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Ricky28269is it just me, or is hibernate buggy?03:25
Burgundaviayes it is03:26
Burgundaviaare you using binary drivers?03:26
Ricky28269i don't know much about linux, go easy on me :)03:27
Burgundaviahave you installed them?03:29
Ricky28269what do you mean by binary drivers?03:29
bimberihe went easy on you :P03:31
bimberibinary only video drivers, for example for nvidia and ati cards03:32
LaserJockRicky28269: some driver for video cards, wireless cards, etc. aren't open source03:32
LaserJockso they exist in an already compiled (also known as binary) form03:32
Ricky28269yes, i have a wireless usb driver through ndiswrapper03:33
Ricky28269and I think my video card driver might be closed source... stgraber configured it for me earlier today. i think he said it's the amd64 driver for ati, something like that.03:34
Ricky28269anyway yeah. i just had some weird bugs with restoring from hibernate so i was wondering if i'm not the only one03:35
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Ricky28269Hi, where are programs and their files stored?03:57
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LaserJockRicky28269: how do you mean?03:59
bimberiRicky28269: mostly, the executable portion is in /usr/bin.  Each package puts files in lots of places which you can see via 'dpkg -L <package>' in a terminal03:59
Ricky28269yeah actually i just found the synaptic package manager will tell me. thanks04:00
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highvoltageis that Edubuntu running on jono's laptop? http://behindubuntu.org/interviews/JonoBacon/images/computerarea.jpg06:37
highvoltageit looks like an Edubuntu theme.06:37
LaserJockcould be the Peace theme06:40
LaserJockwhich I don't find particularly peaceful06:44
highvoltagered doesn't look very peaceful to me.06:50
LaserJockit's kinda maroon or something06:50
=== highvoltage chooses to believe that it's Edubuntu
LaserJockI tried out all the Ubuntu themes blubuntu, tropical, peace the other day06:51
LaserJocktropical and peace just seemed to intense06:51
highvoltageI like themes that are high contrast. if everything is the same brightness I have trouble remembering where my concentration is supposed to be06:52
LaserJockpeace is pretty high contrast I guess06:53
LaserJockthe highlight color is the same maroon as the window deco06:53
highvoltageI like a theme where the focussed window is high contrast and dark, and the inactive windows can have less contrast and be lighter06:53
highvoltagethat's just too bright for me.06:53
highvoltageI like dark colours with high contrast.06:54
highvoltagewhere the standard ubuntu theme is light colours with low contrast.06:54
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LaserJockedubuntugirl: tell cbx33 sorry I missed you. gotta go to bed. cya later07:55
edubuntugirlRighto, LaserJock!07:55
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Burgundaviajsgotangco: long time, no see08:41
jsgotangcoBurgundavia: hi! well yeah...its been a while, i didnt have a working pc...08:42
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cbx33Hi all09:55
edubuntugirlcbx33: by the way, LaserJock told me to tell you 'sorry I missed you. gotta go to bed. cya later' 1 hours, 59 minutes and 57 seconds ago (on Fri Nov 24 08:55:00 2006)09:55
cbx33thanks edubuntugirl 09:55
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cbx33hey jsgotangco 09:57
jsgotangcocbx33: how are you doing?09:58
cbx33yeh not too bad09:58
jsgotangcohehehe im testing out a new service provider09:58
jsgotangcowonder how their grid is09:58
jsgotangcomedia temple09:58
jsgotangcoi can host a hundred domains and still be able to pay such a low price10:00
cbx33me can do that too10:01
jsgotangcofor $20? hehee10:02
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=== ogra waves to the edulinux crowd
edubuntugirlogra: by the way, pygi told me to tell you 'I'm very sorry for what I'm about to do ...' 1 day, 14 hours, 17 minutes and 14 seconds ago (on Wed Nov 22 21:14:07 2006)10:31
RichEdhi guys ..., say hello to Poland !10:31
edubuntugirlRichEd: by the way, Burgwork told me to tell you 'http://opensourceacademy.gov.uk/solutions/casestudies/birminham-city-council/file' 3 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes and 26 seconds ago (on Tue Nov 21 00:51:13 2006)10:31
edubuntugirlRichEd: by the way, LaserJock told me to tell you 'http://opensourceacademy.gov.uk/solutions/casestudies/birminham-city-council/file' 3 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes and 45 seconds ago (on Tue Nov 21 00:51:54 2006)10:31
willvdlhey there10:31
ograRichEd, hi !10:33
ajmitchhi RichEd, ogra 10:33
ograjsgotangco, jerome !10:33
ogranice to see you10:33
ograRichEd, ping10:33
RichEdhave to go ... bye10:34
jsgotangcoogra: yes! still not in normal computing conditions though10:34
willvdlgreetings to all in Poland10:36
jsgotangcowhat's in poland?10:37
willvdlRichEd and Ogra are there at the moment10:37
jsgotangcoogra must be having fun being on planes most of the time lately hahaha10:40
=== willvdl hates flying
=== cbx33 has never flown
jsgotangcocbx33: seriously????10:43
=== jsgotangco hates flights going beyond 10 hours
=== highvoltage hates flights lasting any amount of time
cbx33uds would have been my first time out of the country10:45
highvoltageit's such a drain of time. I loose about 1.5h just getting to the airport, checking it, waiting to take off, etc10:46
jsgotangcoheck yeah10:46
jsgotangcothen you fly for 10+ hours10:46
jsgotangcoseeing nothing but clouds10:46
jsgotangcothat's why in long flights i always take the aisle10:46
highvoltagegoing to London was strange for me. I expected it to feel strange in another country. but London feels a *lot* like Cape Town10:48
highvoltagethey just have better transport and better Internet.10:48
jsgotangcocome here!10:48
jsgotangcoso you'll feel like a complete foreigner10:48
highvoltageLike I did in Paris :)10:48
jsgotangcohaha yeah10:49
jsgotangcoi felt so alien there10:49
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=== highvoltage too
=== cbx33 never feels different
willvdlhighvoltage, you'll dig San Fran then if you reckon London is like Cape Town10:53
highvoltagewillvdl: also similar?10:53
jsgotangcocbx33: have you seen lost in translation (the movie)10:53
jsgotangcoimagine you are in uk today the got transported to japan tomorrow10:55
jsgotangcobecause you need to do some work10:56
jsgotangcocan you imagine how that would feel10:56
cbx33no I'd be scared10:57
cbx33and totally confused10:57
jsgotangcothat's how travelling alone can be sometimes10:57
cbx33I'll bet10:58
jsgotangcoeverything would be modern and yet so alien to you10:58
cbx33that's whay I was hoping lisa would get sponsored, but she didn;t.....so I was really scared then....but then work said I couldn't go10:58
cbx33so it all worked out I suppose11:01
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cbx33hey RichEd 11:06
RichEdjinty: ping (this is ogra), could we get included in the alpha programme of schooltool ? whom do we have to contact for that ?11:07
cbx33Hi OgraEd11:07
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lixumy edubuntu ltsp project in malawi: http://lix.cc/malawi12:03
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stgraberlixu: How many station did you install ?12:49
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lixustgraber: 20 fujitsu siemens S300 thinclients02:21
lixustgraber: sorry the network here is very poor and i'm connected through my server in zurich02:22
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sbalneavMorning all03:37
cbx33hey sbalneav 03:37
sbalneavHey, cbx33, saw your blog post.03:37
cbx33which one?03:38
sbalneavI tried that one suggestion that the person suggested, with the MonitorLayour "CRT+LFP", because I liked the idea of not having to switch...03:38
cbx33ah yes03:38
cbx33but it turned out to be bad?03:38
sbalneavbut it didn't work on my i810 laptop.  I'll have to dig into it, because I like the idea.03:38
cbx33ahhh I had a i85503:39
sbalneavYeah, laptop screen doesn't light that way.03:39
cbx33i see03:39
sbalneavI think mine's a 92503:39
juliuxhi all03:39
sbalneavHello juliux03:39
juliuxit is possible to have the ltsp and tftp server on one server and the dhcp server on an other server?03:40
juliuxmust i copy the pxe image?03:40
sbalneavBut first, why do you want things that way?  Does your edubuntu server have two nics?03:41
juliuxit is not my problem, there is a user asking03:41
juliuxhe has the problem that he has thinclients and normal clients in one network, but if the edubuntu server is down he cant work with the normal thinclients03:42
juliuxso he wants an extra dhcp server03:42
sbalneavYou're always better off having 2 network interfaces, and simply running the dhcpd server for the terminals on the other card, but yes, it is possible to to do.03:43
juliuxhe want the dhcp server on an extra server03:43
juliuxbecause his edubuntu server is not so stabile 03:43
juliuxbut he needs an dhcp server in his network03:43
sbalneavI understand why he wants it, but putting terminals on your main network's going to be a performance nightmare.  Terminals use up a fair chunk of bandwidth, so you really want to segment them off on their own network.  Hence the two cards.03:45
juliuxit is not my decision;)03:45
sbalneavThat way, he runs his main dhcpd server like normal, and the dhcpd server for the terminals doesn't interfere with the main one.03:45
juliuxhis eduubntu server is not running the whole time03:45
juliuxso he needs an extra dhcp server for the normal clients03:46
sbalneavYes, well he can do it either way.03:46
juliuxand how?03:46
sbalneavBy merging the dhcpd.conf file from ubuntu into the dhcpd.conf file on the other machine.03:47
cbx33I have a w2indows dhcp server03:47
cbx33and an edubuntu server03:47
juliuxmy idea is copy /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp to the new dhcp server, add the filename option, rootpath option and next-server in dhcpd.conf03:47
sbalneavYou don't need to do that.03:47
sbalneavthe tftp server doesn't need to be the same as the dhcpd server.03:47
juliuxah great03:48
juliuxbut i need the next-server option right?03:48
juliuxsomething else?03:48
sbalneavProbably lots.03:48
sbalneavIt would depend upon his network setup.03:48
juliuxhe as a working dhcpd.conf03:49
juliuxhe only want to add the options that he can boot the thinclients from the other server03:49
sbalneavYou've said that 4 or 5 times.03:49
sbalneavI know.03:49
juliuxso i need more options than the next-server? 03:50
sbalneavSure, root-path, filename, etc.03:50
juliuxok but i dont have to copy the pxe image03:50
sbalneavBut they might conflict with stuff he's already got, so you'll have to be careful.03:50
sbalneavif I could SEE the dhcpd.conf file on the other box, I might be able to offer more advice, but without seeing what's what, I don't want to say "do this", or "do that", and then have you come back here tomorrow saying "he did that, now his whole network won't boot" :)03:52
juliuxi will try to build up a test network hear at home to test that;)03:53
sbalneavLike I said before...03:54
sbalneavhe could hang all the thin clients off of a separate network interface on the edubuntu server, then he wouldn't have to fiddle with either dhcpd.conf file :)03:55
sbalneavSo you might want to suggest that.03:55
juliuxi suggest that but he said that this is no option03:55
juliuxi suggest als that he can put all the thinclient in one vlan03:56
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juliuxsbalneav, can i ask you something more?04:53
juliuxit is possible to have a pxe image for ltsp and one for pxe installtion on one server and then choose on the client the ltsp one or the installtion one?04:54
sbalneavI'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean.04:54
sbalneavYou want a menu on the client that allows you to pick which image to boot?04:55
sbalneavor you want one client to boot one image, and another to boot a different image?04:55
juliuxi want a menu on the client04:56
juliuxso i can say please start up as a thinclient or installt now this computer via pxe04:56
sbalneavpxe clients don't have any kind of menu support built in.04:57
sbalneavSo, no, not directly.04:57
juliuxso i can have only one pxe image on the server04:57
sbalneavNo, you can have multiple images, based on mac address.04:58
sbalneavso you can say "this mac boots this image".04:58
sbalneavYou might be able to do something with grub, I think it has a PXE booting mode, but I've never investigated it.04:58
sbalneavAh, it's only grub2, which is experimental.05:00
sbalneavEtherboot has some kind of menuing system, but that doesn't help you for the PXE clients.05:00
juliuxah ok05:05
juliuxthat is ok with the mac address05:05
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highvoltageedubuntugirl: hello07:14
edubuntugirlbuon giorno, highvoltage!07:14
highvoltageedubuntugirl: choose strawberry yoghurt or cream soda yoghurt07:14
edubuntugirlI choose cream soda yoghurt, highvoltage07:14
highvoltagegood choice.07:14
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cliebowany one fill me in on installing PyGTK?10:34
LaserJockwell, you want to make pygtk apps?10:35
=== blue-frog [n=bluefrog@] has joined #edubuntu
moquistI'm guessing you want python-gtk2 if you want to make pygtk apps. But I'm not completely sure, never having done so.10:36
cliebowmoquist:it is edsadmin im after10:40
moquistcliebow: apt-get install edsadmin10:40
cliebowbut but..i added the link to sources.list ..and it dies10:41
moquistwhat link?10:41
moquistoh, right.10:41
=== moquist forgot about that
moquistwhat dies? at which point?10:42
cliebowno suitable des implementatrion?10:42
moquistso edsadmin dies when you try to execute it.10:42
cliebowit install fine..doesnt run..unless im being dumb again10:42
moquistare you running edgy?10:42
moquistcliebow: can you find the place in the source (it's just Python) where it prints the error?10:44
cliebowi havnt checked the smbldap side..perhaps that is important10:44
moquistthis message prints out immediately when you start edsadmin, right? not after you click on some stuff and try to, say, add a user, or something.10:44
cliebowdies in smbpassword.py10:46
cliebowsmbpassword.py raise exception..no suitable des implementation found10:47
moquistit's failing to import pydes10:47
cliebowand i need to...uhhh10:48
=== moquist is checking python-crypto
moquistI would install that package and see how it goes.10:48
cliebowit is nor  an imprerativeYou Da MAN10:49
cliebowYou Da Man10:49
cliebow1nterested how it compares to ldapbrowser282b210:49
cliebowwhich i rEALLLY lIKE10:50
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moquistogra's reason for choosing edsadmin is its UI simplicity.10:58
cliebowmoquist:It is very straightforward isnt it..11:06
=== moquist nods
moquistI'm looking at adding automatic home directory creation/manipulation.11:07
moquistI'm considering it part of my sysadmin job, and fitting the time in there. :)11:07
cliebowmoquist: i did homedirs from my bash script..11:13
cliebowcause they are sperated out like my ou11:14
cliebowal 2010 users have homedir in /home/201011:14
moquistcliebow: right. But if edsadmin is going to be the GUI user admin tool in feisty, we probably want the state of the Home Directory setting in the GUI to reflect reality. At the very least, adding a user in the GUI should create the user's default home directory.11:22
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cbx33Hey all11:43
Burgworkmoquist: automatic homedir needs to consider pammkhomedir and sabayon11:45
cbx33is this for an AD domain?11:45
gnomefreakwhat does bash use for package in script? $package?11:45
=== SimonAnibal [n=chatzill@adsl-70-239-95-200.dsl.bltnin.sbcglobal.net] has joined #edubuntu
gnomefreaklike if i wanted to throw apt-cache search $package | less ina  script11:46
LaserJockgnomefreak: you can define it to be whatever you want11:47
gnomefreakso ther eis no set var for it?11:47
LaserJockthere isn't a set var for most things11:48
gnomefreakthats not good :(11:48
gnomefreaki was gonna try them as alias' than combine them in a script but without one defined by default alias isnt gonne go11:49
cliebowmoquist: ok i see where you are going11:55
cbx33last time I tried auto home dir it didn't work11:57
cbx33at least not with the entire homedir being on a windows server11:58
cbx33not sure what you guys are trying to do11:58
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moquistBurgwork: yes; thx for the reminders12:11
moquistmaybe a good pammkhomedir setup would be preferable, anyway.12:12
Burgworkgiven sbalneav has been hacking mkhomdir to cleanup as well, yes12:12
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