=== tsmithe needs sleep
poningruBurgwork: whats her email?12:27
poningruwe should probably talk to jono if she isnt responding12:27
Burgworkponingru: christian armstrong12:27
=== poningru lps
poningruis it christina or christian?12:28
=== poningru goes with the former
Burgworkthe former12:30
=== poningru cant find her email
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=== rjian hello people
rjianhello poningru03:55
rjianhello tonyyarusso03:56
=== poningru tries to figure out where he has seen rjian
poningruyou dont hang out on moznet do you?03:58
=== poningru feels stupid
rjianponingru: from iosn ang sfd03:58
poningruhehe yeah03:59
rjianponingru: sometimes here.. :)03:59
=== rjian FOSS thing is rocking now around the world. :)
rjianponingru: from where are u?04:03
poningruflorida us04:03
poningrunorth america04:03
rjianah ok..04:03
=== rjian hmmm another activity from a FOSS world..
tonyyarussoWhere they can't seem to manage voting, and the people they elect contribute to the eventual drowning of the state ;)04:04
rjiantonyyarusso: what do u mean? their places?04:06
tonyyarussorjian: Letting global warming continue04:07
rjiantonyyarusso: hmm ah ok..04:08
rjiantonyyarusso: from wer are u?04:08
tonyyarussorjian: From MN, currently in ON04:10
rjiantonyyarusso: ah ok... i thought ur from ASIA HEHE04:10
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towsonu2003I've got a question about the 23rd issue of the newsletter...08:48
towsonu2003could you check out the news item on Kurdish Ubuntu08:48
towsonu2003is it explanatory enough? I mean08:48
towsonu2003for people outside Turkey etc08:48
towsonu2003here's its link by the way ( :) ) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue23#head-590a33f069e5a84dfdeaba9ffd29f10511eac35008:50
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towsonu2003did I loose you?08:51
poningruI think you did08:53
Burgundavialooking and thinking08:53
poningruwhat are we talking aboot?08:53
Burgundaviathe words are a little short08:53
Burgundaviamight want to fluff them out a bit08:53
Burgundaviacrap. I clear my inbox and 10 minutes later I have 15 new messages08:54
elkbuntuBurgundavia, so long as i can understand the info, i can deal with fluffing08:54
BurgundaviaI like fluffy people :)08:54
=== towsonu2003 needs a dictionary now...
elkbuntutowsonu2003, to look up what we mean by fluffing? we mean add more to it so it looks bigger08:55
towsonu2003ah okay08:55
elkbuntuthink of how a bird puffs its feathers out.. sort of like that08:55
=== poningru tries to figure out what we are talking about
towsonu2003what kind of info would you like to see in there?08:56
towsonu2003the original news is *really* short :)08:56
poningruI walk in and its towsonu2003 asking someone if he lost them08:56
towsonu2003poningru, lol heheh08:57
poningruthen people start talking about fluffing up words/people08:57
elkbuntutowsonu2003, we'll ask you if we need to08:57
=== poningru fluffs up elkbuntu
elkbuntuBurgundavia, if you can put a heap of idea links down like there was this past edition, i'll work on writing them up. that worked really well08:58
Burgundaviatowsonu2003: the main things I see are consistency of language (Ubuntu in Kurdish vs Kurdish Ubuntu)08:58
towsonu2003elkbuntu, okay then, just add a note to that news item -I'm already subscribed to it... Burgundavia, I'll fix that now...08:58
Burgundaviaalso maybe another sentence, as it is a bit short right now08:58
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=== towsonu2003 having trouble coming up with a new sentence
=== towsonu2003 done
towsonu2003Burgundavia, if you think any info is missing in the item, just add a note there -I'm subscribed to it bc it is a bit controversial09:02
Burgundaviathanks for giving us some news09:02
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poningruBurgundavia: is it herd or hurd?09:25
Burgundaviahurd is vapourware09:26
poningrujust fixing up couple of stuff on the marketing team09:26
poningrupage on the wiki09:27
=== poningru hugs nixternal
poningruhope you are ok09:55
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elkbuntuBurgundavia, are you still around?10:25
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=== elkbuntu grumbles at Burgundavia's connection
poningruif you noticed that was client quit...10:31
elkbuntui wasnt paying that much attention10:31
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ttoinehey people03:44
ttoinei have an idea03:44
ttoinewhat about having an icon on the Ubuntu desktop after installation that will launch a small gui to register the computer and user on Ubuntu Counter ?03:45
MenZaI like it03:45
ttoinethat would be great, because only a few people know about its existance03:45
=== MenZa pokes jenda repeatedly
MenZachoo think?03:45
ttoinewhat mean choo ?03:46
jendaI like it.03:46
=== MenZa nods excitedly
=== jenda pokes elkbuntu repeatedly
lotusleafttoine: "I am not a number, I'm a free man!"03:46
tonyyarussoI'm doubtful.  Certain folks aren't fond of the idea of cluttering the desktop.03:47
jendaI'm not exactly for that, but I think there should be some sort of wercome page, and this should be included.03:49
=== MenZa nods
ttoinelotusleaf: it is why we must think about how to name that03:51
ttoinenot jsut "register my comuter"03:51
ttoine"welcome" sound good to me03:53
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tonyyarussoMenZaLap: , jenda , lotusleaf Re: the welcome thing earlier - what if it was a first-run-only thing for not automatically, nor on the desktop, but the first time they clicked the little "?" icon in the panel that's in Edgy?05:37
jendathat's a good idea05:37
tonyyarussoI'll see if I can figure out who to talk to about that05:39
MenZaLapJust a Welcome dialogue on boot, with a small tickbox in the corner that allows you to enable auto showing upon start, or not?05:48
tonyyarussoMaybe it could even be enabled or not with a checkbox in the live CD installer05:51
lotusleaftonyyarusso: sounds cool, especially if it was an optional thing like popularity contest and the kde first time wizard05:52
tonyyarussolotusleaf: Is popcon in the installer?05:53
tonyyarussoI'm also not familiar with KDE's thing - details would be appreciated05:53
somerville32You might look at xubuntu-welcome-centre05:53
lotusleaftonyyarusso: I believe it's installed by default but I don't believe it's on by default, is it? There's an option to disable/enable it though05:53
lotusleaftonyyarusso: I think with the previous release of Ubuntu it was on by default05:54
tonyyarussolotusleaf: Where is the option located?05:54
lotusleafdpkg -l popcon05:54
lotusleaftonyyarusso: hmm.. I forget05:54
lotusleaftonyyarusso: I saw it in something when I used Gnome but I'm in KDE now05:55
lotusleaffound it05:57
lotusleafSoftware Sources -> Statistics05:58
lotusleafthe url of which is now included in !popcon06:05
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jendaA tube costs $106:58
jendathat means shipping A2 posters is entirely possible...06:58
=== jenda slaps his hand.
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somerville32:] 07:01
MenZaLapYes jenda!07:15
MenZaLapDoooo eeeeet07:15
jendaI couldn't sell near enough.07:15
somerville32I'll buy 2007:34
somerville32Depends if they're good or not07:35
jendayou can buy 20 A3 posters now, you know that, right? :)07:35
jendafor $2507:35
jendalemme link07:35
somerville32I want to put Ubuntu posters all over my city, haha07:35
jendaI've already sold 277, and people seem to be happy with them :)07:36
somerville32Is A2 bigger then A3?07:36
jendayes - twice07:36
somerville32Maybe I could find a local printer and do it super cheap, haha07:36
jendaDimensions: 297 mm x 420 mm (11.69" in x 16.54" in)07:36
jendaThat's what I did - doesn't $25 for 20 posters seem super cheap? :)07:37
jendatheoretically, I could go down to $20, but it would be _really_ close, and I'd probably end up in the red because of the currency conversion, transfer and other fees.07:38
jendaSo - the price is $25 for 20, if you want them, drop me a line ;)07:38
somerville32Can I pay with paypal?07:38
jendaof course07:39
=== somerville32 checks his paypal balance and notices it is $133.77 CAD
somerville32How much are the A2?07:42
jendaI don't have any A2 :)07:44
jendaThat was just a theoretical musing.07:44
somerville32:] 07:51
MenZaAnother reason I love Ubuntu so much.07:52
MenZaIf someone asks me something I cbf to do, I tell them there's an Ubuntu meeting coming up07:52
MenZaworks every time07:52
jendahehe :)07:55
MenZacan't be fucked.07:55
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.07:55
somerville32How do you do the little smile thinger?07:56
jendai have it on my keyboard.08:02
jendaI made the layout myself.08:02
somerville32Jenda: Where do you live?08:08
jendasomerville32: Czech Republic08:13
somerville32How long to ship to Canada?08:13
MenZasomerville32: A week, two perhaps08:13
jendausually about a week, yes.08:14
jendaMenZa: anything yet?08:14
=== jenda grunts
jendaYou'd be the first not to receive a shipment.08:15
MenZaoh, it'll get here08:15
jendaI sure hope so :)08:16
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tsmitheping poningru08:46
poningrutsmithe: pong09:04
poningruheh good timing just woke up09:05
tsmithehow's the spec09:05
poningruoh did you work on it?09:06
=== poningru checks
poningrustupid lp it takes forever to load09:09
poningrutsmithe: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/loco-press-releases09:11
poningruI didnt really work on that09:12
poningruafter wards09:12
somerville32I want to help out with marketing.09:12
somerville32IS there a nice todo list?09:12
tsmithedid you link it to the wiki09:12
poningrutsmithe: not yet... doing it now09:13
tsmithecheers i might work on it09:13
tsmithestill not linked ;)09:17
tsmithewow jenda... quit?09:20
tsmitheyou didn't link it to that page did you!09:20
tsmithei thought you were writing a spec spec09:21
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tsmitheyou what?09:47
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