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cbx33ping ogra_12:09
cbx33dang it.....where is edubuntugirl when you need her12:31
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highvoltagegood question01:18
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cbx33highvoltage, ping01:29
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highvoltagecbx33: pong01:33
=== mode/#edubuntu [-o highvoltage] by highvoltage
cbx33highvoltage, i'll be back in a while if you're still here01:34
cbx33need some advice01:34
highvoltageI'll still be here, I'm just going to chat to someone for a minute, but fire away in the meantime01:36
highvoltage(I might get some coffee too, have a *lot* of work to finish today)01:36
cbx33ping highvoltage02:30
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lemurfanCan edubuntu conect to a wireless network?02:52
jsgotangcohvae you configured wireless in linux before?02:53
jsgotangcoits pretty much the same02:53
jsgotangcothe installer usually detects your wireless interface02:53
lemurfanJust by plugging in my USB WiFi stick02:54
jsgotangcodo ifconfig and check if you have an additional interface after plugging it in02:54
lemurfanOh right02:55
cbx33jsgotangco, doesn;'t iwconfig check for wireless?02:56
jsgotangcoyes for wireless speficially02:56
jsgotangcobut its still an interface whatever ;)02:56
cbx33ahh rgiht o02:57
cbx33edubuntugirl, tell highvoltage I'm here for the next hour or so....ping me when you're back03:00
edubuntugirlRighto, cbx33!03:00
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highvoltagecbx33: ugh. I kept wondering when you were going to ping me back, but my irssi window got stuck when I momentarily lost my connection03:09
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: by the way, cbx33 told me to tell you 'I'm here for the next hour or so....ping me when you're back' 9 minutes and 21 seconds ago (on Sat Feb  3 16:01:03 2007)03:09
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cbx33hey bddebian04:20
bddebianHi cbx3304:21
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cbx33ping ogra_ herd3 LTSP build fails04:31
highvoltagecbx33: really? that's quite a bummer :(04:31
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cbx33pulse audio04:40
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meduxais anybody from edubuntu project attending to The International free software conference in Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain next week?05:01
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cbx33highvoltage, think I shuld LP bug that LTSP failure and assign it to ogra?05:18
highvoltagecbx33: yep05:22
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cbx33highvoltage, done05:40
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highvoltagecbx33: reading that bug was weird, it feels like I'm reading it in my terminal :)05:56
highvoltage(especially if you scroll at *just* the right speed)05:56
cbx33think i shoud add a description?05:57
cbx33thought ogra_  would know the issue05:57
highvoltagenah it's fine. there's nothing wrong with it, it just looks funny05:58
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lemurfanHow do you get WiFi to work06:03
lemurfanCan someone help me please06:05
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paolobHi ogra_ ! I resolved the problem with the mounting failures: it was due to electromagnetic interferences from two inverters situated very near to the net wiring.06:13
cbx33paolob, wow06:14
cbx33neat problem06:14
paolobcbx33, I wrote something in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPWiring , but is worth a check with the language...06:16
paolobandk I think it would be better to put a section in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/TroubleShooting06:17
cbx33coulkd the clients still talk to the network before06:17
highvoltagepaolob: interesting problem :)06:18
highvoltageedubuntugirl: choose go to punk rock show tonight or work through it06:18
edubuntugirlI choose work through it, highvoltage06:18
highvoltageshe never lets me have any fun.06:19
paolobHere in Dominican Republic every pc must have an inverter, and I suppose many more 3rd world countries have the same situation06:19
highvoltagepaolob: what kind of power do you use there?06:19
highvoltagehere in South Africa it's just 230V 50hz power06:20
highvoltage(well, supposed to be 230V but during peak times in winter it drops quite a bit)06:20
paolobhighvoltage, 110 V06:21
paolob60 Hz06:21
paolobI think it's the USA standard06:21
paolobeconomically we are a USA satellite06:21
highvoltageI don't quite understand what the inverters are for though06:22
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
paoloban inverter is an electrical power source with deep cycle batteries06:23
paolobHere we have power some 12-14 hours a day, mainly in the night06:23
highvoltagewow, that's real interesting. those deep cycle batteries must be extremely expensive06:24
highvoltagehey jules06:24
cbx33hi juliux06:24
juliuxonly two examens to go;06:25
=== highvoltage goes against edubuntugirl's decision
paolobhighvoltage, a 6 V 225 Ah battery costs some  US$100.00, and a 3.5 KV inverter costs some US$1,00006:26
highvoltagepaolob: does it get enough chance to charge fully while the power is up?06:26
juliuxcbx33, if you have time take a look at http://ubuntu.juliux.de/edubuntu_back.png and http://ubuntu.juliux.de/edubuntu_front.png06:26
paolobhighvoltage, yes, it charges the batteries in 3-4 hours06:26
cbx33ooooh nice juliux06:27
juliuxcbx33, the text is still the one from the ubuntu flyer06:27
cbx33did you ever see our edubuntu lealet?06:28
cbx33want a copy?06:28
cbx33what's your email06:29
juliuxyou mean the leaflet for the BETT ?06:30
juliuxi get this one allready06:32
juliuxbut i personal don't like flyers in din a406:32
cbx33but was thining you may like the text from it06:32
juliuxi will playaorund with the flyer in the next days06:32
cbx33and you could take the characters too if you wanted them06:32
juliuxi will play around with the flyer;906:34
juliuxafter monday i have a little bit more time06:34
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cbx33highvoltage, that bug is because the pulse audio pacakge isn't in main yet06:38
cbx33well the seound compat one anyway06:38
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elmo40good afternoon (EST) I was wondering what kind of hardware requirements Edubuntu has.06:46
elmo40CPU & RAM (I have hdd space)06:46
elmo40using Gnome or KDE will demand a decent amount of RAM. I only have 256Mb06:47
cbx33seen the new edubuntu artwork peeps06:52
juliuxcbx33, the ldm theme is cool06:52
juliuxh gdm06:53
elmo40no one is willing to help me? I am inquiring about CPU & RAM requirements for Edubuntu.07:03
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lemurfanHow do you setup wireless internet07:52
lemurfanCan anyone help please07:55
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elmo40typical ubuntu crap... full room, yet no one tries to help.08:45
cbx33hi elmo4008:45
cbx33elmo40 sorry dude you gotta understand it's a weekend08:45
cbx33and edubuntu is a pretty small community08:45
elmo40i understand completely08:46
cbx33compare that with ubuntu.......1040 people in the room08:46
cbx33how can I help08:46
elmo40i am on 4 other channels, 3 linux, one something else.08:46
elmo40they all are chatting08:46
elmo40all i asked was how CPU intensive is Edubuntu with their current WM's08:46
elmo40what do you suggest is minimum08:47
edubuntugirlcbx33: by the way, cbx33 told me to tell you 'hi' 1 minutes and 0 seconds ago (on Sat Feb  3 21:46:58 2007)08:47
elmo40i wanted to make a computer for my daughter, it is OLD (celeron 466 w/256 RAM)08:47
cbx33what a minimum CPU for what edubuntu server or thin client?08:47
cbx33thanks edubuntugirl08:47
elmo40thin client?? this is not a standalone distro?08:47
cbx33yeh is it08:48
cbx33but it is able to do a complete Linux Terminal Server Project08:48
elmo40so not what i wanted then08:48
elmo40oh well08:48
elmo40i didnt know it was an ltsp08:48
elmo40that will help me with a different project ;)08:49
cbx33well it does both08:49
cbx33it's not one or the other.....it is both08:49
elmo40then my question remains... min CPU?08:49
cbx33should be fine08:50
cbx33wht speed?08:51
juliuxelmo40, you can run ubuntu/edubuntu with 800mhz and 256mb08:52
cbx33there ya go08:52
elmo40hrmm, ok.08:52
juliuxelmo40, it works with 256mb ram but more is better08:52
elmo40still kinda out of my league :-P08:52
cbx33what ya got elmo40?08:52
cbx33and what ya after?08:52
elmo40maybe i should try DSL08:52
cbx33what about puppy08:53
elmo40i wanted a distro, with education apps on it, for this OLD celerey 466 :/08:53
cbx33that's an awesome distro08:53
cbx33i see08:53
elmo40trying puppy right now ;) Works nice.08:53
cbx33is it stand alone?08:53
elmo40ya, all by itself08:53
elmo40well, i have 3 of them (maybe i should cluster it) LOL08:54
cbx33if you can get a slightly higher powered one08:55
cbx33you could do an LTSP edubuntu setup08:55
elmo40all of them are Dell OptiPlex GX100's08:55
cbx33got to go08:55
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