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dungodungwell, I won't miss much... I'm an op on a minor, peripheral channel01:32
Hobbsee@schedule sydney01:33
UbugtuSchedule for Australia/Sydney: 15 Feb 16:00: IRC Operators | 16 Feb 08:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 18 Feb 02:00: Xubuntu | 21 Feb 23:00: Edubuntu | 23 Feb 03:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 25 Feb 04:00: Ubuntu US LoCo Team Mentor01:33
=== Hobbsee thought that was over by now
Hobbseeoh, 4pm....01:34
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beuno@Buenos Aires02:48
beunonow, how did that work..02:49
dungodung|sleep@schedule Buenos Aires02:49
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beunothank you very much dungodung|sleep02:49
dungodung|sleepnp. sleep now02:50
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elkbuntucan i request we wait 5 mins please. i've only just got home and i need to get a drink06:01
Hobbseeelkbuntu: sure.  until Seveas actually materializes, we cant do much anyway06:02
elkbuntuthis is true06:02
mneptokwe could start the dumming and watch fires.06:05
mneptokwell, "duwwing," too.06:06
=== Hobbsee sets mneptok on fire, to start with
MadpilotI see that mneptok is using his Keyboard of Incoherency this evening. That'll make the meeting more interesting.06:06
Hobbseedoesnt he always, though?06:07
Madpilotsometimes he's just pasting song lyrics06:07
ajmitchoh there's a meeting06:07
=== ajmitch had better go back to lurking
mneptoksorry. the "keyboard of incoherency" was actually "keyboard with a penny in it"06:10
Madpilotajmitch, eventually it will be a meeting. Currently it's just overflow from the den of insanity that is #ubuntu-ops06:10
=== Hobbsee attacks Madpilot with the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=== Madpilot thanks Hobbsee for proving his point about insanity.
ajmitchMadpilot: that's ok, I used to lurk in there as well06:11
mneptokHobbsee: when are you putting that stick under a CC license?06:11
Madpilotoh, and I'll thank the Academy, too. Apparently it's the done thing.06:11
Hobbseemneptok: godo question06:12
Madpilotit's LPSoD licensed, isn't it?06:12
ajmitchsigh, licence proliferation06:13
mneptokyou were just attacked with a trademarked stick06:13
MadpilotLPSoDL - the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM License06:14
Madpilotwe're spamming -meeting, aren't we?06:16
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sidelkbuntu: Did those poll results ever go public?06:17
elkbuntusid, not yet. this is not an appropriate place to discuss it either06:18
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Jucatooops sorry06:48
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dungodungso it wasn't a big meeting, I see11:20
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tsmitheboredandblogging, hi. what's your blog address, then?03:16
=== tsmithe is testing his new blog crawler
boredandbloggingnothing worthwhile though, lol03:16
=== tsmithe doesn't care
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mdzgood evening09:46
=== brottman [n=brianr@vpn.beenegarter.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ajmitchhi mdz09:46
ajmitchdevel team meeting, is it?09:47
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UbugtuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 15 2007, 20:48:40 - Next meeting: Ubuntu Development Team in 11 minutes09:48
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:Ubugtu] : Current meeting: Ubuntu Development Team | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 17 Feb 15:00 UTC: Xubuntu | 21 Feb 12:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 22 Feb 16:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 24 Feb 17:00 UTC: Ubuntu US LoCo Team Mentor | 25 Feb 17:00 UTC: LoCo Team
mdzajmitch: yes09:51
=== philwyett [n=philwyet@bb-87-81-146-45.ukonline.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdzroll call09:52
_kylebatman! er. nope, just me.09:53
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
_kyle(connected xchat since my ssh is all laggy)09:53
kwwiihowdy all09:53
mdzcjwatson,heno,doko,BenC,pkl,asac,tkamppeter,Keybuk,pitti,fabbione,tfheen,iwj,ogra: ping09:55
=== ogra waves
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cjwatsonhere, just making coffee09:57
mdzBenC: is pkl around?09:58
=== iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
BenCmdz: checking09:59
BenCcjwatson: coffee, sounds good09:59
mdzcjwatson: expecting till?09:59
mdzfabbione: ping09:59
BenChe's coming10:00
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mdzok, moving along10:00
mdzrtg: you started last week, but this is your first weekly meeting. welcome!10:01
=== keescook [n=kees@ubuntu/member/keescook] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
asacrtg: hi!10:01
=== brottman [n=brianr@vpn.beenegarter.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Riddellhi rtg10:01
pittihello rtg!10:01
fabbionesorry i am late10:01
mdzrtg is Tim Gardner, who I believe remains the newest addition to the kernel team10:01
ograhey rtg10:02
mdzagenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelTeamMeeting2007021510:02
mdzany last-minute additions?10:02
cjwatsonmdz: Till didn't say he wasn't coming10:02
mdzok, moving right along10:03
mdzpitti: you're up10:03
pittiDo we want to use XSBC-Original-Maintainer (which works, modulo the small bug fix that is already prepared), or teach dpkg about a proper 'Original-Maintainer:' field?10:03
mdzthere was some discussion about this by mail10:03
pittiso, the point is, XSBC- looks ugly, but works10:03
iwjWe should use XSBC- for at least the next while, as I say.10:04
pittithe .debs, .dsc etc. have Original-Maintainer, so for users it's fine10:04
tfheenadding the field is trivial, but I don't know if Debian will take it.10:04
iwjWell, let's offer them the patch and if and when they take it and it's widely deployed we can switch to it.10:04
pittiso the effect won't change if we later teach dpkg about the new field10:04
tfheeniwj: why?  If we actually think it's a good idea, we should just go with O-M, IMO.10:04
iwjThere's no harm of XSBC- in the meantime except that it's slightly ugly.10:04
iwjtfheen: Because people often run source-processing tools not on the distrorelease.10:04
=== pitti agrees to iwj here, especially if we have tool support for making these changes
iwj... that they are intended for.10:05
iwjI said all this by email ...10:05
cjwatsonwhere was this e-mail conversation?10:05
tfheendistro-team@, iirc10:05
pittireplies to my activity report10:05
cjwatsonah, yes10:05
iwjShould it have been in ubuntu-devel ?10:05
cjwatsonOTOH, failing to use XSBC- only has the consequence of an ugly error message, not build failures, IIRC10:06
tfheencjwatson: correct.10:06
mdziwj: yes10:06
iwjmdz: OK10:06
pitticjwatson: and that the field doesn't actually appear in the debs/dsc?10:06
tfheeniwj: then I say we can just add it to our dpkg and those who don't use our dpkg can use XSBC-.10:06
cjwatsonpitti: sure, but whatever10:06
iwjcjwatson: Err, using O-M when the tool doesn't support it means the field gets lost.10:06
pitticjwatson: but that'd miss the point?10:06
cjwatsoniwj: does that actually matter?10:06
cjwatsonall we've promised to do is have it in our archive10:06
iwjtfheen: But the question is _what do we put in our packages_, which other people besides us touch too.10:06
tfheenpitti: the debs will be fine as they're built on the autobuilder.10:06
mdzthere's no reason to use O-M in Debian10:07
pittiright, just .dsc10:07
cjwatsonit makes no technical difference to the package10:07
iwjcjwatson: All universe maintainers are now to be forbidden from running dpkg-foobarpackage other than on feisty ?10:07
cjwatsonoh, that's true, it would make a difference to the .dsc10:07
cjwatsonin that case I agree with Ian10:07
mdziwj: do you develop on Feisty?10:07
iwjmdz: Yes, but I run dpkg-signchanges on sarge.10:07
tfheensignchanges is irrelevant; -gencontrol is the interesting one.10:08
iwjtfheen: Yes, but this is turning into a complex set of rules that everyone has to get right.10:08
cjwatsonI have in the past built Ubuntu source packages on Debian (quite regularly) and I see no reason why we should break that10:08
iwjXSBC- just works and we should use it.10:08
tfheenexcept it doesn't work correctly due to a bug?10:08
iwjWhat cjwatson said.  Sometimes I don't have a feisty install to hand.10:08
pittitfheen: I have fixed that in my pending upload10:09
iwjtfheen: The bug we can get fixed in etch even probably.10:09
pittiwell, cjwatson did the fix10:09
tfheenpitti: oh sure, but the "you can't build packages on !feisty" argument applies until it actually is in other stable releases.10:09
pittitfheen: but the bug is irrelevant mostly, it only affects propagation to .debs, not to .dsc10:09
tfheen"can't" here meaning "will not have a 100% compliant .dsc", nothing will actually break.10:10
pittitfheen: irrelevant for building source packages, that is10:10
iwjAnd why oh why oh why are we having this argument by IRC ??  IRC is a terrible medium for arguments.10:10
tfheenpitti: oh, ok.10:10
=== pitti actually prefers discussing stuff synchronously
=== ogra too
=== tfheen prefers IRC over email any day.
cjwatsonI'm not hearing serious objections to XSBC-10:10
pittiI'm still in favour of eventually supporting O-M, but that's something for later10:11
cjwatsonso I think we should do that and move on to the next of the several items on the agenda10:11
=== jbailey [n=jbailey@modemcable178.77-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
cjwatsonpitti: sure10:11
iwjpitti: Yes.10:11
cjwatson* Can we find a sane method that dch can use to tell apart main from universe packages? If so, we could add an automatic change of [Original-] Maintainer:.10:11
cjwatsonmdz addressed that on distro-team@10:11
iwjmdz was right.10:11
pittiok, so we set it to $DEBEMAIL?10:12
pittiand warn if it's not m/ubuntu/?10:12
cjwatsonno, leave it alone10:12
Riddellpitti: or kubuntu or edubuntu...10:12
cjwatsonoften you want it to be the relevant team mailing list instead10:13
pitticjwatson: my q is about doing something if there's no O-M10:13
pittiI'm fine with fixing it manually, it's just a bit cumbersome10:13
pittiand, as doko noticed, pro/demotions will break the default ML values10:13
cjwatsonI don't think we should mess with debian/control (or even Maintainer in the .dsc) automatically. It's far too fragile.10:14
cjwatsondoko's point is valid but later on the agenda :-)10:14
pittiit's just closely coupled10:14
pittianyway, if noone is in favor of automatic changing, lets go on10:14
cjwatsonFor main packages, should we rather use ubuntu-devel-discuss@ instead of ubuntu-devel@? If so, we need to change and sign off the spec.10:15
cjwatsonaddressed on distro-team@ (yes)10:15
cjwatsonDo we need to get all packages fixed in Feisty? IOW, do we need mass-uploads or can we just slowly migrate the fields over time?10:15
pittithat's done10:15
cjwatsonalso addressed on distro-team@10:15
cjwatsonhandling of addresses where source/binary are in different pockets; CORE address for packages in universe.10:15
pittinot really10:15
Keybuksome packages built in feisty do not have equivalents in Debian10:15
cjwatsonnot really to which?10:15
pittiI'd really like to discuss the schedule here10:15
Keybukso automatic modification would be wrong in that case10:15
iwjIf we do nothing special, all the packages will be updated by feisty+1, right ?10:15
pitticjwatson: slow/quick migration10:15
pittiiwj: we need to modify debian/control, that won't happen automagically10:16
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pittiso, mdz and I had the compromise of fixing all 350-some main .debs for feisty10:16
cjwatsonI'm with mdz on this; we are way behind on our commitment and we need to get it done10:16
iwjAll of the .debs will be updated and not all of the .dscs, then ?10:16
pittiand do the source-only and universe ones with the feisty+1 merge10:17
tfheeniwj: not magically, no.  Just through churn.10:17
pittiI think that's fair10:17
pittiwe have 750 main and > 1000 universe sources which need to be modified, and rebuilt by beta otherwise10:17
pittiand if we get new X.org packages anyway, a good chunk of the 350 .debs will already be sorted out10:18
mdzthe source maintainer is much less visible, and unlikely to be noticed by users reporting problems with the package10:18
pitti(explanation: fixing the .debs is a matter of pure rebuild)10:18
mdzwhich is the source of the complaint10:18
pittiso we'd get the dpkg-source check into feisty now, so that we do not continue to upload sources with wrong maintainers10:18
mdzso fixing the remaining .debs is a solid incremental step toward finishing the job10:19
mdzas is fixing dpkg-source10:19
pittiok, if we don't have further comments, I'll care for the rebuilds and take doko's gcc changes into account10:20
cjwatson* handling of addresses where source/binary are in different pockets; CORE address for packages in universe.10:21
pittidoko: ^ you need some rebuilds?10:21
Riddellwin 1210:21
pittiI think for this only source packages matter10:21
cjwatsonsource/binary is irrelevant, as discussed on the list10:21
dokopitti: yes, I'll send you the list; please start after GCC-4.1.2 is in the archive10:21
pittidoko: ETA?10:21
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dokoafter the freeze ends. tfheen ?10:22
pittidoko: ah, that's fine10:22
cjwatson* Promotion/demotion invalidates the address.10:22
mdzregarding promotion/demotion, I'm personally not fussed10:22
=== tkamppeter [n=till@bl7-104-12.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
cjwatsonI suggest that somebody write a tool which points out the inconsistencies, and we can garden it from time to time10:22
mdzthis is much more about masking the original address than providing the best contact10:23
cjwatsonmuch like the other such tools we already have10:23
pittiif people set it manually anyway, then we hopefully will get more specialized teams or individual maintainers anyway10:23
cjwatsonbut I agree it is not urgent10:23
tfheendoko: freeze ends tonight; It seems the current set of ISOs is good, so I'll release them tonight and thaw the archive, then send out the announcement tomorrow morning.10:23
mdzthey'll be fixed when rebuilt10:23
pittiwe actually need to rebuild such packages anyway for translation changes10:23
mdzok then, it's only an issue for the source, so even less urgent to change things10:23
dokotfheen: just ping me when I can upload (if it's before bedtime)10:23
mdzso we're all clear on debian-maintainer-field now?10:24
pittiyes, sorry for the abundance of questions10:24
pittibut this affects so many packages that we should get it right at the first shot10:24
mdzagreed, thanks10:25
mdzpitti: I answered you about apport-retrace on the list; I think it's very useful, but we're behind on a few higher-priority items where you might be able to help out if you have spare cycles10:25
pittiright, got that10:25
mdzpitti: did you already talk with Scott about your tasks?10:25
pittispare cycles go into bug fixing, but I'm happy to help out with specs where appropriate10:25
pittimdz: not yet, I was away in the evening, sorry10:26
cjwatson* ISO release testing (Henrik Omma): I think we should decide before Beta whether we are going to actually use the Malone-based tracker. Are people comfortable with it or is the wiki better after all? Simon, Tollef: are you two leading beta release/testing together or do I have a key part in this (beyond the community-based contribution)?10:26
Riddellit works well enough from my point of view10:27
henoIt seems to have worked fairly well today10:27
pittipersonally I found the wiki much better for getting an overview of the overall state, but bugs parallelize better10:27
cjwatsonheno: on the latter item, I'd like you to lead the testing side of this, since you've been making good progress with it so far10:27
henothat is true10:27
tfheenI'm much happier this time than the previous time.10:27
cjwatsonheno: let's talk about that on the phone tomorrow?10:27
cjwatsontfheen: are bug comments from individual testers getting through to you effectively?10:28
henocjwatson: ok, s long as it's clear that I'm doing it10:28
mdzpitti: can you think of a way to improve the overview using the bugs?10:28
henocjwatson: sure10:28
tfheencjwatson: we haven't really had many individual testers, but yes, I have subscribed to the product.10:28
cjwatsonheno: thanks, I appreciate it10:28
pittimdz: we could use bughelper to create a report10:28
=== zorglu_ [n=zorglub@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Konversation]
mdzheno described a scheme using the status field to provide a sort of overview, though of course it requires someone to maintain the state10:28
ogramdz, a generated table overview ?10:28
henopeople who post a result can update the state10:29
ograthat would need to parse the bugtexts though10:29
henowejust need good etting of testers10:29
cjwatsonheno: I don't think that will happen in practice10:29
tfheenpitti: I need to chat a bit with dholbach about bughelper, I guess; I really want to generate reports from malone and can't today.10:29
pittia mere matrix with the current bug states would already be helpful, I figure10:29
henoto make sure they are clued in and committed10:29
tfheennot just for ISO testing, but also for other release metics.10:29
cjwatsonand it would be best if the amount of education of testers required is as small as possible10:29
mdzI don't see how bughelper helps, can you explain?10:30
henoI envision just a small group of 'trusted' community testers this cycle10:30
henomdz: it can scrape useful state info from the bug pages10:31
cjwatsonI'm worried that we'll swamp a small group; it's a lot of work even for full-time staff10:31
pittimdz: I meant, using the bughelper library to find the bugs and get their states, and then cobbling together some HTML report10:31
henoand present them in an html table10:31
pittiheno: :)10:31
tfheencjwatson: yes, it should be possible to just jump in and test a single ISO without having to go through a big process to do so.10:32
mdzwhat would that tell you which wouldn't be visible from the table on the iso tracker bug page?10:32
henoso we get a non-editable 'wiki' page powered by the malone content10:32
ograthe problem is that finer grained info like the different install variants is only in the bugtexts10:32
pittimdz: we could count number of testers, parse out the ok/fail comments, parse out bug numbers to make them clickable, etc.10:32
tfheenmdz: the malone bug page is going to be unwieldy when we have the full test cases there, as we will for beta, RC and release.10:32
henoogra: no we will do separate bugs for those in later milestones10:33
ograah, cool10:33
mdzpitti: oh, I see, using the format conventions described in the docs10:33
mdzit looked like some people were using those at least10:33
henoso there will be very many tracker bugs10:33
henoso an overview html page is a must really10:33
mdztfheen: no more unwieldy than the wiki page, and probably less10:33
henoI think it would be worse tha the wiki10:34
henounless you filter by tags10:34
pitti. o O { using an apport GUI to create a report with parseable standard syntax, yummy }10:34
cjwatsonperhaps we can brainstorm mad ideas by mail? :-)10:34
henobut the bughelper hack should be easy10:34
henoI'll prepare something10:35
tfheenbut as I said, I'd really like to be able to pull statistics out of malone since I can't today and I'd love to for a release status page.10:35
heno(email with ideas)10:35
cjwatsonACTION: heno, tfheen, pitti etc. to discuss and prepare status overview page for ISO tests10:35
henotfheen: that's doable10:35
henook, done :)10:35
mdz[UbuntuSpec] increase-hwdb-participation (Sebastien Bacher): do we need a menu item for hwdb participation? that's something that is likely to be launched once only and will clutter the menu then10:36
mdzthe point here is that we want it to be obvious how to contribute to the database10:36
seb128and we want to keep the menus or shell not too long if possible10:36
pittiheads-up: right now we have an one-time notification pointing people to the menu item10:36
mdzand we do want people to contribute again if their hardware changes10:36
seb128because many items make them hard to use10:36
ograwe discussed that the other day in -devel ... the most proper solution (having a button in the notofocation) braks the notofocation policy10:36
pittiwe can easily point people somewhere else10:36
ogrameh ...10:37
seb128well, there is a button to do that to hal-device-manager10:37
=== ogra goes for a typing course
kwwiiwhy not put it in System-->Administration ?10:37
mdzseb128: no one knows that is there10:37
pittino, no button in the notification, that'd be wrong10:37
seb128we can point people to h-d-m10:37
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
seb128mdz: we display a notification bubble if I understood that correctly10:37
ograwithout the control center i agree ...10:37
seb128mdz: we could point people to hal-device-manager10:37
tfheenseb128: yes, we do that today already.10:37
mvowe already have a lot of icons in the control-center, I don't think it will get worse10:37
ograyep we do10:37
henowe could mention it on the default firefox homepage10:37
seb128mvo: we try to reduce the list10:38
heno(if people look at that)10:38
=== mvo is not sure if people actually read that ff page
seb128mvo: we should not start accepting random icons because the list is already long, that's not a reason to make it longer10:38
pittianother option is to just open hwdb-client right away on first login10:39
seb128what would be wrong with pointing people to h-d-m?10:39
cjwatsonpitti: ugh10:39
pittibut I understand that contradicts our 'no wizards' policy10:39
ograi'm not opposing to point to h-d-m ... if users dont have to wait for control-center and have to search there10:39
mvoI think the new g-c-c concept does not work very well, but that is a different discussion10:39
mdzheno: that's not a bad idea10:39
pitticjwatson: ugh indeed :/10:39
henoI agree with seb128 on this, and icon for a one-time item is a bit much10:39
seb128please stop the constant ranting on the shell10:39
seb128I already said we will switch back to menu10:39
tfheenseb128: I think the new shell is much better.10:39
mdzto return to the issue at hand...10:39
henowe could make it quite prominent on the FF page10:39
seb128(that's especially for ogra and mvo who keep telling that every day)10:39
=== mvo hugs seb128
pittiheno: you just cannot open programs with HTML links10:40
ograright ..., thats why i'm not opposed to drop the menu item completely10:40
mdzwe're concerned with the use case "I want to submit my system profile to the Ubuntu hardware database"10:40
ograseb128, ^^^10:40
pittiogra: people have to find it again if HW changes10:40
seb128tfheen: it still has some bugs and could be faster, it's likely to be default upstream next cycle10:40
henopitti: right but you can show a screenshot with colourful arrows :)10:40
ograpitti, but then they have seen it once at least10:40
=== pitti thinks that in fact most of the things in c-c will only be used once, so *shrug*
seb128mdz: well, that mean the menu item will be used like once a year (you don't change config every week usually)10:41
seb128mdz: and it'll be in the way the rest of the time10:41
henopitti: actually you can, with a custom mime-type10:41
mdzseb128: agreed, it's rarely used10:41
pittiseb128: neither do users change their theme or keyboard layout10:41
seb128pitti: those are configuration tools10:41
pittiheno: urgh :)10:41
seb128pitti: and people might play with theme more often than you think10:42
henofilename.launch-hwdb :)10:42
pittiseb128: sure10:42
seb128but that's not the point10:42
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
mdzseb128: the data we collect from it is very important, and if users don't see it, they don't participate.  I agree with your concerns about the menu, but how else can we present it where users will discover it?10:42
seb128I'm just trying to keep the list of menu or shell items not too long10:42
pittianother idea:10:42
seb128mdz: we have a notify bubble, pointing them to hwdb menu item or hal-device-manager is about the same no?10:43
pittihow'bout adding it to update-notifier? people would get a tray icon and if they click on it, it'd open h-c, and then the icon would disappear10:43
mvowe could do it as a post-install note10:43
seb128mdz: h-d-m is also to the menu and it has a button to run hwdb-client10:43
henocan we make it very prominent during testing and much less at release time?10:43
mvou-n has support for this already10:43
mvoit can even include scripts10:43
ograi really think it doesnt needed an extra menu entry ... and if i remember correctly that was the initial polcy when mdz assigned the project to me ...10:43
tfheenpitti: and then readd the icon if the hardware changes?10:43
pittitfheen: that's harder10:43
ograi had a bunch of whishlist bugs that made it appear10:44
henothe people who run feisty are the most likely to participate anyway10:44
seb128pitti: well, that's what I said before, use a notification area icon, that would work too10:44
tfheenpitti: not really; store a md5sum of the lspci output or something somewhere and check that on login.10:44
pittitfheen: but it would bring people to it once, and then we can hide it behind h-d-m and explain where it is in the icon notificatino10:44
mdzogra: it originally had a menu entry; it was removed during one of the menu cleanups10:44
pittitfheen: and usb, and there it gets trickier10:44
mdzpitti: isn't that what the increase-hwdb-participation spec was meant to be?10:45
ogramdz, the first hoary version only had the h-d-m button ... in breezy i added the menu entry mainly because kubuntu complained ...10:45
mdzpitti: notify the user once?10:45
pittimdz: it talks about a notification, not a tray applet10:45
henoWhen we get a slideshow in ubiquity we can show it there10:45
mvopitti: we have the post-install notifications in u-n, we could use those10:45
pittimdz: from a notification we cannot launch programs, but from a tray icon we can10:45
mvothey are there and ready (and support scripts)10:45
pittiwell, we can launch programs from notifications, but it is *very* ugly usability-wise10:46
=== dfarning [n=dfarning@mail.pfc.coop] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
cjwatsonthis item is dragging on somewhat10:46
mvothe u-n post-install hooks have a dialog that contains a button. nice text + button10:46
seb128let's use that then10:46
pittimvo: sounds good10:46
tfheena problem with regular notifications is they disappear, so if you don't pay attention, they go away and you can't get them back10:46
tfheenso interacting with notifications is bad.10:46
mdzso long as the user is inivted to participate when they install, I'm happy10:46
mdzeither launching the client directly or providing simple instructions10:47
mvopitti: lets check this out tomorrow together, ok?10:47
pittimvo: yes10:47
mdzopening device manager and finding the button is not simple enough, though10:47
mdzACTION: mvo/pitti to review options for hwdb notifications10:47
mdzmoving on10:47
pittimdz: the install note could explain where it is10:47
mdzMaintenance "costs" of python debug packages (Matthias Klose)10:47
pitti(this was about maintaining a large delta from Debian for the -dbg packages, since Debian is frozen ATM, and hasn't decided yet whether to adopt it)10:48
pittiand the debian/rules code for that is nontrivial10:49
pittidoko: ping ^10:49
dokoyes, the thing is, if we want/can afford it. it's a diff for every package we want to build extensions10:50
dokoin debug mode.10:50
cjwatsonI thought we had discussed this already10:50
mdzI'm afraid I don't have the context10:50
cjwatsonhow many packages are involved?10:50
dokoabout 50 in main10:50
cjwatsonin fact I'm sure I spoke with you about this before and said yes10:50
mdzoh, this is for debug packages for extension modules?10:50
cjwatson50? yes10:50
mdzwhy doesn't the autobuild infrastructure handle that?10:50
cjwatsonmdz: needs two build passes10:50
mdzoh, right10:50
dokodebug mode needs a separate compilation10:50
mdzok, sounds like this has been resolved anyawy10:51
mdzDocument bug escalation to release team (Tollef Fog Heen): Started, but I want to agree with Simon about it before writing it down on the wiki.10:51
mdzthis sounds like an action, not an agenda item10:51
dokook, was just brought up today on #u-d10:51
mdzanything to discuss?10:51
mdztfheen: ?10:51
tfheenmdz: no, I'm not sure why it ended up on the agenda.10:51
cjwatsontfheen: write it down first, then discuss it. :-)10:51
mdzok, moving on10:51
tfheenI should have taken it off; sorry.10:51
cjwatsonscott's/my fault for it ending up there.10:51
mdziwj/asac/pitti: firefox ready to go?10:51
asacwaiting for unfreeze10:52
iwjI spoke to asac in quite a bit of detail.10:52
Keybuktfheen: you listed it under "Agenda Items" :p10:52
asaci will go one more time and polish changelog but then pitti will sponsor upload :)10:52
tfheenKeybuk: I must have been asleep; sorry.10:52
cjwatsonasac: (you don't need to wait for the freeze to end in order to have an upload made)10:52
mdzasac: note that it can be uploaded during the freeze, and will just wait in the queue10:52
mdzin fact that's preferred10:53
pittiasac: will do after the meeting10:53
asachmmm ... thanks ... didn't know that ... misunderstood pitti then :)10:53
cjwatsonthe queue in question is visible at http://people.ubuntu.com/~tfheen/unapproved-queue/feisty/10:53
mdzACTION: upload firefox (pitti, asac)10:53
tfheenKeybuk: actually, it was under "action items", not "agenda". :-P10:53
mdzdiscuss adept-notifier integration of apport (pitti/Riddell)10:53
pittiso, we did that, and Riddel meant, that it should be fairly straightforward to port the update-notifier code to adept-notifier10:54
mdzhas that happened?10:54
pittiand we definitively want to have it done10:54
Riddellit's on my todo for next week10:54
pittimdz: the discussion, yes, not the porting10:54
mdzRiddell: I meant the discussion10:54
Riddelloh, yes, we discussed10:54
Keybuktfheen: sorry, then it was me that was asleep :p10:55
Riddelland apport is on the herd 4 CDs10:55
mdziwj to write up summary of experiences debugging udev10:55
iwjudev> I haven't made a proper writeup but I have a few replies to bug reports which document some of the udev debugging procedures and which would make a reasonable source text.10:55
mdzKeybuk: ^^ I thought that was your todo?10:55
Keybukmdz: I asked iwj to summarise his thoughts as well10:55
iwjHe palmed it off on me, since I, err, volunteered.10:55
mdzah, ok10:55
Keybukmore as a "how can we improve this?" rather than "what to do"10:55
Keybukthe "what to do" is still mine10:55
mdzand we already reviewed the bug escalation item10:56
mdztfheen: release readiness?10:56
RiddellI'm good except for powerpc CDs10:56
Riddellbut I believe that's the case for ubuntu and edubuntu too10:57
ograme too except one ppc kernel bug10:57
mdzoh, speaking of powerpc10:57
mdzthose are no longer release blockers ;-)10:57
Riddellso we don't care :)10:57
tfheenmdz: I'm putting together a list of indicators on how ready we are (bug trends, oversizedness, etc) which I am going to put into some tool and put that on a web page somewhere.10:57
Keybuk<mdz> with all due respect, ...10:57
tfheenI don't have any numbers to give you, but the current state is looking good.10:57
tfheenherd 4 is slightly delayed, but this is due to external factors, not bugs popping up in the distro.10:58
Keybukthe bit where they forgot to turn Soyuz back on?10:58
tfheenslightly as in I am doing the release now and not 12 hours ago.10:58
Keybukor something else?10:58
tfheenKeybuk: yes, that bit in particular.10:58
mdzwhat's needed in terms of infrastructure changes for the powerpc transition?10:58
mdzcdimage bits?10:58
cjwatsonwe're going to start considering powerpc as part of ports, yes?10:59
tfheenI'm not sure; Colin knows that bit of cdimage much better than I since he set it up.10:59
fabbionemoving ppc to ports as of debs is not going to be easy10:59
cjwatsonalso actually moving it to ports.ubuntu.com, which will be Hard10:59
fabbionecjwatson: probably impossible any time soon10:59
cjwatsonbecause that requires per-release mirroring10:59
mdzcjwatson: yes10:59
cjwatsonfabbione: it's not impossible, it's just work10:59
mdzI don't see any hurry with the .debs11:00
fabbionecjwatson: it's difficult for how it works now11:00
cjwatsonfabbione: "impossible" means "cannot be done even if work goes into it". Don't exaggerate.11:00
mdzbut we should move it out of the standard cdimage set11:00
cjwatsonthat's fairly easy11:00
fabbionecjwatson: the split at the moment is done with 2 rsync set of filters and not via dists/.. so it's difficult at the moment11:00
cjwatsonyes, i.e. "work"11:01
cjwatsonACTION: cjwatson to move powerpc out of standard cdimage set11:01
cjwatson(ten minutes)11:01
tfheencjwatson: If possible, I'd like to do it together with you.11:01
cjwatsonKeybuk: ^-- add tfheen to that11:02
tfheenI know the basic bits of cdimage, but knowing it better is good.11:02
cjwatson(assuming you're collecting items)11:02
cjwatson* Other business11:02
Keybukcjwatson: yup11:02
mdzanything else outstanding?11:02
BenCbig pat on the back to everyone11:03
mdzok, thanks everyone and good night11:03
seb128thank you mdz11:03
mdzonward and upward11:03
pittithanks, fellows11:03
asacthanks ... good night!11:03
mvogood night!11:03
BenCthanks everyone!11:03
cjwatsonnext time let's have less discussion in the meeting. :-)11:03
fabbionenight everyone11:03
pkl_good night11:04
dokogood night11:04
kwwiinight all...that was, erm, fun11:04
bdmurraynight all11:04
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