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Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: question about irssi01:13
Admiral_Chicagohow do you identify yourself on Freenode. I'm trying to do "autosendcmd = "/^quote NickServ IDENTIFY password;wait 2000";"01:15
Admiral_Chicagothat doesn't identify my correctly so my cloak doesn't work01:15
Admiral_Chicagowell that and the quotes are correct01:15
crimsun/ircnet add -autosendcmd "msg NickServ IDENTIFY pass" Freenode01:19
crimsunor whatever your current ircnet for Freenode is01:19
Admiral_Chicagocrimsun: thanks, let me try.01:21
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Admiral_Chicagono, that still has me cloakless. I wonder if this has anything to do with it "18:26 [Freenode]  freenode-connect [freenode@freenode/bot/connect]  requested CTCP VERSION from admiral_chicago:"01:27
Admiral_Chicagooh i see, i'm going to try something new.01:34
crimsunno, that's normal01:36
crimsundoes it work if you invoke it manually?01:36
Admiral_Chicagookay, i think the issue is that i type /msg nickserv identify password01:38
Admiral_Chicagowhat if I add a line to the Freenode info:01:38
Admiral_Chicagookay i set it up. trying now01:40
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Admiral_Chicagoyea, that works. the problem is probably the cloak not saving01:43
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: how many channels are you autojoining?01:49
Admiral_Chicago7 i think01:49
Admiral_Chicago6 on freenode01:49
gnomefreakok hold on i will post my config somewhere for you to look at to make it right01:51
gnomefreakthis is the first part that ids you to freenode this should be like the first section of the file http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/356328 i changed password for protection :)01:53
Admiral_Chicagoyou sure you don't want to give that out? :) let me check it01:54
gnomefreakgive me a sec :(01:54
Admiral_Chicagoyes, that's how my config looks01:54
gnomefreaksorry missed a part01:55
gnomefreakit doesnt have anything that is unsafe to me01:55
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: i had issues doing it the way they say so i used someone elses file and changed to my liking01:57
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: yea i used the guide someone posted on Planet Ubuntu but i'm going to do my own blog about how to use irssi01:59
gnomefreakgood :)01:59
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: http://pastebin.ca/356347 should be all the relevant stuff01:59
gnomefreakyep for the most part but i would get rid of your password02:00
gnomefreakok i have a conference call i need to give my attention too ill be back later.02:00
Admiral_Chicagooh man. terrible news. time to change it02:00
Admiral_Chicagochanged my password. haha02:03
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Admiral_Chicagohey there daniel02:29
Admiral_Chicagohow do we feel about the link to Fx pages02:48
Admiral_ChicagoShouldn't Bug #14911 be fix commited03:17
UbugtuMalone bug 14911 in firefox "Flash plugin problem with ARGB visuals causes crash" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/1491103:17
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Admiral_Chicagosomeone want to look at Bug #7727204:07
UbugtuMalone bug 77272 in firefox "Firefox crash - maybe unresponsive script problem?" [Medium,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7727204:07
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dfarningasac, ping08:35
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Admiral_ChicagoAlexLatchford: just saw your comment on the blog. Many thanks09:48
AlexLatchfordlol go to bed09:48
AlexLatchfordits like 3am09:48
Admiral_Chicagoyea, no classes tomorrow, catching up on some work around here09:48
AlexLatchfordfair enough :P09:48
Admiral_Chicagoas you may have seen in your email, i went bug report stomping09:51
AlexLatchfordyeah :)09:51
AlexLatchfordHehe I get to meet the Queen in April09:51
AlexLatchfordyeah, just got the letter saying I get my Queen Scout Award presented to me by her09:53
AlexLatchfordshould be good09:53
Admiral_Chicagowhats that award for?09:53
AlexLatchfordits the highest awarding UK scouting, has about 7 parts to it, taken me 3 years to get it finished09:54
Admiral_Chicagoscouting? as in...outdoors type adventuring?09:55
AlexLatchfordwell not really in my case, my group mainly has a lot of parties09:57
Admiral_Chicagoah so in the states it's called Boy Scouts, very few people become Eagle Scouts.09:57
Admiral_Chicagothat's a top honor, good work09:58
AlexLatchfordoh right okay09:58
AlexLatchfordyeah, well the group im in has about 50 of my mates in09:58
Admiral_Chicagois that big?09:59
AlexLatchfordwe are the biggest one in the country10:00
AlexLatchfordour group is10:01
AlexLatchfordso kinda10:01
Admiral_Chicagospeaking of groups, you're in the Uk loco right10:02
AlexLatchfordnot too involved but read the mailing list10:03
Admiral_Chicagoah okay. i'm trying to make the chicago LoCo much larger, we have ~60 members but only about 10 of us are in regular development10:04
AlexLatchfordwell send an Email to Nik Butler, he is the head of the UK LoCo Team, there is about 30 emails from the list daily, so he seems to have done a good job getting people interestec10:05
Admiral_Chicagohmm, that's awesome. we are workin on some really interesting stuff, one of which is a full video. i mean TV quality10:07
AlexLatchfordnice, I would love to stay and chat but I got to go10:08
Admiral_Chicagosee pa10:08
AlexLatchfordtalk to you later bud, and congrats again :)10:08
AlexLatchfordwoop, my Ubuntu Cd's arrived11:24
asacAdmiral_Chicago: you have any questions about the firefox copyright/trademark thing?12:13
asacmatt fowarded a request from you to me ... don't know if your questions are sufficiently answered for now12:13
gnomefreakgood morning01:37
asacwhat do i need to do/install/setup when i don't get crash reports in edgy?01:58
asacfirst i want to document this ... second i really had a crash and didn't get any notification01:59
asacapport-gtk (and apport) is installed01:59
gnomefreakasac: are you on gnome?02:08
gnomefreakasac: if you are on gnome you only need ubuntu-desktop the rest should be installed that you need. including all apport packages. if on kde in edgy apport isnt used you would have to install it and the gtk depends with it but most apps should give you a crash. if not i would file a bug to find out why. pitti is the most adverse in apport that i am aware of.02:11
=== gnomefreak not impressed with edgy apport either :(
gnomefreakisnt sunbird  the mozilla(metapackage) replacement02:18
gnomefreakasac: i subscribed you to a bug about removing mozilla from feisty.02:34
asacdoes it still exit02:57
gnomefreaknot sunbird i meant seamonkey02:58
gnomefreaki added the link to the bug report about removing mozilla from feisty. IMHO if we cant get seamonkey in feisty than wait till feisty+1 to remove mozilla and add seamonkey (assuming people use mozilla suite)02:59
gnomefreakhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla/+bug/85335 is the bug im refering to03:00
UbugtuMalone bug 85335 in mozilla "[Remove]  Remove mozilla from feisty" [Undecided,Confirmed] 03:00
asacseamonkey is mozilla-suite ... yes03:11
asacits iceape in debian :)03:11
asacmozilla is in universe?03:12
gnomefreakyeah i think so let me check03:12
asacprobably ship iceape instead :)03:12
asacfor now03:12
asac-> aka as debian downstream package03:12
gnomefreakyes universe03:12
asacrather then standalone packaged03:12
asaconce feisty is out I might adapt seamonkey properly03:13
gnomefreakiceape is fine by me. i only mentioned seamonkey cause i knew it replaced it03:13
asacyes ... keeping mozilla would be not doable03:13
asacno security support at all anymore03:13
asaceither remove or replace03:13
gnomefreakfeisty released is gonna be a hard time to get that acked unless in backports for feisty03:13
asacyeah ... probably drop it ... i will approach motu folks :)03:14
gnomefreakok cool :)03:14
asaci have to find out if shipping iceape in universe would be hard to chew on by mozilla corp03:16
asacdon't want to risk good faith from their side, now that we work with them and let them review patches.03:17
asacgnomefreak: can you please try if bug 85147 testcase crashes for you in ffox 3.0 ?03:33
UbugtuMalone bug 85147 in firefox "SVG crashes Mozilla Firefox" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8514703:33
gnomefreaki got rid of ff 3.003:33
gnomefreakit was getting un usable at points03:33
gnomefreakit works fine on feistys ff03:35
asacedgy crashes03:35
asachmm ... probably a cairo thing then03:35
asacwhat is the cairo version on feisty?03:35
gnomefreakhow do i find out?03:36
gnomefreakwhat package is it03:36
asacdpkg -l libcairo203:36
asacah ... so new upstream version. Might really have fixed this03:36
gnomefreakyou grabbed the version we built yesterday from upstream right?03:37
asacthe orig.tar.gz ball to be exact03:37
asacis unmodified upstream03:37
gnomefreakthan should we try to build for edgy03:37
asaci still have almost all patches we previously had03:38
asacdoubt that this is the difference03:38
asacwe cannot just rebuild because in edgy libhunspell is brokenly linked03:39
asacthose are the patches we ahve03:39
asacnot up-to-date (there are some more) though03:40
=== gnomefreak likes this theme :)
=== gnomefreak playing with ff themes and addons :)
gnomefreaki cant even open my firefox in my chroot :(03:49
gnomefreakasac: why would i be getting (firefox-bin:4285): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display when trying to run firefox from edgy chroot?03:53
asacecho $DISPLAY?03:54
asacif that is not set enter chroot with03:54
asac-p (preserve enviornment)03:54
asacand run xhost localhost to allow access to your display03:54
gnomefreakthere is nothing it gives blank line than back to prompt03:54
asacrun xhost in main system03:54
asacyou have to preserve enviornment when entering chroot03:55
asacfor schroot its -p03:55
asacdunno for dchroot03:55
asacman dchroot i guess03:55
gnomefreaki wasnt using the -d :(03:56
gnomefreakdamn it is crashing on edgy03:57
gnomefreakand its not saving crash report to /var/crash in my chroot :(03:57
gnomefreaki did however get a generic error when it crashed03:59
asacas i said03:59
asacit does neither in my main system on edgy03:59
asacthough default gnome install03:59
gnomefreakdoes all of X crash or is it just firefox on a main edgy install?04:00
asacjust firefox :)04:06
asachopefully we don't have to ask if X crashes as this should be really an exception04:06
gnomefreakit seems default ff in feisty untouched doesnt crash on that link either04:08
asacyep ... thought that04:08
asacits really cairo issue then I guess04:08
asaccan we reassign?04:08
asachow is this done?04:08
asacin launchpad?04:08
gnomefreakasac: you tell me who to reassign to i can do it but if you click on the package name you can change who its assigned to04:09
asacyes, but how is it done in general?04:09
gnomefreakin what way? who would be assigned?04:11
asac-> libcairo .. i guess ... leave a note that this is gone in feisty, but still crashes on edgy with the backtrace posted in bug.04:11
gnomefreakasac: do you want the bug still on firefox? or just libcairo?04:12
asacdon't know what common procedure is ... reassign and ask to re-reassign if they think its not appropriate or just add new package and see if they accept the bug?04:14
asaci think for ubuntu its the latter04:14
gnomefreakit is04:14
asacok, so just add libcairo and reject as soon as they confirm that this was an issue04:14
gnomefreaksounds good. i was looking into the libcairo and im tempted to agree it is causing the issue.04:16
AlexLatchfordasac: can you apply this to the Ubuntu Thunderbird also?04:35
AlexLatchfordI cannot get it working correctly at the present moment, with and Reply-to-list 0.2.004:36
asaccurrently we have patch stop for mozilla apps04:36
asacAlexLatchford: yes it does not work04:36
AlexLatchfordaha okay04:36
asacbut if you want you can make your own package04:36
asacits simple04:36
AlexLatchfordany work arounds?04:36
asacwithout patch it does not work04:36
AlexLatchfordhmm okay04:36
asacyou need just to drop the patch in debian/patches04:36
asacadd the patch to debian/patches/00list04:37
asacand then build04:37
asacdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot04:37
AlexLatchfordhmm okay04:37
asacAlexLatchford: if you want to try I can give you the patch to drop in there04:38
AlexLatchfordHmm okay04:39
=== AlexLatchford knows next to nothing about packaging
gnomefreakasac: easy enough just to list the patch by name in debian/patches and 00list?04:42
asacwithout the .dpatch suffix04:42
asacwe should probably setup a wiki page04:43
gnomefreakjust use the .xpi one?04:43
asacno ... the patch is in debian package :)04:43
asacbut I can give it04:43
asachave to setup a new sid chroot anyway04:43
asacah ... its still there of course, only my home was deleted :)04:44
asacits in my people.ubuntu.com home now04:46
asacas soon as tbird is build with that patch, the .xpi will work04:47
gnomefreaki added it in 2.0 without an issue04:48
asacdoes it work?04:49
asaci so, patch probably landed for 2.004:49
gnomefreakdont know waiting for a email to test it with04:49
gnomefreakim gonna try to add this patch i maight fail but ill try it :)04:59
gnomefreakasac: so drop the .dpatch all together so the name of the patch is now 91_replytolist?05:00
asacin 00list you add that without .dpatch ... right!05:01
gnomefreakok and when i list it in /debian/[atches what do i name it?05:01
asacthe same name that its named on webserver05:01
asacjust drop it there :)05:01
asacand enable by adding name to 00list05:02
gnomefreakcool i might beablet o do this :)05:02
gnomefreakasac: when im done ill upload it for you to look at?05:02
asacwhat is the current version in changelog?05:03
gnomefreakasac: its still downloading source atm when its done ill let you know05:03
asacyeah ... but you should see when downloading, don't you?05:03
gnomefreakif its 1ubuntu1 than i make it 1ubuntu2 if its dfsg i guess just up the number after it 105:03
gnomefreakyes i do :(05:04
gnomefreakso i would change it to
asacjust add +mt to the current one05:04
asacfor mozilla team05:04
asacshould do05:04
gnomefreakah ok05:04
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: did you need this on edgy also?05:05
gnomefreakor just feisty?05:05
AlexLatchfordI am on Edgy05:05
gnomefreakok im gonna build it for feisty now to make sure its all good :)05:05
gnomefreakif it works out i will try edgy build05:06
gnomefreakis there a bug wishlist on this or any bug on it?05:07
asacso do we have a meeting sometime? what is the planned frequency of meetings? once a month?05:07
asacgnomefreak: dunno ... search for reply list05:07
gnomefreaki havent thought of one yet but i would like one fairly soon within a week or 2 to see how far we got05:08
gnomefreakasac: what was the patch command again? the one i used to patch ff on my edgy system05:09
asacbug 5266705:09
UbugtuMalone bug 52667 in mozilla-thunderbird "Thunderbird doesn't support RFC-2369 based Reply-To-List" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/5266705:09
asacyou don't need it for the dpatch05:09
asacas dpatch is a patch system05:09
asacif you ask because of that05:10
asacotherwise you use05:10
asacpatch -p1 < /tmp/patchfile.patch05:10
asacif its a full patch patch05:10
gnomefreaki can use dpatch?05:10
asacdpatch will apply those patches listed in 00list during build05:10
asacyou are using it already05:10
asacif you place the dpatch in dpatch dir, add name to 00list05:11
asacyou are done05:11
asacthunderbird build will extract tarball, apply patches and run build then05:11
gnomefreakcan i do it simply by using cp to add it to debian/patches than just name it in 00list than build05:13
gnomefreakthan when running dpkg-buildpackage it should build it in right?05:13
asacyou will see after build has started that those patches get applied05:14
asacat best insert the name (not append) ... in line with the number in its name05:15
gnomefreaki should have feistys uploaded today i hope05:15
asacgood ... i will setup a sync maybe later tonight then05:15
gnomefreaki would like a good or not good before i run edgys build (in best of conditions atleast)05:16
asacsure ... but if you just drop patch, document it in changelog then there might hardly be anything that you might do wrong05:17
gnomefreakwhere do i find the numbers for the patch?05:29
gnomefreakor can i name it in 00list as 91_replytolist-patch05:31
asacits just 91_replytolist05:36
asacas the name MINUS the dpatch05:36
gnomefreakits building we will see what happens when done :)05:41
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gnomefreaknow my gnome-terminal scrolling break :( why would i think it would work05:53
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asactoo short history buffers?06:04
gnomefreakits not scrolling at all i have to pull it down06:04
asacyou mean mouse wheel or by alt+pgup/down ?06:15
asacaeh shift-pgup/down06:16
gnomefreakasac: not in irssi but in the terminal im building it the scroll bar isnt following the text. i have to slide it down06:17
asacpress return once06:17
asacthan it should follow again06:17
asacyou can adapt the behaviour in preferences -> scrolling06:18
asacenable "on keystroke"06:18
asacthats what I have06:18
gnomefreakcan i hit return during build?06:18
asaclook what is set06:18
asacmaybe a keystroke is enough06:18
gnomefreakenter fixed it :)06:18
asacits actually good that it does not follow always06:19
gnomefreakshould i name edgys tb +mt also?06:19
asacotherwise its hard to look if a certain thing worked the way you wanted06:19
gnomefreakasac: true06:19
asachmmm i am unsure about the number06:19
asaclet me think a few minutes06:19
asaclets append06:20
gnomefreakso redo feistys?06:20
asacas release name appear to increase alphabetically we don't need a number06:20
asacno ... its important that people that upgrade from edgy to feisty will get feisties package06:21
asacbug take06:21
gnomefreakcan i kill it during build?06:21
asacnot a dash06:21
asacas this might get confused06:21
Admiral_Chicagoasac: no i don't have any ? about trademarks06:22
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asacAdmiral_Chicago: but you asked mdz for clarification, right?06:23
gnomefreakmozilla-thunderbird (
asaclooks good i guess :)06:23
Admiral_Chicagono, i fowarded our discussion to him06:23
asacoh ... so we have a loop :)06:24
asacdid I discuss this already with you?06:24
Admiral_Chicagoi did it wrong and ended up having to email his twice06:24
asacor is there something I should do in order to fix confusion on this topic?06:24
asac(within our team)06:24
gnomefreakdo you want me to leave you maintainer?06:25
asacyeah ... maintainer doesn't change ... you add your name in changelog06:25
asacthis would make you appear in the changed-by field in launchpad06:25
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asacwhats up with ubugtu06:27
asacor live bug fixes?06:28
gnomefreaknot sure i know seveas did it the first time06:28
gnomefreakhe may be working on him06:28
Admiral_Chicagonot sure, just noticed that now06:28
asacok ... just happened a few times in last our06:28
gnomefreakif it continues ill ping him about it06:29
asacis that bot dedicated to our channel or is it a global one we have invited?06:29
gnomefreakits all over the place06:30
asacAdmiral_Chicago: i will try to improve wiki on the mozilla logos topic ... as soon as I have more concrete feedback from mozilla06:31
gnomefreakits in 16 channels atm but some plugins work in some channels and dont work in others06:31
asacah ok06:31
=== gnomefreak gonna grab lunch while i wait for this to finish
Admiral_Chicagookay, I fixed one of the pages two days ago, hopefully I can get more done over the weekend06:33
hjmfasac: off-topic; I've just seen dfarning's email about tags prefix, so I'm going ahead with it06:34
hjmfbut when I try to set mt-needreport tag launchpad asks:06:34
gnomefreakif you want to define it06:34
hjmfThe tag "mt-needreport" hasn't yet been used by firefox (Ubuntu) before. Is this a new tag?06:35
asacwe should definitly migrate existing tags as soon as we have registered06:35
asacgo ahead06:35
asacand maybe migrate current ones :)06:35
gnomefreakhjmf: yes should do it06:35
hjmfk, I'm starting now :)06:35
asacwonderful ;)06:37
Admiral_Chicagohmm, there seem to be a lot of crash reports related to kernel_vsync() or something like that06:42
Admiral_Chicagowould it be feasible to create a meta report and mark those as dupes?06:43
Admiral_Chicagosame thing for firefox-bin crashed with SIGSEGV in raise()06:43
crimsunthat's a red herring06:44
asacthere is nothing we can know from that06:44
asacthey might be completely unrelated ... just having __kernel_vsyscall on top means nothing06:45
asacsame for raise06:45
asacall crashes should go through raise06:45
gnomefreakmozilla-thunderbird ( seems a bit redundant?06:46
gnomefreak6.10 ==edgy06:46
asacapparently they do it that way ... whats the feisty version you build now?06:47
Admiral_Chicagoasac: can you show me how to look trace a crash report06:47
Admiral_Chicagoin ~ an hour, it's lunch time here06:47
asacits difficult and there is no such thing like a general rule that can be used for all06:48
asacbetter ... we can go through existing ones you want to triage and I can tell how I would interpret them06:48
asacone just needs experience06:48
asacjust ping me when you are back06:48
gnomefreakshould i name feistys the same way with +mt at end?06:49
asacgnomefreak: no i mean the full version06:49
asac1.5.0.9-0ubuntu0.6.10+mt.edgy ... that is edgy06:49
asachow does it look for feisty?06:49
gnomefreakmozilla-thunderbird (
asacah .... ok06:49
asacthen we can drop .feisty as well as .edgy again06:50
asacbut take care that you base you edgy build on06:50
asacand not on
asaci am so sorry06:50
gnomefreakso just add +mt to the end of them06:50
asacyes ... like we started :)06:51
asac... now i am qa team member too :) ... what will be next?06:52
hjmfoh, how boring is to add those many mt- prefixes :S06:54
asacmaybe write a script :)06:54
asachow many already have tags?06:55
hjmfwget | sed | lynx .... no thanks not that many tags06:55
hjmfless than 40 ?06:55
=== asac wonders what mt-needinfo is for :)
hjmfjust less than ten minutes or so, but it is boring!!!!06:56
hjmfmt-needinfo - we need additional information before proceeding with bug evaluation.06:57
hjmffrom the user I guess06:57
asacyeah ... but thats quite redundant ... isn't it?06:57
asaci mean ... it does not help bug triage :)06:57
asacbecause all bugs that are in "need info" need some info ;)06:58
hjmfstate needsinfo / tag needsinfo; yep a bit redundat06:58
asacmaybe it is ment to be a catchall tag, like mt-really-tricky-we-dont-know-how-to-proceed-or-what-info-we-need06:59
Admiral_Chicagohjmf: is that all you are doing?07:03
hjmfatm yes07:03
Admiral_Chicagolet me know if you start doing something else, i'm deleting these emails straight then07:04
asacAdmiral_Chicago: did you take a look at the headers?07:04
asacyou can filter bugs which you are no asignee on07:04
Admiral_Chicagoasac: link please, lunch now07:05
Admiral_Chicagobut yes, will do07:05
asacX-Launchpad-Bug: distribution=ubuntu; sourcepackage=firefox; component=main;07:05
asac        status=Needs Info; importance=Undecided; assignee=mozillateam;07:05
asacthats the relevant header07:05
asacfor bugs07:05
Admiral_Chicagooh i misread that.07:06
gnomefreakbuilding 2 packages at same time will make them both slower right?07:11
gnomefreakits not working on tb 2.0 :(07:18
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=== hjmf has migrated all needinfo, retrace, and traced tags to mt-*
hjmfI've ended with semi-automatic script ;)07:33
hjmfafk for a while07:34
Admiral_Chicagookay hjmf, no more bug work from you07:38
Admiral_Chicagojust kidding, go nuts if you want07:45
gnomefreakdamn dont say that ;)07:45
gnomefreak52 out of 53 emails are from him07:46
gnomefreakand it goes to 2 emails (think i need to fix that07:46
Admiral_Chicagoalthough, I have been going rampages myself as of late.07:47
=== gnomefreak starts to wonder what i hav eto do to get it to work on tb 2.0
gnomefreakthats true too07:48
Admiral_Chicagowhat are you trying to do with TBL07:50
gnomefreaki am building edgys and feistys tb with the reply to list patch but i use tb 2.0 and installing the .xpi let me ad buttons but doesnt work07:51
Admiral_Chicagooh i see.07:53
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dfarningHey guys any experts in pulling out information from .debs out there08:22
Admiral_Chicagodfarning: what are you trying to do?08:22
gnomefreakshould beable to open it with archive manager and unpack it might have to unpack the data.tar and the control.tar08:23
gnomefreakthe files should be in there08:23
dfarningI am a bit embarassed to admit this, but since I after switched from fedora to ubuntu i use synaptic too much08:23
dfarningWhat I am woking on is how to pull information about which packages are installed via the cl08:24
gnomefreaki use it for removeing kernels mainly rest is terminal08:24
Admiral_Chicagodfarning: second08:24
Admiral_Chicagodfarning: i think this is what you want to do, correct me if i'm wrong08:25
dfarningI am working on getting apport to extract information such "which flash is intalled and which version" so that the information will automatically be attached to issues08:26
Admiral_Chicagohttp://pastebin.ca/357529 << dfarning is that what you want?08:26
gnomefreakapt-cache policy08:26
gnomefreakdpkg -l08:26
dfarningok thanks. I will look that stuff over and post what I got for your feedback08:28
Admiral_Chicagoyup. gnomefreak  is correct   To list packages related to the editor vi(1): dpkg -l '*vi*'08:29
Admiral_Chicagofrom the man page of dpkg08:29
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gnomefreakyeah its just dpkg -l vi08:31
gnomefreakor vim since vi opens vim08:31
dfarningdpkg, apt-catch, apt-get, aptitude.... at least I could get my head wrapped around rpm:)08:31
gnomefreakapt-cache has a bunch of them08:32
Admiral_Chicagoi've been reading a unix book lately, very useful08:32
gnomefreaklike apt-cache show vim08:32
Admiral_Chicagothat's a very useful one.08:32
dfarningwhich book08:32
=== gnomefreak doesnt use dpkg -l often
Admiral_ChicagoUnix User's Handbook, second edition08:33
dfarningi'll look at it08:33
Admiral_Chicagoit's a good 1500 pages08:33
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gnomefreakubuntu book should have most of what you need :)08:34
dfarningAdmiral_Chicago, btw thanks for the bug spam last night;)08:34
Admiral_Chicagojust returning the favor dfarning08:34
gnomefreakit was hjm^f's turn today08:34
Admiral_Chicagoyea i'm always tempeted to buy it at the store. i know it's online but I like books best08:34
gnomefreakmako will be giving them away in NYC at uubuntucon(sp)08:35
gnomefreakand signing them08:35
dfarningWisconsin to NY long way to go to get a book08:35
Admiral_Chicagoi read that on the planet.08:35
dfarningI do want to try to get to the dev conference that spring08:36
gnomefreakdfarning: agreed but its gonna be  big (talks,install feast, ect)08:36
Admiral_Chicagobtw how does one get *on* the planet. I read about people that just got membership and are on the planet and it makes me jealous :)08:36
Admiral_Chicagoi really want to make it out to Ubuntu Live08:36
=== gnomefreak wants to go to UDS this year but i doubt ill make it
Admiral_Chicagowhere is it this year?08:37
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: you have to set up an ssh and configure it to use your blog08:37
gnomefreaknot sure yet08:37
gnomefreaktheres a wiki on setting up planet08:37
Admiral_Chicagomy network won't allow it, ssh is blocked on the school network.08:37
Admiral_Chicagono no, we have a planet. i mean Planet Ubuntu08:38
dfarningIf we get Mozillateam going well enough maybe we can get sponsered;)08:38
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: yes planet ubuntu is what i meant08:38
dfarningUds is in spain i this beginning of may08:38
gnomefreakdfarning: iirc they sponser 1 person not a full team08:39
=== gnomefreak wont be driving to spain
Admiral_Chicagoreally. hmm. oh spain, i want to go. /me will translate08:39
gnomefreakoh wtf08:39
dfarninghow did your package building session go the other day08:40
gnomefreakdfarning: doing it now08:40
gnomefreakagain :)08:40
gnomefreakff is built i patched tb today and building them08:40
=== gnomefreak doesnt like the look of dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED libplc4.so' not recognized
gnomefreak30+ times over different .so files08:41
dfarningI want to learn enough packaging to submit good patches to asac for inclusion08:41
Admiral_Chicagoi would eventually like to be a MOTU08:42
gnomefreakme too but ff and tb are in main :(08:42
dfarningme too, but I also think my plate is full enough08:43
gnomefreakshouldnt it have built the source package :(08:44
gnomefreakthe .debs .diff .dsc .changes are built but no source tar was built08:45
dfarninggnomefreak, sorry I have no idea how .deb packaging works.08:46
gnomefreakasac: is this bad? dpkg-buildpackage: binary and diff upload (original source NOT included)08:47
Admiral_Chicagosee you gents i n a bit, I have class now then helping a Kubuntu user with an apt problme08:48
Admiral_Chicagohave to make it over to his place but that's alrigh08:48
dfarninggood luck with that08:48
Admiral_Chicagoit's an apt-get -f install fix i think08:48
=== gnomefreak will run edgys build and work out feistys later when asac is around i think
gnomefreakthis is bad08:50
dfarningsounds good I be listening in on how to do the build too08:50
dfarningwhat is going wrong?08:50
gnomefreakdfarning: edgys i think i found the issue but feisty didnt build source file :( so that cant be uploaded to ubuntu repos08:53
gnomefreaki get edgys build going08:54
gnomefreakstarting over on the feisty build i think i know what happened see ya in a few hours :)08:58
dfarningcu and thanks08:58
asacgnomefreak: are you stuck?09:03
gnomefreakasac: ill let you know later i think from running the buildpackage command screwed up the orig. source so im starting feisty over09:04
asacno never09:04
gnomefreakwhen i ran it 3 times09:04
asacscrews orig source up09:04
gnomefreakasac: it failed to build the source09:04
asacerror message?09:05
asac->pastebin ?09:05
gnomefreakdpkg-genchanges: not including original source code in upload09:05
gnomefreaknot that many lines09:05
asacthats not a problem09:05
asacthats fine09:05
gnomefreakdpkg-buildpackage: binary and diff upload (original source NOT included)09:05
asacthats ok09:05
asacits because the orig.tar.gz already exists09:06
asacdpkg-buildpackage guesses this by version09:06
asacto force source inclusion you could pass -sa09:06
asacbut you don't want that09:06
asacother then for the first upload of a new upstream source package09:06
gnomefreakwell since i got ahead of myself and rm -rf builddir ill start over :(09:06
asacwill take some time09:07
gnomefreakso dont use -sa?09:07
asaconly if its first upload09:07
gnomefreakyeah thats ok i got edgy building now09:07
gnomefreakoh ok09:07
asacdoesn't matter if you don't upload to any auto processed archive anyway09:07
asacif you want to use dupload or dput for upload to your ftp server09:07
asacthen it would help09:07
asacthey upload files mentioned in .changes09:07
=== dfarning pretending to follow along this time
gnomefreaknah i got used to nautilus to upload to my ftp09:08
asacbut you might miss files09:08
asacdupload is at least worth a look09:08
gnomefreakis ther a page on it or shoul di just read the man09:08
asaci think as you know what dpkg-buildpackage basically does man is more helpful to read about specific features09:09
asacaka switches09:09
asacotherwise -> debian new maintainer guide09:09
gnomefreakif all goes well i should have them both for you in morning :)09:10
asacok ... will dive into something else for another :) ping me if you have anything09:10
gnomefreakk will do09:10
=== gnomefreak off while these build
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omgponiezlolAdmiral_Chicago: remember to change FxNewVersion. no source compile10:00
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dfarningasac, are you about?10:43
dfarningahh let me know when you are done please. I have a few questions;)10:44
asacsure ... might take some more minutes :)10:50
dfarningasac, np I just joined to see what is happening10:51
asacnot much for mozillas:)10:51
gnomefreakasac: is there going to be?10:52
=== gnomefreak already confused on the build process/maintainers thing from earlier
dfarningI just posted a blurb on apport  at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs/Apport11:05
dfarninganyone raising their hand to write a bash script to determine which flash is installed?11:06
gnomefreakwas i mistaken when i saw the part something about no more <somethingpackage> builds11:09
=== dfarning [n=dfarning@mail.pfc.coop] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
dfarningasac, Im off to see if I can follow the log of your build discussion with asac yesterday11:17
dfarnings/asac/ gnomefreak11:17
gnomefreakk any questions i should beable to answer if not he can :)11:18
asacso dfarning is off?11:19
asacor just temporarily?11:19
gnomefreaktemporarily i think11:20
asacok ... back with throttled power :)11:34
=== gnomefreak getting ready to go to store. when they are done ill upload to my site and link you with the links. and should be ready for tomorrow for more fun work :) I enjoy this please give me more
gnomefreakalso i dont think i will be attaching the difs to the bug because it says its leaving the patches out of it but i will look at it.11:37
=== gnomefreak goes for shower
asacgnomefreak: what do you enjoy? building packages?11:39
asacor patching them and building afterwards11:39
gnomefreaksick i know11:39
asacno its good ... :)11:39
gnomefreakpatching isnt too bad11:39
asacpatching is simple ... preparing patches is the hard part :)11:40
gnomefreakagreed :)11:40
=== gnomefreak leaves all preparing to you ill be glad to patcha nd build
asacbut patching is one step in the right direction11:40
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-mozillateam:asac] : Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu Mozilla Team | Our page can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam | The team is still under-construction. | [asac] repackaged firefox uploaded to feisty
gnomefreakasac: you want orig. source uploaded?12:02
gnomefreakim uploading edgy's build :)12:03
AlexLatchfordsending out an update?12:08
gnomefreaktb update for edgy is being uploaded to my server12:08
AlexLatchfordaha nice, whats it contain?12:09
gnomefreakasac: in about 30 minutes you can have edgys tb http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/Thunderbird-Edgy/12:09
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: the replyto patch12:09
AlexLatchfordnice, it going to be sent out to everyone?>12:10
gnomefreakreplytolist patch even12:10
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: yes he has to sync it to repos after he grabs it from my site12:10
gnomefreakasac: it maybe a bit longer looks like the orig. tar is gonna be about 2 hours12:11
gnomefreaki should have feisty's uploaded tonight some time.12:11
=== gnomefreak goes to store while this is uploading.
asacgnomefreak: anyone has upstream nighly for tb installed?12:12
asac2.0 ?12:12
gnomefreakasac: im up-to-date 2.012:13
gnomefreakbut no ubuntu build12:13
gnomefreakif you need me to test something i can when i get home. just give me link to bug and what i need to do :)12:14
=== dfarning [n=dfarning@207-118-217-191.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakill be back in about an hour12:15
dfarningasac, where is the debian/patches dir in firefox?12:16
asacnon exists12:17
asacwait a sec12:17
Admiral_Chicagoasac: getting the newest package now12:18
Admiral_Chicagoi'll test it and try to look at some of the bug reports12:18
dfarningare all of the patchs inline? yikes12:19
Admiral_Chicagohow can i help read Bug #8544712:20
UbugtuMalone bug 85447 in firefox "[apport]  firefox-bin crashed with SIGSEGV in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8544712:20
asacdfarning: unfortunately yes ... for feisty+1 i will consolidate this12:20
asace.g. same layout for thunderbird and firefox12:21
Admiral_Chicagodoes it have all the relevant stuff in it?12:21
asacthen I will add patchsystem12:21
asacfor now i have patches here:12:21
asacthose accumulated are the same as diff.gz12:21
dfarninggot it12:21
asacAdmiral_Chicago: is the package already available?12:22
Admiral_Chicagochecking now12:23
Admiral_Chicagomy sources are updating12:23
Admiral_Chicagoslow network..12:23
asaccan we add links for packages we support to launchpad mozillateam page?12:24
Admiral_Chicagoasac: ask dfarning, he runs that12:24
asacdfarning: ^^^12:25

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