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Starshoootis anybody here ?12:31
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cliebowfirstclass client deb anyine?01:28
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asarchHi everyone, how is it getting along?06:45
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RichEdgreetz cbx33 ... busy responding to the Finland mail ... just waiting for advice on who handles the domain name approvals11:47
cbx33hi RichEd11:50
RichEdfound this: http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/TrademarkPolicy11:50
RichEdkeep that in mind if similar queries come up11:50
cbx33I will11:51
cbx33thanks RichEd11:51
RichEdyo gotangco11:51
cbx33yo yo yo j-s-got-toe11:51
=== jsgotangco gives cbx33 a spelling book
cbx33it was more of arhyming thing ;)11:52
jsgotangcohow are you doing11:53
jsgotangcoits been like days since i last went on irc11:53
cbx33yeh good11:53
jsgotangcojust came from travel11:54
jsgotangcopretty productive i might say11:54
RichEd! seen ogra11:56
ubotuI last saw ogra (n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra) 9m 5s ago, quiting: "Verlassend"11:56
jsgotangcoRichEd: edu conference in May???11:58
jsgotangcoi am guessing this this the developer conf?11:59
RichEdjsgotangco: waiting for 100 confirmation before annoncement, but thu fri 3,4 May seems like it is happening11:59
RichEdUES thu, fri : UDS sun - fri the week after11:59
jsgotangcoso i get to be like invited or something? heh11:59
RichEdfeature spec & design etc. will still take place at UDS11:59
RichEdUES will be for presentations on success stories to give govts and organisations considering FOSS or *buntu a high confidence level ... may be good for peoplee like Gina etc.12:01
RichEdwe'll announce properly next week. no rumourz to fly around before then please :)12:01
jsgotangcojust keep me posted12:01
=== jsgotangco is energized after indonesia trip
RichEdwe'll announce in #edubuntu and on the maling lists. there will be a call for papers as well.12:02
=== cbx33 is waiting to speak to ogra
cbx33what'st the gnome partition editor?12:13
cbx33I've been running on dapper on my work machine for months and never knew it wasn't edgy12:22
cbx33ignore that12:25
cbx33i was ssh'd into a dapper machine12:25
cbx33i feel stoooopid now12:25
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RichEd!seen rodarvus01:25
ubotuI last saw rodarvus (n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus) 14h 46m 33s ago, quiting: "Leaving"01:25
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cbx33ping ogra02:48
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SiCki have a wee question... :)03:12
jsgotangcogo ahead03:12
SiCkanyone know how to tell each client to use a different homepage?03:13
SiCkor if there's a command for firefox like --fullscreen -url:http://blah03:13
ograaccroding to firefox --help there is ...03:16
SiCki'm wanting to see if i can get specific clients automatically booting into a specific user and showing a specific page in fullscreen03:16
cbx33ogra: any news on my two projects?03:17
cbx33I'm planning to work over the weekend03:18
cbx33so anything would be great03:18
SiCksuppose ogra, i could set each profile a homepage..03:18
SiCkgood idea03:18
SiCkhey cbx3303:20
cbx33hi SiCk03:20
cbx33oooh SiCk i used to do that fullscreen thingy03:26
jsgotangcowhat you mean is kiosk mode03:28
SiCkyeah, that's what im after, im figuring firefox doesnt have -kiosk like IE does03:28
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SiCkwell i just figured out all each profile has its own homepage and can be called with -p , so i just need to set that up on the chroot03:29
SiCkhopefully.. :D03:29
jsgotangcoim sure it does with xul magic, but its not really that great to do for now03:29
jsgotangcoopera has better support for this03:29
juliuxcan't you write firefox into the xession file? then it should only start firefox and nothing else03:29
SiCkjuliux: i have pretty much...03:30
SiCkbut i still get the address bar along the top03:30
juliuxSiCk, i am not sure if this is working with ltsp03:30
SiCkyeah... that's what im thinking, but if all else fails, i can use them as workstations :P03:30
SiCka bit of tweaking and they might be okay though... i've come this far.03:31
juliuxSiCk, i can test this next week after my examens;903:31
SiCkthat'd be great if you could03:31
SiCki'm just surprised firefox has no -kiosk03:32
SiCkIE's -kiosk is wonderful03:32
jsgotangcotry it with Opera as well03:32
juliuxbut IE is not a browser;903:33
SiCkyeah jsgotangco, i'll maybe give it a go03:33
SiCkooh droolworthy03:35
SiCkopera has profiles too doesnt it?03:35
cbx33SiCk: tried googling for kiosk and firefox?03:36
jsgotangcoits pretty much full featured and definitely has better documentation03:36
jsgotangcobut the only thing is that its non-free03:36
SiCkyeah cbx33 just checked that.. haha03:36
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SiCkhe's even using ltsp.. .scooore03:37
cbx33hey bddebian03:38
bddebianHi cbx3303:38
cbx33howz it going03:38
bddebianBlah.  You?03:39
cbx33guess that makes us even03:39
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rodarvusgood morning03:44
jsgotangcorodarvus: !03:45
rodarvuslong time no see you03:45
jsgotangcorodarvus: ive been travelling03:45
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cstextilesIs there any apt tool for windows which will download all the neccessary dependencies and that package so that it can be transferred to Windows PC Later on?06:11
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cbx33ping ogra_ ?06:46
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cbx33ping ogra_11:23
cbx33!seen ogra_11:23
ubotuogra_ is on IRC right now!11:23
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