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Admiral_Chicagotsmithe: did your cloak save?12:44
tsmithei still have it...12:44
=== tsmithe twirls in his cloak
Admiral_Chicagooh i see.12:45
tsmithewhy didn't yours?12:47
tsmitheare you identified?12:47
Admiral_Chicagoi'm identifying incorrectly apparently12:48
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tsmithe/msg nickserv identify <password> damnit!12:51
Admiral_Chicagoi am identified, not sure what the deal is12:53
tsmitheping Seveas?12:54
Admiral_Chicagojenda cloaked us12:54
tsmithehe did12:54
tsmithehe's not here ;)12:54
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Admiral_Chicagotsmithe: nope, not working.01:47
tsmithei'm going to sleep now01:48
tsmithehope you get it figured01:48
Admiral_Chicagochanserv went down and used the backup of 4 hours. maybe that was it01:48
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Admiral_Chicagoerr ignore me04:56
MadpilotMemo to Admiral_Chicago: This is not actually your terminal window ;)04:58
crimsunif he's using emacs it is ;)04:59
Madpilotif he's using emacs, then emacs is his entire OS, isn't it?05:01
Admiral_Chicagoirssi actually. i tried to do /n but i fumbled it.05:02
sidelkbuntu: Can you put the raw data on a httpd somewhere? I'll just GNUplot it myself if that's ok06:19
elkbuntusid, it doesnt work with gnuplot. this is the problem and reason why it is taking so long06:20
sidI'll find a way, once I have the raw data I'll be able to input it into GNUplot somehow06:20
Madpilotbrute force?06:21
sidMadpilot: sure?06:26
Madpilotsorry, I'm just in a surreal, non-helpful mood this evening... with my current workweek, tonight is Friday night for me...06:26
elkbuntusid, additionally, i have not appreciated being practically stalked through here, -devel, or -meeting the past few months. because of this i would not be able to trust you with the data.06:28
sidelkbuntu: I'm not stalking you, I ask once every month or two? I'm just curious where the data is. thousands of community members took the poll and the results could be useful to many people.06:29
sidIt's just adding up numbers and plotting them, it seems very easy to me. I've used GNUplot before, if I had the raw data I could have it plotted in 10 minutes.06:30
elkbuntusid, drop it. please.06:30
sidAnd trust me with the data... what am I going to do with the community's poll results.. show it to them?06:30
elkbuntusid, claim it as your own work, for all i know. and as far as I know, you're not even a member of this team.06:31
elkbuntu(since you're hidden behind tor)06:33
sidI'm not hidden behind tor, this was just a vhost assigned to me by lilo for being a "trusted" tor user. But if I use tor or not, it still shows up as this hostmask.06:35
sidSo channel operators can ban *!*@gateway/*tor* and the "trusted" tor users won't be affected by these tor bans. channel operators would have to explicited ban each individual trusted tor user, although typically trusted tor users are presumed to be well behaved on irc I would assume.06:38
elkbuntuwell, until feisty is out, the surveys are not overdue06:41
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=== elkbuntu hugs tonyyarusso
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: hi!06:44
tonyyarussoOh, various stuff.06:45
tonyyarussoMeeting already finished I take it..06:45
elkbuntuhasnt even started yet. seveas is mia06:45
=== tonyyarusso sticks around then
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Kagoucan someone tell me address for gobby ?07:47
tonyyarussoKagou: Last I heard, it was ubuntu.juliux.de, but that may have changed.07:48
Kagouthnx tonyyarusso 07:48
Kagoumay be with the password if any07:49
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KenSentMejenda: ping01:45
jendaKenSentMe: pong02:12
jendafor a few :)02:12
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=== jenda pokes KenSentMe
=== KenSentMe is here
jendaRight, so you mentioned the Ubuntu Magazine...02:16
KenSentMejenda: yes02:16
KenSentMeThe Ubuntu-nl team has come up with the plan to make a dutch Ubuntu Magazine 02:16
jendaThat's neat...02:16
KenSentMe4 times a year, starting with the feisty release02:16
jendaNow why didn't the Ubuntu Magazine ever start?02:17
jendaI think it was partly because of lack of interest... partly because the leader left because she left it wasn't appreciated...02:17
jendait wasn't appreciated... because some people said it was redundant to the UWN and the fridge...02:17
KenSentMeI also we couldn't agree on the topics of the magazine02:17
KenSentMeyou're right02:18
jendaKenSentMe: what will this dutch one contain, as opposed to the UWN and the Fridge?02:18
poningruKenSentMe: one of the things that was suggested at that time was02:20
KenSentMeThe current plan (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NlUbuntuMagazine/Inhoud , in dutch) contains 4 pages of Ubuntu-nl news, 4 pages about the new release or news about all sorts of Ubuntu stuff and a preview of the next release, 12 pages of articles and workshops, 2 games and 2 pages of shorter tips & tricks02:20
poningrua compilation/bestoff02:20
poningruof UWN &// Fridge02:20
KenSentMeThe main idea of the magazine is to inform people about Ubuntu, but also to inspire people into using software that they wouldn't normally use.02:21
KenSentMeLike, hey, i didn't know it was that easy to install my own webserver02:21
jendaok, cool...02:21
jendashould it be printed, or online?02:22
KenSentMeThere is lots of information on the wiki and forums, but you have to search for it. We want to give people some ideas about the possibilities of Ubuntu02:22
KenSentMejenda: for now in pdf02:22
KenSentMeAlthough there have been thoughts of printing it, but we first have to make sure the first actually comes out02:23
jendawe're actually planning a similar project in html in Czech.02:23
KenSentMejenda: really?02:23
jendabasically - users writing howtos and tips for other users...02:24
jendanot official/wiki style, but more author-reader style...02:24
KenSentMeMy idea is, if our project succeeds, to make it possible to translate the magazine into other languages02:24
jendait would be a real-time, revolving thing, not a scheduled mag, really.02:24
jendayes, that would be great.02:24
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jendaor, at least - inspire similar projects in other languages.02:25
KenSentMeThat's why i wanted to inform you02:25
jendaKenSentMe: we should certainly keep track of all similar projects, so other locos can get themselves inspired and choose what they like best...02:25
jendathx ;)02:25
KenSentMeI will be the so called 'chief-editor', so you can contact me if you want to know something about the project02:26
KenSentMeAnd i will inform you when the first issue is about to come out02:26
jendacool :) thank you, I will probably want to know more once I come back from me travels... ;)02:27
KenSentMeThere seem to be a lot of people who want to contribute. Last night we had a meeting with 17 people on irc02:27
jendawow, nice.02:27
KenSentMeSo let's make this project a test case for an international magazine maybe?02:28
KenSentMejenda: where are you travelling to btw?02:29
KenSentMejenda: ah, nice02:29
KenSentMeFor how long?02:29
jendayes, I'll be very interested in how the project works out locally...02:29
jendafor a month.02:30
KenSentMeWe had a live-meeting in january and seeing and talking to other people in person helps making something together02:31
KenSentMeBut i'll keep you and the rest of the mt informed on the progress02:32
jendacool, thanks :)02:32
jendawe just had a live meeting on sunday.02:32
KenSentMeIn czech?02:35
=== rohan [n=Rohan@unaffiliated/rohan] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
rohanwhat is the notice there ? can i see a rough draft or something ?02:36
KenSentMerohan: it probably means the page is being created in a program called gobby, where a lot of people can work on the same document02:37
rohanok, how can i see the page then ? am i allowed to join in ?02:37
KenSentMerohan: that's not up to me to answer02:38
rohanthanks 02:38
KenSentMeMaybe jenda knows?02:38
=== n2diy [n=darryl@ppp-42d4280e.wlks.losch.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaKenSentMe: yes, in Czech...02:40
jendarohan: yes, you're certainly allowed to join in... lemme see what's up with that.02:40
rohangreat :)02:40
jendaponingru should know...02:41
=== jenda yells at poningru ;)
poningruoh blargh?02:41
=== rohan too :D
poningruI just put it back on the wiki02:41
poningruafter pulling an all nighter on it02:42
=== poningru is adding screenshots
poningrubut there are those three sections under gnome that someone still needs to write02:43
poningruand proof read02:43
rohanah, i see it n ow poningru 02:43
rohanponingru: isn't the kernel VMI section repeated from herd3 ?02:45
poningruno Herd3 was paravirt for a different tech02:46
poningruwhich was actually opensource02:46
poningruthis is VMI from vmware02:46
rohan"Feisty's kernel also includes VMware's VMI layer. This is may also not make the final release." -> from herd302:46
poningruwell this is open source as well02:47
poningruoh blargh?02:47
=== poningru looks
rohani guess it can be seen as herd3 saying "it might be there" and herd4 confirming "it is there" in final release02:47
poningruyeah true that02:48
poningrusee I dont wanna take that out cause ben put it there02:48
rohanoh, ok02:48
rohanwhat time is ubuntu herd4 scheduled to be released ?02:49
poningrurohan: today... no time02:50
rohanbut here, today as in "thursday" is almost ending02:51
poningruah... yeah last time it wasnt until end of the day in the US02:51
rohanoh, ok02:51
rohangreat, can't wait :)02:51
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poningruping everyone04:16
poningrucan someone finish up on the page?04:16
poningruthe three things need done04:16
poningruunder gnome04:17
poningruand just need to be spell checked and read over for grammatical errors04:17
poningrutsmithe, jenda, juliux, MenZa, elkbuntu04:18
poningruI need some sleep04:18
=== tsmithe hides
tsmithe(should read before pong)04:19
tsmitheponingru, good job btw04:19
=== tsmithe will do the remainder
tsmithenot gonna use gobby unless someone wants me to04:21
jendaponingru: great work, thanks :)04:27
jendabut I'll pass ;)04:28
=== jenda hides
=== jenda blushes in shame
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tsmithejenda, ping04:43
jendatsmithe: pong04:44
=== jenda waves at MitchM
MitchMhey jenda :)04:44
MitchMhow fares it?04:45
tsmitheif an update detailed on the herd4 page is just brief bug-fixes, shall i leave it out?04:45
jendaGreat :)04:45
jendatsmithe: no idea04:45
jendaponingru is teh mann04:45
tsmitheponingru, you still around?04:45
=== tsmithe is leaving it out
tsmitheor i could put 1 sentence in04:46
=== tsmithe is leaving it out
tsmitheit sounds stupid04:47
tsmithesame with nautilus04:48
tsmithejenda, done04:51
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lotusleafaccording to an eBay search for Obey Ubuntu, it looks like several motivated individuals have already put forth the effort to make roughcut tshirts! lol awesome06:30
lotusleafI liked the way jenda had it originally detailed but I don't know if he's doing that anymore ;_;06:31
=== jenda [n=jenda@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
lotusleafjenda: wb jenda06:32
jendabut :(06:33
lotusleaf:( ?06:34
lotusleafjenda: someone has made roughcut ubuntu tshirts on ebay06:34
lotusleafjenda: I liked your design better though06:34
jenda( :( because of my connection)06:35
lotusleafI don't care for the way the guy did it with the large design on the front06:36
lotusleafI liked how you had the small logo on the front left and the large on the back06:36
jendasome people told me the reverse ;)06:36
lotusleafoh? large on front and small on back?06:36
lotusleafwish I knew more about tshirt making ;)06:37
lotusleafcourse with the dollar taking a dive there are probably better places to produce them06:38
jendawell, there was one person who said it looked too businessy06:38
jendathat the big picture up front was what they wanted on casual shirts 06:38
lotusleafwell I could see how it could convey such an air06:38
jendait's good that someone picked it up, though :)06:38
lotusleafbut I'd rather buy from jenda's factory design ;)06:38
jendahehe :)06:39
lotusleafyou got new case stickers ?06:39
jendaoh yes06:39
lotusleafcool, did you make a digg post about it?06:39
lotusleafperhaps we can get a digg article on your new stickers to the front06:39
jendaWell, since I'm leaving for a month now, it wouldn't really be kosher...06:40
jendaimagine the amount of emails ;)06:40
jendaBut once I come back, I might think of it :)06:40
lotusleafdo it and let everyone know so they can digg it06:40
jendaI prefer spamming main Ubuntu media, though ;)06:40
lotusleafevery little bit of press helps06:41
jendahehe :)06:41
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poningruI am sooo passed out11:16
poningrutsmithe: thanks for finishing up the page :)11:16
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