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EleafWhat's up doc?04:50
EleafRespond doccers.04:52
LaserJocknot much04:52
EleafThis is vast LaserJock04:53
EleafHow can I make documentation?04:59
EleafWould a tutorial be considered documentation?05:00
LaserJockcould be05:00
LaserJockare you familiar with the Ubuntu help wiki?05:00
EleafI am familiar with the wiki05:00
LaserJockyou can add to that, that's a good way to help with documentation05:00
Eleafis there a difference with putting stuff just in the normal ubuntu wiki vs. documentation wiki?05:01
LaserJockyou could also help with the documentation that is shipped with Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu05:01
LaserJockyes there is05:01
Eleafwhat is that?05:01
LaserJockthe normal wiki (wiki.ubuntu.com) is for development coordination05:02
LaserJockspecifications, team todo lists, etc.05:02
EleafI usually see more tutorials on the wiki.ubuntu one.05:02
LaserJockthey shouldn't be05:02
EleafLike how to do things05:02
LaserJockall "help" type documentation should be on help.ubuntu.com05:02
Eleaflike mp3 support, etc.05:02
LaserJocknah, that's been moved to the help wiki05:03
LaserJockit *used* to be on wiki.u.c05:03
LaserJockbut it was moved and redirects put up05:03
Eleafoh I guess so.05:03
EleafI see, redirect.05:03
EleafWhat should I write something on?05:04
LaserJockwhatever you like05:04
EleafI know but I need suggestions now.05:04
LaserJockI think https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CategoryCleanup is the current list of wiki pages that need work done on them05:05
EleafLaserJock, is it okay if I make my own art for the pages?05:06
LaserJockwell, you could05:06
LaserJockbut you probably want to be careful not to do too much05:06
LaserJockyou might want to ask the doc team mailing list05:07
LaserJockabout how to best do it05:07
Eleafmy own icons ;)05:07
Eleafor have a waterfall with ponies all over!05:08
LaserJockhmm, well those might not be very appropriate for the help wiki05:09
Eleafit could be.05:10
EleafLaserJock, it says I'm not logged in, but when I log in, it says I'm already logged in.05:12
Eleafnow it's working..05:12
LaserJockyeah, so you need to go back to the page you were at before you logged in05:12
EleafI know but even then it wouldn't work.05:13
Eleafgrr, the ubuntu wiki is so slow..05:13
Eleafespecially when saving preferences...  Takes about 1 minute to respond..05:13
LaserJockit can be yes05:13
LaserJocklots of people use it05:14
Eleafxchat annoys me with chanserv, the chanserv output always goes into a random tab I'm not using..05:17
Eleafrandom channel.05:17
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Shankarhello there, can you direct me to the TAMIL LANGUAGE documentation page for ubuntu08:45
LaserJockShankar: I really don't know, is there a Tamil LoCo Team?08:46
jsgotangcohey LaserJock08:47
mptShankar, http://www.ubuntu-tam.org/tamizh/ is probably the best we have at the moment08:48
=== ShankarGanesh [n=Sankar@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
ShankarGaneshhello there, can you direct me to the TAMIL LANGUAGE documentation page for ubuntu08:49
ShankarGanesh* hello there, can you direct me to the TAMIL LANGUAGE documentation page for ubuntu*08:49
mptShankarGanesh, try http://www.ubuntu-tam.org/tamizh/ and  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TamilTeam08:49
ShankarGaneshthanks guys, i'll definitely contribute08:50
ShankarGaneshYOU GUYS ROCK!!08:50
mptShankarGanesh, are you interested in helping translate documentation into Tamil?08:51
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mptShankarGanes1, are you interested in helping translate documentation into Tamil? You could start here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/edgy/+source/ubuntu-docs/+translations08:56
ShankarGanes1thankyou, mpt08:56
mptAh, I was just about to suggest you get in touch with the Tamil translation team, but I see you're already a member :-)08:58
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mptDodgy Indian Internet connections09:16
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: philbull * r3746 ubuntu/keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml: Reworked keeping-safe and added new section to it11:10
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popeymdke: when you are about, I need to speak to you about how we might kick the screencast project up the butt02:14
popey(including mine)02:14
mdkepopey: ok, later will be better I hope02:25
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r3747 ubuntu/ (8 files in 8 dirs): fixing lots of links, adding script used to repository for temporary use02:47
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3748 edubuntu/ (4 files in 4 dirs): renaming Edubuntu directories to match the rest of the repo05:41
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3749 /trunk/Makefile: adding Edubuntu to Makefile for building06:02
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3750 edubuntu/ (3 files in 2 dirs): cleaning up and fixing makefiles for Edubuntu06:11
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: lucius * r3751 xubuntu/desktopguide/C/introduction.xml: patch from vincent06:46
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nixternalwho is lucius?07:16
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@ppp-69-221-253-25.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
tonyyarussono idea07:17
nixternalhiya jjesse07:22
jjessehiya nixternal07:24
jjessestill snowing here rich :)07:26
nixternaljeesh, it is cold, but still sunny07:26
jjesseyeah, well the snow slowed its mostly blowing07:26
jjesseits up to my knee :)07:26
mdkenixternal: he's one of the xubuntu guys07:29
nixternalnever seen him before. Cool, wish we had more Edubuntu and Kubuntu guys :)07:30
mdkehe's been vaguely around for several cycles now07:30
mdkewas originally the only xubuntu guy07:30
mdkenow joined by Cody07:30
nixternalwhere are all of the Edubuntu people hiding?07:31
mdkeare there edubuntu people?07:31
nixternalthere is an Edubuntu Documentation team and Handbook Team, but where they all went I have no clue07:32
jjessenixternal: I find it funny they are complaining about the rain in miami when we have more snow to deal w/ then we know what to do07:32
nixternalspam alert07:34
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3752 edubuntu/handbook/C/introduction.xml: Handbook introduction.xml cleaning and additional content07:34
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nixternalspam alert09:10
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3753 edubuntu/handbook/C/ (bookinfo.xml contribute.xml standalone.xml using.xml): cleaning up the Edubuntu Handbook09:10
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3754 teamstuff/doc.ubuntu.com/sidebar.inc.php: added Edubuntu Release Notes to the sidebar at d.u.c09:22
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r3755 edubuntu/releasenotes/C/releasenotes.xml: cleaning up release notes for Edubuntu09:42
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jjessewow i'm re-working on my book chpt and it seems like there were a ton of gramatical problems10:20
mpt"re-working on"?10:25
=== mpt flees
mptjjesse, which book was this?10:25
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nixternaljjesse: there were more than grammatical unfortunately10:44
Burgundaviampt: likely the official one, given jjesse wrote the Kubuntu chapter of the first one10:55
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Burgundaviampt: can you fix LP so it guesses URLs better?10:58
Burgundaviaso when I enter lp.net/83118 it goes to the bug number?10:59
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mptBurgundavia, Launchpad is more than just a bugtracker11:19
mptand lp.net is taken :-)11:20
Burgundaviampt: regardless, hitting a number is unlikely to be anything but a bug number11:20
BurgundaviaI was shortening launchpad11:20
Burgundaviaat least you should replace the 404 page with a search page, ala moin11:20
mptYes, one day we will have global search11:20
Burgundaviawhy not now?11:21
Burgundaviais the db so badly broken?11:21
mptAnyway, this is the wrong channel for such talk11:21
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r3756 ubuntu/ (6 files in 3 dirs): moving some things around11:42
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CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r3757 /trunk/ (6 files in 4 dirs): splitting "Windows" document into a separate folder, updating debian/rules accordingly11:45
tonyyarussoSometimes I'm disappointed by how small the Server Guide is (I bought it from lulu).  Can someone recommend a more comprehensive text for that sort of thing?11:57
nixternalhowtoforge :)11:57
tonyyarussoAnything in print?11:58
nixternalnot that I know of11:59
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r3758 ubuntu/ (3 files in 3 dirs): fixing some more links12:04
CIA-4Ubuntu Documentation: mdke * r3759 ubuntu/keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml: fixing remaining links12:05
nixternalslow down mdke!12:08
=== mdke is done
nixternalDA BEARS!12:09
LaserJockColts are gonna kick there butt12:10
nixternalhehe, I will have some more tonight. I have created an Edubuntu-docs package so I will have the debian/ directory up later12:10
nixternalomg LaserJock, you just lost friend points12:10
nixternalyou made me want to cry, I thought there was love, but no!12:10
mdkeis your edubuntu-docs package different to ogra's?12:10
LaserJockwell, I like Manning, but it's been a while for the Bears12:10
nixternalmdke: yes, as it contains the handbook, and more12:11
LaserJockmdke: ogra wanted us to replace his with what we're doing with the doc team reapo12:11
nixternalhe told me to make a package a couple of weeks ago, but I tried to put it on LaserJock, and I kind of dropped the ball12:11
nixternalso I have been busting my ass trying to put a smile on his face12:11
LaserJocknow that there's a bit more activity12:11
LaserJockugg, I totally forgot12:11
nixternaldon't worry LaserJock, I have it under control12:12
LaserJockI worked on it for a bit a while ago12:12
LaserJockbut I've been so insanely busy lately12:12
nixternalI just installed Herd 3 so I can test my package and perfect it12:12
LaserJocktrying to get RL back in order12:12
nixternalsame here, DA BEARS are on, gotta go :)12:12
crimsunI hope they LOSE.12:12
nixternaljesus, none of you people like me12:13
LaserJockthat's just cruel ;-)12:13
nixternalthat's it, I quit12:13
crimsunyeah, gimme your bandwidth12:13
mdkeLaserJock, nixternal: sounds good12:14
=== mdke beds
LaserJockcya mdke12:15
nixternalg'nite mdke12:16

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