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Tido`ugh, when installing ubuntu-server, I got to the point where it said 'pick which software to install' giving me the options of a DNS server and a LAMP server.  I selected LAMP and pressed enter.  Only afterwards did I realize it probably wanted me to select them using a different button and then press enter06:53
Tido`I didn't have an option to go back, and sure enough lamp isn't installed06:54
Tido`do I need to reinstall or is there a simple package that will install lamp?06:54
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Triumph|TKhello, anyone here?10:09
Triumph|TKcan anyone help me with a pretty simple problem im having, i cant figure out how to add users and set their home directories10:11
coNPTriumph|TK: you can add users with the 'adduser'  command10:16
Triumph|TKyes i know that much but can't figure out how to set their home directory10:16
coNPif you add a --home <homedir> parameter, then the home directory is set to <homedir>10:16
coNPsorry I start to type slowly :)10:17
Triumph|TKooh see at that part in the help it said10:17
Triumph|TK-d, --home <homedir>10:17
Triumph|TKso i was putting -d10:17
Triumph|TKhmm ok im gunna try it now10:17
Triumph|TKconp i have to ask u another noob question10:20
coNPjust ask :)10:21
Triumph|TKi created a folder in my f2p and i cant find it :(10:21
Triumph|TKhwo do i like list the files on my system thru ssh10:21
Triumph|TKomg i typed f2p i meant ftp10:22
coNPlogin and find the folder10:24
coNPdo you know its name?10:24
Triumph|TKyes its called ftp10:24
Triumph|TKbut i don't know the path to it10:24
Triumph|TKi made it in the home directory of my main user but im not sure where that is10:29
Triumph|TKooh i found it10:30
coNPactually you can find files with the "find" command10:31
Triumph|TKya i try that, comes up with nothin10:31
Triumph|TKi found the folder tho it was /home/user/10:32
Triumph|TKhow do u backup in directories i thot it was cd.10:32
Triumph|TKnvm its cd ..10:33
Triumph|TKanswering alot of my own questions lol10:33
Triumph|TKlast question do i need to restart ftp server after creating users?10:34
coNPI don't really know10:35
coNPprobably not10:36
Triumph|TKby any chance do u know how to restrict a user from ssh but only allow ftp access?10:52
coNPI guess you should set its shell to /bin/false10:53
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Triumph|TKsigh, ok so ive set up a home directory for the user but the user doesn't have any permissions in it11:14
Triumph|TKand i can't find anywhere where to change permissions for write / read11:14
Triumph|TKconp ur my only hope11:17
coNPsorry, a bit later11:18
coNPyou can use "chmod"11:18
coNPor "chown", it is not even owned by the user11:19
Triumph|TKgod damnit11:45
Triumph|TKi cannot figure out how to give another user permissions to a directory11:52
Triumph|TKeven with chmod11:52
coNPand chgrp11:53
Triumph|TKbut only 1 user can have ownership to a directory at a time i guess11:56
coNPand a group11:56
Triumph|TKooh so the idea is11:56
Triumph|TKadd a bunch of users toa group11:56
Triumph|TKand give the group ownership11:56

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