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cr3when installing 6.06 from the live cd on a 2.2Gb hard drive and if you select "erase entire disk", it will create 128Mb swap and 2.1Gb root but the installer will crash later due to a full disk.02:41
cr3Oddly, I have an installation of 6.06 which takes less than 2Gb02:42
cr3Perhaps some extra space is being taken during the installation process and then removed afterwards.02:42
cjwatsonI think that's known02:43
cjwatsonI need to attack ubiquity/partman's disk space checks in general02:43
cr3cjwatson: is my assessment right, though, that some extra space is being taken during the installation?02:45
cjwatsonyes; ubiquity copies the whole live filesystem and then removes a few bits02:46
cjwatsonI tried to get the high water mark but may not have got it quite right02:46
cjwatsonfor example, ubiquity itself is copied to the hard disk and then removed at the end02:47
cr3cjwatson: that rings a bell, I remember overhearing you speak about this during AllHands. that's a trick to make it possible for the live cd and installer to coexist in the same limited space, right?02:48
cjwatsonyes, basically02:49
cjwatsonthe live CD installer doesn't use .debs, but copies the live filesystem instead02:49
jerom1cr3 : Hi, can you call me for support please ?02:52
cr3jerom1: sure, I tried calling you several times during the last few days. give me a few minutes, I'm on the phone right now.02:58
jerom1cr3 : ok no problem02:58
cr3jerom1: ok, I'm dialing...03:15
jerom1cr3: oki cool03:15
cr3jerom1: the number I'm dialing is not answering, please see my private messages03:19
jerom1cr3 : please see my response in private03:30
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cr3cjwatson: might there be a workaround to install 6.06 on a 2Gb drive using the live cd? the alternate works fine, but the live cd is so much more user friendly05:18
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cjwatsoncr3: afraid not, if the contents of the live filesystem don't fit08:28

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