hubso I put a generic address12:13
hubok, fine12:13
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geserhub: you can add yourself as XSBC-Original-Maintainer12:19
hubyeah I did that too12:19
hubsometime I just which error message where more verbose12:19
hublike pointing to that URL12:19
=== czessi_ [n=Czessi@dslb-088-073-063-063.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hubI just wish I had more RAM12:26
=== _czessi [n=Czessi@dslb-088-073-063-063.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== jwhitlark [n=jwhitlar@h-67-102-70-2.snfccasy.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsmithehub, i uploaded the latest enblend-3.0, and gave you credit in the copyright file12:36
tsmithehey you saw :)12:38
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givrebddebian: if you have some time to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=4408 . It fix a bunch of translation issue, and fix priority (was extra instead of optionel)12:54
givrethanks :)12:55
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bddebianDang, what do I look like the review king? :)01:04
Hobbseebddebian: yep01:04
ajmitchbddebian: yes01:06
=== _czessi [n=Czessi@dslb-088-073-063-063.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
givrebddebian: yes the review king :)01:09
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== bddebian puts his crown on ajmitch
ajmitchit don't fit01:14
LaserJockhi bddebian and ajmitch 01:14
=== ajmitch is not worthy
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bddebianHeya LaserJock01:16
bddebianLaserJock: Do you have a gpib board?01:16
LaserJockat work yes01:16
bddebianAh, I've been talking to the upstream maintainer and a guy trying to package the newer version01:18
bddebianWe might need a tester ;-P01:18
LaserJockbddebian: oh ok01:23
LaserJockbddebian: I run the National Instruments proprietary drivers01:23
LaserJockbut I think I have an ancient (breezy or maybe dapper) Ubuntu partition on there I could use to test01:23
ajmitchand he admits to proprietary drivers01:24
LaserJockwhy not?01:24
LaserJockI use Nvidia and ATI proprietary drivers too01:24
=== ajmitch uses nvidia binary drivers
LaserJockand madwifi but I'm not sure if that's proprietary or not exactly01:25
bddebianActually he was asking me about firmware.  Got any thoughts?  I thought maybe a seperate package in Multivers?01:25
ajmitchso RMS is probably going to stalk me & hunt me down01:25
LaserJockhehe, we should have have nightmares of RMS standing over us with a gnu horn01:25
Lathiatapt-get install vrms01:26
Q-FUNKLaserJock: madwifi is not properietary. it's just sloppy code that the LKML would not touch with a 10-foot pole.01:26
ajmitchhe's probably still in the Worker's Paradise01:26
Lathiatthat program possibly needs updating for use with ubuntu to recognise multiverse01:26
=== bddebian files package removal request for vrms
=== Lathiat smirks
LaserJockwait, is madwifi the one for atheros cards?01:29
LaserJockk, that's what I thought01:29
LaserJockit's always just worked so I didn't even know I needed it for a long time01:29
givrebddebian: forget the review request, i need to fix an other issue anyway. sorry to bother you ;)01:39
bddebiangivre: No worries :-)01:40
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=== Kano64 [n=kano@] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Konversation]
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cbx33hi guys01:51
cbx33if I have a package that installs a file01:51
cbx33and in the next release of the pacakge, I want to change that file name01:52
cbx33does just chaning it in the source and the .install file make the old one get remove and the new one added?01:52
ajmitchyou can move/rename files within packages without problems, as long as they're not conffiles01:52
ajmitchsince conffiles are special01:52
cbx33because conf files are preserved when a package is removed?01:55
cbx33unless a purge is done?01:55
ajmitchand they're handled in interesting ways01:56
cbx33ajmitch, how does the version numbering work01:57
cbx33for example01:57
cbx33if I have a new upstream version01:58
cbx33what does the next version become01:58
cbx330.1.1-0ubuntu1 ?01:58
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=== lfittl [n=lfittl@cl-185.mbx-01.si.sixxs.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== mwolson [i=mwolson@jpi-wlafyte-212-116.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== vil [n=vladimir@ubuntu/member/vil] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cbx33what's the best way to go about finding a memory leak02:12
RAOFUsing a memory-managed language :P02:13
RAOFAlternatively, valgrind is apparently pretty good.02:13
cbx33will it work wit ha python program?02:13
RAOFI don't think so.02:14
RAOFHm.  How do you leak memory in a python program?02:14
jdongRAOF: LOL02:14
cbx33well i have no idea02:14
jdongRAOF: by maintaining erroneous references02:15
cbx33I'm using the python-opengl bindings02:15
jdongRAOF: or by deleting objects with cross-references02:15
jdongRAOF: both of which defeat garbage collection02:15
cbx33jdong, if i have a class which get's overwritten with a new instance of that smae class every now and then02:16
cbx33will that cause a problem?02:16
jdongcbx33: that will not;02:16
jdonggarbage collection will fix that02:16
cbx33yeh thought so02:16
jdongwell depends on the class02:16
jdongif you have a class containing A linking to B and B linking to A02:16
cbx33it's a self written class nothing complicated, just a few gtk pixbufs02:16
cbx33no....nothing like that02:16
jdongbut you only do that when you want to break a language :D02:16
jdongcbx33: if it's leaking then it's probably the subsystem/bindings02:17
jdongcbx33: btw you're Pete Savage, right?02:17
cbx33that's a lot harder to fix02:17
cbx33I am indeed02:17
=== jdong trying to remember names here :)
cbx33I'm hoping that's a good thing ;)02:17
jdongcool, nice to meet you :)02:17
cbx33nice to meet you too02:17
_ionma031714 < jdong> cbx33: btw you're Pete Savage, right?02:17
_ionma031716 < cbx33> that's a lot harder to fix02:17
jdong_ion: haha :)02:17
cbx33true though02:18
cbx33well if anyone is interested in an opengl photo viewer ;)02:18
jdongcbx33: you mean an opengl RAM drainer? ;-)02:18
cbx33jdong, of course ;)02:18
cbx33it was a little project to see if I could program opengl....02:18
cbx33and...well...I can02:18
_iongliv - image viewer using gdk-pixbuf and OpenGL02:18
ajmitchf-spot uses opengl bindings now too :)02:19
RAOFHow does it get its opengl bindings?02:19
jdonglibmono-opengl :D02:19
jdongor whatever02:19
=== _MMA_ [n=mma@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
RAOFBecause I've been looking at packaging Tao, and it seems horrible from a packaging point of view02:19
=== _MMA_ [n=mma@cpe-071-070-203-016.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
cbx33_ion, cool02:21
cbx33phimage does things slightly different02:21
cbx33I just wish it didn't start eating system resources02:22
cbx33it must be the bindings02:22
ajmitchRAOF: it bundles Tao02:23
ajmitchwhy is Tao horrible from a packaging point of view?02:23
RAOFBecasue I couldn't find any way to get it to install in a sane place.02:23
RAOFIt either just builds a bunch of .dlls, which I'd then have to manually install into the GAC, or it really, really wants to be built in /usr02:24
cbx33nn all02:24
RAOFHm, also, is there anywhere where I can view the NEW queue?  It's on launchpad somewhere, isn't it?02:25
RAOFThanks muchly.  Just want to see where Specto's gone :)02:26
bddebianHmm, what to do, what to do..02:28
LaserJockI'm sure there are some science bugs around ....02:29
bddebianWell I'm debating between gpib and reviews :-(02:30
jdongLOL I love myself02:30
jdong<jdong> Oh btw, Kp isn't Kp. It's actually Kp+Ki+Kd02:30
=== jdong loves explaining legacy code thru the Oh btw method.
RAOFWell, you could apply my debdiff to gnome-compiz-manager and review that :)02:30
=== ajmitch wonders if anyone understands jdong
ajmitchthat's alright then02:31
ajmitchhello Hobbsee 02:31
_ionI wish compiz-extra from REVU would get in in time.02:31
jdongajmitch: hehe EE stuff02:33
jdongPID control02:33
jdongI kinda deceptively named some variables02:33
RAOF_ion: I wish gandalfn would get back to me so I could fix gnome-compiz-manager02:33
pochuRAOF: do you mean desktop-effects?02:35
RAOFpochu: No, I mean gnome-compiz-manager, a nice simple Compiz configuration thingy02:35
pochuRAOF: is it similar to desktop-effects?02:35
RAOFpochu: Kinda.02:36
RAOFBut a more complete set of configuration thingies.02:36
pochuRAOF: that's fine :)02:37
RAOFHm.  How long should I wait for a reply before just fixing the trivial problems raised in the review.02:37
LaserJockRAOF: what were the problems?02:38
RAOFBuild dep on a too-low version of debhelper, DebianMaintainer Spec.02:39
RAOFOh, and bumping compat up from 4 to 502:39
RAOFhttp://raof.dyndns.org/gnome-compiz-manager.debdiff should fix them all.02:39
LaserJockwhy would you need to wait? is the package on REVU one by gandalfn?02:41
RAOFIt's not my package, I just want to get it in :)02:41
LaserJockwell, it's kinda silly to be waiting on just that :/02:42
RAOFOtherwise I'd be summoning the king of review, bddebian, for another review :)02:42
RAOFYeah.  But I don't really want to step on anyone's toes.02:42
bddebianIf someone else reviews it and give an ack, I'll fix those two errors and upload02:44
=== mwolson [n=mwolson@jpi-wlafyte-212-116.dmisinetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== esaym [n=user@cpe-72-183-201-32.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianGah, where the fsck are these build/foo dirs coming from..03:32
RAOFbddebian: More tarball.mk fun?03:33
Q-FUNKbddebian: which build/foor dirs?03:34
Q-FUNKbddebian: the targets?03:35
bddebianGah, I found it.. Sheesh.  Hmm03:37
RAOFNice monologue :)03:38
bddebianHe does cp -a linux-gpib build in debian/rules03:38
LaserJockanybody have a PDA recommendation?03:54
bddebianThey all suck03:54
LaserJockgood to know ;-)03:54
Hobbseebddebian: sucks!03:54
bddebianYeah he does :-(03:55
crimsunnokia 770?03:55
LaserJockmaybe I should just stick to sticky notes that I lose all the time :-)03:57
zulLaserJock: why dont you use the gnome sticky notes applet?03:57
_ion"Nokia", as in "one of the most vehement lobbyists of software patents in EU"? :-)03:57
LaserJockzul: I need it when I'm not at my computer03:57
LaserJockI have iCal/Google Calendar for on-computer03:58
LaserJockall I need is something so I don't forget meetings :/03:59
crimsungot a watch or a mobile phone?03:59
LaserJockgoogle calendar +SMS works ok for some things03:59
LaserJockcrimsun: both, but it hasn't proven very successful04:00
crimsunhow is /adding/ gadgetry going to help, then?04:00
LaserJockummm, it'd make me feel better? :-)04:00
bddebiancrimsun: Do you have a sec to take a quick look at something for me?04:06
crimsunbddebian: boarding a plane shortly, tomorrow?04:07
bddebianDamn. Sure, thx04:07
ajmitchhi crimsun, bye crimsun :)04:08
bddebianajmitch: How about you?  http://pastebin.us/1461704:09
ajmitchwhat about me?04:10
bddebianWhat's wrong there?04:11
ajmitchyou expect me to know with that little context?04:11
ajmitchtoo bad04:11
bddebianI don't know how it's working at all :-)04:12
bddebianBut when it trys to cd into build/language/python it chokes04:12
ajmitchwell you're changing the directory it's working in later04:12
bddebianDid you see my note about how he was trying to do it?04:14
ajmitchdidn't say much04:14
bddebianHow about this? http://pastebin.us/1461904:18
ajmitchdoesn't say why it's not creating the dir04:20
bddebianThe dir is there04:27
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
RAOFbddebian: Hey, doesn't that try to cd to "build/language/python/build/language/python"?04:44
RAOFYou could possibly add a "&& cd ../../../" before the "done" in the for loop04:45
=== caravena [n=caravena@146-29-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== _ion often prefers something like for foo in bar; do (cd somewhere; ...); done
=== RAOF doesn't know enough make syntax to be confident spawning subshells :)
_ionIt's sh syntax.04:48
RAOFHm.  Maybe I'm confusing myself with cdbs, but aren't debhelper rules files make files?04:48
=== RAOF goes and checks.
_ionWell, all the Makefile rules are sh command lines.04:48
RAOFOh, well that makes it easier.04:49
_ion(with make escaping)04:50
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bddebianWell shit, I can't get any of them to work :(05:12
=== jwhitlark [n=jwhitlar@h-67-102-70-2.snfccasy.covad.net] has left #ubuntu-motu []
=== janm [n=jmalonzo@ppp4592.dsl.pacific.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
RAOFbddebian: What's not working?  Still same error message?05:16
RAOFLet me help, you're awesome :)05:16
bddebianYeah, still same problem :-(05:19
RAOFWanna pastbin the problem?05:19
RAOFYou're now doing one of "&& cd ../../../"05:19
RAOFOr just spawning the command in a new shell?05:20
bddebianTried the cd ../../../ to no avail05:20
bddebianWhat do you mean spawning command in a new shell?05:20
RAOFJust putting it all in ( do_stuff ) things.05:21
RAOFbddebian: Maybe you could echo `pwd` in the loop?05:21
RAOFFor debugging purposes?05:21
bddebianIt was already:05:22
bddebian        for python in $(PYVERS); do \05:22
bddebian          (cd build/language/python;\05:22
bddebian            python$$PYVERS build/language/python/setup.py build;)\ done05:22
bddebianOh crap, I left that path in there. Grr05:23
RAOFOk, I can help by merely making you see your own mistakes :)05:23
=== cyberjackal [n=jackal@pool-70-109-61-28.clppva.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianDunno yet, it takes forever to build :-(05:25
RAOFI need to get some pbuilder action on my new Core Duo 2 laptop. :)05:25
jdongRAOF: if you have a fat upload link help me encode 5 seasons of family guy!05:26
jdongx264 can really use one of those Core 2's05:26
RAOFjdong: 1Mbit, soon.  Probably not fat enough :)05:27
jdongRAOF: that's fat enough to help me work on family guy :D05:27
jdongand I definitely have permission from FOX and Seth MacFarlane :)05:28
RAOFThinking of encoding, no matter how tempted you are you should not buy "Monty Python's Personal Best"05:28
RAOFIt seemed like it should be a bunch of cool Flying Circus sketches, and it is... kinda.05:29
RAOFExcept, they're truncated.  They only show half-sketches!05:29
=== RAOF wants to kill whichever exec decided that would be a good idea. With a sword!
=== tonyyarusso starts his pbuilder dl...
=== RAOF looks at upgrading to 24Mbit/1Mbit ADSL2+
bddebianRAOF: Enjoy: http://pastebin.us/14622  :-)05:42
tonyyarussoWeeeee dialup05:42
RAOFDialup FTW!05:42
elkbuntudialup > nothing05:43
RAOFbddebian: Isn't that exactly the same setup you had before?05:44
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: true05:44
bddebianRAOF: It fails the same, no matter what05:44
=== RAOF considers getting the source package.
RAOFbddebian: So doing: "cd build/language/python && python$pyver setup.py install --root=/tmp/buildd/gpib-3.2.08+svn1451/debian/tmp && cd ../../../ ;" doesn't work?  :(05:45
RAOFOr the equivalent part from the debian/rules file.05:46
RAOFbddebian: The source packages are on REVU, right?05:46
bddebianOh hmm, maybe I forgot the &&05:51
joejaxxbddebian: if there is already a package in revu but it has not been touched in months how can i upload source for that package to be revu'd?05:51
bddebianjoejaxx: If you just upload it it will overwrite it, but ideally you should try to contact the original uploader before hijacking a package05:51
joejaxxbddebian: alright05:52
joejaxxToadstool: ping :)05:55
tonyyarussoWhoo, pbuilder moved on to the Bs!  And with that, I'm off.06:00
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Ademan [n=dan@h-67-101-47-9.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
RAOFbddebian: Worked it out yet?  Or should I really have a look at the source :)06:29
bddebianNah, I'm busy with Oblivion now ;-)06:30
=== superm1_ [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockbddebian: drinking your way to oblivion? ;-)06:39
bddebianHeh, probably should be :)06:39
=== ajmitch looks around for something to drink
=== LaserJock hands ajmitch some water
joejaxxhow is everyone doing?06:41
ajmitchwater? you trying to kill me?06:41
LaserJockI just wonder which one of us will be the first to go into rehab because of Ubuntu? ;-)06:42
ajmitchI do not have a problem, ok?\06:42
LaserJocksuuuurrrre ...06:43
LaserJockan my eye twitch is just from doing too much research ;-)06:46
RAOFMine is from doing to little :-|06:48
RAOFWhy must Maple hate me? :'(06:48
=== ajmitch heads off
LaserJock #kubuntu-devel is dead06:54
nixternalis it?06:55
joejaxxLaserJock: :(06:58
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=== FliesLikeABrick [n=Ryan@about/rpi/rawdor] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianGnight gang07:12
nixternaldarn, just missed him07:13
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LaserJockanybody know why I would lose localhost in ifconfig?08:17
=== Lure [n=lure@external-7.hermes.si] has joined #ubuntu-motu
FujitsuLaserJock, why would localhost be there in the first place?08:19
Fujitsulo, you mean?08:19
FujitsuIt seems to go missing for me after about 30 seconds if I don't log on, then I have to bring it up manually.08:20
FujitsuActually, I fixed that a few days back by adding it to /etc/network/interfaces.08:20
FujitsuI think I managed to stuff my installation up when I installed pre-Herd 1.08:20
LaserJockright ... I got rid of /etc/network/interfaces08:20
FujitsuWhy'd you do that?08:21
LaserJocknetwork-manager was throwing fits08:21
FujitsuNM will deactivate lo, then08:21
FujitsuSo you'll need to put it back in.08:22
LaserJockso is it mutually exclusive?08:22
FujitsuIs what?08:24
FujitsuNM won't touch any interfaces that are in /etc/network/interfaces.08:24
FujitsuIf you just have lo in there, no problem should be had.08:24
LaserJockok, seems to work08:25
LaserJockit's just my static eth0 that doesn't play nicely08:25
FujitsuThat will make it ignore eth0 entirely.08:26
LaserJockok, so I got lo back and am letting my router play static dhcp08:29
LaserJockthat should work08:29
=== BHSPitMonkey [n=stephen@adsl-67-64-112-230.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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AnAntbdmurray: ping09:20
=== StevenK wonders who to talk to about fixing it so ubuntu-motu points to ubuntu-dev
StevenK(in terms of LP accounts)09:22
ajmitchStevenK: we've been in negotiations with the Powers That Be09:24
ajmitchLaser_away has been busy in #launchpad09:24
=== BHSPitMonkey_ [n=stephen@adsl-66-139-196-247.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
AnAntbdmurray =? bddebian ?09:25
coNPAnAnt: false09:29
FujitsuStevenK: From what I've seen, it's quite a while away yet.09:29
AnAntcoNP: thanks09:29
=== AnAnt [n=anant@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
StevenKFujitsu: :-/09:31
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=== dholbach [n=daniel@i59F7782E.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachgood morning09:52
=== RAOF [n=chris@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchmorning daniel10:17
dholbachhey Andrew10:20
=== Yagisan [n=Yagisan@doomsday/developer/Yagisan] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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ajmitchdholbach: how was your weekend?10:26
dholbachajmitch: very very good - lots of cool stuff :-)10:27
dholbachajmitch: how was yours?10:27
ajmitchfairly quiet & uneventful :)10:27
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Lutinsiretart: ok, thanks. I made some changes on it and it should work as expected now11:39
geseris there a policy for updates of native packages during UVF?11:40
tsmithegeser, did you get my message about --disable-portaudio ?11:44
gesertsmithe: yes11:45
tsmithecool :)11:46
siretartLutin: http://dunnewind.net/~lutin/resource/update-maintainer?11:48
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gesersiretart, dholbach: are updates of native packages allowed during UVF?11:54
=== dholbach__ [n=daniel@i59F71D3A.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchmore dholbachs11:54
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-073-109-152.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Lutinsiretart: err. sorry. s/resource/code12:02
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shawarmaHobbsee: What's KLIK?01:15
Hobbseeshawarma: http://klik.atekon.de/01:16
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AnAntHobbsee: ping, can you please review acon ? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=439701:22
=== tmarble [n=tmarble@user-38q4et6.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
shawarmaHobbsee: Looks ghastly.01:23
Hobbseeshawarma: yup01:23
HobbseeAnAnt: that'll need a UVFe01:24
AnAntHobbsee: huh ?01:25
AnAntHobbsee: what's that ?01:25
ubotuuvf is Upstream Version Freeze.  For an exception, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#head-9523bc4076ff011324d67cddc97969ec609618d601:25
AnAnteven universe is freezed ?01:26
Hobbseeof course...01:26
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases01:26
Hobbseeit froze later, but yes01:26
shawarmaSince we're not in FF yet, it'd be OK to fix this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lighttpd/+bug/80818 right?01:26
UbugtuMalone bug 80818 in lighttpd "lighttpd doesn't use FAM" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  01:26
AnAnti see01:27
Hobbseeoh wait01:27
Hobbseeoh, it's only a bugfix, not a new upstream versoin01:27
Hobbseesub ubuntu-universe-sponsors, etc.01:27
AnAntHobbsee: you mean acon ?01:27
AnAntHobbsee: yes it is a bug fix not a new package01:28
Hobbseethen it's not a part of that freeze01:28
StevenKSo it'd be fine to fix even after FF01:28
AnAntwhere's the schedule btw ?01:28
Hobbseeshawarma: yep01:28
AnAntStevenK: thanks01:28
Hobbseeshawarma: you could even after feature freeze - as long as it's not a new upstream version - ie, going from 0.4.1 to 0.4.2, etc01:29
shawarmaHobbsee: It involves enabling a new feature in an existing package. Doesn't that violate FF?01:29
shawarmaOr am I interpreting "feature" too broadly?01:29
AnAntHobbsee: so you can review it ?01:29
Hobbseenot sure.  wouldnt think so?01:30
Adri2000I think FF for universe means new packages01:30
shawarmaAdri2000: SurE?01:30
HobbseeStevenK: can01:30
shawarmaAdri2000: Has it been discussed already?01:30
Adri2000I don't think so01:30
shawarmaAdri2000: Or is it just painfully obvious to everyone but me? :-)01:30
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pirasthas uvf already happened?01:59
pirasti hate exceptions01:59
StevenKThen don't file them?01:59
StevenKSounds fairly simple to me.02:00
Hobbseethey're nto as bad as SRU's02:00
StevenKDon't start that again. :-)02:00
piraststevenk, yeah you are right02:01
pirasti dont know why i do this, bug it is a fairly critical bug02:01
pirastand although i dont get money and i dont profitate from the success of ubuntu, i want to get this fixed ;-) dont know why02:01
shawarmapirast: What is the problem?02:02
pirastbroken bcm43xx support02:02
pirastthe kernel driver requires a firmware version 402:03
pirastbut the bcm43xx-fwcutter in universe can not extract it from version 402:03
pirastthat came in a later version which is in debian but not ubuntu02:03
StevenKI can't see that package in Debian...02:04
=== StevenK looks harder.
AnAntHobbsee: so for acon do I have to file a UVF or it can be reviewed since it is a bug fix ?02:05
HobbseeAnAnt: afaik, it's a bugfix02:05
AnAntHobbsee: ok, can you review it then ?02:05
Hobbseeno.  i'm tired, i'm going to bed RSN.02:05
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bddebianHeya gang03:19
=== finalbeta [n=finalbet@d5152A68A.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Lutinheya bddebian 03:20
bddebianHello Lutin03:20
geserHi bddebian03:21
=== finalbeta [n=finalbet@d5152A68A.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHeya geser03:21
Lutinbddebian: about mlt++ : itFTBFSs 'cause it requires mlt, which is still in new ;). could you archive the package ?03:21
shawarmaDo any of you guys have a Sparc box with feisty running on it?03:21
bddebianLutin: I figured that after I did it.  Why archive it, mlt might make it one day? :)03:22
zulshawarma: check with fabbione03:22
Lutinbddebian: it won't make it for feisty I think ;)03:22
shawarmazul: He doesn't seem to be around these days and last I asked, he seemed reluctant to give me access..03:23
zulshawarma: oh thats right he is on vacation..03:23
bddebianI wish I had one03:23
zulshawarma: yeah i doubt he would give someone access 03:24
shawarmazul: Ah, ok. He said something about it not being on very often since it uses 1.21 Giga watts or something.03:24
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tsmithebddebian, ping?03:32
imbrandonhum i could order this and put it in my buildd rack  http://cgi.ebay.com/SUN-Ultra-10-Ultra-Sparc-II-i-450MHz-1024MB-CD_W0QQitemZ220083985921QQihZ012QQcategoryZ20328QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem03:32
tsmithedon't smash your hand if you do03:32
bddebianimbrandon: Or you could just send it to me :)03:32
tsmithewow very cheap03:32
bddebiantsmithe: pong03:32
imbrandontsmithe, yea thats what i was thinking and it has a gig of ram03:33
imbrandonno hdd03:33
imbrandonbut i have a ton of hdd's arround ( all types )03:33
tsmithebddebian, aha. the copyright stuffs in wired. do i still include the files if they aren't used in producing the final binary?03:33
tsmitheie, in debian/copyright03:33
imbrandonhum payday is tomarrow, i'll see if its still that cheap tomarrow and bid on it03:34
bddebianHmm, good question.  I don't really know :-(03:34
tsmitheand wrt to AUTHORS, if i have that as a doc, then surely referencing it is enough, cos people can look in /usr/share/doc 03:34
tsmitheanyone know?03:34
bddebianIf you say so.  As I said, license/copyright stuff isn't my bag :-(03:34
tsmithedoes that mean you'll advocate?03:36
=== Shoragan [n=shoragan@datenfreihafen.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebiantsmithe: You need a second anyway so if you can get one, sure03:36
tsmitheable to take a look at enblend (apologies, apologies) while you are at it?03:37
bddebianIt's building atm03:39
tsmithebddebian, danke. it's a bit heavy, as hub said.03:42
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pirasti have a .install file and in the source directory is a file called dvdrip-icon-hq.svg stored.03:58
pirastnow, i want to tell dpkg to install it to /usr/share/pixmaps/dvdrip.svg03:59
pirastvia the .install file. how can i do this?03:59
crimsun"in the source directory" is a bit vague.04:02
bddebianpirast: iirc you can't rename files with a .install, you would have to do it in rules04:02
bddebianBut I'm probably wrong :)04:02
pirastbddebian, :-)04:02
pirastbddebian, okay, then I will use rules04:02
bddebiantsmithe: Does this thing ever build?04:03
tsmithebddebian, yup04:03
tsmitheneeds more than 512MiB apparently04:03
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geserbddebian: no, you are right: dh_install cannot rename files or directories (from the manpage)04:14
=== herzi [n=herzi@p548FBE1B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bigonhi, what must I do with the uploader field in the control file? should I use X-Original-Uploaders or something?04:21
geserbigon: XSBC-Original-Maintainer04:23
geseryou can use Lutin's script to do it04:24
bigonso I must move the name from uploaders in XSBC-Original-Maintainer04:24
=== gpocentek [n=gauvain@sd-4736.dedibox.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
geserbigon: yes, from Maintainer to XSBC-O-M and put "Ubuntu Core Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>" for main/restriced or "Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>" for universe/multiverse into Maintainer04:26
=== rrittenhouse [n=tad@unaffiliated/rrittenhouse] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lionelgeser: would you have time to review tapioca (http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=4407) ?04:36
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geserlionel: reviewed05:19
lionelgeser: thanks !05:19
=== daviey [n=dave1111@cpc1-sout2-0-0-cust111.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
davieyHi, can somebody help me create a deb file.   It will contain either 5 tar achieves or foldes than on installation is copied to a location and on installation deletes them.05:24
davieyand on uninstalling deletes them, it should say05:24
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rexbronTheMuso: http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/soma-0702070910/soma-2.3.1+dfsg1/daemon/somad.h05:57
=== Gazer [n=gazer@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
rexbronTheMuso: does the excption at the bottom of the header licence pass muster?05:57
=== mlpug [n=user@a85-156-253-211.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== givre [n=Florent@APuteaux-152-1-7-189.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
geserzul: bug #86315 has a debdiff which fixes the current FTBFS of xen-meta06:01
UbugtuMalone bug 86315 in xen-meta "[FTBFS]  Patch for xen-meta 0.0.1-2ubuntu1" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8631506:01
=== hub [n=hub@toronto-hs-216-138-231-194.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zulgeser: thanks will take a look06:02
=== caravena_ [n=caravena@226-29-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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lionelgeser: tapioca uploaded again (http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=4414)06:05
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siretartwhat would you prefer 2.3.1-1~ubuntu1 or 2.3.1-0ubuntu1? the package in question is a 'fakesync' from an not yet published 2.3.1-1 debian version. 06:17
jdongsquiggly lines pay me 5% royalties06:18
siretartI'm not too happy with 2.3.1-1ubuntu1, since it is 'higher' than '2.3.1-1'06:18
dholbach(is what I'd do)06:18
siretartdholbach: that a) higher and b) will be overwritten by next sync (which may or may not be wanted in this case)06:19
dholbachyou said it's a fakesync, no?06:19
dholbachisn't b) what you'd want?06:20
siretart'fakesync' from unpublished version06:20
siretartthe 'final' debian version might differ06:20
dholbachthen do a            <current>+unreleased2.3.1-1      :-)06:20
siretarthm. I think I'll go with 2.3.1-1~ubuntu1...06:21
siretartif he changes his unreleased 2.3.1-1 version, we do ~ubuntu2, if he uploads, we become -1ubuntu106:22
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tsmitheanyone able to help with a couple of reviews?07:48
=== matt_good [n=matt@ip24-255-125-63.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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zulhey ajmitch 08:03
=== fernando [n=fernando@unaffiliated/musb] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== Reefa [i=mystical@CPE000fb51976fb-CM0011e6c77317.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ReefaHowdy eeryone, Was hoping someone could shed some light on this error for me, with amd64 ubuntu 6.10 and with ubuntu i368 6.10, it loads live fine but when I actually install and reboot I get, tty can't start job control. Any ideas?08:05
NafalloReefa: maybe a supportchannel such as #ubuntu would suite you better?08:06
ReefaYeah, tried there no one seems to have any idea08:06
ReefaIf you want to know whats wrong you gotta ask someone who knows a room full of people who need help isn't really the place08:06
NafalloReefa: this is still not a supportchannel. you might want to try again, or search google :-)08:07
ReefaYeah on google I found a lot of people with the same problem but no answers, obviously not gonna get any here either08:07
=== Reefa wonders off
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matt_goodI've uploaded a new package and got a comment that the maintainer field needs to be an @ubuntu.com email address08:22
matt_gooddo I need to get someone with an ubuntu address to be a maintainer, or is there a way I can register for a @ubuntu.com address?08:22
gesermatt_good: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField08:22
=== esaym [n=user@cpe-72-183-201-32.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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matt_goodgeser: yes, the comment pointed me to that page08:31
matt_goodthere is no Debian maintainer at this time08:31
matt_goodI'd like to get it into Debian eventually, but some of the dependencies are not yet available08:32
matt_goodI guess I could use ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com08:33
geseruse ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com as maintainer08:34
geserand if you want add yourself as XSBC-Original-Maintainer08:34
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tsmithe@pity jdong for not recognising the supreme british masters^Wspellers09:23
tsmithei said pity!09:23
jdongyou mean soupreme?09:24
jdongand those are spellours to you.09:24
tsmithe"* Ubugtu shows jdong a photo of mneptok for not recognising the supreme british masters^Wspellers"09:24
tsmitheat least Ubugtu can spell recognise correctly :P09:24
jdongand it's libzedelib too right?09:25
=== jrib [n=jasonr@upstream/dev/jrib] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jdongbetter cheque your filesystmes.09:25
jdongfscq /dev/sda09:25
=== tsmithe parts
=== tsmithe [n=tsmithe@ubuntu/member/tsmithe] has left #ubuntu-motu ["stupid]
jdongI mean loul09:25
_ionShouldn't that be "partes"?09:27
jdonghaha :)09:27
lifelessajmitch: congrats btw09:29
ajmitchlifeless: hm?09:30
lifelesson the council position09:30
ajmitchah, thanks09:30
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ajmitchlifeless: you have the code for your possible-conflicts tool? I'd like to put it into something a bit more readable, like an html table 09:33
lifelessthe codes currently not open source, and its fate is unknown, this is for a couple of reasons09:35
lifelessone is that I used another internal library that isn't released to write it09:35
lifelessthat should be getting released any day now09:35
lifelessthe other reason is that its meant to hook into launchpad, and the how of that is quite significant 09:36
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ajmitchso, write my own tool for it for now, or process the output you have09:36
lifelessI think you want to process the output I have - its non trivial processing the information efficiently09:37
lifelessbut I'm happy to tweak what I output to make it more processable09:37
ajmitchyeah, running through it with split() is a bit annoying to parse09:38
lifelessas a data point, the database for it is 1.7GB09:38
ajmitchthat's not too bad09:38
ajmitchI've got a BTS mirror that's > 12 GB to generate some other lists09:39
lifelessthe bulk of that is email though right ?09:39
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ajmitchyes, I only use the .summary files for now, which are small09:40
lifelessthis is like 6 tables09:40
lifelessit doesn't even have message summaries in it09:40
ajmitchso it takes a little while to run?09:40
ajmitchhow much RAM does python use while going through all that?09:41
lifeless~30 minutes, and not much09:41
lifelessbut getting to that is non trivial09:41
ajmitchnot bad09:41
lifelessearly versions used ~ a GB and took 2.5 weeks09:41
ajmitchfrom 2.5 weeks down to 30 min, is a good improvement09:43
lifelessyes, part of that is incremental processing though09:44
lifelessit would still take ages if it had to bootstrap again09:44
lifelessThe current format should be trivial to manipulate in awk/perl/python09:44
lifelessor even cut09:45
lifelessbut that said, if you have requests, do let me know09:45
lifelessI spent a lot of time writing it, I really want it to be usable09:45
ajmitchyes, I didn't spen much time on that at all, I just preferred to use the source directly if it was available09:46
lifelessyeah, sorry about that09:46
ajmitchthanks for writing it, it does look quite useful09:46
ajmitchdo you update the output often?09:46
lifelessit runs hourly09:46
lifelessso new content at x:3009:46
ajmitchI'll probably pull it down & create html each day or every few hours09:47
ajmitch& maybe do some more bugfiling09:47
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mr_pouitdoes someone have an idea how to fix Bug 85898 ?10:14
UbugtuMalone bug 85898 in kxgenerator "[feisty]  FTBFS" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/8589810:14
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crimsundid you check it?  [./po/pl.po, that is] 10:26
keescooksuperm1: I got in trouble for the upload.  :)10:34
crimsunbypassed UVF or something?10:34
keescookI'm working on a mess of fixes for the packaging.10:34
keescooknah, there were packaging changes between versions, and a mess of binary NEWs10:34
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keescookand then mithrandir looks at the packaging and saw a bunch of stuff that was not right; I've been fixing it up.10:35
keescookI should have a new version shortly, I just needed to tests some bits of it.10:35
superm1keescook, what happened?10:35
superm1keescook, what was wrong packaging wise?10:36
keescooksuperm1: I've got a list of stuff I've fixed up, one sec10:36
keescookthe big one is that nothing is ever supposed to ship in /home10:37
keescookso I'm rearrange this a bit to use /etc/mythtv for those files10:37
superm1keescook, could you come to #ubuntu-mythtv and we'll chat about the changes?10:37
keescook /media is only for removable media, so I moved this to /var/lib/mythtv/recordings10:37
keescooksuperm1: yeah, good idea10:37
imbrandonman 44k messgaes in your imap inbox will slow it down a bit10:39
TheMusoimbrandon: What format are you using?10:39
TheMusooh ok10:39
ajmitch44k messages is nothing compared to what I store locally10:40
imbrandonlocaly i wouldnt mind10:40
_ionWhat imapd are you using, btw?10:40
imbrandonbut remote kinda sucks10:40
imbrandoncouier ( s? )10:40
imbrandonpostfix , courier , fetchmail , spamassasian10:41
_ionI've seen people claiming dovecot is quick with large maildirs, but i have no real proof of that.10:41
_ionPerhaps someone has made a scientific comparison.10:42
mr_pouitcrimsun, po/pl.po is really empty. Should I remove it in clean target ?10:42
crimsunmr_pouit: is it a merge? Check if pristine upstream ships it that way10:43
mr_pouitthis is a sync, it is exactly debian package10:43
mr_pouitbut it doesn't ftbfs in debian (nor in my pbuilder when I requested the sync)10:43
ajmitchdovecot is fairly good10:44
=== ajmitch has ~250K mails in an mbox file for ubuntu-bugs
ajmitchno motu-uvf people around?10:45
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ajmitchhi bddebian, LaserJock 10:46
bddebianHeya gang, ajmitch, LaserJock10:46
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bddebianJesus, something has to be seriously wrong with Enblend10:48
cbx33hey bddebian 10:48
bddebianHi cbx3310:48
LaserJockimbrandon: 44k in IMAP is bad?10:48
bddebianWelcom gudjon ;-)10:49
bddebianGah, +e10:49
LaserJockhi cbx33 10:49
cbx33anyone know where I can find some hardware icons for a diagram?10:49
cbx33hey LaserJock 10:49
cbx33i need a router10:49
bddebianVisio? ;-P10:49
cbx33bddebian, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo10:49
cbx33just need the icons10:49
cbx33will do the rest in oodraw10:49
cbx33or inkscape10:49
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LaserJock_ion: how big is big for dovecot?10:51
bddebiangudjon: I haven't had a chance to rebuild yet since my machine is dead trying to build this damn enblend10:52
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lionelcbx33: openclipart has good icons10:53
cbx33lionel, where do i get it?10:54
lionel(chekc package openclipart-svg)10:54
LaserJockopenclipart.org I think too10:54
cbx33but cool10:54
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LaserJockajmitch: do you have an IMAP inbox?11:43
ajmitchwell I do for work mail11:45
ajmitchbut it's tiny11:45
LaserJockI just wonder if mine is too big11:46
_ionlaserjock, imbrandon: http://student.iu.hio.no/~s132278/reports/disney_imap_maildir.pdf11:46
crimsunI have one with ~750k at school.11:46
LaserJockmy inbox is 63MB and total I have 319MB of IMAP for my account11:47
LaserJockI guess it'd be really slow if it was too much11:48
crimsun~3.4GB here, and it's slow as turtles11:48
_ionApparently dovecot wins on large mailboxes because of its indexing.11:48
tsmitheimap eh...11:50
tsmithewhy's that better than pop3?11:50
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lioneltsmithe: you can read it wherever you are ? :)11:51
LaserJockit stays on the server11:51
tsmithehmm... my pop mail stays on the server..11:51
lioneltsmithe: but pop does not know anything to flasg (like read/not read)11:52
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lioneland when you arrive at a new place, you have to mark has read all the mail you read before...11:52
LaserJocktsmithe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imap has more info ;-)11:53
tsmithelionel, good point11:53
_ionAlso you can fetch the headers separately with IMAP. I could be wrong, but i think you have to fetch the entire messages with POP3 in order to get the headers.11:53
tonyyarussoHrm, the program I'm trying to package is normally installed via a "untar and run a script from the tarball" method.11:54
tsmitherun that script in rules?11:54
tsmithenow i wonder whether gmail does imap11:54
LaserJockyou can pop3 your gmail to an IMAP server though11:54
tonyyarussotsmithe: Something like that.  (This is my very first attempt at packaging anything, btw)11:55
LaserJockalthough that's kind of a round about way of doing it11:55
tsmithetonyyarusso, ah well good luck!11:55
tsmitheLaserJock, yeah. i'll just stick with pop311:55
lionelimap tends to consume more resources than pop311:55
lionelso ISP usually prefers give pop access11:56
tonyyarussotsmithe: preinst?11:56
tonyyarussopostinst rather11:56
_iontsmithe: It's also possible to fetch separate MIME parts of messages with IMAP; e.g. fetch the text first and then choose whether to save the huge attachment or not.11:56
tsmithewell i doubt it...11:56
tsmithetonyyarusso, ^^11:56
tonyyarussotsmithe: how come?  11:56
tsmithesurely you want the files installed into the package, by that script?11:56
tsmithepreinst/postinst are run on install11:56
tsmithenot on package build11:56
tonyyarussoah, ok11:57
tsmitheout of battery - br11:57
tsmitheok obviously didn't miss much :)12:01
tonyyarussouh, nope.12:03
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