UbugtuNew bug: #6293 in inkscape "No translation template (.pot) included in source package" [Unknown,Unknown]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/629312:21
sabdfldoes ubugtu report *every* new bug in any product here?12:21
sabdflph,this is a bug that affects rosetta, and it's a new task12:23
sabdflthe ubugtu message is very unclear on that point12:23
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sabdflcan we do left outer joins?12:36
sabdflstub: ^^?12:40
UbugtuNew bug: #82761 in stardict "stardict package has a pot file but can't translate in Rosetta" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8276112:40
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stubsabdfl: We do lots of left outer joins12:40
sabdflin sqlobject, easily?12:40
sabdflcould you point me to an example of a TableClass.select() that does a left outer join?12:41
stubI don't know about SQLObject. Last time the answer was no, but kiko has been hacking away at that12:41
sabdfliirc, that was tricksy12:41
sabdflwhat i really want is a SQLMultipleJoin with a pre-join and a where clause12:42
stubI tend to cheat, either dropping to raw SQL or using something like Foo.select("""id IN (SELECT Foo.id FROM Foo LEFT OUTER JOIN Bar ON ... WHERE ...)""")12:44
stubThat way I remain somewhat sane, unlike kiko who likes to batter his head against SQLObject :)12:44
sabdflhow do you drop to raw sql?12:44
stubfrom canonial.database.sqlbase import cursor; cur = cursor(); cur.execute("SELECT .... ")12:45
sabdflah, right12:45
sabdflthat's fine for updates, deletes, inserts12:45
sabdfltricky for select12:45
sabdflif you want the parsing-to-objects12:45
stubWorks well for the stuff I tend to end up doing though12:46
FujitsuIs there a way to tag bugs via email yet?12:48
sabdflstub: is there a way to prejoin like "Foo.Bar"? (i.e. two tables)?12:49
sabdflFujitsu: BjornT is the guy to ask12:50
spivThe prejoin feature supports dotted names, I think kiko did that.12:50
Fujitsusabdfl, thanks.12:50
spivTake a peek at lib/sqlobject/tests/test_prejoins.py for examples.12:50
sabdflcool spiv, thanks12:53
stubsabdfl: The prejoin arguments take a list of table names12:53
sabdfli see a nice dotted example, which is cool12:54
stubOh... dotted? Not sure what you are trying to do12:54
sabdfljoin THROUGH a table12:54
sabdflsay, prejoin=['BugTask.Bug'] 12:54
sabdflfrom foo to bugtask to bug12:54
spivsabdfl: there's even an example of that case already in launchpad somewhere, iirc.12:54
sabdflhave all the bugtask and bug objects in memory as objects already12:54
sabdflill bet, it's *really* useful and would cut down on a lot of looped queries12:55
sabdflwanted that for a long time12:56
spivHmm, grep says I remember incorrectly.  Mostly we don't tend to look at bugtasks unless we're dealing directly with bugs, I think is the issue.12:56
spivSo it hasn't actually come up very often.12:56
sabdflspiv: yes, but you almost certainly want to know, for example, the bug.title12:57
sabdflso prejoining further helps12:57
sabdflotherwise you get your set of bugtasks, then have to issue a set of SELECT's for each bug12:57
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stubsabdfl: Your poll option is nuked btw01:07
sabdflthanks ver much01:08
sabdflyou get it before the poll opened?01:09
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sabdflstub: interesting. i've got a table X, which is Left Outer Joined to Y and Z01:26
sabdfland I have a WHERE clause with filters on Y and Z01:26
sabdfland am getting zero matches01:26
sabdflhmm.. hard to describe further01:26
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stubsabdfl: Your WHERE clause may need to do WHERE Y.foo IS NULL OR (Y.foo IN ('a','b','c')) instead of WHERE Y.foo IN ('a','b','c')01:29
stubsabdfl: Or move the relevant bits of the WHERE clause to the ON clauses01:29
stub(ON clause is preferable)01:30
sabdflexample in ON clause?01:30
sabdflit seems, as soon as i have a where on X, it immediately excludes ALL of Y01:30
stubWHERE X.name LIKE 'foo%';01:30
sabdfloh, i have that already01:31
sabdflNULL matches nothing, right?01:31
sabdflso "WHERE NOT X.foo=20" will exclude places where X.foo is NULL01:32
stubFor operations, if one of the arguments is NULL the result is NULL01:32
spivRight (apart from the IS NULL operator, of course)01:32
jameshsabdfl: it will return NULL rather than TRUE or FALSE01:32
stuband NOT NULL == NULL, no NOT X.foo = 20 == NULL if X is null01:33
sabdfli'm saying "WHERE x.foo = 1 AND NOT (Y.bar=10) AND NOT (Z.baz=20);01:33
sabdflsomehow, the Y clause nails all the Zs, and the Z clause nails all the Y's01:34
sabdflthe result is nada01:34
stubso if X.foo is null, or Y.bar is null, or Z.baz is null then the result is NULL. NULL is viral.01:34
stubIt is three value boolean arithmetic01:35
sabdflit's the NOT that's killing me01:35
sabdfli think01:35
stubtrue, false and dunno01:35
sabdflwhat's the result of NOT dunno?01:35
sabdflmore dunno?01:36
UbugtuNew bug: #49991 in launchpad-bazaar "browse supermirror branches with bzr webserve" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4999101:36
sabdflwill a dunno row be exluded?01:36
stubIf the WHERE clause equates to NULL, it is the same as equating to False. So yes.01:36
stub(SELECT 1 WHERE NULL returns 0 rows)01:37
sabdfloh, i figured it01:37
sabdflfor each clause, i have to exclude the case where the row is not there01:37
sabdflor, that table is not intheresultset01:37
stubOne of the standard annoying ways in which relational databases do not quite fit with procedural programming languages01:38
sabdfloh, that's not sexy at all01:39
stubCause you get different results doing the boolean arithmetic in Python, as None is handled differently to NULL01:39
stub(SELECT NULL AND TRUE vs (None and True)01:40
jameshsabdfl: think of NULL as "unknown".  So "foo == unknwon" is unknown, "not unknown" is unknown, etc01:41
stubSo ORMs have an impedance mismatch01:41
sabdfldammit, i so hope this gig works01:41
sabdflwe can do pysh01:41
sabdfland pyql01:41
sabdfland just make the whole world simpler01:42
sabdflyay, now the query works (stub's id IN [select trick)01:44
sabdflbut i've broken prejoins along the way01:44
sabdflany suggestions?01:45
sabdfl  File "../../sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 513, in _queryForSelect01:45
sabdfl  File "../../sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 169, in prejoinItems01:45
sabdfl  File "../../sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 202, in _detectOuterJoin01:45
sabdflKeyError: 'BugTaskID'01:45
WebMavensabdfl: Have you looked at SQLAlchemy?01:47
WebMavensabdfl:  I've been having some interesting success with SA+Z3 01:48
stubbeta is back up with Steve's integration branch01:49
sabdflWebMaven: we looked at it, but it wasn't right for us01:49
sabdfli think we're basically NIH'ing another ORM01:49
Fujitsustub: Yay :)01:49
WebMavenI know that, but I thought it would be a closer match than SQLObject.01:50
stubAnd https://beta.launchpad.net/ubuntu even works, too01:50
FujitsuOoh, shiny.01:50
FujitsuMuch shinier now.01:50
WebMavenI couldn't come to an agreement with you guys over the NDA, so SA is what I'm using.01:50
stubWebMaven: One of our projects had requirements that no ORM we could find dealt with, and we had no luck retrofitting SQLAlchemy when we tried and SQLObject would have been even worse.01:51
WebMavenYes, I know.01:51
WebMavenSo, why are you still using SO? ;-)01:51
stubWebMaven: Hopefully we won't by March...01:52
sabdflthat soon? awesome01:52
radix(not to mention outright infuriating bugs in SQLAlchemy)01:52
WebMavenradix: what version was that? It seems pretty stable to me now...01:52
radixWebMaven: we used both 1.x and 2.x01:53
radixWebMaven: I personally found terrible race conditions in the code (although I was never able to actually figure them out enough to fix them)01:53
WebMavenAh... 0.3 is current.01:53
radixmaybe I meant 0.1 and 0.2 :)01:53
WebMavenOK. I wonder if those bugs are still extant.01:53
radixIts model for transactions rather didn't impress me as well, but I don't quite remember the specifics of that01:54
WebMavenHmm. OK.01:54
radixor "sessions", or whatever01:54
WebMavenFor Z3 integration, I'm using z3c.zalchemy01:54
ajmitchstub: back up & oopsing01:55
WebMavenit has both sessions and transactions.01:55
ajmitchstub: put details in malone?01:56
stubajmitch: Yes, using the old ui if the new one is too broken01:56
WebMavenI'll be very interested in your new infrastructure packages when they are released.01:57
sabdflcan we make the OOPS system drop a note in here when it oops's?01:57
sabdflWebMaven: watch this space01:57
WebMavenHaven't you noticed my hanging around here for months? ;-)01:58
WebMavenAw... I can't log in to the beta... :-(02:00
WebMavenno sneak peeks for me...02:00
WebMavensabdfl: BTW, the name of your NIH ORM is already circulating... or at least what I was told the name is.02:02
radixuh oh ;-)02:03
WebMavenIn case you haven't done the tm paperwork yet, you probably want to get that done.02:04
sabdflgood point!02:05
UbugtuNew bug: #82772 in launchpad "Oops on visiting https://code.beta.launchpad.net/" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8277202:05
stubBut that will kill my campaign to have it called gormless!02:14
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radixstub: hork02:19
spivsabdfl: not sure off the top of my head.  Maybe you need to use clauseTables/prejoinClauseTables?02:30
sabdflhmm.... good idea02:31
sabdflwill look at that tomorrow02:31
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sabdflmpt_: around?02:39
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UbugtuNew bug: #82785 in launchpad "/pagetests/branches/xx-bazaar-home.txt disabled on ui-one-zero branch" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8278503:55
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UbugtuNew bug: #82786 in launchpad "pagetests/foaf/xx-team-home.txt disabled on ui-one-zero branch" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8278604:00
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UbugtuNew bug: #82788 in launchpad "pagetests/team-polls/xx-votepoll.txt disabled on ui-one-zero branch" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8278804:15
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UbugtuNew bug: #82790 in launchpad "SSHing to non-existent subhost should give better error" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8279004:26
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UbugtuNew bug: #82798 in launchpad ""Latest uploads" for a distrorelease shows uploads across the entire distribution on beta" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8279806:40
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Bhaskarstillproblem to download po and mo from rosttea ?? when it will fixed, i have urgent to download po07:18
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Bhaskarcarlos: there is still problem to download po and mo from rostta09:43
Bhaskarcarlos: during 1 week09:43
carlosyes, I'm still working on it, we did a small mistake with previous fix 09:44
Bhaskarcarlos: ya09:44
Bhaskarcarlos: upto when you will finish?09:44
carlosmy plan is to have it finished today but I think that will not be deployed until Monday (but will try to have it deployed today)09:46
carlosit depends on having an admin around at the time the fix is ready09:46
BhaskarCarlos, hoping the bug  will fixed today09:48
carlosme too09:49
carlossorry for the inconvenience it's causing to you09:49
Bhaskarcarlos, it's ok09:49
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mpt_carlos, did you cherrypick a notice onto the export page to tell people that export isn't working?10:17
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carlosmpt_: no, we didn't10:31
carloswe announce it on mailing lists10:31
mpt_Ok, maybe that's something to consider next time something major breaks10:34
mpt_Much easier to find right on the relevant page, than on a mailing list :-)10:34
stubIf that is going to me the preferred notification mechanism, we should implement machinery to do that without cherry picks (eg. a list of regexps and messages, and if the served page matches a regexp a LaunchpadBrowserNotification message is stuck on the page)10:35
SteveAso, what happen with shipit10:37
SteveAsomeone set up us the bomb10:37
mpt_Yeah, but we'd also want to disable the form10:37
carlosmpt_: in this case, we don't need to do it10:39
carloswe store the request10:39
carlosand will be handled once the fix is merged into production10:39
SteveAjamesh: ping10:39
jameshSteveA: pong10:40
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UbugtuNew bug: #3019 in malone "Context-free bug reporting page should also allow product bugs" [Medium,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/301910:45
SteveAmpt_: hi10:45
SteveAmpt_: if you have a moment, please talk with jamesh about the latest "redirect to beta" work to suggest appropriate UI and wording for something10:46
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mpt_SteveA, ok10:47
SteveAmpt_: we need wording for the message that will be on the front page of launchpad10:47
mpt_carlos, ah, that's even better10:47
SteveAand also for the 500 error page for beta10:47
mpt_500? or 401?10:48
seb128BjornT: any idea of when the "malone send 9 mails on crashes sent by apport" bug will be fixed?10:49
jameshit'd be nice to have it on the 503 error page from apache too10:49
jameshfor when the app server is dead10:50
BjornTseb128: i committed a fix for it yesterday. it should be available on edge.lp.net (which apport uses to file bugs) already, but i'm not sure. if not today, then maybe tomorrow.10:53
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seb128BjornT: ok, thank you10:54
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UbugtuNew bug: #45196 in rosetta "Suggestions appear too late" [Critical,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4519612:40
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staticgood morning launchpad02:08
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kNo`"karma police... arrest this man he talks in maths"... hello all ;)02:30
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UbugtuNew bug: #36586 in malone "please mention the source package in bug mails" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3658603:30
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oojahRosetta needs an input box for when you're importing files so that you can say "I'm really sorry, I imported this file only a short while ago but I used the wrong one. Sorry for wasting your time".04:18
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kikomrevell, ping?04:30
kikooojah, lol04:30
LarstiQkiko: he's talking with SteveA atm04:34
=== LarstiQ plas some muzak for kiko
=== kiko listens to silversun pickups
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mrevellkiko-fud: Back from SteveLand.05:10
mrevellLarstiQ: Thanks!05:10
LarstiQmrevell: np, being a watchful little brother is a pastime of mine ;)05:11
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siretarthow does launchpad determine what packages a group maintains?05:22
siretartor better, how is this list calculated? https://launchpad.net/~motumedia/+packages05:22
siretartNB: the team has no email address set!05:22
siretartI'd like to add xine to the list of team maintained packages. how to do that?05:23
salgadosiretart, AFAIK, that information is obtained from the .dsc, so it seems to me that the ubuntumedia team had an email address at some point, no?05:30
salgadoI mean, we link a sourcepackagerelease with a given person/team based on the email address of the Uploader/Maintainer fields05:30
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LarstiQddaa: the blender vcs-imports got a change from 2 hours ago (most recent atm), so I'm fairly sure it's now working correctly. Thanks!05:32
ddaakiko-fud: okay, chalk one for me on the next monthly report, we can now effectively do vcs-imports syncs several time a day05:34
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siretartsalgado: yes, I removed the email address at some point in the past05:41
salgadosiretart, what was the email address?05:41
siretartsalgado: I disabled the team adress, because we ended with almost all bugtraffic sent to me twice: one time via launchpad and the other time via the motumedia list05:42
siretartthis was quite annoying05:42
salgadoI can imagine05:43
salgadoI'm asking what the email address was because launchpad may have created a new person entry in order to associate with the packages uploaded after you removed the team's email address05:43
kikosiretart, right05:44
siretartso the email in the .dsc file is currently the only way to 'link' a package to a team, right? - shall I file a bug about this?05:46
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UbugtuNew bug: #82889 in launchpad-support-tracker "Search from Answers home page doesn't work on 1.0" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8288907:00
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flint-dude_just one day late for the meeting07:15
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mhbhi all, hi carlos 07:21
carlosmhb: hi07:21
mhbcarlos: how's rosetta lately?07:21
mhbcarlos: when we will be allowed to translated Feisty?07:22
carlosmhb: quite well, I think. (well, except for the broken export feature... )07:22
carlosmhb: we are testing the opening right now07:22
mhbcarlos: I've noticed your mail 07:22
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mhbcarlos: so I thought things are moving forward07:22
carloswe are having some performance problems, but I hope it will be ready next week07:22
UbugtuNew bug: #82897 in malone "Bug attachments should display file-size aswell as filename" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8289707:25
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mhbcarlos: I hope too07:28
mhbcarlos: good luck with it07:28
mhbcarlos: I'll ping you later if there are any problems07:28
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RinchenNeed about 10 mins sir.07:59
kiko10 minutes is good07:59
=== Rinchen is dealing with contract issues.
Rinchenkiko, ready. The 4311 line would be great.08:09
kikoRinchen, can you /msg it to me again?08:10
popeyGuys, we have a user in the support system who is getting somewhat irate with the emails08:10
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popeyis it possible to unsubscribe him/her?08:11
RinchenHe's come up on other tickets as well08:11
RinchenI wonder if someone is sub'ing him to these08:11
=== kiko cringes at the also notified list on that ticket
UMMASOFTI'm from mexico, want to add two new languages to Launchpad. Chontal and Zotzil. How can I do this? Who may I contact?08:12
popeyyes, he has replied to other tickets also08:12
kikopopey, well. it depends what he is subscribed to!08:12
popeyand reported a bug08:12
popeycan someone check his subs and un sub him from everything?08:12
kikoUMMASOFT, you should talk to carlos or danilos, but the easiest thing to do is to file a new ticket -- launchpad.net/rosetta/+addticket08:13
popeyI kinda get the hint that he doesnt want the mail08:13
popeyI tried reasoning with him but he just repeats the same thing08:13
kikopopey, right. but /what/ mail does he not want?08:13
kikois he a support contact, or is he on some mailing lists we're not aware of?08:13
popeyhe replied to someone elses ticket, asking for help08:13
popeyhe gets all the replies08:13
popeyno, he is a user08:13
popeyno, neither of those08:14
popeyjust getting replies to his own (and other peoples) support tickets08:14
popeythose are the only two support tickets that are generating mail to them08:15
popeyplus the bug linked from that recent ticket :S08:15
kikopopey, flacoste_lunch: can't we unsub him from 3322 and 3458?08:16
popeywould it work to just reject 3458?08:17
popeyor would that just irritate them?08:17
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mptI propose a new rule: No implementing anything in Launchpad that sends mail without it containing a footer explaining how to unsubscribe.08:18
flacostempt: good idea, that needs a spec! ;-)08:18
flacostepopey: i'm investigating the issue now08:19
popeythank you08:19
mptflacoste, I don't think so, it's something that applies to individual features (with their own specs) that send mail08:21
mptmore of a meta-requirement08:21
flacostempt: i was just pulling your leg08:22
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=== popey pulls flacostes leg
oojahPeople rarely read things unfortunately though.08:23
popeytrue but at least it gives them the opportunity08:23
flacostepopey: Lowen123 seems to have understood your message he's not subscribed to any tickets anymore08:23
flacosteeven the one he opened08:23
popeymind you, it might rack up the spamassassin/mailscanner score with "click here to unsubscribe"08:23
popeythanks for checking08:23
popeyhe will get a mail if I reject it?08:24
flacostebtw, when you reply to a ticket, you are only subscribed if you check the 'E-mail me future discussion about that request' checkbox08:24
flacostepopey: no, he won't since he unsubscribed08:24
popeyyou sure about that?08:24
popeyi thought people saw all responses08:25
flacostepopey: totally positive, i have a test for that in the testsuite :-)08:25
popeyI know I do because I am subscribed to them all08:25
=== popey believes you
mptpopey, coincidentally, I was just discussing that spam problem in bugzilla.mozilla.org08:25
flacostealso you can find which tickets someone is subscribed to by using the 'Susbcribed' report on their 'Support' page08:25
flacostewe are missing a 'Support Contact of' report, i have a bug open on that08:26
mptpopey, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29041#c2708:26
UbugtuMozilla bug 29041 in MailNews: Composition "Support mailing list management (unsubscription etc.) headers - RFC 2369" [Enhancement,New]   - Assigned to nobody@mozilla.org08:26
popeyflacoste: that user is still subscribed to the bug08:29
UbugtuMalone bug 82910 in Ubuntu "STOP SENDING E_MAILS TO  ME" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  08:29
flacostepopey: a! he opened a bug also!08:30
popeyyeah :S08:30
popeyI dont see any way to reject that08:30
popeyand I dont want to reply because he will get another mail08:30
flacostekiko: any way to unsubscribe somebody from a bug?08:30
flacostewe subscribe someone else, but do we have unsubsribe someone else?08:31
flacostepopey: i'll take care of this08:33
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kikoflacoste, not that I know of, mmmm08:34
flacosteok, i'll ask stub to do it then08:34
kikomatsubara, good job08:34
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oojahHmm, I can't help thinking that translating en -> en_GB should get less reward than "proper" translations :)08:50
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flacostepopey: lowen123 was unsubscribed from the bug and I rejected it09:16
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UbugtuNew bug: #82938 in launchpad-bazaar "The ~vcs-imports/+registeredbranches page exceeded its hardlimit and is now broken." [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8293811:01
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UbugtuNew bug: #82944 in rosetta "Missing <rosetta> tag in launchpad.conf for production[2,3,4]  causes oops." [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8294411:31
matsubaraso kiko do you know what's this about: https://devpad.canonical.com/~matsubara/oops.cgi/2007-02-01/D222?11:33
kikoI know everything11:33
kikoah, how fascinating11:33
matsubarakiko: well I just reproduced on sample data11:38
matsubarakiko: by using the web developer extension I cleared out all radio buttons and submitted the form11:38
matsubarakiko: and it crashed just like that11:38
matsubarakiko: could be a broken js or something like that? given that the user is using SeaMonkey?11:40
kikomatsubara, it happens in browser bugs sometimes11:40
kikoso we need to cope with it -- it's a normal situation11:45
matsubarait happened on firefox on dapper as welll11:49
kikoI /think/ it can also happen when a translation page changes under your feet, matsubara 11:50
matsubaralike a mid-air collison kiko ?11:51
kikomatsubara, exactly.11:51
matsubarahmm kiko that'd explain11:51
kikoI have a patch to fix that 11:54
kikoif you like11:54
matsubaraattach to the bug and hand it over to carlos, perhaps?11:56
kikoyeah why not11:57
kikowhat's the bug?11:57
matsubaraI can't  decided the summary11:57
matsubarahave a suggestion?11:57
kikoradiobutton missing from translation form causes oops11:58
matsubarakiko: https://beta.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/8295011:58
UbugtuMalone bug 82950 in rosetta "Radiobutton missing from translation form causes oops" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  11:58
kikomatsubara, would be nice to include an attachment from a URL11:59
kikowell I had the patch in a URL12:04
kikoand didn't want to save it and then push it to launchpad12:04
matsubaraI think it's a reported bug12:04
kikoso I just linked to it from a comment12:04
kikoI'm sure it is. :)12:04
matsubarayes, I asked and realized what you meant.12:04
matsubaraI was looking for the bug. :)12:04
UbugtuNew bug: #82950 in rosetta "Radiobutton missing from translation form causes oops" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8295012:06
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