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fabbionehey tmarble 04:26
tmarblefabbione: ciao... how are things?04:39
fabbionetmarble: ciao! ok'ish.. still suffering some jetlag but otherwise good04:40
tmarbleare you back in Denmark, then?04:41
fabbioneyeps.. i come back last sunday04:42
fabbionehow are things over there?04:42
tmarblegood... today is a holiday (yesterday was Thanksgiving)... so most of the USA is doing the "bridge" by getting today off04:43
tmarblei see you have updated some drafts -- i hope to catch up with all that next week04:44
fabbionetmarble: yeah i heard about Thanksgiving.. did you enjoy staying at home with the family?04:48
tmarblefabbione, yes -- nice dinner with my parents... (of course we ate too much :)04:48
tmarblefabbione, i must step away for a bit... but I look forward to catching up more later (or next week)04:52
fabbionetmarble: have a nice weekend05:00
fabbionei am going offline too05:00
tmarbleok -- cheers!05:00
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