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royok - i'm a noob at Ubuntu but why oh why does Ubuntu not come with JRE, JDK "out of the box" ??????????????????????03:32
vilhi roy03:41
roywuz up03:42
vilUbuntu actually comes with JRE out of the box, it includes GNU java03:42
vilthe problems with SUN java is that there is no package compiled from sources, which prevents it from including in main repository03:44
royso to understand clearly the Run Time just allows new installs of Ubuntu to run a compiled java app but since the JDK is not loaded (or a GNU version of it) I can't compile my own code  - right?03:49
royI was able to load it via the built in package manger (GUI version) and seems to be working well.03:50
royi have a quick question noob question concerning the wrapper class as it pertains to method calls with a related primitive interger type as the return value - basically can this be done?04:02
roysaw this technique used in a text book and it looked a little weird since the return type is not a class which - the method had only one return statement which returned a class reference - good / not good - works / does not work?04:04
vilanswers follow...04:08
vilfresh install has just gnu java interpreter installed, so no compilation04:08
vilif you need jdk you either can install java-gcj-compat-dev from main repository which is gnu jdk or sun-java6-jdk from multiverse repository04:10
vilyou should be able to do both using just the GUI04:11
vilyou can find info about configuring the repos at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/extra-repositories.html04:13
vilfor java language questions pls use different channel like ##java04:17
vilanyway, autoboxing from Java 5 may help you, however for that you will need the Sun Java at the present time04:17
royvil - thanks for the clear explination - I'll send over my java questions there - again many thanks04:21
vilroy, np04:22
vilsee you04:22
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