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cbx33ping Burgwork12:32
Burgworkcbx33: pong12:32
cbx33you at work?12:32
Burgworksee the nick12:32
=== cbx33 understands
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LaserJockcbx33: hi12:54
cbx33hey Las12:58
ajmitchhi cbx3312:58
cbx33hey aj12:58
cbx33I keep missing the tab button12:58
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cstextilesHow can I assign rights to the menu in the Applications menu according to the users in Ubuntu?01:41
=== skirk [n=skirk@ip-103-163.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockcstextiles: how do you mean?02:24
LaserJockcstextiles: you want to hide the menu?02:24
LaserJockor have a different menu for each user?02:24
cstextilesLaserJock: I want to hide the menu according to the user02:26
cstextilesLaserJock: But may also want to add menu according to the user in short have custom addition or deletion to the users menu according to the rights?02:26
LaserJockhmm, that's sort of a tough issue02:27
LaserJockone way is to use sabayon02:27
cstextilesLaserJock: Does sabayon comes with the Edubuntu CD itself I mean can i install that with that CD itself as my machine does not have Internet?02:28
cstextilesLaserJock: Does sabayon provide me all the facilities I am asking02:28
LaserJockcstextiles: I *think* it's on the CD02:34
LaserJockand it can do much more than the menus02:34
LaserJockit's a profile editor02:34
LaserJockso you create a profile, edit the menu, desktop, whatever you like02:34
LaserJockand assign a user to that profile, and when they login that's what they get02:35
cstextilesLaserJock: Thanks for the same and let me try Thanks again02:40
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mathesisse ogra04:43
mathesishow can i watch dvds?04:44
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cbx33pong Burgundavia07:18
cbx33whooops, i mean ping07:18
LaserJockhi cbx3307:21
cbx33hey Laser07:23
cbx33sorry burgundavia....gotta go to work now07:50
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Burgundaviacbx33: sorry, but I really need to sleep08:55
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Burgundaviaedubuntugirl: tell cbx33 that I send regrets but am tired08:58
edubuntugirlRighto, Burgundavia!08:58
Burgundaviahighvoltage: your bot rocks08:59
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cbx33ping Burgundavia09:11
edubuntugirlcbx33: by the way, Burgundavia told me to tell you 'I send regrets but am tired' 12 minutes and 10 seconds ago (on Thu Feb 15 09:59:08 2007)09:11
BurgundaviaI am off to bed09:13
Burgundaviavalentines and all that09:13
cbx33yeh, sure09:14
cbx33I did come on earlier09:14
cbx33but you weren't around09:14
cbx33I was sat up in bed09:14
cbx33with my pocketpc09:14
cbx33wanna try for tomorrow?09:15
cbx33I'll try and get up early like today09:15
Burgundaviayep, that should work09:15
BurgundaviaI was off at Valentines dinner09:15
cbx33but if I don't manage to get up ealy enough we'll say same time09:15
cbx33did you have a good valentines?09:15
cbx33yeh we did that too09:15
cbx33and went to cinema to see Hot Fuzz09:16
cbx33great flim09:16
highvoltagesounds like a porno movie.09:17
=== mode/#edubuntu [-o highvoltage] by highvoltage
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highvoltageedubuntugirl: tell LaserJock http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/02/14/2129208&from=rss10:36
edubuntugirlRighto, highvoltage!10:36
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TeePOGmorning everyone10:40
TeePOGseems everyone is hard at work on edubuntu :-D10:51
TeePOGor are they just idling/10:52
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`VLHello. Where can i see the list of software in edubuntu? Is there scilab included?10:56
=== jbrefort_afk is now known as jbrefort
jbrefort`VL, http://packages.ubuntu.com11:04
jbrefortscilab is 4.0 in edgy11:04
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rodarvusgood morning12:13
RichEdhi rodarvus12:15
rodarvushey RichEd12:15
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juliuxhi jsgotangco12:19
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highvoltageTeePOG: yes, I am!02:17
highvoltagesorry, just left as I got your message02:17
TeePOGoh, thought you didn't want to be reconnised by groupies ^.^02:17
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jsgotangcoCGI:IRC? heh, he's in a browser03:40
TeePOGwell, some people have restrictive firewalls03:40
jsgotangcoyeah i have that one at work too03:41
jsgotangcosucks so much03:41
TeePOGpersonally, even if I don't allow IRC for my users, I need it myself03:43
TeePOGmainly for tech help03:43
TeePOGso it's good that i normally end up as the firewall admin ~_^03:48
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sbalneavMorning all04:18
TeePOGafternoon sbalneav04:23
willvdlwoot. ciao all04:32
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ElementCWorking on converting our local school board.  They're mostly hooked, with a few (minor) problems.05:19
ElementCanyway I need advice on customizing a demo liveCD05:20
cstextilesLimit UserId Login to one LTSP Client.i.e. I require that a particular user can login through only one LTSP Client i.e. Suppose I have a network of 10 PCs then the user can login only from Hardware Machine A and cannot do it from Machine B.Is that possible?05:20
ElementCfeel free to redirect me.05:21
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ubotusamba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT06:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mumble - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about profile - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:27
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ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Manuals: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands06:27
cstextile1ogra: I am getting Connection refused error when I am trying to connect to LTSP Client from the Edubuntu Server06:28
ograthere is nothing running on the client you could connect to, what do you want to do ?06:29
cstextile1ogra: I had started the Remote Desktop and started the vncviewer from the server to connect to the client06:31
ograwhere did you start the vnc server ? in the users session ?06:32
cbx33ogra, any idea why I keep getting a silly permission denied message when trying to make a branch on LP?06:32
ogrado you try to make a TCM branch ?06:32
cbx33well....that is next on my list06:32
cbx33once i make a phimage branch06:32
ogragood ...06:32
cbx33because it's small and easy06:32
ograi was asked yesterday for the TCM source ...06:33
cbx33ogra, I have my key registered on LP06:33
ogracant remember by whom, but i promised to ask you06:33
cbx33ok I'll do that soon06:33
cbx33how can i check it's working?06:33
ogramake a commit :)06:33
ogracairo is tricky ...06:34
cbx33i did bzr push --create-prefix sftp://petesavage@bazaar.launchpad.net/~petesavage/phimage/phimage-devel06:34
=== ogra pokes ldm with a stick ...
cbx33ogra, did you add my reboot button yet...poke poke06:34
ograthat should work06:34
cbx33yeh it doesn't06:34
ogranot yet ...06:34
cbx33maybe my ssh setup is wrong06:34
ograi'm jus switching the whole UI to cairo06:34
cbx33what do i need ssh wise06:35
cbx33my key is present and correct06:35
cstextile1ogra: Yes I started the server in the users session06:35
ogranothing, your sshkey needs to be in your ~/.ssh dir and the public key needs to be on LP06:35
cbx33that's all done06:35
ogracstextile1, well, that starts a vnc server on the edubuntu server ... the user sesssion runs on the server, not on the client06:36
ogracbx33, whats the error ?06:36
cbx33permission denied(publickey)06:36
ograis phimage a registered product ?06:38
cbx33ogra, ok fixed it06:39
cbx33the ssh leys differed06:39
cbx33silly cbx3306:39
cbx33do you want a new product created for tcm?06:40
ogramight make sense06:40
cbx33and shall I grab the source pacakge and upload that as the first branch?06:41
ograsounds sane ...06:41
cstextile1ogra: No I go to the LTSP client I start the Remote Desktop over there06:43
cbx33ogra do we have an edubuntu project registered on lp?06:43
cstextile1ogra: and then run the vncviewer over the server with the Ip address of the client06:43
ogracstextile1, you are logged in on the console on the thi client ?06:44
ogracbx33, nope, not beyond the edubuntu packages06:44
ogracstextile1, a thin client gui session always runs on the server ... if you are logged in via the gui its the same as if you are logged in locally on the server06:45
ograso all you star if you start remote desktop from the gui is a vnc server on the server, not on the client06:45
cbx33ogra I'm gonna include the debian folder too in the repo06:45
ograto start a vnc server on the client you need a vnc server that is started during boot of the client ... not related to your desktop session06:46
cstextile1ogra: I goto the LTSP client hardware start it with Etherboot floppy and then goto remote desktop and start the Remote Desktop i.e. vino-server then I goto the Server machine start "vncviewer"06:46
ograas i said, that cant work06:47
cbx33if i have the dsc, orig and diff how do i get it to extract it all agaoin?06:49
cstextile1How to start the VNC server from the boot of the Ubuntu client i.e. I think by changing .bash_priofile or some type of file. Can you please convey me the path of that file as well as the command as If i type vino-server it start the GUI asking all the options of the Remote Desktop so someway to start the VNC server without popping the Remote Desktop06:49
cstextile1ogra: How to start the VNC server from the boot of the Ubuntu client i.e. I think by changing .bash_priofile or some type of file. Can you please convey me the path of that file as well as the command as If i type vino-server it start the GUI asking all the options of the Remote Desktop so someway to start the VNC server without popping the Remote Desktop06:49
cbx33got it06:50
ogracstextile1, you need to create an initscript for the vnc server in the client chroot in /opt/ltsp/<arch>06:52
ograand install vnc server software06:52
cstextile1Is vino-server same as vnc server?06:53
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ogravino-server uses vnc server, but is a gnome ap that needs gnome around06:53
cstextile1ok so that means if i have vino server installed it already has vnc server installed06:53
cbx33ogra, all done06:54
ogracstextile1, the on the edubuntu server, yes, but not in the client environment in /opt/ltsp/<arch<06:55
cstextile1ok so u mean initially a minimal linux is installed and we have to change that particular linux to support vnc-server06:56
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i38606:57
cbx33ogra, howz that coming by the way06:57
ogramakes you root inside the clietn envronment on the server06:57
cbx33ogra, are you going to branch from my branch now?06:57
ogracbx33, i slept about 8h the last three days, i havent had time for vnc yet ... herd4 prepearation took a lot06:57
cstextile1Ok Now I am getting you. But is that also Ubuntu Linux or syslinux and how to install vnc server over that I mean as there are no Ubuntu packages involved?06:58
ogracbx33, yeps06:58
cbx33ogra, that's find06:58
ogracstextile1, syslinux is a bootloader ...06:58
ograthe chroot in /opt/ltsp/i386 is a cut down ubuntu ...06:58
cstextile1ogra: How to install vnc server over that minimal linux?06:58
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ograand indeed includes syslinux to boot PXE :)06:59
ograas i said above, become root in there, then you can use apt like on a normal system ... changes will show up on all running clients immediately06:59
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cstextile1ogra: I am a newbie type in Linux so sorry if i ask silly questions. first start up a terminal in server then use chroot in /opt/ltsp/i386 to change the root directory and then use apt command is that what you are saying? This will install vnc-server in that partcular Linux and then i can modify to start the vnc server package07:04
ograall you do during the chrooted session will change the client environment ...07:05
ograyou can leave it with "exit" or by hitting ctrl-d07:05
cstextile1will that chroot command only affect that terminal i.e. displaying /opt/ltsp/i386 folder as /?07:06
ograsince the client chroot is a normal ubuntu. you can use all commands you are using on the server as well ..07:06
ogra /opt/ltsp/i386 becomes / and you become root inside that environment07:06
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cstextile1can I execute a command suppose some script file which is not located in the /opt/ltsp/i386 folder but in some other folder say /home/user1/app.sh in a way that i do not allow the user to look into the shell file but can execute the same?07:08
ograthats something you would do on the server, the client doesnt know any users07:09
cstextile1ogra: What I require to convey is that the user1 cannot read the app.sh but has a link in the Desktop through which he can execute that file?07:12
ograthat wont work for shell scripts ...07:14
cstextile1ogra: can it work for executable?07:15
ograa shell needs to be able to read the script ... since the shell runs with the users rights the user needs to be able to read07:15
cstextile1ogra: I know that logic and was wondering if there was any kind of such facility. But can executable be run like that?07:16
ograa shell script is an executable ...07:16
ogra(or can be)07:16
ograyou can write a c program and compile it ... the binary wont be readable this easy07:17
ograbut with scripts you will always need the readability ...07:18
cstextile1ogra: Ya I know that but the actual probs is that i need to protect Java executables and they can be easily decompiled and so was finding some ways as if there is any way then i could protect java executable07:18
ograi guess selinux could do such a thing, but thats beyond my kowledge07:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about selinux - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:19
cstextile1ogra: Thanks for the link07:25
cstextile1ogra: Reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SELinux07:27
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BurgworkLaser_away: are you aware of http://www.kdau.com/projects/gelemental/07:48
ogralooks like gperiodic07:52
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Laser_awayBurgwork: yes08:05
=== Laser_away is now known as LaserJock
LaserJockogra: it is in fact, a restart of gperiodic08:06
edubuntugirlLaserJock: by the way, highvoltage told me to tell you 'http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/02/14/2129208&from=rss' 9 hours, 29 minutes and 37 seconds ago (on Thu Feb 15 11:36:43 2007)08:06
LaserJockogra, Burgwork: they are using the Blue Obelisk Data Repository, which is a significant improvment over gperiodic08:10
LaserJockI'd like to get bodr into Universe for Feisty08:10
LaserJockit's in Debian NEW right now08:10
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flippanthello everyone08:19
flippanti am having an install issue, can anyone help?08:20
flippantinstaller hangs a7 97% on 2nd phase of install08:21
flippantlow memory mode, pentium pro 200, 10gb disk08:21
flippant48mb RAM08:22
flippantsystem won't boot upon reset08:22
flippantlast message seen is 'cleaning up...' then hangs08:23
ograwhat do you expect to run on that hardware ?08:24
ograa desktop ?08:24
flippantwas trying to install stand alone workstation08:25
flippantnot enough RAM?08:25
ograyou should have around 200MB for a standalone workstation08:25
flippantno NIC so thin client not an option08:25
ogra48MB is just enough to load the kernel and half of X08:25
ograbut for the other half it will already start swapping08:26
flippanthmm that would be bad, i was hoping that it would have an alternate shell for low mem mode08:26
ograyou can try with xubuntu ...08:26
flippantits for a little girl... i was hoping to run tuxpaint08:26
ograhow long did you wait at the "cleaning up" step ? it takes quite some time, even on my amd6408:27
ogra(you can check with alt-f4)08:27
ograoh, ok08:27
flippantis tuxpaint too much to hope for on 48 ram?08:27
ogratuxpaint fulscreen as the only app will surely work ...08:28
ograprobably even witha small WM08:28
flippantis it worth the trouble i wonder, i am a linux newbie08:29
pscheieflippant: check out damn small linux (dsl)08:29
pscheieI've run it on P75 machines with 16MB RAM08:30
ograi think even xubuntu recommends 96M08:30
flippantalright i will check out DSL08:30
pscheienot sure if you'll get tuxpaint to work on it though08:30
cbx33either that or puppy08:30
cbx33oh no08:30
cbx3348Mb RAM08:30
pscheiepuppy wants 128MB08:30
cbx33well i ran it on 96 :p08:31
pscheieruns from ram, very quick08:31
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cbx33oh it's blistering08:31
cbx33I'd love an ubuntu/puppy crossover08:31
cbx33do we have a load to ram option on our live cd?08:31
flippantthanks everyone i will hack at it some more08:32
flippanti wont give up just yet08:32
cbx33good flippant08:32
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flippanthave a good day everyone, later08:33
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cbx33ogra, I'm getting grilled in launchpad...hehe09:26
cbx33providing feedback...as i cocked up the tcm page ;)09:26
cbx33ogra, me is a little unsure of the red outline09:31
cbx33makes it hard to read09:31
ograhmm, i like it ... it makes it so nicely attached to the background ...09:33
ograas if it would grow in it09:34
ograbut i can ask kwwii to make some variations09:34
LaserJockit looks like "Flaming Feisty Edubuntu" to me :-)09:35
cbx33can we try a white glow?09:35
ogracbx33, am i in the artteam ? :P09:36
cbx33well it's the first I've seen of it09:36
ograi just asked for a cropped version of the new usplash logo ... seems that animated him to play around :)09:37
cbx33ahh i see09:39
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PetarisHi all09:44
Petarisogra: I just did a fresh install of edubuntu and am installing the LDAP client components listed in that how-to you pointed me too but I can't find libpam-ldap, libnss-ldap, or nscd09:47
Petarisis there some other repo other then the defaults I have to point to in order to get those packages?09:47
ograuniverse ...09:47
Petarisuniverse is not default09:47
Petarisok found them09:52
Petaristhanks ogra09:52
=== ajmitch wonders if pitti will process NEW on his archive day
Petaristime to go10:06
Petarislater all10:06
=== cliebow [n=cliebow@WatchGuard.ellsworth-hs.ellsworth.k12.me.us] has joined #edubuntu
Burgworkoh, there is a good LDAP howto on the help wiki10:21
Burgworkogra, ajmitch: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication10:22
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cbx33hey Amaranth10:24
Amaranthhey cbx3310:28
cbx33saw the blog post ;)10:32
cbx33is there anything i can do to help out on willow after fesity is release?10:36
Amaranthdunno, i'm not sure what i want to do with it10:36
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cbx33what's missing from it now?10:37
Burgworkthere are a few features willow is missing10:38
Amaranthit needs a web frontend, a way to login to bypass the blocking, and a firefox/epiphany plugin to mark things as bad/good10:39
Amaranthand i'm not at all happy with the naive page reading it does to get tokens10:40
cbx33i see10:40
Amaranthprobably should be using beautifulsoup or something to get extra info about the page10:40
Amaranthlike number of words, number of images, etc10:40
Amaranthbecause porn sites are usually all images10:40
=== cbx33 wouldn't know :p
cbx33the kids at the school could seem to be able to find them though10:41
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jbrefortLaserJock, thanks for the patch. Can you send me the latest version of the glade file?10:47
LaserJockjbrefort: I didn't send that too?10:48
jbrefortjust the patch10:48
LaserJockjbrefort: hmm, that patch didn't include the glade file?10:50
LaserJockI thought I diffed the whole tree10:50
jbrefortI did not see it10:50
LaserJockoh, because that would be a new file10:51
jbrefortyes it needs cvs add10:51
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ajmitchBurgwork: that post about APOC on planet gnome looks interesting11:52
Burgworkajmitch: indeed. I just hope they coordinate with the sabayon guys at Novell to work on getting the two bits merged11:53
ajmitchit'd be nice to have some good management tools11:54
Burgworkand something good that GNOME says "this is our stuff"11:54
=== ajmitch hopes it's not written in java
ajmitcheven though java is being freed, I'm not a big fan11:56
ajmitchmono seems to have better platform integration11:57
BurgworkI suspect java will get more as it is freed11:57
ograif its free we'll ship it by default11:57
ajmitchit may even become popular, finally11:57
Burgworkhopefully for feisty+111:58
Burgworkbut having a good set of management tools that are blessed by upstream will be a major boon11:58
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cbx33nn guys12:06

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