LarstiQhmm, it's fairly unstable through level312:15
LarstiQfeh, rebooting my openwrt took care of that12:18
LarstiQLeeJunFan: I'm not aware of anyone raising such an issue before12:18
LeeJunFanfrom here it looks like latency doubles on cogent's net.12:18
=== LarstiQ can't really help
FujitsuI get 200ms latency on the first Level3 hop, before that it's <10ms.12:19
LeeJunFan 7  p6-0.core01.bos01.atlas.cogentco.com (  45.283 ms  51.565 ms  55.448 ms12:19
LeeJunFan 8  p3-0.core01.lon01.atlas.cogentco.com (  248.878 ms  144.355 ms  199.254 ms12:19
LeeJunFansounds similar to that.12:19
LeeJunFandoesn't make sense to me though to increase 200ms on the same carrier network unless they've got issues.12:20
elmoLeeJunFan: umm, that's Boston to London12:20
elmowhich is a not insubstantial amount of miles.  granted 200ms is more than it should be, but it's also not completely out of the ball park12:21
LeeJunFanah, heh. Why london for us archive I wonder?12:21
elmoanyway, yes, we're having network issues, we're working with our ISP to resolve them12:21
elmoLeeJunFan: because normally it's better than any of our US mirrors12:22
Fujitsuelmo: Is this why LP has been dismally slow lately?12:22
LeeJunFanelmo: okay, thanks.12:22
elmoFujitsu: no12:30
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elmoFujitsu: non-bulk traffic, which includes Launchpad, was only affected for about 30 mins max, several hours ago12:30
Fujitsuelmo, oh, darn.12:30
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LeeJunFanFujitsu: oh darn it wasn't affected longer? :)12:31
LarstiQoh darn it doesn't explain the slowdown12:31
FujitsuLarstiQ, that's it.12:31
LeeJunFanLarstiQ: I know - was a joke.12:31
LarstiQLeeJunFan: oh darn :)12:32
Fujitsu>30 seconds to load a list of 10 package bugs isn't ideal.12:32
elmoFujitsu: example URL?12:32
=== Fujitsu finds one.
Fujitsuhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayer/+bugs takes 20-25 seconds to load here at the moment.12:33
Fujitsu(I have minimal issues with other international sites)12:33
LarstiQlooks like 3 seconds for me12:34
elmoFujitsu: what's your BW?12:34
elmoFujitsu: e.g. how much can you get from wget -O /dev/null http://gb.releases.ubuntu.com/edgy/ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso12:34
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FujitsuI regularly get 1.1MBps to Australian sites.12:36
=== Fujitsu tries that.
FujitsuNormally about 100KBps for archive.ubuntu.com12:36
Fujitsu(that's a 404, but I've corrected it)12:37
FujitsuSeems to be about 60KB/s12:37
elmoI was typing from memory12:37
FujitsuNow 50.12:37
elmoFujitsu: ok, so you just have very bad BW to the UK, the speed problem's not actually intrinsic to launchpad12:43
FujitsuOK :(12:45
FujitsuI get ~300KBps to se.releases.ubuntu.com, and a number of other European sites, so it seems to basically just be the UK12:48
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elmofujitsu: try http://durville.ubuntu.com/releases/edgy/ubuntu-6.10-desktop-i386.iso for me?12:53
Fujitsu600K and rising12:54
elmothat's the LP link12:55
FujitsuHow very strange.12:55
davieyIs there any reason karma doesn't update immediately?12:57
LarstiQdaviey: it's expensive to calculate01:03
davieyLarstiQ, lets donate ;)01:04
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ddaaelmo: somebody is sucking up all of lanchpad?01:47
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LarstiQddaa: I'm not sure if you would, but perhaps you also enjoy reading http://www.fixedearth.com/01:54
ddaaI'd be curious to see how they refute Foucault's pendulum...01:57
ddaaLarstiQ: ever seen one?01:57
FujitsuLarstiQ: Haha.01:58
LarstiQddaa: no, but I'm familiar with the experiment.01:58
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LarstiQddaa: the site design reminds me of timecube, another favorite01:58
ddaaLarstiQ: there's a museum in Paris where you can see one01:58
ddaait's quite hypnotic, and _does_ turn around perceptibly...01:59
LarstiQif I ever do visit Paris, I should go see that.02:00
LarstiQAnd I really need to read the book too.02:00
ddaaIf I recall correctly, it's the "Muse des Arts et Mtiers"02:02
ddaayup: http://visite.artsetmetiers.free.fr/pendule_musee.html02:03
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jamddaa: "Foucault's pendulum" Is that the one that you can keep the time of day?02:05
jamIIRC, in the Museum of Science and Industry here is Chicago, they have a pendulum set up in one of the staircases02:05
jamthat tells you what time it is02:05
ddaajam: not really, unless it's placed on a geographic pole :)02:05
jambut I might have misunderstood how they were doing it02:06
ddaaThe one in Paris does a complete revolution in 31 h 47 min.02:06
ddaait's a function of the latitude02:07
LaserJockLP is offline?02:14
ddaaworks here02:15
ddaamh... beta is down02:15
LaserJockyeah, I was on beta, but regular LP works02:15
ddaathat's weird02:16
ddaamh... wait a min...02:17
ddaait should be the automatic rollout going on02:17
ddaaLarstiQ: though I try, I find the entertainment value of this site quite limited02:19
ddaahow can anybody with so little taste in colors be trusted to have judgment in science? I ask you!02:20
=== LarstiQ does have a masochistic streak
ddaaapparently it's a bunch of fundamentalists who discovered that the history of science is full of errors, arguments, and political issues...02:21
LaserJockcolors? the font changes are what's killing me02:22
ddaathen you must be color blind, the pain of the font changes is drowned in the LSD tripness of the colors...02:23
=== ddaa goes to read lwn.net instead
LarstiQbah, lwn.net text is far too stable02:26
ddaayeah, but it feature actual humor02:26
ddaaHow can that not bring a smile to the face of any linux geek? "There is, beyond doubt, some X resource which can be employed to change that font, but your editor, it must be said, has not found messing around with X resources cool for some years now."02:27
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lotusleafI have a launchpad account and have edited the kubuntu+ubuntu wikis a tiny bit in the past, but made a mistake and deleted my wiki portion account somehow so I can't login in either ubuntu or kubuntu wikis but I can login in launchpad03:55
lotusleafhow may I remedy this please? :-)03:55
lotusleafit says I'm already logged into launchpad but it gives a wrong password message on the wiki, so using the option to send myself my lp password wouldn't do it04:03
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FujitsuHi, is there a reason that beta is down?07:24
FujitsuAnd is it deliberate that the publisher seems to not be running?07:24
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GwaihirNg: can I bother?02:35
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UbugtuNew bug: #85868 in malone "xorg does not recognize 1440x900 screens of toshiba laptops. A nightmare for newbies" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8586809:21
UbugtuNew bug: #85869 in malone "No sound in laptops with Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) " [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8586909:31
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