06:49
Burgundaviabecause we are ever so close to sanity06:49
Burgundaviaand lots of shiny money :)06:50
imbrandonman i have that interview in ~12 hours and i'm not sleepy , man-o-man tomarrow is gonna be fun06:50
StevenKI figured that was the reason.06:50
=== StevenK has just worked a full day on 3.5 hours sleep.
imbrandonohhh do you get a pony ? i want a pony ( but i'm in line after crimsun for one )06:50
Burgundaviano pony for me06:51
mneptono/~ For a heart without love is a song with no words and a tune to which no-one is listening. So your heart must give love and you'll find that you shine like rain on the leaves you'll be glistening. You have heard the loudest sound in this and every world you can think of. Louder than thoughts of dictators. Louder than rattling swords. Louder than loading of rifles. Louder than screaming warlords. Dancing us from darkest night is the rhythm06:51
mneptonof love. Powered on by the beating of hearts! o/~06:51
Burgundaviaholy crap06:51
nixternalBurgundavia: you actually blessed a turd?06:51
elkbuntumnepton, you're scaring the geeks06:51
imbrandoni feel for those on 80x24 irssi06:51
BurgundaviaDear imbrandon, my computer has been infected with KDE. Please advise as to its removal. Yours, Burgundavia06:52
imbrandoni feel for those on 80x24 anything actualy06:52
imbrandonBurgundavia: haha06:52
nixternalBurgundavia: sudo apt-get die06:52
secretlondonsome guy has offered me a serial console in return for having a drink with him..06:52
Burgundaviasecretlondon: take the serial console and run06:52
imbrandoni was thinking the same thing06:52
StevenKsecretlondon: Interesting pick up line...06:52
secretlondonBurgundavia: I get a 64 bit sun too so I'll have the drink06:53
imbrandoni just wondering how you met such a gent06:53
secretlondonvia my lug of course!06:53
Burgundavia"hey baby. Want to see my 'serial connector'?"06:53
Lathiati often use irssi in 80x2406:53
secretlondonwell via the lug irc channel06:53
=== StevenK twitches.
StevenKsecretlondon: What kind of Sparc?06:53
Lathiatdepends if i can bf resizing the window at the time06:53
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=david@c-67-175-74-85.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
secretlondonStevenK: It's an ultra 1, I've already got 5 Sparcstations 20s that I got off freecycle06:53
Burgundaviaimbrandon: try counting characters when updating a book06:54
=== StevenK pats the Ultra 5 he bought for $20
ajmitchsomehow I don't think I'll try using a serial console as a pickup :)06:54
StevenKajmitch: Hah06:54
imbrandonajmitch: hahaha , even at a lug ?06:54
secretlondonajmitch: he's about 10 years younger than me so it's a bit of a bizarre one06:54
ajmitchnot even ther06:54
StevenK"Will trade hardware for sexua..."06:55
=== StevenK trails off.
ajmitchbad StevenK06:55
StevenKIndeed, bad me.06:55
secretlondondecent hardware only06:55
imbrandonthats kinda like the paypal dontate button "not hungry, just broke" :)06:55
secretlondonold sunboxen that go for 15 on ebay don't count..06:55
imbrandonsecretlondon: hahaha06:55
StevenKsecretlondon: Haha06:56
StevenKsecretlondon: How about an account on an amd64 machine? :-P06:56
nixternalspamassassin and bogofilter are the biggest waste of applications i have ever seen06:56
secretlondonan account only?06:56
nixternalit takes them forever to learn06:56
StevenKsecretlondon: Well, I need the machine to do Ubuntu work on. :-)06:57
imbrandonStevenK: hhaha then many would "owe" me , LOL06:57
StevenKI wonder what your wife would say.06:57
Hobbseeimbrandon: i suspect you're out of luck with that ;P06:57
StevenKHeck, I wonder what mine would. :-P06:57
imbrandonStevenK: not much as i got the final divorce papers 2 days before UDS06:57
Admiral_Chicagowhere can people take their requests to add packages06:57
StevenKimbrandon: Neat. :-(06:58
imbrandonAdmiral_Chicago: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/MOTU/Canidates06:58
Admiral_Chicagosomone used LP and filed a bug to request a package in multiverse06:58
secretlondonAdmiral_Chicago: I'm looking at thatone, it's non free06:58
Admiral_Chicagoi don't know where to rederict theme06:58
imbrandon^^ sorry , there06:58
secretlondonyeah but it's non free06:58
imbrandonwell in general, for future ref06:58
secretlondonit'd be a sync from debian, but debian non-free06:58
Burgundaviasecretlondon: yay! for non-free supported crap. mnepton is clearly entirely too happy for a support person. We need to make his job harder. We could, say, ship a binary driver or two.06:59
Admiral_Chicagosecretlondon: yes hence multiverse.06:59
secretlondonthey claim the license is bsd-like, but debian clearly don't think so06:59
Admiral_Chicagoimbrandon: so you would need a MOTU to package it?06:59
Admiral_Chicagoi've been wanting to start packaging.06:59
nixternalBurgundavia: how about enabling composite by default?06:59
LaserJockBurgundavia: yeah well I got duped into packaging non-free stuff ;-)06:59
secretlondonfrostwire needs doing..06:59
Admiral_Chicagoi even talked to RichJ about it but i don't know where to start06:59
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: tell them my feelings about composite!06:59
BurgundaviaLaserJock: Userful paid you good dollars for that packaging06:59
nixternalRichJ is a punk07:00
Admiral_Chicagosecretlondon: bsd is completely different than GPL iirc07:00
nixternalwo0t, it is the 20th of november07:00
imbrandonrichJ == nixternal07:00
Burgundaviacanadian dollars even, none of that baseless US stff07:00
Admiral_Chicagocomposite is crap -- nixternal07:00
LaserJockBurgundavia: that check smelled a little Canadian though07:00
=== ajmitch wishes he got paid for packaging :)
nixternal3 days until mass amounts of turkey07:00
Admiral_Chicagoimbrandon: i know it07:00
secretlondonAdmiral_Chicago: it's not non-free, bsd would argue they were more free in fact07:00
nixternalthere you go Admiral_Chicago  ;p07:00
StevenKimbrandon: And one less set of family to deal with?07:00
secretlondonnixternal: we only do turkey at xmas here07:00
imbrandonAdmiral_Chicago: anyhow yes if you want to package something go for it, and put it on revu07:00
imbrandonStevenK: exactly07:00
nixternalsecretlondon: if it were up to me, i would eat turkey every day07:00
BurgundaviaLaserJock: besides, your packaging that means I get to use Ubuntu at my office07:00
Admiral_Chicagoimbrandon: i'm not sure where to start. i found some links but not sure07:01
LaserJockBurgundavia: really?07:01
secretlondonnixetrnal: i buy it as it is cheaper per lb than chicken..07:01
imbrandonAdmiral_Chicago: package guide07:01
Admiral_Chicagoimbrandon: i have that link, hmm maybe nixternal can help.07:01
BurgundaviaLaserJock: I decided to run Ubuntu in the Victoria office. having it packaged made it so much simpler07:01
Admiral_Chicagonixternal: i just volunteered you...07:01
nixternalim a red meat type of guy...i eat steak pretty much every other day, and mass amounts of pasta07:01
BurgundaviaLaserJock: also, our officially packaged stuff doesn't wokr on Ubuntu as where as your stuff does07:01
LaserJockBurgundavia: well then I'm glad I took your companies money then ;-)07:02
=== nixternal shows off his pimp hand
LaserJockif only it had paid for the money I lost in Paris :/07:02
imbrandonyou lost money ?07:03
crimsunpurchasing godhood is expensive.07:03
crimsun(no, it was a bad experience.)07:03
crimsunTheMuso: I see you've been initiated into the joys of merging native-source NMUs.07:04
=== Fujitsu [n=ubuntu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchLaserJock: that's only money07:04
ajmitchnot a laptop, wallet, etc07:04
Admiral_Chicagoi'll work on packaging that program07:05
Admiral_Chicagoi put it in the bug report07:06
imbrandonhrm i think i'm going to put pure ubuntu on the lappy, as i have plenty of kubuntu workstations07:06
=== imbrandon can feel the pull to the light ......... *resists* ......
=== secretlondon laughs
imbrandonwell it sucks when i dont even have _one_ ubuntu box to check stuff on07:07
imbrandonwho knows i might grow to like it , never more than kde though :)07:07
imbrandonhrm are there any gui mpeg/avi/some_movie_format to dvd.iso programs ?07:09
LaserJockimbrandon:  I had my wallet stolen in Paris07:09
imbrandonLaserJock: ouch07:09
=== kkubasik [n=kjk38@kjk38-laptop.student.cwru.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockdriver's license, money, all my credit cards, and stupidly my SS card07:09
imbrandonnot cool, pasport ?07:10
imbrandonluckly , still not cool at all07:10
LaserJockthat's all I had left, and like 10 euros07:10
ajmitchjoin the club!07:10
LaserJockand my cell phone didn't work07:10
imbrandonoh man07:11
LaserJockso I borrowed a phone from Jim McQuillan (LTSP guy) and Simon07:11
LaserJockso I could call the credit card companies and my wife07:11
imbrandonright right07:11
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockJim even loaned me $50 for the trip home07:12
LaserJockthat's what the community's all about07:12
LaserJockit was my first trip out of the US really07:12
imbrandonyea definatley07:13
elkbuntui wonder how ogra went with his wallet...07:13
mneptonelkbuntu: his passport was not in there, so he should be able to get home.07:13
LaserJockelkbuntu: he lost it?07:13
elkbuntumnepton, i know that, but he was going to follow up over the next week07:13
imbrandonorga lost his in mtv?07:14
elkbuntuLaserJock, yeah, after the UDS dinner, at the club07:14
LaserJockmust be an Edubuntu curse07:14
imbrandonouch, not fskin cool07:14
mneptonelkbuntu: he wasn;t overly concerned at AH, or at least hid it well07:14
=== Hobbsee makes a note that lots of stuff gets stolen at all UDS' :(
imbrandonmnepton: yall all back home ( or will be soon ) from AH07:14
LaserJockwell, at least he has his pants :-)07:14
nixternalheh, welcome to the us, where your id/info is worth more that your weight in gold though07:15
elkbuntumnepton, i think he'd come to terms by the time we got back to the hotel, but he was going to try find trace of it anyway07:15
Admiral_Chicagofor real, it's ridiculously easy to steal someone's identity07:15
secretlondonthe media go on about it all the time here, but i'm not sure how much it happens in practice07:15
BurgundaviaAdmiral_Chicago: it has always been though07:16
secretlondonthe government are using it as an excuse to introduce id cards and a scary database07:16
imbrandonsecretlondon: alot more than one would guess07:16
elkbuntui was not at all concerned about leaving my stuff in the conference room, but outside there i was wary07:16
mneptonimbrandon: most of us are home, but some people are still in transit, and others are taking time off to explore SF.07:16
imbrandonmnepton: ahh cool07:16
=== mnepton is in the office and slaving over a hot keyboard
imbrandonnight shift07:16
imbrandon11p - 2a ?07:16
Admiral_ChicagoBurgundavia: i guess you're correct. i've learned so many "this is how someone can steal your identity" off the news that I could probably do it07:17
mneptonONE! ONE AM! A HA HA HA HA! *lightning flash*07:17
secretlondonmnepton: 6am! I WIN07:17
BurgundaviaAdmiral_Chicago: the primary difference now, as with copying stuff, is that it is easier to do07:17
mnepton2300-0800 for me07:17
Admiral_Chicagoheck i bet i could do get someone's information right now07:17
elkbuntumnepton, those who didnt hear you and jono at uds will not appreciate that as much, you know07:18
elkbuntuor, at allhands as well, i guess07:18
mneptonelkbuntu: i pee on context.07:18
imbrandonwow ok07:18
imbrandoni think if the next UDS is in spain like mark hinted at, i'07:19
imbrandonm gonna take some extra time to see EU07:19
StevenKelkbuntu: Did you post my present, by the way? :-P07:20
ajmitchmnepton: brave of you to take that shift07:20
Admiral_Chicagobut i'm not going to, i'll just keep my self secure07:20
LaserJockimbrandon: we'll see07:20
elkbuntuStevenK, um... um.. crap07:20
LaserJockI'm betting on the UK07:20
elkbuntuStevenK, i have reasons, but they're non disclosable07:20
imbrandoneither way, i'd rather see the UK than spain anyhow07:20
HobbseeStevenK: clearly, you dont get a present07:20
ajmitchStevenK: you get gifts?!07:20
StevenKelkbuntu: It's fine, I was just checking.07:20
mneptonimbrandon: if UDS was in Bangkok we could go on a Laotian teenage spanking tour. or sunbathe. or whatever.07:20
elkbuntuHobbsee, there will be something for you too07:21
=== mnepton shrugs
Hobbseeajmitch: he's delusional, he only thinks he's getting them07:21
Hobbseeelkbuntu: oh?07:21
StevenKajmitch: Two Ubuntu CDs. Woot.07:21
Hobbseeelkbuntu: what?07:21
imbrandonmnepton: hahaha07:21
crimsunthat hurts, man. StevenK gets gifts, and my ponies get slaughtered.07:21
elkbuntuHobbsee, super secret07:21
secretlondonooh spain could be cheap enough for me to get to07:21
crimsunIt just isn't fair! </wail>07:21
LaserJockcrimsun: lol07:21
secretlondonuk would obviously be cheaper07:21
secretlondon(for me anyway)07:21
=== ajmitch shouldn't have brought up those memories of pony sacrifices
imbrandonheh, every linux happening in 07 seems to be in the UK07:21
secretlondonI know - it's great07:22
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp231-64.lns3.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
secretlondonI need to decide which to go to07:22
LaserJockmy wife says we need one in Hawaii07:22
=== ajmitch won't get to any of them
=== imbrandon needs to take a year off and live in the UK for 07
imbrandonif i had the money i would, but alas , all the cool stuff you need lots of money for it seems07:23
=== imbrandon needs to win the lottery
elkbuntuyeah :(07:23
LaserJockyeah, lasers cost a ton07:23
LaserJockand then the sharks ...07:23
imbrandonsharks ?07:24
LaserJocksea bass are cheaper at least07:24
ajmitchsharks with frickin laser beams on their heads07:24
=== imbrandon has a manta ray tattoo , does that count ?
lotusleafimbrandon: were I to win the lottery, I'd introduce america to the beautiful wonders of Kubuntu. :) Ahhh, K D E.. just say it, rolls off the tongue something fine.07:24
elkbuntuimbrandon, when a manta ray manages to kill an environmentalist, maybe07:24
imbrandonlotusleaf: :)07:25
ajmitchlotusleaf: I think customs may have something to say about that07:25
imbrandonelkbuntu: thats a stingray, manta's are harmeless07:25
elkbuntuimbrandon, i know that. that was my point07:25
imbrandonplus manta rays are much much larger07:25
elkbuntui know that as well07:25
LaserJocknow now kids, let's not fight over who's ray is bigger07:26
imbrandonhrm , i just thought about it, i never hit the pool ( too cold ) so i never showed anyone my manta tattoo in UDS07:26
imbrandonLaserJock: hahahaha07:26
lotusleafLaserJock: that's a topic if I've ever seen one07:26
mneptoni want a tattoo of a bigger penis on my penis.07:27
=== StevenK packs up.
Hobbsee(< ....................07:27
imbrandonHobbsee: nah thats (< ...... o ........07:28
Hobbseegood point07:28
Hobbseemnepton: well, you certainly killed the conversation there.07:28
Burgundaviastabby stabby07:28
ajmitchmust be a slow evening in montreal07:28
LaserJocksorry, didn't mean to go that direction07:28
lotusleaf "Global Orgasm For Peace" http://wcbstv.com/topstories/local_story_323212551.html07:29
LaserJockshould have know the Canonical guy would do that ;-)07:29
elkbuntumnepton, congratulations. you're weirder on IRC than you are in person. Usually it is the other way around.07:29
imbrandoni scared the hell out of an old GF one time by driving down the middle of the road "eating the yellow pellets" making packman noises07:29
ajmitchelkbuntu: for mnepton, that was quite a challenge07:29
elkbuntuajmitch, so true07:29
secretlondoni reckon working at canonical must do that to you07:29
mneptondealing with the 2 week backlog of mail (especially lists) is driving me around the bend.07:30
imbrandon /win 7607:31
imbrandonahhhh crud, i just overode my ipod kubuntu logo /me cries07:32
nixternalare there even 76 channels on freenode?07:32
nixternalthat is probably why it keeps splitting all the time07:32
ajmitchof course07:33
nixternalchannel overload07:33
VoXdoesnt need to be just channels07:33
Burgundaviadear imbrandon, thanks for you last email. I have discovered that the "apt-get --purge remove kde-crap" works splendidly. Yours, Burgundavia07:33
imbrandonBurgundavia: hehe07:33
nixternalVoX: imbrandon isn't that cool that 76 people message him ;p07:33
elkbuntuBurgundavia, rofl07:33
imbrandonBurgundavia: kde basing mood tonight ?07:33
mneptonyou can freebase KDE?07:34
mneptonexplains a lot.07:34
nixternalimbrandon: im surprised he can even spell KDE07:34
imbrandonjust rool it into one of your smokes mnepton07:34
nixternalat least our DE doesn't need dr. scholls07:34
Burgundaviaimbrandon: well, I started the language selector thingy and it started downloading the kde lang pack. I was like "why I am getting this giant steaming pile?" I already have the gnome-en-steaming-pile downloaded07:34
mnepton"wow! this goes right to your head! everything is shiny and ... OH GOD! MY HEAD IS ON FIRE!"07:35
Burgundaviathen I remembered I installed konsole and I so I nuked that and all was good07:35
Hobbseeis there any form of good pinball under linux?  the one in repos sucks, and i never got the one distributed with windows under wine07:35
nixternalHobbsee: i found one on sourceforge a while back that was good07:35
Hobbseei think that's the one i found07:36
nixternalbut i can't seem to find it..i was playing it on my brothers computer earlier07:36
=== vil [n=vladimir@catv-tisnov-86.selfnet.cz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandondefinately a strange night on irc07:37
=== secretlondon nods
Hobbseehmmm.  aparently the one on windows will work under wine.07:38
nixternali don't drink07:39
nixternalso i guess i can't play it then07:39
mneptonfor the record, Canonical Support has the *best* on-hold music evar. that is all.07:39
Lathiatwhat is it?07:39
mnepton"Sea Green" by William Orbit07:40
imbrandonmnepton: slipknot ?07:40
nixternalwilliam orbit!!07:40
=== mnepton has it cranked ATM
imbrandondid jeff pick it ?07:40
=== mnepton did
=== imbrandon votes for slipknot
elkbuntuis it 'i dream of jeanie'07:40
mneptonelkbuntu: changing it now. just for you.07:41
=== elkbuntu twitches
Lathiathttp://www.williamorbit.com/ has sea green07:41
nixternali hope sabdfl doesn't read this log, he will be upset to see that you are hanging out on IRC while on the clock ;)07:42
imbrandonnot really07:42
ajmitchmnepton is often on irc :)07:42
LaserJockevery Canonical is on IRC on the clock07:43
nixternalall i did was hang out on irc when i worked at at&t and microsoft..but ms had an issue with that obviously07:43
imbrandonvery often, just not in -motu mostly ( till tonight )07:43
ajmitchisn't it great to have a celebrity in our midst?07:43
imbrandonnixternal: shouldent you be in the SuSE chan ?07:43
nixternalheh, probably07:43
nixternalimbrandon: watch it, i will let cats out of the bag07:44
mneptonnixternal: of course they did. any company that architects something like MS Comic Chat obviously has absolutely no understanding of IRC.07:44
nixternalomg comic chat07:44
imbrandonmnepton: hahaha07:44
nixternalthat is so 28607:44
=== MagnusR [n=magru@c83-252-237-96.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-motu
nixternalthat was rediculous07:44
=== mnepton appears as "Fun Guy 4000!"
=== secretlondon ponders tcp throat pastilles
LaserJock3 reviews done07:50
ajmitchwell done07:50
imbrandonsecretlondon: wasent it you last night that was talking about second life ?07:50
secretlondonthere is an alpha client07:50
imbrandoncheck this : http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/11/20/0218221&from=rss07:51
secretlondoni don't have good enough net to access it atm07:51
imbrandoningame worm07:51
secretlondonthere's been several self replicating objevcts that have taken the grid down07:51
imbrandonyea, thats too funny07:51
LaserJockajmitch: and not a single one advocated ;-)07:51
imbrandonthere is a linux alpha client ?07:51
imbrandoni might have to check that out sometime07:52
imbrandonwaste soem cpu cycles07:52
ajmitchLaserJock: I'm impressed07:52
imbrandonhrm someone want to post me a PS3 so i can load ubuntu on it and show the fc5 guys up07:52
secretlondonyep - linux alpha client done by iccarus07:52
LaserJockajmitch: with my review or not advocating07:53
=== imbrandon just wants to see the cell processor at work
ajmitchLaserJock: both07:53
ajmitchimbrandon: it probably won't be that impressive07:53
imbrandonajmitch: yea there was a ton of hype about it, but its got to be better than my xboxes running gentoo ( faster )07:53
secretlondonimbrandon: that sounds not much different from the ones they've bene having for the last 12 months07:54
imbrandonsecretlondon: probably not07:54
ajmitchimbrandon: maybe - a standard linux distro won't use much of the SPE power07:54
imbrandonsecretlondon: i just noticved them though07:54
ajmitchsince apps need to be written to use them07:54
secretlondonthey use linden scripting language07:54
imbrandonajmitch: true07:54
secretlondonit's not that powerful07:54
imbrandonbut neither is my celeron 733 mhz xboxes07:55
imbrandonwith only 64mb of ram07:55
imbrandonits funny though in the fc5 video, when he is showing off the gnome desktop on the ps3, he said "you should be familiar with gnome if you run ubuntu on your PC" , hehehe07:56
imbrandonthats totaly classsic07:56
elkbuntu"Apparently, most people are willing to touch an object they've never seen before" .. well yeah, "Spinning gold rings" fall in to the 'OOH SHINY' category of things.07:57
=== realist wonders how any of you get any work done... (re: IRC'ing on the clock)
imbrandonrealist: same way the rest of us do, multi task and backlogs :)07:57
imbrandonsupport is mostly email and phone anyhow :)07:57
secretlondonthere have been loads of self-replicating objects - they started out as tubgirl things made by one of the something awful crowd07:57
secretlondonsecond life goes through phases of mass hysteria which gets tiring07:58
realistimbrandon: I wasn't necessarily referring to support, more like, chat impeding on constructive use of time ;p07:58
secretlondonit interferes with their sim nesting, and the other crap that people do when they have the choice to do more interesting things07:58
nixternalomg tubgirl08:00
nixternalat one time in 1999, if you googled my old nick, it was tied in for spamming every efnet channel with that08:00
nixternaland so the first thing for my nick in google was tubgirl08:00
secretlondonnixternal: how did that happen?08:01
nixternali have no clue08:01
imbrandonwow, now thats something to brag about , heh08:01
nixternali didn't do it08:01
nixternalsomeone used my same nick and did it08:01
imbrandoninfact i think it was mnepton i was telling in UDS ( along with the other smokers ) about tubgirl08:01
nixternali never been on efnet for more than 2 minutes in my life08:02
Burgundaviawhy was gaim-meanwhile dropped from edgy?08:02
secretlondonwikipedia has a page on shock sites - you can find them all there08:02
nixternalya, tubgirl was the first rated x image rotten.com ever did in 199608:02
ajmitchBurgundavia: because it was incorporated in gaim source package, but not built due to main/universe split08:02
mneptonimbrandon: yeah, we had a tubgirl convo. turns out it's *not* my mom. so there. :P08:03
Burgundaviaajmitch: so how does an edgy user use meanwhile?08:03
ajmitchBurgundavia: they don't08:03
secretlondonmnepton: it's your girlfriend?08:03
secretlondonor is that goatse?08:03
imbrandonmnepton: lol08:03
mneptonsecretlondon: not any more.08:03
nixternalheh, wikipedia has all of the oldies on there08:03
imbrandonBurgundavia: it will probably get backported at some point i woudl assume08:04
nixternalrotten.com and faces of death...2 things i couldn't look at w/o getting sick08:04
Burgundaviaimbrandon: right, that is lovely08:04
Burgundaviaajmitch: there are binary only relegations08:04
ajmitchBurgundavia: correct08:08
ajmitchbut libmeanwhile-dev is in universe08:08
ajmitch& a source package in main cannot build-depend on anything in universe08:08
Burgundaviaa little frustrating, because ti is a regression08:08
ajmitchI know08:08
ajmitchtake it up with the friendly support people :)08:09
Burgundaviadid somebody just no write a MIR for libmeanwhile08:09
ajmitchprobably not08:09
mneptonwe touch very, VERY little in Uni or Multi08:09
ajmitchprobably a good thing :)08:10
ajmitchleave that for the MOTUs to break08:10
LaserJockyeah, we don't want any crazy Canonical people touching our perfect breakage08:10
freeflyinganyone working on opensync-plugin-* stuff now?08:11
ajmitchazeem owns them08:11
ajmitchfreeflying: you wanting them merged?08:11
freeflyingajmitch: ya, and upgrade to the lastet08:12
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhi Lure08:16
Lurehi ajmitch & others08:16
=== dous [n=dous@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mneptonthey called the club the "two headed cow." put your hate, clipped and distant of your love. rest assured this will not last. take a turn for the worse. the pilgrimage has gained momentum.08:20
imbrandonthere isnt much us ( as freenode staff ) can do about inter channel poltics and the ban, you will have to take that up with b0at and or the other channel ops, but we can and will keep a close eye on the channel and make sure it dosent go overboard08:21
imbrandongah wrong window, sorry08:21
imbrandoni hate irssi at times08:22
freeflyingLure: hi08:22
imbrandonheya Lure08:22
ajmitchpoor imbrandon :)08:23
Lureimbrandon: drop some channels and at least probability will decrease ;-)08:23
elkbuntuyeah, as if you'd agree to be freenode staff...08:23
=== rvalles [n=lodoss@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonelkbuntu: huh ?08:24
imbrandonLure: hehe08:24
imbrandonelkbuntu: i'm on "/stats p" atm so i get all the fun PM's08:25
imbrandonsivang: moins08:25
elkbuntuimbrandon, staffing freenode is not personally on my lists of 'things to make me go insane'08:25
elkbuntuthere's plenty of less painful ways to achieve that08:25
sivangmoin moin imbrandon08:25
imbrandonits not actualy that bad08:25
=== minghua [n=minghua@ubuntu/member/minghua] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonalot less bad then when i agreed to try it08:25
realistimbrandon: set up a generic cloak for me please :-)08:25
imbrandonrealist: is your name registered ?08:26
ubuntu-esmnepton: Error: "gline.target" is not a valid command.08:26
mneptonubuntu-es: chupa mi culo.08:26
ubuntu-esmnepton: Error: "chupa" is not a valid command.08:26
realistimbrandon: yes08:27
imbrandonrealist: k one minute08:27
imbrandonrealist: Before we can make a cloak for you, please check that you have done all the steps at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - especially the email and and alternate nick setup. It *is* important! Let me know when that's done?08:29
ajmitchimbrandon: cut & paste? ;)08:29
imbrandonajmitch: yea08:29
ajmitchtoo obvious08:30
=== mzli [n=mzli@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Lureajmitch: so imnotbrandon ;-)08:30
imbrandoni need to set an alias for it08:30
realistimbrandon: I think that's all done08:35
imbrandonCloak for [realist]  has been toggled [ON]  and changed to [unaffiliated/realist] 08:38
realistcheers ;-)08:38
=== ajmitch isn't special enough to have one of those cloaks :(
imbrandonajmitch: you have a uber ubuntu one :)08:39
Lathiatshould be super/ajmitch08:41
imbrandoni dont even have a staff cloak /yet/08:41
=== imbrandon is kinda glad
ajmitchyou deserve one08:41
ajmitchthen you get all the groupies on irc08:41
crimsunwoo, groupies!08:41
=== ajmitch hands crimsun a pony
crimsunthese dead ponies just ain't the same08:42
secretlondonfreenode groupies?08:42
Lathiatooh, dead pony jokes, thats low08:42
ajmitchLathiat: we were talking about pony sacrifices earlier08:42
ajmitchsecretlondon: don't you wish you had some?08:43
secretlondonajmitch: I guess so08:43
imbrandondont kill the ponies08:43
=== LaserJock hands out a round of golden ponies
=== mnepton bounces
Burgundaviamnepton: how good is your chipset coverage in your test lab?08:48
mneptonBurgundavia: pretty good for Intel stuffs. and Sun.08:49
Burgundaviamnepton: just wondering. Looking at the huge numbers of obsolete and old docs here08:49
=== rob [i=RobertSt@freenode/staff/rob] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mneptonBurgundavia: "here" being ... ?08:49
Burgundaviamnepton: the help wiki08:50
Burgundaviaminghua: ping08:50
minghuaBurgundavia: yes?08:51
Burgundaviaminghua: Japanese Input: ref : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JapaneseInputHowToInBreezy08:51
Burgundaviahow much of that is obsolete?08:51
imbrandonrob: ping08:52
robimbrandon: pong08:52
imbrandonajmitch: op up for a sec please, then un op08:52
=== ajmitch didn't do it!
robok, well I cannot op up in here without my staff access either08:53
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [+o ajmitch] by ChanServ
imbrandonstrange, ok08:53
minghuaBurgundavia: not really obsolete, however: (1) packages not in main, while we have another Japanese input method in main; (2) a lot of the suggestions are probably not the best ones08:53
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [-o ajmitch] by ajmitch
imbrandonahh there it go's08:54
ajmitchimbrandon: happy?08:54
minghuaBurgundavia: but I don't use uim myself to give a more educated opinion08:54
ajmitchwhat did it do?08:54
robhmm what the?08:54
Burgundaviaminghua: is there somebody I could bully into rewriting that?08:54
imbrandonajmitch: trying to fix the access rights a bit08:54
imbrandonrob: see?08:54
ajmitchimbrandon: ok..08:54
ajmitchimbrandon: I'm happy :)08:54
minghuaBurgundavia: other than me?  I'm afraid no, at least I am not aware of08:55
=== minghua hides
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [+o imbrandon] by ChanServ
=== ajmitch hides
imbrandonhrm now i cant deop08:56
enycIm having a bizarre bug with ubuntu-dapper (on amd64-server) with  "qpsmtpd" package. (an SMTPD listener that injects mail into MTAs or Maildir, written in perl) -- On system reboot, the needed /var/run/qpsmtpd directory seems to vanish and I have to add 2 lines to mkdir/chown /var/run/qpsmtpd in the init script !  ?is anybody here familiar with this sort of problem?08:56
ajmitch /deop imbrandon08:56
crimsunyou can't deop yourself?08:56
=== mode/#ubuntu-motu [-o imbrandon] by imbrandon
robimbrandon: ok, leave it with me08:56
imbrandonahh there we go08:56
imbrandonrob: thanks08:56
ajmitchenyc: file a bug if it's not already there08:56
ajmitchif there's a bug, attach a patch08:57
enycajmitch: fair enough... is something set to clear /var/run  on ubuntu-boot that doesn't happen in debian?08:57
crimsun/var/run is tmpfs08:57
crimsunit always goes away08:57
minghuathat /var/run problem is well known08:58
minghuadebian-devel list had a long discussion a few days ago08:58
enycI see I see08:58
enycso packages that include a /var/run/??? dir  as part of the post-install of the .deb wll work.... but not after reboot08:59
enycminghua: hrrm what conclusions/decisions were made about that then?09:00
crimsunthe correct fix is to add the requisite stanzas to debian/{foo.,}init09:00
crimsun(for Ubuntu, that is)09:00
minghuaenyc: I remember one way is to check and make the directory in the /etc/init.d/ script09:00
enyccrimsun: I see, wihch then puts them in the init.d scrupt09:00
lotusleafSABDFL has a posse poster released for download: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29674209:00
=== Lure [n=lure@external-7.hermes.si] has joined #ubuntu-motu
minghuaenyc: I don't really remember, I am not familiar with daemon things09:01
enycI think I shall look at adifferent ubuntu package that also has a dir in /var/run ;-)09:01
enycthankyou all ;-)09:01
crimsunenyc: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2006-January/000048.html09:01
enycI shall post bugreport whin I have patched it  (or failed to patch it)09:01
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imbrandonroom dies09:45
pygiimbrandon: nah :P09:47
elkbuntuimbrandon, i could try start it back up again... :09:51
elkbuntubut it was so fun!09:54
=== pyc [n=loell@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== mnepton wriggles erotically
elkbuntuoh HELL no10:01
=== mnepton wriggles erotically in elkbuntu's sleeping bag
elkbuntuthank goodness im not in it10:02
mneptonnice work controlling that gag reflex.10:02
StevenKKind of interesting getting into a rolled up sleeping bag, too.10:03
azeemfreeflying: I'll update the opensync plugins in Debian once etch releases and will then sync them over, unless somebody else takes action first10:03
=== StevenK wonders.
StevenKIf a package has been uploaded to Debian as native, should I fix it to not be in the merge to Ubuntu if it isn't supposed to be...10:05
imbrandonStevenK: huh ?10:05
crimsunStevenK: that's really up to you.10:06
crimsunpersonally I tend to try and avoid deltas, but if you feel correctness is more important, then go for it10:06
StevenKMeh, don't care enough.10:07
freeflyingazeem: why no libopensync-plugins-palm in ubuntu?10:14
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mneptonfabbione, silbs, mnep, sabdfl.10:19
imbrandonmnepton: was that at AH ?10:20
=== mnepton = scofflaw
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azeemfreeflying: somebody synced them recently and maybe forgot, I haven't looked at opensync in Ubuntu since it was clear 0.19 wouldn't make it into edgy10:26
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xerxasHi all !11:34
=== jinty [n=jinty@137.Red-83-50-216.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== Hobbsee attacks mnepton with her Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ARRR!!!!!
sivangmnepton: on the night shift again? :)11:49
=== selinuxium_ [n=james@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mneptonsivang: never been off it. just interrupted for UDS and AH11:51
sivangmnepton: ah, I see, already back on Quebec ?11:51
sivangmnepton: (I didn't know folks could claim the night shift indefintely ;))11:51
=== mnepton puts out one of Hobbsee's eyes and severs a hand, replacing it with a hook
=== Hobbsee attacks mnepton with her hooked hand, AND her Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mneptonsivang: i'm Canonical's token vampire.11:52
=== mnepton falls in love with Hobbsee's buried booty and poop deck
=== sivang wonders what is a poop deck
mneptonarr! i love ya, lass! but i'm married t'd'sea! yar.11:53
sivangmnepton: dude sounds like you could use some compnay there on the graveyard shift11:53
sivangmnepton: how busy can it get at nights?11:53
=== Hobbsee makes mnepton WALK THE PLANK for such a comment
mneptonsivang: busy enough11:54
mneptonHobbsee: you're just making it worse. women in pirate garb are a personal weakness. arr.11:54
Hobbseeoh dear.11:55
sivangHobbsee: don't encourage him :)11:55
sivangHobbsee: he's getting out of hand11:55
Hobbseesivang: so it seems.  oh dear is all i can say.11:55
Hobbseegood thing i dont work for canonical.11:55
sivangHobbsee: I'm sure it's all </jokes> don't take him seriously he's a really nice guy , trust me11:55
=== mnepton is a self-important FLOSS geek with no sense of humor and the social skills of a rabid wolverine
mnepton(and let's not get into my personal hygiene. or lack thereof.)11:56
Hobbseemnepton: you should have been here on talk like a pirate day.11:57
=== Hobbsee suspects mnepton would have enjoyed that
mneptonHobbsee: by request of the world's population i was not allowed on the Interblag on TLAPD11:58
Hobbseeoh right11:59
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bhalewhat is mario danic's irc name12:47
siretartbhale: pygi, IIRC12:48
bhaleyou cannot comment on his blog w/o making an account12:49
=== StevenK wishes to finish this after hours support thing and go to bed.
gnomefreakwho is a motu reviewer?12:49
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sivangbhale: which post do you wish to comment on?01:07
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giskardsivang, ping01:44
sivanggiskard: pong01:45
=== givre [n=Florent@APuteaux-152-1-57-200.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu-motu []
sivanggiskard: although I have very bad ntwork, could disconnect without warning01:45
giskardsivang, what about libnotify/notification daemon?01:46
sivanggiskard: looks good, should upload today01:47
sivanggiskard: have you uploaded 0.3.6 to debian?01:47
giskardsivang, you are building it against libgtk2.10?01:47
giskardsivang, no :(01:48
giskardsivang, g-p-m need 0.4.3 (built with gtk2.10 support) so i'm waiting you ;)01:48
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=== rytmisk [n=irc@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivanggiskard: so you need libnotify to be rebuilt against libtk2.0 ?01:50
=== lastnode__ [n=lastnode@unaffiliated/mahangu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== slytherin [n=onkarshi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
giskardsivang, yes, because of this01:50
sivanggiskard: right, seems like a simple sync, I'll ping you when it's done01:51
slytheringiskard: ping.01:51
giskardnotification.h:90:#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2, 9, 2)01:52
giskardsivang, for the notify_notification_new_with_status_icon()01:52
giskardslytherin, :)01:52
slytheringiskard: I pinged you because we both are on bluetooth team. I recently made packages for the vfs module developed by James. I am not a MOTU. SO I wanted to know if anyone can take over from me and include these packages for feisty.01:54
ogragiskard, libnotify is a manual merge listed on MOM ... slomo seems to be responsible for it01:54
giskardslytherin, yeah :) could you point me to the sources + diff + dsc01:55
giskardogra, right, but afaik sivang is working on it. if you wait a sec i will point you to mai diff dsc01:56
=== giskard want a "ubuntu" place where store this kind of stuff
slytheringiskard: I haven't uploaded them anywhere. I just added binary packages on wiki. I will do that in my night. Also the packages are built from svn and bzr branch. So can't really point to sources.01:56
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-motu
giskardslytherin, orig.tar.gz + package.diff.gz and package.dsc :)01:57
slytheringiskard: I will try to get original sources. Rest of the files I will upload somewhere in my night. Currently in office working on win2K01:59
slytheringiskard: Meanwhile, you can try the packages and provide me feedback. Check 'Edgy+1' section of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth/TODO02:05
giskardi will try it02:05
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xerxasgiskard,  Hi !02:29
xerxasdo you know if there's already some stuff to do with telepathy for feisty ?02:29
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@unix0.york.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
giskardxerxas, i guess we have already pushed all the packages in feisty, also t-sharp02:34
xerxast-sharp ?02:34
xerxasis that c sharp telepathy bindings ?02:34
gnomefreakanyone here on the ubuntu-science team that has a few minutes02:36
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xerxasPackage libboost-thread-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package.02:46
xerxasThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or02:46
xerxasis only available from another source02:46
xerxasE: Package libboost-thread-dev has no installation candidate02:46
xerxasE: Could not satisfy build-dependency.02:46
xerxasE: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.02:46
xerxasthis is in pbuilder, but I can install it on a feisty02:47
=== givre [n=Florent@APuteaux-152-1-12-37.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
xerxasI have this in my pbuilderrc: COMPONENTS="main restricted universe multiverse"02:47
xerxasbut I have created my pbuilder before changing that02:47
xerxasshould I update, or recreate my pbuilder chroot to allow multiverse packages ?02:48
xerxas(I think that libboost-thread-dev is in multiverse )02:48
slytherinxerxas: Try 'pbuilder update --override-config once'02:49
xerxasslytherin,  what is it supposed to do ?02:49
xerxaschange the sources.list within the chroot ?02:49
xerxas(slytherin, thanks)02:50
slytherinxerxas: Yes. Because I had forgot the universe component and just doing a pbuilder update didn't help. Someone on this channel told me about that option02:50
xerxasslytherin,  ok ! great !02:51
geserxerxas: if this doesn't work try 'pbuilder update --overwrite-config --othermirror "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty universe multiverse" '02:52
geserI hope I got the syntax right02:52
xerxasgeser,  thank02:52
xerxasslytherin,  geser , first solution works !02:57
xerxasthanks all !02:57
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slomo_ogra, giskard: sivang is merging it04:16
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giskardslomo_, yes i know ;)04:34
slomo_ok ;)04:36
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scotthI'm bored, is there anything quick that someone who is bored might be able to knock out quickly?05:14
=== Ingar [n=saltvik@ti500720a080-9455.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zulscotth: you might want to try triaging bugs in launchpad05:17
fowlduckscotth, www.digg.com = time waster of the century05:18
scotthI'm quite familiar with digg, I just felt like being useful today... funny that...05:19
scotthis there any docs on the proper way to triage bugs?05:19
zulyep check the wiki05:22
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bddebianHeya gang05:47
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bhalesivang: regarding beagle..06:23
bhalesivang: i will wait for him on irc06:23
giskardhello bhale06:27
=== redguy [n=mati@public-gprs6973.centertel.pl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bhalehi gis06:31
=== Burgwork [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgworkif somebody wants to write a reponse, we can fridge it06:48
hubbe my guest06:49
hubwrite it06:49
Burgworkjoejaxx: you have been added to DW06:51
joejaxxi found that out early this morning :)06:52
joejaxxlaserjoc k told me06:52
Burgworkthere are 3 Ubuntu derivs added to the list on DW this week06:53
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nixternalBurgwork: there are 2 more ubuntu based distros in the waiting list as well07:01
Burgworknixternal: yep, saw that07:01
nixternali figured the multimedia one would have already been there..guess not07:01
nixternalactually, just 1, the kids without is a program similar to free geek07:02
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zulit seems to me that everyone and their mothers have a derived distro07:07
thomthat was kinda the point07:08
zulheh didnt think it that way07:08
nixternali am developing Wooohoooobuntu07:08
giskardogra, ping07:09
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bhale!seen pygi07:19
ubotuI last saw pygi (n=mario@83-131-5-108.adsl.net.t-com.hr) 8h 17m 41s ago, quiting: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)07:19
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chantrAw_hi, i'm having trouble signing a package with pbuilder :s07:24
=== chantrAw_ is now known as chantra
chantraI've tried pbuilder build xxxx.dsc --debbuildopts  -kmykey , but it did not seem to work :s07:25
chantrasorry, I should sign using debuild :s07:31
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enychrrm I think I may have done omething silly rceating a bug in launchpad whotnot07:54
=== vil [n=vladimir@catv-tisnov-86.selfnet.cz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
enycI was trying te create a bug about dapper and qpsmtpd07:54
enyc?how do I see all the bugs I have created?07:55
slytherinenyc: go to your profile, cleck Bugs in sidebar and then reported07:56
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teledyn_hello, is there a baseline release of debian that packages can be built against to be usable/includable in ubuntu?08:01
=== vil [n=vladimir@catv-tisnov-86.selfnet.cz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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enycanyway... https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/qpsmtpd/+bug/7260208:02
enycis there...08:02
UbugtuMalone bug 72602 in qpsmtpd "qpsmtpd fails after reboot due to /var/run/qpsmtpd lost by tmpfs" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 08:02
enycbut I dont know howto tag that for daaaper or universe  or who to 'assign' the bug to08:02
crimsunteledyn_: no, build against Ubuntu.08:02
crimsunenyc: do not assign to anyone unless you have his/her express permission.08:03
=== reggaemanu [n=manu@ARennes-257-1-147-55.w86-210.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
teledyn_crimsun: if you want a package to be usable against debian and multiple debian-derived distros, would you need to build many packages then?  too bad you can't build just one08:04
seaLnethey would need to be built for each however there might be very little changed in the source package apart from the distro to build for depending on the package08:05
bluefoxicyoprofile is still broken.08:05
bluefoxicyhttps://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/oprofile/+bug/69455  Fix released in debian.08:05
UbugtuMalone bug 69455 in oprofile "bashism in oprofile's opcontrol script prevents user from setting any events" [Unknown,Fix released] 08:05
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teledyn_seaLne: given that feisty fawn isn't really a working distro yet, how would you build packages for it?  or would you wait?08:07
teledyn_seaLne: or would stuff in sid automatically at some point get included in it?08:08
seaLneusing pbuilder08:08
crimsunbluefoxicy: I fixed that a while ago08:08
crimsun[did you check edgy-proposed]  ?08:09
bluefoxicyproposed huh?08:09
ubotupbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto08:09
crimsunteledyn_: yes.08:09
teledyn_ah very cool    i used to build stuff for different releases in chroots08:10
crimsunteledyn_: (yes referring to generating multiple binary packages)08:10
teledyn_thanks guys08:14
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gnomefreakLaserJock: you have a minute?09:05
LaserJockgnomefreak: depends, what's up?09:05
gnomefreakhow much do you know about xdrawchem?09:05
gnomefreakxdrawcehm crashes on edgy but not on feisty  same version09:06
azeemgnomefreak: on startup?09:06
LaserJockit's not an edgy vs. feisty thing09:06
LaserJockwhen you use the text tool09:06
gnomefreakazeem: no on the text part of it09:06
gnomefreakdamn hes good09:07
LaserJockbut it only happens for some people09:07
LaserJockthe bug author said it's because of an undeclared variable09:07
LaserJockso that for some people it's True and for some it's False09:07
=== gnomefreak not highly sure of that
LaserJockor something like that09:07
gnomefreakthe varibles are hardcoded in source arnt they?09:08
LaserJockwell, I'm not sure how it would work09:08
LaserJockI would *think* at runtime it would decide what it was09:08
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azeemwhat's the bugnumber?09:09
gnomefreakthats a hard one let me see if i hav eit09:10
UbugtuMalone bug 71851 in xdrawchem "the program was closed unexpectedly" [Unknown,Unknown] 09:10
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LaserJockgnomefreak: but I have tested it on Edgy and it worked for me09:15
gnomefreaki dont have anything but a feisty pc atm :(09:16
gnomefreakyes i know bad bad bad09:16
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LaserJockmorning ajmitch09:19
LaserJockok, so I tried it on another edgy machine and it crashed09:20
LaserJockso for 2 edgy machines I have, 1 crashes and 1 doesn't :-)09:20
zulhey ajmitch09:21
gnomefreakthats weird09:24
gnomefreaktheres got to be more than a varible issue than IMO09:24
pygihey all09:27
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cbx33LaserJock, want me to give it  ago09:28
LaserJockcbx33: yeah, just install xdrawchem on edgy or feisty machines09:29
cbx33how bad a crash?09:29
LaserJockand hit the text tool (little T on the left bar) and try to write something09:29
LaserJockit segfalts or something, brings up bug buddy for me09:29
LaserJockwon't roast your system or anything like that09:29
cbx33works fine here09:30
cbx33ok, so archs anyone?09:30
cbx33I'm i386 here09:30
cbx33LaserJock, gnomefreak ?09:30
LaserJocki386 on all09:30
LaserJockcbx33: do you have any other edgy machines?09:31
cbx33grog...yes I do09:31
cbx33lemme grab the laptop09:31
cbx33ok same09:35
cbx33works fine09:35
cbx33reckon it's a pacakge causing the issue?09:35
LaserJockI really doubt it09:35
gnomefreakhe says his fix fixed it iirc09:36
sivangbhale: you pinged me?09:36
bhalesivang: no.09:36
rvallesautomake: configure.ac: installing `[.] /config.sub'; cannot run `libtoolize': No such file or directory09:36
rvalleswhere's libtoolize?09:36
sivangbhale: ah, I saw something "I'll wait for him on IRC" something, wasn't sure if it was addressed to me09:36
bhaleit was answering your qwuestion09:37
bhaleforget it09:37
bhalepygi: dont install beagle as a depend/suggest/etc please09:37
sivangbhale: ah, about beagle providing info about sizes/dir structs?09:37
bhalethat was days ago09:38
pygibhale: lol ^_^09:38
bhaleplease ask upstream09:38
pygihey sivang btw. ^_^09:38
pygibhale: you are talking to me to ask upstream?:P09:38
bhalepygi: no.09:38
pygiok then :)))09:38
LaserJockgnomefreak: I can try his patch on my machine that crashes09:38
sivangbhale: so, you wanted to tell me something valuable, please tell me what is was as I am not following :)09:39
gnomefreakLaserJock: i would say if it works great but now will the people without the problem now get crashes :(09:39
bhale07:07 #ubuntu-motu: < sivang> bhale: which post do you wish to comment on?09:39
bhalethen, I answered09:39
LaserJockgnomefreak: we'll just have to find out09:39
pygiping sivang :P09:40
gnomefreakhmmmm his debdiff is for feisty but he says the crash happens on edgy09:42
gnomefreakdoes that matter?09:42
LaserJockI think his assumption is that it'll happen on both09:42
LaserJockas it's the same source09:42
sivangpygi: pong09:44
sivangbhale: ah, right noted, thanks09:45
sivangbhale: sorry for being dumb about it09:45
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palskignomefreak: Oh, you are talkin about this unassigned variable thing :)10:04
palskihmm, I didn't find any good reference about this issue but here's something at least: http://archives.devshed.com/forums/windows-107/unassigned-local-variable-2055145.html10:07
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LaserJockpalski: I kinda understand that, but I still find it odd10:16
LaserJockwouldn't it randomly crash on the same computer?10:17
palskiLaserJock: that is actually little odd to me too :) And I have no good explanation, for me it crashes on edgy everytime I try10:17
nixternaljeesh, kramer opened mouth, inserted foot, and actually sunk the rest of what career he had left i see10:18
LaserJockpalski: I have one edgy machine that does and one that doesn't10:18
nixternalok, wrong channel, but hey...*goes to #chiglug on oftc*10:18
LaserJocknixternal: oohhkay10:18
nixternalheh, it's all over the news today10:19
zulnixternal: yeah bunch of racist crap10:19
nixternalya, he totally jumped off the deepend there10:20
LaserJockinteresting how all the people in Seinfeld kinda did that10:24
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Simon80anybody? link?10:27
nixternallink to what?10:28
Simon80kramer embarrassing himself10:28
nixternalif it is kramer, google kramer will provide a billion of them10:28
nixternalyoutube has posted the rated pg version of it with the bleeps10:28
Simon80lol, Google: Kramer edition10:28
Simon80dammit, google tor lockout10:28
Simon80*restarts tor*10:29
Simon80not very good results :(10:32
Simon80can someone just link? lol10:38
Simon80I'm still trying!10:38
Simon80ty ty10:45
Simon80that's so awkward to be at in person10:45
Simon80I wouldn't say epithets, more like epithet, lol10:48
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Adri2000Seveas: is the feisty-changes rss feed broken?11:07
Seveasnot that I know of11:07
Seveashmm, last mail 18/1111:08
Seveaswill check11:08
SeveasAdri2000, ah, mailserver problem11:10
SeveasAdri2000, fixed11:23
Adri2000cool, thanks11:24
Seveasthanks for notifying me11:24
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Adri2000np :)11:25
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