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Seveasnixternal, poke12:57
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nixternalSeveas: ouch!01:01
Seveasnixternal, heh01:01
Seveascan you please add the IRC oprators meeting to the fridge agnda01:01
Seveasit's on feb. 15, 5AM UTC01:01
nixternalI thought I did before, but sure, will do right now!01:02
nixternalsweet, 5am UTC!01:02
Seveasyou couldn't have done it before, I haven't asked yet :)01:02
LjLtell me how it goes :P01:03
gnomefreakham UTC?01:03
gnomefreak5am UTC?01:03
SeveasLjL, 6AM isn't too early ;)01:04
Seveasyou can manage to stay awake until then ;)01:04
LjLi'll be as awake as a morning bird :)01:04
nixternalSeveas: is there an agenda wiki page?01:04
LjLerr, yeah, perhaps that :P01:04
Seveasnixternal, yes, but it still has the contents of the old meeting01:05
gnomefreakwhat day?01:06
nixternalSeveas: done!01:06
LjL15 february01:06
gnomefreaki can try to be awake01:07
nixternalno problemo01:07
nixternalI will be awake. 05:00 UTC == 23:00 here :)01:07
gnomefreaknixternal: try again its 00:00 atleast i thought you were EST01:08
=== nixternal is CST
nixternalChicago Standard Time :)01:09
=== Minataku looks around and gently pokes LjL
LjLoh right, thought i'd unbanned you already01:13
MinatakuNope, but then it's about 20m shy of 24h01:13
gnomefreaklol @ Chicago Standard Time01:14
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ubotuIn #ubuntu, Cryoniq said: !Windows Vista is the devil02:08
ubotuIn ubotu, frogzoo said: no xmms is Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Audacious, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).   Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine  -  See also !codecs02:11
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine  -  See also !codecs02:12
ubotuxmms is <alias> players - added by Seveas on 2006-06-19 08:43:2902:12
gnomefreakhe added audacious02:13
LjLdidn't spot that02:13
gnomefreakbut i dont think its in repos atleast ive never seen it02:13
LjLhowever... he tried that already, but we decided it'd be better to leave it out since it's not in the repos, yeah02:13
ubotuA !repository for the Audacious audio player now exists: see http://audacious-media-player.org/Downloads02:13
gnomefreakits in feist02:13
LjLhe'd added this one02:13
LjLi'll just tell him02:13
gnomefreakits in feisty repos02:14
gnomefreakaudacious: Installed: (none) Candidate: 1.2.2-302:14
LjLwell, wouldn't it be better to wait until Feisty is stable before putting it on the list?02:14
gnomefreakits a fork of beep02:14
LjLafter all, there's a lot of players on the list already, if we include things that are not in the repos yet...02:14
gnomefreakLjL: agreed02:14
gnomefreakthat supports winamp skins :(02:15
=== Kamping_Kaiser thought xmms already did that
MinatakuDefine what determines something to be "stable"02:15
gnomefreakit does02:15
MinatakuI know Debian's definition of stable is if a package is more than 5 years old02:15
Kamping_KaiserMinataku, in debian, when its > 6 months since freeze, in ubuntu, when its existed for 6 months ;)02:15
LjLMinataku: i mean "when it's released"02:15
MinatakuWhat's *buntu's definition?02:15
gnomefreakMinataku: stable == been tested and approved02:16
MinatakuLjL: I know, but my question is different02:16
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.02:16
LjLMinataku: i don't have a definition for "stable"02:16
=== Kamping_Kaiser eyes off ubotu
Minatakugnomefreak: And who tests these things? How much testing does it actually take?02:16
MinatakuI'm asking legitimately02:16
MinatakuI'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, I actually want to know this02:17
LjLi'm not a developer...02:17
gnomefreakMinataku: about 6 months of testing and normally people that know what they are doing should test02:17
Minataku6 months is quite excessive, I would think02:17
gnomefreakdevel tests it before its released into release02:18
MinatakuI certainly hope security software such as OpenSSL is exempt from such extended testing02:18
gnomefreakMinataku: not everything can be tested for 6 months ofcourse but some things do02:18
=== tonyyarusso just walked in on this and is very very confused
Seeker`i think security patches are different?02:18
LjLSeeker`: they sure are02:19
MinatakuAh, okay02:19
gnomefreaktonyyserver: i didnt just walk in and so am i02:19
gnomefreakSeeker`: they are02:19
LjLanyway, this is getting a tad offtopic for here i think?02:19
gnomefreakthey are tested in alpha and backported or released into security when we think it wont mess up a stable system02:19
MinatakuIt's a legitimate question about operation of the entire distro02:19
LjLyeah this channel is about operation of the ubuntu support channels though02:20
Minatakugnomefreak: Still, with enough people testing, I doubt everything needs 6 months02:20
Kamping_Kaisertonyyarusso, can i pm you for a moment02:20
MinatakuLjL: My bad, sorry02:20
tonyyarussoKamping_Kaiser: sure.02:20
gnomefreakMinataku: read my post above the one that starts with Minataku: NOT02:20
gnomefreakwish people would think sometimes :(02:22
Minatakugnomefreak: Yes, but that line indicates that it should ALWAYS be 6mo02:22
MinatakuAnd that less is somehow inferior testing02:22
MinatakuThat line being the one that starts with "Minataku: not"02:22
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Seeker`Minataku: Unless it is patching a security hole, or particularly bad bug, it doesn't hurt to test it for 6 months, a small change in code could have hidden effects and affect other packages. You need that long to ensure it works in as many different configurations of packages as possible02:24
MinatakuI suppose such may be needed for an "It just works" distro, but it still seems quite excessive given that an active project means that it will stagnate very quickly02:25
gnomefreakLjL:  didnt you stop this topic a while ago?02:26
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Minatakugnomefreak: You were the first to continue it after that, in all honesty ;302:28
gnomefreakbut i stopped when i saw what he said02:28
MinatakuBut, sorry, I just figured it'd be better to ask the higher-ups where they all are rather than the users who don't know02:28
MinatakuI'm not aware of any more appropriate place to ask than here so I apologize for taking the channel offtopic02:29
gnomefreakMinataku: #ubuntu-motu would be the best place for that02:30
MinatakuAh, I'll keep that in mind the next time I have an administrative question :302:30
gnomefreakMinataku: development is not an admin question02:32
MinatakuI meant administrative to the distribution02:33
ubotuUbuntu uses a strict timetable for releases, which means that sometimes newly released programs miss the timetable. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases for more. Feisty Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeistyReleaseSchedule02:33
MinatakuIt wasn't exactly a development question02:33
MinatakuIt was a question about the testing and approval policy02:33
=== no0tic [n=no0tic@unaffiliated/no0tic] has joined #ubuntu-ops
MinatakuWhich is an administrative manner02:33
gnomefreakhow is testing done, and what stable means has nothing to do with IRC ops02:34
MinatakuChannel operators != IRC Operators02:34
gnomefreakwe have staff in here too02:35
gnomefreakMinataku: why ar eyou in here?02:35
gnomefreakare you even02:35
MinatakuI think I got yelled at yesterday then I came in here to yell back or something02:35
no0tichi, how can I use /remove with a multi-word reason?02:36
HobbseeMinataku: was banned from #kubuntu yesterday02:36
Hobbseeno0tic: stick a : in between the nick and reason :)02:37
Hobbseetook me ages to figure that one out02:37
MinatakuOnly for 24h02:37
gnomefreakHobbsee: do we know what for?02:37
MinatakuAh, yes, the raw command delimiter02:37
Hobbseegnomefreak: you'd have to ask ljl, he set the ban02:37
MinatakuClients typically fill in the :02:37
no0ticHobbsee, like /remove #ubuntu-it <nick>:non floodare mai pi02:37
MinatakuIt's expired anyway02:37
Hobbseeah yes, it would be over 24h by now.  seeing as it was during the meeting.02:37
Minatakuno0tic: Space after <nick>02:38
Hobbseeno0tic: yep02:38
no0ticHobbsee, ok thanks02:38
MinatakuWhy the extreme dependence on services?02:38
HobbseeMinataku: actually, that ban should be undone, you know02:39
LjLit is02:39
MinatakuIt is, but I do have another question, what is with the dependence on services? You can set modes manually, you know, not to mention kick and such02:39
=== no0tic [n=no0tic@unaffiliated/no0tic] has left #ubuntu-ops ["A]
gnomefreakwe do?02:40
MinatakuYeah, I've never seen a manual ban once, and one person in here also was unaware that channel operators can set channel modes manually02:42
gnomefreakyes you have02:42
gnomefreakif you have been around more than a week you have02:42
MinatakuSorry about that, I tend to ramble sometimes02:44
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=== valles_ is now known as eff
ubotuIn ubotu, dimeo said:  what is the command prompt03:49
effjenda,  ping03:52
effany staffer around... having troubles with my nick... I'm effie_jayx03:54
=== eff is now known as effie_jayx
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DBOjenda, poke poke squeak squeak you get the idea04:20
Jucatoheh :)04:20
naliothmalt can be considered banned in any channel you wish05:26
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naliothhere is the reason:  1170390283 22:24 -!- MalevolenT [n=Malt@DCC.SEND.startkeylogger.000.telephreak.org]  has quit [K-lined]     just exploited ##windows05:28
AmaranthDBO: Can you give me access in #ubuntu-xgl?05:33
DBOAmaranth, you would need to talk to one of the channel contacts for that (that was the rule as Im aware of it)05:34
Amaranthi thought we decided 30 access meant channel contact?05:35
DBOI didnt hear that if we did, you'll have to ask one of the others05:36
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AmaranthDBO: In that case can you edit the topic to point out that the last message in there is for beryl? I'm quite happy to support compiz git. :)05:47
=== tonyyarusso is back if anyone needed him
naliothno, you can go back to sleep, tonyyarusso05:56
tonyyarussonalioth: soon...05:56
tonyyarussonalioth: are there server problems atm?06:02
tonyyarussoUser claiming they can't connect.06:03
naliothtonyyarusso: not that i'm aware of06:03
tonyyarussohrm, okay06:03
naliothi always like to see folks here claiming they can't connect.06:03
tonyyarussoThis one's on AIM.  ;)06:04
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naliothcan anyone explain what all xgl / aiglx / compiz / beryl and all that is about?07:18
Jucatoeye candy :)07:20
naliothi need a composite desktop and have no idea how to proceed07:20
tonyyarussoLooking pretty.07:20
Jucatocompiz and beryl (which is a fork of beryl) are compositing window managers07:20
tonyyarusso"I need a composite desktop"...07:20
naliothunfortunately, some folks are writing programs that only run on composite desktops07:20
=== Jucato doesn't know the difference between XGL/AIGLX though
Jucatonow why would they do that...07:20
mneptokJucato: GL rendering engines for X07:21
Jucatomneptok: that's AIGLX right?07:21
Jucatoyeah. I mean the difference between them. All I know is that AIGLX is officially in X.org... or something like that07:22
AmaranthXGL is an X server that does all drawing using OpenGL and runs on top of a normal X server07:23
AmaranthAIGLX basically lets your normal X server do that OpenGL drawing stuff :)07:23
Jucatook. that sort of clears it up :)07:23
=== Jucato wouldn't dare go into technical details...
naliothAmaranth: which one is easiest and most stable on dapper?07:24
Amaranthon dapper?07:24
Amaranthdon't bother trying07:24
AmaranthXGL would be best but you need a newer XGL, xcomposite, and mesa than dapper has07:25
mneptokJucato: remeber "AI" stands for "Accelerated *In*direct"07:26
naliothso it doesn't work on dapper?07:26
Jucatomneptok: hm.. ok. thanks :)07:26
Amaranthnalioth: not really07:26
=== nalioth goes off to follow the wiki compiz page
Amaranthnalioth: the hacky way compiz-quinn/beryl supported it broke upgrades to edgy unless you used update-manager (which had a special case coded in to unbreak this)07:27
Amaranthand if you mean the compiz stuff on help.ubuntu.com it's outdated, last time i checked07:27
Amaranthit was talking about that compiz-quinn/beryl stuff i just mentioned07:27
naliothAmaranth: all of my upgrades have been broken.  i don't ever upgrade w/o an alternative install disc to bail me out07:27
=== tonyyarusso clicks the enable desktop effects button
Amaranthtonyyarusso: feisty is awesome like that, no?07:28
tonyyarussoAmaranth: yeah.  It only kinda works here though.07:28
tonyyarusso(compiz, not feisty)07:28
=== mneptok ticks the "Please don't allow my CPU to melt through the mobo/Disable" checkbox
Amaranthmneptok: if it makes your CPU usage go up you've got a crappy GPU/driver :)07:31
mneptokuh huh07:31
mneptokor i need more Kool-Aid07:32
jendaDBO: pong07:56
DBOjenda, squeak squeak squeak beryl cloak squeak squeak squeak07:57
jendaright :)07:58
DBOthere might be cornbread in this for you07:58
DBOkeep that in mind07:58
DBO*wink wink*07:58
mneptokplease god don't let that be a euphemism07:58
DBOonly you...07:58
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=== tonyyarusso wants cornbread
mneptokwillys_fueguino: heya.07:59
willys_fueguinohow are you mneptok??07:59
mneptoknot bad08:00
mneptokwillys_fueguino: is #ubuntu-lat going to become an official channel?08:00
=== mneptok notices the +v
willys_fueguinomneptok: mmm... I hope so...08:01
willys_fueguinomneptok: but I'm op on a LoCo channel08:01
willys_fueguinomneptok: can't sleep??08:01
mneptokwillys_fueguino: these are my working hours.08:02
=== willys_fueguino can't sleep... seems like he's getting wind fobia
jendagood morning08:17
jendaDBO: lol :)08:18
willys_fueguinojenda: :-D08:18
jendaDBO: I hope that wasn't metaphorical08:18
DBOjenda, no Ill bake you corn bread08:19
DBOI mean how hard can it be08:19
=== kgoetz [n=kgoetz@ppp100-144.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
naliothDBO: if you're a yankee, quite diffecult08:20
DBOhehe yankee...08:20
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v kgoetz] by ChanServ
=== nixternal is a Yankee and damn proud!
nixternalhowever I listen to country music and classic rock, beyond the span of intelligence for a Yankee08:21
tonyyarusso(anybody want to submit two things to Digg and/or SD?)08:21
DBOcountry music is the lowest form of all musics...08:21
DBOanything lower is of course not music08:21
nixternalDBO: NEVAH!08:21
nixternaldo you know what happens when you play country music backwards?08:22
nixternalyou have money, your wife, dog, and kids come back, and your pick-up starts!08:23
DBOand george bush is impeached08:23
nixternalI have no idea where that "nevah" crap come from, but I have done it now a few times today08:24
DBOstupid murrine engine is broken08:24
tonyyarusso(my and Dave Sullivan's most recent Planet posts respectively being the items in question ;)  )08:24
nixternalI just noticed someone ported that to KDE and it looks rather sharp, still a few bugs, but it is on its way08:24
nixternaltonyyarusso: ahh ya, that is rockin', however I think I would toss road flares onto that ice house :)08:25
tonyyarussonixternal: Hehe, we're going for the peaceful but devious approach instead08:25
nixternalit would be funny though, when it melts, use it to your benefit08:25
nixternalwell see running Vista requires dual core processors to run beyond their max in turn over heating, and those 4 computers they had melted the place08:26
nixternalUbuntu on the other hand, hell you don't even need a heat sink, pour beer on your machine!08:26
nixternalYou Canucks and your Molson, probably don't want to waste any :)08:26
nixternalhaha, my best friend lives in a hick town outside of Toronto, and when he comes and visits he loads up his suit case with Molson wrapped in all of his socks08:27
=== mneptok finishes cobbling together a really annoying XTC ringtone
=== GazzaK [n=Dogbert@unaffiliated/GazzaK] has joined #ubuntu-ops
tonyyarussoare ubotu's planet announcements broken?09:11
tonyyarusso%config plugins.rss09:11
tonyyarusso%config #ubuntu-offtopic plugins.rss09:11
Mez%config list plugins.rss09:13
ubotu#announcementPrefix, #bold, #headlineSeparator, #showLinks, @#announce, @feeds, public, and waitPeriod09:13
Mez%config channel #ubunt-offtopic plugins.rss .announce09:14
Mez%config channel #ubunt-offtopic plugins.rss.announce09:14
Mez%config channel #ubuntu-offtopic plugins.rss.announce09:14
ubotuubuntusecurity thefridge planetubuntu09:14
Mez%rss thefridge09:14
ubotuYour recipes needed for the Official Ubuntu Book! <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/737> || Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #28 <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/720> || Wiki Weekend - your chance to contribute to Ubuntu documentation <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/719> || Screencast Team <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/713> || Feisty Fawn Herd 2 Image Released <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/712> || Ubuntu Weekly (2 more messages)09:14
Mez%rss planetubuntu09:14
ubotuAn error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.09:14
Mez%rss ubuntusecurity09:14
Mezseems the planet RSSis broken09:15
=== mneptok feigns surprise
=== serbya_boy [n=urosfil@smin196-163.vdial.verat.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== GazzaK feigns awakefulness
=== serbya_boy [n=urosfil@smin196-163.vdial.verat.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []
Mez@lart 35 GazzaK09:16
=== Ubugtu gets the neuraliser out and points it at GazzaK
=== GazzaK ducks and crawls away
Mez@lart 36 GazzaK09:17
=== Ubugtu defenestrates GazzaK
GazzaK@pity 10 Mez09:17
=== Ubugtu holds Mez to the floor and spanks him with a cat-o-nine-tails
=== mneptok tosses GazzaK into The Sodomotron as a birthday surprise
mneptokmany happy returns of the day09:19
tonyyarussooh noes09:20
GazzaKsooo..... whats my birthday surprise then09:20
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v tonyyarusso] by ChanServ
=== Mez switches the sodomotron on
=== GazzaK gurbles
jendaGazzaK: I'd give you a birthday surprize, but I don't have ops here.09:22
jendaSo I'll have to stick with:09:22
jenda@lart 28 GazzaK09:22
=== Ubugtu thwacks GazzaK with a BIG POINTY HOBBS OF DOOM
=== mneptok sets the dial to "Redemption"
kgoetzpoor hobbsee :\09:22
jendaDamn, would I hate to have my name in a lart.09:22
jendaImagine getting beeped anytime someone wants to thwack GazzaK09:23
GazzaK[idea]  @pity xx Jenda spanks %user% with a pink tutu09:23
=== jenda spanks GazzaK with a pink tutu. Now shut up.
GazzaK[idea]  @pity xx Jenda spanks %user% with a pink tutu 09:24
GazzaKthere, thats better09:24
=== jenda off buying ink and cable
kgoetzcatagory 5 :)09:25
GazzaKI have hundreds here jenda09:25
jendakgoetz: wow, that's some finger-memory, to typo to a smiley :)09:26
jendaGazzaK: well, I have tons here too, but none are 15 m.09:26
kgoetzjenda: no kidding... i'm way to happy ;P09:26
=== kgoetz wonders if shipit will ok his order
GazzaKjenda, I have two reels of cable, I could of made you one :p09:27
GazzaKmind you, my crimping tool is off on loan at the mo09:27
DBOits GazzaKs bday?09:29
GazzaKtis too09:29
=== GazzaK is old
popeyold git09:29
DBOhow old?09:29
GazzaK21 again09:30
=== popey hands GazzaK some oil of [ulay|olay]
DBO9th 21st birthday09:30
GazzaKwhy O why do I get scared when people Op themselves in -offtopic!!!09:31
=== Seeker` [n=cjo20@ip-62-105-182-26.dsl.twang.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
tonyyarusso%rss planetubuntu10:04
ubotuAn error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.10:04
tonyyarussoweird.  It just annc'd one too.10:04
tonyyarussoMaybe my URL is too long :P10:05
=== tonyyarusso goes back to bed
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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elkbuntuSeveas, fyi: <tonyyarusso> %rss planetubuntu10:18
elkbuntu<ubotu> An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.10:18
Seveaselkbuntu, I know10:19
Seveassupybot is broken10:19
elkbuntuSeveas, no prob, since there's no way im going to send my mindreading skills into *your* brain, i figured repeating was no harm ;)10:20
jenda5 AM UTC!!!10:21
=== jenda thwacks Seveas with a blunt-ish GazzaK
jendaAt least I now have ink ;)10:22
elkbuntujenda, a short blunt GazzaK?10:22
jendaI can safely escape from predators.10:22
elkbuntuas opposed to a long pointy hobbsee ;)10:22
jendaelkbuntu: I don't know if he's short, and even if he were, I wouldn't be the one to point it out ;)10:22
mneptok"i said 'all the way'!"10:23
elkbuntujenda, nor i -- ask seveas. however i felt the inclusion of the descriptor necessary for the integrity of the pun10:23
GazzaKI am a little short too :'(10:35
GazzaKonly 5'8"10:35
=== elkbuntu waits for jenda to name his height
elkbuntuim 5'1" or something like that10:38
jenda167 cm :)10:38
GazzaKwhats that then?10:38
jendait's actually 1.67 m10:38
elkbuntuGazzaK, like 5"510:38
elkbuntuerr 5'5"10:38
GazzaKahh, perfect kissing height then10:38
=== GazzaK hides
=== jenda kicks GazzaK
GazzaKit was only a comment10:39
=== GazzaK hides better
=== jenda kicks better
GazzaKSeveas, what did you learn yesterday then?10:39
SeveasGazzaK, that we should kick you more often10:39
GazzaKbut you know I like it10:41
GazzaKseriously, is the course fun/10:41
elkbunturegardless, it gives us precious no-gazzak milliseconds10:42
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=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has left #ubuntu-ops [requested]
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elkbuntuhard to believe self kicking is actually a bug...10:42
GazzaKwere you serious or not yesterday Seveas re -offtopic ops10:43
elkbuntuor, a re-classified bug10:43
GazzaKis self kicking like self harm?  can you get councelling?10:43
SeveasGazzaK, I was serious10:44
elkbuntupsychiatrists will happily take your money for counselling -- regardless of the need10:44
GazzaKSeveas, in that case, wooo10:45
elkbuntuSeveas, since the irccouncil currently doesnt exist at the moment, are you going to wait for that?10:45
GazzaKis it like a birthday pressie?10:45
Seveaselkbuntu, I am10:45
SeveasGazzaK, when's your birthday?10:46
jendaSeveas: today10:46
elkbuntuSeveas, i dont think even a single person has voted for me publicly, lol10:46
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Seveaselkbuntu, I have received private votes as well10:46
mneptokwhat are we voting for?10:46
elkbuntuSeveas, hence 'publicly'10:47
Seveasmneptok, votes for the IRC council -- see ubuntu-irc mailinglist10:47
mneptokSeveas: ah, haven't read the archives this week10:47
Seveasmneptok, the meeting this week was quite good10:47
=== mneptok should perhaps nomintae himself as a Canonical rep type person
jendamneptok: oh be serious.10:47
jendaWho would vote for you?10:48
mneptokSeveas: i caught a lot is scrollback, but not 100%10:48
Seveasmneptok, you 'representative'... :)10:48
mneptokjenda: anyone that doesn't want to be DDoSed.10:48
Seveasthe only thing you represent is the canonical psych ward10:48
=== GazzaK points and laughs at mneptok
=== mneptok does a strange little monkey dance
GazzaKlooks normal mneptok10:52
GazzaKfor you10:52
mneptokook ook!10:53
elkbuntuhttp://www.degredo.net/ <-- rofl rofl rofl10:53
mneptokyou have a black Jujube stuck to you.10:54
mneptoktry not to roll on the floor, dear.10:55
mneptokthat's better.10:55
=== elkbuntu thwumps mneptok
elkbuntu... WITH A VISTA CD10:56
=== mneptok PlaysForSure!
GazzaKSeveas, [idea]  @pity 38 Jenda spanks $who with a pink tutu 10:59
GazzaKowww, I like that jenda growling at me :-)11:00
elkbuntuGazzaK, it's turning you on, isnt it11:00
=== jenda tries to do something that doesn't.
elkbuntujenda, i'd suggest dressing like his grandma, but well.. i dont know what ways he swings ;)11:01
GazzaKI'm sorry elkbuntu, I can neither confirm or deny such allegations11:01
=== elkbuntu cuddles GazzaK
mneptokstill turned on, birthday boy?11:02
elkbuntuthat SO needs a "this might explode your brain" warning11:03
Seveas@lart add spanks $who with a pink tutu11:03
mneptok"this might explode elkbuntu's brain."11:04
mneptokthere. stop whining. :)11:04
elkbuntu@lart add shows $who a photo of mneptok11:04
Seveas@lart add shows $who a photo of mneptok11:04
elkbuntuSeveas, i think ubugtu is having issues with me having a member cloak11:05
elkbuntuor something11:05
elkbuntuwhat hostmask does he have me under then?11:06
SeveasI'm the only one who can add larts11:06
elkbuntuim misreading the error then11:06
elkbuntubut whyyyyyyy?11:06
mneptokif you're asking, you're part of the reason. ;)11:08
elkbuntuof course i am11:08
elkbuntuthe dear man knows me too well11:10
mneptokholy fark.11:11
mneptokdid a community member just call me a "dear man?"11:11
mneptokare there 4 horemen in the sky?11:11
elkbuntui was referring to seveas11:11
elkbuntuwho is of course, my favourite dutchman :) *wipes nose*11:12
SeveasI guess you don't know other dutchmen :)11:12
elkbuntuSeveas, i do actually. the other one i know by more than casual aquaintance is a mcse11:13
mneptokno, it's just that van Gogh smells funny11:13
elkbuntuso you manage to outrank him thanks to that :11:13
mneptokthere's always ubuntu_demon.11:14
mneptokhe's YADG11:14
Seveas/cs k mneptok no swearing!11:14
mneptokYet Another Dutch Guy11:14
elkbuntui hate four letter acronyms as well.11:15
elkbuntuSeveas, also, cafeugo is in -au ;)11:15
elkbuntubrb, for the *ines11:15
Seveascafuego is not bad :)11:15
GazzaKmneptok, thats horrid...  I step away for a bit and come back to see that, eww11:20
GazzaKSeveas, you forgot the 11:21
GazzaK@pity 37 fred11:21
=== Ubugtu smacks fred with a vista DVD. COOTIES!
GazzaK@pity 38 fred11:21
=== Ubugtu spanks fred with a pink tutu
Seveas@ignore add GazzaK11:21
GazzaKand to think, I just got another ubuntu user :-)11:22
apokryphos5 AM :O11:38
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-ops:apokryphos] : Welcome to the home of the operators of all Ubuntu (and derivatives) channels | This channel is for operator/abuse questions only | Support in #ubuntu, #kubuntu etc... | Next Meeting: Feb. 15, 5AM UTC Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcOperatorMeetingAgenda
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GazzaK5am in the morning doesn't exist11:43
Seveasmneptok, that's the start of your shift, isn't it?11:44
apokryphosGazzaK: it's the time you get chucked out of the club and begin the cold wait for the first train11:45
mneptokSeveas: it is11:45
Seeker`there is a 5am at night, but not 5am in the morning11:45
mneptok(or, rather, 1 hour into it)11:46
GazzaKSeeker`, agree11:46
GazzaKwhats main point 3 about?11:46
apokryphostalking over the issue, I gather11:47
GazzaKI must have missed that11:47
=== GazzaK is blond and vacant!
=== mneptok checks into the bridal suite
jendaRight... so I want to complain to my ISP because I have a crappy connection...11:50
jenda...but it turns out my ISP has discontinued my phone line...11:51
=== GazzaK tests mneptok out
=== Seeker` cant get php working on apache2 :(
apokryphosSeeker`: /msg ubotu lamp  ;-)11:52
=== jenda looks for a bloody enough game to play, imagining my ISP as the victim.
GazzaKjenda, carmageddon11:53
GazzaKjenda, take up shooting, like me, it really helps11:53
mneptokJesus saves, but Gretzky gets the rebound and SCOOOOOOOOOOOORES!11:58
=== GazzaK has updated his CV
jendaGazzaK: I don't see carmageddon on Ubuntu :)12:09
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jendahey there PriceChild12:37
PriceChildhe jenda12:37
GazzaKjenda, thats 'cos it is a old windows game01:37
GazzaKhey pricey01:37
PriceChildhey GazzaK :)02:03
PriceChildIs it your birthday today GazzaK ?02:03
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ubotuIn #ubuntu, persen said: !fonts is not doing it for me :/02:08
jendaGazzaK: I know, and I loved it.02:09
jendaI enjoyed it most with the GazzaK mod, which replaced all the peeps with you.02:09
GazzaKjenda, you ain't right :p02:44
GazzaKPriceChild, yes :-)02:45
PriceChildhappy bday GazzaK :)02:46
GazzaKthanks pricey02:46
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GazzaKhi LjL03:29
LjLhi there03:29
gnomefreakhapp birthday GazzaK03:30
GazzaKawww, thanks gnomefreak03:30
GazzaKDo I now have to be responsible?03:31
LjLwhy, are you 21 or something now?03:31
LjLthen you had to be responsible several years ago :P03:31
jendaGazzaK: but considering you already missed it, no reason to bother any more.03:32
gnomefreakyay i dont feel so old now03:32
GazzaKsoo...  am I too late then, in that case, I'll forget being responsible and just wait till I go senile03:32
GazzaKgnomefreak, how old then?03:33
GazzaKme too, woo03:33
=== mneptok sits in the corner
GazzaKbut i'm 30 today, so that makes you older, old man03:33
gnomefreakGazzaK: yeah i have about 5 months or so03:34
gnomefreakuntil 3103:34
gnomefreakthis seems backasswards03:34
GazzaKback ass what?03:35
GazzaKyeah, but what seems backasswards?03:37
GazzaKhaha    <livingdaylight> Qball, It takes two to be gay?  <Qball> no, for loving.  <rauble> i dunno man, i've been getting by on 1 pretty ok :-/03:38
Tm_TWeird world this wifi-thing.03:40
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Tm_TDidn't have wlan stuff in my pc until today, should learn something about this.03:40
mneptokit's like wired networking, but without the wires.03:42
=== GazzaK giggles
gnomefreakanyone speak spanish (i think it is)03:46
GazzaKthe Spaniards do03:47
mneptoklos pesces de babel03:47
gnomefreakanyone know what this means (el lugar donde se encuentra tu archivo ejemplo03:48
GazzaKthe place where is your file example03:49
GazzaKsays babelfish03:49
mneptokthe location of your example archive03:49
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GazzaKmneptok, Pienso te quiero, tengo por favor mis perritos03:50
mneptokquando tu chupa mi culo.03:50
LjL /topic #ubuntu-ops Welcome to #ubuntu-offtopic!03:51
GazzaKsorry LjL03:52
tonyyarussoWe being offtopic now?  /me sends vibes03:52
tonyyarusso*goooo reeaadd plaaannneetttt*03:52
tonyyarussoAnd optionally, add yourself to the digg count.03:52
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junk1i was banned from #ubuntu i dont no why an i asked to be unbaned an was told no i was told come in here an ask07:04
gnomefreakjunk1: who told you no?07:04
junk1he said come in here an ask why i was banned07:05
gnomefreakwell you would need to talk to him07:05
junk1i did he sent me here07:05
gnomefreakSeveas: you around?07:05
junk1ill be good i just want to get back in there there nice07:05
naliothwhen were you banned, junk1 ?07:07
junk1its been a little wile i just got up an runnin kinda07:07
naliothsame nick?07:07
junk1i probable bounced in an out or something07:08
gnomefreaki dont see a ban set07:08
tonyyarussoNor do I07:08
junk1junk1 or 2 or 3 befor i got it to say junk1 is me07:08
naliothi don't see it, either07:09
junk1im lost07:09
tonyyarussojunk1: You sure you're actually banned?  try joining again...07:09
junk1ok if i cant ill come back in 1 sec07:09
gnomefreaki searched junk 1-3 and hostmask dont see a ban at all07:09
SeveasI tried /cs u junk107:10
Seveasnothing was removed07:10
junk1now i am lost07:10
Seveasand it catches all matching bans :)07:10
junk1i was not alowed in b4 really i wasnt07:10
junk1it let me in though07:10
tonyyarussoheh, all righty07:11
junk1 for #ubuntu  any sorry to bother you07:11
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willys_fueguinohello everyone ;-)07:23
willys_fueguinoSeveas: ping?07:24
willys_fueguinonalioth: :-O hola como andas?07:24
Seveaswillys_fueguino, ?07:25
willys_fueguinoSeveas: now that you're here I would like to apologie for the away message / nick change that cost me a ban07:26
willys_fueguinoIt won't happen again ;-)07:26
Seveasit's ok,the ban is just to make you notice that it's bad :)07:26
willys_fueguino*Public apology07:26
Seveasare you still banned anywhere07:26
willys_fueguinoSeveas: ok then that issue is p*pretty* cleared for my now07:27
willys_fueguinoI think not but thanks...07:27
=== willys_fueguino Expected a more "severe" welcome back (uff... thanks for being so nice :-D )
Seveaswe're not too bad in here :)07:28
willys_fueguinohahahah that's what everyone says :-07:29
AmaranthSeveas: can you give me access in #ubuntu-xgl?07:29
SeveasAmaranth, if you edit the IrcTeam/Scope wikipage to include that channel ;)07:30
Amaranthdone ;)07:32
PriceChildUuu so you're including us in -xgl under your scope now? :)07:34
AmaranthPriceChild: it's where we send people asking about compiz/beryl07:35
=== SportChick hugs Seveas and disappears again
willys_fueguinoSportChick: jajajjaja X'D07:36
SeveasPriceChild, -xgl was mine anyway07:36
PriceChildhehe ok :)07:36
Seveaswe should still rename that channel to #ubuntu-effects of something07:36
PriceChildI just never thought it was really under proper ubuntu-irc control seen as I got given ops in there :)07:37
Seveasbecause it covers sooooo much more07:37
apokryphosI thought that too07:37
PriceChildhehe yeah07:37
PriceChildpeople are just used to the name though :)07:37
apokryphosthe team doesn't use it much07:37
jendathere's an #ubuntu-desktop-effects I think07:37
apokryphosand they can use -effects-devel if they have to07:37
Seveasjenda, that's a devel like channel07:37
Amaranthi've been talking about renaming it forever07:37
jendabut something like that.07:37
apokryphosso let's do it now =)07:37
Amaranthand #ubuntu-desktop-effects is a dead channel07:38
Amaranthbut is too long to type out :)07:38
PriceChildAmaranth, yeah but people'll just use #ubuntu-xgl and get redirected :P07:38
apokryphosare people really talking about -desktop-effects here or -effects?07:38
Amaranthso, want to hijack #ubuntu-effects then?07:42
Amaranththe only use i've ever seen for any of the ubuntu-desktop-effects team IRC channels was a couple beryl developers speaking french07:42
apokryphosyeah, good idea to speak to dbo first though07:42
Seveaslet's wait for dbo to wake up07:42
apokryphosthere's very rarely any talk in -effects, yeah07:42
PriceChildAmaranth, why is it there's more french beryl users than anyone else?!07:43
AmaranthI would think gnomefreak would be the one to talk to, seeing how #ubuntu-effects is supposed to be the official channel for a team he owns07:44
willys_fueguinoI have a question here: The mute command it's just /mute nick??07:56
willys_fueguino(can't make that work on konversation)07:57
apokryphosdepends on your client07:57
tonyyarussodepends on your client / script07:57
tonyyarusso/aq here07:57
tonyyarussoI think LjL uses Konversation?07:57
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso: you're on Konversation?07:57
apokryphosthe raw command is: /mode channel +q someuser07:57
tonyyarussowillys_fueguino: no, irssi07:57
apokryphosor /mode channel +b %someuser07:57
willys_fueguinoohhh I can use the /mode command07:57
willys_fueguinojust to mute someone... +q right??07:58
apokryphosit *might* be /quiet someuser in Konversation..07:58
apokryphosif not, you can make an alias07:58
naliothapokryphos: 'quiet' is a freenode thing07:59
willys_fueguinomm.... +q == ban07:59
naliothapokryphos: i doubt it's built into any clients07:59
apokryphoshm, ok07:59
willys_fueguinonalioth: but then the question: Can any op use this feature or just freenode staffers?07:59
naliothwillys_fueguino: it's available for any channel operator08:00
PriceChildwillys_fueguino, +q isn't a ban... join #pricechild and I'll show you :)08:03
willys_fueguinomm,.. I do /silence HorD and tells me No such nick /channel08:03
willys_fueguinoPriceChild: ok08:03
=== max_at_class is now known as maxamillion
LjLwillys_fueguino: /mode #channel +q hostmask is the command in konversation. however it works with the nickname, too, instead of the hostmask, and you can make an alias such as /mute = /mode %c +q (Settings / Configure Konversation / Command aliases)08:22
LjLSeveas: +1 for -xgl channel rename, i've had a few people yelling at me when redirected because "did you not listen? i want to use aiglx not xgl!"08:24
willys_fueguinoLjL: until "such as" I followed you... but when /mute blabalbla I got lost :-S08:25
LjLwillys_fueguino, Settings / Configure Konversation / Command aliases, click on "New", and type  mute  in the "Alias" textbox, and  /mode %c +q  in the "Replacement" textbox08:26
LjLthen use /mute nickname to mute08:27
willys_fueguinoLjL: uff this will be very useful...08:28
willys_fueguino(I used x-chat since I started on this)08:29
gnomefreakAmaranth: ?08:42
gnomefreakdesktop-effect channel is gonna be the new -xgl channel if i ever get a hold of seveas and dbo at the same time and they both have a few minutes08:44
apokryphosok, so we're just waiting for DBO08:45
gnomefreakyes i had asked him a few weeks ago about moving it08:45
gnomefreakhes been really busy iirc08:45
apokryphosand what did he think?08:46
gnomefreakhe said to do it but he didnt have time08:46
gnomefreaksomething about moving access list over08:46
gnomefreaki think08:46
Amaranthif he said to do it then it can be done easily08:46
apokryphoscool; we can do it. We'll just wait till Seveas is back now, then.08:46
apokryphosok, dinner08:46
Amaranthjust need him to give someone 30 access if he doesn't have time08:46
apokryphosgnomefreak's got 3008:47
gnomefreakin where?08:47
Amaranthgood to go then?08:47
gnomefreakyes i would say so. we would have to set a foward from -xgl too08:47
apokryphosback in a few08:47
Amaranthgnomefreak: that's no problem08:47
=== gnomefreak can set access list if we are gonna move it
gnomefreakjenda is staff right?08:54
SportChickgnomefreak: yes he is08:54
jendaSportChick: jeez... do you have a highlight on 'staff' or 'jenda' or 'is'?09:01
SportChickjenda: whenever I'm on stats p, I have hilight on staff and stats09:02
SportChickjenda: I have it as part of my script09:02
SportChickturns the hiilight on and off when I sign on and off stats p09:02
jendairssi has cool features, I'll admit ;)09:03
SportChickjenda: <3 irssi09:06
apokryphosgnomefreak: ok, so let's do it09:12
apokryphosAmaranth: you here?09:14
LjLdynamic highlights, wow, that sounds useful09:14
LjL(as would be per-channel highlights, but i guess real clients have those)09:15
gnomefreakok how should we do this?09:16
apokryphossimple, announcement in the channel and then kicks :P09:16
gnomefreaki would like a smooth transfer if at all possible09:16
LjLkicks aren't smooth? :P09:16
LjLshould i start changing the bot factoids, in the meanwhile?09:17
apokryphosyeah, thanks09:17
apokryphosgnomefreak: we'll make the announcement, but we can't hang around to wait09:17
apokryphosLjL: argh, ubotu won't be in there09:18
apokryphoscould you make ubotwo join?09:18
gnomefreakis Seveas still around to join ubotu?09:19
apokryphosguess not09:19
=== tonyyserver [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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gnomefreakLjL: is your bot online atm?09:19
LjLgnomefreak: not when you asked09:20
gnomefreakcan we get him in #ubuntu-effects until we can get a hold of seveas09:20
apokryphosthanks LjL =)09:20
apokryphoscool, all done :)09:24
apokryphosok, I'm out for now09:24
gnomefreakits moved now i can play with my autojoin again09:24
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - See http://tinyurl.com/pw5ez for Kubuntu systems - Help in #ubuntu-effects09:29
gnomefreakoh goodie09:29
=== somerville32 [n=somervil@ubuntu/member/somerville32] has joined #ubuntu-ops
LjLno channel-specific factoids on ubotwo, sorry09:45
LjLat least - not by simply calling them, you can add -#ubuntu-effects to the factoid09:45
PriceChildNot good enough LjL :P09:45
LjLsorry but can't fix now, going out :P09:46
PriceChildwas only sarcasm :)09:47
PriceChildhmm all the factoids for -#ubuntu-xgl will be useless now and need to be moved? :(09:47
naliothSeveas: may be able to find-and-replace in the configs, PriceChild09:57
PriceChildSounds good :)09:58
gnomefreakPriceChild: the xgl is for all composites now. people got used to using and callling it xgl and some people are using beryl-xgl on dapper :(10:08
PriceChildgnomefreak, yeah I know :)10:12
PriceChildgnomefreak, shall I set up a forward from -xgl to -effects ?10:13
gnomefreakalready done10:13
PriceChildIt isn't...10:13
PriceChildI just joined...10:13
gnomefreakapokryphos: said it was10:13
gnomefreakPriceChild: yes please do and remove anyone in there10:13
PriceChildnalioth, gnomefreak sorted :D10:18
gnomefreakgood :)10:18
gnomefreakty nalioth10:18
PriceChildthanks :)10:18
Seveasnalioth, even better ;)10:31
Seveas%join #ubuntu-effects10:32
Seveas%config channel #ubuntu-xgl plugins.encyclopedia.database10:32
Seveasooh crap10:32
Seveaseven worse10:32
Seveasok, that needs some manual tweaking10:32
Seveas%config list plugins.encyclopedia10:32
ubotu#database, #fallbackdb, #searchorder, aptdir, datadir, fallbackchannel, logdir, notfoundmsg, packagelookup, public, and relaychannel10:32
gnomefreakty seveas for joining the bot10:34
willys_fueguinoSeveas: ping?10:55
Seveaswillys_fueguino, ?10:55
willys_fueguinoSeveas: there's a web page with ubotu factoids right??10:55
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:56
willys_fueguinoI wan't to "translate" some factoids to add the "spanish version" to my bot10:56
gnomefreakwillys_fueguino: theres abunch of them go to the first link given above and have fun ;)10:57
Seveassort by popularity :)10:57
willys_fueguinognomefreak: hahahha I will ;-)10:57
willys_fueguinopopularity == times called?10:58
willys_fueguinouff... I can't see how many factoids it haves10:59
willys_fueguino(LOTS of them)11:00
Seveassqlite> select count(*) from facts;11:00
willys_fueguino:-( ...11:01
=== hybrid_ [n=x@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
willys_fueguinoI'll have pretty much "fun" then...11:02
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v hybrid] by ChanServ
willys_fueguinomm... if I translate some of those factoids could I load the translations to launchpad/wiki ??11:04
maxamillionare there any core devs in here atm?11:05
maxamillionbah ... ok, thanks11:05
Seveasmaxamillion, they don't hang out in here11:05
Seveaswillys_fueguino, why not?11:05
Seveasfactoids are free :)11:05
maxamillionSeveas: i thought hobsee was a core dev11:05
Seveasmaxamillion, oooh good on11:06
maxamillioni guess not11:06
SeveasI keep forgetting that11:06
maxamillionwait, she is?11:06
somerville32No, she isn't11:06
maxamillionnow i'm confused11:06
maxamillionoh ok11:06
ubotuIn #kubuntu, faLUCE said: ubotu: ok but which is the corresponding line that i shuold add to the repos list, in adept, corresponding to /pub/ubuntu/archive/pool/universe/ ?11:09
somerville32!bot > faLUCE11:09
willys_fueguinoNoob question: when ubotu reports here with messages like that, it's saying that *that* factoid its getting stored??11:10
PriceChildwillys_fueguino, no... just that someone suggested the change11:11
=== Music_Shuffle [n=kumar@unaffiliated/musicshuffle/x-303664] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildwillys_fueguino, only a few people have access to change things :)11:11
=== MuffY [n=chatzill@s55928932.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-ops
gnomefreakPriceChild: did you attempt hte kiba-dock build?11:12
gnomefreakhi muffy11:12
MuffYi just god banned for saying the f word11:12
MuffYi copied it with a quote11:12
MuffYhow long will the ban last?11:12
PriceChildSeveas, ^11:12
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.11:12
MuffYhey gnomefreak =)11:13
gnomefreakMuffY: that goes for all ubuntu channels :)11:13
MuffYyou ops?11:13
PriceChildgnomefreak, I haven't yet... need to use ssh tunneling to get around proxy for cvs so I'll try this evening11:13
gnomefreakyes im a little bit of everything11:13
PriceChildMuffY, everyone here with voice is an op somewhere or other :)11:13
MuffYbut do you know how long it'll last?11:13
willys_fueguinooks.... when I'll go start translating the factoids.... see you later folks ;-)11:13
gnomefreakPriceChild: im gonna try it again on feisty but checkinstall fails to build the .deb11:13
=== willys_fueguino [n=willy@unaffiliated/willysfueguino] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Visitennos]
gnomefreakso i might have to do it in pbuilder11:13
PriceChildMuffY, I've pinged Seve as for you, he made the ban so he'll get back to you when he has time11:14
MuffYty, PriceChild11:14
MuffYso this is where banned people go11:16
=== MuffY feels lonely
gnomefreaknot always11:16
MuffYyou can be banned from here?11:16
MuffYthat would officially suck =p11:16
Seveas/ban MuffY it does :)11:17
MuffYah, seveas11:17
SeveasMuffY, behave in the future please11:17
MuffYso you are the big bad mod =p11:17
MuffYyeah, sorry11:17
MuffYi have to watch my copy pasting11:17
=== somerville32 pets MuffY.
SeveasMuffY, no, the big bad one is gnomefreak11:17
=== MuffY edits his quotes.txt
MuffYah ok11:18
SeveasI'm the small evil one11:18
MuffYa wolf in sheeps clothes11:18
SeveasPriceChild, is the weird one11:18
MuffYyay for PriceChild!11:18
=== MuffY cheers
somerville32: )11:18
PriceChildWho's talking about me?11:18
MuffYthe small evil mod11:18
PriceChildah I'm the wierd one... why am I weird? :)11:19
MuffYi dunno11:19
MuffYSeveas said so =p11:19
PriceChildI suppose I'll live with one :P11:19
MuffYi i didn;t dare to question him11:19
PriceChildyup.. therefore gospel11:19
PriceChildAt least I have a title :)11:19
MuffYi have one too:11:20
=== MuffY , The Unbehaven
MuffYi think i'll leave here =o11:24
MuffYthanks for reminding me on the family thing ;)11:25
=== MuffY [n=chatzill@s55928932.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has left #ubuntu-ops []
=== SecrethX [n=leandro@57.57-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu-ops
SecrethXhmm.. apparently im banned in #ubuntu because I did an /ame, but I didnt even know that was forbidden.. so I say sorry and Im asking here if my ban can be removed :o12:00
naliothSecrethX: when was this?12:02
SecrethXnalioth, yesterday12:02
naliothi see. ban evasion, too12:02
SecrethXnalioth, yes because I didnt knew why I was banned12:03
naliothyou'll have to wait for seveas12:03
SecrethXnalioth, I know that, im trying to contact him here :P12:03
naliothSecrethX: he's not around currently, you can pull up a chair and wait12:04
SecrethXnalioth, no problem :)12:04
Seveasmneptok, so how's woody doing?12:05
SecrethXHi Seveas, can my ban in ubuntu be removed please? :o12:06
SecrethX(I hereby apologise too..)12:06
=== grte [n=avatar@S01060016b619b87e.lb.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
grteHello, would anyone be able to help me out with a problem with #ubuntu-offtopic?12:09
PriceChildwhat's up grte ?12:10
PriceChildSecrethX, hehe wrong way round :P12:10
grteWell, awhile ago I accidentally got myself banned.12:11
grteI had an irssi script which used pi in various ways, and I forgot the syntax.12:11
grteSo, I ended up typing /pi, which is apparently an irssi shortcut to ping everybody in the channel.12:11
SecrethXPriceChild, what do you mean?12:11
grteAfter which, I was autobanned.12:11
grteI was wondering if it would be possible to get the ban revoked, it was completely accidental.12:12
PriceChildSecrethX, as in you should apolgise.. then ask for forgiveness :P12:12
SecrethXPriceChild, oh yeah12:12
naliothgrte: go and sin no more  :)12:13
grtenalioth: Thanks muchly.12:13
=== SecrethX [n=leandro@57.57-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Leaving"]
=== grte [n=avatar@S01060016b619b87e.lb.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []
naliothbots are among us12:17
nalioth#ubuntu-unregged is open for business12:18
naliothSeveas: these change nicks12:19
naliothSeveas: we've been chasing them and killing them12:19
Seveasah ok12:19
tonyyarussoaw man....12:22
=== PriceChild always thinks freenode staff seem so heroic with their constant war...

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