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MagicFabhi sorry to bother. I have abuse on a loco team channel and their op is not there12:47
MagicFabrepeat cursing in #ubuntu-lat12:47
naliothno ops?12:47
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MagicFabtheir op is out12:48
naliothsomerville32: no habla espanol?12:48
somerville32no babla espanol :)12:48
MagicFabwell, llok for mierda and anal12:48
MagicFab[g3o]  and [GuS] 12:49
naliothMagicFab: yo habla poquito espanol12:49
naliothand somerville32 doesn't need an education starting with those words   :D12:49
MagicFabdefecar = go take a shit12:50
naliothyes, i know.12:50
Music_ShuffleWell, technically, the vete is the 'you go' part of that12:50
naliothi only speak Tex-Mex, so have to think a bit on what i'm seeing , but i get the picture  :)12:51
MagicFabtx., I think hey got it.12:52
MagicFabso, this [GuS]  guy is back. I can't spend much time on it, I am on shift @ canonical support.12:54
naliothi'll keep an eye out12:54
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apokryphosweird, no idea what happened with the channel. I definitely set +if (and of course, people wouldn't have instantly been thrown into -effects if that wasn't the case). Oh well01:59
gnomefreakapokryphos: you need access 2502:00
gnomefreakoh for setting guard atleast02:00
apokryphosthat doesn't have anything to do with it though02:00
=== gnomefreak gave up building kiba-doc the right way :(
apokryphosif it's +i, then no-one can join02:01
apokryphoshow come?02:01
gnomefreaktoo hard02:01
gnomefreakway too hard02:01
apokryphosI see02:01
gnomefreakno debian dir.02:01
LjLok a bit too many of these now02:06
=== apokryphos wonders where the staffers are
LjLthe ones i've seen were all 88.23202:06
LjLso, highlight time02:06
=== SportChick presumes apokryphos means ubuntu staffers and continues to lurk
HobbseeSportChick: freenode staffers02:07
apokryphosSportChick: there's a lot of spammers in ubuntu channels02:07
apokryphos#ubuntu and #kubuntu02:07
=== SportChick joins
apokryphoswell, there's been a few. Posting... pornography I guess.02:08
LjLtonyyarusso: do you think yipe wants a cookie?02:08
tonyyarussoLjL: maybe02:08
=== tonyyarusso sighs
apokryphosand #kubuntu-offtopic -- weird02:08
tonyyarussoc'mon...stick with the food now02:08
LjLapokryphos: yeah they actually *started* there02:08
LjLtonyyarusso: heh yeah02:09
apokryphoswho even knows about that channel? :/02:09
tonyyarussoyeah really02:09
LjLapokryphos: probably using some script that just chooses random channels..02:09
SportChickthere are two staffers online - feel free to ping one of us if you see someone doing it - I'm not watching every channel, but will respond to a ping02:09
tonyyarussoAnd the didn't hit #ubuntu-offtopic, the one that actually has traffic.02:09
SportChickapokryphos: any consistency in the spammers' nicks?02:10
LjLSportChick: no, but the IPs all begin with 88.232 from what i've seen now, and the message is always the same02:10
tonyyarussoYeah, just the ip and message, not nick02:11
SportChickljl will you paste one to me?02:11
LjLSportChick: oh, and the realname seems to be "-" in at least two cases02:11
LjLSportChick: sure hold on02:11
apokryphosok, off to bed, see you02:12
LjLthey seem to be doing it manually02:13
LjLat least judging from the fact the number of "::::" and "..." isn't consistent02:13
LjL(in the spam message that is)02:14
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"). For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware02:28
LjL!no vmware is <reply> VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware02:28
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL02:28
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effie_jayxjenda, ping03:45
tonyyarussoI thought we had a ban on him from before...04:15
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willys_fueguinoNight everyone ;-)04:23
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elkbuntuwillys_fueguino is here for guidance in running a channel. currently he ops for #ubuntu-lat. i believe he might need some advice on how to counter trolls, that doesnt involve forwarding an ubuntu namespace channel out of the ubuntu namespace04:25
tonyyarussoWhy forwarding rather than banning?  what sorts of trolls?04:26
elkbuntuwillys_fueguino, will you talk with tonyyarusso?04:27
MinatakuWell, if they're trolling in English I can help out04:27
willys_fueguinoI'm thinking how to say it04:27
MinatakuOtherwise I have the critical difficulty of not understanding what they're saying04:27
willys_fueguino(I'm pretty nervous)04:28
willys_fueguinoWell the problem was..04:28
willys_fueguino#ubuntu-lat is a sort of support + offtopic channel...04:28
willys_fueguinoand sometimes04:28
MinatakuMy channel protection style isn't the typical Freenode style, either, but that really just serves to increase my efficiency04:29
HobbseeMinataku: *grin* - if they're in all caps, that's probably an indication that they're flaming.  or spamming04:29
willys_fueguinowe use to say bad words... it's a normal thing over there...04:29
tonyyarusso"used to" I hope is key there.04:29
willys_fueguinoWe managed the channel that way for 6 months +04:29
willys_fueguinoBut now...04:30
elkbuntuHobbsee, not really with the spanish speakers04:30
MinatakuHobbsee: Not necessarily, I use caps when I'm actually yelling about something, for example04:30
willys_fueguinoThe channel users don't respect the CoC04:30
Hobbseeelkbuntu: good point04:31
MinatakuLike "WAIT! STOP! DON'T DO THAT!"04:31
tonyyarussowillys_fueguino: majority or a handful?04:31
willys_fueguinoSo as we have troubles with that...04:31
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso: almost *everyone*04:31
willys_fueguinonow I'm forwarding the channel to another one...04:31
MinatakuAh, yes, the new "namespace" thing04:32
willys_fueguinowhere the ubuntu CoC isn't respected...04:32
willys_fueguinoIt's not ubuntu named04:32
MinatakuFreenode is a rather bizarre network when traditional IRC practices are involved04:32
tonyyarussoForwarding the entire channel, or users?04:32
Kamping_Kaiserhi Hobbsee04:32
willys_fueguinothe entire channel04:32
tonyyarussoMinataku: (that's why I like it)04:32
Minatakutonyyarusso: lol04:32
Hobbseehey Kamping_Kaiser04:33
willys_fueguinoThis is a "temporary" solution...04:33
MinatakuI can't stand it, I walk into a channel with no ops and I think "Something is up here"04:33
MinatakuThen I have to remind myself that this is Freenode and up is down and so on04:33
AmaranthMinataku: freenode isn't really an "IRC network"04:34
willys_fueguinoSo the  channel users are forwarded to that channel so they become aware of the situation....04:34
Amaranthit's a communication system for open source users and developers that happens to use the IRC protocol :)04:34
HobbseeAmaranth: you forgot the <pedant> and </pedant> tags there04:34
willys_fueguinomany of them doesn't like rules and that's what make the channel "friendly"04:35
willys_fueguino(at least for us)04:35
tonyyarussowillys_fueguino: Okay; I'd suggest no longer forwarding the entire channel.  banforward all of you current users if you like, but I'd take off the channel one.04:35
MinatakuYes, yes, I remember lilo and his somewhat confusing ways very well, rest his awesome soul04:35
tonyyarussoThat way, if a new person shows up, they'll get into a sparsely populated but respectful channel, rather than the madhouse.04:35
tonyyarussoKeep an eye on the madhouse, and if there are users that look sane, unban them and /invite them back.04:36
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso: I wouln't say that's a "madhouse"04:36
tonyyarussoEnforce strictly to maintain the cleaned room.04:36
MinatakuJust remember that looks can be decieving04:36
elkbuntuMinataku, the ban can be reinstated as easily as it was removed ;)04:36
willys_fueguinothen... 1 set a topic that reflects the situation04:36
MinatakuFor example, I may seem at times like a perfectly sane and well-adjusted individual04:37
MinatakuLjL and Jucato could attest otherwise04:37
willys_fueguino2 let the users know that the temporary channel is ##libre04:37
AmaranthMinataku: I'm thinking you're taking this conversation in a direction you won't enjoy.04:37
willys_fueguino3 Stop forwarding the users....04:37
willys_fueguinoWould that be correct?04:37
=== Jucato doesn't attest otherwise...
MinatakuAmaranth: Well, if you can't rag on yourself then you _really_ have a problem, right?04:37
tonyyarussowillys_fueguino: stop forwarding _some_ users - let the good ones stay, but keep the rabble elsewhere.04:38
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso: I'm leting go #ubuntu-lat04:39
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso: and the channel owner and the others one will too04:41
tonyyarussowillys_fueguino: 'k04:41
tonyyarussowillys_fueguino: no need to carry the +o usually, 'specially with a script04:41
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso: hahah I forgot I had the +o04:42
willys_fueguino(I'm not used to carry that)04:42
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso: I'm forwarding everyone 'cause the biggest number of our users were there because of the regulations we had...04:43
willys_fueguinoWe are EXTREMELY flexible on rules...04:43
willys_fueguinoWe don't like bans...04:44
willys_fueguinobut if it has to be done...04:44
willys_fueguinowe do it.04:44
somerville32willys_fueguino, If you want to be flexible, then thats ok04:44
somerville32willys_fueguino, Just make sure people respect the CoC though04:44
willys_fueguinoBut when we think that's necesary04:44
gnomefreakwin 1804:44
MinatakuIf I have a +o I carry it all the time, it's good to have the show of authority sometimes04:44
willys_fueguinosomerville32: But to stop having problems like this.. We are going to another channel temporarily where users don't HAVE to respect the ubunteros CoC04:45
somerville32willys_fueguino, There is no need to force everyone there04:45
willys_fueguinosomerville32: mm... good point...04:46
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  I thing ou are inviting them to act up a bit...04:47
willys_fueguino"act up"??04:48
effie_jayxIf I were to have a channel wehre the topic reads something like... "Here be Bad Words and Cursing and mature talk, Beware"04:48
effie_jayxyou can open a space for it.. .yes... but don't encourage it...04:49
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: that's a warning to "under-age" users...04:49
effie_jayxbut a white letter for the others...04:50
willys_fueguinomm... I don't think the guys on the channel consider that like "that"..04:50
willys_fueguinoanyway... being a "offtopic" channel...04:51
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  just my opinion...04:51
effie_jayxcheck the ubuntu-offtopic channel...04:51
willys_fueguinoeffie... not "oficial" ubuntu channel...04:51
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  true..04:51
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: like an GNU/linux opinions channel04:52
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  mmkey... it was just an opinion...04:52
MinatakuYarr... there be bad words and cursing and mature talk ahead, beware, ye scurvy dog04:52
MinatakuSorry, couldn't resist04:52
=== mefistofeles [n=ivan@unaffiliated/mefistofeles] has joined #ubuntu-ops
willys_fueguinowell... We're moving temporarily the #ubuntu.lat community to a non-related channel04:53
mefistofelesso... let me get this straight... by using the word "ubuntu" (for example) we have no choice but to follow their rules?04:59
willys_fueguino*their CoC04:59
mefistofelesso it's not much free as in freedom hehe04:59
effie_jayxmefistofeles, "the coc is supposed to be abided even if not signed, because it is what structures the community atmosphere"04:59
tonyyarussomefistofeles: Sure it is.  It's just not free as in "do whatever random disrespectful and immature stuff you want".04:59
effie_jayxmefistofeles,  a friend tought me that05:00
elkbuntumefistofeles, it is more a case that if a channel is not going to abide by the Ubuntu CoC, it shouldnt be a channel representing part of the Ubuntu community05:00
elkbuntuand as jono once said, the CoC basically says 'dont be an idiot'05:01
elkbuntuexcept he used 'twat' instead of idiot, but im not sure how well that translates across05:02
willys_fueguinome neither elkbuntu :-S05:02
mefistofelesI read :P05:02
elkbuntuwillys_fueguino, it's another word for female genitalia ;)05:02
willys_fueguino"it is what structures the community atmosphere" ==> not entirely truth05:02
MagicFabelkbuntu, someone is actually asking if the mere use of the Ubuntu name ina channel name is enough to have it "covered" by the CoC05:02
willys_fueguinoelkbuntu: lol!!! XDDDD05:02
effie_jayxelkbuntu,  the d word works fine05:03
MagicFaband for reference, the answer is "Canonical asks nicely": https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat05:03
mefistofeleselkbuntu: well... so..if I make a channel with the word ubuntu on it..Im then inside the ubuntu community right?05:03
MagicFab"When participating in Ubuntu IRC channels, please abide by the [WWW]  Code of Conduct."05:03
mefistofeleswe (as users of #ubuntu-lat) were never taken into account as ubuntu members05:03
tonyyarussomefistofeles: yes.05:03
mefistofeleswell not until today05:03
elkbuntumefistofeles, it's not as in Member, but rather participant05:04
mefistofelesor ubuntu community...dont know what's the exact word05:04
mefistofeleselkbuntu: yeah..that05:04
mefistofelesok... well I think I got this clear now05:05
MagicFabah, so mefistofeles was here - sorry, didn't notice05:05
mefistofelesMagicFab: heh np05:05
mefistofeleson the other hand05:06
=== MagicFab gets back to radius auth...
mefistofeleshow is freenode's CoC facing ubuntu's CoC?05:06
mefistofeleshmm..how to ask hmm05:06
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mefistofelesI mean... ubuntu's CoC cant "break" freenode's CoC..right?05:06
tonyyarussoFreenode is a little bit broader, but still applies.  It's on freenode.net, I believe under "policies"05:06
elkbuntumefistofeles, of course not05:06
mefistofelesyeah... ok...thats good05:07
elkbuntumefistofeles, the ubuntu irc guidelines just takes the freenode policy a bit further05:07
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Kamping_Kaiserhi Madpilot05:08
mefistofeleselkbuntu: ok...05:08
Madpilothi Kamping_Kaiser05:08
mefistofelesthis may spund silly....what about something called... madbuntu or something like that?05:09
mefistofeleswill ubuntu's CoC apply to them?05:09
elkbuntumefistofeles, not sure05:10
mefistofelesor take for example...fluxbuntu05:10
mefistofelesthats a better choice05:10
mefistofeleselkbuntu: hehe ok..I got to read the policies05:10
mefistofelesjust wondering05:10
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mefistofelesgot another question :S heh05:16
mefistofelesis there a way to have a channel with "ubuntu" in the title and not being involved with ubuntu's CoC ... like putting in the topic "This channel is not supported by ubuntu" or anything like that05:16
mefistofeleswe dont want to loose the channel..but we dont agree with ubuntu's CoC05:17
mefistofelesI may have to ask this to freenode's staff heh05:18
effie_jayxmefistofeles,  what in the CoC is not to your liking?05:19
mefistofeleseffie_jayx: well for example the so called "bad words" in channel05:19
tonyyarussoLjL's theory just died.05:19
tonyyarussoSportChick: New host: @24-151-18-087.dhcp.nwtn.ct.charter.com05:20
effie_jayxthe ... be respectthere is nothing of that... there is a more general clause in the ubuntu CoC05:20
effie_jayxit is05:20
effie_jayxBe respectful05:20
effie_jayxthat's all...05:20
mefistofeleswell this problem started cuz of someone saying "mierda" in a channel ... heh05:20
tonyyarussoSportChick: nvm, ignore that.  I mistyped.  It was actually another 88.232.  You can leave that host alone.  :S05:21
mefistofelesthats "shit" for enlgish...05:21
effie_jayxdid he offend anyone? directly05:21
mefistofelesnot at all05:21
tonyyarussoHobbsee: I'm beginning to wonder about banning 88.232.* - we've had these all day.05:21
Hobbseetonyyarusso: yeah, he happened to do that just after i op'd...nice coincidence05:21
Hobbseewould probably make sense - depending on who else is using that hostmask05:22
mefistofelesIm going to make an example..I hope it works05:22
tonyyarussoHobbsee: any way to check that?05:22
mefistofelesfor example... "I lost my wallet" - "oh shit!"05:22
Hobbseei thought /who 88.232.* would05:22
Hobbsee[15:22]  [Who]  C|zZZz is n=asura@ (gaim)05:22
Hobbsee[15:22]  [Who]  End of /WHO list for 88.232.*05:22
mefistofelesthat kind of "shit" was lol05:22
tonyyarussoHobbsee: Doesn't look familiar, so I doubt they'll come by anyway.05:23
effie_jayxmefistofeles, mmm I see... but someone surely got offended...05:23
mefistofeleswell Magicfab warned him because of that... and som,e other...dont remember the nick banned another for saying that as well05:24
mefistofelesand in our own channel..they just took over the channel without notifying the admins05:24
tonyyarussoHobbsee: I think I'm going to.  *sigh*05:25
Hobbseetonyyarusso: heh, smart05:25
tonyyarussoHobbsee: It can just be *!*@88.232.*, right?  doesn't need to be *!*@88.232.*.* or anything silly?05:26
Kamping_Kaisertonyyarusso, first is ok05:26
Hobbseetonyyarusso: first is fine, iirc05:26
Hobbseebf them to here05:26
tonyyarussoyou sure you want that?05:27
Hobbseewhat about any false positives?05:28
tonyyarussoI'm thinking.05:28
=== v8 [n=v8@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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tonyyarussoHobbsee: Okay, it's a Turkish ISP.  #1, we have very few Turkish users, #2, they won't be in the English channel, #3, that just seems like a suspicious place to be coming from IP-wise : my conclusion, the cost/benefit analysis of a false positive or two versus just spamming this channel instead is probably worth it for the 24 or 48 hours.05:31
MinatakuAnother one from 88.23205:31
Minataku[23:28:57]  * Boo1 (n=Boo1@ has joined #kubuntu (Spammed and left)05:32
Hobbseetonyyarusso: cool, excellent05:32
tonyyarussoHobbsee: do anywhere you have ops and I don't I think...05:32
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
Hobbseei cant in -motu or -meeting05:34
Hobbseedone the rest though05:34
Hobbseegot k-o too05:34
tonyyarussogood stuff05:35
mneptokthe #ubuntu-lat conversation has started05:37
mneptokH to the O to the B to the B to the S to the E to the E!05:38
elkbuntuthe thought of you in cheerleader garb has the ability to scar05:38
mneptok*\o*\  /*o/*  *\o/*05:39
=== mneptok shakes his pom-poms
=== Hobbsee runs
elkbuntutonyyarusso, Hobbsee you guys think it's bad? I've met him, i have a more realistic mental image05:40
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: hehe, at least I don't have a visual05:40
joejaxxlol mneptok05:40
elkbuntujoejaxx, knows my pain!05:41
effie_jayxelkbuntu,  XD05:41
joejaxxelkbuntu: hahaha05:41
Hobbseeelkbuntu: no wonder you went crazy....05:41
mneptokohjeez. it's joejaxx.05:41
=== elkbuntu thwumps joejaxx with the racist bus driver
mneptokhe's wunna them Negro footbahll playuhs. y'all know whut THAY-YUH lahk.05:42
elkbuntuhearing mneptok describing that would have to have been the funniest thing that whole week05:42
mneptokit was .... surreal.05:43
mneptoki about had to tie joejaxx to his seat to keep him from punching the guy in the yarbles, while laughing.05:43
elkbuntui wish i could have been there, alas, i was busy yelling at the other bus driver for wanting to take us to that other place05:43
mneptokwhich, in hindsight, might have been cool. a homocide committed while laughing.05:44
elkbuntumneptok, he'd be a perfect candidate for The Joker in the next batman incarnation05:44
mneptokbut then joejaxx would be in jail, which wouldn't be so cool, i s'pose. at least not for him.05:45
Amaranthmneptok doesn't look scary05:45
elkbuntuAmaranth, nah, not compared to you05:45
=== elkbuntu starts running
=== Amaranth rampages in tokyo
effie_jayxit could read you guys forever05:46
ubotuUnless you're Dutch, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..05:46
=== Hobbsee likes
Amaranthmneptok: although i gotta say, you're the kind of guy that would look natural holding a chainsaw05:46
mneptokAmaranth: which end?05:46
Amaranthdepends, did you bring me flowers?05:47
mneptokuhhh ... yes?05:47
Amaranthalright, you can hold the handle05:47
mneptokbrb. gotta go buy .... ummm .... Twizzlers.05:47
AmaranthI can see it now, mneptok flying down the road on one of those super-scooters wielding a chainsaw05:49
elkbuntuAmaranth, in cheerleader garb05:49
Amaranthit's bring it own meets fast and the furious meets texas chainsaw massacre05:50
tonyyarusso-offtopic seems to have become the site of marriage proposals now.  weirdos05:50
Amaranththat reminds me, can someone add me to !ops?05:51
Hobbseein which channel?05:52
=== Seeker` [n=chris@195-112-20-245.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Amaranthall the ubuntu ones05:52
Amaranthi thought #ubuntu-* shared a factoid05:52
Hobbseedidnt think so05:53
ubotuofftopic-#ubuntu-offtopic is <alias> offtopic4offtopic - added by Mez on 2007-01-22 02:20:0805:54
Amaranth!find ops05:55
ubotuFound: libatomic-ops-dev, autopsy, cheops, cheops-ng, freepops (and 5 others)05:55
Amaranthbleh, not what i wanted05:55
Seeker`does that just find people with "ops" in their name?05:55
tonyyarussoLooks like namespaces DO share them.  So the regular !ops is the one he wants.05:55
tonyyarussoAmaranth, Hobbsee: done05:57
Hobbseeah right05:57
Kamping_KaiserSeeker`, packages05:58
=== Seeker` realises that makes more sense
Seeker`5am is too early :S05:59
effie_jayxnalioth, I want contrl in ubuntu-lat05:59
=== Seeker` is downloading windows vista, as he is a student and can get it for free
effie_jayxI can op that channel06:00
Seeker`however, its spread over 5 cds, and they make you use a horrible downloader, which is prone to failing06:00
effie_jayxthey are moking the staffers there...06:00
Seeker`and i can only download overnight so i dont annoy housemates06:00
Seeker`so i need to check on the downloads regularly :(06:01
MinatakuSeeker`: You should be klined for that06:01
Kamping_KaiserSeeker`, and your telling us...06:01
MinatakuSeeker`: If you're dependent on XP, do NOT upgrade to Vista06:02
MinatakuIt kills your XP key06:02
Seeker`Minataku: I've got a spare hard drive to install it on. And it isn't an upgrade version.06:02
MinatakuSeeker`: Either way, you're a fool for doing it in the first place06:02
Seeker`Minataku: I dont want to label something as rubbish unless I have tried it myself06:03
=== Kamping_Kaiser has no such quams
MinatakuSeeker`: You can't take the word of credible organizations such as the EFF, FSF and GNU?06:03
elkbuntuMinataku, please behave06:04
Seeker`Minataku: I would like to see what it is like for myself, and i have an empty 80G hard drive in my computer06:04
Kamping_Kaiseri thought he/she was06:04
MinatakuHe, and I am06:04
elkbuntuKamping_Kaiser, calling someone stupid for wanting to get first hand experience is not very nice06:05
elkbuntus/stupid/a fool/06:05
Kamping_Kaiseri'm not going to argue the point, suffice to say i agree installing vista to decide you dont like it seems silly to me06:06
MinatakuSorry, that was out of line06:06
MinatakuBut I just can't imagine installing Vista for any reason other than the computer belonging to my archenemy06:06
=== Seeker` feels that if he doesn't try it, he is just "jumping on the bandwagon" and microsoft bashing for the sake of it
MinatakuWhich is where I said06:07
MinatakuSeeker`: You can't take the word of credible organizations such as the EFF, FSF and GNU?06:07
elkbuntulets stop this now before it gets ugly06:07
elkbuntuMinataku, that's the bandwagon he's talking about06:08
MinatakuSeeker`: Sorry for getting bent out of shape and insulting you06:13
Seeker`Minataku: Thats ok. I can understand where you are coming from06:13
=== Seeker` heads back to bed
Kamping_Kaisersleep well06:13
SportChicktonyyarusso: sorry i wasn't here at the time, anyway06:26
tonyyarussoSportChick: 'tis okay - probably better that way since I was wrong anyway!06:26
effie_jayxhere is the deal.. and stop me if I am overreacting...06:26
SportChicktonyyarusso: no worries :)06:27
effie_jayxthe channel ubuntu-lat is nt happy about ops being there... they have laughed at you and have decided to hang aorund another channel while you are there06:28
effie_jayxthey will return once they are gone...06:28
effie_jayxI meant to say06:29
effie_jayxYOU are gone06:29
effie_jayxI just thought you might have missed that ... got lost in translation or something...06:29
tonyyarussoeffie_jayx: you talking to me?06:31
=== effie_jayx souds very deniro...
effie_jayxtonyyarusso,  I just wanted to check06:32
tonyyarussoeffie_jayx: I'm in ##libre, not #ubuntu-lat anyway06:32
effie_jayxthey moved to a new one06:33
tonyyarussoI should just follow and see how far they go.06:33
tonyyarusso(Undernet?  ;)  )06:33
effie_jayxthey are on freenode...06:33
effie_jayxbut the thing is in the mean time06:33
tonyyarussofor now :P06:33
effie_jayxthere are good people in the channel that are being affected by their behavior06:34
effie_jayxand evetually they will loose the channel06:34
effie_jayxjust because the ops where not doing what they were supposed to06:35
ubotuIn #kubuntu, Minataku said: !DRM is Digital Restrictions Management; read about it at defectivebydesign.org06:35
tonyyarussoso invite the good people back to the real one.06:35
effie_jayxit's late night in south america06:35
effie_jayxthe larks will log to the channel and find confusion06:35
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o tonyyarusso] by ChanServ
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o tonyyarusso] by ChanServ
effie_jayxthat 's tomorrow morning06:35
=== willys_fueguino [n=willy@unaffiliated/willysfueguino] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v willys_fueguino] by ChanServ
willys_fueguinoyes tonyyarusso?06:36
tonyyarussoeffie_jayx: /invited willy if you want to talk to him about it for a bit.06:36
tonyyarussowillys_fueguino: ^^06:36
effie_jayxhey willys_fueguino ...06:36
effie_jayxlisten I am not satisfied at all with the resolution of things in ubuntu-lat06:36
effie_jayxtonyyarusso,  willys_fueguino  can't do a thing... he is not an admin anymore06:37
=== P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  as you know I have always been supportive06:37
tonyyarussoeffie_jayx: so you're right.  Okay, well discuss generally, and we'll see about technical access later.06:37
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: yes you were/are06:38
tonyyarussoSeveas, nalioth: ping06:38
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  I am06:38
effie_jayxI long every day06:38
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: I'm not an op ther anymore...06:39
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: but I'll discuss those things on a meeting today06:39
willys_fueguinoYou are ALL invited...06:39
effie_jayxplease voice my complaint...06:39
effie_jayxI am not acting as an op of an ubuntu channel06:39
effie_jayxI am talking as a regular user of ubuntu-lat06:40
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: I'll voice your complaint...06:40
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: but I think that if you could be there it would be better06:41
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  it is important to consider that when redirecting you did not ask your users if they wanted to be redirected... and I am totally against "Libertinaje" ... rather than Libertad....06:41
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: mm... guess than I understand you now...06:42
willys_fueguino(I'm kind of anarchic)06:42
willys_fueguinobah I don't know how to spell that06:42
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino, and I'm too mucho of a goodie goodie06:42
effie_jayxthanks tonyyarusso06:42
willys_fueguinospanglish?? LOL!!!06:42
effie_jayxtypo ;)06:43
tonyyarussoeffie_jayx: Hopefully this gets taken care of soon06:44
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: It's not something personal against our users, as you would know, many of them agree with my thoughts06:44
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  please let me know the time and date of the meeting an I will surely be there...06:44
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  many ... but all?06:44
effie_jayxwillys_fueguino,  and believe me... it is not personal...06:44
willys_fueguinoeffie_jayx: it's at 20 PM argentinian time... /msg Smeagol [time]  for checking the local hour over here...06:45
willys_fueguinomany of them != all...06:45
willys_fueguinoThat's why I disabled the forwarding...06:46
effie_jayxand I apreciate it greatly06:46
willys_fueguinotonyyarusso maded me change my mind bout that06:46
effie_jayxnow... the fact that the staffers where in the channel and your community moked was not nice either06:47
effie_jayxand not smart at all...06:47
=== maxamillion [n=max@r74-192-178-37.htvlcmta01.hnvitx.tl.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== hybrid [n=x@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
willys_fueguinowell I'll leave now... excuse me06:59
=== willys_fueguino [n=willy@unaffiliated/willysfueguino] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Visitennos]
effie_jayxtonyyarusso,  ping07:05
tonyyarussoeffie_jayx: pong07:06
effie_jayxtonyyarusso,  did you get to read my request...07:06
tonyyarussowhich would that be?07:06
tonyyarusso(ie, probably, but can't keep everything straight atm)07:06
effie_jayxtonyyarusso,  op at ubuntu-lat... but I take it back...07:07
effie_jayxI don't need more trouble... let them deal with their problems...07:07
effie_jayxI was but a mere user there... offering help07:07
tonyyarussoeffie_jayx: I don't have the authority to grant that anyway.07:07
tonyyarussoYou could potentially get ops and use them only sometimes of course.07:08
effie_jayxtonyyarusso,  I know07:08
effie_jayxbut if it ever comes up... becuase I did ask for it... just say .. I am not interested07:08
effie_jayxwilly:fenguino has told me the channel is not waht it was...07:09
effie_jayxand that's why he is not admin07:09
effie_jayxWell I'm off...07:11
effie_jayxtonyyarusso,  thanks for reading :D07:11
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ubotuIn ubotu, zorglu_ said: !strigi is an application which index the files on your desktop. homepage: http://www.vandenoever.info/software/strigi/ package: http://strigi.sourceforge.net/index.php/Binary_packages11:56
ubotuIn ubotu, mneptok said: jIRCii is feature rich, well designed, free, cross platform GUI IRC client written in Java that provides the same IRC experience on Linux, Windows, and OSX. requires a recent Sun JRE and is available at http://jirc.hick.org11:59
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ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, nothlit said: !fspot is <alias> f-spot12:22
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ubotuf-spot: personal photo management application. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.1-1ubuntu1 (edgy), package size 573 kB, installed size 3396 kB01:14
Seveascan't alias there :)01:14
Hobbseehey Seveas01:17
gnomefreakgood morning01:19
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jribhello, can everything here be merged? http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi?search=timebased02:13
gnomefreaki dont see why not with the feisty one as the main02:16
=== QMario [n=QMario@cpe-67-10-53-189.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu-ops
Seveas!no timetable is <alias> release02:21
ubotuI'll remember that, Seveas02:21
Seveas!no schedule is <alias> release02:21
ubotuI'll remember that, Seveas02:21
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Seveas!no timebasedreleases is <alias> release02:22
ubotuI'll remember that, Seveas02:22
Seveasbug in bot02:22
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases02:22
PriceChildAnother one :O02:22
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LjLi'm slow enough by myself04:30
LjLbut chanserv doesn't help *at all* lately04:30
LjLSeveas: i'd have been faster for that matter, if chanserv didn't take like 7 seconds to op me04:31
apokryphosyeah, it took ages to go through04:31
LjLsame thing happened yesterday too... annoying04:31
Seveasblame nalioth, jenda, rob and SportChick :)04:32
Seveas(I love highlighting)04:32
jendaNot me!04:32
LjLevil :P04:32
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o LjL] by ChanServ
jendamy connection has been really poor these past days :(04:32
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o LjL] by LjL
Seveasjenda, mine as well04:32
LjLnow it's fast. of course. when nothing's going on, it's fast :P04:32
Seveasbut I'm on hotel wifi :)04:32
jendahehe :)04:33
=== SportChick wonders what she did :(
jendaOh, I forgot04:33
jendaSeveas: what are we blamed for?04:33
LjLjenda: want a complete list? :P04:33
LjLhm i'll check out something04:33
jendahehe :)04:33
Seveasso much for LjL04:34
=== LjL [n=ljl@unaffiliated/ljl] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== Pricey [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v Pricey] by ChanServ
=== SportChick looks at Seveas :(
SeveasSportChick, am I that ugly that looking at me makes you sad?04:39
SportChickno, I can't figure out what you're blaming me for or why!04:40
SportChickmean Seveas :p04:40
SeveasSportChick, I blame freenode staff for chanserv being slow04:41
SportChickI'm blissfully ignorant :)04:41
SportChickblame the _technical_ staff04:41
LjLjust turn that wheel faster! we need the clock speed! ;P04:42
LjLor try switching from pascalines to relays, perhaps you can plan for valves later04:43
=== SportChick pokes Seveas for mis-casting blame
Seveas@lart SportChick04:47
=== Ubugtu tickles SportChick's feet with a feather
SportChick@lart Seveas04:47
=== Ubugtu pulls out his louisville slugger and uses SportChick's head to break the homerun record
LjLtsk tsk04:47
SportChickdoes ubugtu use the same database as jbot?04:48
SportChickseems very similar04:48
SportChick@weather klax04:48
=== LjL gives SportChick an
Seveasmaybe the one who operates jbot grabbed my larts :)04:48
SportChickthere's no a in Sportchick :p04:48
LjLSportChick: no, but there is in seveas04:48
SportChickdoubt it :)04:48
SportChickjbot's been around for ages04:48
SportChickbut then perhaps ubugtu has too :)04:49
Seveasonly a year04:49
SeveasI grabbed larts from the old ubotu04:49
SportChickjbot is on ##essy04:49
SportChickand some other channels04:49
SportChickbut he is also the same as ibot, purl and apt04:49
SportChickthey all have the same database04:49
Seveasyeah, ubotu and apt were the same once04:50
LjLbot programmers are well known for having no imagination04:50
Seveasbut ubugtu has newer larts as well04:50
Seveas@lart 33 SportChick04:50
=== Ubugtu sets SportChick's keyboard layout to gaelic
Seveas@lart 34 SportChick04:50
=== Ubugtu runs automatix on SportChick's machine
Seveas@lart 35 SportChick04:50
=== Ubugtu gets the neuraliser out and points it at SportChick
Seveas@lart 36 SportChick04:50
SportChickdoes ubugtu spell better than jbot?04:50
=== Ubugtu defenestrates SportChick
Seveas@lart 37 SportChick04:50
=== Ubugtu smacks SportChick with a vista DVD. COOTIES!
Seveas@lart 38 SportChick04:50
=== Ubugtu spanks SportChick with a pink tutu
Seveas@lart 32 SportChick04:50
=== Ubugtu divides SportChick by zero
Seveas@lart 31 SportChick04:50
=== Ubugtu takes SportChick to number 3 airlock and throws SportChick out
LjL@lart 28 Seves04:50
=== Ubugtu thwacks Seves with a BIG POINTY HOBBS OF DOOM
SportChickSeveas: come visit jbot :)04:50
=== SportChick goes away
Seveasso stop poking me :p04:51
=== Seeker` [n=cjo20@195-112-20-245.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceyWhat's with the opping on the netsplit? :)05:05
LjLPricey: you never know... :)05:05
Priceyhehe ok :)05:05
Pricey"just incase" :)05:05
gnomefreakits SportChick that caused that ;)05:05
LjLwell netsplits can be caused by DoS attacks. at least they might05:05
Priceywho else :P05:05
ubotuAIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop. Supported cards: Nvidia: "new-legacy" (i.e. >GeForce4 + others) ATI: Radeon 7000 through 9250 (r100 and r200 generations), Intel: i830 through i945 and possible Via, Sis and S3 Savage. Howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/AIGLX05:06
SportChickgnomefreak: grrrr, if you guys keep blaming me for everything I'm leaving :p05:06
=== P3L|C4N0 [n=gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== Pricey wipes the tear from gnomefreak's eye
gnomefreakty lol05:08
gnomefreakhes gonna get annoying (not you Pricey)05:08
gnomefreaktrying to remember how to invite myself to a channel05:09
apokryphosgnomefreak: /cs invite #channel05:09
apokryphosChanServ [ChanServ@services.] : An access level of [51]  is required for [INVITE]  on #ubuntu-xgl05:10
gnomefreakChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- An access level of [51]  is required for  [INVITE]  on #ubuntu-xgl05:10
apokryphosnow that is something I haven't seen before 8)05:10
gnomefreaki know why i think05:10
gnomefreaknalioth: you around?05:11
apokryphosstaffer closed it down?05:11
PriceChildnalioth's powers?05:11
PriceChildhaha :)05:11
gnomefreakthe way he closed it we cant invite us to it. i just wanted to clean ban list05:11
apokryphosif you had level 25+ you could do it from here :P05:12
=== gnomefreak blames nalioth <see SportChick i didnt balme you this time> :)
SportChickhehe gnomefreak05:12
gnomefreaki dont think i had 30 in there05:12
apokryphosyup, just 1005:12
PriceChildyou've only got 10 gnomefreak05:12
PriceChildhehe you've stooped to my level :)05:13
gnomefreakSportChick: can you open #ubuntu-xgl or atleast invite me in there somehow05:13
SportChickgnomefreak: checking to see if I can05:14
gnomefreaknever mind05:15
gnomefreakit doesnt look like there is any bans05:15
SportChicksomehow cmdinvite got turned off05:15
gnomefreakthat would do it05:16
SportChickunforunately, I can't touch it without a GC asking05:16
gnomefreakah ok05:16
gnomefreakty for looking at it05:16
SeveasSportChick, I'm gc05:18
SeveasI ask :)05:18
gnomefreaklol ty seveas05:18
SportChickSeveas: you want us to turn cmdinvite back on, correct?:05:18
gnomefreakSportChick: i just want the ban list cleared it can go back the way it is after05:19
SeveasSportChick, yeah, that'll do05:19
apokryphosafter? I don't think we plan on re-opening it05:19
gnomefreakapokryphos: we dont05:19
Seveasapokryphos, I think he meant the cmdinvite thing05:20
gnomefreakthats why cmdinvite can be turned back off05:20
gnomefreaksweet pretty colors when no errors :)05:21
SportChickgnomefreak: you should have an invite momentarily05:21
SportChickas in now :)05:21
apokryphosstill on, it seems05:21
gnomefreakim in ty bear05:21
SportChickah ok05:22
gnomefreakok it can be closed05:22
gnomefreakthanking someone that isnt even here05:23
SportChickgnomefreak: hehe05:24
SportChickgnomefreak: BearPerson did your bidding on my request :)05:25
=== gnomefreak *hugs* PriceChild sees your gonna need it
gnomefreakSportChick: thank him for me please :)05:25
PriceChildgnomefreak, ?05:25
gnomefreakPriceChild: kbrooks05:25
=== apokryphos keeps an eye out
=== PriceChild contemplates getting his warning face on again at the risk of someone shouting at me for trying to push beginners away from compositing
gnomefreakapokryphos: he seems to be unbanned from all channels by the looks of it05:26
gnomefreakhes not a beginner05:26
gnomefreakhes young and he was/maybe still is easyubuntu devel05:27
PriceChildgnomefreak, is kbrooks someone known?05:27
gnomefreakoh yeah05:27
=== PriceChild thought he recognised his name
apokryphosSeveas: can we turn on +J ?05:27
gnomefreakPriceChild: hes been baned from most of the main channels for a long time05:28
PriceChildok :S05:28
Seveasgnomefreak, now we can05:28
gnomefreakapokryphos: he meant you i think05:28
Seveaserr yeah05:29
LjLPriceChild: yes, i don't think he's an attacker...?05:29
apokryphosthese bots are one-hit wonders. Never return after the original. Annoying.05:29
=== SportChick hides from gnomefreak and Seveas and all the others
PriceChildapokryphos, want more fun? :)05:29
apokryphosnah, it is better for sure, but it means that our eventual +Rr don't do anything, since they're one-hit wonders05:33
apokryphosand it's all so quick :/. Not like the old bots05:33
apokryphosbut you know, little kids with scripts get bored on the weekend05:34
=== vor-oh [n=Steve@cpe-76-181-146-41.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ubotuIn ubotu, erUSUL said: es is Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.05:35
=== HorD [n=HorD@unaffiliated/hord] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ubotuIn ubotu, erUSUL said: es is Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.05:35
ubotuPara Espaol por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.05:36
ubotuIn ubotu, erUSUL said: es is If you are lookin for help in spanish please join the channels #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es or #edubuntu-es, there you will get more help.05:39
Seveas!es is <reply> Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.05:40
ubotues is already known05:40
Seveasapokryphos, I asked him for that ;)05:40
Seveas!no es is <reply> Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.05:40
ubotuI'll remember that, Seveas05:40
ubotuSi busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.05:40
apokryphosah, ok05:40
Seveas!es > erusul05:40
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apokryphosok, join throttling on now. Let's see how it goes.05:49
gnomefreakwhat is 10,3? 10 users in 3seconds?05:50
LjLread the stuff at freenode.net, i won't even attempt explaining it since i'll never quite understand it myself :P05:52
LjLi guess i short write it down in C to have a chance of understanding it ;)05:52
=== Seeker` [n=cjo20@195-112-20-245.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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apokryphosgnomefreak: yeah05:55
gnomefreakk ty05:55
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LjLshould we say in the -unregged topic that people can try joining #ubuntu again if they are overflowed there, or better to just make them register as usual?06:02
apokryphoshm, let me play with it. It shouldn't be getting any innocents.06:03
LjLapokryphos: those who who joined weren't, you think?06:03
apokryphosI'm not sure, but I'll test06:03
LjLwell there didn't seem to be that many joins when octal joined... so i guess he did in on purpose06:04
apokryphosyeah, I tested the settings and they seem fine enough06:06
tonyyarussoWe throttle #ubuntu now?06:09
tonyyarussogood to know06:09
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gnomefreakfor now atleast07:18
tonyyarussoodd one in -meeting if anyone's interested.07:29
gnomefreakodd == understatment07:30
MinatakuIs he still in there?07:34
MinatakuAw... I missed the fun07:35
tonyyarussonow he's at -marketing :P07:35
mc44clearly on a mission to convert us all to jabber07:35
MinatakuIsn't that that failed IM protocol?07:36
MinatakuIt was big stuff for a couple months then nobody ever heard of it again?07:36
tsmithestill around07:38
tsmithegoogle talk uses it07:38
=== PriceChild uses it with all the ubuntuforums staff that use im
tonyyarussoSeveas: Have you had a chance to beat your head against a wall about -lat yet?07:49
Seveaswhat's up with -lat?07:50
MinatakuWho wants a laugh? http://www.gearlog.com/2007/02/flashback_1983_the_microsoft_m.php :307:50
tonyyarussoSeveas: They apparently had lots of CoC issues, and ended up just forwarding the channel outside the Ubuntu namespace so they wouldn't have to worry about it, and...I don't even know quite what else since I don't speak Spanish really.07:51
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MinatakuYeah, I was here listening to it all and it was pretty interesting, to say the least07:52
MinatakuApparantly it was created in the first place more-or-less outside the CoC07:52
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tonyyarussoSeveas: willys_feguino (or however you spell that) and effie_jax are familiar I think.07:52
MinatakuIt was a rather social channel where the members had all sorts of camaraderie like a group of people would in a sports bar07:53
tonyyarussoSeveas: At last check it was forwarding to ##libre, were I am idling now.07:53
MinatakuSwearing, mature talk, and so on07:53
MinatakuOnce they tried to become official, suddenly being under a very restrictive CoC wasn't anyone's cup of tea07:53
MinatakuSo the channel seems to be technically closed more or less, forwarding to ##libre as tonyyarusso said07:54
MinatakuOr at least that's what I got from all of it07:54
tonyyarussoOh, and there's a bot on the access list.07:55
tonyyarussoDon't know what this means, but "HorD> seveas est en -lat ahora"07:55
Minatakuseveas is in -lat now07:56
MinatakuI believe07:56
Seveasthe channel is not forwarding currently07:56
MinatakuMy Spanish is extremely rusty considering after I finished it in HS I forgot all of it07:56
tonyyarussoMy Spanish is rubbed off of friends who took it :S07:56
tonyyarussomy parents are fluent though07:56
MinatakuHeehee, kinda like my Japanese07:57
SeveasI'm *extremely busy* now, I just broke ubotu and it'll take a while to fix07:57
MinatakuWhich is purely from watching anime07:57
MinatakuSeveas: Dropped a wrench in the gears?07:57
SeveasMinataku, sort of07:57
Seveasno, planned07:58
PriceChildSeveas, can code anything, even fixes.... we shouldn't be worrying... should we? :P07:59
Seveasnot yet07:59
PriceChildLjL, ubotwo ?07:59
=== tonyyarusso panics
=== PriceChild calms tonyyarusso
mc44dont worry, Im sure he's just converting the code to C for optimisation purposees08:00
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tonyyarussoI have just been given a cool script for any irssi users out there btw, for switching between lots of windows in another way.08:02
apokryphoskillall irssi && kvirc ?08:03
SportChicktonyyarusso: hehe08:04
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MinatakuOooooooooh... 56F in my room08:05
=== tonyyarusso bops apokryphos on the head
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apokryphos+J obviously won't know about DCC sends08:05
MinatakuSeveas: As long as you backed up ubotu before embarking on a serious modification08:06
SeveasMinataku, of course08:07
SeveasMinataku, http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots/+code08:07
apokryphosactually, +J is pretty good. It puts all DCC exploit victims in one place ;-)08:07
PriceChildapokryphos, you planned that 8-)08:08
MinatakuSeveas: The we're all safe. ^^08:08
tonyyarussoI is a K-line like a network remove or kickban?  (ie, can they come back anytime soon?)08:09
Seveasnetwork ban08:10
tonyyarussoAlso, I have a hilight on dcc, but it doesn't trigger when it's not in the channel, like this time.  Any way around that?08:10
naliothgnomefreak: after bad mouthing me, have you gotten -xgl sorted?08:11
apokryphosnalioth: yeah :P08:11
gnomefreakyes its all down :) i was playing i was blaming SportChick this morning so i had to blame someone else08:11
Minatakuk-line (case sensitive, remember) is a ban from a single server on a network08:12
SportChickgnomefreak: _now_ what am I being blamed for?08:12
gnomefreakSportChick: nothing :)08:12
Minatakug-line is a ban from _every_ server on a network08:12
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MinatakuAlso related is a z-line, which refuses connections from a particular IP before they're even allowed to connect08:12
SportChickgood morning nalioth, sweety08:13
tonyyarussoSeveas: So why net channels bans on K-lined bots?08:13
Minatakuk and g let them connect then if they're matched they're dropped08:13
tonyyarussoMinataku: ah08:13
MinatakuI'm a former IRC Operator from a defunct network, so I know all this stuff08:14
mc44hence ubuntu :)08:15
mc44doh, wreong channel08:15
MinatakuI hate when that happens08:16
MinatakuOr worse, when I have the wrong desktop08:16
MinatakuAnd type a command into XChat instead of an xterm08:17
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tonyyarussoyay ljl08:17
naliothhi y'all08:18
=== PriceChild wonders what kbrooks' is doing
apokryphoshi nalioth08:18
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phos-phorosI assume, if the issue regarding the disconnections was not fit, I would not be here?09:02
LjLphos-phoros: what issue?09:02
tonyyarussophos-phoros: Actually, you would still be able to join, but we test it.09:02
tonyyarussoLjL: exploit09:02
tonyyarussophos-phoros: join ##tonyyarusso for your test09:03
phos-phorostonyyarusso, would you mind testing it.09:03
LjLbut you're already in #ubuntu09:03
apokryphosLjL: wasn't banned.09:03
apokryphossent to -unregged09:03
tonyyarussophos-phoros: Looks good.09:03
LjLno forwards anymore?09:03
PriceChildLjL, +J09:04
LjLah right, they all rejoin together...09:04
tonyyarussoLjL: Depends - the ones that don't get shunted by the J will09:04
apokryphosit's good, because it throws them all into one place where we can tell them, and it stops their /join spam immediately after09:04
tonyyarussophos-phoros: (PS, don't repeat the line I said, ever)09:04
phos-phorosyou don't think by chance, coincidentally I dropped...while those users were making use of that \exploit?09:05
LjLcould put that in the -unregged topic perhaps09:05
phos-phorostonyyarusso, sure thing.09:05
tonyyarussophos-phoros: That happens sometimes, but rarely.09:05
LjLphos-phoros: it can happen, it's not very likely but it can happen09:05
LjLif you quit with 104 connection reset by peer, right after an exploit, well chances are...09:05
phos-phorostonyyarusso, I'll change back to the default port, and would you mind trying the exploit again?09:05
tonyyarussophos-phoros: sure09:06
LjLphos-phoros, at any rate there is nothing to be lost connecting to 800109:06
tonyyarussoLjL: It happens though.09:06
phos-phorosiirc, the issue for myself was resolved with a firmware upgrade, some time ago.09:06
phos-phorosok, brb.09:06
apokryphosquite definitely a vlnerability in your router09:06
apokryphosit was the exact second as the others :P09:06
LjLdunno, there's been a few people saying they had it already fixed, but then they still disconnected09:07
LjLmy guess is that they, uhm. but whatever.09:07
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phos-phorostonyyarusso, mind trying that again?09:07
tonyyarussophos-phoros: /join again09:08
MinatakuIs this "s?ar?k?y?lo??er" again or that DCC 0000000000000000(and so on)?09:08
MinatakuNote letters replaced to defuse it09:08
tonyyarussophos-phoros: still looks fine.09:09
Seveasstart.key.logg.er is not used anymore09:09
Seveasantivirus is easier updated than router firmware09:09
MinatakuBut there's always the chance that someone's subscription expired before that fix09:10
tonyyarussoLjL, apokryphos: I can't get him to quit with the regular port.  You want to try?  Could actually be fine.09:10
MinatakuSince if you don't pay Symantec their protection fee, bad things happen to you09:10
MinatakuWell, COULD happen, at any rate09:10
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tonyyarussoapokryphos: do you have to connect via 8001 or something?09:17
apokryphosto stop it, yeah09:17
tonyyarussoah.  that explains your error msg09:18
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PriceChildSeveas, woo fixed? :)11:05
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PriceChilddamn :(11:08
=== PriceChild loses
somerville32caw caw11:08
tonyyarussowhat am I?11:09
somerville32Seveas eating a spammer?11:09
somerville32Seveas eating a crunchy spammer?11:09
tonyyarussoA grue!11:09
somerville32Oh, so ompaul?11:10
subzero2000So, how does one go about rejoining #ubuntu after the FixDCC article on help.ubuntu.com?11:10
somerville32;] 11:10
tonyyarussosomerville32: haha11:10
naliothsubzero2000: join #subzerotest11:11
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ompaul.... what11:11
somerville32ompaul: The grue, according to scholars of the Great Underground Empire, is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. Its favorite diet is either adventurers or enchanters, but its insatiable appetite is tempered by its extreme fear of light.11:12
ompaulsomerville32, I'll get back to you next week with a laugh about that11:12
=== ompaul chortle
=== somerville32 accepts the raincheck.
naliothsubzero2000: you are not currently banned in #ubuntu11:13
subzero2000Thank you.11:13
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subzero2000nalioth -> I seem to still be getting directed to #ubuntu-read-topic. Is there a reason why?11:17
=== ompaul_ [n=ompaul@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
LjLsubzero2000: yes i suppose, you are affected by a router problem... have you read the topic?11:17
ublenderer, #ubuntu-read-topic sent me here... something about I had to change my server to chat.freenode.net/8001. DONE. so what now?11:17
Seveasublender, join #blendertest11:18
subzero2000I did what it suggested. I changed to port 8001. Is that sufficient, or do I need to also upgrade my router's firmware?11:18
Seeker`can someone test if i am vulnerable?11:18
ublenderok, i'm there11:18
LjLsubzero2000: it is sufficient, i will test you if you don't mind11:18
naliothlet me look again, subzero200011:18
subzero2000I don't mind.11:18
LjLsubzero2000: you're ok, i'll let you join momentarily11:19
Seveasublender, ban removed11:19
LjLnalioth: uh? you did that?11:19
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LjLhis quit i mean11:19
=== subzero2000 [n=subzero2@c-69-180-224-4.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
naliothLjL: nope11:20
naliothsubzero2000: you should be fixed up11:20
ubotuSeveas, gnomefreak, apokryphos, thoreauputic, Hobbsee, bimberi, nalioth, Madpilot, LjL, Riddell, imbrandon, uniq, spec, LaserJock, mez, Jucato, trappist, Hawkwind, abattoir, zorglu_, tonyyarusso, elkbuntu, ompaul, PriceChild11:20
subzero2000Thanks, that lifted the ban, although the DCC file transfer crashed my copy of Colloquy.11:20
LjLSeveas, nalioth, btw, i suggest you use CTCP. for some reason, we had a user who wouldn't go down with PRIVMSG11:20
Seveasadding/editing factoids currently is broken11:21
PriceChildgrrr... annoying people pinging me :P11:21
SeveasPriceChild, this was for a reason11:21
naliothLjL: huh?11:21
LjLnalioth: with the exploit.11:21
PriceChildI was only joking sorry Seveas :)11:21
SeveasI'll fix the bot tomorrow11:21
=== nalioth is lost
=== PriceChild hugs Seveas
=== Seveas finds nalioth
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gnomefreakPriceChild: ignore him ive seen him the past few days "just saying crap"11:22
PriceChildgnomefreak, yeah sorry... he's just been constantly trying to tell me I'm wrong the past few days :(11:23
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ompaulPriceChild, and gnomefreak ^^ who as Seveas said11:24
gnomefreaksee gnomefreak above11:25
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ompaulgnomefreak, can't see as that is outside my current window - it might be logged :) or you can pm11:25
Seveas<gnomefreak> aiglx_works_now:11:25
gnomefreakaiglx_works_now him11:25
PriceChildtsmithe`, hehe... found a way aroudn? :)11:26
tsmithe`PriceChild, eh?11:26
tsmithe`around what?11:26
PriceChildNothing.... :)11:26
tsmithe`of course!11:26
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xeladosI followed the instructions on ubuntu.com to fix the DCCexploit using Fix 1. Can I be allowed back into #ubuntu?11:27
LjLxelados: sure, let me test you11:27
xeladosIt says I received a malformed DCC request, with the contents of "aaaaa', etc11:28
LjLit's ok11:29
SeveasLjL, what's the command you use to test?11:29
xeladosThanks! :)11:29
LjLyou can join11:29
SportChicknalioth: I'm always lost - that's why they always blame me for stuff :(11:29
Seveas(pm it :))11:29
ompaulSeveas, I thought that a pm might not work in some cases11:32
naliothit doesn't11:32
MinatakuHey, uh... #kubuntu lacks chmode +t11:33
tonyyarussothat's not good11:33
MinatakuWhile we're on the topic, #kubuntu-offtopic is the same11:33
naliothtonyyarusso: it's not needed11:33
naliothMinataku: it's not needed11:33
tonyyarussonalioth: Oh?11:34
tonyyarussohow come?11:34
MinatakuYeah it is11:34
naliothbecause folks behave in those channels11:34
MinatakuI just tested it in #kubuntu-offtopic11:34
MinatakuIt's definitely needed11:34
LjLas long as people don't mess around, why should it be needed?11:34
tonyyarussoMinataku: he means socially, not technically ;)11:34
Minatakunalioth: No, people just don't realize it's not on11:34
Minatakutonyyarusso: Ah11:35
naliothMinataku: the channels have been this way for years11:35
naliothwe are aware of their status11:35
MinatakuLjL: People are used to it being on, look at me, I've been in there for two weeks and just noticed it's off11:35
Minatakunalioth: Not of the "prevention" mind, are you? X311:35
Minatakunalioth: Do you keep your house and car unlocked, too?11:36
Seeker`Minataku: There is a difference between channel topics and cars.11:36
naliothi do.11:36
MinatakuSeeker`: It's the issue of misplaced trust11:36
MinatakuSure, just because nothing happens for X amount of time doesn't mean it'll never happen11:37
naliothMinataku: oh, it happens.11:37
naliothMinataku: we ban the miscreants and continue11:37
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gnomefreakMinataku: /msg chanserv info #channel     will tell you what chan modes are set you dont need to change the topic to find out and /msg chansev is easier and faster11:41
Minatakugnomefreak: Actually they're listed in XChat's titlebar if I've selected that channel11:41
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MinatakuThat's how I finally noticed that +t was missing11:41
=== gnomefreak doesnt know what client you use
MinatakuI actually looked up there for some undefined reason11:42
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effie_jayxjenda,  ping12:04
jendaeffie_jayx: pong12:05
effie_jayxjenda,  I need some advice on a bot I have in the ubuntu-ve channel12:05
effie_jayxI want to add shedule capabilities12:05
effie_jayxany docs or anything around I could read?12:06
jendaeffie_jayx: The only thing I know about that bot is that smurf owns it...12:06
jenda...and the only thing I know about smurf is that you can find him in #ubuntu-locoteams ;)12:06
effie_jayxjenda,  thanks12:07
Seveaseffie_jayx, locobot does only logging and nothing else.12:14
effie_jayxSeveas,  waht about the bot in meeting that tells times of meetings12:15
Seveasthat's ubugtu12:15
effie_jayxSeveas,  I am interested in a similar one but not for a ubuntu channel... the local LUG is hopping to have one that can help organizing and informing...12:16
effie_jayxSeveas,  what keywords would help me find info about those kinds of bots12:17
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:17
effie_jayxthanks Seveas12:20

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