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mdkecan't increase the brightness of my screen any more, and it's set to low even when AC is plugged in. Anyone else got this? Know of a bug open on it already? Is it a bug in gpm or linux, or else? (Thinkpad T43)12:33
mjg59Seems to be gpm12:40
mjg59There's an open bug12:40
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mdkemjg59: got the number? I'll subscribe12:50
mdkealso, any workaround? I'd like to be able to see better12:51
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mdke mjg59: looks like bug 81407, where you say it's not gpm01:25
=== mdke subscribes
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defendguintime for me to start testing again for feisty :-)09:48
NailorI just installed feisty on my Asus09:49
defendguini need to reopen a bug that got closed while i wasn't paying close enough attention09:49
NailorSeems nice and I really like most of the features that came along09:49
defendguinthere isn't that much new09:49
Nailorhowever, vbetool keeps on crashing.09:49
NailorWell, not that much yeah.09:49
defendguinnot that is noticeable to me09:50
defendguini just need the newer packages09:50
defendguingaim pan and such09:50
NailorBut small things, like nice integration of beagle and liferea 1.2, which switches it's online/offline state accrording to network manager09:50
NailorNice integration of beagle to the gnome, in a way09:51
defendguinhow do i re-open a bug?09:51
NailorJust switch it from rejected/whatever to something else (confirmed/unconfirmed)09:51
defendguini don't see the switch09:51
defendguinahh got it09:52
NailorI'd like to see Thunderbird 2 soon in Feisty09:54
NailorHopefully it goes RC soon09:54
defendguinhow is compiz coming along?09:54
defendguinit just pissed me off in edgy09:54
NailorWell, Beryl ruled over compiz, I guess09:54
NailorBeryl worked fine in Edgy, however I don't seem to get enough added value from it, so I'm not using09:55
defendguini'm still waiting for it to all shake out and see which one will be the official desktop effects09:55
pochuwhich one do you preffer?09:56
NailorI prefer Beryl09:57
pochuany special reason? :)09:57
NailorWell, it's been a long time since last compiz testing, but the Beryl seems more intact and has more usefull features than compiz09:58
defendguini'd rather have something with tighter integration with gnome09:58
NailorHowever, I'm not using beryl atm09:58
pochuI haven't tried beryl yet09:59
pochujust compiz09:59
defendguinis the weather applet still stupid or does it know when it is and isn't connected to the net?10:02
defendguinthat always bugged me it would wait a half an hour to update itself if you weren't connected to the wireless before you logged in10:03
pochudefendguin: still happens :(10:04
defendguini'll just file a bug report10:06
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pochudefendguin: tell me the link to confirm it ;)10:11
defendguini'm submitting a new one right now for connectivity to wireless networks10:12
defendguinit pisses me off that i am forced to secure the wireless network key10:12
defendguini would prefer not being forced to enter a key to join a network10:13
defendguini input the wep or wpa key once and that should be it10:13
pochudefendguin: I totally agree10:14
pochuthat's because n-m uses the gnome-keyring10:14
pochuso we have two options: a) n-m no longer uses g-k or b) g-k has the option to not enter a password10:15
defendguini'm guessing option b10:16
defendguinthere should just be an option to not secure certain optional things10:16
pochuI've commented your report :)10:20
defendguinhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-applets/+bug/50115   the weather bug10:20
defendguinthis bug has been known for a long time :-(10:21
defendguingood deal maybe I will get some movement on this now10:22
defendguinimportant now since n-m is installed by default10:23
pochuI've commented the gnome bug10:25
defendguinwhich one?10:27
defendguinahh yes the weather one10:28
defendguindoes f-spot crash for everyone else in feisty?10:35
NailorHow? At startup?10:36
pochuI've never used f-spot10:37
NailorAt least my f-spot starts ok10:37
defendguinmine crashes on start up10:39
defendguinNailor: you are using feisty?10:40
NailorYup. I just upgraded10:42
defendguini installed herd 3 on a fresh install and it just crashes10:43
pochudefendguin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/f-spot/+bugs?field.searchtext=crash&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=Unconfirmed&field.status%3Alist=Confirmed&field.status%3Alist=In+Progress&field.status%3Alist=Needs+Info&field.status%3Alist=Fix+Committed&field.assignee=&field.owner=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch=&field.has_no_package=10:43
NailorYou propably have updated?10:43
pochualso crash for me :)10:44
pochuI have a clean install10:45
pochuand crash for me, just after open it10:45
defendguini'm installing the package suggested in the bug report10:46
defendguinfixed it10:46
NailorReally weird problem, if a dev package fixes it10:53
pochuNailor: sure. Maybe is a missed build-depend10:57
ajmitchno, it's a problem with the GL binding & the method used to load it11:06
=== ajmitch expects a new upstream release of f-spot in a few hours or so anyway
Burgundaviaajmitch: shiny11:07
=== ajmitch shrugs
Burgundaviaajmitch: got a authtool release for me :)11:08
ajmitchlewing has been doing plenty of shiny11:08
ajmitchwith GL & cairo11:08
defendguintracker doesnt rely on beagle to index anything does it?11:27
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