darkmatterNow Playing: Lateralus by Tool from Lateralus (2:59/9:23)12:22
darkmatteroops.. wrong tab12:22
troy_sGreets darkmatter12:45
darkmattermorn troy_s12:45
troy_sdarkmatter: Another tool fan ;)12:45
troy_sGood stuff.12:45
darkmattertroy_s, yup12:46
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nysosymwb darkmatter01:49
darkmatternor for long.. think I may need to reboot in a sec01:49
nysosymgood bye all02:16
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kwwiitroy_s: ping? I got rounded box's working in GDM03:03
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kwwiigoing to bed soon04:02
kwwii4am here04:02
coz_10PM here04:03
kwwiilucky you04:03
kwwiisleep time here04:03
coz_kwwii, well been wher eyouare sleep wise didn't like going to bed at 4am:)04:03
coz_kwwii, sleep well guy rest is more importatnt that irc04:04
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troy_skwwii yeah i saw that.04:26
troy_skwwii its pretty simple04:26
troy_sas you found out.04:26
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nysosymhi darkmatter :)10:42
darkmatterhi nyosym10:43
nysosymstill allive? :D10:44
darkmatteryes... about to work on my them a bit... just finished updating my e17 install10:45
nysosymnice to hear :)10:46
darkmatterdamn... enlightenment has the prettiest icons10:48
nysosymnice, but not the best, i think10:50
elkbuntuit'd be nicer if it were stable10:51
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nysosymwb darkmatter and hi andreasn :)11:23
darkmatterhmmm... e is getting pretty11:25
nysosymdarkmatter: sure, but e17 is tooo unstable11:29
darkmatternysosym, no its not.. its perfectly stable... until tomorrows update :P11:30
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nysosymbrbl, cya all :)12:03
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nysosymhi klepas :)01:37
klepashey :)01:37
nysosymmy first steps in grunge look, what do u think about? :D01:39
klepasrockin' :)01:40
klepaswhat's it for?01:40
nysosymonly a idea for the #ubun2design project :)01:41
nysosymread more01:41
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BHSPitMonkey_If I just want to start figuring out glade and make a mock-up or two, should I get glade-gnome-3?07:06
BHSPitMonkey_or glade-gnome-2? or glade-2 or glade-3?07:06
RiddellBHSPitMonkey: glade-2 seems most common07:27
Riddellalthough some people use glade-3 and it's not clever enough to tell you which you need if you open an existing file07:27
kwwiigreat, inkscape dies again08:07
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nysosymhi there :)08:47
nysosymhi kwwii, how are u?  :)08:50
kwwiiI wish that I knew how to take a screenshot of gdm08:50
kwwiinysosym: good, and you?08:50
kwwiiwent out last night with a bunch of old suse friends08:50
nysosymfine :)08:50
kwwiiand got totally plastered08:50
nysosymhehe :)08:50
nysosymhmmm u can use xnest to make a gdm screenshot08:50
kwwiiyeah, I wonder how well that works with aixgl08:51
nysosymit works, but what is your problem?08:52
kwwiijust worried about installing it :-)08:52
kwwiisince I need this machine to work08:52
nysosymok, that's a problem ^^08:53
nysosymkwwii: what do u think about my first steps in grunge style?08:54
kwwiidid you trace that?08:55
nysosymhmm what do u mean?08:55
nysosymi had these in svg too, when u that mean ^^08:58
kwwiiI meant taking a pic and then running a trace program on it (or the built in function in inkscape) to create vectors out of it08:58
nysosymyes, that's the way that i used to made these :)08:59
nysosymthe simplest and best way i think08:59
nysosymany ideas to improve these? :D09:02
nysosymi'm open for everything ;)09:02
kwwiismooth the vectors09:04
nysosymhmm but it's should look "dirty"09:05
kwwiiperhaps work on the colors then09:07
kwwiigotta restart X brb09:08
nysosymok :)09:08
nysosymthx for ideas :)09:08
nysosymkwwii: is it possible, that i can see the results of your actual work? :)09:19
kwwiinysosym: on gdm you mean?09:20
kwwiionce I figure out how to make a screenshot, es09:20
nysosymhmm and when u change to your new gdm, start xnest, make a screenshot and after that, u change to your "old" gdm theme, i think your working machine is it irresistible09:24
kwwiiI need xnest to to run the gdmthemetester09:25
nysosymhmm in my own experience is xnest only a new terminal with a running x server, the new gdm is automaticly in there, i didn't need a gdmthemetester.09:27
nysosym*automatic ^^09:28
kwwiinysosym: now it works10:07
nysosymthx kwwii, it looks very very nice! :)10:08
kwwiithanks :-)10:09
nysosymone idea, is it possible to made a little shadow on the upper side of the bottom line?10:10
kwwiiI am working on that part now10:11
nysosymnice, something like that?10:15
kwwiisomething like that but simpler10:17
nysosymcool, i'm happy :)10:17
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