=== gnomefreak off for a while most likely until morning. sorry for the email flood :)
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jhnjwngbug #7457604:55
UbugtuMalone bug 74576 in firefox "crash [@nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJSInternal]  [@nsContentTreeOwner::ShowAsModal] [@nsXULWindow::ShowModal] " [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7457604:55
jhnjwngwhy is it  still in status of "Needs info"?04:56
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gnomefreakis Html Validator in the repos02:29
gnomefreakasac: did we push an update to edgys firefox into repos?02:36
gnomefreakok what time was agreed on? I keep seeing it get moved around. maybe we should start on the 26th instead of this monday? I need to contact him to set it up would like to do it before our spot gets taken (if we have a spot)03:08
gnomefreakdo we have a tag for reading crash reports?03:44
asacmt-traced I guess ... maybe we should use mt-hasreport instead04:40
=== asac is just here for a few minutes today ... have a heavy hangover :)
gnomefreaki have a few they ran dbg on it and got backtrace but couldnt find a tag to have someone read the backtrace04:41
gnomefreakwe can worry about it monday :)04:41
asacyep ... I actually i used the traced tag when there was a valid trace/backport with symbols included04:42
gnomefreakhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bugs?field.status%3Alist=Unconfirmed  down to 25 :) it was at around 80-90ish iirc. taking break for a bit. sorry again for email flood05:22
=== gnomefreak goes away for a while.
asacgood work :)05:31
asacare they all tagged?05:31
asaccan you please tag as mt-needtestcase and mt-needtester too.05:31
gnomefreaki will as soon as im up to date on what they are ;)05:32
asacso you are at need summary / description stage?05:32
gnomefreakim trying to get info from them to start with05:32
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: I went ahead and asked nixternal to put it on the Fridge05:32
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: ty i couldnt find him when i was around05:33
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: what time/date is it set for and has everyone agreed on it?05:33
asacon the fridge?05:33
gnomefreaki saw alot of changes to times so i got confused05:33
asaci don't know ... bug 2130 ... is pretty hard here :905:33
UbugtuBug 2130 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/2130 is private05:33
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: 21.30 UTC. I figured half a day is enough time to disagrre with it05:33
asacthis monday is fine05:34
asacbut maybe we can vary the hour a bit05:34
gnomefreakasac: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/05:34
asacah ok05:35
gnomefreakhere is the meetings page http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event05:35
Admiral_Chicagobreakfast. I should hear back from Richard soon05:36
gnomefreakif 21:30 isnt good we need to get a good time before it can be put on fridge or we will miss our own meeting05:36
asacthis monday its fine05:37
gnomefreak21:30 ok?05:37
asacbut yeah05:38
asacpretty late05:38
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: david said it was fine, that's okay with me, Alex can make it.05:38
asaci might skip at some point05:38
Admiral_Chicagoohh, right well this one will be informal asac05:38
gnomefreakdefine formal and informal05:38
gnomefreakimho a meeting is a meeting05:38
gnomefreakanyway i have to get moving ill be back later05:39
Admiral_Chicagoi have to eat as well05:39
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=== AlexLatchford is downloading herd4
AlexLatchfordgoing to burn an ISO and test it out, may update later on tomorrow06:30
Admiral_Chicagothere is a test page on there06:37
=== Admiral_Chicago away
AlexLatchfordyeah Herd4 was released a few days ago06:39
Admiral_Chicagono, there is a page to look at...to see if it installed properly06:39
AlexLatchforddfarning: https://launchpad.net/~mozilla-bugs the description on this page still has a spelling mistake in the mailing list06:39
Admiral_Chicagogotta run06:39
AlexLatchfordoh ok06:39
dfarningAlexLatchford,  thanks  --fixed06:53
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poningruwhat we gonna do today brain?08:18
poningruhey guys09:05
poningrulatest respin with all the stuff09:05
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gnomefreaki want tb :(09:26
dfarningI want a pony:)09:27
gnomefreakasac: hes right looks like a point release for 2.009:27
dfarningdo we have a date for tb 2.009:27
gnomefreakno afaik there was alot holding it back but no ETA yet just first quarter09:29
dfarninggnomefreak, have you thought about renaming firefox package back to mozilla-firefox09:30
gnomefreakponingru: i will talk to asac monday about it09:30
gnomefreakdfarning: cant tehre is a mozilla-firefox already09:30
gnomefreaksame versions not real sure what the difference is09:31
dfarningmozilla-firefox is a transitional package when we rename to firefox for branding reasons09:31
dfarningnow we can change back09:31
=== gnomefreak can get along with that if needed
dfarningI'l post on agenda for discussion09:32
poningrugnomefreak: .10?09:32
poningru.9 candidacy is available09:32
gnomefreak.10 should be out soon09:33
poningruoh right09:33
poningruhmm they havent even tried packaging it yet09:33
poningruhold on I'll ask09:33
gnomefreakwhen it is i can build it but until than im stuck on that. waiting for info on maintainer once i get that i should have -snapshot releases09:33
gnomefreakponingru: upstream hasnt spun them yet09:34
poningruyeah I know09:34
poningruasking neil about it09:34
poningruhe's sleeping now will bug later09:34
gnomefreakponingru: we have upstream guy in this channel :)09:35
gnomefreakrhelmer: you around?09:35
poningruoh hehe09:35
poningruI didnt know rhelmer was working on tb stuff09:36
gnomefreakhes upstream mozilla not really tb or ff iirc09:36
poningruhe is afk09:36
poningruah yeah thats right09:36
poningruhe is build09:36
gnomefreakwhos using feisty?09:40
poningrunot I :(09:41
poningrumy lappy cant use the alternative cd or the desktop cd09:41
gnomefreakponingru: will you go to a link for me :)09:41
poningruyou want it in ff 2.0? gp? or minefield?09:42
gnomefreakoopps both09:42
poningruoh k09:42
gnomefreak2.0 and 3.0 if you have it09:42
gnomefreaklooking for crash09:42
gnomefreaklet me know if you end up with report in /var/crash09:42
poningruno crash but I have noscript09:42
poningrushould i turn off extensions?09:42
gnomefreakyes try it09:43
dfarningbeen using feisty daily since herd 309:43
=== poningru does so
poningrudfarning: me too on my server09:43
gnomefreakdfarning: try that link please. i crash on it but no apport crash report :(09:43
dfarningmuch more stable on my new laptop;)09:43
poningrucan you believe that the mysql server does not allow freakin root??? I'm like wtf09:43
poningrugnomefreak: no crash on 3.009:44
dfarninggnomefreak, will do09:44
poningruthis is edgy09:44
gnomefreakit seems to be that persons blog09:44
gnomefreakhttp://www.wretch.cc/blog  == no crash09:44
dfarningit closed my browser without a report!09:45
poningruhmm no crash on 3.0 weird09:46
gnomefreaknot weird at all09:47
gnomefreakno crash on edgy either?09:47
gnomefreakponingru: do you have flash and java enabled?09:47
poningruno plugins09:48
dfarningI have both flash and java09:48
gnomefreakponingru: can you install flash and try it than install java and try it?09:48
gnomefreakim betting there is some sort of JS on her/his blog09:48
gnomefreakponingru: wait i have edgy chroot09:48
poningruits not js09:49
gnomefreaki can try it. but need atleast  a test for 3.0 with flash9 and java (if someone has a 3.0 fully stocked09:49
gnomefreakponingru: what is it?09:49
poningrucause with/without no-script it doesnt crash09:49
poningruso its gotta be the flash or java09:50
gnomefreaki will run backtrace. David if you get time can you also run a backtrace and post it to bug 8519809:50
UbugtuMalone bug 85198 in firefox "when I drag some Icons , firefox crashed" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8519809:50
gnomefreakwait a min09:50
gnomefreakshit hes an idiot :(09:51
=== gnomefreak thinks
dfarningI didn't get a crash report fx shut down cleanly09:51
=== gnomefreak is gonna have to try to manualy grab backtrace
poningru-enable-debug ;)09:59
poningrugnomefreak: [15:59:58]  <Tomcat> poningru: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox: "Target Release Date: Thursday 2/22 (Firefox) and Tuesday 2/25? (Thunderbird)"10:00
gnomefreaklooks like a totem crash10:05
gnomefreak/usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so: undefined symbol: NS_CStringContainerInit10:05
gnomefreaki think i have totem-xine maybe it needs something else?10:06
poningruah yeah there was a wmv plugin prompt10:06
gnomefreakponingru: yes i know all that and i have them already10:08
gnomefreakponingru: not using gstreamer so wont use w32codecs :)10:08
poningrueew why not?10:08
gnomefreakponingru: im using -xine engine10:08
gnomefreaktotem-xine :)10:08
poningruah I see that10:08
gnomefreakill be back in a bit10:09
poningruswitch to mplayer-plugin for wmv then10:09
gnomefreakmore python updates :(10:17
gnomefreakdavid i am thinking about closing that bug since its the site not firefox10:17
dfarninggnomefreak, sorry I wasn't following10:25
gnomefreakdfarning: the crash bug on that blog link i gave was due to a file on the site10:25
dfarningHow can a file crash a browser?10:26
dfarningwas it media player related10:26
gnomefreakyes wmv file10:27
dfarningfx _should_ handle wmv more gracefully then to shut down;(10:27
gnomefreakdfarning: should yes but cant if you dont have the right codecs/player-plugins to veiw the restricted format10:28
dfarninggnomefreak, was it the media player that died bringing down fx or did fx die10:29
dfarningshould be able to tell from the stack trace10:29
gnomefreaknever got to play it. it tried to play it than poof (seems the site forces you to try and play it)10:29
gnomefreakthis is bad10:31
dfarningLet's ask asac to show us how to run gdb correctly and study the result together10:31
gnomefreakgive me a few i found a dupe of that bug from the backtrace10:31
gnomefreakanother what looks like totem crashing ff10:32
dfarningdo you have a like to that bug?10:32
gnomefreaklol no not at all it was one that crashed for me so i work on it :)10:33
UbugtuMalone bug 85198 in firefox "[Feisty]  FireFox crashes on trying to open http://www.wretch.cc/blog/cinphy" [Medium,Needs info] 10:35
gnomefreakim gonna tryu a few more backtraces on it10:35
crimsungnomefreak: we have a breakdown of how to process apport's dumps, correct?10:36
crimsun(someone in -bugs is inquiring)10:36
gnomefreakwith differnet options being ran.10:36
gnomefreakyou would have to know how to read a stacktrace for most part. unless he means apport-retrace10:37
gnomefreakthan its a bit more work10:37
crimsunthe latter10:37
dfarningcrimsun, what do you mean by breakdown10:37
crimsun16:34 < cowbud> is there a run down somewhere on using apport and all the files it produces?10:38
gnomefreakyeah kind of we are still working out the details on it (edgys apport is not good to run them with)10:38
gnomefreakit errors10:38
dfarningis a link to how we are using hooks10:39
gnomefreakalso edgys repos are not up to date so using the -d flag may not do it right eother10:39
dfarningcrimsun, I could email you the issues we have come across with apport and apport-retace10:41
=== gnomefreak came across all of them :(
dfarningdon't want to sound like we are whining but we do have some constructive feedback.10:42
crimsunif you've been in contact with Martin regarding said issues, then that's probably better10:43
gnomefreakwe have10:43
dfarningYes, all conversation has been with martin or on -dev10:43
gnomefreakjust waiting for him to get time to work on it afaik10:43
gnomefreakdfarning: im working on the normal way peopel should run backtraces if it produces more info as i think it will we need to update our wiki to run it like this10:45
gnomefreaksetting all the gdb options10:45
dfarninggnomefreak, ty10:47
dfarningIm not sure but to be as useful as possiable I belive that retrace -d needs to be  run in a chroot with all version matching the orginal reporters versions10:49
gnomefreakdfarning: if martins repo was up-to-date we could10:49
gnomefreakhe only has symbols for ff-2.0+0dfsg...10:50
gnomefreakwe could really use thunderbird-dbg or -dbgsym10:50
gnomefreakmartins feisty repo has it but not edgy10:50
dfarningdo we need to work to insure that -dbg ware present for all of our packages10:50
gnomefreakand depends10:51
gnomefreaki suggest (dont know how much work it will be) but i think we need to hold our own repo of dbg or dbgsym packages so we know they are up to date as we update a package we can update the -dbg. but apport looks to martins repo only10:52
dfarningput it on my task list10:52
gnomefreakso if we make -dbg we cant use the -d flash10:52
gnomefreak-d flag downloads -dbgsym from martins repo10:53
dfarningI thought -d grabbed -sbgsym from a repos in sources10:53
gnomefreakwe dont have them in normal repos dbgsym is only in his repos i thought10:55
gnomefreakit seems gdb cant run firefox :(10:56
dfarningsince apport is a ubuntu wide tools would it make since to set globel standard to build -dbgsym across all packages and stick them in a repo10:57
gnomefreakwould have to ask martin but im 90% sure it uses his repo11:01
gnomefreakhow do i look up error codes for firefox?11:03
dfarningno idea11:04
dfarningwill look at martins repo11:04
gnomefreakdfarning: if you dont have his repo enabled just apt-cache search firefox and it wont list the -dbgsym unless its in one of ubuntu repos11:05
dfarningdfarning@dfarning-laptop:~$ apt-cache search firefox11:06
dfarningepiphany-browser - Intuitive GNOME web browser11:06
dfarningfirefox - lightweight web browser based on Mozilla11:06
dfarningfirefox-dbg - debugging symbols for firefox11:06
gnomefreakthe way i did it doesnt give any more info that makes me think ff isnt crashes11:06
gnomefreakdfarning: you dont see -dbgsym files though11:07
gnomefreakonly -dbg11:07
dfarninglets push it off to the correct media player11:08
gnomefreakand just that file isnt enough to get a good retrace you need to set up exactly what the user had (not as easy as it seems without the -dbgsym files11:08
gnomefreakcant yet dont know what the users have (mostlikely totem-gstreamer but hell im using totem-xine)11:09
gnomefreakand its crashing here11:09
gnomefreakno backtrace is able to be gotten so im assuming its closing not crashing11:09
dfarningwhere is martins repo?11:10
gnomefreakwilling to bet if they install mplayer with w32codecs and use it as default it will work fine but i cant say use w32codecs11:10
dfarningi agree11:10
gnomefreakdeb http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/ddebs feisty main universe11:11
gnomefreakim gonna add multiverse and restricted to that11:11
gnomefreaksee what i get than if anything more11:11
gnomefreakdfarning: yeah add restricted and mulitverse to that11:12
gnomefreakmultiverse even11:12
=== dfarning browsing through the repo now
gnomefreakcrimsun: can you look at a bug or 2 for me :( i attached gdb output not really alot though11:13
dfarninghttp://lwn.net/Articles/201302/ good article on ddebs!11:15
gnomefreakyeah but i think he got busy with feisty stuff and hasnt had a chance to update his repos in a while but he is aware of the issues last i heard11:21
dfarningthe bit i am concered about is not keeping old version11:22
dfarningdon't we need them11:22
gnomefreakwe do11:22
gnomefreakto retrace fx2.0+0dfsg... you need that version of fx11:22
gnomefreakthat was in edgy latest edgy is
dfarningWe could request that old firefox -dgsym be retained11:23
gnomefreakim happy with martins repos only issue is there is few fx and tb stuff including flash-dbgsym11:24
dfarningis the build system sticking the -dbgsym in his repo or is he doing it him self?11:24
gnomefreakso it needs major overhaul if we are gonna use it. if you run the -d flag it gives you lib... cant be found lib... cant be found for a bunch of libs we need dbgsym for to beable to get all symbols11:25
dfarningcould you put together an email about what you need/would like I'll turn it in to a spec or bring it up on -dev11:27
gnomefreakdont know what their plan is but atm its using martins repos is all i know and we need to get some more  in there to aid us in getting good stacktraces. hj... is going to an outside place to grab -dbg symbols to get his reports more or less full. but i dont see it being effeciant11:27
gnomefreakdfarning: that is a huge list. im not sure exactly what libs are needed i can really only give you like tb-dbgsym and flash-dbgsym java-dbgsym11:27
gnomefreakbut there are libs that are needed but either versions dont match or there are none. i can give you the report i got from apport and add those to the list but thats about it11:28
dfarninggnomefreak, was not thinking list rather over view of current failings and how to fix them;)11:29
gnomefreaki will start with what we need in the way of dbg/dbgsym packages that apport complains about but i cant tell you what package lib... belongs to11:30
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gnomefreakand not sure if they are directly or indirectly related to add-ons themes or what not11:31
gnomefreakafter my smoke ill start on it and send it to the ML11:31
dfarningsould good, I needs to leave for dinner before I get in trouble;)11:32
gnomefreakdfarning: when you get back its sent to ML and im off most likely for the night. reply to ML just incase power goes out :( and i will check in morning. Thank you for looking into this further12:04

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