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lotusleafKubuntu > Jesus01:13
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Riddellhmm, deliberately provocative that, I wouldn't say an operating system is greater than a human being01:17
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NeoChaosXwell, there isn't a water-to-wine conversion package in the repos02:14
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nixternalMerry Christmahanukwanzaaka!06:30
Hobbseehey nixternal06:30
nixternalhiya Hobbsee!06:30
nixternalhow was your holidays?06:30
nixternalor is06:31
Hobbseenixternal: is.  good :)06:32
Hobbseenixternal: currently i'm wondering about if canonical can run spamassassin or something on @ubuntu.com and @kubuntu.org email addresses - they appear to be getting spammed a lot!06:32
nixternalso i have noticed06:33
nixternali had a killer spamassassin setup using the perl scripts on my other box and had it trained with so many different filters, and it wasn't all that slow either06:33
nixternalTested on Edgy Elf 6.1006:33
nixternalwe changed the codename and never told me i guess06:34
nixternali did my upstream work for the day. wrote 2 guides for kde and am now apart of the KOffice2 stuff which is nuts right now06:35
nixternalim trying to play catch-up but i seem to be getting nowhere06:36
=== Jucato greets Hobbsee and nixternal a merry christmas before heading off for a nap
nixternalhiya Jucato! Merry Christmas to you as well06:36
Jucatowell, then, I'm off to bed. I haven't had a decent sleep in days :)06:37
Jucatogood night :)06:37
nixternalg'nite bud06:37
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froudhi, where does kmail store the messages08:36
Hobbsee~/.kde/share/apps/kmail is a likely place08:44
Hobbsee+ /mail08:44
froudHobbsee: I have restored from a backup where the messages where stored in ~/Mail. I see the message subjects, but when I select a message the content is blank. New messages arriving are fine. Somehow the index of old messages is not linking to the message file itself08:46
froudHobbsee: when I open the message from Konqueror, the message content is there08:47
Hobbseeyou'd have to ask in #kmail or something08:47
=== Hobbsee doesnt deal in kmail more than she has to
froudnobody in kmail08:48
=== froud goes back to google
Hobbseeor #kde08:49
nixternali have seen that before as well, and I can't remember if I fixed it or deleted it08:54
froudHobbsee: nixternal: seems like you must import the old messages, it's not enough just to extract the backup archive08:59
=== Hobbsee always knew that kmail was dodgy
Hobbseelong live imap!09:00
froudbut this imports all to Kmail-import in Mail folder09:00
froudWhich means all rules/filters you setup will not work unitil you copy the stuff in the import back to the Mail/09:01
nixternalfroud: you would think extracting would be fine, because i usally archive my mail folder before and install and then just extract09:01
froudCorrect. Also the config stuff in .kde if you forget to backup that then your mail backup is useless09:02
nixternali just did it last week when i bought this laptop09:04
nixternali migrated from my desktop to this machine w/o any issues09:04
froudSanta came early then?09:04
nixternalwell Santa didn't put the money in my wallet :)09:04
nixternalactually, maybe he did09:04
Hobbseeplease tell me you didnt just dump it on your credit card :P09:05
nixternali goto school using my GI Bill and Illinois Veterans Grant from the military. So school is free, and I get paid for being a full-time student09:05
froudI finally moved my desktop (workhorse) from SuSE to Kubuntu (no more SuSE after 6 years)09:05
nixternalHobbsee: i only pay cash09:05
Hobbseewhere are the kickoff packages, btw?  did tonio ever fix them?09:05
nixternali have 1 credit card for emergency purposes. i have had this same card for almost 15 years now, but i use my check/debit card for most of my transactions09:06
froudLet's see, since yesterday I installed and configured my router/firewall with Ubuntu Server, Installed a File Server and configured Samba on Ubuntu, and redid my desktop with Kubuntu. Now it's time Santa did some work :-)09:08
Hobbseenice :)09:08
froudNow I sit and watch a 2.3 GB mailbox import to Kmail09:09
froudI still can't get Kubuntu to join the Samba Domain09:10
froudBut WinK2 client do just fine09:10
froudsamba on ubuntu is a bitch09:11
nixternalfroud: what issues are you having?09:12
Hobbseeit is :(09:12
nixternali have no problems with my samba config09:12
nixternalyou added your network name to /etc/samba/smb.conf i assume09:13
froudnixternal: Yah, as I said, Wink2 host can join domain and connect to Samba Domain no problem. Cant do that on Kubuntu09:14
froudnixternal: smbclient with command net rpc join -D ENBAYA -U administrator09:15
froudUnable to find a suitable server09:15
nixternalhmm, now that is an odd one09:15
nixternalsee, i don't have a domain, hence why samba works great :)09:15
froudStrange cause as I said, win2k just works ;_009:15
froudYou setup stand-alone09:16
nixternalya, to share between the desktops w/o doing anything crazy09:16
nixternalbetween my kubuntu boxes i just use scp for transferring stuff09:17
froudI am a bit of a kio slave09:17
=== Hobbsee remembers large headaches trying to copy files over kubuntu boxen
froudhehe, 22169 message in the last year09:30
fdovingfish:/ :)10:37
mhbenjoy the holidays folks, I'm going to be away for a couple of days enjoying them myself :o)11:02
Hobbseebye mhb!11:05
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JucatoHobbsee: Merry Christmas! (although it's already about to end for us :P )11:12
HobbseeJucato: indeed!  you too :)11:14
Hobbsee2 hours 45 mins11:14
=== ..[topic/#kubuntu-devel:Riddell] : Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Merryness! | Merge ! http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/feisty/+specs | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/Meetings
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Lurehi all11:37
Hobbseehey Lure!11:38
Lureany core-dev around for xmas upload: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=387311:38
Hobbseehey Riddell!  Merry christmas!11:38
Riddellet toi Hobbsee11:38
Lurehi Hobbsee - merry xmas11:38
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HobbseeLure: please tell me that you're part of the extra's team, will shove your changes into debian, then will sync.11:39
Lureallee: merry xmas - and thanks for digikam packages11:39
=== Hobbsee wonders why tonio_ didnt
LureHobbsee: it is from allee and he asked to get them uploaded two days ago, but only digikam was uploaded...11:39
alleeLure: same to you!  And all other how happen to celebrate xmas11:39
alleehi Hobbsee11:39
alleewas tonio here the last days?  digikam upload was done by Riddell.  but d-imageplugins is in universe.  So any motu can upload11:40
Riddellhmm, I did upload d-imageplugins11:41
Riddellbut it hasn't appeared in feisty changes11:41
RiddellSuccessfully uploaded digikamimageplugins_0.9.0.orig.tar.gz to upload.ubuntu.com.11:41
LureRiddell: this is what happens if you upload on your b-day ;-)11:41
alleeRiddell: oh, you had b-d 23rd?  So a bit delayed 'All the best' from me!11:43
=== allee added dapper and edgy backports of digikam* pkgs to his repo. So I hope lot more people found a unexpectecd gift on 24th.
Lureallee: you should announce it somewhere (digikam site)11:46
Riddellwhat a mystery, that upload has completely disappeared11:46
LureRiddell: try again ;-)11:46
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tuxplorer  http://pastebin.com/844598 I'm unable to login to KDE4 that I installed recently.. I'm on ubuntu edgy. The above link is my .xsession-errors11:48
alleeLure: right. yesterday it was to late.  Familie would have killed me when I tried to return to the computer ;)11:48
HobbseeRiddell: you'd forgotten to regularly sacrifice to the soyuz gods?  shame!11:49
Riddelltuxplorer: looks like a gnome session that11:49
=== Riddell uploads digikamimageplugins again
tuxplorerRiddell: Ah! ya. I was wondering why it tried to load gnome-panel in KDE ;)11:50
Lureallee: I can imagine - just got my 30 computer minutes today ;-)11:51
tuxplorerwhat happened is that it logged out immediately saying that some error occurred and the session didn't last even 10 secs.. and asked me to look into .xsession-errors11:51
alleeRiddell: thx11:51
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=== allee SIGLUNCH
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fdovingjoth: then i can't help you.. i'm afraid. I don't have an ipod. the one i had is probably still swimming in the sea somewhere.02:16
Hobbseehey fdoving02:17
Hobbseeouch @ the ipod02:17
fdovinghi hobbsee.02:17
fdovingoh.. this is -devel.. that message shoud be in #kubuntu..02:17
fdovingouch @ the ipod, yeah. long time ago though..02:18
fdovingso, you've finished celebrating christmas already?02:20
Hobbseeand we wont eat you for posting such things in -devel02:20
=== Hobbsee is bad at that
Hobbseehey highvoltage02:21
highvoltagehey Hobbsee02:21
highvoltagemerry xmas to you02:21
Hobbseeyou too :)02:21
tomaHobbsee: i'm not too sure about that02:21
Hobbseetoma: not too sure about which?  me adding offtopic stuff to -devel?02:21
tomaHobbsee: no, you not eating people02:21
Hobbseetoma: i spear them with my Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - i dont tend to eat them02:22
Hobbseeespecially not today02:22
tomaoh, thats nice ;-)02:22
highvoltageeating people is against CoC, btw ;)02:22
tomahighvoltage: is it? i did not read it in there....02:22
Hobbseehighvoltage: hush!02:22
fdovingluckily i haven't seen any rfc about eating people over tcp/ip.02:22
Hobbseehighvoltage: defenestrating them may or may not be02:22
highvoltagetoma: well, perhaps we can let it slide, since CoC doesn't implicitely state that eating people is bad02:23
tomaif it leads to solving bug 1, well, we just have to do it02:23
UbugtuMalone bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/102:23
Hobbseewhat, eat all the windows users?02:23
highvoltageyuck. they taste horrible.02:24
highvoltage(or so I heard)02:24
Hobbseeyou've tried????02:24
tomawe probably don't know what is in there exactly02:24
highvoltagethey have all kinds of diseases and virusses02:24
tomawould solve most of the spam though02:25
fdovingtoma: i like the Forward to button :)02:26
tomafdoving: yeah, me too ;-)02:26
tomafdoving: should 'new' be the same?02:27
fdovingtoma: yes, that would be smart.02:27
tomafdoving: are you going to do that?02:27
fdovingtoma: make it? I can try.02:27
tomasure, look at the diff and do the same for new.02:28
tomagonna join some windows users now....02:39
tomabye all02:39
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JucatoHobbsee: will knetworkmanager in Feisty will handle PPPoE ADSL setup/configuration/monitoring?02:45
HobbseeJucato: no idea.  iirc not so far02:45
Jucatooh ok. thanks :)02:45
=== Jucato still looking for the either the all-in-one internet/network GUI app or a GUI pppeoconf frontend...
nixternalsanta forgot my house!02:50
=== fdoving forwards some toys from his house to nixternal.
=== Hobbsee throws bits of glue at everyone in the room
nixternalbits of glue?03:02
nixternalthanks fdoving!03:02
fdovingyou're welcome.. this house is so full of toys it would be a pleasure to give some of them away.03:03
Hobbseeyes, off the back of this card03:04
fdovingnice. my mailody hack almost works.03:08
nixternalHobbsee: hahahahah, my gift card had that too, and i stuck it to the dog03:10
nixternalHobbsee: does everything close up there for christmas?03:11
Hobbseeyep :D03:11
Hobbseewell, not hospitals, etc - like the crucial stuff03:11
=== Zerlinna [n=Zerlinna@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseenot petrol stations either - but htey're being run by muslims, as they dont celebrate christmas03:12
Hobbseepoor people03:12
nixternalyou know what, with the US being such a melting pot nowadays, there are actually places open today03:12
Hobbseehey Zerlinna03:12
nixternaland on thanksgiving night a lot of stores opened here03:12
nixternalit just isn't the same anymore03:12
Zerlinnahi Hobbsee :)03:12
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jjessemerry christmas to anyone on :)04:08
Jucatomerry christmas jjesse!04:08
jjessethanks Jucato04:08
jjessewife is cooking in kitchen so i thought i would check my mail and stuff :)04:09
Jucatoheh :)04:09
nixternalmerry christmas jjesse!04:21
jjessehiya nixternal04:21
jjessehow are things in chi-town?04:21
nixternalcold :)04:21
jjesseyeah?  snow?04:21
nixternalnah, we didn't get lucky04:22
jjessewe just had some frost in GR this morning04:22
nixternalsame here04:23
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LureRiddell: still no digikamimageplugins... :-(06:56
Riddellit's a mystery07:09
Riddellprobably need to wait until the new year to find out what's happening to it07:09
soulriderhi everyone :)07:21
soulrideri need someone to submit the package i amde of the latets evrsion of filelight sonce the one in the repos is outdated07:22
Riddelloh and this being a holiday you may need to stay around and keep poking :)07:26
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