mptSeveas, any progress on fixing that bug?12:29
mpt(actually, come to think of it, it might be a side-effect of the bug in Launchpad where it sends new assignees a "Public/Private bug reported:" copy of the bug description)12:30
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UbugtuNew bug: #85234 in launchpad "Beta product display misses the registrant, which is the group people should join to contribute to products" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8523401:55
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=== radix tries to figure out the URL format of the code browser
spivradix: ?02:13
radixspiv: Maybe it doesn't actually exist. Maybe it was all a dream.02:13
radixspiv: But I think I saw a bzr branch browser once.02:13
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=== daviey [n=dave1111@cpc1-sout2-0-0-cust111.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #launchpad
davieyIs it possible to edit a comment?03:11
LaserJockI don't think so03:13
daviey;( that is a *bug*03:14
LaserJockwell, I'm not sure if that's the way it's supposed to work or not03:17
thumperdaviey: no you can't edit a comment03:19
thumperyou can add another one though03:19
thumperI'm sure that was a design decision not an oversight03:19
davieyit's wrong that typo's can't be corrected03:19
thumperdaviey: so file a bug :)03:19
davieyi am03:19
thumperat least you should get the definitive answer then03:20
LaserJockdaviey: perhaps a preview might be nice03:20
LaserJockI think one of the problems with edits might be bug emails, but I don't know03:20
davieythats true; but it does make you look like a plonker when you re-read a comment03:21
LaserJockI did that a few times when I first started03:22
LaserJocknow I'm so used to it I'm not bothered so much when I look like a 2nd grader03:23
LarstiQI'm rather sure such a bug already exists03:50
LarstiQbut I can't seem to find it, so perhaps it only got discussed here03:51
mptdaviey, I reported it a few weeks ago at bug 8089504:32
UbugtuMalone bug 80895 in malone "Give people five minutes to edit/delete their comment" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8089504:32
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mpt"There is another synaptic running in non-interactive mode."05:33
=== mpt hunts for the "No There Isnt" button
Hobbseegood luck with that05:35
mptor the "Theres No Such Thing as a Synaptic, Anyway" button05:37
Hobbseethere's a button for that?  :P05:42
=== Hobbsee notes mpt may be a core dev.
mptAlas no05:45
mptI'm just a feeble interaction designer05:45
mptdoing HTML-monkeying for a living05:45
=== mpt finishes reporting bug 85251
UbugtuMalone bug 85251 in synaptic "Confusing "another synaptic" error when Synaptic launched during update" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8525105:51
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mptHobbsee, did you mean a Launchpad "core dev"?06:13
mptAnd if so, what did you mean by "core"?06:13
Hobbseempt: actually, meant for ubuntu.  for some reason, i'm confusing you with someone else.  again :P06:13
mptAnd confusing #launchpad with #ubuntu-devel06:14
Hobbseequite possible.  actually, i knew you were in both, so ended up questioning you where you'd last responded.  but you're right.06:18
LaserJockmpt: I've got a beta question06:20
LaserJockat the top line (the greenish bar) there are little arrows, do those do anything?06:20
mptLaserJock, eventually they will06:31
LaserJockI saw the home button has stuff06:31
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sabdflmpt: let's set the call up for monday, will you coord with usman? between 7 and 9am UTC would work best for me, probably quite a quick call07:31
sabdflthat should give him time to respond to your comments07:31
sabdfland then also for you to integrate the images07:31
mptsabdfl, good idea07:35
Mezmorning sabdfl :D08:52
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UbugtuNew bug: #85299 in launchpad "Broken "Learn more..." link to +tour on front page" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8529911:10
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UbugtuNew bug: #85304 in launchpad "Cut-off action menu icons in Opera 9.10" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8530411:40
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=== jml waves
jameshmorning jml12:28
=== siretart_ is now known as siretart
jmljamesh: hi12:28
jmljamesh: still in brazil?12:29
jmlhow's the weather?12:29
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=== cprov goes to do find some food before the meeting.
=== ploum [n=ploum@ubuntu/member/ploum] has joined #launchpad
jameshjml: it has been pretty mild (compared to .au standards)12:34
jameshjml: very nice12:34
=== cprov is now known as cprov-afk
jmljamesh: I'm glad for you12:36
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evil-kikoHA HA HA HA12:58
Hobbseeuh oh...12:59
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evil-kikohello? launchpad meeting????01:00
=== mpt grabs some of his gf's rose water and sprinkles it around the channel as protection
evil-kikowhat a sissy thing, rose water01:00
mpt(or am I confusing that with holy water?)01:00
SteveAWelcome to this week's Launchpad development meeting.  Who is here today?01:00
=== Hobbsee hands mpt a baseball bat
=== flacoste is now known as fjlacoste
SteveAFor the next 45 minutes, this channel will be devoted the weekly launchpad meeting.  Please have side-conversations in privmsgs or on other channels.  Thanks.01:01
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SteveAbac: Welcome Brad!01:02
bacthanks steveA01:02
mpthello bac and welcome01:02
barrywelcome brad!  us/eastern +101:02
SteveA== Agenda ==01:02
SteveA * Roll call01:02
SteveA * Agenda01:02
SteveA * Next meeting01:02
SteveA * Activity reports01:02
bacup to four now, barry?01:03
SteveA * Actions from last meeting01:03
SteveA * Oops report (Matsubara)01:03
SteveA * Bug report (mpt)01:03
SteveA * Bug tags01:03
SteveA * Production and staging (Stuart)01:03
SteveA * Launchpad 1.0 status reports01:03
SteveA * Sysadmin requests01:03
SteveA * A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)01:03
SteveA * Launchpad buzz report (mrevell)01:03
SteveA * New Launchpad and Bazaar leaflets (SteveA on mrevell's behalf)01:03
SteveA * Don't use rsync (SteveA)01:03
SteveA * (other items)01:03
SteveA * Three sentences01:03
SteveAnext meeting, same time next week?01:03
SteveAI won't be here -- I'll be travelling to pycon01:03
SteveAKiko will be on vacation01:03
SteveAmatsubara will be on vacation01:03
SteveAanyone else absent?01:03
barrySteveA: i will be traveling also01:04
=== BjornT [n=bjorn@clt-84-32-240-183.dtiltas.lt] has joined #launchpad
stubI can be absent if it makes things easier :)01:04
=== carlos too
=== danilos will be on vacation
SteveAok, how about we move next week's meeting to wednesday?01:04
salgadowednesday I won't be around01:04
SteveAApologies for missing today's meeting: 01:04
SteveA * mrevell - travelling to Skycon, in Limerick, Ireland. Have emailed my contributions to SteveA.01:04
carlosI will be, I was just following stub's joke01:05
danilosme neither, I'm off for entire next week01:05
SteveAok.  let's stick to thursday, as usual01:05
SteveAstub: please run next week's meeting01:05
SteveAin your usual style01:05
SteveAas usual01:05
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:stub] : Fix-it Friday! | Launchpad users and developers | Next developer meeting: Thu 22nd Feb 2007, 1200UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
SteveA * Activity reports01:05
stubup to date01:06
mptnot up to date01:06
SteveAI haven't done one in a while.01:06
matsubaraup to date01:06
BjornTup to date01:06
jmlup to date01:06
barryup to date01:06
staticup to date01:06
bacup to date01:06
spivup to date01:06
flacosteup to date01:06
evil-kikoI'm sprinting01:06
evil-kikobut I sent one01:06
cprovnot up to date01:06
daniloson sprint, will restart after01:06
salgadoI'm missing yesterday's, but will send it in a minute01:06
SteveA== People who were lax with activity reporting last week ==01:06
SteveA * danilos01:06
SteveA * jamesh01:06
SteveA * jml01:06
SteveA * kiko01:06
SteveA * static01:06
carlosup to date (on sprint for missing ones)01:06
SteveA * SteveA01:06
evil-kikoSteveA I was in a sprint, wth are you talking about!!!!01:06
SteveAthat'll be inaccurate reporting on the meeting summary01:07
mptwhich will be my fault01:07
evil-kikotoo late01:07
=== evil-kiko banishes mpt
mptMeetingAction: evil-mpt to fix the meeting notes01:07
SteveAwell done jml, static for resuming good activity reporting01:07
SteveAdanilos, jamesh, kiko were sprinting01:07
SteveAI still suck01:07
SteveA * Actions from last meeting01:08
SteveAThere were none01:08
SteveA * Oops report (Matsubara)01:08
matsubaraNothing new this week. The weekly report shows only known bugs and the most important ones are already assigned.01:08
matsubaraso, I pass on to mpt. Thanks SteveA 01:08
SteveA * Bug report (mpt)01:08
mptThere are 2068 known bugs in Launchpad without released fixes, of which 11 are marked as Critical. The oldest six are:01:09
mpt * Bug #30602 (Timeout errors in +translate), Critical, In Progress, kiko01:09
UbugtuMalone bug 30602 in rosetta "Timeout errors in +translate" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/30602 - Assigned to Christian Reis (kiko)01:09
mptkiko, how goes the branch of wondrous optimization?01:09
mpt * Bug #46982 (Need to support KDE like plural forms), Critical, Confirmed, danilos01:09
UbugtuMalone bug 46982 in rosetta "Need to support KDE like plural forms" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/46982 - Assigned to   (danilo)01:09
mptdanilos, last week you said you'd discuss with carlos the possibility of giving this to him and doing OO.org support instead. Did you discuss it?01:09
evil-kikompt: carlos jamesh and danilo have a surprise which I am reviewing01:09
carlosmpt: no need to discuss it, It's my task01:10
mptevil-kiko, am I allowed to know which bug that surprise relates to?01:10
carlosbut I forgot to update the bug01:10
UbugtuNew bug: #85326 in launchpad-bazaar "SFTP server should initiate a pull attempt" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8532601:10
mptcarlos, ok01:10
mptevil-kiko, fine then01:10
mpt * Bug #48813 (Efficiently mirroring sftp hosted branches with minimal latency), Critical, In Progress, jml01:10
mpt * Bug #49989 (branch puller reports failure for new hosted branches), Critical, In Progress, jml01:10
UbugtuMalone bug 48813 in launchpad-bazaar "Efficiently mirroring sftp hosted branches with minimal latency" [Critical,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/48813 - Assigned to Jonathan Lange (jml)01:10
UbugtuMalone bug 49989 in launchpad-bazaar "branch puller reports failure for new hosted branches" [Critical,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/49989 - Assigned to Jonathan Lange (jml)01:10
mptjml, how's progress on these two nearly-duplicates-but-not-quite?01:10
jmlmpt: I changed them to fix-committed before the meeting started01:10
evil-kikoboth look fix committed01:10
jmlmpt: waiting for cherry pick to production01:11
mptand I didn't notice01:11
ddaampt: and cherrypick has just been requested, too01:11
mptor rather, I didn't procrastinate enough before compiling the bug report report01:11
=== markvandenborre [n=mark@86-39-105-212.customer.fulladsl.be] has joined #launchpad
mpt * Bug #78033 (Oops pages in 1.0 design are completely unformatted), Critical, In Progress, mpt01:11
mptThis is fixed on a cleanup branch that I'll land today. (It also fixes the Actions menu indentation, in case anyone's wondering.)01:11
jmlmpt: I cut the timing fairly fine01:11
UbugtuMalone bug 78033 in launchpad "Oops pages in 1.0 design are completely unformatted" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/78033 - Assigned to Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)01:11
mptand finally01:11
mpt * Bug #81544 (private), Critical, Fix Committed, jml01:11
UbugtuBug 81544 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/81544 is private01:11
mptjml, did you ask for a cherrypick for this one too?01:11
jmlmpt: no I didn't.01:12
mptis it worth it?01:12
jmlmpt: not sure. I'll chase it up.01:12
markvandenborreI wonder if there's anyone around here who could help process a .po file submitted for inclusion into Rosetta01:12
mptokie dokie01:12
mptThat's all SteveA, thanks01:12
SteveAthanks mpt01:12
SteveA * Bug tags01:12
mptand thanks jml01:12
SteveAthere are no proposed bug tags01:12
SteveA * Production and staging (Stuart)01:12
markvandenborreit was submitted 2007/01/22 01:12
ddaampt: this bug has been fixed and rolled out in 1.8001:13
markvandenborrethrough https://translations.launchpad.net/support.points.map/trunk/+translations-upload01:13
stubProduction update went fine, apart from neglecting jamesh's cherry pick request. How urgent is the launchpad.net -> beta.launchpad.net redirect?01:13
stubProduction db server is actually starting to be loaded, and it looks like being IO bound will be our first problem. We still have plenty of time before it hurts though for code optimizations, db performance tuning and the PostgreSQL 8.2 upgrade that will help significantly.01:13
stubI plugged the operational statistics into the cricket graphs earlier today. We are hovering around 12 requests per second and spiking to 14, distributed over the 4 launchpad.net app servers.01:13
stubstaging and edge are being boring, not that I expect anyone to care at the moment as they are just running the launchpad/production/1.80 branch until the new ui is finalized and lands.01:13
stubbeta will be moving from a single instance on asuka to multiple instances on gangotri and gandwana (the servers the production launchpad.net instances run on). Probably 4 instances but maybe only too. Undecided at this point.01:13
matsubaramarkvandenborre: we're in a meeting right now, but carlos or danilo could help you if you privmsg them.01:13
markvandenborrematsubara, thx, and sorry for interrupting01:13
matsubaramarkvandenborre: no problem.01:13
SteveAstub: I'd like jamesh's redirect code to be in production as soon as reasonable.01:14
SteveAstub: is the DB loaded based on read volume, write volume or both?01:14
stubI'll push that out and test tomorrow then, along with any other cherry picks on the list.01:14
stubSteveA: No idea at this point01:14
stubSteveA: Just looking at io wait at the moment. Need to get some more low level disk access details.01:15
SteveAis there a chart that shows database load?01:15
SteveAalso, I'd be interested in hit stats of GET vs POST01:16
stub'database load' is very vague. I have CPU load, transactions per second.01:16
stubNot much else at this point.01:16
SteveAok.  can you add a GET vs POST to the stats collection?01:16
carlosstub: I guess removing 40*2 million rows will help, right?01:16
stubSteveA: If we want GET vs POST, we need to update the opstats (lib/canonical/launchpad/webapp/opstats.py)01:17
stubcarlos: Yes01:17
SteveAstub: or grep it out of apache01:17
stubSteveA: Easier to do it properly - the infrastructure is all there already.01:17
SteveAok, please file a bug and do it sometime01:17
SteveA * Sysadmin requests01:18
stubthe beta -> production servers you know about01:18
SteveAthansk sysadmins01:18
ddaaSteveA: got one01:18
SteveAyep, saw that.  thanks stub01:18
SteveAddaa: too late :-/01:18
SteveAok, go on ddaa01:18
ddaarsync cronjob for supermirror oopses01:18
SteveART number?01:19
evil-kikoSteveA: there's one for feedback@launchpad.net01:19
ddaaRT 2678801:19
stubOh - and the supermirror rewrite list is being generated once per minute now instead of once per hour01:19
ddaastub: thank you muchos01:19
SteveAevil-kiko: RT number?01:19
evil-kikoand also the noreply@ mailbox01:19
evil-kikort 2670801:19
evil-kikort 2667601:19
SteveAwhy do we want a mailbox for noreply@ ?01:19
SteveAsounds weird01:20
SteveAor is it a dev/null mailbox/01:20
evil-kikoSteveA you even commented on the bug01:20
stubIndeed. We use that when we explicity want to toss replys01:20
UbugtuNew bug: #46982 in rosetta "Need to support KDE like plural forms" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4698201:20
SteveA * A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)01:20
barryisn't noreply@ always /dev/null? :)01:20
jameshevil-kiko: didn't you mainly want something as a replacement for the bounces@ address?01:20
stubConsider using a different email address if a human will actually see them01:20
evil-kikothe issue is that we are sending email out with an envelope sender of bounces@01:20
jameshwhich wasn't called bounces@?01:20
evil-kikoI want to be able to see the bounces01:21
SteveAI will now paste in matthew revell's report01:21
evil-kikobecause they mean01:21
SteveATop user-affecting issue01:21
SteveA- -------------------------01:21
SteveASpam-like activity in the Answer Tracker, as raised on launchpad-users.01:21
SteveAIt's not spam, it's an inexperienced user who is indiscriminately01:21
SteveAposting replies to other questions:01:21
evil-kikothat we're not sending out email01:21
SteveA> > https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ticket/362801:21
SteveA> > https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ticket/335201:21
SteveA> > https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ticket/252801:21
SteveA> > https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ticket/201501:21
SteveA> >01:21
SteveA> > The "spammer" is the user campbellkidz101:21
SteveA> > (https://answers.launchpad.net/~duane-c-1999 ).01:21
SteveAAlthough this isn't a substantial problem yet, it does show that we may01:21
SteveAhave to consider the problem of commercial spamming in future. I'd like01:21
SteveAto give an answer to Tom Kravanja, who raised this issue on launchpad-users.01:21
SteveAPlease mail me with your thoughts on how we can reassure Tom and our01:21
SteveAplans, if any, to combat future spam threats.01:21
jameshevil-kiko: I don't think it is sensible to conflate that with our existing noreply@ address01:21
SteveAjamesh, evil-kiko: please continue this on another channel, like lp-cpde01:21
SteveA * Launchpad buzz report (mrevell)01:22
evil-kikothat wouldn't be evil01:22
SteveAMatthew says:01:22
SteveABuzz report01:22
SteveA- ------------01:22
SteveAAs posted to launchpad ML.01:22
SteveAPlease mail me with your suggested metrics to demonstrate the growth of01:22
SteveAthe part of Launchpad you work on.01:22
SteveAWe'll start sending these to the launchpad-users mailing list soon.01:22
SteveA * New Launchpad and Bazaar leaflets (SteveA on mrevell's behalf)01:22
SteveAMatthew says:01:23
SteveAProposed: New leaflets01:23
SteveA- -----------------------01:23
SteveAI've created two leaflets, one for Bazaar and one for Launchpad. You can01:23
SteveAsee them at:01:23
SteveAthat was a proposed item for the agenda01:23
SteveAnot proposed new leaflets01:23
SteveAthese *are* the new leaflets01:23
SteveA * Don't use rsync (SteveA)01:23
SteveAWhen doing bzr operations to develop on launchpad, we should be using rsync only once, for a new developer to get a built tree to start with.01:24
barrySteveA: +101:24
SteveAAfter that, we shouldn't be using rsync, but instead using bzr commands with bzr+ssh://devpad.canonical.com/code/...01:24
SteveAIf you see any docs mentioning rsync except for this one special case, fix them, and let me know about it01:24
=== barry will handle RFS
flacosteSteveA: you mean we shouldn't even use rsync to update rocketfuel-built?01:25
staticthe thing that is not clear to me is how to update rocketfuel-built using bzr01:25
SteveAIn the near-ish future, when we have shallow branches, nested branches and other good stuff in bazaar, we won't even need the initial rsync.01:25
staticI think we probably need to fix some parent-branch settings in rocketfuel-built01:25
barryflacoste: i think you still rsync rocketfuel-built for now01:25
jameshSteveA: how about updating a local copy of rocketfuel-built?01:25
SteveAstatic, flacoste: I do this by running bzr pull bzr+ssh://devpad.canonical.com/code/rocketfuel/... as appropriate in the trees in rocketfuel-built01:26
SteveAwe could have a script to do that01:26
evil-kikoSteveA: rsync works fine for downloading; using it to push I agree is a bad idea.01:26
staticSteveA: absolutely. did you have to change the parent branches on your sourcecode/* trees in order to do that? I'd like to get more details later on01:26
cprovSteveA: I usually replace single "pushes" by a full repository rsync to devpad. Is that wrong ?01:26
SteveAevil-kiko: I'm very -1 on using rsync for a whole bunch of reasons01:26
=== evil-kiko shrugs
SteveAand I want us to have a standard practice for how we're meant to develop stuff01:27
barrymaybe have a post mtg chat about this?01:27
evil-kikowell, in practical terms, rsync is faster and simpler for downloading. 01:27
SteveAif you use it, and it works for you, and you understand enough to keep doing it, then keep doing it01:27
SteveAbut it isn't our standard procedure01:27
SteveAand it will be going away eventually anyway01:27
evil-kikoI understand that we don't want to propose rsync as the long-term solution for large trees with nesting01:27
SteveAwhen we start developing launchpad in launchpad01:27
evil-kikobut bzr needs to grow some extra wings to carry that weight01:28
=== stu1 [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #launchpad
stu1(unless you want to try driving config manager...)01:28
SteveAwe shouldn't use config-manager01:28
SteveAit's too complicated and fragile in use01:28
evil-kikoyay config manager is everything evil01:28
=== stu1 is now known as stub
stub(19:27:39) stub: If you don't rsync rocketfuel-built, you don't pick up changes in the 3rd party stuff in sourcecode/01:29
SteveAstatic: let's you nad I talk about how to sort syncing nested trees after the meeting01:29
evil-kikostub: which often causes lost time01:29
sabdflSteveA: nice brochures, however the more canonical colour for the headings and bottom for Canonical brochures would be red01:29
barrySteveA: do you have that script you were talking about?  i don't know enough about how rocketfuel-built is built to write something like that right now01:29
SteveAwe'll publish a standard way to do that01:29
staticSteveA: ok01:30
SteveAsabdfl: I'll pass that on to matthew r. and christina01:30
SteveA * Three sentences01:30
stubDONE: Production & DBA stuff, OpenID server01:30
stubTODO: OpenID server01:30
stubBLOCKED: No01:30
staticDONE: met bac in person, working on demo for pycon, helping bac get started, working with customers, several interviews.01:30
staticTODO: Finish pycon demo, work on specs, vacation.01:30
staticBlocked: No01:30
evil-kikoDONE: some SERIOUS nascentupload refactoring, interviews01:30
evil-kikoTODO: finish this refactoring, go over Carlos' branch (doing it now), look at firefox data model with Danilo, VACATION01:30
evil-kikoBLOCKED: no01:30
barryDONE: RocketFuelSetup debugging; feisty alpha testing; pqm submissions; downloads and XMLRPC research01:30
barryTODO: final(?) updates for RFS; concentrate on XMLRPC and downloads01:30
barryBLOCKED: no01:30
BjornTDONE: code reviews. fixed 1.0 iu, and a few other, bugs.01:30
BjornTTODO: code reviews. fix more 1.0 ui bugs.01:30
BjornTBLOCKED: no01:30
flacosteDONE: reviews, merge pending branches, bug fixes, answer tracker renaming01:30
flacosteTODO: answer tracker renaming, write spec, bug fixes, reviews01:30
flacosteBLOCKED: no01:30
matsubaraDONE: checked oops reports, fixed #33663, #62423 and #59971, working on oops-tools to generate script reports01:30
matsubaraTODO: finish the oops-tools work and carnival!01:30
matsubaraBLOCKED: no01:30
danilosDONE: Rosetta sprint01:30
danilosTODO: Rosetta sprint, vacation01:30
danilosBLOCKED: no01:30
jameshDONE: sprint, code reviews, finish off redirect-beta-testers branch.  01:30
jameshTODO: sprint, zope3 bug import (hopefully)01:30
jameshBLOCKED: no01:30
mptDONE: bugfixes, template cleanup01:30
mptTODO: new app front pages, tour01:30
mptBLOCKED: no01:30
jmlDONE: Landed branch puller latency changes. Worked on storing branch ancestry information in LP.01:30
jmlTODO: Finish branch ancestry. Review open bugs and specs. Get a taste of web changes.01:30
jmlBLOCKED: No.01:30
bacDone: NewStaffTasks, RocketFuelSetup, spec reading, learning bzr01:30
ddaaDONE: low supermirror latency (coordination, reviews, production...)01:31
ddaaTODO: low supermirror latency01:31
ddaaBLOCKED: complete-revisions work (jml and thumper working on it), some of which will need to be cherrypicked01:31
SteveADONE: management, recruiting, ui hacking01:31
SteveATODO: management, recruiting, ui hacking01:31
SteveABLOCKED: no01:31
cprovDONE: bug fixing (see soyuz report), working on nascentupload-cataclysm,01:31
spivDONE: reviews, bzr smart server work01:31
spivTODO: reviews, bzr smart server01:31
spivBLOCKED: no01:31
bacTodo: Bug 84921, more spec reading, look at tests, holiday monday01:31
cprov      test beta on mawson/PPA.01:31
cprovTODO: Sort sprint Agenda/Topics for next week with jamesh+kiko.01:31
cprov      Test a solution for Warty & Hoary archive removal. (again)01:31
cprov      Buildd-ui browsing by time for rebuild analysis. (again)01:31
cprovBLOCKED: no01:31
UbugtuBug 84921 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/84921 is private01:31
bacBlocked: None01:31
salgadoDONE: Bunch of small fixes to the new UI, including the blueprints a person is working on, wrote a widget which will allow us to generate the heading image from the mugshot image people upload, some code review and other random things01:31
salgadoTODO: Land all the widget work I did, code review, random things and holidays.01:31
salgadoBLOCKED: no01:31
carlosDONE: bug 83801, 73875 fix, sprint01:31
UbugtuMalone bug 83801 in rosetta "Opening a new distro release to translations should be done with a live system" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/83801 - Assigned to Carlos Perell Marn (carlos)01:31
UbugtuMalone bug 73875 in rosetta "Project needs a Translations page" [High,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/73875 - Assigned to Carlos Perell Marn (carlos)01:31
carlosTODO: sprint, Firefox landing, Feisty translations opening01:31
carlosBLOCKED: no01:31
SteveAjamesh: finish off redirect-beta-testers branch ?01:32
ddaathumper hasn't sent me his 3 sentences, but I know he's been doing at least branch-email, products-with-code, complete-revisions,01:32
SteveAwhat needs to be finished?  please coordinate with stub about when it is finished, so he can roll it out01:33
jameshSteveA: I finished it off (it was marked as DONE)01:33
SteveAmrevell: DONE: Bazaar and Launchpad leaflets, Pycon materials, talking to users, preparing for Skycon, inviting new people to beta team, buzz report.01:33
jameshSteveA: it is waiting on stub to roll out01:33
SteveAmrevell: TODO: Give talk at Skycon, meet potential Launchpad and Bazaar users at Skycon, documentation, 1.0 beta tester guide, improve buzz report.01:33
SteveAmrevell: BLOCKED: none01:33
SteveAjamesh: thanks01:33
jmlddaa: some spec work as well. complete-revisions is definitely on his todo.01:33
SteveAddaa: also, I spoke with both tim and poolie earlier today01:34
SteveAThat's the end of the planned agenda items.01:34
SteveAWe have ten minutes left to continue the discussion of email addresses from earlier01:34
SteveAevil-kiko / jamesh: anything to add?01:35
jameshnothing from me01:35
jameshkiko is on the phone01:35
SteveAso, he loses :-)01:36
SteveAWe can also continue the discussion of not using rsync.01:36
matsubaraSteveA: I've agreed with flacoste that he'll cover me up next week doing oops reports.01:36
SteveAThere isn't much of a discussion though, just a decision:01:36
danilosSteveA: and kiko loses again with rsync discussion :)01:36
SteveA - we don't use rsync except for that first pull down of code, in our development processes01:36
barrySteveA: i agree with a bzr-only approach.  i just don't know how to use bzr to keep rocketfuel-built sync'd01:37
SteveA - static and I will discuss an appropriate script to keep the nested trees built01:37
SteveA    and will get this script out and mailed later today01:37
barrycertainly bzr for all branches, pulls, and pushes of dev code01:37
evil-kikofine if the script runs in non-geological time and updates everything as it should01:37
SteveAof course01:37
SteveAthanks everyone01:37
evil-kikobut be aware that rsync is very efficient over bad links01:37
barrycool.  i will update RFS with the script then01:37
evil-kikoand when I mean BAD01:38
stubIf its only purpose is to keep rocketfuel-built up to speed, config manager might be fine for that (it is what is used to build rocketfuel-built)01:38
evil-kikoI SAY BAAAAAAAD01:38
staticevil-kiko: what if the script uses GeoIP and switches to rsync internally for brazil?01:38
SteveAthanks barry 01:38
evil-kikostatic: what would classify as evil, yes01:38
stubAnd Thailand - they still haven't fixed that crushed cable01:38
SteveAif bazaar doesn't work for us like this, it will be a problem for others01:38
SteveAso we'll get changes to the smartserver to make it work better for us01:39
evil-kikoSteveA I know what you're getting at.01:39
barrydogfood +101:39
staticindeed. I would rather that we feel the pain so we are motivated to improve bazaar01:39
evil-kikobut I think's We're Not There Yet01:39
SteveAwe also have lots more people joining our team soon01:39
SteveAand I want to give them clear instructions01:39
evil-kikostatic: we should have you use gnu arch now.01:39
stubI'm not having any problems using bzr for everything except sucking down rocketfuel-built01:39
jameshevil-kiko: you shouldn't have a problem pushing your branches from brazil with "bzr push"01:40
SteveAour nested trees in sourcecode/ change infrequently, and incrementally01:40
evil-kikoI'm in the same position as stub01:40
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barrySteveA: i will ping you when i'm done updating and testing RFS.  i'd like to get your review.01:40
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evil-kikojust because you have 100Mbit internet into your microwave doesn't mean that others do!!!11!01:40
SteveAmarkvandenborre: hi.  did you get your question answered?01:40
markvandenborredanilos is working on it...01:40
SteveAthanks for being patient with us while we had that meeting01:41
staticevil-kiko: interested in timing this vaporware script when we have it, or is there a machine that I should use?01:41
evil-kikostatic, no, sure send it over01:41
markvandenborreSteveA, all, thx for your help01:41
evil-kikowhile I test you can try out gnu arch01:41
jameshmy current work flow is to rsync rocketfuel-built, then do lightweight checkouts of sourcecode/* from rocketfuel-built into my source trees01:41
barryevil-kiko: even with 20MB down, first branch against devpad was 84 minutes01:41
evil-kikosince you seem to be interested in acute pain01:41
jameshthen I can just update them with "bzr update" after rsyncing rocketfuel-built again01:41
barrysecond one was 1.5 minutes01:41
SteveAbarry: pushing?01:41
bacstatic: i need to redo my local repo to correct the problem for yesterday, so i can be a guinea pig for the script from scratch01:41
barrySteveA: bzr branch devpad:///blah01:42
barryfrom local machine01:42
staticevil-kiko: despite my flippant appearance, I'm actually deeply sympathetic to working over a slow link. I'm happy to use gnu arch if it helps improve things01:42
SteveAbarry: you could have made a repository locally, and branched into it from your rocketfuel-built terr01:42
evil-kikostatic: that was the funniest thing I heard all week01:42
stubbarry: Using a bzr+ssh:// URL, sftp:// or something else?01:42
SteveAthat would have got you a bunch of revisions "for free"01:42
staticbac: awesome, that will be a great sanity check01:43
barrystub: sorry, =yep bzr+ssh://devpad01:43
barrySteveA: ah.  i made a branch in my devpad repo and then branched my local branch from that01:43
barry(after making a repo both on devpad and on local machine)01:43
SteveAbarry: you want a repo on each side01:43
SteveAbarry: and ensure that each repo has all the possible revisions that exist on a given side01:44
jameshas far as making "bzr push" faster, I also have a script that ssh's into devpad and uses "bzr pull" to pull changes from rocketfuel into my devpad repo01:44
stubI think the meeting is over01:44
evil-kikostatic: gnu arch is what we used in the beginning of time. one launchpad developer quit because of it. now only truly evil people use gnu arch.01:44
jameshso when I push my changes I am only transferring my own work -- not other changes from rocketfuel01:44
evil-kikostub as usual in touch with reality01:44
barrySteveA: not sure i understand that last comment "all the possible revisions that exist on a given side"01:44
SteveAstub: yes.  That's what MEETING ENDS means.  Loud and clear.01:44
stubBah. Too hungry to notice that.01:45
markvandenborrethx all, especially danilos, for the help 01:45
barryjamesh: after creating repo on devpad and doing a first branch there, pushes were very fast (but of course i didn't have any substantial changes at the time)01:45
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staticSteveA: shall we discuss this script during our normal call at 14:30? I'd like to disappear for a while to run an errand01:46
jameshbarry: say you've been working on a branch for a while, then merge rocketfuel into it (which pulls changes from devpad -> your machine)01:46
barryoh, and how do we make bzr not be so dotspammy?01:46
jameshbarry: when you run "bzr push", it will be pushing both your changes, and the changes you merged01:46
SteveAstatic: that's fine01:46
jameshbarry: pulling the rocketfuel changes into the remote repo means you don't have to send them in both directions01:47
SteveAbarry: what does "dotspammy" mean?01:47
barrySteveA: bzr outputs gobnormous numbers of dots ;)01:47
jmlg'night all01:48
jameshbarry: I think bzr only prints dots for status if it doesn't think you're running on a proper terminal01:48
barryjamesh: cool, i think the cronjob bzr pull on remote machine takes care of that (as currently doc'd in RFS)01:48
jameshbarry: yep.  That is equivalent.01:48
barryjamesh: like an emacs shell buffer :)01:48
barryjamesh: cool01:48
=== barry will try again in a gnome-terminal
=== SteveA --> lunch etc.
sabdflstub: the rewrite list is what maps user / product / name -> id for branch, right?01:50
stubsabdfl: Yes01:50
sabdflif so, at some stage we could write an apache plugin which talks straight to the db, the number of requests will be tiny, and that will give us real-time updates.01:50
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stubsabdfl: It isn't going to scale, but good enough for now until we get the mapping done dynamically01:51
stubsabdfl: Yup. Although I'd go for a minimal twisted webserver myself.01:51
stubMost of it already exists in the form of the sftp server I suspect01:53
spivstub: sort of01:53
spivstub: the sftp server does an XML-RPC at the start of an SFTP session to find out the mapping for all the branches that user can see.01:54
spiv(And obviously will do further XML-RPC calls if new branches are created during the session)01:54
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spivWe'd want a different call for the webserver case, where it really is just the simple "look up one (user name, product name, branch name) triplet and find its id"01:55
sabdflSteveA: are these brochures editable somewhere? they are very nice but there's lots of room for cleanup01:56
spivAnd probably want some simple caching too.01:56
sabdfldon't think we should be printing them just yet01:56
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evil-kikosabdfl: we can change them but I think there's a time constraint01:58
sabdflevil-kiko: i definitely want to get royally editorial on them02:06
sabdflSteveA: ^?02:06
evil-kikosabdfl: so can you do that between today and tomorow?02:07
evil-kikopity mrevell's travelling but oh well02:07
sabdflyes if i can find the docs02:07
sabdfli also think they need some artistic love that i cna't give them02:08
evil-kikosabdfl: oh you mean work on the originals? I was just suggesting providing feedback02:08
sabdflbut they need it badly02:08
evil-kikoSteveA: oink02:08
sabdflno, i want to edit text, it's much easier02:08
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evil-kikoSteveA's probably out lunching02:21
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cbx33hi guys, in LP, I want to use LP as my main dev branch for the security of groups thing02:52
cbx33using bzr02:52
cbx33do I need to create an initial repo somewhere else to import it into bzr first?02:53
cbx33or is it possible just to commit to the bzr in LP straight away?02:53
evil-kikocbx33 it is possible to just use LP straight away.02:56
cbx33evil-kiko: would it be by checking out the LP branch?02:56
cbx33and then commiting?02:56
cbx33can you give me some more details?02:56
cbx33ahh i think i see....02:59
cbx33i need to create a team first02:59
cbx33then can upload to the teams bzr branch right?02:59
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LarstiQcbx33: I'm confused as to what it is you want?03:03
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cbx33well after looking at it I can't do it the way I really wanted to anyway.  I wanted a bzr branch that was hosted on LP, that several people in a team could access, but that I could submit to over https03:04
cbx33bzr only supports sftp03:04
cbx33the school I work at is behind a proxy - and the firewall is VERY restrictive03:04
SteveA~/win 4703:07
cbx33LarstiQ: is that clearer?03:09
evil-kikocbx33: so you can't ssh?03:09
LarstiQcbx33: yes, that is clearer, thanks03:10
cbx33i can only use a restrictive http03:10
cbx33no svn on that one03:10
cbx33ftp - restricted again to non-login servers03:10
cbx33and https03:11
cbx33which i managed to get svn working over03:11
cbx33using a webdav apache setup03:11
spivcbx33: the bzr protocol can be carried over HTTP, authentication is problematic.03:12
cbx33it would need to be https03:12
cbx33as things like PROPFIND that svn uses are blocked03:13
spivhttps is fine too.03:13
cbx33but authntication is an issue you say?03:13
SteveAevil-kiko: thanks, I just caught up with mark03:13
spivcbx33: yeah.  You'd want to configure the http(s) server that runs bzr to somehow run bzr as the right user; bzr doesn't inherently deal with authentication or permissions.03:14
jameshspiv: digest auth would be okay over plain HTTP03:15
jameshassuming bzr doesn't throw up when asked to do it03:16
spivcbx33: For the case of hosting on bazaar.launchpad.net, we don't support writing to branches over http(s) at the moment.03:16
spivjamesh: bzr doesn't deal with HTTP directly, really.  It's just a WSGI application.03:16
cbx33spiv, is it planned for the future?03:16
spivcbx33: Not explicitly, but I think it would be nice to have.03:16
=== cbx33 needs some kind of bzr proxy :p
=== cbx33 looks for a show of hands to write it
jameshspiv: I thought you were saying "authentication is problematic" for HTTP in the sense that the passwords would be in the clear03:17
cbx33ok guess I'll just have to create it the way I was going to03:17
spivcbx33: Run an SSH server on an HTTPS port somewhere :)03:17
jameshcbx33: have you considered asking your school to change their policy?03:17
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LarstiQyou could ofcourse carry the bzr branch you work on at school on an usb disk or such, and push when you're at home03:18
cbx33jamesh: I am the school network manager03:18
cbx33I'd love it to change03:18
cbx33unfortunately it's the schools ISP03:18
LarstiQbzr doesn't require access to a centralized server to work03:19
LarstiQcbx33: woh03:19
spivjamesh: no (although that's clearly a concern, which digest auth mitigates somewhat), the problem is more that there's no standard way to configure either the bzr client or bzr wsgi server to deal with authentication.03:19
cbx33spiv, you see I tried that once and it didnt work03:19
cbx33LarstiQ: of course not...I just like to be able to commit my work....from work03:19
LarstiQcbx33: right, you're in an entirely different situation than I assumed03:19
LarstiQhow is it possible that an ISP dictates that strongly to it's clients?03:20
cbx33well it is an issue yes03:20
cbx33they claim that they were forced to develop the infrastructure for teh schools internet support at a very late stage03:20
UbugtuNew bug: #85351 in launchpad "Team membership management is not sending email" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8535103:20
cbx33it is the city council03:20
cbx33as a result they were not able to implement it in a way that was secure03:21
cbx33and so to secure things they block EVERYTHING03:21
spivcbx33: perhaps try the corkscrew tool, and an HTTPS server that allows the CONNECT verb?03:21
LarstiQcbx33: so at this point, it sounds like your best bet is working around the restrictions, and running an ssh server on an https port03:21
cbx33yes, but I fear things like that are also against the SLA03:21
LarstiQor something like corkscrew03:21
LarstiQcbx33: feh03:22
cbx33what is corkscrew?03:22
cbx33it sux03:22
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cbx33the staff don't even have an email system they can access from home - now that is twisted03:22
LarstiQcbx33: a tool to tunnel tcp connections through http03:22
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LarstiQcbx33: the ISP exists to make your work possible, not impossible03:22
LarstiQcbx33: I suppose you can't switch to a different provider?03:23
=== cbx333 [i=c2df514b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-5a3e9aafc00911c7] has joined #launchpad
cbx333sorry bout that 03:23
carlosthere is a university in Spain that gets DSL lines to workaround the fact that their ISP department (of the same University) has a similar blocking policy03:23
cbx333wel corkscrew is banned through the "normal channels"03:23
carloswhich opens a big hole in their security due both networks are connected03:24
carlosthat would be a good argument about how stupid is being so restrictive03:24
jameshcbx333: well, do you need to publish your work from the school?03:24
cbx333jamesh: granted it's not a defacto requirement03:25
cbx333but I would like to03:25
jameshcbx333: bazaar doesn't require that you publish after each commit03:25
cbx333no sure03:25
cbx333I'm an edubuntu dev03:25
cbx333and our school is *thinking* about going down the linux path03:25
cbx333so having that kind of ability would be useful03:25
jameshI don't think we've got any solutions for you that are consistent with your ISP's policies, unfortunately :(03:26
cbx333no no that's fine03:26
cbx333was just wondering03:26
cbx333sometimes I just like to commit something to make sure it's safe :p03:26
LarstiQcbx333: I do too, but I don't push it out remotely that ofte.03:33
LarstiQif no others need that work, daily is fine for me03:33
cbx333how can people get on the LP beta team?03:33
cbx333i had an email sent out a while back asking me to be on a panel for LP QA03:33
cbx333but havn't received anything since03:33
LarstiQcbx333: launchpad user panel? Talk to mrevell (currently traveling)03:37
carloscbx333: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/launchpad-users/2007-February/001023.html03:39
evil-kikoniemeyer: ping?03:39
niemeyerevil-kiko: Considering the nick, I'm afraid to pong03:40
evil-kikoniemeyer: can I have a branch with CONTAINSSTRING? pretty please?03:40
niemeyerevil-kiko: Sure.. what does it do?03:40
evil-kikono clue.03:40
=== evil-kiko runs
niemeyerlike "%"foo"%"?03:40
evil-kikolet me see03:40
cbx333well i've joined the beta team....hope they'll consider me for inclusion03:41
evil-kikodef CONTAINSSTRING(expr, string):03:41
evil-kiko    return SQLOp("LIKE", expr, '%' + _LikeQuoted(string) + '%')03:41
jameshniemeyer: except that CONTAINSSTRING(field, '%') will match strings containing a percent sign rather than anything03:41
niemeyerOh, it does escaping as well03:41
carloscbx333: did you send the email to Matthew?03:41
jameshso underscores and percent signs are escaped03:41
evil-kikoniemeyer it does quote_like() or equivalent03:41
niemeyerjamesh: underscores?03:41
evil-kikohere's the code for _likequoted:03:42
evil-kiko    def __sqlrepr__(self, db):03:42
evil-kiko        s = sqlrepr(self.expr, db)[1:-1]  # remove quotes03:42
evil-kiko        if db in ('postgres', 'mysql'):03:42
evil-kiko            s = s.replace('%', '\\%')03:42
evil-kiko        else:03:42
evil-kiko            s = s.replace('%', '%%')03:42
evil-kiko        return "'%s%s%s'" % (self.prefix, s, self.postfix)03:42
jameshniemeyer: in a LIKE expression, an underscore matches any character, and a percent matches zero or more characters03:42
niemeyerjamesh: Heh.. I had no idea about it03:42
evil-kikoniemeyer: apparently SQLObject doesn't know about it either :)03:43
jameshniemeyer: select 'abc' like 'a_c'; returns True with postgres :)03:44
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cbx333carlos yes I sent my email to matthew03:51
carlosok, then you need to wait for him03:51
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UbugtuNew bug: #85358 in launchpad-support-tracker "Allow hiding inappropriate comment " [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8535804:16
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UbugtuNew bug: #85364 in launchpad "No notification is sent when somebody with an inactive membership proposes himself again" [Low,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8536404:40
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niemeyerkiko-fud, jamesh: Done04:51
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kikothanks niemeyer 06:01
kikowill do more testing today06:01
kikocprov, hey 06:01
niemeyerkiko: Cool06:01
kikocprov, wanna come down this afternoon? the branch is almost ready for a first set of tests06:01
niemeyerkiko: Please let me know if it works06:01
=== topic unset by mrevell on #launchpad
niemeyerkiko: From the context, I wasn't completely sure if the second argument is always going to be a string,06:01
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:mrevell] : Launchpad users and developers | Next developer meeting: Thu 22nd Feb 2007, 1200UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
niemeyerbut I guess that's probably the case on launchpad06:01
cprovkiko: sure, around 16:00, as usual ?06:01
kikosure y not06:02
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cbx33hi all I'm trying to submit a branch06:30
cbx33to LP06:30
cbx33but I keep getting the message permission Denid (publickey)06:30
LarstiQthe ssh key of the user you connect to launchpad to is registered in launchpad?06:32
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jameshcbx33: does your launchpad username differ from your local username?06:35
cbx33and i used the format06:35
ddaathe format?06:35
cbx33bzr push --create-prefix sftp://petesavage@bazaar.launchpad.net/~petesavage/phimage/phimage-devel06:35
cbx33ahh ddaa just reading your blog06:36
cbx33to try to help me06:36
cbx33but i keep getting permission denied06:36
ddaacbx33: what is your home page on launchpad?06:36
jamesh--create-prefix is not necessary06:36
ddaanot necessary, but does not hurt06:36
cbx33oh hang on06:37
cbx33lemme try this06:37
jameshcbx33: you could try running "sftp -v petesavage@bazaar.launchpad.net" and see if the debug output gives any clues06:38
ddaacbx33: my bet is that the ssh key on your current workstation is different from the ssh key you registered on launchpad06:38
cbx33got it06:38
ddaaotherwise, everything appears in order06:38
cbx33yes you are correct06:38
ddaaglad to be your teddy bear06:39
cbx33thanks dude06:39
ddaacbx33: note that LarstiQ used his psychic powers and asked you the question at first06:39
cbx33well the keuy was registeder06:40
cbx33and i check the first 10 chars06:40
cbx33but silly me06:40
cbx33that wasn't enough for ssh06:40
ddaaLarstiQ: what about asking a bot to help people using sftp on launchpad?06:43
ddaalooks like a simple implementation of the question game and a little bit of pattern matching should do it very well06:43
LarstiQI usually manage for people in here or on #bzr, for the rest such a bot won't help much06:44
LarstiQunless you run it via the launchpad web interface?06:44
ddaabah... why not, if you feel like writing a JS bot :)06:45
ddaa"Ask your Arthur, our artificial intelligence, to help you upload branches to Launchpad"06:45
ddaas/Ask your/Ask /06:46
LarstiQddaa: perhaps we could do something about the error people get, suggesting a common solution06:49
ddaamost of the time, the error is in the ssh handshake06:49
ddaaso I guess that the server cannot really do anything06:50
ddaamaybe bzr itself could trying being smart when using sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net urls...06:50
ddaasuch as "you did not specify a user name. Make sure your local user name is the same as your launchpad user name, or that you have set ~/.ssh/config appropriately"06:51
ddaawell... as you can see the "hints" can become long very quick06:52
ddaaI guess we could indeed use more informative error messages...06:52
ddaamaybe the sftp auth code on the server could actually be better06:53
ddaa"No such Launchpad account: foo"06:53
ddaa"Launchpad user does not have a registered ssh key: foo"06:53
ddaa"You ssh key does not match any key registered for Launchpad user 'foo'"06:54
ddaaprobably with an url to the person page...06:54
ddaaThen there are the easier ones06:54
ddaa"You cannot write to branch ~foo/bar/baz because you are not foo"06:55
ddaa"You cannot write to branch ~foo/bar/baz because you are not a member of foo06:55
LarstiQsounds like a plan06:56
ddaaOf historical interest: https://launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/3322306:58
UbugtuMalone bug 33223 in launchpad-bazaar "SFTP server should give human-friendly errors for name restrictions" [Medium,Fix released]   - Assigned to Andrew Bennetts (spiv)06:58
LarstiQoh yes, I'm familiar with that one07:01
jameshddaa: I think we've got human readable messages for some things, but I don't think they get through to the client07:03
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ddaajamesh: see the bug I just mentioned07:03
ddaaI think these are new cases that are not currently supported.07:04
ddaaThen if they do not get through to the client, it's a bug in the client.07:04
ddaabut the launchpad sftp should probably be more helpful with authentication and privs than your basic openssh sftp server...07:04
ddaabug 8539207:09
UbugtuMalone bug 85392 in launchpad-bazaar "better sftp server error reporting" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8539207:09
ddaanot sure about the importance of this bug...07:09
ddaait's clearly getting in the way of people07:09
UbugtuNew bug: #85392 in launchpad-bazaar "better sftp server error reporting" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8539207:10
ddaaLarstiQ: how often do you see users asking about this on IRC?07:11
ddaaLike once a week?07:11
ddaaOnce a day?07:11
ddaaevery other minute?07:11
LarstiQO(once a week)07:11
LarstiQnot that often for wrong ssh key, lot more just different user07:12
ddaaLarstiQ: feel free to comment on the bug07:12
ddaaI'm talking from my experience07:12
LarstiQwithout actually grepping logs, my experience matches what you brought up in the bugreport07:14
ddaapresumably people would click on the url and then go click "hey, THAT's not me!"07:15
ddaathen users will start to think07:16
ddaaand the universe will collapse07:16
ddaahu... ignore that07:16
ddaaLarstiQ: what do you think of the GPLv3?07:17
ddaalet's fill the screen fast! :)07:17
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LarstiQddaa: I liked what I've seen so far07:19
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cprovkiko: sorry, I'm late. I'm leaving in a bit07:45
mdzcprov: thanks for your responsiveness on the epoch issue07:47
cprovmdz: you're welcome, but it was clearly my fault, a regression of #83976 (I deserved it !)07:51
mdzcprov: the important thing is that it was fixed promptly07:51
cprovmdz: yup07:54
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=== cprov goes to the office ...
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UbugtuNew bug: #85409 in launchpad "Membership expiration warning is sent more than once" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8540908:41
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cbx33is this good or bad :p08:49
cbx33Launchpad could not mirror this branch at 2007-02-15 17:57:12 GMT. The error was: Connection error: curl connection error (No route to host) on https://code.launchpad.net/~petesavage/+branch/tcm/trunk/.bzr/branch-format08:49
ddaacbx33: with all due respect08:50
ddaait means you have been silly08:50
ddaaor confused08:50
cbx33probably a little of both08:50
cbx33sorry ddaa08:50
ddaait means that launchpad tried to _mirror_ a branch08:50
ddaafrom itself08:50
ddaaand failed because the routing happens to not allow it08:51
cbx33i see08:51
ddaawhat did you _mean_ to achieve?08:51
cbx33i meant to add the branch to the project08:52
ddaawhat branch?08:52
cbx33can i delete a branch?08:52
ddaanot really, but you can 1. mark it as "abandoned" 2. move it to the "obsolete-junk" product08:52
cbx33why can we not delete branches?08:53
ddaabecause nobody got around to implementing it08:53
cbx33oh i see08:53
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YannigHello everybody08:54
ddaacbx33: I would like to know what you _meant_ to do08:54
ddaaand how you ended up doing this08:54
cbx33well....LP someimtes confuses me08:54
cbx33so I created the projct tcm08:54
cbx33i then created a personal branch for tcm08:55
ddaaI noticed branches likes that one in db before, but I never got hang of a user who created one to tell me why08:55
cbx33and I wanted to tie the two together08:55
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ddaacbx33: what is the launchpad page of the personal branch you created08:55
ddaaI mean, _where_ (and how) did you create it?08:56
ddaaright, and you wanted to link that branch to the "tcm" product, right?08:57
ddaavery interesting08:57
ddaait is _already_ in the tcm product08:57
ddaabut I agree that nothing on that page tells you08:58
ddaacheck the little dropdown thingy without a label just below "Actions"08:58
cbx33i can also no longer "find" my tcm project08:58
YannigAny idea when Feisty will be translatable with Rosetta?08:58
cbx33i will once I find it08:58
cbx33searching for it yeidls 0 results08:58
cbx33both tcm and thin client manager08:58
ddaacbx33: show me the url of the searches you did08:59
cbx33i got confused08:59
cbx33pojects and products08:59
ddaacbx33: I know you are confused08:59
LaserJockgoing to launchpad.net/tcm/ worked for me08:59
ddaabut I want to understand how, why and how to fix it08:59
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cbx33alright smarty pants LapTop006 08:59
cbx33LaserJock, 08:59
cbx33sorry LapTop006 08:59
ddaalaunchpad is meant _not_ to confused people, so I want to see what you are doing to understand what you expect09:00
cbx33ddaa, can i post feeback about LP beta here too?09:00
ddaayou can post feedback to the ML, why not here?09:01
ddaaas long as you do not post screenshoots...09:01
cbx33of course not09:01
cbx33well...the home link, i feel should go back to the real home...and not the home of the subsection09:01
ddaacbx33: give me page urls09:02
cbx33I got very irate about that09:02
LaserJockso the idea is that if you push a branch to ~<lpid>/<product>/<branch> it shows up on /<product/+branches/ ?09:02
cbx33the home link at the top09:02
ddaaso you are on this page09:03
ddaaand you look for your branch?09:03
cbx33well no....I am on this page and would like to go back to the front page of LP09:03
ddaacbx33: please... I would like to understand why you ended up registering this branch that points to launchpad itself...09:03
cbx33oh right ok09:04
cbx33well lets go back to that then09:04
cbx33sorry i was going off on other feedback09:04
cbx33i created the project09:04
cbx33wanted to create the "main" bzr branch09:04
cbx33for hte source09:04
ddaathis other feedback would be most welcome on the mailing list, or to mpt if you can grab him. But I'm just the code man... global UI is not really my dept.09:04
ddaacbx33: url of the "project" you created?09:05
cbx33now although trunk was there 09:05
cbx33it was showing as not scanned yet09:06
ddaaso you did "bzr push" to create this branch09:06
ddaachecked the page on launchpad, that is09:06
ddaaand saw it was "not scanned yet"09:06
cbx33right !09:06
cbx33so i saw that was not scanned09:07
cbx33but then the tcm trunk branch showed nothing to say it was linked inany way09:07
cbx33so icreated main in tcm and linked it to my branch09:07
ddaaso, you see the orange square on the right hand side with "Subscribe" written in it?09:08
ddaaon the left hand side09:08
cbx33on which page?09:08
cbx33oh yes09:08
cbx33got it09:08
ddaabelow it, there is a grey bar with no text and a little downwards pointing triangle09:09
ddaaclick on that little grey bar09:09
cbx33got it09:09
ddaawhat do you read there?09:09
cbx33Author me, product: tcm09:10
cbx33ahhh now i remember what I was fully trying to do09:10
ddaacbx33: go on09:10
cbx33I wanted this to become https://beta.launchpad.net/tcm/trunk09:10
cbx33is that sensible?09:11
ddaaso, what did you do?09:11
cbx33i mean dose that make sense?09:11
ddaathat's a very sensible thing to do09:11
cbx33well that's when i decided that if I couoldn't "see" a way to link it09:11
cbx33i'd create one with a more demanding name09:11
cbx33like main09:11
cbx33which is where the trouble got caused09:11
=== cbx33 can feel everyone else laughing at cbx33 in this room
ddaaso you did _mean_ to have launchpad mirror itself?09:11
ddaanobody's laughing, you are being extremely helpful09:12
cbx33my mind didn't associate the link with mirroring09:12
LaserJockcbx33: don't worry Pete, I'm just as confused09:12
cbx33just with linking09:12
cbx33i know LP mirrors09:12
cbx33"I thought, if i link to a branch that is already on LP, it'll just link it"09:12
ddaacbx33: can you walk me through the steps you went through to try doing this?09:12
cbx33not mirror it09:12
ddaaokay, so you went to the tcm product09:13
ddaaand registered a branch that's already on launchpad09:13
ddaato try creating an alias09:13
cbx33now i see regiter release series09:13
ddaabecause you expected that if you created a link with a better name, you'd have an option to make it the trunk of the product?09:13
ddaacbx33: do not do this09:13
cbx33do i change the details of trunk?09:14
cbx33is that the real way to do this?09:14
ddaacbx33: bingo!09:14
cbx33so simple now I know09:14
cbx33in my mind09:14
ddaaobviously, not simple09:14
cbx33because trunk was already created....09:14
cbx33all the necessary data must have been filled in09:14
cbx33does that make sense?09:15
cbx33so i figured trunk must already be pointing to somehing09:15
ddaamakes sense09:15
ddaathe concept of "product series" in launchpad is far from intuitive09:15
cbx33i'm just one little developer09:16
cbx33all the projects I tend to work on are .....mainly just me :(09:16
cbx33so i have no real concept of all this massive project stuff09:16
LaserJockok, so what's the best way of getting rid of a product and a team? mail launchpad-users?09:17
ddaacbx33: if https://beta.launchpad.net/tcm/ showed that trunk has no VCS info set09:17
Fujitsucbx33, I'm sure you can pull in more devs for this one!09:17
ddaain the Timeline thing, do you think that would have helped?09:17
cbx33where is that?09:17
cbx33url and screen are for eyes to peek?09:17
ddaagrey block on the bottom left09:18
ddaado you think it would have helped to have something that says that it has no version control info set?09:18
ddaain this little grey block?09:18
ddaaI guess you had seen that block.09:18
cbx33yes i had09:18
cbx33and cliecked on the link09:19
ddaaOr did you infer the existence of the trunk series from something else?09:19
ddaaand it says "No revision details recorded"09:19
cbx33but had not made the link in my head that editing this would give me the chance to change what I wanted09:19
cbx33aye that it does, but my mind blurred that with...the 09:20
cbx33"this hasn't been scanned yet" to produce a similar blurry error09:20
cbx33does that make sense?09:20
cbx33perhaps a RED box09:20
cbx33oh it is red09:20
ddaaactually, I have a patch in the pipe to make it less red09:20
cbx33that obvisouly did nothing for my mind09:20
ddaaand less verbose09:20
cbx33can i make a suggestiong09:21
ddaathere's a lot of nonsense below that box09:21
ddaacbx33: please do09:21
cbx33in the red box ... instead of stating the obvious...09:21
cbx33why not have a message saying...09:21
cbx33No version control information has been added YET!, Why not add it here09:22
cbx33with a link09:22
cbx33my mind skips the grey text09:22
cbx33espcially when i started seeing SVN and CVS09:22
cbx33i was after Bazaar09:22
ddaapeople scan for blue text09:22
cbx33does that make sense?09:23
ddaathat does make a lot of sense09:23
cbx33is there an information leaflet for LP?09:23
ddaaas in something to hand over at PyCon?09:23
cbx33as in...what is a release branch09:24
cbx33what is a milestone09:24
cbx33what is a series09:24
cbx33why should i use them09:24
cbx33how should I organise my project09:24
cbx33perhaps a page with a simple 1. 2. 3. steps to staring your project in LP, and then where to go to get more detailed info09:24
cbx33granted people won't want to know all that to begin with09:25
ddaaPlease post the stuff you said starting with "information leaflet" to the launchpad-users mailing list.09:25
cbx33they can find out the basics to get started...and get started the RIGHT WAY09:25
ddaaWe've got a new doc writer in the team. And this sort of requests are very interesting.09:25
cbx33then they can get more detailed information as the go through09:25
cbx33I'd love to know how to manage my project effectively....09:25
ddaaGet your point.09:25
cbx33I just chuck a bar branch up there cos I get told to09:25
ddaaBut there are many use cases.09:25
cbx33indeed there are09:25
ddaawhy have you been told to put a branch on lp?09:26
cbx33because someone wants a place for the source to live09:26
ddaasorry to ask so many questions, but I have very little clue WTF people are using launchpad...09:26
ddaaand how they experience it09:26
cbx33taht's cool09:27
cbx33I'm working on edubuntu09:27
ddaacbx33: so you were a bzr user09:27
cbx33i use it rarely....09:27
ddaaokay, and ogra told you "hey bugger where's your code, I cannot find it on Launchpad!"09:27
cbx33i really do just fumble my way through things....09:27
cbx33wow....has ogra been talking to you hehehehe09:27
ddaaI know ogra since before he joined canonical09:28
cbx33ogra is a cool guy :)09:28
cbx33my mentor....though he'll never admit it09:28
cbx33ha ha09:28
ddaawhen he was an enthusiatic community member with a crazy plan about making a database of hardware used with ubuntu09:28
ddaayeah, we spent a lot of time chatting outside of hotels09:28
ddaahaving cigarettes09:28
cbx33well one day...I hope to work alongside you guys properly in a full time job09:28
cbx33i would love to do OSS all day09:29
cbx33the school I work at can be such a drag09:29
ddaaand a lot of time chatting through the bottom of glasses :)09:29
cbx33so ddaa mind if I ask you some questions now?09:29
ddaaah... school09:29
ddaasoooooo glad I got out of it09:29
ddaaand got to do something actually useful09:29
cbx33very soul destroying 09:29
cbx33wow...you make me feel so uch better about my job :p09:30
ddaaHa you are like, a teacher?09:30
cbx33Network Manager09:30
cbx33but I want out09:30
cbx33and fast09:30
cbx33been there almost 3 years now09:30
ddaahehe, I can understand that09:30
ddaasysadmin in a school if often not a good place to be09:30
cbx33well i get a little time to work on edubuntu09:31
cbx33but ideally i would love to work on it full time09:31
ddaaI guess having ogra as your mentor is a sensible way to try getting there.09:31
cbx33so anyway#09:32
ddaaWhat do you mean to ask me about?09:32
cbx33got time for a question or two?09:32
cbx33i want to know how people develop/build their projects, from a coding POV09:32
cbx33i use python generally09:33
ddaathat's a _very_ broad question09:33
cbx33hear me out09:33
cbx33now....I've never been taught a proper way to organise things09:33
cbx33and I sure as hell would like one09:33
cbx33so currently09:33
cbx33i tend to develop code by editing the files as they are in ther operating system....as if the pacakge were installed09:34
cbx33then pulling them all out again to pull into a bzr branch or tarball09:34
cbx33i trust thats a bad idea09:34
ddaago on09:34
cbx33so I'm hoping to gleam a way others work09:34
ddaaI see09:34
cbx33to improve my skills and performace09:35
ddaaSo there's a great thing with python09:35
ddaathat it cares very little _where_ the stuff is installed generally09:35
ddaaI guess that your application has like a script that starts with #!/usr/bin/env python or something09:36
ddaaand a number of other .py files (modules)09:36
ddaaso... a good way to organize things09:37
ddaais to have a _very_ minimal script09:37
ddaathat basically just imports some module, and calls a function in there.09:37
cbx33which is generally how i work09:38
ddaamaybe doing some other stuff, like setting sys.path, respawing python if you need a more recent version etc... but most script do not need this.09:38
cbx33just with things like images in the share directory etc09:38
cbx33some paths are hardcoded09:38
cbx33to /usr/share/something09:38
ddaaso, it's a problem of integration with your gui toolkit?09:39
ddaayou have some custom icons, and are not sure how to use them without installing them in the system?09:40
cbx33yes i suppose09:40
cbx33and glade files etc09:40
ddaacbx33: I do not have direct experience with those problems09:40
ddaabut I guess09:40
ddaathat if you look in the documentation of distutils, you'll find instruction about how to deal with auxilliary data files09:41
cbx33it's just that you know sometimes you can change things to make it work in a single tree09:41
cbx33and then when you come to pacakge up for installation you forget to tak bits out09:42
cbx33or bits are wrong09:42
cbx33and it complicates matters09:42
cbx33i will take a closer look into it09:42
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thumperddaa: morning09:42
thumpercbx33: sorry for butting in09:42
cbx33np thumper 09:42
cbx33I'm just off on a random spree09:42
cbx33just to better myself09:42
thumperddaa: truncate revision history is *much* harder with full ancestry09:43
thumperbut I think I have it#09:43
ddaathumper: yes it is :)09:43
=== cbx33 is off for a while
cbx33thanks ddaa09:43
thumperjust need to write tests to confirm expected behaviour09:43
cbx33will mail the list later09:43
ddaacbx33: you're most welcome09:43
ddaathumper: in my review mail I outline an algorithm that should work09:43
cbx33hope at least some of my feedback was helpful09:44
thumperjml and I are cross merging our branches09:44
thumperddaa: I have an algorithm that works :)09:44
ddaathumper: I look at what the two of you did yesterday09:44
cbx33maybe I'll write a book on project management for Ubuntu09:44
thumperI'd like you to look it over later09:44
ddaathumper: I am actually starting to dogpile on it myself09:44
ddaathumper: I started a branch-scanner-optim branch09:44
ddaathat will skip consistency check for things already in the history09:45
ddaathat should help a lot with import branches09:45
thumperddaa: I think that the scanner should not rely solely on sqlobject09:45
thumperas some of the branches (like, oh, python) have heaps of revisions09:45
ddaathen it should later be upgraded to use the complete-revisions stuff to skip consistency checks for things already in the ancestry09:45
thumperand we don't want to create 40000 objects in the cache09:45
thumperand looking for them one at a time is madness09:46
ddaathumper: I suggest sqlobject should go out and burn09:46
thumperddaa: anyway, I'll finish the truncate history changes, and tests, and push my branch up again09:46
ddaabut in the meantime, I think we're stuck with it, unless you can convince SteveA or lifeless to direct db access in this script.09:47
thumperI have a branch available on devpad too with the same name as jml09:47
ddaaI do not need convincing :)09:47
thumperit isn't yet listed as work in progress09:47
ddaathumper: yes, I looked at it09:47
thumperI talked with SteveA last night09:47
thumperand mentioned that I was doing direct sql in the truncate history09:47
thumperinitially he said "you shouldn't need to do that"09:47
ddaaI saw the amazingly complicated script you wrote to create about 10 rows of BranchRevision sampledata...09:47
thumperbut I think the convincing arguement is not materialising 10s of thousands of objects09:48
thumperddaa: :)09:48
thumperI'm reusing part of that for the real work09:48
ddaatsk, not tdd!09:48
thumperideas, not cut and paste09:48
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=== thumper back to work
ddaabasically, my idea of the algorithm, goes something like this09:49
ddaa1. delete all the BranchRevision for revisions no longer in the ancestry09:49
ddaa2. figure out the common mainline ancestor, and delete remaining BranchRevision after it09:50
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ddaa3. add new mainline BranchRevision after it09:50
ddaa4. add new BranchRevision that are missing (that should probably involve keeping a list of revision-ids to add, starting from the first listing of BranchRevision at the begging)09:51
thumperddaa: now I feel stupid09:52
ddaathumper: something wrong?09:52
thumperI've been doing all this purely using the information in the database09:52
thumpergiven that the branchscanner is the only thing that updates the branchrevision table and revision09:52
thumperthen we should be using bzrlib ancestry stuff09:52
thumperand I'm not09:52
ddaawell, you need to compare the info in the db with the info in the bzr branch, that's the main purpose in life for the branch scanner.09:52
thumperthat makes it shit loads simpler09:52
=== thumper feels like an arse for wasting hours last night
thumperI guess I was trying not to step on jml's toes by staying away from the scanner09:53
ddaathumper: there's certainly a use for the BranchRevisionSet thing09:54
thumperyes there is09:55
ddaafor example, that's probably what the branch-scanner would be talking to to update the db09:55
thumperbut handling complex history truncation isn't it09:55
thumperddaa: yes, I agree with the talking thing09:55
thumperI didn't like the methods living in the branch09:55
ddaaokay... looking forward to look at your new code :)09:55
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ddaahey mrevell10:05
mrevellddaa: Hi David10:05
ddaayou missed a very interesting chat with a launchpad user10:06
mrevellddaa: Ah, damn, really?10:06
ddaamrevell: between cbx33 and me. I got him to give me a retrospective "hallway usability test" of some bit of launchpad.10:07
mrevellddaa: got a transcript?10:07
ddaaand he ended up asking for some specific documentation for best practices using launchpad10:07
ddaaWill send you one.10:07
thumpermrevell: about fix it friday10:11
mrevellddaa: thanks10:11
mrevellthumper: yeah?10:12
thumpermrevell: I'm working on some critical stuff for pycon, so won't be fixing anything particular10:12
ddaamrevell: same thing for me10:12
thumperexcept working on complete branch ancestry stuff10:12
mrevellthumper: ok :)10:12
mrevellddaa: And ok too :)10:12
ddaawe're all dogpiling for the low-latency supermirror stuff10:12
ddaaand leveraging the amazing merging powers of bzr :)10:12
thumperddaa: what do you mean by dogpiling?10:12
thumperddaa: btw, I've changed my complex computational algorithm to about 20 lines in bzrsync10:13
ddaathumper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_prank#Pile-on10:13
thumperddaa: thanks10:13
thumpersort of makes sense now10:14
ddaait's probably some idiom introduced here by lifeless10:14
cbx33hey mrevell 10:15
mrevellcbx33: hey hey10:16
cbx33howz it going10:16
mrevellcbx33: Not bad - just finishing off writing my presentation for Skycon, Sunday10:16
cbx33yeh going good....10:17
cbx33managed to cock up on LP :)10:17
cbx33hence the fantastic feedback :p10:17
cbx33General Question:  can i ask, the series details....the select branch link......what should i enter for search criteria10:18
cbx33I just get null results all the time10:18
cbx33ddaa what am I supposed to put in that box to link up the trunk like we discussed10:19
ddaacbx33: you should be able to put whatever10:20
cbx33well the search turned up nothing for tcm10:20
cbx33or thin client manager10:20
cbx33I'll pu a url in there10:20
ddaalike the url of the branch page, that should work10:20
ddaaI think...10:20
ddaaokay, then the url of the branch itself10:21
cbx33Invalid value10:21
ddaathat WILL work, I know10:21
cbx33hehe ok10:21
cbx33can we claify that in the text?10:21
cbx33like give an example?10:21
ddaathe canonical value here is the branch unique name10:21
ddaalike ~savage/tcm/trunk10:22
cbx33ahh i see10:22
cbx33ok got it10:22
cbx33thanks ddaa10:22
ddaamrevell: sent10:23
ddaacbx33: actually it should all work better... like you should definitely be able to paste the url of a launchpad page10:24
ddaano help text...10:24
cbx33the search is .... sorry....useless10:24
ddaavery useless10:25
cbx33is there any chance of a generic search box?10:26
ddaadunno... I'd love it too...10:27
cbx33so it searches everything10:27
ddaacbx33: some people use google to search launchpad10:27
ddaalaunchpad is very google-friendy10:27
LaserJockmrevell: got a sec?10:30
jameshcbx33: there is plans for more global search features in the new LP user interface10:30
jameshcbx33: I am not sure how developed the back end code is10:30
mrevellhey, cbx33, LaserJock - sorry guys, I got into a conversation in RL :)10:32
mrevellcbx, LaserJock: Is it okay if I catch up with you tomorrow>10:32
mrevell:) Thanks10:32
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UbugtuNew bug: #85432 in launchpad "Deactivated products and projects show up in search results and can be traversed" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8543210:50
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UbugtuNew bug: #85433 in launchpad "Deactivated products and projects can be traversed" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8543311:00
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mptGoooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!11:30
LaserJockhola mpt 11:33
mptddaa, I've just been reading your discussion with cbx33 11:39
ddaampt: listening11:39
mptI'm not sure that I understand it11:40
mptbut it looks like one ambulance at the bottom of the cliff would be for when you try to register a branch that's hosted on launchpad.net, Launchpad to say "waaaaaait a minute, I already know about that one"11:40
LarstiQis that about mirroring launchpad hosted branches?11:42
ddaaLarstiQ: something like this11:42
ddaampt: there are severals bugs here11:42
ddaampt: one bug is the latency of supermirror-hosted branches11:43
ddaaleading the user to see the "branch has not been scanned yet"11:43
ddaaanother bug is the look of the series page when there are no VCS details11:44
ddaathe red stuff is too prominent, has no link in it to fix easily11:44
mptred stuff?11:44
ddaaand is followed by some gibberish starting with mentions of CVS or SVN11:45
ddaaand no mention of bzr11:45
ddaaI actually have a branch in the pipe to fix that somewhere11:45
ddaaah yes, that's the hct-cleanup thing11:45
ddaathat I needed to rewrite after lifeless asked me not to delete some page11:46
ddaashould look at it again11:46
LarstiQddaa: it is something else I see more frequently than I'd expect11:46
mptddaa, it seems like another problem was that there was no way to make an existing series the trunk.11:46
ddaanot really11:46
ddaathe problem was just that the eyes of the user just glazed over this stuff11:47
ddaaand thought it was an error with already entered vcs data11:47
ddaaso he thought "ha there's already a series there, I need to create another one for me"11:47
ddaaor something like that...11:48
mptWhat is the rationale for creating a dummy trunk in the first place?11:48
ddaaanother problem, is that there is no way to assign the branch to a productseries from the branch page11:48
ddaaand also, in the beta UI, the link between a branch and the product is hidden in collapsed portlet that has no title11:49
ddaaso you REALLY have to know it's there to find any clue that this branch is in this product11:49
ddaaactually, I think we should move branch pages to be under product instead of being under person11:49
mptthat would be great11:49
ddaaputting it under person was a silly idea for which I take full blame.11:49
ddaaand FINALLY11:50
lifelesswhat about branches for distros11:50
ddaathere's the known problem that launchpad allow user to enter such nonsensical data as branch url11:50
ddaalifeless: yes, what about them?11:50
ddaalifeless: last time we talked about it, you said we should not do it before <some undeterminate future thing> was supported11:51
mptMark mentioned to me once that he thought a distro's Code facet should show its packages11:51
ddaalifeless: don't troll me about distro branches11:51
mptI didn't know there was such a thing as distribution branches11:51
ddaampt: there is not11:51
ddaaand it's a problem11:51
lifelessmpt: theres a branch around somewhere that adds them11:51
lifelessits a TODO11:52
mptfor derivation purposes?11:52
lifelessso product branches11:52
lifelessthats fine11:52
ddaampt: I'd be glad if you could be so helpful as filing bugs for those various problems11:52
ddaaon launchpad-bazaar11:52
lifelessbut https://beta.launchpad.net/subunit/trunk has no link to code11:52
lifelesswhich is confusing, as it has at least one branch associated with it11:52
ddaasome of them are probably already filed, but I'll check for dups later11:52
lifelessmpt: no, for development purposes11:53
ddaampt: it's just that I'm going to bed soon, and I'll forgot about this discussion tomorrow11:53
lifelessmpt: have you seen the ubuntu PackagesInBzr page ?11:53
=== mpt reads
mpt"This page does not exist yet"11:54
lifelessone sec11:54
lifelessfinding the right name11:54
ddaanever heard of this page before11:56
ddaashould read the pages it links to later11:57
ddaait is sort of HIGHLY relevant to my work...11:57
=== mpt daydreams about PQM automatically blocking any branch that contains the word "following" in UI text
lifelessmpt: add a test for that11:59
mptWhat's "grep" in python? :-)11:59
ddaaand send it as [trivial]  ;)11:59
lifelessmpt: subprocess.Subprocess(['grep', '...'] ).communicate()11:59
ddaagah! subprocess.call!12:00
lifelessmpt: (thats the cheapest way, you can get more elegant12:00
lifelessddaa: or that12:00
ddaanot subprocess.Subprocess.communicate!12:00
mpte.g. "The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this product series:" (before branch) -> "This is the mainline branch for the series." (after branch)12:00
lifelessddaa: but call does not give the output12:00
lifelessddaa: a failing test like this has to give the output12:00
=== lifeless pokes his tongue out at ddaa
ddaatoo late here to troll with you12:01
mpt>>> "the following" in *12:02
cbx33nn guys12:06
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