dotwafflejenda: I studied Latin. I stopped when I could ;)12:20
jendahehe :)12:21
jendadotwaffle: I have it as an optional subject ;)12:21
dotwaffle:) I've always wanted to learn an auxillary language, I figured I'd either learn Latin or Ido. In the end, I learned Python ;)12:21
jendaas a lawyer in a civil law country, I will have a use for latin :)12:23
jendaor at least I can look smart :/12:23
dotwafflewould a nice suit not do that job better? :)12:26
jendahehe :)12:26
jendanot a job, it's study atm :)12:26
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable229.181-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
dotwaffleWhat are people's thoughts on Wine in Ubuntu, btw?12:48
jendaFor me, it's a temporary solution to a permanent problem. I avoid it.12:50
Burgworkit works for somethings not for others12:50
Burgworktotally unsupportable12:50
dotwaffleSo many people I show Ubuntu to are prevented from total migration by one or two applications, typically in-house developed. Just wondering what people though about it.12:51
jendaYou should offer it as a solution.12:51
dotwaffleYeah, I just don't hace the experience in Wine... Ought to spend an afternoon with it..12:52
atoponcejenda: do you know the octal or hex value for your cool smiley?12:55
lotusleafdotwaffle: re: wine, try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic, where I'll respond. ;)12:57
dotwafflecheers ;)12:59
=== rjian[out] [n=rjian_se@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lotusleafdotwaffle: (= also #winehq is a good channel01:00
dotwaffleIt was more of an ubuntu query, as opposed to Wine. Of course Wine is going to pimp Wine ;)01:01
=== rjian[out] is now known as rjian
lotusleafdotwaffle: which is why I presented you with three options and three IRC channels: wine, crossover, and cedega01:17
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=== rjian good morning people
lotusleafrjian: good evening01:20
rjianhello lotusleaf01:20
jendaatoponce: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/List_of_Keysyms_Recognised_by_Xmodmap01:24
jendalook for kana_TSU01:24
atoponcejenda: found it  01:25
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Burgundavia_good evening me lovlies05:04
Burgundavia_whose up for some Herd1 release notes hacking?05:04
=== Madpilot is hard of herding
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: you there?05:09
poningruBurgundavia: give me like another hour05:10
Burgundaviasounds good05:12
BurgundaviaI will flesh out a shell05:12
poningruBurgundavia: ready05:22
Burgundaviain gobby05:23
Burgundaviajust a sec05:23
Burgundaviacan you copy in the raw bits from a Knot release page?05:24
poningrudid you make a page in gobby yet?05:25
poningrumaking one: herd 105:27
Burgundaviagot it05:28
=== tonyyaru1so [n=anthony@d235-240-148.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviahey tonyyaru05:30
tonyyaru1soHey Burgund05:30
Burgundaviawant to work on the Herd 1 doc?05:31
tonyyarussoMaybe if I can over the weekend?  Not tonight.05:32
poningruwhen is herd going to be released?05:34
tonyyarussoI think it's "when the installer works"05:35
elkbuntuyep, that's my impression also05:36
Burgundaviawhich means have have tonight to get this done05:36
tonyyarussoWell, what sorts of things get done on a Herd 1 doc?05:37
tonyyarussoAny that can be done if very small time increments?05:38
Burgundaviacan you get us screenshots of sudoku and chess?05:39
tonyyarussoThat sounds simple enough05:39
=== tonyyarusso played sudoku for the first time recently
Burgundaviado you see how the older screenshots are done, shrunk and drop shadow added05:40
elkbuntui do05:40
Burgundaviagiven my gimp skills are sadly lacking, somebody is going to have to get that rocking05:41
=== _rjian [n=rjian_se@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
tonyyarussoI can shrink, not sure about drop shadow.  I'll try.05:42
Burgundaviatonyyarusso: then deliver the screenshots in complete form05:42
=== _rjian is now known as rjian
elkbuntui will be the screenshot shadower person if need be05:43
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Point me to one of the pages with an example of what I'm shooting for?05:45
Burgundaviaanybody else running Feisty?05:45
=== tonyyarusso likes living on the edge
Burgundaviaa basic screenshot of the app05:45
Burgundavianothing fancy05:45
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: should we email the screenshots to you and you can do the necessary work?05:46
=== atoponce loves sudoku
elkbuntuyeah, that'd be the best way to have consistancy05:46
Burgundaviaaside from GNOME and the kernel, what else has changed that is user visible?05:47
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: @ubuntu?05:47
Burgundaviatalking only Ubuntu here05:47
tonyyarussoWell, I saw a little app crash notification icon for the first time today, but I doubt I can reproduce it.05:48
elkbuntutonyyarusso, i've never tried the ubuntu address i theoretically have... melissa@meldraweb.com is guaranteed05:48
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Away05:49
Burgundaviawe can use all the moin code we want in this one, as it is going on the website05:51
elkbuntuok, those are done. http://meldra.no-ip.info/feistyscreenshots06:03
Burgundaviaplease create a Herd1 wiki page and upload them06:04
poningruwill do06:04
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: upload your images to that page06:05
poningruyeah made it06:06
poningrumid air collision06:07
=== tonyyarusso catches pieces and grabs fire extinguisher
elkbuntuponingru, it's ok.. i figured you'd gone quicker and cancelled06:08
=== Burgundavia calls the Dharma Initiative
Burgundaviayou working, you lot?06:20
=== Burgundavia gets our his really big whips
Burgundaviaanybody need a job?06:20
poningruyeah /me06:20
poningrusorry its just fixing a friends gentoo box06:21
Burgundaviacan you finish my intro paragraph06:21
Burgundaviaparaphrase off scotts blog post06:21
Burgundaviaand link to it06:21
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: you busy?06:21
Burgundaviatonyyarusso: you must need a job06:21
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: I can do another.06:21
Burgundaviado you have feisty?06:24
elkbuntui have two flavours of feisty06:24
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: I do06:24
BurgundaviaI need someone that can show the new UI for gpm controlling frequency06:24
tonyyarussogpm controlling frequency?06:25
Burgundaviacpu frequency06:25
tonyyarussoThat makes a lot more sense than me thinking about something related to the 'gpm' package.06:25
tonyyarussoum, where is it?06:27
Burgundaviaappears there is no UI06:29
Burgundaviaso I need a short para on the following changes:06:29
Burgundaviagdm theme changes, new metacity theme and that gpm thing06:29
BurgundaviaI need urls for all three as well06:29
Burgundaviafor gdm, look on the gdm mailing list06:29
Burgundaviafor metacity, ditto06:29
Burgundaviafor gpm, look at hughsies blog06:30
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: I have a screenshot for you06:33
Admiral_Chicagojenda: ping06:34
poningruwoot dude fixed the glib prob06:35
poningruerr wrong channel06:35
Admiral_ChicagoBurgundavia: documentation?06:38
elkbuntuBurgundavia, right on it06:38
BurgundaviaAdmiral_Chicago: documentation?06:38
Admiral_Chicagolooking forward to Feisty i meant06:38
elkbuntuBurgundavia, ... where's the window decoration?06:38
Burgundaviaah, fucking compiz06:38
elkbuntuyeah, it's a bit like that06:39
elkbuntui havent bothered reinstalling it yet06:39
Burgundavialet me reshoot06:39
Burgundaviaman metacity works so much better06:39
elkbuntuimagine that06:39
Admiral_ChicagoBurgundavia: i like Beryl a LOT better06:41
BurgundaviaAdmiral_Chicago: tbh, they are both crap06:41
Burgundaviaand I am scared shitless of beryl's development cycle and general structure06:41
Admiral_Chicagoi wish i didn't have them installed but man it's impressive. it's just not functional06:41
Admiral_Chicagoit's eye candy06:41
BurgundaviaI suspect CompositeByDefault will die on the floor, due to technical limitations06:42
Burgundaviaie: compiz and beryl are not "enterprise ready"06:42
Admiral_Chicagono it's not ready for the desktop06:42
Admiral_Chicagoif anything, it should have been in Edgy06:43
Admiral_Chicagoi don't see anything wrong with one "testing", two stable release, one testing release cycle06:43
Admiral_ChicagoEdgy was a testing release, dapper was really stable and a solid system06:44
Burgundaviathat isn't how upstream works06:44
Burgundaviaand given 98% of our bugs come from upstream...06:44
Admiral_Chicagothats true.06:44
BurgundaviaI have now filed 11 bugs on compiz in 2 days06:46
Burgundaviayou realize what this means?06:46
Burgundaviaponingru: feel free to finish the GNOME stuff06:46
BurgundaviaI need to hack at the kernel stuff06:46
Admiral_ChicagoBurgundavia: the real beef I have is the "one desktop" thing06:49
Burgundaviayes, that drives me bonkers06:50
Burgundaviait was needed for the ridiculous cube crap06:50
Admiral_Chicagoif i'm on a seperate viewport, i DONT want to see the other open windows in other viewports in my taskbar06:51
Admiral_Chicagoit makes me nuts06:51
Admiral_Chicagoand i want to be able to put a different background on a different viewport06:51
Admiral_Chicagothat would make me happy06:51
Admiral_Chicagodon't get me wrong, the developers do amazing work06:55
poningruyeah what would be really cool is to expand the polyhedron according to the number of viewports added06:58
poningruwiki.gnome.org just gave me server down06:59
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: mind doing your spelling lovelyness?07:16
Burgundaviawe are almost ready07:16
poningruBurgundavia: I dont know about that last comment in gobby07:17
poningrutheme and gpm should be seperate imho07:17
Burgundaviafor those smaller changes,without a screenshot, we should group them together07:18
poningruwell there is a bunch of theme changes that are being grouped together07:18
poningruand for the gpm you cant really do a screeny07:19
Burgundaviayep, but none of those have a UI yet07:20
poningrumostly backend07:20
Burgundaviano screenshot == no section07:20
poningruI dont know if I like that one07:20
poningrubut dude power is reall != theme07:21
poningrugrouping them together is like grouping cpu and hdd together... not even same category07:22
Burgundaviathemes are interesting, but neither of those things are really: I am going to install Feisty over them07:22
Burgundaviahence they are minor changes07:22
Burgundaviawe are grouping by interesting-ness, not location in the desktop07:22
elkbuntu"Of course, one game did get axed. Sadly "07:22
elkbuntuwhat comes next?07:22
poningruBurgundavia: I'd say power is interesting07:23
poningruespecially lower mem usage07:23
Burgundaviaminor stuff07:23
poningrupeople eat that up07:23
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: right, need to figure out which game got axed07:23
elkbuntuiirc there used to be 2 majhong games07:24
Burgundaviayep, ataxx got dropped07:24
poningruBurgundavia: if you are serious about this then I will combine them... but I still say we should give them each their section07:25
poningruespecially power07:25
Burgundavialets do one section, see how it looks and then make a decions07:25
elkbuntuone thing im waiting for, or if its just me that hasnt found it, an easier way... an option for gnome-panel icons to need double-click07:30
Burgundaviamaybe the new applet stuff will do it07:32
elkbuntuim talking about the launchers07:32
Burgundaviathose are applets07:33
Burgundaviahmm, maybe a video of the doubleclicking action?07:34
poningrucan someone go to bugs.ubuntu.com?07:35
Burgundaviait works07:37
Burgundaviaredirects to lp07:38
Burgundaviaa bit slow07:39
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: how is the spell checking going?07:39
elkbuntuBurgundavia, looks fine to me07:41
Burgundaviaone thing to check, then I think we can copy07:41
Burgundaviaponingru: we looking good from your end?07:41
elkbuntu"a new theme version for the desktop, allowing for better themes" should that be 'a new themer'?07:42
elkbuntuline 3207:42
poningruyeah looking good07:42
=== elkbuntu points at her question above
=== poningru shrugs
Burgundaviaanybody editing?07:45
Burgundaviacopying back07:45
elkbuntulet me typo your rewording first07:45
elkbuntunow you may07:45
BurgundaviaI love you :)07:46
elkbuntuof course07:46
poningrugroup hug!!07:46
=== poningru hugs elkbuntu and Burgundavia
Burgundaviarequest: can you reshoot those two screenshots at the same size?07:49
Burgundaviaand reupload them with nicer names?07:50
Burgundaviawithout spaces07:50
Burgundaviasee http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/flight207:51
elkbuntuhmm? which two?07:57
Burgundavianever mind, got it07:58
poningruBurgundavia: you still editing?08:02
Burgundaviadone in a sec08:02
poningrucouple of things with the massive merge from deb title 08:02
poningruand the disk analyzer attachement08:02
elkbuntudo you need me to re-shadow things?08:03
Burgundavianope, got it08:03
Burgundaviayours to edit08:03
poningrutoo many pics08:05
poningruerr screenies08:05
Burgundaviayep, I know08:05
poningrularger ones without dropshadows08:05
BurgundaviaI am making them links soon08:05
Burgundaviaping me when you are done08:07
poningruBurgundavia: err I really dont have anything else to...08:17
Burgundaviaright, I thought you were editing08:18
elkbuntuBurgundavia, if you're editing, un-bold the ataxx line08:22
=== rjian is away (rjian is on OFFLINE)
=== rjian is now known as rjian[out]
elkbunturjian[out] , please please please, disable away messages08:31
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: editing done, please check08:50
elkbuntuYou can find out more about Ubuntu on our [WWW]  website, [irc://irc.freenode.net:6667/ubuntu IRC channel]  and [WWW]  wiki.08:51
elkbuntuthat doesnt look right...08:51
Burgundaviayou fixing it?08:52
elkbuntunot yet, go for it08:53
Burgundavianixternal: kubuntu herd page ready?08:58
nixternalbeen ready..but there is no Kubuntu Herd 1 ;(08:59
Burgundavianope, but that gave us time to whip up a Ubuntu Herd 1 page09:00
nixternalat least there is a Herd 1 image for Ubuntu and Edubuntu09:00
poningruelkbuntu: sorry what was wrong with it?09:01
poningruthe irc thing? or the [WWW] 09:01
elkbuntuponingru, irc thing09:01
elkbuntumoin didnt parse it09:01
Burgundaviaok, now the page has the same byline as the UWN09:04
BurgundaviaI need to sleep, so final checks09:06
poningruthere is no HERD1?09:08
poningrufor kubuntu09:08
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atoponcenot exactly tactful, but funny nonetheless: http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/518/tagthemoneyul8.jpg03:08
atoponcesome more spread ubuntu stuff: http://ubuntuforums.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=2300&cat=500&ppuser=7190903:13
dgoldwhy the differentiation of LiveCD vs Install - isn't current terminology Desktop vs Alternate?03:20
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@S0106000fb085cc63.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
dgoldreading the marketing pages on launchpad/wiki - there were surveys being done, with imput date in early October.04:27
dgoldThere doesn't appear to be a results date for those...04:27
atoponceseems to me elkbuntu released the results of that survey?04:30
atoponcemaybe not04:32
dgoldcan't see results liked anywhere04:44
dgoldthe MarketingSurvey wiki sill shows ?? for any results/analysis04:49
=== MitchM [i=fwuser@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== somerville32 [n=somervil@fctnnbsc15w-156034093050.nb.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
tonyyarussoatoponce, dgold: She's still processing them (slowly - busy person).05:41
Admiral_Chicagoponingru: there should be05:57
poningruwow good timing05:58
Admiral_Chicagokubuntu herd 105:58
jendayo, MitchM, somerville32... others ;)06:12
somerville32Heya Jenda06:12
MitchMhey jenda 06:12
somerville32no posters yet <g>06:12
jendathey'll get there ;)06:12
poningruoh hehe06:12
MitchMjenda, Whats up?06:12
jendaatoponce: those are old SU designs06:12
jendaat the time, SU had a sligthly different goal, I think.06:12
jendaBut something of that sort would still have its use, I think.06:13
jendaMitchM: lots, and not much at the same time :)06:13
MitchM=) well -- sounds just about right to me06:13
atoponcehttp://blog.josephhall.com/2006/11/sugar-cookies.html   ubuntu sugar cookies06:17
atoponcerecipe and all06:17
jendaomg 06:17
atoponcenice, eh?06:19
jendaFor the unindoctrinated, wheat flour contains two proteins: gliadin and glutenin. When these two proteins get together and get wet, they turn into gluten. And the more gluten is worked (via mixing, kneading, etc), the more elastic it gets, which of course makes it chewier.06:19
jendaI've never seen such a geeky recipe, but it fits ;)06:19
atoponcehe's from our LoCo Team. he is a *major* geek06:20
atoponceand a fabulous cook06:20
=== mindspin [n=mindspin@p54B27C1C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== jenda likes cooking too
jendaBut if I ever even thought of doing Ubuntu cookies, I think most of my RL friends would abandon me :-D06:21
jenda(for being too much of a geek)06:21
atoponcehttp://blog.josephhall.com/2006/11/tux-cookies.html   try that on for size.  06:22
atoponceand last, but not least http://blog.josephhall.com/2006/11/firefox-cookies.html06:23
atoponceanyway, i'll add the ubuntu cookies to the wiki06:24
jendahaha :) beautiful :)06:24
jendathe firefox cookies are crazy. really.06:25
=== lotusleaf [n=lotuslea@kernel-panic/member/carne.asada.burrito] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendathat guy... is just professional.06:27
jendaatoponce: how long do cookies like that last?06:27
jendaHe should sell them by mail-order.06:27
atoponcejenda: cookies like that wouldn't last long in my household06:31
atoponcethey'd be eaten in no time06:31
jendahehe :) mine too.06:31
atoponcehttp://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/community/parentalcontrols.mspx   something is wrong with that first screenshot06:32
lotusleafbah, I wish I could go one day without reading the word Microsoft, oops, there it is again! :P06:33
jendaatoponce: ROFLMAO06:38
jendathat is one hell of a secure computer.06:38
=== somerville32_ [n=somervil@fctnnbsc15w-156034077253.nb.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
atoponceyeah. especially for parental controls06:44
atoponceyou'd think that they would be more careful with what screenshots they put on their website06:44
=== willvdl [n=will@] has left #ubuntu-marketing ["Leaving"]
atoponcebut, i've said it before, and i'll say it again.  you can fix all the bugs and security holes that you want, but if you are not implementing basic security practices in your operating system, then how in the world can you expect your users to practice security???06:45
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