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_ionkeybuk: Would something like this be correct for replacement-initscripts/etc/udev/rules.d/85-upstart.rules?04:25
_ionSUBSYSTEM=="block", ACTION=="add", RUN+="initctl emit block-device-added %k"04:25
_ionSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", RUN+="initctl emit network-device-added $env{INTERFACE}"04:25
_ionSUBSYSTEM=="block", ACTION=="remove", RUN+="initctl emit block-device-removed %k"04:26
_ionSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="remove", RUN+="initctl emit network-device-removed $env{INTERFACE}"04:26
Keybukwith "/sbin/initctl", yes04:26
Keybukthough I'm also trying to work out how to get the fstab in there04:26
Mdand if you use $env{INTERFACE} maybe it's a good idea to check if it is defined04:26
Keybuk%k would suffice instead of env{INTERFACE}04:27
Mdalso, you may want to react on block online/offline events too04:27
Mdgood point04:27
KeybukMd: I thought online/offline went away, and got replaced by change04:27
haylook, guys, i am sorry but I have to ask how to get to the code of the replacement-initscript. I am trying for over half an hour now04:27
MdKeybuk: maybe, anyway one of them may need to be handled04:27
hayloI only get some launchpad pages and baz errors04:27
Keybukhaylo: what did you try?04:27
hayloKeybuk: i searched on the launchpad site linked in the announcement mail,04:28
hayloKeybuk: i tried the codebrowser instead of code variant04:28
Keybukyou found https://code.launchpad.net/~keybuk/+branch/upstart/replacement-initscripts ?04:28
hayloKeybuk: i tried the url on the launchpad site with baz get04:28
_ionYou need to use bzr04:32
Keybukright, wrong tool :p04:32
Keybukbzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~keybuk/upstart/replacement-initscripts04:32
Keybukwould do the trick04:32
hayloi just installed 'bazaar'04:32
haylonot right?04:32
Keybukinstall 'bzr'04:32
haylowhy are there two VCS' with the same name?04:32
haylothat's just mean :)04:32
Keybuksilly, isn't it04:32
Keybukbaz was an attempt to change GNU Arch into "Bazaar"04:32
Keybukit was abandoned, and bzr was written from scratch instead04:32
haylowhich shell does upstart use to execute the script portions of the jobs?04:36
haylois it always /bin/bash or /bin/sh (which could mean it getting mangled to dash at least)04:36
hayloah ok04:37
_ion/bin/sh -e, i think04:37
_ionIt uses -e by default, right?04:37
hayloso ${KVER%{KVER#*.*[^.] }} is no bashism04:38
hayloo k04:38
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Keybukyeah /bin/sh04:39
Keybukthat's ordinary POSIX :p04:39
haylodoesn't work though :)04:41
haylohey, this is fun!04:41
Keybukthere's a typo in it04:42
Keybukshould be ${KVER%${KVER#*.*[^.] }}04:43
hayloKMAJ should contain, what? 2.6?04:43
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_ionkeybuk: Btw, funny thing, one of the upstart test cases failed, but then i wasn't able to repeat the failure anymore: http://soijabanaani.net/tmp/upstart_util_test_events_failure06:37
_ionkeybuk: It might be relevant that i was using libnih.watch_delayed and upstart.watch_delayed, but seems like the test case didn't really have anything to do with my modifications.06:37
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_ionHi Artanicus06:43
Keybuk_ion: hmm, odd06:52
_ionAfter the failure, i ran 'while util/test_events; do true; done' for quite a while without a new failure.06:53
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Keybuk_ion: why are there three "Testing emit_action()" lines?06:56
_ionUh. I have no idea.06:58
_ionUnless the xfce terminal has a bug when copying a chunk of text while scrolling down...06:59
Keybukin fact, they're all duplicated a lot06:59
_ionI tried printing numbers 1..1000 and copying and pasting them, didn't stumble upon such a bug.07:03
Keybukweird then07:04
KeybukI can't reproduce that one07:04
Keybuklooking at the test case, it suggests that stdout went away07:04
Keybukmaybe you ran out of fds temporarily?07:04
_ionThat would be quite strange, too, i think.07:05
AlexExtremefeisty is *really* nice07:10
Keybukyeah, it's getting there07:11
AlexExtremejust got a crash in synaptic07:11
AlexExtremeand apport is really good, too :p07:12
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