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lordkeidenhas anyone had a bad experience with HP tech chat? I am conference calling with a rep from executive support on monday about their web support, and would like other cases besides my own. If you have the email of the chat history they usually send after the chat, that is best.02:01
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CryptoMolehi all08:50
CryptoMoleubuntu edgy works good on thinkpads.08:50
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slytherinCan anyone tell me which package should I use to file bug related to card reader in my laptop?07:59
Lureslytherin: kernel (linux-source-2.6.xx)08:20
slytherinLure: Ok. I am going through bugs to make sure it is not already reported. In my case SD card doesn't mount. The card reader uses TI chipset.08:22
Lureslytherin: does it get detected and module loaded?08:22
slytherinLure: Oops. I should have said it doesn't automount. I can manually mount after loading driver module.08:23
Lureslytherin: then it may not be kernel issue08:24
slytherinLure: Then what might be issue? Also, when I insert memory stick pro, I don't know how to mount it because I don't know what device to mount.08:25
Lureslytherin: it may be missing udev rule for device or something...08:26
slytherinLure: Anyway, I don't have SD card right now. So can't do any trial and error things. Any idea about memory stick pro?08:27
Lureslytherin: not really08:28
slytherinLure: Ok. Thanks anyway. :-)08:28
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