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kgoetzoh. i just had ltsp-server-standalone fail to install nfs exports :/ or is that a function of build client? *tests*03:13
kgoetzcan access a repository from a browser, but not using ltsp-build-client :/ just my luck03:24
kgoetzah, its a function of l-b-c. sorry about noise03:35
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eroniusmaximuswhats a reasonable amount of space to install Edubuntu?04:59
kgoetzserver?go with 5 gig+home space05:00
eroniusmaximusjust want to install it at home05:01
eroniusmaximusdual boot05:01
eroniusmaximuson laptop, so i havent that much space05:01
kgoetzworkstation mightr fit in 2 gig05:01
LaserJockI would still got with 3-5GB05:02
LaserJock~2GB is the required spects05:02
eroniusmaximusplus some Swapspace plus some NTFS space or something eh...05:02
kgoetz2 gig is 'look dont touch' ;)05:02
eroniusmaximusi was thinking i want enough to use bittorent to download DVDrips,05:03
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kgoetzanyone had RPC issues with ltsp-server-standalone?06:17
kgoetzi'm wondering if theres some package doing RPC stuff tahts not dependended on by teh package, but should be (left of because its in -base or -minimial etc)06:17
kgoetzoh, fixed it. updated kernels, updated ssh keys, rebooted (i stuffed up reming the host), it works. something there fixed it06:34
=== kgoetz notices theres no way to halt an ltsp client without a mouse
highvoltagekgoetz: I've had RPC problems before07:21
highvoltagekgoetz: but I could never figure out how to troubleshoot it properly07:21
highvoltagekgoetz: you can halt a thin client with a keyboard, by pressing alt+printscreen+o at the same time07:21
kgoetzthanks re halting. what an odd way to do it :)07:22
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highvoltagekgoetz: was this also by any chance the first time that server was booted up?07:29
highvoltagekgoetz: I've also seen that once where it helped rebooting the server after first boot07:29
kgoetzhighvoltage: yes it was (after ltsp was installed)07:32
=== kgoetz tries to work out why he can log in if his password is 'xxx' but not something secure
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smilehow risky is it to install Ubuntu onto a laptop08:37
smilemy laptop08:38
LaserJockdepends on what you mean by "risky" and what laptop08:41
juliuxsmile, no risk no fun;)08:41
LaserJockI'm using it it right now on my toshiba to do pretty much everything08:42
kgoetzditto my compaq's08:52
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lee___do we really get cds12:17
lee___for free12:17
kgoetzfrom shipit yes12:19
kgoetzand patience will get you everware12:19
lee___now i've ordered for 5 ubuntu cd's will it be completely free12:20
kgoetzif you ordred 6.06.1 lts12:21
lee___is this the latest version of ubuntu?12:23
kgoetzno. hte latest is 6.1012:23
lee___is there any diffrence between the two? Can i use it to teach students in my school?12:25
kgoetzimo 6.06 is better, but there is some nice stuff in the newer versoin. i think you'll find 606 is more stable at any reate12:25
lee___will they charge me for shipment at my doorstep?12:28
kgoetzon 606? not that i recall12:28
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cbx33kgoetz, what's better about 6.06 in your opinion?12:37
kgoetzcbx33: LTS, stability (in a big way)12:38
kgoetzplus a few gripes aobut edgy12:38
kgoetz*few little12:38
cbx33kgoetz, are those gripes going to be fixed in feisty?12:40
bimberilee___: nope, delivered to your address of choice at no cost to you :)12:42
kgoetzcbx33: i dont know, but since one of them is 'using vim-tiny', the boot splash (still), starting stuff once gdm is up, lsb compliance, i doubt it.12:42
cbx33kgoetz, if they are bugs, i urge you to report them on Launchpad12:43
cbx33so we can get them fixed12:43
kgoetzcbx33: well i suspect they are features (or work in progress features), which is why i havent reported them as bugs. perhaps i should grab a feisty iso (bit late now FF is gone though)12:44
cbx33but bug fixes are still possible12:45
highvoltagecbx33: have you ever heard of a kibibyte?12:47
cbx33no highvoltage what's that?12:47
kgoetzkilobyte using 1000 not 102412:48
highvoltageI've never seen the term before, which I find strange12:48
cbx33me neither12:49
kgoetzyou must have seen gibibyte though12:49
cbx33hard to pronounce fast too12:49
cbx33kgoetz, I've never seen it12:49
kgoetzlike ubuntu ;)12:49
kgoetzcbx33: oh12:49
highvoltageI haven't seen gibibyte either12:49
cbx33and I'm a netowrk manager12:49
cbx33i would hope to hav seen it12:50
highvoltageperhaps I just read to fast and read it as gigabyte and megabyte12:50
highvoltagecbx33: I'm going to ask a whole bunch of network admins next week :)12:50
kgoetzcbx33: `ifconfig |grep RX`12:50
kgoetznotice MiB and KiB12:50
cbx33highvoltage, blog about it :p12:51
cbx33kgoetz, now I have seen that before12:51
kgoetzcbx33: its the short hand12:51
cbx33but never knew what it really meant,12:51
=== kgoetz tries to remember other commands
kgoetzdf -H (iirc)12:51
=== cbx33 thinks he needs to file a bug against df
cbx33it should use12:52
cbx33GB and GiB12:52
cbx33or soemthing like that12:52
cbx33not just G for both12:52
kgoetztrue, but you have to 'opt in' to using the GiB switch12:54
cbx33true but12:54
cbx33h and H are very similar12:55
kgoetztrue. if it makes you happy use --si insted of -H :P12:55
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cbx33hey juliux01:19
juliuxhi cbx3301:19
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Rondomkgoetz: 1 kibibyte is 1024 bytes not 1000 iirc, the bi means binary or something01:42
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kgoetzare you sure? hm.01:46
kgoetzyour right01:47
=== kgoetz hm. again
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pirastwe are now testing edubuntu in essen02:01
pirastand juliux server is overloaded :-)02:01
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=== Kamping_Kaiser got ltsp gateway workign (netbooting the gateway)
Kamping_Kaiseryay for masochism03:23
Kamping_Kaisernow to make it useful...03:23
edubuntugirlKamping_Kaiser: watch it ;)03:25
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smileI have problem with installation, please help03:26
Kamping_Kaisertomorrows problem. 1am is my time to sleep ;)03:26
Kamping_Kaisernight all. good luck smile03:26
highvoltagegoodnight Kamping_Kaiser03:26
smilewhich country are you in03:27
smileThe resizing of the partition doesnt work03:27
jbrefortsmile, a M$Win partition?03:35
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dockanehi.. maybe my question is a bit offtopic, anyway: i am looking for some sort of e-learning software which enables a pupil and a teacher to chat together mathematical issues with some functions for drawing primitives like triangles, circles and x/y(/z) graphs. the teachers os is ubuntu, the pupils probably windows05:48
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aceping ogra06:18
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Shodanedoes edubuntu include xfce?06:49
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highvoltageShodane: not by default, but you can install the xfce interface from the archives06:55
Shodanedo you know if there's software included to manage users (ie courses, classes, students...)?06:56
highvoltagethere's schooltool, although it's still under heavy developmetn07:01
Shodanedoes it work?07:04
Shodanethat's a calendar...07:07
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stgraberI'm doing some testing on how to smoothly introduce people to Edubuntu (with LTSP). The idea is to be able to connected to the Edubuntu terminal server with the less software and settings needed and that directly from Windows08:07
highvoltagestgraber: like a Windows client for LTSP?08:07
stgraberThe best would be to use a RDP server on Ubuntu (I heard of xrdp) but it's not easy to connect it to the XDMCP server08:07
ograthere is no xdmcp running on edubuntu08:08
stgraberbut I'm currently looking on the best way to do that08:08
highvoltageyou could probably also do it with Putty and a X server for Windows08:08
ograthats the right way08:08
highvoltagewhich way, ogra?08:08
highvoltagecool :)08:08
ograputty and Xserver08:08
stgraberActually I didn't find any really free and easy to use X server for windows08:08
ograXorg has none ?08:09
stgraberthere is cygwin but it's not what I call "easy"08:09
highvoltagea friend of mine installed it on his windows machine last week, and he says it was quite easy08:09
=== highvoltage tries to find him on jabber
stgraberMy other idea is to try this NoMachine stuff, I heard that the video quality is quite good and it should be easy to install on the server (with sound working)08:10
highvoltagethe good thing about that is that it would be fast over slow connections. but the big downside is, you have to install extra software on the server for that to work.08:12
stgrabermy other problem is that it would be really better to have a standalone software which doesn't need any kind of Administrator right to be launched as the admin are quite paranoiac here ...08:12
stgraberOh, I just found a free X server for windows, http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/08:23
highvoltagehmmm... I wonder if local devices will work if you install dbus for windows08:26
highvoltageit's probably a far stretch :)08:26
=== stgraber would be happy if display and sound works :)
cbx33stgraber, cygwin is pretty easy ;)09:24
cbx33check out my blog i did it the other day in under an hour...and I was trying out colinux too09:24
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jamieCan any one help me. I am trying to install an older kernel on ltsp as the latest one on edgy does not seem to support the sound balster module on the sff very well. How do I do this please?11:54
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Burgundaviahmm, no cbx3312:06
jamieCan any one help me. I am trying to install an older kernel on ltsp as the latest one on edgy does not seem to support the sound balster module on the sff very well. How do I do this please12:09

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