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eroniusmaximusHello People.01:53
eroniusmaximusI would like some help,01:59
eroniusmaximusI'm new to Linux and I want to know how to install Edubuntu01:59
LaserJockare you wanting to put Edubuntu on regular machine?02:00
LaserJockor do you want to create a thin client server?02:00
eroniusmaximusregular laptop02:00
eroniusmaximusduel boot - so that i can use XP too02:01
eroniusmaximusi downloaded the Edubuntu ISO,02:01
LaserJockok, have you burned it to a CD yet?02:01
eroniusmaximusnot yet02:02
LaserJockwhat version did you download 6.06 or 6.10?02:02
LaserJockso do you know how to burn an .iso image?02:03
eroniusmaximusi have to get my ass out of bed to go to the convie to get a CD tho,02:07
LaserJockso right now XP is taking up the whole hard drive?02:09
LaserJockok, well you'll want to make some room first02:16
eroniusmaximusdo i just stick the linux CD in and it will repartition and install and do everything02:16
LaserJockwell, it can02:16
LaserJockbut it's safer to resize the XP partition from XP, in my opinion02:16
LaserJockI used Partition Magic to do it with my laptop02:17
LaserJockso you want to be very careful with partitions02:18
eroniusmaximusthe drive is NTFS, is that ok02:18
eroniusmaximusi repartition with Partition Magic and leave several Gigabytes unassigned, or?02:18
LaserJockhow big is your hard drive?02:19
eroniusmaximus25gb 25gb 2.5gb02:20
eroniusmaximusc d e02:20
LaserJock1 hard drive with 3 partitions?02:21
eroniusmaximusi dunno, the laptop came like that02:22
LaserJockhmm, I'm guessing so, laptops generally don't have more than one hard drive I don't think02:22
LaserJockso do you have stuff on all 3?02:22
LaserJockcan you move stuff to make one free?02:23
eroniusmaximusill do it on D02:23
eroniusmaximusnot empty,02:23
eroniusmaximusbut D currently has 8GB free02:24
LaserJockI'd try something like Parition Magic then. That's a fairly complicated partitioning structure02:24
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eroniusmaximusso, what does Edubuntu offer02:53
cliebowwhat doesnt it 8~)\03:21
cliebowwicked good support03:21
eroniusmaximusi figured there isn' much reason why i shouldn't use linux instead of windows03:29
cliebowthere are a lot of edu programs for windows i havgnt gotten runing on linux..lexia comes to mind...03:30
cliebowticks me off03:30
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eroniusmaximusEh, does Partition Magic cost money? :S03:32
eroniusmaximusEh, Does Edubuntu automatic update?03:35
cliebowyes..will more or less self update..very reliable as well03:41
eroniusmaximusIs it better than Windows Vista03:43
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clieboweroniusmaximus:No you are far better off with windows04:14
cliebowi know when i been had04:14
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highvoltageelmo40: hey there, did you get an answer about the CPU and RAM?10:10
highvoltageah, seems like you did10:11
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smileIs Edubuntu just for schools?12:17
smileShould I install Ubuntu rather than Edubuntu?12:17
jsgotangcono not really12:17
jsgotangcoif you want the educational apps you can install edubuntu12:18
jsgotangcobut even if you are in ubuntu, you can install the education apps12:18
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eroniusmaximusso installing ubuntu plus tools is the same as installing edubuntu12:55
highvoltageeroniusmaximus: basially, yes01:05
highvoltageeroniusmaximus: edubuntu is almost like a quick ubuntu setup for schools01:06
highvoltageeroniusmaximus: you can do all of it manuallyin ubuntu, but edubuntu is the turnkey solution01:06
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elmo40highvoltage: i did get some answers. just not the ones i was looking for :-P01:29
elmo40what are the apps called that edubuntu uses so i can install them in a 'regular' ubuntu computer?01:30
highvoltageelmo40: the easiest way to get them all is to install the edubuntu-desktop package01:51
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elmo40highvoltage: that is good to know :)02:31
elmo40this package is available in the regular repo's?02:32
rbs-titoDoes anyone know of someone I can talk to, I'm looking to write about Edubuntu for Linux+ DVD magazine and was hoping to get an interview from someone involved with the project.02:34
elmo40it has been dead in here for a while... i suggest leaving your contact info and someone will get back to ya.02:35
rbs-titoLeaving my contact information here?02:36
rbs-titoI'm Roberto Sarrionandia, you can reach me on irc.freenode.net as rbs-tito, or contact me through email rbs.tito@yahoo.co.uk02:37
elmo40someone will read this, inform the correct channels02:38
highvoltageelmo40: yes, it is02:39
highvoltagerbs-tito: you will most probably want to talk to Richard Weideman02:39
elmo40rbs-tito: what brought you to write about edubuntu?02:39
highvoltagerbs-tito: he is the education manager for Canonical: richard@ubuntu.com02:39
rbs-titoOK, I'll write an email. I am interested in Edubuntu and have been working with my local government to get it introduced into schools; I also write for a magazine and thought the publicity would do it good02:43
elmo40where is this 'local' gov't? ;) I am in Canada02:45
rbs-titoPembrokeshire, Wales, the United Kingdom02:45
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cbx33hey all05:43
cbx33ping ogra_05:43
nixternalhrmm, I need to edit a wiki page w.e.o/EdubuntuHandbook but it is locked, what gives :)05:46
nixternalhiya cbx3305:46
nixternalheh, how do you log into the Edubuntu wiki? am I that e.tarded that I don't see, or do you currently have it on lockdown05:48
cbx33nixternal hmm05:48
cbx33it shouldn't be05:48
cbx33lemme see05:48
nixternalevery page says "Locked Page" for me05:49
cbx33are you logged in?05:49
nixternalI have no clue, I don't even see a login button05:49
nixternalshush, i see it05:49
=== cbx33 pokes nixternalin jest
nixternalMAKE IT BIGGER05:49
cbx33yeh i know05:49
cbx33that has been said many a time05:49
nixternalheh, I can't believe I studied that header for a good 2 minutes05:50
cbx33hehe :p05:50
nixternalthe one bad thing about IRC, I can scroll up and erase my e.tardedness :)05:50
cbx33it will be importalised for ever05:51
cbx33damn it05:51
cbx33now I'm stooopid too05:51
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nixternalAlrighty, I have gone through and cleaned up the Handbook, added a little content, and straightened out the chapters.09:13
nixternalThere are still quite a few sections needing someone to adopt them and rock and roll09:14
nixternalI also fixed the Makefiles to start building Edubuntu docs again. I need to fix the sidebar at doc.ubuntu.com to include Edubuntu docs. So far so good though09:14
highvoltageedubuntugirl: nixternal++09:15
highvoltagenixternal: do you have a link perhaps, or is it in subversion somewhere?09:16
nixternalsubversion is on the Ubuntu Doc Project server now09:20
Burgundaviahey highvoltage09:22
Burgundaviatriaging compiz bugs is fun!09:22
highvoltagehey burgs09:24
bronzeI thought triage was a special kind of foiliage....09:29
highvoltageonly when bugs grow on trees09:30
bronze"tree-age"  pruning a corrupted B-tree.09:32
Burgundaviathe really fun part of about compiz is the sheer number of non-standard packages09:33
Burgundaviathankfully the xgl craze has died away09:34
Burgundaviamostly I just have to deal with gandalfns packages now09:34
nixternalalrighty, release notes updated, doc.ubuntu.com sidebar updated, and working on creating the initial Edubuntu 7.04 doc package09:47
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pygiedubuntugirl, tell ogra to poke me once he's around pls, thanks09:52
edubuntugirlRighto, pygi!09:52
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