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saispocjwatson: if i want auto partitioning and auto detecting first hard drive, i must backport only partman-auto ?11:48
saispook, will test this11:55
saispothks :)11:56
CIA-4ubiquity: cjwatson * r1871 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/gtkui.py):11:59
CIA-4ubiquity: * New partitioner:11:59
CIA-4ubiquity:  - Fix edit dialog not to try to resize partitions even if the resize11:59
CIA-4ubiquity:  spinbutton was left untouched (LP: #85227).11:59
CIA-4ubiquity: cjwatson * r1872 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/validation.py): * Fix crash if multiple newworld boot partitions are present (LP: #84429).12:08
CIA-4ubiquity: cjwatson * r1873 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/gtkui.py):12:45
CIA-4ubiquity: * GTK frontend:12:45
CIA-4ubiquity:  - Fix backup from user information page if migration-assistant is not12:45
CIA-4ubiquity:  active.12:45
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poningruin the email after inclusion into main evand mentions the goals of the MA, how much of that is done?01:11
cjwatsonthe things that Evan mentions in the present tense are done01:32
cjwatsonseems pretty self-explanatory to me ...01:32
cjwatsonah, I guess he didn't go into very much detail, actually01:33
cjwatsonapt-get source migration-assistant and have a look :-)01:33
=== poningru no have feisty :(
poningruflood alert01:35
poningruerr nm01:35
poningruhold on01:35
cjwatsonfetch it by hand from archive.ubuntu.com then.01:35
poningrucan you look at that and say if thats ok for todays release notes01:36
cjwatsonah, I see, that's what you're doing01:36
cjwatsonok, for that sort of detail, best wait until evand is awake01:36
poningruI also need evand's permission for that01:36
poningruyeah I have to get his permission since I basically copied his words01:36
cjwatsonyou definitely need to note that you need to run 'ubiquity --migration-assistant' to try this out - it's not on by default01:37
poningruyeah I put that on the next section hehe01:37
cjwatsonok. s/normaly/normally/01:38
poningruyeah havent done proofreading yet01:39
cjwatsonand backup => back up, IMO01:39
poningru:) thanks01:39
cjwatson(I use backup as a noun, but back up as a verb - go figure)01:39
poningruyeah I think thats the grammatically correct method01:41
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CIA-4ubiquity: cjwatson * r1874 ubiquity/ (4 files in 3 dirs): * Fill in a default username based on the user's full name (LP: #84550).02:27
evandponingru: looks good to me02:31
poningruevand: awesome thanks man02:32
poningruyeah I just kinda stole your email :)02:32
poningruhope thats ok02:32
evandnot a problem at all02:32
evandcan you put a note in there about bug reports being very welcome at this point?02:33
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securebootcan anyone point me towards how to put an installer on a  usb flash drive?03:13
securebootI've got the .iso... how do i then install from usb?03:13
cjwatsonsecureboot: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/boot-usb-files.html04:21
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evandcjwatson: are you aware of a bug where the installer produces a failed assertion (state[0]  == 'partman/active_partition') whenever there is a single NTFS partition on the drive?05:35
evandI tried to find an existing report for it, but came up empty.  I just can't imagine this not being filed yet.05:35
cjwatsonwhat version?05:35
evandshould be the most recent, one second05:36
cjwatsonsounds like bug 84597, which I fixed yesterday05:36
cjwatson(fixed> ubiquity 1.3.21)05:37
evandit was yesterday's ISO, but I will check against 1.3.21, thanks.05:38
cjwatsonthe problem was that the weird inheritance of Partman from PartmanAuto meant that the new-partitioner code was wrongly kicking in while the autopartitioning code was seeing if it could auto-resize05:38
evandthese gzipped files don't make searching through malone very easy05:38
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cjwatsonso the last installer you used before this was dapper?07:49
victory747for myself, yes07:49
victory747i've helped others, though.  but sometimes it's from scratch and that's not so hard07:49
victory747it's when there is existing lvm, and no one usually has that07:49
cjwatsonok, that helps me for comparison purposes07:50
victory747i usually don't dist-upgrade because my system us usually a disaster by that time so a fresh install is usually needed07:50
victory747(plus it cleans out the root-kits that may be there! :) )07:50
victory747i just hosed my edgy system, so thougth i would try feisty, that's why i am doing this07:51
victory747ok, i think i understand what's going on.  i'll make a note as to why it is confusing when LVM already exists.07:51
victory747then you guys can think about something that may make it easier07:52
victory747have the help files frozen already?07:52
victory747i should look at the timeline07:52
cjwatsonI'm not changing the help files if I can possibly avoid it07:53
cjwatsonthey're not strictly frozen, but I have always tried really really hard not to change those in Ubuntu07:53
victory747oh, since they come from debian?07:54
victory747maybe everyone who uses LVM already knows all the command line stuff so doesn't care07:54
cjwatsonand since changing them involves a delta to 56 other files which is a pain to deal with07:54
victory747crazy - nothing is simple, is it!07:55
cjwatsonit would be if everyone spoke English ;-)07:56
victory747Well, I live in China usually and it's even worse there with Linux support.07:56
victory747so I'm a big fan of localization07:57
victory747ok, i'll fill out the bug report, and you can think about how to proceed07:58
victory747hey, this is similar to bug 3921108:02
victory747hey, how do I know when I set "use as" to "physical volume for LVM" that it won't erase everything already on there?08:11
victory747Ok, I have an idea.  If the installer knew it was LVM already, it could tag it as such, and then going into "Configure the Logical Volume Manager" would not have to write to the disk (since no changes were made).08:17
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cjwatsonvictory747: it is indeed supposed to tag it as such without you needing to do so10:24
cjwatsonit's a bug that it doesn't10:24
cjwatsonvictory747: /var/log/partman from the running installer may help me track down why it doesn't10:25
victory747will it still be on my system?10:25
victory747or should I run the installer again?10:25
victory747want me to email it to you or something?10:26

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