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hak0Riddell: the ideia beind apt-build is the same as Portage from gentoo , as in build and automating the build for the current hardware/processor , in an automated form , i know i can do apt-get source and rebuild (at least if if i can find the main source package for building X), in the end could rebuild my system to the latest sources/binaryes using only command "apt-build world"12:16
hak0Riddell: if you had a P3 450mhz like i have you could understand why i want to optimise all i can12:17
Riddellif I had a 450Mhz machine I wouldn't want to recompile xorg :)12:18
hak0anyway thanks , it's my fight :)12:18
hak0:) yes , sounds crazy, but whit distcc and my brother amd64 it could became a dream come true ;)12:19
hak0use the src luke , inst always that the frase , it's what i am doing it , or do u sugest Vista on my machine :)12:20
hak0i wish xchat had spell checking ..........12:22
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Tonio_Riddell: can you imagin there are things in debian/changelog that have been done in the source..... appears in .diff.gz12:57
Tonio_not a patch12:57
Tonio_Riddell: fontconfig package is crap !12:58
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Tonio_Riddell: looks like a kde bug....01:12
Tonio_Riddell: sans-serif looks normal in gtk apps (gnome, firefox) but fails in kde apps01:12
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Tonio_Riddell: I even tried to sync the fonts with gtk-qt-engines, firefox looks normal........01:13
Tonio_that's weird........01:13
Tonio_Riddell: confirmed, no issue with speedcrunch too....01:16
Tonio_so I guess that's a fontconfig update that revealed a kde bug...01:16
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Tonio_Lure: ping ?01:42
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Tonio_Riddell: I'm trying to rebuild qt against new fontconfig...02:14
=== Riddell crosses fingers
ZerlinnaDoes anyone of you already know if he'll come to LinuxTag in Berlin? (may 30th - june 2nd)02:25
ZerlinnaRiddell maybe? ;)02:26
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nixternalgnomefreak: ping?05:26
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LureRiddell: problems...06:56
LureFailed to fetch http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/edgy-dist-upgrade/./python-kde3_3.15.2+20060422-2ubuntu4.1_i386.deb  Size mismatch06:56
LureFailed to fetch http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/edgy-dist-upgrade/./python-kde3-dev_3.15.2+20060422-2ubuntu4.1_all.deb  Size mismatch06:56
LureE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?06:56
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PaGuX_hi  folks i am making  make kubuntu clone of Mac OS X called KOS XX09:37
PaGuX_i plan implement all Mac OS X features09:38
PaGuX_using linux pakages already available09:38
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yuriyPaGuX: neat...sorta.  why no dock?10:16
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Tonio_Lure: are you there ?11:25
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GNUrogood morning!!11:44
=== sebas got tickets for red hot chili peppers :-)
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LureTonio_: yep12:16
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Tonio_Lure: the font issue is very strange12:26
Tonio_that's due to fontconfig, but only affects qt312:26
Tonio_no issue with sans-serif on gtk apps12:27
Tonio_so I suspect a qt3 bug discovered after fontconfig issue12:27
Tonio_something like that12:27
Tonio_but that looks like very hard to patch12:27
LureTonio_: :-(12:30
Tonio_qt isn't impacted too...12:31
Tonio_Lure: change all the fonts to sans-serif and test speedcrunch, no pb12:31
Tonio_no pb in firefox to, even with gtk-qt-engines to sync with kde fonts12:32
Tonio_ans pure qt apps like qtparted are affected too12:32
Tonio_so that really looks like an issue with qt12:32
Tonio_Lure: so I tried to rebuild qt against the new fontconfig which is a builddep12:32
Tonio_no change unfortunatelly12:32
LureTonio_: it may be some new setup in fontconfig, that qt3 does not understand...12:33
Tonio_only a qt expert can fix this I'm affraid...12:33
Tonio_Lure: probably yes12:33
LureTonio_: do we have latest qt3?12:33
Tonio_but the config in the new fontconfig is exactly the same as before12:33
Tonio_except it is splitted in several files with conf.d12:33
Tonio_that's all12:33
Tonio_Lure: I think so yes....12:34
Tonio_Lure: it would be interesting to compare with others distros12:34
Tonio_is debian impacted too ?12:34
LureTonio_: maybe we should check other distro (FC7, Suse 10.3) if they have new fontconfig and any qt/fontconfig patch12:34
LureTonio_: do not know12:34
Tonio_hehe, yes, that's my feeling too12:34
hunger_tI noticed some fonts are displayed (and printed) in plain whenever I switch them to bold in OOo. They are displayed in bold by default. Is that the issue you were just talking about?12:37
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Tonio_hunger_t: that's different issue12:39
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
hungerTonio_: Thanks for the info.12:39
=== Hobbsee waves
Tonio_hunger: you're welcompe :)12:40
Tonio_Hobbsee: hi ;) wanted to talk with me yesterday ?12:40
HobbseeTonio_: heya :)12:40
fdovingTonio_: how can one reproduce this font bug you're talking about?12:41
Tonio_fdoving: simply set kde fonts to "sans-serif"12:41
Tonio_and look at the terrible result...12:41
Tonio_cleaning my keyboard sorry :)12:42
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fdovingTonio_: sans serif looks good here.12:49
fdovingi only changed the general font, though.12:49
Tonio_fdoving: on feisty ?12:50
fdovingfeisty ppc.12:50
Tonio_can you give me a screenshot plz ?12:51
Tonio_that's interesting12:51
Tonio_fdoving: maybe you just don't "see" the change12:51
Tonio_fdoving: there is a bug :)12:53
Tonio_fdoving: look at dejavu12:54
Tonio_sans-serif is supposed to be dejavu ;)12:54
Tm_Tfdoving: Norge?12:54
fdovingTm_T: ja.12:54
Tm_THej. :)12:54
Tonio_in fact sans serif is kind of a virtual font, using the good one depending your charset12:54
Tonio_for you and I it should use dejavu or bitstream vera12:54
Tonio_it doesn't12:55
fdovingwhat's the problem with the text on my screenshot? it's sans serif, and it doesn't look bad.12:55
Tonio_fdoving: it SHOULD look exactly like with dejavu12:56
Tonio_fdoving: the problem is that the same font doesn't render the same way with qt and gtk12:56
fdovingdejavu serif?12:56
Tonio_that's bad for a good desktop integration :)12:56
Tonio_fdoving: yes12:56
Tonio_no !!! deja vu12:56
Tonio_not serif, sans-serif is french in fact ;) means "without serif"12:57
Tonio_so just look dejavu or bitstream vera sans12:57
fdovingdejavu sans?12:57
Tonio_they are the same :) dejavu is just an alias for dejavu sans12:57
fdovingi don't have 'DejaVu'12:58
Tonio_fdoving: yes that's another bug ;)12:58
fdovingdejavu sans is broken.12:58
Tonio_kde doesn't show all types and aliases....12:58
Tonio_fdoving: because of the "light" ?12:58
Tonio_just put "normal"12:58
fdovingoh what a useless default.12:58
Tm_TBroken =)12:58
Tonio_fdoving: just use dejavu, normal, size 912:58
Tm_Tfdoving: Yeah, it's bad.12:58
Tonio_sans-serif should look like this12:59
Tonio_fdoving: I agree that should be the default :)12:59
Tonio_fdoving: do you see the difference ?12:59
fdovinghttp://ubuntu.lnix.net/misc/kmenu-djavusans.png vs http://ubuntu.lnix.net/misc/kmenu-sansserif.png01:00
HobbseeTonio_: 05:18 < Tonio_> I prefer to spend 5 minutes fixing a bug on feisty than 2 month for edgy...   <-- Can i quote you on that?01:01
=== Hobbsee thinks that's awesome!
Tonio_Hobbsee: please do.... I'd like this process to be changed, really01:03
Tonio_the control is important, be depends on what the fix is....01:03
Tonio_50 verifications for a simple .install file change to remove a duplicate file is ridiculous....01:04
Tonio_fdoving: they look different01:04
HobbseeTonio_: indeed.01:04
Tonio_fdoving: you may have high DPI settings, so the change isn't that easy too see :)01:04
fdovingTonio_: they do, i suspect sans serif doesn't default to Dejavu sans.01:04
=== Hobbsee considers putting that on the SRU page :P
fdovingTonio_: i'm at 100DPI.01:05
Tonio_fdoving: it is supposed to, and does for gtk01:05
Tonio_fdoving: did you set the size to 9 ?01:05
fdovingno, 8.01:05
Tonio_fdoving: put 9 you'll se the big difference :)01:05
Tonio_fontconfig defaults sans-serif to dejavu01:05
Tonio_works with qt4 and gtk/gnome01:05
Tonio_only fails with qt3 or kde01:05
Tonio_that's wy I suspect a bug in qt301:06
Tonio_I'll put the infos and results of my test on the reported bug on launchpad01:06
Tonio_I'll probably default kds to dejavu if we cannot fix this.... but I'd like to avoid that, since default dejavu creates other issues with specific charsets01:06
fdovingwhy would kde/qt override what fontconfig says?01:08
fdovingdid you check qtconfig-qt3?01:08
fdovingyou can set font substitutions there.01:08
Tonio_fdoving: yes, but it should follow fontconfig in the first palce01:09
Tonio_note that the bug only appears withlatest fontconfig, no issue with the edgy version ;)01:09
Tonio_that's the tricky part01:09
fdovingso fontconfig is broken.01:09
Tonio_we can workarround the issue, but there is a real bug in the way qt3 deals with fontconfig01:09
Tonio_fdoving: no, that's qt since it works with gtk and qt4 :)01:10
Tonio_that's the strange thing01:10
Tonio_new fontconfig only creates an issue with qt301:10
Hobbseebah, just bring in qt4 :P01:10
fdovingrevert fontconfig to the previous version.01:10
Tonio_fdoving: if it were a fontconfig bug, that would impact all APIs01:11
Tonio_not only one version of one of them01:11
fdovingwell, a new fontconfig creates a problem in one of the apis, i guess that means fontconfig changed something that used to work.01:11
Tonio_fdoving: possibly but hard to find out what ;)01:15
fdovingTonio_: related to this http://www.debianhelp.org/node/2755 ?01:20
LureRiddell: ping?01:21
fdovingTonio_: if it is related, the last comment says it's fixed in qt 3.3.7-201:23
fdovingTonio_: http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/q/qt-x11-free/qt-x11-free_3.3.7-3/changelog01:25
fdovingsee the -2 comment01:25
fdoving   * debian/patches/61_fcfontmatch_fontwidth_fix.dpatch01:26
fdovingthat's what we want.01:26
fdovingi belive.01:26
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Tonio_fdoving: ahhhhhhhhhhh01:39
Tonio_fdoving: will test this !01:39
fdovingand what's with the new dpkg-source?01:39
fdovingdpkg-source: error: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address01:40
Tonio_fdoving: I read that changelog yesterday, but I missed that01:40
fdovingso i'm forced to change the maintainer field. not nice on SRUs.01:40
Tonio_fdoving: yeah I saw that.... you have to change le maintainer and fill the "old-maintainer"01:40
Tonio_that's a pitty ;)01:40
Tonio_fdoving: are you testing the build ?01:40
fdovingi was going to, but i'd prefer if you do it.01:40
fdovingmy laptop is not very fast :)01:40
Tonio_fdoving: that was in the -1 version.... that's why I missed this01:42
Tonio_-2 sorry ;)01:42
fdovingit was in the -2, yes.01:42
Tonio_fdoving: building, we'll see what about.....01:43
fdovingi'm building too, so we can compare :)01:43
Tonio_sounds interesting, and looks like ressembling to our problem01:43
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Tonio_fdoving: I'm uploading the built qt on my repo if you wanna test02:32
fdovingTonio_: did you make .ppc packages too ? :)02:33
Tonio_fdoving: no ;)02:33
Tonio_fdoving: I don't have a mac.... I just ordered one, but that's a macintel02:33
fdovingmacbook pro?02:34
fdovingi'm considering one too.02:34
Tonio_fdoving: I have to go.... I'll test during the we....02:34
fdovingbut i think i'm leaning towards a dell latitude d620 instead.02:34
Tonio_let's hope it'll work !02:34
Tonio_hum for the same config dell is more expensive than apple02:35
Tonio_at least in france02:35
fdovingyes, here too, but they have the next business day service thing.02:35
Tonio_in fact I was surprised, but apple is the cheapest with the same config....02:35
fdovingi know.02:36
Tonio_even acer is more expensive....02:36
Tonio_okay I'm left ! seya ;)02:36
Tonio_girlfriend asking for me :)02:36
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RiddellLure: what news?06:57
LureRiddell: just started adept_updater06:58
LureRiddell: will write report... ;-)06:58
=== Riddell crosses fingers
LureRiddell: text messages in GUI seems to be cut06:59
LureRiddell: "A new version of Kubuntu is available. Click next if you want to"06:59
LureRiddell: "Downloading and verifying the upg"06:59
Riddellhttp://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/adept2.png ?07:00
LureRiddell: yes, but it is cut as written above07:01
Lureafter clicking "Finish", nothing happened...07:01
Riddellwhat's in /tmp/kde-root?07:02
Riddellshould be a directory named adept-asdf-extract/07:02
LureRiddell: nothing...07:03
LureRiddell: sorry, was checking as regular user07:03
Riddellit needs to be root07:04
LureRiddell: so I need to run manual install of python-kde3-dev and stuff now?07:04
Riddellshouldn't need -dev07:05
LureRiddell: or just start python dist-upgrader.py --frontend DistUpgradeViewKDE07:05
Riddellbut you do need kubuntu-desktop installed07:05
Riddellbut it needs to download the tool first07:05
LureRiddell: I have07:05
Riddellyou have or adept has?07:05
LureRiddell: I have kubuntu-desktop installed, but not sure how to start upgrader now07:06
LureRiddell: is it dist-upgrader.py or dist-upgrade.py (wrong name on wiki?)07:06
Riddellwell adept should start it07:06
LureRiddell: it did not :-(07:07
Riddelldid you run adept_updater as root?07:07
Lurekdesu adept_upgrader07:07
Riddelland did it download anything?07:07
Lureit did, and I have this /tmp/kde-root/*-extract dir with .py files07:08
LureRiddell: can it be wrong name of script (see above)?07:08
Riddellbut adept just quit?07:08
Riddellwiki will be wrong07:08
LureRiddell: adept just offered "Finish" to start new tool and nothing happended (also nothing on console afair)07:09
LureRiddell: I will retry now (adept_upgrader...)07:09
LureRiddell: shoudl I clean up /tmp/kde-root first (to be on the safe side?)07:09
Riddelldoesn't matter07:10
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LureRiddell: now download was either very fast or not needed...07:11
LureRiddell: check screenshots on http://lure.lu.funpic.de/tmp/ (UPG-xxx.png)07:12
=== Lure will press "Finish" (cross fingers)
Riddellhmm, something broken with the labels not expanding to your font size there07:13
Riddelldid it run?07:14
LureRiddell: no - konsole output is here: http://paste.tonio.homelinux.org/6207:14
LureRiddell: should I start it by hand?07:15
Riddellnothing else on the command line?07:15
LureRiddell: no. I can try running strace...07:16
Riddellyes do run it by hand (and fix the typo in the wiki if you want)07:16
LureRiddell: I have strace output - if interested, I can send it by mail...07:18
Riddellof adept?07:19
LureRiddell: that explains it:07:20
Luredist-upgrade.py: cannot connect to X server :007:20
LureRiddell: yep strace of adept_updater07:20
Riddellerr huh?07:20
Riddellthat from running it by hand or with adept?07:20
Riddellthe x error07:21
LureRiddell: by hand07:21
LureRiddell: sudo -i, then "python ./dist-upgrade.py --frontend DistUpgradeViewKDE"07:21
Riddelljust do  sudo python ./dist-upgrade.py --frontend DistUpgradeViewKDE07:22
LureRiddell: crash: http://paste.tonio.homelinux.org/6307:24
RiddellI've no idea07:25
LureRiddell: me neither ;-)07:26
Riddellcould try the Gtk frontend I guess07:26
Riddellbut it doesn't look like a frontend error07:26
LureRiddell: no, it does not help - just trows error on konsole07:29
Riddellwhat does?07:29
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LureRiddell: I get the same traceback, just on console if I strip "KDE" in argument07:31
LureRiddell: it looks like some config/input file is not correct07:32
LureRiddell: I will probably leave my edgy install for future tests and will rather do clean Herd4 install today07:32
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RiddellLure: thanks07:35
LureRiddell: no problem, just ping me when you want me to test again07:41
jpetsoRiddell: ping07:42
Riddellhi jpetso07:42
jpetsoRiddell: I noticed that Kubuntu Feisty is using my TotallyClear Kopete style07:42
jpetsoRiddell: well, actually, the style is not from me, it's just a variation, but anyways07:43
jpetsoRiddell: I got the style into Kopete 0.12.1 as "No avatars" variant of the Clear style, but it got lost because I forgot to add it to Makefile.am07:44
jpetsoRiddell: which I just fixed07:44
RiddellTonio_ ^^07:45
Riddelljpetso: Tonio_'s the dude who's been playing with kopete07:45
jpetsoRiddell, Tonio_: so you might want to configure Kopete to use "the real thing" instead of the seperate style07:45
jpetsoRiddell, Tonio_: http://websvn.kde.org/branches/KDE/3.5/kdenetwork/kopete/styles/Clear/Contents/Resources/Variants/No_avatars.css?rev=634596&view=rev07:45
jpetsoRiddell, Tonio_: the fix.07:45
jpetsoer, i mean07:46
jpetsoer, no, it's ok, the link works fine07:47
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Tm_Tjpetso: Thanks again, good work there. :)08:16
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jjessehmm running feisty with all udpates, it seems the splash screen stops halfway through for me and i get the "old" text bootup w/ all the messages09:46
jjesseanyone else seeing that?09:46
ScottKNot me.  You should ask in #ubuntu+109:47
jjessewhy ubuntu+1 and not to the kubuntu devs?09:48
ScottKMore people there on the weekend and you don't really have a development question (yet).09:49
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_StefanS_hi there10:16
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yuriyjjesse: yeah i get that too, as of a couple days ago10:26
jjesseyuriy: do you think a bug should be reported?10:29
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yuriyi guess so10:33
yuriyi'll turn on my laptop now to make sure it happens10:33
yuriyjjesse: yep10:34
jjesseyuriy: do you want to report the bug or should i?10:35
yuriyjjesse: you, i'm off to eat and stuff10:36
jjesseyuriy: ok thanks10:40
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jjesseyuriy: reported as bug #85893, hopefully i reported it correctly10:50
UbugtuMalone bug 85893 in kubuntu-default-settings "[Feisty]  Kubuntu -- Problems w/ usplash and boot process" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8589310:50
yuriyso much for that idea10:52
jjessesorry to bring you back from dinner10:53
yuriythere is no dinner10:53
jjesseoh, you said you were leaving for food10:53
yuriyi have break starting today and they closed all the cafeterias already10:53
jjesseah bummer10:53
yuriyi guess it's about time to head home10:53
yuriyi think it's more likely a usplash bug than k-d-s, but we should see if anybody on ubuntu has it10:54
jjesseso i filed it against the correct package?10:54
jjessesorry got confusde, i thought i selected usplash10:55
fdovingkubuntu-artwork-usplash comes from the kubuntu-default-settings source package.10:55
yuriyit's the theme10:56
=== jjesse learns something new today
jjessethe more i play/dig into feisty the more i like the changes/improvements10:57
yuriyyeah it's nice. and polyester is nice, except for the bright purple scroll bars10:58
yuriythose are irritating10:58
fdovingthe more i play with c++, the more i understand that i don't understand. :)10:58
yuriy( ^ kwwii :) )10:58
jjessejust notifed those purple scroll bars, must be a recent change?10:59
hungerWhen was kcontrol broken?11:01
hungerIt does no longer contain any config modules (well, two pretty useless ones are left).11:02
hungeryuriy: Run kcontrol and see for yourself.11:02
hungerOBEX devices are still left... the rest went missing.11:02
jjessei'm not seeing that11:03
yuriyme neither, i have all the modules11:03
hungerjjesse: I see the usual stuff in guidance, but kcontrol is empty:-(11:03
yuriyi vaguely remember seeing a bug like that but i can't find it11:09
jjesseis system settings the same as guidance?11:10
hungeryuriy: guidance is what you can access via the menus AFAICT.11:10
jjesseanother follow up question: when i click on the handbook in system settings it launches khelpcenter with an error message about not finding the handbook11:11
jjesseyet it seems like there are two entries in helpcenter for system settings11:11
jjessebtw hello Riddell11:11
yuriysystem settings is what you can access via the menus, guidance is a set of 4-5 modules in there11:11
jjesseyuriy: thanks for explaining11:11
hungerThe new theme finally highlights active tabs properly!11:14
hungerWould it be possible to apply the same highlighting to those tabs on the left/right/buttom of kdevelop? Or are those something different?11:15
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jjessei hate my laptop11:17
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