lifeless2) yes.12:06
=== co-NP [n=conp@pool-02939.externet.hu] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
lifeless3) I've triaged far to many in the past for products, but not done specific triaging within ubuntu... hmm12:08
lifelesshangon, apport and hwddb I did some cleanup on12:08
Kaleosfllaw: I would like to apply for ubuntu-qa.12:09
sfllawKaleo: OK.  You just have to answer three questions:12:09
sfllaw1. Do you promise to be polite to bug reporters, even if you don't think they deserve it?12:10
sfllaw2. Have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance?12:10
sfllaw3. Can you show me some bugs you've triaged?12:10
Kaleo1. yes12:10
UbugtuNew bug: #73989 in gftp (main) "gftp randomly crashed" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7398912:10
Kaleo2. I am doing this now12:10
Kaleo3. Let me see12:11
UbugtuMalone bug 30910 in hwdb-client "Hardware Database not browseable" [Medium,Unconfirmed] 12:11
Kaleo2. done12:12
UbugtuMalone bug 17595 in hwdb-client "failure to parse xorg output leads to a hung gui." [Medium,Needs info] 12:12
lifeless found duplicates for this and isolated the failure12:12
sfllawlifeless: All right.  You're in.12:14
sfllawLet me hit the right button.12:14
lifelessthank you12:14
KaleoI do not know12:16
UbugtuMalone bug 3647 in totem ""On Top" menu bug" [Unknown,Confirmed] 12:16
=== finalbeta [n=finalbet@d5152A68A.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
Adri2000sfllaw: I would like to be part of ubuntu-qa too :)12:18
sfllawAdri2000: Hurray!  3 questions.12:18
sfllaw1. Do you promise to be polite to bug reporters, even if you don't think they deserve it?12:18
sfllaw2. Have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance?12:18
sfllaw3. Can you show me some bugs you've triaged?12:18
UbugtuMalone bug 33387 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Creative webcam plus driver does not work." [Medium,Confirmed] 12:18
Adri20001. Of course :)12:18
Adri20002. Yes12:18
Kaleosfllaw: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/3338712:19
Adri20003. today in the package lopster: bug 32449 64340 73938 (and https://bugs.launchpad.net/people/adri2000/+karma)12:19
UbugtuMalone bug 32449 in lopster "1.2.0 is an obsolete version" [Wishlist,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3244912:19
lifelesssfllaw: is there a canned 'untriaged bugs' search ?12:19
sfllawlifeless: Ugh.  No.  We've asked LP.12:20
sfllawYou can find one in the UbuntuHugDay page, I think.12:20
lifelesssfllaw: yes, but can we do one with advanced ?12:20
sfllawThere's a URL on the wiki page about it.12:20
sfllawI've bookmarked it myself.12:20
lifelessthis should be on HowToTriage12:20
Adri2000sfllaw: https://bugs.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/lopster/+bugs and "All bugs ever reported"12:20
sfllawlifeless: True.12:21
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp28-152.lns1.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
sfllawKaleo: When you set bugs to Needs Info, can you assign them to yourself?12:21
sfllawAnd when you set them to Confirmed, assign them to Nobody?12:22
Adri2000sfllaw: I heard of that, it's a new rule?12:22
Kaleosfllaw: ok12:23
=== finalbeta [n=finalbet@d5152A68A.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
Kaleoit makes sense12:23
Adri2000sfllaw: tell me if I can join the team on launchpad12:23
sfllawKaleo: All right, I will approve you.12:24
sfllawAdri2000: Looking through LP now.12:24
Kaleosfllaw: thank you, you are kind.12:24
lifelesssfllaw: on the page now12:24
sfllawlifeless: Hmm, I noticed that.12:25
sfllawlifeless: Please tell me when you're done.12:25
lifelesssfllaw: I mean 'I'm done, its on the page now'12:25
sfllawlifeless: I just realized that HowToTriage doesn't reflect the Assignee policy.12:25
lifelesssfllaw: ok, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/bzr/+bug/50290 is already fixed in edgy12:26
UbugtuMalone bug 50290 in bzr "Creating a branch in a repository chews up huge amounts of memory" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 12:26
lifelesssfllaw: dapper is also fixed I think, via dapper updates12:26
lifelesssfllaw: how would you choose to reflect this? fix released, with a comment ?12:26
coNPI am a newbie, so can I confirm a bug report if I think it has been confirmed?12:27
coNPin fact it seems to be confirmed by many users, only that the status is still unconfirmed12:28
lifelesscoNP: when asking for advice, please quote the bug #. I.e. bug 123412:28
UbugtuBug 1234 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/1234 is private12:28
lifelesscoNP: that will let folk that want to advise look at the relevant data :)12:28
coNPis it that nobody wanted to change the status for some reason, or that no one "dared" to set it unconfirmed12:28
Admiral_ChicagocoNP: tunfortunetly it us up to the Bug QA team to do that12:28
Admiral_Chicagoleast it in a duplicate or something like that12:29
lifelesscoNP: we dont know. Whats the bug #?12:29
UbugtuMalone bug 60210 in openbox "Missing libobrender.so.1/libobparser.so.1" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 12:29
coNPokay, than I misunderstood sfllaw in the afternoon12:29
lifelessAdmiral_Chicago: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage says anyone can confirm12:30
lifelesscoNP: I dont think you misunderstood12:30
coNPokay, then I was right :)12:30
Admiral_Chicagolifeless: let me look i don't remember seeing that but i'll check12:30
UbugtuNew bug: #73990 in xorg-server (main) "Xnest recommends using a universe package" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399012:31
sfllawWell, it says "you can Confirm"12:31
sfllawWhich is a pretty inclusive you.12:31
sfllawI figure if you can read this page, that's you.12:31
coNPso what do you think, is there a special reason not to confirm it?12:31
coNPbecause I was surprised to see as many comments at a bug that is not confirmed12:32
sfllawcoNP: Hmm.  Do you know what openbox is?12:32
=== dous [n=dous@] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
coNPsfllaw: of course, I use it daily12:32
Admiral_ChicagocoNP: check where it shows the package name, click it, there should be a drop down menu12:32
coNPit is an X window manager12:32
sfllawcoNP: Does it break without these libraries?12:33
coNPAdmiral_Chicago: I know how to do it :)12:33
coNPsfllaw: yes, all comments are true and useful12:33
Admiral_ChicagocoNP: and you can't?12:33
coNPAdmiral_Chicago: I can, but I was wandering if I _should_12:33
sfllawcoNP: I'm a little shocked that a non lib* package has shared libraries in it.12:34
sfllawcoNP: But it seems to be a valid bug.12:34
Admiral_Chicagosfllaw: you think it's a good idea?12:34
coNPactually openbox does not need these libraries12:34
coNPonly obconf that is a configuration tool for it12:34
coNPand a separate package12:34
sfllawcoNP: I'd say change the bug report's description.12:35
sfllawSay that libobrender.so.1 and libobparser.so.1 aren't shipped any more in a package.12:35
sfllawAnd that a separate libopenbox package should be created for these shared libraries.12:35
sfllawThen obconf can depend on libopenbox.12:35
lifelesssfllaw: I think you are wrong :)12:36
sfllawlifeless: Really?12:36
sfllawlifeless: Fair enough.12:36
lifeless/usr/lib/ called libobrender.so.0.4.0 and libobparser.so.0.4.0 whick acc. to dpkg -S are installed by openbox package.12:36
lifelessfrom near the top12:36
sfllawIt's just symlinks.12:37
lifelessI'm thinking a rebuild is needed12:37
sfllawBoy do I feel dumb.12:37
sfllawYeah, it's likely a packaging bug.12:37
lifelesscoNP: definately confirm this12:37
lifelesscoNP: as you note - there are people confirming it12:37
sfllawAnd it is a complete bug report.12:37
sfllawAlbeit difficult to read.12:37
coNPyes, therefore was I _shocked_ why it has not been confirmed yet12:37
sfllawcoNP: That's why we're glad you're here!12:38
=== sfllaw hugs coNP.
=== coNP hugs back both sfllaw and lifeless
lifelesscoNP: I would try to update the description to be more clear - the packaging appears to be faulty, and it needs a packager to look at it.12:38
lifelesscoNP: this means it is not an upstream bug, its a bug in ubuntu specifically12:38
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable229.181-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
lifelesssfllaw: so my question was, bug 50290 is fixed upstream, and the fixed package is in edgy for sure12:39
UbugtuMalone bug 50290 in bzr "Creating a branch in a repository chews up huge amounts of memory" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5029012:39
lifelesssfllaw: whats the protocol to close bugs ?12:39
sfllawIf it's in Edgy, it's Fix Released.12:40
UbugtuNew bug: #73435 in xchat (universe) "unexpected quit" [Undecided,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7343512:41
UbugtuNew bug: #73991 in Ubuntu "Belkin USB 4 Port Hub F5U021 : Failure to mount Lexar Thumbdrive (and perhaps any other usb device?)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399112:41
sfllawThe protocol to close bugs for non-triagers is poorly defined.12:41
=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
Adri2000sfllaw: looked at my triaged bugs?12:46
lifelesssfllaw: ok, so fix released, dont touch milestone, just a comment ?12:47
=== coNP [n=conp@pool-02939.externet.hu] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
sfllawlifeless: Yes.  There's no need to touch any of the other stuff.12:51
sfllawAdri2000: You're good.12:51
lifelesssfllaw: bug 5033912:51
UbugtuBug 50339 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/50339 is private12:51
lifelesssfllaw: can you see that? its got no subscribers other than the reporter.12:51
sfllawlifeless: You're going to have to subscribe me to that one.12:51
Adri2000sfllaw: ok, I have just joined the team12:52
lifelesssfllaw: hmm. I'll take this to #launchpad. I think its a glitch12:52
=== ash211 [n=andrew@adsl-152-169-197.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
sfllawlifeless: The UI could have let someone do that.12:52
lifelessbut its a black hole.12:52
lifelessso we need to prevent this12:52
Adri2000sfllaw: thanks! :)12:54
sfllawOK.  Dinner time.01:01
lifelesssfllaw: you should get people to promise to triage 1 bug a day :)01:02
lifeless4) Will you triage 1 bug a day ?01:02
sfllawlifeless: People would unconsciously lie.01:03
lifelesstrue enough01:03
lifelessthen perhaps we can encourage 'a bug a day'01:04
crimsundoes that then mean that if people consistently don't triage one per day then they get evicted?01:04
=== ajmitch certainly doesn't triage 1 bug a day at the moment
sfllawajmitch: Off with your head!01:04
=== ajmitch ducks
=== xhaker [n=xhaker@a81-84-27-24.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
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UbugtuNew bug: #73993 in Ubuntu "Galaxy Screen Saver Reboot System Automatically" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399301:30
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=== rpedro [n=rpedro@87-196-103-226.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
a7pwhat do you think about this one: #1725 it's over a year old and nothing was ever done about it (and I think there never will be ... proper network-anonymity should be handled another way).01:48
a7pgenerally what about all the things maked as "Whishlist" for over a year?01:51
a7pwith no reply ever ...01:51
coNPif there is a bug reported more than once, which should become the duplicate?01:53
coNPthe one that has been reported first should be left?01:54
tarheelcoxnor the more complete one, the one with better notes01:56
coNPyes that is the question... :)01:56
coNPso you say, tarheelcoxn, it is up to me?01:56
a7pcoNP, it is.01:57
tarheelcoxnthe better one. mark the one that's not as complete as a duplicate of the better one01:57
coNPokay, thanks both a7p & tarheelcoxn01:57
UbugtuNew bug: #73994 in drgeo (universe) "Crash report" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399402:01
a7pmmm ... why can't I find the package sane-backends-extras via apt-cache search ? It seems to exist in the bugtracker, but I also can not find it via packages.ubuntu.com ... what does that mean?02:08
a7pah, it is a source-package which generates libsane-extras ...02:11
a7pquit confusing02:11
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=== mr_pouit_ is now known as mr_pouit
=== did447 [n=didier@m81.net81-64-90.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
coNPI did a mistake02:32
coNPI added a wrong distribution link to bug #5930502:32
UbugtuMalone bug 59305 in tilda "problem with specifying size as a percentage" [Unknown,Unknown]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5930502:32
coNPhow could I remove it?02:32
=== andresmujica [n=AndresMu@] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
crimsuncoNP: you can't. You can reject it, and add the correct distribution, however.02:33
coNPcrimsun: thanks02:34
=== ash211_ [n=andrew@user-11210ts.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
UbugtuNew bug: #73995 in meta-gnome2 (universe) "Banshee Web resource help links fail to load if browser not open" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399502:45
UbugtuNew bug: #73996 in gaim (main) "crash report" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399603:00
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=== Jozo-_ is now known as Jozo-
UbugtuNew bug: #73997 in firefox (main) "Windows Live Mail" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399703:05
UbugtuNew bug: #73998 in Ubuntu "Open Office word crashes when copying and pasting text into gaim chat." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399803:05
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=== merlin-linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
yamalno less than 18 dupes and still people keep reporting it anew03:13
Admiral_Chicagoyamal: the OO crash?03:15
=== Nafallo [n=nafallo@ubuntu/member/nafallo] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
=== Jozo-_ [i=jozo@viola.uninea.fi] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
Admiral_Chicagoi'll keep it in mind if i see it03:20
=== Jozo-_ is now known as Jozo-
UbugtuNew bug: #73999 in gksu (main) "Crashes. Spawned by update-manager. Possible interaction issue with synergy." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7399903:26
UbugtuNew bug: #74000 in control-center (main) "crashes when I change gnome theme" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400003:35
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UbugtuNew bug: #74002 in file-roller (main) "[Feisty]  File Roller's "Extract" button no longer functions" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400204:20
=== rrittenhouse [n=tad@cpe-76-188-35-66.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
UbugtuNew bug: #74003 in Ubuntu "Kernel Panic --Edgy-- unable to mount root fs" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400304:40
towsonu2003I truly hate searching for bugs in launchpad... can never find what I'm looking for, even if it's among the ones I'm subscribed too...04:45
=== Burgundavia_ [n=corey@S0106000fb085cc63.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
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UbugtuNew bug: #74004 in initramfs-tools (main) "Doesn't include qla2xxx firmware" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400405:10
UbugtuNew bug: #74005 in viewcvs (universe) "viewcvs should require python-subversion" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400505:30
UbugtuNew bug: #74006 in xserver-kdrive (universe) "Cap lock key stuck in cap lock" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400605:30
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UbugtuNew bug: #74007 in gnome-media (main) "volume control not working" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400706:31
yamalwhat to do with a bug without subscribers? even the initial reporter isn't subscribed (anymore?)06:50
yamalcrimsun: Bug #6204206:53
UbugtuMalone bug 62042 in openoffice.org "OPenoffice malfunctioning with SCIM" [Undecided,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6204206:53
crimsunyamal: technically at least three groups are notified still06:55
UbugtuNew bug: #74008 in compiz (universe) "Taking screenshots of the invidual window fails to capture window decorators" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400806:55
yamalyeah that's true06:55
yamalthough even very basic info requested just after it was filed is still missing never to be added :/06:58
towsonu2003how do you debug program hangs?06:58
towsonu2003I mean if this was a crash, you'd use gdb06:59
towsonu2003what do you use for hangs?06:59
UbugtuNew bug: #74009 in Ubuntu "Kernel panic after "Initializing /dev" during startup" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400907:15
UbugtuNew bug: #68937 in openoffice.org (main) "openoffice opens files read-only fromn nfs mounted partition" [Undecided,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6893707:25
UbugtuNew bug: #74010 in xmms (main) "xmms still has debian logo" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7401007:35
towsonu2003you cant make fun of bug 74010 while I'm here can you :Pp07:47
UbugtuMalone bug 74010 in xmms "xmms still has debian logo" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7401007:47
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UbugtuNew bug: #74012 in compiz (universe) "Compiz crashes with two X-screens" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7401207:56
dholbachgood morning07:56
UbugtuNew bug: #74013 in initramfs-tools (main) "Wrong grep switch in all_generic_ide" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7401308:11
=== Cieffe [n=cieffe@] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
UbugtuNew bug: #74014 in initramfs-tools (main) "scripts/init-top/all_generic_ide uses wrong call to grep" [High,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7401408:15
UbugtuNew bug: #74016 in im-switch (main) "[Sync request]  Sync im-switch-1.13 from debian unstable" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7401608:25
=== fabbione [i=fabbione@gordian.fabbione.net] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
UbugtuNew bug: #74018 in initramfs-tools (main) "2.6.19 panics on boot in vmware" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7401808:40
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Cieffecan i reject this bug 61683?08:43
UbugtuMalone bug 61683 in rhythmbox "Error loading files : not an audio stream" [Undecided,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6168308:43
=== guglielf [n=flp@ppp-21-70.21-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
Cieffethe report is old and it seems to be caused by the absence of gstreamer-ugly08:44
=== cypher1 [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-0c2c33c79b33e043] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
=== dfarning [n=dfarning@69-179-20-226.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
dfarningI am triaging a bug #68538 that was files against firefox, Got some info back from reported that leads me to believe that it is a blackdown bug09:04
UbugtuMalone bug 68538 in firefox "When visiting www.map24.com Firefox starts hanging permanently after a few seconds." [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6853809:04
dfarninghow do I move it?09:04
dholbachclick on the 'firefox' in the yellow bar in the middle09:05
dholbachand replace firefox with blackdown09:05
dfarningman, I was looking for something more complicated;)09:06
dholbachI'm sure you can do it in a more complicated way :-)09:06
dholbachanytime :)09:06
=== tonyyserver [n=anthony@d235-240-148.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
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dholbachhmmmmm, nothing like bug triage in the morning09:14
cypher1dholbach: hi09:14
cypher1dholbach: how are you09:14
dholbachhey cypher109:14
dholbachgood good - how are you?09:14
cypher1dholbach: fine too thanks09:14
cypher1dholbach: december started :)09:15
Cieffecan i reject this bug 61683?09:15
UbugtuMalone bug 61683 in rhythmbox "Error loading files : not an audio stream" [Undecided,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6168309:15
Cieffe the report is old and it seems to be caused by the absence of gstreamer-ugly09:15
dholbachI looked forward to the 1st of december for two weeks now :-)09:15
cypher1dholbach: :-)09:15
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
dholbachCieffe: good catch - close it09:15
=== dholbach hugs Cieffe
=== dholbach marks bug 74007 as a dup of bug 65822
UbugtuMalone bug 74007 in gnome-media "volume control not working" [Medium,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7400709:16
UbugtuMalone bug 65822 in gnome-media "gnome-volume-control crashed" [Unknown,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6582209:16
dholbachcypher1: I'm going to play in a club nearby tonight - that's what I've been looking forward to :-)09:16
cypher1play means ?09:17
dholbachplay records09:18
UbugtuNew bug: #74020 in xorg (main) "computer freezes when starting glxgears" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402009:21
Cieffetoday i close or commented some bug report in rythmbox09:21
dholbachCieffe: I noticed - good work on those!09:21
CieffeThere are still 3 report with status unconfirmed/undecided that i don't know how to handle09:21
Cieffedholbach: can you help me on this?09:21
Cieffedholbach: thanks! :)09:22
dholbachCieffe: which ones are those?09:22
dholbachI'll try09:22
Cieffebug 6692409:22
UbugtuMalone bug 66924 in rhythmbox "behaves poorly when a previous instance has frozen" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6692409:22
Cieffemaybe i should only ask if the problem is still present?09:23
dholbachYeah, ask if he could try with Edgy or Feisty and you could probably forward it as a suggestion upstream09:23
dholbachand probably ask for a  rhythmbox -d  log09:24
dholbachalso a backtrace might be useful to find out why the existing instance is hanging09:24
dholbach(if so)09:24
dholbachgdb -p $(pidof rhythmbox)09:24
UbugtuNew bug: #74021 in xorg (main) "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg's monitor test freezes computer" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402109:25
Cieffeok i'm going to ask if the problme is still present, if so i ask for other info09:25
Cieffeother bug 6681009:26
UbugtuMalone bug 66810 in rhythmbox "Likes to crash shortly after startup" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6681009:26
dholbachCieffe: the backtrace indicates that there's something wrong with gnome-vfs09:30
dholbachit's not clear what rhythmbox was trying to do, so a  -d log  might help also09:31
=== cypher1_ [i=cypher1@nat/hp/x-1c77eea2fcbeeb9e] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
dholbachI'm just doing some searches on the upstream bugzilla09:32
dholbachoften it's enough to search for a function name in one of the comments in the upstream tracker09:33
dholbachthose two might help09:35
UbugtuNew bug: #74022 in dovecot (main) "vpopmail support not compiled into dovecot" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402209:35
dholbachhttp://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=366346 looks like a good candidate09:35
UbugtuGnome bug 366346 in general "crash in Rhythmbox Music Player: loading music into the p..." [Critical,Needinfo] 09:35
dholbachit has some duplicates already and it was asked for a debug backtrace09:36
dholbachthe one in bug 66810 looks quite good09:36
UbugtuMalone bug 66810 in rhythmbox "Likes to crash shortly after startup" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6681009:36
dholbachso it'd be good to follow up on the upstream bug with more information and link the two bugs09:36
dholbach(mention the malone url upstream and add a bugwatch for the upstream bug in malone)09:36
=== pradeep [n=pradeep@] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
dholbachCieffe: does that help?09:39
dholbachhey pradeep09:39
pradeephello dholbach :)09:39
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Cieffedholbach: should i ask for rhythmbox -d anyway? only last X line or all the log? ( X=?) :)09:39
dholbachrhythmbox -d 2>log.txt09:40
dholbachif it crashes at startup it shouldn't be that long09:40
Cieffedholbach: yes, i understand, i'm going to do and then you will check :)09:40
dholbachde rien09:40
dholbachthanks for working on them09:40
=== dholbach hugs Cieffe
pradeepdholbach, quick question: What is the -dbg package for eog(Eye of Gnome)?09:41
Admiral_Chicagodholbach: you speak french?09:41
dholbachpradeep: in which version of ubuntu?09:41
dholbachAdmiral_Chicago: seulement un peu :-)09:41
Admiral_Chicagomoi aussie09:41
dholbachbut seb128 always makes fun of me09:42
Admiral_Chicagoso you speak three languages then?09:42
pradeepdholbach, edgy and feisty. I noticed a bug and i want to generate a trace.09:42
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A65FE6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
dholbachhe said something along the lines of "did you translate that with babelfish? it makes no sense"09:42
Admiral_Chicagoah i tried to help out on the kubuntu forums in french09:42
Admiral_Chicagoi remember that09:42
dholbachpradeep: enable pitti's repository (explained in http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash) and it should be eog-dbgsym09:43
dholbachhey mvo09:43
dholbachi'm not good at french, and I tried to learn other languages as well, but didn't have enough people to talk to on a day-to-day basis, so I gave up again :)09:43
mvohey dholbach!09:44
Admiral_Chicagowell i studied it four years in school, but i don't practice ever09:44
Admiral_Chicagotalk to raphael pinso09:45
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pradeepthanks dholbach ! :)09:47
Cieffemoi aussi, j'ai etudie le francais a l'ecole :)09:49
Cieffedholbach: done, can you check bug 6681009:50
UbugtuMalone bug 66810 in rhythmbox "Likes to crash shortly after startup" [Unknown,Unknown]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6681009:50
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Cieffethere is only one, bug 63143, undecided for rhytmbox now :)09:52
UbugtuMalone bug 63143 in rhythmbox "problems with rhythmbox and xubuntu 6.06" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6314309:52
Admiral_Chicagoje parle francais seulement quand je vuex parle avec mes amis en prive09:52
Admiral_Chicagoi can't do accent marks...09:52
CieffeAdmiral_Chicago: me too09:52
CieffeIt's the only thing i can say, and I'm not sure it's right :P09:53
UbugtuNew bug: #74023 in Fedora (universe) "Xorg does not start in dom0 with i810 driver" [Unknown,Unknown]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402310:00
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UbugtuNew bug: #74024 in ubiquity (main) "Attempting to re-install Ubuntu 6.06 after a failed "upgrade" of Xubuntu" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402410:15
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seb128dholbach is back to bug triage, waouh :)10:23
=== seb128 hugs dholbach
Admiral_Chicagodholbach: your email wasn't translated by babelfish, a lot easier to understand :P10:24
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UbugtuNew bug: #71770 in ubiquity (main) "Unable to install Ubuntu 6.06 in HP Pavillion dv1325" [Undecided,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7177010:36
UbugtuNew bug: #71809 in ubiquity (main) "Installer crashed - "Install failed with exit code 1"" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7180910:36
UbugtuNew bug: #73523 in ubiquity (main) "Installer Crashed" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7352310:36
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Cieffeseb128: i just see your comment10:39
seb128hi Cieffe10:39
seb128thank *you* for bug triaging ;)10:39
CieffeI agree with you for bug 5655710:39
UbugtuMalone bug 56557 in rhythmbox "Queued songs are shuffled when shutting down and restarting" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5655710:39
UbugtuNew bug: #71633 in ubiquity (main) "Installed crashed, line 696 gtkui.py" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7163310:41
Cieffeand also for bug 5970310:41
UbugtuMalone bug 59703 in rhythmbox "Import freezes/rhythmbox doesn't exit properly if a wmv file is in the watched directory" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5970310:41
Cieffebut it's ok to reject bug 33112?10:42
UbugtuMalone bug 33112 in rhythmbox "[Dapper]  Rhythmbox does not play mp3's" [Undecided,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3311210:42
seb128Cieffe: it is, that's why I didn't change it ;)10:44
seb128Cieffe: good work!10:44
Cieffei'm raising more problem than trying to help :)10:44
Cieffeit should be10:45
Cieffei'm raising more problem than solution  trying to help :)10:45
DarkMageZmaybe there is a better solution to 33112. back in the old days of windows, i think i recall a feature where if the media player couldn't play a file due to missing codecs. it would try and find the codec (always failed tho :P). maybe ubuntu's rhythmbox could advice the user that it found mp3 files during the scan and give them some advice?10:47
Cieffeseb128: and why you assigned this bug 61683 to ubuntu desktop if it was rejected?10:47
UbugtuMalone bug 61683 in rhythmbox "Error loading files : not an audio stream" [Undecided,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6168310:47
seb128Cieffe: why did you unassign it? ;)10:48
seb128DarkMageZ: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EasyCodecInstallation10:48
CieffeDarkMageZ: as far as i know there is a spec already write for this10:49
Cieffeseb128: because if rejected it shouldn't be assigned10:49
seb128why not?10:49
Cieffebut of course i'm wrong :)10:49
seb128the team is still responsive for it10:49
seb128and if the submitter disagree and comment the team gets the mails for sure then10:50
Cieffei think reject == not a bug => no one should resolve it => no one should have it assigned10:50
UbugtuNew bug: #74026 in libapt-front (main) "apt-index-watcher watch results in segfault" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402610:50
Admiral_Chicagoi don't suppose either of you gents know the license RSS uses?10:50
seb128rejected = not listed, not in the way10:50
Cieffeyour last line is very clear :)10:50
seb128but still, if the submitter has extra comments somebody should read them10:50
Cieffei understand10:51
UbugtuNew bug: #71940 in ubiquity (main) "I can't install my ubuntu" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7194010:55
UbugtuNew bug: #74027 in gutenprint (main) "WISHLIST: Upgrade gutenprint to the CVS version" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402710:55
dholbachhehe Admiral_Chicago10:56
dholbachhey seb12810:56
seb128dholbach: Alter!10:56
Admiral_Chicagoi don't think the idea of RSS has a license10:56
seb128morning ;)10:56
UbugtuNew bug: #74028 in scummvm (universe) "version 0.9.1 is already in Debian" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402811:00
UbugtuNew bug: #71592 in ubiquity (main) "Installer Crashed" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7159211:05
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UbugtuNew bug: #71945 in Ubuntu "HP Laserjet 1020 gets detected but doesn't work." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7194511:10
UbugtuNew bug: #74029 in slocate (main) "updatedb scans /mnt (hence /mnt/hgfs) by default" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7402911:10
a7pin #25226 someone complains about his CPU freqency not automatically beeing adjusted (in dapper). He changed some stuff and now it works like he wants it to - I've got absolutly no idea how to handle this bug. (personally I think it should be rejected, for cpu-scaling is handled diffently in edgy and with the feedback the user gives it is not possible to find a potential powernowd bug).11:12
seb128bug #2522611:17
UbugtuMalone bug 25226 in laptop-mode "laptop-mode does not twiddle CPU frequency" [Medium,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/2522611:17
seb128a7p: looks like a request to get the default config adapted then, he should not have to change the config to get it working11:18
seb128maybe confirming as a wishlist?11:18
seb128or reject if that's not revelant to edgy11:19
seb128I don't know enough about cpu-scaling to have a clear opinion about that one11:19
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
a7pseb128, It seem cpu scalling principially works for him ... normally powernowd does nothing else but setting the CPU-Frequency explicitly. And setting it manually seems to work for him ...11:33
a7pokay, I will reject it - since wishlisting is inadequat - fullfilling whould be a step back from where edgy is.11:34
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UbugtuNew bug: #74030 in firefox (main) "firefox crash" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7403011:46
dholbachCieffe: good work11:58
dholbachseb128: hm?12:01
seb128I've cleaned most of the desktop-bugs crasher which were "Need Info"12:02
seb128I'm reaching saturation on reading them12:02
seb128time to do something else :p12:02
dholbachpackaged new g-s-t12:03
dholbach+ s-t-b + liboobs :)12:03
seb128115 to 6312:03
dholbachmake the a11y team happy and package lsr12:03
seb128dholbach: you packaged the new gst?12:04
dholbachsorry s/packaged/package12:04
=== merlin-linux [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu-bugs
dholbachit was a suggestion to do something else12:04
UbugtuNew bug: #68881 in gnome-panel (main) "Crash when right clicking on the window-list applet" [Unknown,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6888112:05
UbugtuNew bug: #69261 in gaim (main) "Crashes when recieved message" [Medium,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6926112:05
UbugtuNew bug: #69394 in gnome-panel (main) "[edgy] gnome-panel crash suddenly when i load a new window for firefox.." [Undecided,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6939412:05
Admiral_Chicagodholbach: want to help me set up a planet?12:05
seb128dholbach: I didn't notice there was a new g-s-t, I would be happy to do the update :)12:05
Admiral_Chicagoin reality i have one question really12:05
dholbachAdmiral_Chicago: I never did that12:06
dholbachseb128: enjoy12:06
seb128thank you12:06
Admiral_Chicagoneither have I :(12:06
seb128I too the Need Info list matching crash from 115 to 6112:06
dholbachseb128: what about the new evoluition?12:06
seb128good enough for a morning ;)12:06
jonh_wendellseb128, what do you mean with "i've cleaned"? marked all rejected?12:06
seb128dholbach: they are waiting in the freeze limb somewhere12:06
seb128dholbach: I've uploaded it yesterday12:07
seb128jonh_wendell: most of them12:07
seb128reopened and reassigned some12:07
dholbachgnumeric is there also, but I'd like the xubuntu folks to do it12:07
jonh_wendellcan i do that too? :)12:07
dholbachand I'll merge the new gthumb soon also12:07
seb128Need Info for over 1 month and no reply12:07
seb128jonh_wendell: sure, Need Info bugs without infos are not useful12:07
seb128they can be closed after a month12:07
jonh_wendellnice to know this!12:08
seb128I close them with a comment saying "feel free to reopen with the asked details if you still get the bug"12:08
jonh_wendellseb128, can you give me an example? on of these you have closed12:08
seb128jonh_wendell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gaim/+bug/6926112:10
UbugtuMalone bug 69261 in gaim "Crashes when recieved message" [Medium,Rejected] 12:10
yamalso basically if information is requested but not received timely, it's policy to close?12:11
jonh_wendelli guess we have a lot of bugs like that. some from breezy epoch12:13
yamalexactly, quite alot of these around, that's why I wondered whether I understood this correctly12:14
seb128jonh_wendell: probably yep12:14
seb128the gaim bug I pointed is an easy case12:15
seb128a bug with like 15 comments and a discussing is not always to close even if it's Needs Infoi12:15
seb128it might have enough informations to be useful already12:15
seb128and many of those bugs actually have a comment and can be reopened and triaged12:16
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seb128dholbach: I was considering update the title too for bug #6736112:38
UbugtuMalone bug 67361 in gaim "Gaim crashes after startup (strcmp) [NO MORE CRASH FILES NEEDED] " [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6736112:38
seb128people don't like to read comments apparently ;)12:38
dholbachi started doing that with a11y crashes last cycle already12:38
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geserare bugs which got fixed in feisty set to "Fix Released"?12:42
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UbugtuNew bug: #68846 in gmediaserver (universe) "Not possible to remove package" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6884612:56
UbugtuNew bug: #74034 in linux-source-2.6.17 (main) "Serial ports of some HP Laptops don't work in Edgy" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7403412:56
Admiral_ChicagoBug #7251801:04
UbugtuMalone bug 72518 in Ubuntu "Include aiccu in multiverse" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7251801:04
Admiral_Chicagocan someone set as wishlist?01:04
Admiral_Chicagoi'll package it sometime this week if I can get around to it01:05
HobbseeAdmiral_Chicago: done01:07
Admiral_ChicagoHobbsee: thank you01:08
Admiral_Chicagoi wish i was on QA, not enough experience though01:08
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Admiral_Chicagokarma = 19K iirc01:10
UbugtuNew bug: #74036 in linux-source-2.6.17 (main) "Oops in scsi_mod and usbstorage" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7403601:10
UbugtuNew bug: #74037 in kdeadmin (main) "[feisty]  kuser ui is broken" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7403701:10
UbugtuNew bug: #74038 in totem (main) "Crash while generating thumbnails in nautilus windows" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7403801:15
UbugtuNew bug: #74039 in fityk (universe) "Fityk complains about mailcap entry" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7403901:15
UbugtuNew bug: #74040 in initramfs-tools (main) "no longer includes mptspi" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7404001:20
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UbugtuNew bug: #74042 in gdebi (main) "Include "uninstall" button" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7404201:25
UbugtuNew bug: #74043 in pymol (universe) "Please sync pymol 0.98+0.99rc6-2 (universe) from Debian Sid (main)" [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7404301:25
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UbugtuNew bug: #74045 in adept (main) "WISHLIST: aptitude-like behaviour for Adept" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7404501:35
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UbugtuNew bug: #74047 in network-manager (main) "NM shouldn't depend on gnome-keyring" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7404701:56
UbugtuNew bug: #74048 in linux-source-2.6.17 (main) "kernel BUG when inserting usb stick" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7404801:56
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UbugtuNew bug: #74050 in tomboy (main) "tomboy in kubuntu (kde): the applet not visible in the main panel" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7405003:35
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UbugtuNew bug: #74052 in pennmush (universe) "Missing game directory config files" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7405203:40
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UbugtuNew bug: #74053 in gnome-vfs2 (main) "[feisty]  gaim-url-handler now deals with aim links" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7405303:45
UbugtuNew bug: #74054 in defoma (main) "Defoma fontconfig backend creates weird fonts.conf" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7405404:11
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UbugtuNew bug: #74055 in gdm (main) "gdm default theme fails to follow Fitt's Law ("options" button)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7405504:35
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UbugtuNew bug: #73528 in lastfm (universe) "Last.FM crashes for no apparent reason" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7352804:50
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UbugtuNew bug: #71954 in qdvdauthor (multiverse) "qdvdauthor can not start" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7195405:05
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pointwoodhi, I reported a bug some time ago and I'm wondering whether I have posted enough info or there is more I can do: https://bugs.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/7171505:21
UbugtuMalone bug 71715 in Ubuntu "Thinkpad Z61T card reader doesn't work" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 05:21
Admiral_Chicagopointwood: 15:00.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments Unknown device 8039 is the line05:21
Admiral_Chicagoor 15:00.2 Mass storage controller: Texas Instruments Unknown device 803b05:21
Admiral_Chicagohave you tried firewire/05:21
Admiral_Chicagoit seems the hardware vendor's driver is malfunctiondng05:22
pointwoodit is an internal card reader05:22
pointwoodI didn't notice I had one until after some time :p05:22
pointwoodwhen I found it I of course had to try it and it didn't work05:23
pointwoodnot a big deal, but hey :)05:23
Admiral_Chicagolook at the bug report, the stuff that isn't working is  a TI device driver05:24
Admiral_Chicagosd card detected in socket 105:24
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Admiral_Chicagoseems to half work...hmm05:24
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YawnerHowdy guys, can someone step in here, I am not too sure what to recommend.. https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/7378406:47
UbugtuMalone bug 73784 in firefox "Firefox crash when closing tab" [Undecided,Needs info] 06:47
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stgraberjust a small and really easy question, if a bug is reported about a non-free software that's even not in Multiverse (Opera for this case) do I have to reject the bug with an explicit comment ? or what can I do ?08:24
ivoksgod question08:26
ivoksthat's a package devlierd by canonical's repos08:27
stgraberyes, that's why I'm asking08:27
ivoksimho, you should reject it08:27
ivoksit's not part of ubuntu distribution08:28
stgraberok --> rejected08:30
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davmor2bug 54966 someones is asking that the nvidia-glx package be split in two so that if your running kde you don't need to install gtk2 unless you want the nvidia-settings program isn't this a request for a change to defaults09:45
UbugtuMalone bug 54966 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17 "nvidia-glx boasts unnecessary dependencies" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5496609:45
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RichTHi, is keedcook here?09:48
RichTSorry, keescook!09:48
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keescookack.  RichT/starbug/cmodyssey left too quick.  :)10:05
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dfarningquick question about bug triage.  Should I worry about bugs in firefox 1.5 as shipped in dapper or should I work on 2.x and wait for someone to backpost 2.x to dapper10:50
davmor22.x probably won't get backported to edgy10:52
dfarningdo we then worry about issues in 1.5 for LTS10:53
davmor2yes look into them as it is still the default10:54
davmor2dfarning:  if there are fixes in 2.x you may want to just let them know that and to look out for it.10:56
dfarninghow should the orginal bug in 1.5 be marked?10:58
dfarning'fixrelease' if fixed in 2.0 but not 1.5?11:00
UbugtuNew bug: #74086 in openssh (main) "neither ~/.bash_profile nor ~/.bashrc are read for ssh login" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7408611:01
davmor2I went for "in progress" and then a short explanation saying what the fix is and it will be made available with "this particular release"11:01
UbugtuNew bug: #74087 in xserver-xgl (universe) "xserver-xgl crashed and xserver restarts after loading large PDF" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7408711:01
dfarningdavmor2: what if it looks like there will not be a fix in 1.5?  most of the dev work is being done in 2.0.11:03
davmor2pass still new at this myself11:03
dfarningthanks, I'll ask ask again later when dh is on11:04
davmor2or sfllaw11:04
sfllawdfarning: You called?11:05
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sfllawdfarning: We do have to worry about old Firefox bugs in Dapper, because it is LTS.11:05
sfllawIt is unlikely that bugs will be fixed there, but someone ought to pay attention to them.11:05
sfllawEspecially if there is a security bug.11:06
UbugtuNew bug: #74088 in oo2c (universe) "Please sync oo2c (universe) from unstable (main)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/7408811:06
dfarninghey sfllaw just read the transcript of your bug squad meeting11:08
sfllawdfarning: Hello.11:08
dfarningnice job11:08
sfllawdfarning: Thans.11:08
dfarningshould just let bugs against 1.5 sit as confirmed in LP11:09
dfarningif they have been fixed in 2.011:09
aileandavmor2, i see you're here :D11:18
aileani've sent a reply to the bug you rejected explaining my point of view. have you got that?11:18
davmor2hang on I'll check11:19
aileandavmor2, 5570911:20
davmor2ailean:  the report I sent you back is the default message for getting a change to a package default11:22
aileani see11:23
aileandavmor2, what do you suggest i do then? An ISO standard shouldn't need discussion11:23
davmor2as the default is incorrect it does need to change.11:24
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aileanyep. the problem is that it's not that important to most people :)11:25
aileani appreciate you looking at it11:25
davmor2sfllaw who is the best group of people to get onto about this?11:25
davmor2would it motu?11:25
crimsunerr, what?11:26
aileanchanging the name of a language11:27
aileanBug 5570911:27
UbugtuMalone bug 55709 in language-pack-gnome-en-base ""Scots Gaelic" should be "Scottish Gaelic"" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5570911:27
crimsunno, motu is not appropriate11:27
crimsunlanguage-pack-gnome-en-base | 1:6.10+20061019 | http://archive.ubuntu.com feisty/main Sources11:27
sfllawdavmor2: Is there an actual argument here?11:27
aileansfllaw, no11:28
sfllawailean: OK.  So ask the maintainer what he/she thinks.11:29
sfllawI must go.11:29
aileanpitti then11:29
davmor2sfllaw no just confusion I put it down to needing a change to default which is agreed11:29
crimsunbye, sfllaw11:29
aileanseeya sfllaw11:29
aileani'll email pitti11:30
aileanthanks for your help davmor211:30
davmor2okay ailean sorry I couldn't help more11:30
aileani don't see what you could do :)11:31
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