ubotuIn #ubuntuforums, tsmithe said: !hiya is <alias> howdy12:24
tsmitheor is that just going too far?12:24
naliothwe're getting into the cruft zone, imho12:24
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gnomefreakbug 36611301:37
gnomefreakwhy isnt that working :(01:37
=== Seeker` wonders if bug 366113 refers to ubugtu not giving out details of bugs...
Mezmalone 36611301:39
gnomefreakSeeker`: it searches mozilla bug tracker too :)01:39
Mez%config list supybot.plugins.bugtracker01:39
gnomefreakMez: its mozilla upstream not malone01:39
Mez@config list supybot.plugins.bugtracker01:39
Ubugtu#bugReporter, #bugReporter_closed, #bugSnarfer, #repeatdelay, #replyNoBugtracker, #showassignee, #snarfTarget, @bugtrackers, imap_password, imap_server, imap_ssl, imap_user, public, replyWhenNotFound, and reportercache01:39
Mez@config channel supybot.plugins.bugtracker.bugSnarfer01:39
Mezit should snarf in here01:39
gnomefreakbug 101:40
UbugtuMalone bug 1 in ichthux "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/101:40
Mez@config list supybot.plugins.bugtracker.bugtrackers01:40
Ubugtu@apache, @bug, @bughost.org, @bugs.gentoo.org, @bugzilla.xfce.org, @cups, @debian, @django, @freedesktop, @freedesktop2, @gaim, @gcc, @gnewsense, @gnome, @gnome2, @kde, @madwifi, @malone, @mandriva, @mozilla, @novell, @openoffice, @openoffice.org, @oss.codepoet.no, @redhat, @sourceforge, @sourceware, @squid, @supybot, @trac, @ubuntu, @w3c, @wine, @xfce, and @ximian01:40
Mezmozilla 36611301:40
UbugtuMozilla bug 366113 in Build Config "mozilla-plugin.pc should not depend on mozilla-xpcom.pc" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36611301:40
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trollboyI was kicked due to a router exploit01:43
trollboyI've since updated my firmware01:44
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trollboyhi hybrid01:46
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trollboybrb restarting01:46
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hybridhi trollboy01:47
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trollboyHow can I test my router now?01:59
LjLtrollboy: i'll test you01:59
hybriduse shields up02:00
LjLno, not fixed02:00
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LjLtrollboy, it's not fixed.02:01
LjLtrollboy: connect to port 800102:01
trollboywhat's the deal with this exploit?02:01
trollboyI just updated my firmware02:02
trollboywhat's going on with it?02:02
trollboyis it a xchat bug or what?02:02
LjLtrollboy: well, that obviously didn't work. you noticed you were just disconnected, surely?02:02
LjLno, it's not an xchat bug. it's a router bug.02:02
LjLthe new firmware apparently hasn't fixed that for you02:02
trollboyhow many routers are affected?02:02
trollboyapparantly not02:02
Hobbseeit's a router bug, most firmware has been updated to avoid the bug.02:02
trollboyis there a name for this bug I can google?02:02
LjLdunno. about 10 users get disconnected on a 1000 users channel02:02
LjLdunno trollboy02:02
Hobbseea whole lot of netgear, linksys routers02:02
LjLthe easiest fix is just to connect to 8001 instead of 666702:03
Hobbseetrollboy: google for netgear dcc irc exploit, should come up pretty quick02:03
trollboyfair enough02:03
trollboyI'll look into it02:03
Hobbseeyou seriously want to get this fixed02:03
LjLwell not all IRC networks accept connections on 666702:03
LjLi'm sure it's not funny to be on ones that don't02:03
LjLerr i mean, *besides* on 666702:04
trollboything is though, connecting on the non-standard port is a bandaid on a bulletwound solution02:05
trollboyI'd much rather fix my router02:05
trollboyThus why I want to see about firmwares, etc02:05
=== Hobbsee doesnt get the bug on afternet, for some reason.
Hobbseeit seems to only be some of the networks02:05
Hobbseetrollboy: thought you updated your firmware?  what's your router?02:06
LjLwell but Hobbsee, you aren't getting on here either anymore02:06
LjLremember when you tried connecting to 6667 again?02:06
HobbseeLjL: i got my firmware updated.02:06
trollboyLInksys WRT54G v502:06
Hobbseethat's the one02:06
Hobbseeand some others02:06
Hobbseenetgear wg645, iirc.02:06
Hobbseeor whatever it is02:06
trollboywhen was this discovered?02:06
trollboyMy firmware was dated 2/9/200702:07
Hobbseewhen i was last on the roof...02:07
Hobbseeum, months ago02:07
Hobbseethey kept kicking my client, over and over :P02:07
Hobbseejuly 06, according to that page02:07
trollboyI don't think its that one02:11
effie_jayxhey trollboy  nice nick...02:14
Hobbseeit's been around for a long while...02:14
trollboyHobbsee: my nick, or the bug02:17
Hobbseethe bug02:17
trollboyeffie_jayx: thanks02:17
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ardchoilleThis is just my opinion, so don't ban me for it.You know, the people who do that exploit.. they probably do it just to watch the ops go through all the work (as well as further spamming the channel) of banning the victims whose router were affected. I'm just curious but do the ops really have to do all that banning? I mean it is basically spamming the channel and you'll never be done because new people with bad routers join #ubuntu daily.04:07
ardchoilleIt seems that all that banning is spamming the channel more than the exploit itself.04:08
Hobbseeit's not04:09
Hobbseebased on when we *weren't* doing it - it's far less disruption04:09
Hobbseeit would drop ~50 people, or whatever04:09
ardchoilleRight, but if you didn't do it at all..04:09
Hobbseenow?  then we'd be back to a few people who dropped each time, slowly increasing04:10
Hobbseeardchoille: of course, losing logs, conversations etc, that you were in, every time the exploit is run, is highly annoying04:11
ardchoilleTrue, but you'll never be done.. and it just adds to spamming the channel, in my opinion. Isn't there a way to do all that without all the text being sent to the channel?04:11
Hobbseeyou mean hiding the joins and parts?04:12
ardchoilleI"m just trying to look at this from a "user" point of view. The users who are there for help and don't have a bad router, what do they see the ops doing? My 8 years old niece complained to me that she thought the ops were doing more harm to the channel than the exploiter.04:12
Hobbseehave you ever been a user exploited?04:14
ardchoilleBut, I have been a user having to sort through all the spam caused y the ops.04:15
ardchoille.. while trying to help someone.04:15
ardchoilleWell, as I said, this is just my opinion.. and I like to do what I feel is "protecting the best channel on freenode".04:16
ardchoilleFrom what I see, there were 20 lines of spam added to the channel due to the exploiter's actions. There were an additional27 lines added to the channel due to the actions of the ops.04:24
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ardchoille20 lines for the exploit versus 47 lines for the exploit + ops actions.04:25
ardchoilleSo, it would seem that the actions of the ops adds more spam to the channel than the actions of the expoiters.04:26
ardchoilleI realise all that action is well-intentioned, but in the end it just ads lots of channel spam.04:27
ardchoilleIf all of that reallu must be done, can it be done on one line? Somthing like " -bbbbbbb nick1 nick2 nick3 nick4 nick5 nick6 nick7 "? This would seem to cut down on the spam added by the ops.04:28
Hobbseei dont think that's possible04:29
ardchoilleNewbies complain that the channel it too fast as it is, it's difficult and confusing to keep up with the answers to their questions.04:30
Hobbseebut if you're really concerned about how op actions and other channel noise is disrupting your ability to help, you should really turn off joins/parts - as there are far more of them than op stuff04:30
ardchoilleHobbsee: Hmm.. I wish there were a way to do that.04:30
ardchoilleWell, It's not just me.04:30
ardchoilleNewbies probably don't know how to turn that stuff off.04:30
ardchoilleAnd it's the newbies that we are there to help04:31
ardchoilleWhat do the other ops think of this conversation? What does freenode say about all of this? nalioth ?04:32
Hobbseeclearly they arent here, else they'd probably be replying?04:33
ardchoilleI realise the ops have a tough job and I appreciate them, I really do. But, in the end, if it weren't for the newbies, the ops wouldn't have a job.. so the noewbies are the ones we need to look after.04:35
ardchoilleThere has to be some way to kick/ban someone without that stuff going to the channel. If there isn't a way to do that, then that functionality should be added to the code of the software that runs freenode.04:36
ardchoilleAnd, if, in looking after the noobies, the ops have to go a bit out of their way.. so be it. Call it hazards of the job.04:38
ardchoilleHobbsee: I see some of the ops mass banning several nicks at a a time, rather than one line per ban. I know it's possible to do that. So, it would seem that one op can gather all the nicks together on one line and do a mass ban.04:42
ardchoilleThis would alleviate a lot of the spam from the ops.04:42
Hobbseeand how do they do that?04:42
ardchoille14:33:17 mode/#ubuntu (-bbbb kingsley*!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic spoot!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic jakethesnake!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic gigi!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic) by LjL04:43
ardchoilleSeems LjL knows how to do it.04:43
ardchoilleThat was one line, versus four lines if he had not consolidated those nicks.04:44
ardchoilleMy IRC client shows the time being 19:44 now, so that was just over 5 hours ago.04:45
ardchoilleThat would help a great deal with what I"m talking about.04:47
ardchoilleLess for newbies to have to sort through in the channel.04:48
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Hobbseehey tonyyarusso, did you get the new package uploaded to REVU?05:00
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threeseashelp, I'm suppose to ask for help to rejoin ubuntu05:00
tonyyarussoHobbsee: not yet.  Hoping for tomorrow at best.05:01
Hobbsee!exploit | threeseas05:01
ubotuthreeseas: There are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit05:01
Hobbseetonyyarusso: get to it.  you're in the REVU keyring already?05:02
tonyyarussoHobbsee: Should be.  Joined the group and asked for a sync on Friday.05:02
tonyyarussoThis package must be up for another major release.  The latest stable tarball I found is from 2003, but there's SVN stuff marked as beta in 2006.05:03
threeseasI've already changed the port to 800105:03
Hobbseemight be feisty+1 then05:03
Hobbseecool, you're safe05:04
Hobbseethreeseas: you should be able to rejoin now05:04
Hobbseeno problems05:04
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ubotuIn ubotu, HymnToLife said: no breezy is the third release of Ubuntu. Version 5.10, codename "Breezy Badger". Upgrading to !dapper : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DapperUpgrades05:21
ubotubreezy was the third release of Ubuntu. Version 5.10, codename "Breezy Badger"05:21
tonyyarussoProbably makes sense?05:22
ubotuIn ubotu, tonyyarusso said: no, breezy is the third release of Ubuntu. Version 5.10, codename "Breezy Badger".  Upgrading to !dapper : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DapperUpgrades05:23
tonyyarussowait, erm05:23
Hobbsee!no, breezy is the third release of Ubuntu. Version 5.10, codename "Breezy Badger".  Upgrading to !dapper : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DapperUpgrades05:23
ubotuI'll remember that Hobbsee05:23
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Peteanybody awake that might have some suggestions for getting a new ubuntu install network card working?06:43
nixternalargh, trolls in #kubuntu if anyone has nothing else to do06:56
mneptokI'm for the revolution's coming. I don't know where she's been. For those who dare, because it's there; I know, I've seen.07:25
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naliothardchoille: you still about?09:31
ardchoillenalioth: Aye.09:31
naliothardchoille: have you ever seen what the exploit does to a channel with over a 1000 people in it who are all vulnerable to it?09:33
ardchoillenalioth: I realise the damage the exploit can do, and I am not denying that the ops need to take action. I just think there should be a better way to deal with it rather than the ops doubling the lines by kicking/banning those who are affected.09:34
naliothi well understand that the ops can use the +bbbb host host host host technique09:34
ardchoillePerhaps including multiple kicks/bans on one line with -bbb nick1 nick2 nick309:34
naliothi don't know when they started actively kicking people out after setting the bans, i personally do not think that is important09:35
ardchoilleThat last exploit in #ubuntu was 20 lines, but the ops added another 27 lines dealing with it09:35
naliothyes, i read the scrollback09:35
ardchoilleI'm just trying to keep the "noise" down a bit, from a user point of view.09:36
ardchoillenalioth: Is there a way for the freenode software to forward certain routers to a certain channel?09:37
ardchoilleAnd have that channel moderated with a specific topic?09:37
naliothardchoille: i wish it were so easy09:37
naliothhow do you think freenode would find out if there were certain routers in use?09:38
ardchoilleJust trying to think of a way to help.09:38
ardchoilleI don't know, it was just an idea.09:38
naliothHI and wlcome to freenode CDD ENDS BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA   and have a nice day if you are still here09:38
naliothwe do what we've found works.09:39
naliothbelieve me, you've not seen anything until you see ~100 people just drop off the channel at once09:39
naliothquite disturbing09:39
ardchoilleOh, I totally agree. But, there's nothing wrong with trying to find new ideas that may work better.09:39
naliothand disruptive09:39
ardchoilleYes, I can see how that is disruptive. But, I don't think the ops need to further disrupt the channel by doubling the lines.09:40
ardchoilleJust my opinion.09:40
GazzaKI've never seen that many, bet it scares the life out ya the first time?  or does it look like a netspilt?09:40
naliothi think the ops in here can go with the +bbbb host host host host method and not kick the folks afterward. i personally see no reason to kick them, they'll either leave #ubuntu and not get back in or be exploited one last time09:40
ardchoillenalioth: Agreed.09:41
ardchoilleGazzaK: Lots of users disconnect with "Read error: Connection reset blah"09:41
GazzaKactually with "blah", or with "by peer"?09:42
ardchoillenalioth: Is it possible to detect *how* the users left and then +b those?09:43
ardchoilleGazzaK: by peer09:43
naliothardchoille: we use the Mk 1 Eyeball and our mental timepieces for that determination09:43
naliothnot all leave the same way09:44
ardchoilleAh, ok09:44
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ikonia_Seveas are you available please10:48
mneptokikonia_: what's up?10:48
ikonia_I was banned on Friday for 24 hours for the comment "you're too stupid to use ubuntu". However I've not been unbanned yet and its causing my partner a slight problem as it appears my hostmask is banned so she can't connect. I can get around this using a different host, but thats not really in the spirit of things, I'd rather resolve the issue than try to be sneaky around it10:48
mneptok04:48 -!- mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*@alesi.projecthugo.co.uk]  by mneptok10:48
ikonia_thank you10:48
mneptokand in te future, go burn a copy of the CoC when you get frustrated. we can't see that kinda thang. ;)10:48
ikonia_I've self signed up for the CoC "rules" thing ubuntoob or what ever its called10:49
ikonia_can't remember the correct term10:50
ikonia_I don't think that was the advertised program to sign up for.10:50
ikonia_but that one does sound of more interest10:50
mneptokplease bring a clean towel and a change of underwear.10:51
ikonia_as a side issue, are you aware there are still a few "unfriendly" exit messages in the ubuntu BitchX build ?10:52
mneptoki am aware of it. what i find somewhat more alarming is that people still use bx.10:53
ikonia_fair enough, as long as you guys are aware of it10:53
ikonia_I don't have a problem with the client, its just a tad shocking when you leave and it pops an offensive message up. I thought they had all been removed in the ubuntu build, due to ubuntu's nature10:54
mneptoki'll tell fabbione about it. he uses bx (although FSM knows why)10:54
ikonia_I've only seen too, it could just get people in a tad hot water when they leave if they don't know there are still a few bad ones in10:54
mneptoka bx user!10:54
naliothirssi works10:55
ikonia_mneptok only on this client10:55
mneptoki hawe something you want. stand by.10:55
ikonia_ahhh I'm on a minimal gateway box, didn't have all the libs10:55
ikonia_this box isn't running ubuntu. But I'm interested in what you have10:55
mneptokthat's a script by a friend that works for the W3C. he's a usability freak.10:56
mneptokthat script makes bx *actually attractive*.10:56
ikonia_what is its purpose ?10:56
ikonia_ooooh, ok. I'm open to new things10:56
ikonia_got it. Thanks10:57
mneptokyou'll either hate it, or refuse to use bx without it. *shrug*10:57
ikonia_still doesn't fix the resize issue ;)10:57
ikonia_happy to give new things a go. I don't use BitchX much any more, but the host I'm forced to connect to at the moment, BitchX is bar far the best option10:58
naliothikonia_: irssi doesn't work?10:58
mneptokVMS host?10:58
=== mneptok tootles off for a smoke
ikonia_ha ha10:58
ikonia_not quite10:58
ubotuIn ubotu, yaman said: what is the best messenger11:09
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=== rob bops
=== mneptok coats Hobbsee with sweat and molten beryllium
Hobbseeheya rob12:38
Hobbseemneptok: ewww12:38
robhi Hobbsee12:38
=== Hobbsee takes a quick shower, and then coats mneptok in hot, sticky, tar.
=== GazzaK throws feathers all over the tar covered mneptok
GazzaKhey funky chicken12:39
Hobbseewoo!  i'ts a mneptchicken!12:40
mneptokBAWK BAWK12:40
=== GazzaK gets his gun
GazzaKchicken for dinner, yay12:40
mneptokit taste just like chicken!12:44
mneptokonly one way to be sure, though ....12:44
mneptokBITE ME!12:45
=== Hobbsee prods GazzaK forward
=== mneptok unzips
=== GazzaK licks then bites mneptok
mneptokBAWK BAWK!12:46
GazzaKummmm, tastes like chicken12:46
GazzaKmneptok, you ain't right12:46
mneptokyeah, and you love it.12:46
mneptokso sit down and have a canape.12:46
=== mneptok tootles off for home
GazzaKmost blokes run a mile and either get agressive or defensive, you on the other hand....12:47
elkbuntuGazzaK, well that was silly. now you need to get yourself checked out for the bird flu12:51
elkbuntuthis one is a special bird flu though. it makes the chickens act like mad cows12:52
=== Hobbsee bleep bleep
elkbuntuhmph... i need a quick, succinct 'bio' about me (or more specifically, about my involvement with Ubuntu) to append to an article, but i suck at writing about myself...01:05
Hobbseewhat article is this for?01:05
elkbuntuwhat do you mean by 'what is it for?' as in who or as in what about? i cant really say anything about the latter01:06
Hobbseeboth.  the former01:07
elkbuntuOSTG. like i was telling you and karl at circular quay01:08
elkbuntuit's an article that is ubuntu related, so a disclosure of proximity would be a good move01:09
=== Hobbsee tries to figure out what "disclosure of proximity" means in this context...
=== Hobbsee seems to be easily confused
elkbuntuit means since the article is ubuntu related, and i, as an ubuntu member is the one writing it, that it should be made clear that i am involved in the project as a whole01:11
elkbuntuas opposed to writing it an hoping nobody notices01:12
=== Kamping_Kaiser is disturbed no one can help elkbuntu with it
gnomefreaki see ken is acting up again :(01:43
gnomefreakhe was being good for a while01:43
ikonia_he was the one I got in trouble calling too stupid to use ubuntu01:44
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:44
gnomefreakikonia_: i believe that was someone else atleast different nick maybe same guy though01:45
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
gnomefreakif you mean a couple days ago01:45
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
ikonia_his username / nick was the same guy01:46
=== Hobbsee thinsk he can plead his case in here.
ikonia_but yes I meant on Friday01:46
=== kenthomson [n=kenthoms@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Hobbseekenthomson: right.  for all intents and purposes, #ubuntu-offtopic is where all random chatter, including OS talk, which is not #ubuntu support, is to go, okay?01:46
Hobbseehavent you seen how busy it is in there?01:47
Hobbseeyou've been warned.01:47
Hobbseethankyou :)01:47
=== kenthomson shivers
=== Hobbsee takes out the ban
=== Hobbsee would have thought such things were common sense, but perhaps not
kenthomsonCommon sense is only common to people who have done-repeatedly done that particular thing in the past01:48
kenthomsonbesides its not common sense for a tribal to look for food in the fridge if he gets hungry01:48
gnomefreakits in the topic :)01:49
Hobbseepeople dont read topics, entry notices, etc.01:49
kenthomsonMoreover, common sense is layer upon layer of strong opinions that have been fed to you since childhood, and which at present occupy such a deep position in your mind subconscious mind, that you can't think out of the domain of it. You are infact a prisoner of your common sense, which is nothing but strongly-densely compacted layers of prejudice that are so deeply ingrained in your brain, that you can't question their credibility. Read Theory of Kn01:50
kenthomsonowledge to know better01:50
Hobbseedunno why - i mean, it might actually *help* them in getting what they want...01:50
kenthomsonAnd this is not pasting :)01:50
Kamping_Kaiserkenthomson, its verry deep, but off topic ;P01:52
kenthomsonFinally, i was thinking that i was in a graveyard without a soul in site01:52
Hobbseethen again, if i dont use common sense, i'm likely to do something stupid01:52
Hobbseei believe it's called "thinking outside the box" - i'ts a skill, and it's possible01:53
kenthomsonHobbsee, you see, you are not able to think out of the domain of certain thoughts that you like to call common sense, when you say "if i dont use common sense..."01:53
=== ikonia_ would quit while ahead
Hobbseethen you just go into what's real, and what's imagination.01:54
Hobbseedepends on the relationship between common sense and logic01:54
Kamping_Kaiserikonia_, its that common sense thing at work...01:54
kenthomsonHobbsee, "thinking outside the box" refers to higher cognitive functions of the human brain that require focused attention and Random associations to produce something innovative, and "common sense"-as you like to term it, refers to lower brain functions, as-in derive from pure experience as in-the effects of gravity01:54
Hobbseesee, you could theoretically get rid of common sense...but does that mean that you throw out logic as well?  if you throw out logic, you never come to any conclusions, and therefore die very quickly.01:55
ikonia_please kill me01:55
Hobbseeikonia_: heh, yes01:55
Hobbseekenthomson: anyway, #ubuntu-offtopic01:55
Kamping_Kaiserikonia_, i would, but i'm not an op ;)01:55
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
=== ikonia_ was kicked off #ubuntu-ops by Hobbsee (: nope, cant kill you sorry - can kick you though!)
=== ikonia_ [n=mattd@alesi.projecthugo.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
Kamping_Kaisershowoff :P01:56
ikonia_I don't know the emote for the finger01:56
Hobbsee[23:55]  *** You have kicked ikonia_ from the channel (: nope, cant kill you sorry - can kick you though!).01:56
Hobbseeif you didnt see01:56
ikonia_Hobbsee not quite the same - although it did put me out of that conversation for a moment, which was a blessing01:56
ikonia_so I'm still greatful01:56
Hobbseeikonia_: i could kickban too, if you prefer?  :P01:56
kenthomsonHobbsee, is there somthing like kick -r <nick>01:57
ikonia_not sure thats the route I'm looking for01:57
Hobbseedepends what -r is for01:57
Hobbseeikonia_: right.  there's remove too01:57
kenthomsonand i though i was talking to a ubuntu mod! :)01:57
Hobbseeyour -r isnt necessarily a part of freenode syntax - it could mean anything01:57
Hobbseeas in, kicking multiple people?01:57
=== Hobbsee wonders how one kicks recursively...kick person, kick yourself...
kenthomsonkick person repeatedly only if another occurence/instance of the object of his corporeal/ethereal self is detected in the freenode servers :)01:59
Hobbseeah yeah.02:00
=== Hobbsee doesnt remember offhand how to do that
Hobbseeoh wait, there are 2 ways02:00
Hobbseethere's something in chanserv, and if you keep banforwarding to the same channel, or an alias of the same channel, then it just gives up after 3 times02:01
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
=== Kamping_Kaiser upgrades his router
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+b kenthomson!*@*] by Hobbsee
=== kenthomson was kicked off #ubuntu-ops by Hobbsee (!#ubuntu-read-topic)
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-b kenthomson!*@*] by Hobbsee
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+b kenthomson!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic] by Hobbsee
Hobbseeand there was peace and quiet02:02
Kamping_Kaiseror was there... :)02:02
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-b kenthomson!*@*!#ubuntu-read-topic] by Hobbsee
Hobbseeseems that #ubuntu-read-topic does *not* forward here02:03
Kamping_Kaiserwouldnt that make the channels existance moot?02:03
Hobbseegood point02:03
Hobbseebah.  troll02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:02:30]  <kenthomson> and is this a way, you treat a fellow member?02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:02:45]  <Hobbsee> oh darn, that didnt work02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:03:12]  <kenthomson> You said this="Hobbsee wonders how one kicks recursively...kick person, kick yourself...", so i responded accordingly, and got kicked, or am i a guinea pig for your fantasies?02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:03:25]  <Hobbsee> no, i was showing you it was possible02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:03:27]  <Hobbsee> seeing as you asked02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:04:53]  <Hobbsee> anyway, right now, i'm going to bed.  i'm not into arguing with you, and you havent chosen to go to #ubuntu-offtopic as requested, to discuss the matters which you want to discuss02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:05:50]  <kenthomson> Alright! Being kicked around in the LInux world maybe increases your immunity to "more uglier CLI", so i talk it as that, and choose to leave02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:05:50]  <kenthomson> &taje02:06
Hobbsee[Tue Feb 20 2007]  [00:05:50]  <kenthomson> *take02:06
ikonia_what happened to Ken ?02:13
LongPointyStickhe left02:13
ikonia_I saw hobbes post a load of conversation02:13
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PriceChildSportChick, you around?03:36
SportChickyes sort of03:36
ikonia_naughty person dccing code around03:36
SportChickin hospital, but checking messages03:36
SportChick@ PriceChild03:36
PriceChildikonia_, as in <Ben_Sprinkle>/<SalesChild> ?03:37
ikonia_saleschild yes03:37
PriceChildAh ok03:37
PriceChildsorry SportChick just thought I knew that person...03:37
PriceChildSportChick, was a bit miffed at how he got klined :)03:37
PriceChildikonia_, pm?03:37
ikonia_he was trying to send me naughty code03:37
ikonia_yeah certainly03:37
ikonia_ooho hang on03:37
ikonia_I'm not a registered nick ans my nick is loggied in at home03:38
ikonia_PriceChild did you get my message as my temp nick isn't registered03:38
SportChickPriceChild: not sure but I think he was autoklined03:38
PriceChildI accept all pms ikonia_ :)03:38
PriceChildThanks SportChick :)03:38
effie_jayxI need help04:17
effie_jayxI am giving a talk in ubuntu-ve and some trolls just came in04:17
effie_jayxsome debianita trolls04:17
gnomefreakPriceChild: are you on feisty?04:17
effie_jayxI reallly need help04:17
PriceChildgnomefreak, yeah? pm?04:17
effie_jayxthey are on #ubuntu-ve-clase04:17
effie_jayxthey are bureado and sortadi04:18
PriceChildeffie_jayx, In what way do you need help? You've got ops and Most of us don't speak the language...04:18
effie_jayxgolem and zamuro04:19
effie_jayxjust make a wrning sign or something04:19
effie_jayxthey are picking on us04:19
effie_jayxfor using ubuntu04:19
PriceChildIs there anyone else around that speaks the language?04:20
gnomefreaknot me04:20
effie_jayxand carlitos-ve04:20
PriceChildI meant as in ops here...04:20
gnomefreaki wouls say just kick them if they are trolling04:20
PriceChildIts your talk04:21
gnomefreakor call for the !ops in that channel04:21
effie_jayxalfie_gayx sigui con la charla04:21
PriceChildgnomefreak, its unregistered04:21
gnomefreakcharla is stupid?04:21
gnomefreak#ubuntu-ve is unreggistered?04:22
gnomefreakseeing as it just made official loco team i would register it04:23
gnomefreak#ubuntu-ve is registered and effie_jayx is the contact so he should be level 3004:24
effie_jayxI am04:24
effie_jayxI wiil kick em04:24
gnomefreakban too IMHO04:24
effie_jayxgnomefreak,  how do I register that channel04:26
gnomefreakeffie_jayx: /msg chanserv register help   i cant remember the exact cs command :(04:27
gnomefreakeffie_jayx: i think it s/msg chanserv register #ubuntu-ve-clase04:28
gnomefreakbut dont remember exact command04:28
gnomefreakeffie_jayx: !staff might be of more help04:29
effie_jayxsomething happened to mark on that channel04:29
effie_jayxsabdfl that is04:29
PriceChild/cs register #ubuntu-ve-clase some_password04:30
gnomefreakwth is going on here :(04:30
=== alex_k [i=a9473229@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-17270cbe911ecec2] has joined #ubuntu-ops
effie_jayxi did04:30
effie_jayxmark left ...04:31
effie_jayxsabdfl (n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl) ha abandonado #launchpad04:31
effie_jayxsome one04:31
effie_jayxthe nick is sortadi04:31
effie_jayxhey guy keeps trolling me04:31
effie_jayxi have already banned him04:31
=== LjL [n=ljl@unaffiliated/ljl] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v LjL] by ChanServ
effie_jayxso disapointing04:44
effie_jayxshould have been more malicious about this talk04:44
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob or SportChick! I could use a bit of your time :)04:47
effie_jayxthere is a guy using mark's nick name04:52
PriceChild(1 not l)04:52
effie_jayxPriceChild,  I want to close down the channel now04:54
effie_jayxthere is no need for #ubuntu-ve-clase04:54
PriceChildregister it then redirect it to #ubuntu-ve04:54
effie_jayxhow do I redirect04:56
effie_jayxit is regitered04:56
PriceChildI can't remember sorry :s04:58
PriceChildbut you might as well +m and tell people to go to main channel04:58
PriceChildI'll figure it out one second..04:58
PriceChildgot it04:59
SportChickeffie_jayx: mark? did he get his nick bck?05:01
PriceChildSportChick, it was a 1 instead of an l05:01
=== PriceChild got annoyed when people started using PriceChi1d and pretending to be me
LjLregister it as secondary and kill them if they do05:02
effie_jayxSportChick,  it was horrible05:02
effie_jayxI need help filing a report of what happened05:02
PriceChildLjL, I have ;)05:02
effie_jayxI want to teach a lesson here05:03
=== PriceChild runs
PriceChildHope you get things sorted effie_jayx, bye :)05:03
SportChickeffie_jayx: send an email to staff@freenode.net with an explanation & logs05:03
GazzaKPriceChild, did you figure out forwarding?05:04
PriceChildGazzaK, yeah05:04
effie_jayxSeeker`,  they are in spanish :S05:04
effie_jayxSportChick,  they are in spanish05:04
GazzaKPriceChild, tell me how then :-)05:04
PriceChildGazzaK, I thought I did... ;)05:04
effie_jayxso I might have to translate it05:04
SportChickeffie_jayx: we have spanish-speakers on staff05:05
SportChickbut a rough translation might speed up the process05:05
effie_jayxSportChick,  I wil translate05:06
SportChickeffie_jayx: so as I understand, MarkL was being impersonated by a mark1 (one)?05:06
effie_jayxit was actually05:07
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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effie_jayxsabdf1 instead of sabdfl05:07
effie_jayxdebianitas trolls came in and satrted asking bogus questions about the talk I was giving05:08
effie_jayxon LoCo teams05:08
SportChickyes, I think given the circumstances, an email would be best05:08
effie_jayxreally trashed the channel05:09
SportChickeffie_jayx: I'm sorry :( I've given the other staff a heads up to look for your email05:11
GazzaKpeople can be so annoying05:12
effie_jayxSportChick,  ok: :S05:12
GazzaKI hate the way a couple, or even one saddo can ruin a serious channel05:12
SportChickI am, unfortunately, not in a position to do much atm - I'm in hospital..just saw your call for staff when I checked in for messgaes05:12
effie_jayxSportChick,  no problem05:13
effie_jayxSportChick,  I will file the email...05:13
SportChickty effie_jayx05:13
effie_jayxno no no SportChick  thank you...05:15
effie_jayxI have a guy doing evasive banning05:24
effie_jayxnalioth,  I really need you help05:24
effie_jayxSeveas,  are you around05:24
effie_jayxnixternal, you perhaps?05:25
nixternalI am here05:27
effie_jayxI need help05:27
nixternalahh, I can't do anything though, sorry05:27
effie_jayxnixternal,  ok05:27
effie_jayxI have a recurring troll05:27
nixternalI am on the team, just no powah05:27
nixternaleffie_jayx: what channel are you having issues with?05:27
=== LjL [n=ljl@unaffiliated/ljl] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v LjL] by ChanServ
nixternalya, I definitely can't help there05:28
nixternalsorry :(05:28
effie_jayxLjL,  can yo help05:29
effie_jayxI need help with a troll in the chanel05:29
LjLwhat with05:29
LjLban them?05:29
LjLwhich channel, anyway? es?05:29
effie_jayxLjL,  #ubuntu-ve05:34
effie_jayxhey are doing evasive banning05:34
LjLeffie_jayx: if there's enough changes in the "evasion", there's little one can do, besides banning each instances05:35
effie_jayxI did05:35
effie_jayxand he got tired05:35
effie_jayxhe pm me05:35
effie_jayxand started trash talking even more...05:35
LjLuse /silence for that05:36
LjLeven if a staffer were here, i suppose they couldn't care less about k-lines if they're connecting from proxies05:36
effie_jayxI wil silence :D05:43
effie_jayxLjL,  thank you... very helpful05:44
=== maxamillion is now known as max_at_class
GazzaKwhere is -ve then?05:51
gnomefreakonly spelled right06:14
gnomefreakcentral/south america06:14
gnomefreakSeveas: can you enable @schedule in #ubuntu-mozillateam?06:14
PriceChildHow's it going effie_jayx ?06:29
effie_jayxI have another talk in 30 minutes06:30
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PriceChildgnomefreak, cgriirc's from #ubuntu are forwarded here06:48
PriceChildgnomefreak, obviously for good reason judging by this guy's join/parts ;)06:48
gnomefreaksame person joining and quiting06:48
=== gnomefreak beat totem :)
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JanPraxUmm... Topic says support is in #ubuntu, but that room forwards here... little confused07:01
PriceChildJanPrax, You're using cgi-irc which is blocked in #ubuntu07:02
=== PriceChild tries to remember the factoid
JanPraxahh. Stupid firewalls at my office block regular IRC07:02
ubotuThe #ubuntu channel and related channels ban users joining from anonymous gateways like tor/silenceisdefeat/cgi:irc because the abuse:useful ratio is close to infinity:nothing -- project cloaks will let you join, otherwise you should simply not use an anonymizer.07:02
ubotuAttention tor users.  You may think you are anonymous, but you are not.  Please visit http://tor.unixgu.ru/ and see for yourself.   Please evaluate your need to use tor here on irc.  If you wish anonymity, Freenode offers cloaks of many different types. http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks07:02
PriceChildI reccomend getting yourself a cloak or ssh tunneling somewhere07:03
JanPraxGood idea.07:04
JanPraxThanks Price07:04
=== JanPrax goes to yell at the network guys again
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=== digitallysane [n=Dragosh@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Seveasgnomefreak, sure07:07
gnomefreakty Seveas07:07
Seveas@config channel #ubuntu-meeting plugins.webcal.url07:07
effie_jayxSeveas,  I need help07:07
Seveas@config channel #ubuntu-mozillateam plugins.webcal.url http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event/ical07:07
Seveaseffie_jayx, with what?07:07
=== digitallysane [n=Dragosh@] has left #ubuntu-ops []
effie_jayxSeveas,  in a little while :D07:19
=== bjoern__1 [i=bjoern@gateway/tor/x-f16c8557c11ec0f3] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChild!tor > bjoern__1 (Please see the pm from ubotu)08:04
=== Nitrogen [n=root@c-68-59-113-126.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Nitrogencan someone help me, I have a GRUB Question08:17
NitrogenIS there anyone there?08:17
PriceChildNitrogen, #ubuntu for support please... although let me check why you've arrived here08:17
PriceChildSeveas, https://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/ is down?08:22
SeveasPriceChild, it was for a sceond08:22
Seveasrestarted apache08:22
PriceChildI still can't get on...08:22
Seveashit stop and refresh08:23
PriceChildI've cleared cache08:23
PriceChildand refreshed08:23
PriceChildctrl+f5 etc.08:23
PriceChildubuntu-nl.org is fine08:23
=== Seeker` [n=cjo20@84-12-195-25.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== PriceChild hasn't a clue if its the same server but just saying :)
ikoniaany chance someone could step in and stop the users quinten and rio name calling08:44
=== GazzaK [n=Dogbert@unaffiliated/GazzaK] has joined #ubuntu-ops
SeveasPriceChild, it is but apache is playing up08:44
PriceChildHehe :)08:44
Seveasanybody here an apache guru?08:44
PriceChildI'm sure you'll fix it :)08:45
ikoniaSeveas: I maybe able to help a little08:45
ikoniaI've done reasonable work with it08:45
SeveasPriceChild, I'm not :/08:45
PriceChildshock horror :O08:46
ikoniaSeveas: explain breifly and I'll see if I know enough08:46
Seveasikonia, basically my browser keeps displaying 'Connecting to ...' for far too long, as well as 'waiting for...'08:46
Seveasfirst I expected reverse dns to be slow but it's not08:46
ikoniaso apache is taking a long time to respond08:46
ikoniaSeveas: have you tailed the access log on apache to see if its the processing or the initial connection to see whats slow08:47
PriceChildOn my screen it flat out fails... doesn't wait at all08:47
ikoniaeg: you hit "go" does it get the hit then take ages to display - or does it take ages to get the hit08:47
PriceChildAh no now its starting to take ages08:48
Seveasikonia, the hit takes ages to display now08:48
Seveasin the logs as well08:48
Seveasthat's why I thought reverse dns on the server was broken08:48
ikoniaif you telnet to the server on 80 and just do a get how quick is it to respond08:48
PriceChildwoooo I'm in...08:49
PriceChildall is good now Seveas08:49
=== Seeker` [n=cjo20@84-12-195-25.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ikoniaits just started working a full pace ?08:49
Seveashis request just was seen08:49
Seveasit's taking f*ing ages still08:50
ikoniawhich server is it (am I allowed to ask ?)08:50
Amaranthrestart :)08:50
SeveasAmaranth, did that08:50
Seveasikonia, www.ubuntu-nl.org08:50
ikoniaok - here is an interesting symptom. if I telnet to port 80 on it, the apahce process takes the connection straight away - if I do a get it takes AGES to render the page08:51
ikoniaanything in the error log ?08:51
Seveasikonia, nothing interesting08:52
SeveasI disabled ipv6 now, rebooting server (can't modprobe -r it)08:52
Seveasbots will be down08:52
ikoniago for it08:52
Seveas(and back automatically after reboot)08:52
PriceChildSeveas, any chance of ghosting ubotu quickly?08:53
LjLreboot? wow08:53
LjL14 seconds reboot08:53
SeveasPriceChild, ghosting?08:53
Seveasserver is back on line08:53
PriceChildSeveas, someone nick'd it in #ubuntuforums :(08:53
LjLah, right08:53
Amaranthmoron moron took the nick08:54
LjLso it wasn't a 14 seconds reboot08:54
LjLit did look a *bit* too fast...08:54
ikoniaits back08:54
apokryphossupybots are meant to automatically ghost08:54
ikoniaapache responded quick08:54
apokryphosas least my one does08:54
Seveassupybots ghost08:54
PriceChildapokryphos, yeah but its always fun done yourself :P08:54
ikoniamuch faster response08:54
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Seveasnope, server is still dog slow08:55
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Seveaswhat the fuck is apache doing?08:56
ikoniayup gone very slow08:56
ikoniahang on -08:56
apokryphoshonestly, I think we can very easily get a shiny free server especially for ubotu from Canonical ;-)08:56
ikoniaSeveas: can you see me in the error log , I've just requested "indes.html"08:57
ikoniawow - its running REALLY slow08:58
ikonianow it seems super fast09:02
Seveasi reduced the number of spare servers in apache2.conf and restarted it09:02
Seveasseems to work09:02
ikoniathats a massive change09:02
Seveasah, there we fucking go again09:02
ikoniabut unless your shy on memory that shouldn't make a difference09:02
ikoniayup, super slow09:03
Seveaswtf is this09:03
ikoniaSeveas: I assume your fine on memory09:04
Seveasi am09:04
Seveasand more than enough b/w to spare09:04
ikoniayeah, it doesn't behave like BW problems09:04
ikonianow its quick again09:05
ikoniahow strange09:05
PriceChildNot the bots affecting it by any chance?09:05
Seveasit behaves like router problems at the colo provider09:05
ikoniaSeveas: is there any load balancing09:06
ikoniaor vips09:06
Seveasas in virtual ip?09:06
ikoniavirtual ip09:06
Seveasyup, 3 ips on one nic09:07
ikoniabut thats nothing to do with load balancing09:07
ikoniajust standard vips09:07
Seveasah feck09:07
Seveashotsanic has been dead for a month09:07
ikoniahotsanic ?09:07
Seveasmonitoring software09:08
LjLwhy does that sound like it were an anagram of "satanic"09:09
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ubuntu74need help10:08
ubuntu74A have ubuntu base10:08
ubuntu74how to install gnome desktop10:08
Seeker`ubuntu74: #ubuntu is the support channel, but i dont think you can join there if you are connected through a  gateway10:09
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PriceChild!tor > ubuntu7410:12
naliothPriceChild: um, he's not using tor.10:14
PriceChildnalioth, but the facoid mentions cgi::irc10:14
PriceChildand there's nothing specific to cgi::irc is there?10:15
Seveas!proxy is <alias> tor10:15
PriceChildI could make one...10:15
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Seveas said: !proxy is <alias> tor10:15
Seveas!proxy is <alias> tor10:15
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Seveas said: !proxy is <alias> tor10:15
Seveas!proxy is <alias> tor10:15
ubotuFactoid 'tor' does not exist10:15
ubotutor-#ubuntu-ops has no aliases - added by ompaul on 2006-08-01 15:49:2810:15
ubotutor-#ubuntu-ops-also has no aliases - added by Seveas on 2006-08-18 23:36:2710:15
Seveas!proxy is <alias> tor-#ubuntu-ops10:15
ubotuI'll remember that, Seveas10:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about proy - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi10:15
ubotuThe #ubuntu channel and related channels ban users joining from anonymous gateways like tor/silenceisdefeat/cgi:irc because the abuse:useful ratio is close to infinity:nothing -- project cloaks will let you join, otherwise you should simply not use an anonymizer.10:15
Seveas!proxy-also is <alias> tor-#ubuntu-ops-also10:16
ubotuAttention tor users.  You may think you are anonymous, but you are not.  Please visit http://tor.unixgu.ru/ and see for yourself.   Please evaluate your need to use tor here on irc.  If you wish anonymity, Freenode offers cloaks of many different types. http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks10:16
Seveasok.bot broken10:16
PriceChildnot so woo :(10:16
=== Seveas hides
PriceChildhehe :)10:16
PriceChildSeveas, you're rubbish today! :)10:16
ompaulPriceChild, and tomorrow you will feel his wrath10:17
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PriceChildThankyou :)10:18
PriceChildYou can come back to forums now :P10:18
PriceChildgrr... you weren't removed...10:19
PriceChildI could swear your script used to kickban people on a /cs b nick......10:19
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PriceChildnow it just seems to ban but not remove.... Is this maybe a feisty issue?10:19
SeveasPriceChild, kb10:19
Seveasb is ban10:19
PriceChildIt wasn't always like that was it?10:20
PriceChildAm I going mad? :)10:20
Seveasyou are10:20
Seveasit always was like that10:20
PriceChildhehe ok10:20
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naliothway too much kick banning going on10:33
GazzaKyeah, I wish there were silent bans10:34
Amaranth!test is foo10:34
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Amaranth said: !test is foo10:35
Amaranthreally? still no access? :(10:35
PriceChildAmaranth, have you used login?10:35
Amaranthit knows who am i...10:35
Amarantherr, who i am10:35
naliothAmaranth: seveas changed up a lot of stuff, didn't you get the email?10:36
Amaranthyeah, i got it10:36
Amaranthi don't have to login to be identified10:36
LjLftr, i'm going to the alps tomorrow. i have a computer, but dialup is expensive, so i guess i won't be online very much until next monday10:55
tsmithelucky you :'(10:57
LjLnot very much snow around i'm afraid10:58
GazzaKbe careful then, no broken bones please10:59
GazzaKbut have fun :-)10:59
LjLi'll try :P i'm more afraid of the other skiers than of myself though, tbh. and if there isn't snow... well, i have my Amiga there, i'll play winter games :P11:00
tsmithei'm green, green i say, with envy11:00
LjLwell i live close to the mountains... if i want to go to the seaside, for instance, i have to go hundreds of kilometers. nobody can have everything :P11:02
LjLwhat's for sure is that, skiing or not, this city gets oppressive after a while11:04
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GazzaKI live close to the coast, shame it's full of east london types in the summer, otherwise it'd be nice11:12
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tonyyarussoI live in the middle of a continent.  A flat continent.  It's a couple thousand miles to mountains and a few thousand to sea :P11:37
tonyyarussoBut we have lakes, so pbbtth!11:37
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GazzaKlakes, nah, they are puddles11:42
tonyyarussoGazzaK: Maybe if you're from Texas or some other silly place.11:46
tsmithehe quit ;)11:47
tsmitheand he's from england :P11:47
effie_jayxtsmithe,  some fight today huh?11:47
tsmitheyeah :P11:48
effie_jayxI feel relaxed now..11:48
=== tsmithe missed the second talk
tsmithedid it go ok?11:48
effie_jayxit went rather smooth11:48
tsmithenot expecting it to be smooth, eh?11:49
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effie_jayxnot at all11:49
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=== tsmithe runs away from the long pointy stick
=== Hobbsee attacks tsmithe with the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tsmithenoooo! i thought i was safe!12:17
Hobbseeyou're never safe.12:17
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effie_jayxHobbsee,  :P12:24

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